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The Racial Divides, Part 1

David Williams


David Williams

Professor of African and African American Studies and Sociology at the University of Michigan



  • December 31, 2009
    9:30 AM
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one everyone is according to my once it's nine thirty so we should get started since one to the Huntsville and I want to welcome you thought coming out of the session this morning and I wanted to give you an overview of what we will be doing sends 's and CYC in Baltimore the guys had three hours and that now I have six hours so and unfortunately my schedule is so busy I didn't get back to the organizers in terms of the topic so that this 's one through six but if you want have a sense of what of the conference him let me talk a little bit about that now this about just a tiny bit of repetition into it not much they really different topics so the first two hours will cover the topic hidden bias why do so many well-meaning Christians were made against others every day and human nothingness review review gang on I will be sharing with you insights from the Bible this greater privacy and from science that the death is exactly very true all of us do this if we belong to the human family but we unaware of it and may not knows only what we will talk a little bit about that it certainly has obligations about right but it's really not about race it's about how we process of inflammation and and what God is trying to do through each of us through the pile of the Holy Spirit for the next sections three and four my topic is latest Seo one oh one raise effort conferences in the gospel that is largely a historical presentation although we will certainly reflect on what does it means virtually for us today that we look at the history of both wonderful successes and an wonderful points of leadership within the history of Adventism on the question of race but also very dark tragic moments of failure I be not as one who has achieved as one who has feet of clay and eyesight goes through the history not to criticize but for us to learn from our history we have not interfere for the future unless as we forget the way to avoid as lettuce and apply in the past and that is teaching no prior history history but I think that history is really very important for moving forward they many people who make proposals of how to move forward and clearly what they're saying that reflects the absolutely misunderstanding of the district and I think just understand that history really is crucial for us to think of of what we can do in terms of moving forward and in the final two sessions than that is that tomorrow morning is divided we fall why we have failed to move the world will really be able to launch the study of John seventeen and the spirit of prophecy of what it saves about unity and how central unity is in our mission how can we really achieve the unity which Jesus prayed what are the barriers to unity within our church we certainly won't talk about race but this is much more but then raise them multiple other dimensions in which we don't have the unity that that we should have so that's that's the big picture of the topic let me say a word to about this session by law clients along the way I miss our preaching but this is not really afflictions that the session is a seminar content the next engagement I expect questions I expected to be three to raise your plan my students tell me that sometimes they speak fast and they tell me that sometimes I speak with an accent I've never met anyone who didn't speak with an accent stroke know we all have access know what they mean to say that I have a different access you didn't that someone dropping in the middle of some a place and they will instantly tell that you have an accident of an American accent so I think what you mean to say that have a different accent not an action we all have accents so that met my point is it if I am speaking of fats avoid you didn't understand something please stop me if there's a question that's an issue please raise your finds and so that we can can make sure that we are together on this topic what also I want to say before begin because I recognize that not all of you will attend all of the sessions I will hand out in my second daughter 's hand with Mazel have substantive works to help and analyses the system maybe I should tell you little of the history of this article is that CSI wrote for the Adventist review that was published in nineteen ninety seven and is a very good introduction wasn't wanted to do this but real slow for me to talk about this article it's entitled the right thing to do it when I wrote it it was entitled weighed in the balance of the biblical critique of racial division in the administer but the editor 's picks an isotopic it was published as an opinion piece him I sent this in the review and requested that the considerate to be published as an opinion piece not because I think anything in hand is on biblical and out of harmony with the spirit of prophecy because I am sufficiently politically aware that I understand how in controversial this is within the church and admitted several pieces for the review before him summon help my main merit major airport is on help and then written several pieces on abuse of domestic violence within the church and the review on an life passes at take advantage of women and written a piece in the review on most of the papers and written for the reviewer thinks the reviewer asked me to write as opposed to life thought of this and decided to write about it I want to tell you why I wrote about it because it's good context for this holds six hours of sessions that will do their this was back in the mid- nineteen nineties that President Clinton was the United States then he had announces special