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  • February 23, 2019
    9:30 AM

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Imagine an alternative universe where instead of the Holy Trinity you have the unholy trinity find out more on this of a soda of a nurse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to enter a Bible based conversation on my principles contemporary issues and thought provoking aspects now here's your host just until within the next welcomes in verse Everyone we are studying the book of Revelation in this entire season and where in chapter 13 this week of this episode and we're looking at not the Holy Trinity but where Satan the enemy of God in this great men and narrative is creating this on a holy alliance of 3 entities so if you have a Bible stake out Chapter 13 of Revelation web order prayer and get into this discussion so he can you preprocess. Dylan thank you so much for the privilege to study you would and we ask your Holy Spirit's guidance that we will understand the things we're learning here but that they would also transform our lives and make us better able to serve you we pray these things and. Many in Israel can reach 13 chapter 13 verse 123 for us I want to for sure then I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a Big East rising up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and on his horns 10 crowns on his head the blasphemous name now the beast which I saw was like a leopard his feet were like the feet of a bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion and the dragon gave him his power his throne and his authority and I saw one of his has one of his as it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed and all the world marveled and followed the beast so they worshipped the dragon who gave authority to the beast and they worship the beast Singh who is like the beast who was able to make war with him OK So this is like the chapter with the monsters and the beasts and this is where I was like This is about Revelation and we think of the dinosaurs with a little crown on their heads and the eyes and over this is this is the chapter I'm surprise surprise you invited see who this. Is going to freak are I have overcome so you guys don't know that allusion back in chapter chapter we want to talk or wander to an episode one. Is recommended by her brother to go to our room and turn the Book of Revelation as a punishment so yeah we're back here. Working on John and help us out here what's going on in shambles 13 are we really studying about monsters in this chapter what's the bigger picture well in chapter 12 we left off looking at how Satan attacks God's faithful people in the last days and so as we get into that chapter 13 we're now assuming into the major players in the last days of how things are going to go down and so there is the. You mention his unholy trinity there's Satan and he has some puppets going on he's in control of all these things in the background but he doesn't just come out straightforward Oh hey I'm Satan I'm going to take over the world he uses other entities to do that and so we find here in the beginning of this Israel has read beast rising up out of the sea with 7 heads and horns and then it describes it here and if you are a student of the Bible of prophecy you immediately see hey I remember this from the Book of Daniel so here we have a conglomerate of of this of the beasts of the Daniel Chapter 7 but the actions of this beast remind us of the Little Horn anti-Christ power that is also described in the Book of Daniel and and in the goes on and then we see here this entity. Persecuting God's people and so on and the dragon gives him the power now it's the common understanding amongst Protestant theologians that this is a description of a entity that has political and religious power and if you look into history it becomes pretty clear this is the system of the papacy and then we find a 2nd beast here in verse 11 verse 11. 1313 Let me reverse 11 here that I saw another base coming up out of the earth and he had 2 horns like a lamb spoke like a dragon he exercise all the authority of the 1st beast in his presence and causes the earth and all those who dwell in it to worship the 1st beast whose Deadly Wound was healed he performs great signs but he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men yeah. What's going on there well here we see this 2nd coming out of the earth which means it comes out of an unpopulated area and it has it looks like a lamb now that rings a bell right away this is something about Christianity Jesus but he speaks like a dragon let Satan so that's that's a way that's a weird you know sheep in the walls are closing kind of situation and this beast is coming out of the earth it's coming at a time and. Around who can prophesy around the 18th century it comes to power this is not hard to find out which power does this this must be the United States because you have the element of Christianity which is the front part of the foundation of the United States and it's grows up to be a mighty power and then it exercises all the authority of 1st beast and then we come to a 3rd entity a 3rd situation in let's see here the image of the beast this is found in verse 15 or 15 and 16 universe 151617 he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed he causes all both small and great rich and poor slave to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads. So it looks like here in the 2nd piece the United States is is creating this image of the beast in this is not referring to the 1st beast which is the papacy the system of the papacy and so something with that has to do with political and religious authority and that is going to be used to force a certain kind of worship or force a certain kind of rules upon people on the earth in the last days so this is kind of what's going on here and this is how Satan is using these entities to to get his agenda go out this is amazing like in a matter of minutes you've covered the entire chapter of a Chapter 13 right now this is a heavy prophecy chapter for those who are watching we really encourage you to get back into the details and study this out for yourselves we're going to get brought in a sound can only join us in about 28 minutes but Israel as we've called and identified these entities we do this well in Bible study but let's get a little deeper like what's so wrong with these entities and the ramifications I think from the very from the 1st episode and I think it's critical for us to look at the Book of Revelation as a