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Mixed Signals - Part 3

John Lomacang


John Lomacang, an ordained minister of over 20 years, currently serves as pastor for the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has also been a popular Christian singer and songwriter during his years of ministry, hosts 3ABN’s A Sharper Focus, and cohosts 3ABN’s House Calls. He has shared the gospel in 31 countries, sung with the Heritage Singers, and been a vocalist for 3ABN, Amazing Facts, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy.




  • June 20, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Precious Father in heaven thank you Lord that as we ask for wisdom from above you will impart it this morning I pray that as we open our hearts to being informed the board you will both it and buffer this information as your Holy Spirit filters what each of us is able to receive I pray that you give me clarity of mind and that the information will not overshadow the purpose that you ordained to be accomplished in each of our lives and may you be praised as we counteract the counterfeit as we unmask the attempts the enemy is making to pull us into this vortex of deception and May the end result be the salvation of our children the strengthening of our walk with you and the praise that you alone deserve in Jesus name I pray a man this morning we are on we are at Station 3 Station 3 days ago we got on board a train and I said to you we're not going to get off of this train until the ride is done and the ride is done on Friday Station 3 isn't titled mixed signals so that with me what is it mixed signals we live in a world today where the signals are mixed and unless our minds are furnished with the ability to be able to discern between light and dark good and evil then we don't get the message clearly and so what I'm going to do today is we're going to see the difference or witness the difference or the contest between the obvious and the obscure Satan has a way of orchestrating his kingdom so that those of us who are in God's kingdom. Or sometimes are sometimes blinded to his approach in the pathway of deception I remember reading in a wise writings she said that Satan's footsteps are noise less they creep up on us and before we know it they overwhelm us and so this morning what I'm going to do by this presentation I am going to as it were add some sound to Satan's footsteps so that not only will your eyes continually be open but your minds will be quickened because what I'm what I've been presenting over the last 2 days are young people are being challenged by this at an alarming rate and I've made attempts to present this that some of our academies and some of our colleges and frankly the doors are closed because the sad reality is many of many of our own people don't want to hear about it and as I've traveled the world and I've seen worship going in a completely different direction when your worship style is far into the truth then Satan is making a tremendous impact on you when your entertainment pulls you away from the truth when Satan is making an impact on you when the music you listen to no longer causes you to feel any sense or of a need of reformation or or change then Satan is still fully stealing a March upon us and so this morning I'm going to share some things with you that they're going to be some video clips if I have enough time I'll get to some of the video clips of showing you how music is able to change your emotions in a split 2nd and you'll see how that happens I'm also going to talk about the rise of a book series some of you heard about the Harry Potter book series and how that came to such a prominent place. But let me begin by giving you a Bible text here in 2nd Corinthians chapter 4 in verse 4 and the Bible talks about how Satan works and the apostle Paul says whose minds the god of this age has done what has blinded and here are the ones whose minds are blinded who do not believe lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God should shine on them so the deeper a person gets into this world the darker their understanding the greater the inability to be able to see what Satan is doing to them when I was involved in the music world when I was a disc jockey when I was involved in clubbing and partying and gambling and pool hustling my senses of spirituality were dead so the devil's really not concerned about those who are already on the path of destruction he's not concerned about them at all but is concerned about those of us who are on the path of righteousness and his aim is really not the world because he already has them but the ones he wants to take into his grasp are those who are in the army of light who he knows that they are artillery is the Word of God in truth so if you can get us to minimize that which is being maximized and maximize that which is which is being minimized if he can get us to turn away from the very thing that God is established as our strength then he knows that he's stealing a March upon us we're also going to see that the occult world seduces through blindness I'm going to pray play right now a video clip and what I want you to listen carefully for is this movie came out about maybe 20 years ago but in this very short scenario what you're going to see in the very beginning is the produces of this short clip. Are telling the audience. And amazing it amazes me they are actually telling the audience in this little scenario what kind of world they're in and how the world is orchestrated and how the world is establishing a system of slavery from the time we're born we're born into a system of slavery that holds onto us everything about our world is a time for that then you're going to see a short clip I edited I'm going to show you one of the more popular artist and many people know a by just a single name beyond say what you're going to see is the reaction of the audiences that she gave concerts all over the world and the clip you're going to see is the reaction of her