initiative on race in the United States and White House office of science and technology could pull to get about twenty five including the installers doing work on race in America and I was part of that group is okay I sat with a group of scientists researchers from universities across the US school studied raised in which trying to grapple with the mandate that the president and given to be wrote a piece for the national Academy of sciences on race and try to grapple with how could the country moves followed on the area of raisins that what I would go from these meetings during the week where style is most of them atheists and agnostics would throw their hands up that this problem of rape of infraction both in America's if I go to church on Sabbath and listen to messages about apologies that would be able to help us overcome everything and yet on the problem of race we as a church seem to act as if the cross never happen I think this problem was a difficult book got the salt and then I read a couple pieces in the revealed that really got me going there was a article by then an associate editor of the review I'm not mentioning names that was entitled the major successes in the church in the last fifty years and one of them was a success of regional conferences and it was a review article on that point you can go back in the mid- nineteen nineties and find and it was a book published around the time the history of the black work that had a chapter entitled separate conferences that rule the road to progress the road to progress and I was really troubled by them not immediately have a problem is one thing it's it's a different stage when we have backslidden so far from what God is calling us to be that he accept out will backslide in as normative and a success you know it's it's it's it's sometimes when new believers come in they have to backslide in order to be in good and regular sand so I was troubled and I knew the editor of the review here talk me in the seminary and I knew he wasn't going fair in man and he was in fact tackling a very topic I had written for the review befall on domestic violence in the church and the problem of clergy reveals some words suddenly controversial issues the group didn't administer you but not exactly covered so well he would be willing to I like this will protect the reviews that I've been absolutely as an opinion piece an opinion piece allows the review to say we have published this to stimulate debate and discussion we are not saying we support it I didn't have from the review for six months and about six ninety five months the flight was late I got a letter from the editor of the reviews that their brother Williams he and the other editors have been read in this lease and have been struggling with what if any used to make of it he went on to say we believe you are correct theological but we disagree with you implications for church polity and disabled English is you are correct but we disagree with what the oh methods has the same potential practice I read that and I was at least done because I thought that as well as the Christians what determines what we do is what is right not what is politically appropriate and so knowledge the edits of myself as a former student and have an issue I dealt with them in the seminary he was certainly a portly man and one was fair I decided to write him a letter to respond guidance and he would change his mind was not the purpose but they said I know the elbow will not sleep well tonight so I wrote him a piece saying that I respect his right event that he suddenly decides what he publishes but I was troubled by his reason but it is the right theologically how could it be problematic the church polity in fact isn't all the church practice to be driven by our theology and to hit below the belt the edits I had a book that I had rented with a commentary in the book of Matthew didn't type of religion the walls in which you that is book of Matthew shows how religion come from the ivory tower and the practice of everyday life method is not a point you made so eloquently notebook religion overalls but I went on farther to single incident that we have strayed so far from goal is ideal that his commands look like fanaticism or are we afraid of the political backlash that we are unwilling to have the prophetic voice be raised within the church I went on to say my own experience I come from the Caribbean originally came into the United States in the mid- nineteen seventies during the time in which the baby is cute within the church then structurally was whether we needed to black unions to black union conferences up to that point in the history of the administration never been a black person who was the president of the union conference in the North American division on the proposal was that given at the division level blacks were then excluded it would be nice back it would be right to take the six regional conferences at the time that Morneau followed them into two unions he would now have to black ministers presidents of Union conference and they would not be represented at the division level that was a proposal being me and honestly as a seminary student back in the seventies I supported a proposal I thought it was not the right thing to do with the appropriate thing to do give me the actions of our available they have been multiple locations where blacks have been nominated for union president that it hadn't happened because of the time and food of the breath that have been nominated as a union president hadn't happened because person said it was wrong for the image of the church of time so we felt that it was not all the representation is not idealism compromise is an appropriate compromise and then there were developments in the British union at the time that that movement in the mumblings about history but it was