whole yes a lot of times we look at Revelation Chapter 13 and that really defines for many people defines all entire book and so then if we do that if we take Revelation 13 out of context what ends up happening is that people feel like man you're just you know you're shooting down America you're shooting down a specific church or a group of people and that's not really what's happening John is writing here within a larger context and if you remember way back in Revelation Chapter one The Bible says that John is writing and then it says in verse 2 Revolution one verse 2 that he bore witness to the Word of God and to the testimony of Jesus to all the things that he saw and so John is simply writing about his experience of everything that he saw he saw some great things he saw some very very bad things and as a true witness the responsibility rests upon him to tell the whole story The Good The Bad and The Ugly and so Revelation 13 reaches. Reaches a point where in order to in order for God to be fair and to prepare his people and to prepare or to win as many people as possible he has to expose what is taking place and what will take place with the religious and the political nature of the times which is the United States of Bible prophecy and the papacy as John already mentioned earlier before. And as you say you know coming he talked about a broader context we just came out of Revelation Chapter 12 where he was talking about this cosmic battle that is happening and when the devil is attacking God's people there's a bigger picture that is at play a war that has been going on even before Adam and Eve joined the battle right so when you get to Chapter 13 and these beasts and these entities are being brought into the picture it's to demonstrate the way that the devil is working the way that the devil is working to persecute God's people and instead of being focused I think we can get bogged down in focusing on all why are you picking on certain entity why pick on a certain group the whole point actually is that the devil has an agenda and the Devil who is he's using these entities as puppets right so in verse 4 of Chapter 13 it says they worship the dragon who gave authority to the beast and they worship the beast saying who is like the beast right was able to make war with him when when their worship in the beast there. Inadvertently worshipping the dragon who gave him his authority and so most of the time you're not going to come and be worshipping the devil but if he can get you to then arrayed and respect something that represents him it may not be the devil himself with these horns as we picture him and his pitchfork but the principles behind this entity are the principles behind the Devils the Devils government then in fact you are actually worshipping to the devil who gave the authority and so the issue here is intent I think what Revelation 13 reveals to was is the intent of what satan is trying to do in this world and the intent is that same is going to set up a system and that when you when you were you when you function under that system you are in essence declaring the sovereignty of the devil and in declaring the sovereignty of the devil you actually do that through worship and you find that over and over in scripture but for example you find out with King Nebuchadnezzar he's a king and he wants he wants he wants or he wants the people at that time to recognize them as King how do they do that they do that through worship the worship of the of the image and then a chapter 3 and so it throughout history you see here the connection between religious or religious manifestation or a religious response already to a political or a government and what we're seeing here I mean these are human gets entities I mean humongous institutions we see in this world of globalization with this involves economics discourse political sciences so this is an entire system this is not to pinpoint individual people of denominations or citizenship let's look at the larger picture what's at stake here what are the larger principles that are there are utilizing these institutions that are you know God's government we kind of touched upon it's not previous episode God's government is based on love the freedom of choice free will and so God. Will never force he will never force anybody he can only suggest appeal and show his love and hope that someone will respond you know the Holy Spirit working people but that's how God works but then Satan on the other hand is he uses force he uses lies he you know God uses truth he uses lies he he deceives he tries to you know sugarcoat everything and but leading people into deception and evil and falsehood and so you see these principles of war here and he uses this that's the problem with these entities they are and they teach that are forcing worship forcing conscience and you cannot do that. At least you know compared to the government of God It is just wrong this is what we're describing there is just too great forces in the you know force universe you know you know for for you know force or one is love and the love that you wakens more love and it's voluntary it's out of free will and it changes and there's another force called actual capital F. force just the brute you know just I don't know we're force it causes you to change and I think in our in a political system there are democracies where we allow the government to and that upon the laws and we submit to that through taxation or through criminal. Going to jail and whatnot but what happens when those 2 things mix and it gets to be very very dangerous as there were some other what else is what are other issues going on in this unity of these 3 entities so by the revelations the last book of the Bible gives us a picture of what's happening between God and Satan that's not the 1st time that it's happening it actually starts in the book of Genesis and I think when you look at the Book of Genesis you see there are a representation of the Book of Revelation a whole that Fonso or in Genesis or going back to revelation about the issues in Revelation 13 we'll see after the break. Has in this been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments of feedback you'd like to leave us or find us on social media by searching. On Facebook Twitter and Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up with a handle again and invest Bible else takes Now back to the discussion. They will come back where a really profound discussion really could prophetic discussion and its implications or for the 21st century so we are with Genesis Yeah why