audiences before she even performs and you're going to be able to see the kind of spirit that controls her audience but what I want you to keep in mind also is anybody who sells out to this what I call this mega platform of fame and fortune they all have the same kind of reaction if you go all the way back to Elvis anybody remember Elvis is that he's still alive in some way he is because it seems like every year during his birthday there is some kind of pilgrimage down to Graceland and people are still worshipping a man that has died a long time ago the Beatles. Everybody that's raised to this level of mega platform stardom and fame and fortune they all get the same reaction from the audiences because the devil has promised he shows them the kingdoms of this world and all their glory and he says all these things I will give you if you fall down and worship me but remember as I said yesterday it is not the journey that we're on alone but it's the final destination and when these groups make a contract with the devil the end result is their souls belong to him when I gave this series 1st I got a phone call from Janet Jackson's intertainment lawyer who works for universal he left 3 messages on my phone at home I don't know how I got my phone number but I still keep that message and we become good friends and he said to me when I saw your series unclean spirits my wife and I watched it 5 times that's $25.00 hours of watching viewing and the way he did with the way that happened he says he was in a search for truth the Lord had been tapping him on the shoulder and he just when it began to peruse the Internet looking for truth and he said and your picture just kept coming up and I don't even know who you are he says so I have to keep coming up I decided Well let me just go and look in to see what this guy is all about and he said and when I saw your series it grabbed my attention because he says I'm in that industry so he said one of the 1st questions yes he says let me ask you the question how did you gain access to this information is just not readily available and we spoke when I left my home I was driving to Nashville Tennessee when I made it to contact with me we spoke for about 4 hours on the phone now we're good friends. And he's been able to tell me things about the industry that to enhance the knowledge that I received in my own research let me tell you brothers and sisters what's happening in our world is very real and the deception in this is the scary part the deception is finding its way into our institution is finding its way into our colleges in our in our elementary schools and very few people are standing up against it but if you think about the aim of the enemy the war that he began in heaven he's taken to the earth and because he knows he has but a short time he isn't 10 to 5 his attack against the church now I'll read this text we read it yesterday but I want to go and just read the 2nd part of it the Bible says so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of all called The Devil and Satan who does what deceives how much of the world the whole world he was cast to the years and his angels were cast out with him I ended yesterday with this slide I want to bring it back up again because he is making his inroads we are living in a generation where the devil is no longer trying to cloak his attempts but in some senses he's coming out right in our face I mention to you on Fox television they had a series called Lucifer and it came out as a comedy as a sitcom and people were laughing their way into this somehow a embracing or acceptance of Lucifer. And because they're not spiritual it's a comedy to them and they think of the devil as we sometimes used to think of him as just a guy that wears a red cape and he's a Halloween figure no friends it's much darker than that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood and there are certain groups that have dedicated themselves here a couple of them right here or Led Zeppelin you see on the bottom their album cover a lot of the Egypt in symbols the occult symbols there and then also on the right side of that another group called Led Zeppelin they wrote a song called stairway to heaven that's not the heaven we're talking about that there has been another group that you've heard about Black Sabbath on my way in this morning one of the pastors and you know what I want to say thank the Lord that some of us who used to be there are no longer there can you say man because a lot of us have come out of that I'm amazed how many pastors used to be in that industry I mean when I say industry they used to be affected by that kind of a world but God in His mercy has taken the time to deliver us Black Sabbath they had an album that they intentionally named we sold our soul for rock and roll and there they have a skull and notice what they have on the skull they have what many people think is a religious symbol but long before the cross became a religious symbol one of the reasons why the Romans used the cross to crucify Christ it was because it was the highest representation of a pagan altar and so when they use the cross when you see rock artists when crosses they're not Christian rock artists by wearing the cross they are both seeing that they participated in the crucifixion of Christ and as one young lady reminded me this morning. Even when they sing songs that are religious in nature they're not singing it to our God they're singing it to their god even though they may use a hymn they're singing it to their Lord at that concert you can also buy shirts and sometimes you see people wearing this Black Sabbath one of the shirts that were being sold at their concerts we sold our soul for rock N roll another group that I talked about that maybe still playing I don't know they're probably 90 years old now the Rolling Stones seem like they've been around for a long time here's an album cover called sympathy for the devil let me read some of the lyrics for it and give you some of the background