all about the point was I actually supported easily determine the division that exists within the church along the lines of race at one point in my life but I change on a change not because of some new political insight I changed as a result of looking at what Scripture has to say and what the spirit of prophecy have to say and I feel that there is no way to to to deepen the divisions is not the right thing to do and two two two compromise is to come see the frailties of human nature instead of emphasizing the life-changing possibilities of the cross and that Gore is calling us in these closing moments of the Earth 's history to become all that he wants us to be which means people will become all that he wants us to be he's going to purchase outside of all comfort zone and he is going to enable us to do what needs to be done one of the biggest criticisms I've gotten from church leaders want to talk about his topic is how the system happened what's the solution what are the steps to go to take any know what my answer is I have no clue what Holy Spirit does I don't have to have the answers but when courts children are committed to him and give their lives to him and asked for his wisdom and guidance he will provide it to us we cannot use the creator of uncharted difficulty not knowing how to move forward as a reason not to do what God is calling us is so with that background might throw some of that into the letter I sent it to the to the editor of the review limit we heard from him defendant for the Williams I read your letter I was deeply moved we will publish the article in February of next year and so you have it it's really cognizant will of the material that will deal with in the next session of those I know all of you will not be here for the whole thing about it is out now at least you have some sense of both the biblical and superior prophecy rationale for one of the issues that I think I will talk about in this session that is more controversial okay but why do so many meeting well-meaning Christians is from it against others every day let's start off topic but the big and before we began since I really been begin this was in the before we begin let's go ahead and pray because we really need God 's with wisdom guidance her to be with us as we talk today father in heaven we thank you so much for your love we thank you Lord that you love us even now not just back on Calvary but even today in spite of all failures weaknesses and mistakes your long-suffering love still loves us we pray Lord as we consider your word as we consider what you want this to become the Holy Spirit would be with us to lead and guide that Jesus would be uplifted and all of us would make a new commitment to love and serve you and to live for you is my friend Jesus name amen okay I want to begin with some green slide number the Chinese presentation because it central to what I do I deal with my know some of you will not be at all of my talks so that the three points the first is going to talk about this most of my final set of presentations with John seventeen this is the prayer that Jesus praying that this is him will him prior in the Gospels of the New Testament if the prayer that Jesus prayed before he went to Calvary if the prayerful his father was up to the end of time I am emphasizing that one of the burdens of Christ's prayer was unity the point about the unity that I want to emphasize for us to keep in mind is that crisis saying that they all may be one easement field by the arming me and I in you that they also may be one with us why so that the world may believe that you sent is that what I will live out all about helping to lift up Jesus so that the world could be convicted so that the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world and we can go home to live with Jesus and he is saying we need to be one because that is going to make a difference to convict the war number lookup built into that much more powerfully in the final session I then added and you and me that they may be perfected in unity court wants us to be perfected in unity so that the world may know that you sent me on without them even as you have loved me again that the world may know that you sent me the notion of unity being a central to an effective Christian witness and just in case you missed the clarity of John seventeen the Spirit of prophecy essays that harmony and union executive within the church among men and women of various business positions is the strongest witness that can be born that God has sent his son into the world to save sinners another I will reveal to you some of the find then again and you will find the common the communion is not humanly possible on the normal circumstances it doesn't happen it takes supernatural power to produce it it's what the world is waiting for I'm looking for is our privilege to bear this with my challenge to all of us it is our privilege to bear that strongest witness in the world if we can pull what it wanted to do this we must place ourselves on the price commands uploaded a commendable culture that limited dictates of leaving charged recklessly upon the Christ commands Outlook access must be molded in harmony with his character all wills must be submitted to his will then we shall work together with our phone of collision will not be nice if all courts children were working together without collision was without even the thought of collision that's possible but we've got work to do a new talk about that in the final session was the opportunities if we can have this love and have disunity amongst ourselves the beautiful provision volume nine of the testimony phase one eighty nine if we would humble ourselves before God be kind and courteous and tenderhearted and pitiful there would be one hundred conversions for neutral when now there is only one what a dramatic