what I guess what I want to what I want to share is the fact that throughout the whole of scripture you find this play encounter play between God and Satan and that this takes place in multiple levels and it even takes place in our lives there are times when when whether we recognize it or not we are under the control of the power of Satan if we're not under the control of the power of God So Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter 2 if you look at the central theme of these passages The central to the Central Figures Jesus Christ God the Creator he's the one that's active God make God God makes God speaks God sees God it's GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD you see that Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter 2 you reach Genesis Chapter 3 and now you have the introduction really of Adam and Eve but Adam and Eve's introduction comes actually also with the introduction of Satan right the dragon the serpent and so what Genesis chapter 2 and what Genesis Chapter 3 portrays for us is this that you and I as human beings we have the choice and this is given to us to love God we have the choice to allow Who will control us but it is a deception to think that we can control ourselves that we can be independent of God and independent of anybody else this is actually what sin is is telling out of many that that is possible so why is this so critical and why is this so important in Genesis chapter one in Genesis. To Adam and Eve are naturally surrendering themselves to God Why because they have faith in God Why because they believe God is Love God is power God is wisdom that's why it's a natural surrender Genesis Chapter 3 you have now a new philosophy a new mentality a new world view this is a world view of Satan and sameness saying that what God has said is wrong now I need to build a sub this very critical for me to say I don't think a lot of time but the issue is the issue is that God say this not just attacking God as a person who's able to make mistakes if God as God makes mistakes everything in this world crumbles because of God can make one mistake you make 100 but this is not what sane is attacking seen as attacking the character of God he's saying God knows that in the day that you eat the fruit you will be like Him So God is trying to prevent you from becoming like him and so this begins the war now the issue is Adam and Eve have the ability decide which world view they will follow in Genesis $1.00 and $2.00 and $3.00 The difference seems very very small and very slight but by the time you get to Revelation you see the trajectory of where that leads are done and there is an enormous separation where you now reach a political Revelation 13 which you go back to Revelation in verse 8 and says Here all who dwell on the earth will worship him whose names have not been written a book about to him meaning Satan. Written a book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world so there isn't going to be as he says the distinction is only going to be 2 groups in the end one group is that those who follow satan through whatever deception it is if it's clearly for all following Satan or through one of these entities or or you are part of the Book of Life Your name is in the book of life of the lamb and you are on God's side your faithful the remnant that we talked about so you have this distinction but there is really no middle ground there is no no no 3rd way there is only 2 options so as you said the thesis choice was gay. That was given but there are 2 philosophies that are battling us each other in Genesis and then Jonathan by by the time of revelation that he's right or right because a great word of the is true and to tease have come to fruition Yes And I guess I guess my take away is that also gives reason why so much time has passed from Genesis to Revelation and in all this time prophecies of why 1260 years why 2003 I mean it's a long time periods but God is allowing out of his love and he's allowing for sin to think it's me it's so all this permutations allow them to come to full fruition and it's not just the love of God but it's the love the wisdom and the power of God yes how so so the wisdom of God is God Jesus said over and over and over my kingdom is not of this world and it's impossible really in my opinion to us as human beings for us as human beings to fully understand the way in which God establishes the kingdom and so God establishes the kingdom he says as a seed seed takes a while it takes time to develop it takes time to grow and so not only does God allow through the length of time not only does the Allow time for people to repent for people to change their way and so forth but he's also a lot of time for His kingdom to establish what does it mean for his kingdom to establish for us as followers of Jesus to be settled into to be sealed to be settled into the truth and the Kingdom of God so that nothing sways us and so you have here now people who have been written their names have been written in the Lamb's book of life that means people have been secured people who have ripened you Jonathan's word into the kingdom and the government and the philosophy as a cool father is gone and he uses time. Uses history as you do to play all of this conflict cosmic issues I was always how about you talking about the government of God and how his government likes these if we subscribe to the way that God's government works it means that we'd. I don't force people to live a certain way because that's the way that we believe to be right and I mean it's it's mind boggling because you know God who is all holiness he's the definition of holy holy holy holy and yet in the in God's throne room that's where the seed of iniquity began yes and who am I then to see you know people making choices I'm not saying you condone wrong choices you don't condone sin but I cannot force someone to subscribe to my world view or to describe what I believe to be right just because that's what I'm saying that even if we have God's world God's world view and we enforce that upon another automatically or subscribe to the exactly that means we actually have right that means we actually don't have God's will of you because the way that God operates is that he allows freedom and allows he wins people over the love not through force or not through deception or that these institutions that we just we just identified there they are not morally evil in themselves and the visuals are subscribed to them but they are now part of these institutions are being manipulated by this room not all