on the Anthology of this album Sympathy For The Devil is credited to Jagger That's Mick Jagger and Richards though the song was largely a Jagger composition the working title of the song was and he went through certain transitions 1st it was called The Devil is my name having earlier been call fallen angels and it is sung by Jagger as a 1st person narrative from the point of view of the devil recounting his control over the events of human history or human existence so he's really he's writing this song and singing it as a mouthpiece speaking in the devil's behalf and this is the kind of thing that when it gets into our minds I spoke to one of our church members not too long ago a few years ago and even though she's been a Christian for many many years she says she never forgets when she was at a Rolling Stones concert she said they transitioned into a part of their concert that became a worship service to Satan and she said and she didn't remember anything that happened until 2 days later. I didn't remember what happened at all mine went clear she said I got home I know that but what happened in the concert I didn't remember until 2 days later look at some of the lyrics to the song Sympathy For The Devil and I want to move at a quicker pace some of the lyrics please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long long year Stole many a man's soul to waste I was round when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain made sure that pilot washed his hands and sealed his fate Who's he talking about Satan just as every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints as heads is tails just call me Lucifer because I'm in need of some restraint that's just some of the lyrics on that album I chose not to put them all the because it's a very very very long song much longer than you know the 9 stanzas on Shall We Gather the river but it just over and over in every context every verse he brings out one more aspect of the fact that this song was definitely inspired and a representation of the Dark Lord Alice to Croly in his establishment of this entire occult world I talked about this a couple of days ago he established a religion called Salema and this is TELL ME I got a fix that is really money T H E L E M A Not Selma which is simply the Greek word for Will and there you see a copy of his Bible the Book of the law they are proud villages he also was the head of the O.T. all religious system and this alpha zoom in on it in just a moment he put together what might be referred to as. A composition in art that in this art piece you will see all the representations in our break it down in just a moment of the communication of his occult religion meters zoom and more on the very top if you can see it you see the word you see the name Alice or Crawley you see that it's right there then you see at the very top the letters Odio the upside down triangle will zoom in on those in just a moment and then you see the mantra Do what thou wilt but don't miss at the bottom left you have the letter A that's Alpha and then you have the other Greek letter on the right side Omega the. Symbolism also includes 2 our ballistics one to the left and one to the right and let me break that down very briefly here it is the Apple esque to the left starts with the word Alpha Now why do they use Alpha because I mentioned you a moment ago or a few days ago everything that Christianity has established Satan uses it to prefer to he uses what is established in the Bible so they call their God the Alpha male who is the Alpha somebody tell me who's the Omega Christ is the Alpha and the Omega but look at the symbolism that begin with Alpha. And then in the Sabah less you have these words along with the revolving washes a ever winding path of this abolition for Lima the religion they establish Golden Dawn was one of the sororities Liber AL villages the Bible that they wrote and then also the phrase abracadabra I'll talk about that in just a moment on the right you have alpha then you have the pentacle then you have an up pointing up triangle which is here pointing down which is water and at the very base of that are ballistic you have the 3 numbers 666 now going to the right of a list you have the word true will in fact their aim is to help you accomplish your true will not God's True Will then you have another sorority of this occult world Jenny inten Argenti I'm asked Ron then you have the main order Ordo Templi oriented or O.T. Oh then you have the very bottom Mysteria mystic of Maya Moore another sorority to the right of that you have the symbol omega then the pentagram then another triangle aiming up fire then down Earth and the number 418 which is a hidden communication when you add let me show you how this works for 18 does that mean anything to you does it mean anything to you let me show you how there hi there symbolism added up added up for plus one is $5.00 and $8.00 is was 13 so they put this symbolism they hide it in a group of numbers when in fact all they're trying to communicate is 13 but they put for 18 and we miss it this very symbolism is used by many of the popular artists. On the right here you have beyond say in one of her music videos there she does in the background have the Pentagram the upside down star then another demonic artist on the left by the name of cash a she has a pointing up which is the pentacle Now some of us often recognize that as the Star of David I'll show you the difference as we continue here we have again the pentacle on the left one when you look at each point of that pentacle you have on the top you have spirit to the left ear water earth fire but when it's inverted which is the symbolism often used in the occult world they invert the star and notice why then you have earth fire here water and where is the spirit somebody tell me on the top of the bottom on the bottom why because they don't worship the spirit from above they worship the spirit from beneath Now when you think of it when you think of it Water Fire