change in no event lithic outreach have been one hundred win now there is one of his work for us to do on the file this greatly can do the work ourselves we need upon the lowest else before God be kind courteous and confident pitiful it would be one hundred conversions we know there is one let me throw in not under the preamble point I want to make in this one is really crucial I mean my talk to abandon the series of thoughts that will be drawing on findings from research and research it is however in my limit with research leave the findings of social science I think onslaught to Natalie sometimes some Christians think that you have to choose between what science they want the Bible say something that is a problematic the point because who is the source of all true in the universe God it who is the greatest scientists in the universe God it and science than this is the big challenge rightfully understand now do Lane that said that this is also conduct that science rightly understood necessarily but science rightly understood does not contradict the Word of God in fact it affirms the word of God because people come from the same source and for those of you what students and those of you studying then and those of all of us we need to understand that it is in conflict and when we see up and conflict we need to try to understand it because of what the phrase started probably come to the district for twenty six five rightly understood science and the written word agreed each sheds light on the other so sometimes some science we can put it with the word and counsel Richard the on the Senate because one of the greatest scientist in the planet to the other leaders about both of them leaders of God yes the word is available on the word is the primary network is the president but but we didn't mean put the two of them together and we come to a ridge on the status of each citizen shouldn't have been so full of dichotomy of his assigned from the Bible and an authentic talk about it but I I do a presentation on on-call punishment for example what signs given the proper punishment and what some Christians think the Bible say I look at this greater prophecy and see how the tilting the beautifully result Spirit of prophecy save a life save everything but scientific research has found about the negative effects of proper punishment all of that is in the book outside don't take my word for it go home Rita Chapman corrective discipline this is when you spent a challenge and the use you you do more than good because you out of control the purpose of this opens up to each a child's self-control that the different top rightly understood the science and the Bible is perfect harmony perfect harmony or so with a NHL revelation is consistent in itself in all its manifestations on here is another beautiful quotation the last one on this general point price is the author of all true absolutely brilliant conception every thought of wisdom and for the thousands of men is the gift of Christ is not beautiful Jesus is the source of all wisdom all the scientific insights is a reflection of the mind of God he borrowed no idea from the amount which is the center of this from the book that I may know in the spirit probably based on both that he borrowed no ideas from humanity for he originated all this was the most brilliant mind in the universe the money came directly from the brightens of truth buried up in superstition and conditions plays in the framework of era to serve the purpose of the arch deceiver what did Jesus do they presented it shows in its primitive purity method of the era that Satan had committed to hide his heavenly beauty and for those of you who study and though the viewpoint school that is one of your tasks being faithful to God is to take that shields as they like an arrow separate them from the error that surround them we set them within the framework of the gospel that's what God is calling us to do in the car in Hominy and there is chosen to be gleaned from science and from the Bible okay I need to get my topic at some point so let's start the topic why am I certain that they're so many Christians that discriminate against others everything scientific research has been a lot of signs of researching the topic of discrimination and prejudice unwanted fines is a prejudice and discrimination is unnatural human tendency research reveals that as soon as individuals can identify themselves as a group different from another group they developed what the researchers call in group favoritism which means a preference towards that group and hostility outgroup discrimination a tendency to treat the other group differently in the research done along these lines researchers thought the reason for this was that groups wanted to maximize the benefits for their group if you I will when it is applied being divided groups will prejudice and also discriminated because they wanted their group to get a bigger piece of the pie and then it was the money assigned to the resource documents this process continues even when people realize that by discriminating against the outgroup your group will get less it will actually work your group people still do it is not just simply self-interest and maximizing the benefits for your group it seems to be a deeply human tendency that let me break this down what research suggesting that as sporty as a social psychological research on the topic if I divided this audience had this morning into two groups a knife that the folks sitting on my lap you are the blue group an empty mutiny to search the web for the rest of July three and villas on my right the red group on I give you red T-shirts to wear for the rest of the wife the all the time of this weekend people in the blue groups where Google T-shirts will develop on the CNN with other people wearing a blue T-shirt and people would read