Americans are controlled by say not all cows your control I'll say you know. We're going to leave that alone and good we'll go so we're so yeah but I think all Americans if you can see what you're going to bring this well I can see in you this prophecy in studies prophecy I mean I'm going to jump the gun here a little bit but if you go to Chapter 18 verse 418 verse 4 and you combine that with last week's study you have this remnant which is not a special chosen people but they have a special responsibility to go to these entities and bring back and so forth Chapter 18 verse for all. Stop talking for I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people lest you share in our sins and this you receive her plagues and you see that God's people all of her are a part of this world why do you know this conglomerate Satan is using and then the Lord uses the remnant of them I call them. That's a sobering mission that's our mission and it and I think it's important back in Revelation 13141313 verse 14 yes it is and he deceives those who dwell on the earth and I think it is important to realize that people are deceived. They may not realize that they are playing into the devil's. Diabolical plan and because they are deceived the people may really think that they are doing God's service and yet they're actually falling into a completely different system of governance and so when you when you're talking to people who are deceived it's not you can't be like oh you know you're the devil incarnate It's not that they're devil incarnate they're deceived and fall into this category and that that speaks to the come out of them like the people need to see that the system that they have fallen into is actually wrong system and it's a misrepresentation and a way out of that is that is the Word of God I mean it is very clearly here that you know this this these entities they will have pretty amazing power they will you know fire coming down from heaven is talking about spiritual revival there's or a fake revival really that's going to take things going to take place that really appeal to the senses too to the emotions but they go against the lead to a point that goes against the Word of God deception and truth are often very close to each other and so it is so important if we are familiar with the word I mean that's what we're doing here we are studying the Bible if I want to be on the right side in the end I've got to be familiar with God's word I've got to internalize it I'm going to have this relation. Faithfulness and love with the Lord it's like this alternative universe that I mentioned in the opener that you know you see have God the Father who has all of Florida he he gives his authority to God the Son Jesus the Lord Jesus His ministry for 3 and a half years he is hurt is wounded but he resurrection from the dead and he gives his power to the Holy Spirit of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit causes miracles and fire to come down from heaven I mean that those terms those definitions are use and so an entity that is of equal communitarian power as the Godhead is reproduced on earth and they seem like to have the same units in the same power as the Godhead So you have say 10 with all authority and all power he divests of his power to the another beast another beast house reigns for 3 and a half years seems like it's the resurrection from the dead and then now that entity gives power to another entity causing fired on I mean this is very clear this is kind of like you have the the bearded Jared and you have the UN beard injured you have. The bearded you know something about the evil version of yourself in this evil counterfeit versions and what I think what what is critical for us to point out is the fact that this has happened all the way through Scripture that this is not isolated in the Book of Revelation and that that these parallels. Are scenes way to to deceive you know the system of deception is strong that's the approach the theme has for example as he was talking about force and power I think God uses force and power to actually you know but there's a different kind of force that we're like like love is a force and a power and so Jesus used the power of force which is called The Power of Love and so Satan does the same thing but he eliminates love and so now you have force because of positions through Jesus requires submission. And in Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter 2 Adam and Eve naturally submit to Jesus but they submit to him because of his character and then Satan forces submission Well it's relational and the weird thing is the true are made of equal status even though God is so much higher but he actually condescends and God gives the dignity to the other and provides that the relationship for submission to occur or saying this I mean that all of that is just just discard altogether you will do it regardless of who you are you know and it shows the element here of of of true of the true God of love and a lot of times when we think about the power that God has he has unlimited power ultimate power and yet he's also bound and constrained because of who he is he's been constrained because of who he is to function only and solely out of love and that limits God to how he's going to reach you how he's going to reach me and I think that the way in which we proclaim the gospel in the way in which we see come out of Babylon my people is by portraying in our lives not just of the proclamation but through our living what I mean it seems like this is there is this study and this this god of love there's ramifications to how we are we live Christian lines how we do evangelism and reveal the character of Jesus how we are parents how we are our husbands and wives how we work how we worship and how we are leaders and this impacts all that we do Chapter 13 was kind of a cold book into the plan of Satan and in revealing all of his tactics it's not revealing of all the secret plans of the enemy but really the secret plan of God to save the world will find out more in chapter 14 how God's response is to the plans in chapter 13 blessed I have been with you next week here in a verse. You've been listening to enforce a Bible based conversation with Kelly Williams Israel Ramos Jared Thomas Sebastian Braxton doctor and your host just into. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives but this and more inspiring episodes visit inverse dot hope T.V. dot org Find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't the 1st.


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