Earth who what music group do you think of Earth Wind and Fire when I was at Oak what I have to confess when I want to open a college 179 I had just been delivered from that world I was just coming out of it but my favorite group was Earth Wind and Fire and my dorm room was right above the dean's room and I cannot tell you how many times he took my radio away because I was playing Earth Wind and Fire and Earth Wind and Fire one of the R. and B. groups that's known to be very occult based look at all the Egypt in symbolism included in their album covers and one of their one of their songs which was shining star and you'll find out where the star comes from. You're a shining star no matter who you are shining bright to see what you can truly be truly be in the sense of when you follow there Pat Satan help you accomplish your Will not the will of the father now where else do we see the star being portrayed well let's go to the next slide movies are night of star Why do they use that term star Revelation 12 or 7 tells you his tale drew a 3rd of the stars of heaven and threw them to the ears so the devil while the people of God according to Daniel when you stand for truth the Bible says you'll be like a star shining bright Can you get an amen but as for the right reason but Satan takes the very same terminology and says if you follow me I'll make you a star that's why the best thing the world can give you is a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when you reach the pinnacle of fame and fortune that's what they give you a star but dogs can come by and express themselves. Star I don't want to star in the ground I want to start on my crown What do you say but the world makes you think that somehow if you gain stardom in the reality of it is I saw this the other day my wife and I met a fact I think my wife found a shoulder to me they said no matter what you possess no matter what your level of fame and fortune your casket is the same size and your grave is the same dimension and it's the same death 6 feet but the devil makes you think somehow that when he gives you fame to bring you to the point of stardom that you're better than better than everybody else they've got to die and face the judgment just as every one of us the star. There's something else that Allister Crawley brought into prominence and here it is the Eye of Horus we're going to talk about that in a moment the IO for us is an Egyptian symbol known as the 3rd eye and here is the meaning of this and you'll see how it really fits into the music world and into the entertainment world in just a moment but the some foundation have to lay in Hinduism it's the I have Clara voyant in Freemasonry it's the all seeing eye in Egypt ology is the Eye of Horus somebody want to ask somebody once asked me Well what about the ride or the left eye here is the significance of either one the left eye in Egypt ology represents the moon god the right eye represents the sun god and what you're going to notice is each of the artists as they communicate which one they are more in their own worship style a supporter of the communicate that in their own art in their posters on their CD covers on their album covers why the eye once again a distortion of Christian principles the Psalmist David wrote in some 1900 verse 18 say this with me open my eyes that I may see what wondrous things from your law but look at the eye again as Jesus said seeing they may see and what not Chrissy's and hearing they may hear and what else not understand lest they should turn and their sins be forgiven them it is not amazing or coincidental that the devil said to Eve Your eyes will be open in other words if you disobey you'll see more that's what he suggested to her you'll see more than God intends for you to see what I want to tell you today there are some things that I've seen that I which I've never seen anybody A and you know what no matter how old you get it just sits in your mind. And there are certain occasions certain sense certain places you go a certain music you hear it brings back the things that you thought were long forgotten but that's what the devil wants to do and you know what I studied about the I the I was an amazing instrument in in one second the I can take in 1500000 bits of information and file them away based on your preferences as to what's most important and what's least important an example case in point your wife and you may be driving in the car and you pass a shoe store she'll remember that and you pass an automotive store you remember that and you going 60 miles an hour is OK now oh whatever the eye sees it boom files right away 22nd and 5th Avenue and you remember that that's how quickly I was so these subliminal commercials where they have flash something in the middle of the video ever so quickly and your eye picks it up and files it and you say I just did you just see that the I saw it and filed it away for further use in the future when you think about the I the Hebrew word for I means to broaden to give a greater understanding and Satan said to Eve for God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and he suggests you will be why God knowing good and evil Genesis 3 in verse 5 now I'm going to show you a group of artists who focus very much on the and you notice that each one of these are stars of mega fame and fortune let me make a point unless you unless you literally. And this is what Janet Jackson's entertainment lawyer told me he said there are artists that become very well known but to become a mag or artist you've gotta make a contract you've got to agree to certain conditions before you get to that mega stardom level when you get to that mega stardom level you begin to experience the fame and fortune if you're just a good singer and you have a couple of songs that become famous he said that's not a megastar but when you get to the point to make a stardom in the money's rolling in on the famous rolling in and the identity and the accolades rolling in you have arrived at a