group would begin to develop off the feelings towards those wearing a red T-shirt and agency rabbits and he will actually save people wearing a blue T-shirt of hoping away November the third it is a very basic human tendency where there is little at stake just randomly organized people separately this profit in group favoritism seems to be triggered once you can see all South and some others as I unseat another group out there is them very related very fundamental but Jesus I believe the same to each one of us that his kingdom must be actuated by a different set of principles Jesus is looking for a group of people who arrive a bald than normal natural human tendency and see how there is not the way you would naturally be inclined to would really see others the way God sees them he will want to look at people from Kevin 's eyes not through your normal times what we've asked in this each one of us to look at every man and every woman every boy and every girl through seven five I want to suggest to you this morning that Jesus is not active at the newly impossible he is asking us to follow in his steps he is asking us to add he loves that so we also ought to love one another and it will add Scripture and we see how Jesus related to others we see that power of love at work John chapter four gives us a beautiful example I think this one you'll see later in my car because the beautiful example of how Jesus felt with someone from a group that would negatively stereotyped in his day with familiar with the story am reading John Frito-Lay from the new American Standard Bible word of advice if you don't know Hebrew and Greek and I trying to navigate the Bible and find who really you can receive his Bible study I want to come close to what the Bible says the one of bioassays that two Adventist theological scholars who have written a book not wanted by the Czech Republic on the scholarly book evaluate and all the various translations and the included is a scope on specs that the moles correct according to the original is a new American Standard Bible and if you really want to the bow of a Bible study now nothing is the most readable Bible so the devotional purpose of the monogamy myth but if you really and see the battle study and you don't happen background and you really want to understand what's closest new American Standard Bible it is the Bible okay Jesus left Judea and went again into Galilee he had to pass through Samaria and so he came to the city of Samaria calls by car Nana possible ground that Jacob and given to his son Joseph and Jacob 's well was there so Jesus being wherewith on this journey was sit and that's vital well it was about the sixth hour and then came the woman of Samaria to throw water Jesus said to her give me a drink of his disciples had gone away into the city to buy food so a few moments on this text because there are some powerful lessons that we sometimes miss we need to understand that text within this context we need to understand who Jews were an Buddhist Americans were the Bible is telling us in John for that Jesus the Jewish male was talking to a woman of Samaria at Jacob 's well scenario was located between two Jewish areas Galilean and all Judea in itself Jules tribal and between these two areas with typical indeed told oh and scenario since Zulus who went through Samaria frequently attack Jesus is not allowed in the Bible save from Judea to Galilee and he takes a shortcut right through Samaritan country he was alone at the whale why the disciples go into a nearby village to buy food and wine newsletter well the Bible saves a woman approaches him who has loved one not to put three red flags around her neck she's a woman Jesus American and to put it euphemistically she's a woman of questionable marl and Jesus and John salon verse seven face this woman give me a drink for short words that in the split-second shot through the negative social stereotypes and rules that were designed to prevent that kind of behavior Jesus was not just be nice to this woman with these four words give me a drink Jesus violated by social rules that were designed to keep him from her first uncle Jesus is violated several rules this was not his neighborhood this was on the other side of the tracks Jesus had no business being vigils than Linda and Samaria Samaritans and Jews were bitter enemies the Samaritans had emerged four hundred years later as a result of mixed marriages between the Jews and Gentiles of it they were regarded then of somewhat mixed ethnic racial background the Jews in the Time of Jesus regarded the Samaritans of green bastards the Samaritans were of a different that is inferior ethnic group and the Samaritans worship gone differently than the Jews visiting team up in the conversation may have constructed their own temple on Monday I was them at the right bow to the Temple in Jerusalem and the Samaritans had developed their own version of the Bible to the Jews this Americans were even worse than Gentiles because the desktop digital data into a godless Americans as a group that I wanted to do their own thing anyhow and so for simple yet we find Jesus lingering on enemy ground source mistake on the culture according to the times in which he was second this was a woman in a time of Jesus there were many negative social stereotypes about women and it was a lot of systematic discrimination against women for example in the time of Jesus a woman could the divorce simply put talking to a man in the street the rabbis for clinical amounts and hold no conversation with the woman in the street not even with his wife still less with any other woman just talking to a man in public could be the basis of divorce and certainly upright men didn't talk to women in public around I wouldn't talk to women and in public but Jesus disregards this back risk his reputation and talk to this woman he didn't care about who was seen him this is a person this is a child of God we can in a key the third this is not just another woman this woman is going to bed and the six man and come to do well looking for another one and you see how the Jesus know that actually if you understand the culture and understand the time Jesus did not need divine insight to know that this was a woman of questionable morals in John six sixteen the Bible tells us this in concert at the well occurred about the sixth hour the sixth out what would be high noon will be twelve o'clock well who went to the well at twelve o'clock which women went to the well in the middle of the day to go back culture of that time very strong go back to Genesis twenty four verse eleven the rediscovery of Eliezer going in search for a husband for his master Abraham many things he got to the well in the evening the mother the battles against the Playboy level at the time when women went to draw water women when they don't want the index cards in the evening in the cool of the date made them prostitutes went that I known because that's when you met people who were traveling the very fact that this woman was then in the middle of the day said that he came to the welcome more than lots of the needed divine insight to know that no defense upright woman went to the well at this hour only prostitutes when control water at high noon so this woman came to the well I'll look into more than want to everybody in town knows the number of rabbis and holy man is brought in some sense since profits use when John foretells of my God does not run he looks at this woman through headless eyes he take the risk he puts his career on the line by asking hope for help and thought this is not just a promiscuous woman the Bible say this was the woman of Samaria as Samaritan the rabbis taught the rabbis thought that Samaritan women what she will eat unclean Jews were forbidden to tall Samaritans the social rules said looked the other way of life and leave she doesn't exit and Jesus breaks down the social barriers and talks about and finally unworkable in his request to this woman Jesus would deliberately defile himself you see upon the Jewish law the Samaritan was unclean Samaritan women were unclean anything that such would become unclean in the time of Jesus all whole Jewish village would be declared unclean until evening if a Samaritan woman as much as walked into the village to village had been fooled to win time-limited would be unclean if a Samaritan just walked into the village by asking will not this woman what types Jesus would have been intentionally polluted himself what I'm saying today is that all the stereotypes will of the religious rules sentences and as far away as possible from this unclean woman but helices of talking to the woman at the well doing the wrong thing to the wrong person in the wrong place the behavior was so radical Jesus is behavior was so unprecedented that it will of the disciples if you read a brilliant light of the woman first as well we read again and in John Silverstein was lamented that Jesus probably said that he will lead to asking a drink of me it will also harry to go on enjoying full verse twenty seven when the disciples came back whether the Bible say the model the Bible says they marveled that he was talking to the woman this was unprecedented with the system did not happen why did Jesus tells us because Jesus was focus on his mission Jesus into the woman about what to what elements of existence that old humans need when it comes to Wachtell when it comes to delivering water we are all on an equal basis Jews and Samaritans males and females for and strengths red yellow black or white we called me what to Angie for him to let everyone know that who you want to arrive and he had come to provide life for so I will begin this series of presentations today by reminding us that we have Jesus who is still debate on the last day of this year the last year of the decade Jesus is still the Savior of the world and we need to cry out this morning and asked Jesus about type that's the new with power from on high we need to ask Jesus with rule out full refresh us they say via Sharon nine we need to be refreshed by the love of Jesus so that we can look at every single person we can conquer every day of all life in the church outside the church whatever we are to have my eyes we will see them not according to our social rules of all society not according to our will socialization not according to how we were raised but we will see people who have both eyes and through the eyes that Jesus wants us to have and so the question is how easy is that for us to do is that a difficult thing for us to do the follow the footsteps of Jesus and say that we would treat everyone just the way that Jesus treated them that we would lay outside the baggage of all the society which puts people into different social categories and just naturally treat everyone just the way Jesus said to them I think if I were to do with serving and people most people would say how do that treat everybody the same legal thing but it's a buddy to say we don't treat people differently they will be obvious in education maintenance status within the gender they raise the second orientation we straighten everybody differently and I was sixty US Paul said in first Corinthians ten versus well let him that think if you spend it take heed lest he fall one of the things I learned a good night my doctoral work in social psychology review it lastly what is one of the biggest kind of generalized take-home points from the study of social psychologist of the last fifty years is the people have no clue of what they would do what we learned in social cognitive lock of experiments or shoulders most people will do what the situation requires it a different way than anyone