place where you have made a contract with Satan Here's some of the artists you remember here's Prince you notice he has to the far left he's in concert he has on a girl here glasses with 3 lenses because they consider the 3rd eye to the eye of deeper discernment the spiritual eye the clairvoyant add in the center you see him again and then the album cover or the album for the far right was an album that it became double platinum and noticed in the very center of that he has his eye look at the artists that communicate this on their album covers you have a young lady to the right by the name of Aaliyah and one to the left call left eye Lopez that was her initial name now I want to make a point both of these artists died while they were young because the wages of sin is that you cannot tamper with Satan and not expect somewhere that he's going to call for a payment let me give you some history Aliya very unattractive girl very famous she rose to prominence quickly in the very last the very last movie she did before she died was called Queen of the damned. A demonic movie where she played a demonic figure and after that death died in a plane accident Lisa Left Eye Lopez her all alone there were 2 other girls in the group and whenever she stayed at hotels sometimes in this isn't I have the magazine that I read the articles from the name of the magazine escapes me right now but I have it in my library at home people have said that when she would stay at their hotels sometimes they would knock on her door because they would hear fighting going on in the room but she's the only one and her other artists the other 2 girls said that she often struggle with her own demons How did she die on her way driving in her vehicle in a in a in a place where they were going to have a concert that evening they're suggesting that there was some kind of demonic alter cation in her vehicle because she lost control of it and died in the car accident Lisa Left Eye Lopez once again notice how they're accentuating VI and this is not an intentional you've got to be real intentional to go like this do you do that normally Hi How are you. Really we got to be intentional you're all way around some serious stretching then here we have Lady Gaga very cordial name what's your friend's name. These pictures are intentional those in the industry understand it's communiqué then you have other artists you have ice cube a hip hop rapper then you have Mike George Michael's once again do they take these pictures coincidentally No they're communicating but they are part of the industry and these are mega stars at least some of them were mega stars then you have Christina Aguilera notice the title of her album on the right lift me up. Coincidentally know young people lift them up and what you'll discover as I go later in the series there's a book called The 48 Laws of Power The 48 Laws of Power like we follow the 10 Commandments of God in this book in order to be famous and to maintain your anonymity and to keep a distance between you and your audience they simply live by the 48 Laws of Power and these 48 Laws have been compiled over the course of study that takes us back 3000 years the person Robert Green that compiled this book he's the main contributor There's also a co-author with him but the main contributor studied the Masters the art dynasties Kings people in power Hitler Mussolini Egyptian Dynasty Chinese dynasty kingdoms throughout from Babylonian Empire all the way forward they study the messages that were used by these great prominent famous men and how they gain power and they included these 48 Laws in this one book called The 48 Laws of Power Now let me tell you please don't go get it because let me tell you somethin the laws work but these are not Christian laws these are laws designed to manipulate and to perpetrate one's own will and to enforce one's own desires on someone else and people that follow it it works now I'm praying about whether or not I should show you something tomorrow maybe later on today but what many of you don't know is that's how many of our politicians rise to the point of president. They follow these laws it's among our bankers and it's among our mega mogul millionaires it's among great property owners it's among those who are in the whether in the computer industry or Facebook or whatever it's among all of those These guys live by these laws and just as God's law office us success when we live in obedience to His commandments these laws offer success and fame and fortune if they follow the principles of these laws here's another person by the name of Gabrielle. Lionel Richie coincidentally absolutely not another young lady by the name of Belinda she's now passed off the scene she's not dead but every year it seems that whenever by for example. Christina Aguilera Miley Cyrus these are young ladies that are chosen by the music industry to gain a following Miley Cyrus What was her earlier name but she had another one Hannah Montana think you she was Hannah Montana and all the little girl says I want Hannah Montana's person I want to Hannah Montana's pocketbook I want Hannah Montana's favorite color she was Hannah Montana and the young girls went crazy over Hannah Montana but when Hannah Montana hit 18 her father Billy Ray Silas had an article in Rolling Stone magazine that said she almost destroyed their family because when she crossed over when she hit 18 she went from being Hannah Montana to a demonic and you see today Lord have mercy So what happened is the young girls that idolized her when she was Hannah Montana crossed over with her crossed over the abyss with Miley Cyrus. The same thing with Taylor Swift and I says she's such a clean artist she looks so wholesome She's the all-American girl. Listen to her music now it's getting darker and darker and darker because they are disciples they lead you they lead you gradually it's a seduction look at some of the other artists here so Lena Gomez is still all accentuating either the right or the left