predicted what someone will do one what would you do it don't look at the values you don't open it believes will go to church attendance if you look at how to raise you look at the power of the situation within which you put them because if you can create the right situation most people I would say to researchers at eighty percent of the population will do things that they that go against their values the court instead beliefs if you can only make the situation probably not what we think that with enough with the devil you know you love and enjoy the death of set up a situation so powerful that people who want in doing them and if I think it's going to give them than fate I live in the news all the time and you really want to talk to the soldiers of an agreement and all you read about someone who committed a problem Marta and enable essays I am in shock I can't imagine he would never do that all of the parents might side with those of the Temple think you know what to wonder the Bible faith the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked most of us who violate our values principles in the powerful situation becomes enough and that's why one of the things we have to deal with temptation and avoid certain social situations would also mean is that too many of us have this added to that we can handle ourselves we grown-ups we can take care of ourselves we can make all the decisions folks without Jesus we can do nothing we enough people in our own strength and an envelope and Minister of human Nelson is apparently more helpless you really more invincible than the soul that feels is nothingness and relies wholly upon the merits of the safety that's a powerful Texas limited make the same point that that second Corinthians makes that wikis is that my grades is sufficient for the for my strength is made perfect in weakness it's when we recognize all own weakness I'll own failures I'll own limitations I'll own human frailty and inability to Google and will when we look at them from grace and strength when we acknowledge a weakness then he can empower then he can give us the strength to strength is made perfect in weakness and and one of the things we have to realize is that I will level of of weakness because that's where the Keith was Franklin 's front to think what to do now would we go to break in a few minutes and maybe I should begin with the topic and in and post it and then we'll see you going to wait in-depth in the second hour so give you one example from my area of scientific research that illustrates how easy it is for people to violate their own principles okay so this is a study that was published down by a researcher by the name of Kevin Schulman and Schulman as physician medical researcher went to a medical convention the internal medicine specialists in the United States at seven hundred and twenty of them sit on the computer looking at patient look at the symptoms the patient described and asked them to make a diagnosis and at the rewards of doing that they got them get the dilemma when it was and what Kevin Schulman the physicians didn't know is that all the patients that Schulman views what activities the oil playing the to live in the same place to hold the same jobs and all describe their symptoms identically in fact these actors were trained to deal them have the same facial expression and body language as the I send them everything that positions soul were absolutely identical access that some of the patients will mail and somewhat female these limitations somewhat black and some white on that everything else was identical to what this study found was that women and blacks were less likely to be referred for cardiac optimization the appropriate medical procedure given the symptoms compared to men and whites respectively black women were the most disadvantage because the suffered from both the gender stereotype and originals there is this new story when it was published in New England Journal of Medicine with the networks of related network that Nike was striking twenty twenty that is special in that Nightline did a special on it how does this happen Congress in its wisdom at the Institute of medicine the highest scientific medical authority in United States to commission a study to identify what at this medical convention with agencies that will happen in United States of America when people go to receive medical and so the Institute of medicine and the study know how the incident met somewhere accidentally we conduct new research it pulls together a panel of experts and the review the existing scientific literature and try to sleep is a enough evidence for a central conclusion I was one of the persons who served on institutes of medicine panel this panel is due to report in two thousand and three to report some type on equal treatment you can find it medical library this is a press release that subject to covenants of the Washington Post we were on television at night when the report was released down this was a press conference in Washington DC was that with the University of Michigan at the time and to me was recently some are it was the presence of the Robert Wood Johnson foundation and Doctor Alan Nelson a former president of the American Medical Association that's a picture from a press conference what I want to say to you though what did this study fine the study found that across virtually all medical interventions in the United States from the most simple medical procedures to the most complex medical procedures minorities receive fewer procedures and poor quality of care than whites the difference existed even when people have the same health insurance when the level of education was identical when it stayed in severity of disease is identical when the level of core current illness was identical when it when the same medical facility in fact enabling