side is another artist's Evanescence they're looking through what is perpetrated as the songs that were on Christ's head and they are accentuating the left side she here and by the way no artist is exempt some of you are going to take a gasp when I get some of your favorite artists but that's all right there's Miley Cyrus after she was no longer Hannah Montana accentuating the right eye covering accentuating the left covering the right then Katy Perry she want to make it very very clear so she had a big old gigantic Egypt ssion I to make it obvious here's a character that we are not shocked by Marilyn Manson the High Priest of The Church of Satan and on his cap he has a cross as if he's a Christian but they were that cross because they take pride in the crucifixion of Christ also you have Chris Brown which was an artist a rapper that was always in trouble fighting in jail always in court and there is accentuating the left eye then you have Justin Timberlake still famous to this very day but notice his album cover title magic why because magic is a part of terminology used in the occult world not the side of Han but the manipulation of the mind he's not only access to accentuating the left eye but also he's using the symbol indicating 666 and I'll talk about that in just a moment 6. 663 tails one circle 666 that's how they communicate it and the young people when they go around they say it was. I you know and they have no idea what they're communicating they think it's a cool symbol but that's not what it is Rianna Taylor Swift I think by now you get the cadence Taylor Swift does not look like you all American girl by any chance that's who has that's who she has become OK time for the guests here you have a Dell and Celine Dion That's right ask yourself the question how does anyone sell out every night 3 years in a row in Las Vegas the city of sin if they haven't made a contract with the devil so you might say Celine Dion is an arche was a musical you know some beautiful songs but her fame is directly related not to coincidence or just artist capacity but you don't get into the city of sin and sell out for 3 years in a row unless you made a contract with the devil listen to the testimony of Adele She's an English artist listen to what she says and this was on Facebook somebody told me about and I said nah that cannot possibly be and I went and found myself in this is what she says she's hugging by the way she's hugging embracing a picture of Bianchi and listen to what she says she says I'm not late on this I've just been speechless beyond say is the most inspiring person I've ever had the pleasure of worshipping. Thank god small geology for beyond say X. then I think in God above the thinking there God and lot of these artists come out of absolutely nowhere because I remember here I'm living here in America obviously but when I heard the name Adela thought Who's that had never heard her before and all of a sudden she was winning every music award every Grammy Award by the way the song of the year Adele the album of the year Adele the tune of the year Adele the top one to Adele something who's had ever heard of before but let me tell you something this whole quest for fame and fortune is the very seduction that keeps our young people clamoring to touch these individuals but one of the laws in the 48 Laws of Power is create an environment where your fans will desire to touch you but never let them touch you so their quest is this never ending desire to touch and embrace the person that famous but they say never let them touch you and then the other reason one of the reasons why we see them often looking so different while they're always changing their hear style one day they're bald headed next they have blue here and if they have green here kind of sounds like my sister. My sister's in New York she works for the fire department and police department and I can never tell what her next here color is going to be what they she went to the to the motor vehicle to get her driver's license picture taken her here was 9 colors that day and they said What color should we pick to put on your driver's license she said the guy pick a color it changes sometimes red or blue or goal or R.N.G. or bright green now she's not in that world she just doesn't know what her color she live. But in their world they're continually changing their for Sun a one day they'll look very weird with a horn coming out of their head or their cap or like Michael Jackson with a glove or Prince with a symbol that's that's the that's their way of identifying themselves with what they call this and unlimited they don't know what it means but it's so intriguing people and find out what's behind that so they become a young man murdered by these artists who present this this godlike prisoner and that's one of the 40 laws never let them predict how you're going to look so when you see them they always changing and what do we do all of us out of fashion conscious or conscious about external looks this is well whether we can be wearing tonight so when the Grammys come on of the or the Oscars come on what do they focus on what they're wearing how they look that's why when they find out in just a matter of time people want to buy that outfit what they don't understand is these individuals are establishing the very kind of worship that the Apostle Paul speaks against notice what he says in Romans one verse $25.00 who exchange the truth of God for what for the lie and worship and serve the creature rather than a creator who is blessed for ever amen Now let's talk about the rise of J.K. Rowling Harry Potter joy unrolling is her real name her rags to riches story was told just recently as a matter of fact let me open my bag I think I have it IN HERE HERE IT IS JUST GOT IT Collector's Edition 20 years of magic all about Harry Potter the rise of J.K. Rowling every detail you want to think of they've done some extensive research on how this how this almost a woman who is living on public assistance in