fifth imprisonment of the way things well there's little differences in showrooms have Ray Joel in patients with Medicare when insurance is identical to the Nexus that in those contexts it was found out on our is it possible that we live in a country with the best trained medical professionals in the world Google to work every day to deliver high quality medical care to the patient and there is a body of the oval two hundred published scientific papers documenting this enough every single one of them but it was a eighty percent of them find a spot in cardiovascular diseases that ever best documented definitely a hundred studies in the airtight vessel disease when we did this you how on earth is it possible that we can have such a disparate level of care when in the United States give you an example that does one of the studies that found in white Medicare patients were four times more likely than black through the bypass that another one study medico Mexican-Americans are definitely possible am I my apartment facts and the heart attack would receive thirty eight percent feel medications and what that with an acute MI that the black with a heart attack were less likely to get into the right hospital but it got there they were left like to receive the right procedure anything got there they got to consider the first time the less likely to get the appropriate follow-up and we stage of the disease process there were differences in care given example of reason breast cancer breast cancer let them handle the insurance was likely to get appropriate treatment will likely be treated and lots public hospitals however the ruling is statistically bulldoze the constant black women with breast cancer again the appropriate test with the get the appropriate treatment effectively get the appropriate with the abilities and services and insane how on earth do you make sense of that person 's with the TIA TIA the mild stroke persons with a mild stroke blacks were less like her to get noninvasive test then he begot that that that they get the next cerebral angiography in the gut and angiography to let him swing stage of the disease of treatment regardless can let me end with this one is in the last example of the view on posing the question the next session will answer the question and try to think of what it means lots Doctor Todd workman emergency room physician at UCLA medical Center and the Todd asked a very simple question when a patient comes into the ceiling emergence soon we will have to along well in fact it is a broken bone in the legs is there a difference by ethnicity as to whether the patient receives pain medication on patient in the ER with a broken bone as the patient's right to determine whether they get pain medication went back and looked at every patient treated in UCLA emergency room four year with a broken bone legs and he found that fifty five percent of Hispanic patients did not receive pain medication compared to twenty six percent of non-Hispanic whites statistically significant difference negative available research said we recently were both confounding could be some other factor authorities said he would adjust the weight of the patient with male-female he would just fall what it is so not it would adjust full what time they showed up in the ER how long this point in the ER where they got into the new job fun to think of every other possible explanation could make a difference and when you could physically kill everything constant the single strongest predictor of whether the patient got been medication or not for the patient was there that okay the that there is a call sole difference in the way Latinos express their pain that the physicians it does not see winning on the second study honey had patients to rate how much pain they felt they were in any provided the look of the patients in re Spain the thought of the patient wasn't funny compared to I found that physicians could only detect the severity of pain and Islamic nations and other patients but a systematic with the stride length medications and Hispanic patients that the toggle from UCLA to Emory University in Atlanta would be the same study it is not as emergency rooms in Atlanta looking about my patients and from exactly the same thing black patient with a broken bone legs goals and emergency room in Atlanta is less likely to get pain medication and a white patient and the question is how on earth do we make sense of these differences in treatment when we are dealing with the best trained medical force in the world who go to work each day with good intentions to do that that's I think it's nine thirty six and a stop at this point will resume again in fifteen minutes I think of the schedule whereon when we come back we will understand what how does science make sense of this what is this problem have to do with the date I talked about of the stereotypes of the example of Jesus is so dramatic and what each one of us do in our own lives so that we never repeat that mistake because what I'm than its value is what these positions then in these studies I do every single day to people we encounter also into some social status category that we don't like this is not about race my brothers and sisters is not about race it is about negative stereotypes it's about if we view some people negatively but it of the people all fat people to death old people of immigrant people it's about how we process information and how we categorize people we do exactly the same thing when we come back we'll talk about that and how God can help us to deal with that problem this is all universe in place I race Chrysler and are you like to learn more about Jim I see please visit www. nursing lifestyle that I will review like this more free online seminar please visit www. audio verse got more


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