England is now richer than the Queen of England. How do you rise to that prominence and they talk about it all through here they show if they show her rise her before and after all the artists Let's listen let's find out some facts about a very quickly what you 1st wrote her 1st Harry Potter book only 500 copies of her 1st Harry Potter book was sold now you would get kind of you know if if we sold 500 books would be exiled but for that kind of book she was very discouraged before all of this carefully and you see the symbolism the 1st 12 publishers rejected her book The 13th one accepted it Harry Potter series has sold more than 500000000 books appearance talked about their children I read I read some of the stories some of the accounts were perience who couldn't even get their children to do their math were devouring these 4 and 500 page books couldn't take it from them one parent talked about their child who threatened them with violence he was only 7 years old he threatened his mother with the violence if you took his Harry Potter book what kind of spirit is in it what kind of spirit takes hold of them and what saddens me and I remember this somebody once told me that well I don't want to say this but I have to say it because this is in one of our schools the required reading was a Harry Potter book 4 for a book report and when they told one they called me said Uncle John do you realize I said Are you kidding me they said you know what I said I'm not reading it can I get an Amen I'm not reading it. Because as is the case with as is the case with Alice a Crawley's Bible the Book of the law liberal villages when you open and you read this kind of thing Hogwarts and demons and wizards and all these spirits and this is was getting in the minds of the children so when you are so possessed by an evil spirit and you try to read your bible it seems like this false spirit is so in control of your heart and your mind and your life that you don't want anything that's religious later goes on to say she became so wealthy but she lost her billionaire status by giving much of her wealth to charity but her estimated worth is $789000000.00 I think that will last a lifetime what do you think we'll look at some of the significance here when J.K. Rowling wrote a review on one of the books that she was writing one of the Harry Potter series she intentionally included only 93 words in her description while the number 93 comes from one Alice to Crawley's book call the book of lies now this is amazing all the book has in it are lies and people read the book of lies to learn how to do what So in this book of lies the number 93 is emphasized over and over and over so when J.K. Rowling wrote this review of her book or this brief summary of the book Harry Potter she only use 93 words look at amazing so the occultists notice that and look at this according to C.N.N. entertainment May 29th 2008 a $93.00 word story card from rolling which referred to the book Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix sold in $2253000.00 Somebody wanted that description and they were willing to pay $53000.00 just for her $93.00 word description of her book Why because to an occultist that's a significant piece of artifacts $93.00 words now wind in the 3 let's find out. 93 is the numerical value of Salema the Greek word for the Will people who follows the limit paths based much of their information on the works of Alice to Croly Croly believed that he received a messages that he was a new messiah and was to create a new religion called Salema let's go and look at that breakdown here are the words in Greek or the letters in Greek and there is the number or the number significance the association and when you add it all up at the very bottom it comes out with the Greek word the will and the number 93 coincidental No absolutely not intentional let's look at another one on the O.T. A religious symbolism on the Zabul a 6 at the very bottom you have the number 418 and you have on the left column the word abracadabra now I'm going to take my time on this when I have 5 minutes but I make it in Greek numerology you find the word in Greek which is the Greek spelling for I was equals for 18 no coincidence the very God that communicated this demonic message to Alice to Croly when you add up the significance of his name it adds up to $418.00 and they include that on the obl isc to communicate that secret message but now let's look at something else in the mystical interpretation using the Qua ballistic numerology of Grandma Tria for 18 also equals abracadabra which also as a pen the number 13 Now let me ask you the question Have you heard have have you heard abracadabra before have you heard it how have you heard it abrogates cut down or look at this for 18 abracadabra is also referred to as the word of double power. I think was a Mary Poppins. Movie where they use the word abracadabra abracadabra and then Robson the lightning flashed and it began to pour rain the word of devil power more specifically it represents the you 19 of the microcosm and the macrocosm 2 worlds coming together represented by the pentagram and the hexagram the rose in the Cross also symbolisms in Masonry the circle in the square and the 5 in the 6 point also as also called the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of one's Holy Guardian Angel and I mention this to you before this holy guardian angel that occultists look for we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us they pray for these evil angels to guide them so let me put this together what many of you don't know and I'm going to go ahead and get the confirmation I mentioned this in my series and I got affirmation from Janet Jackson's entertainment lawyer one a D.V.D. or CD is produced I hope you don't miss this one a D.V.D. or CD is produced with that kind of music on the 13th floor at Universal is a room they call the room it's either sometimes a black door or a red door depending on which location of universal it is I mentioned that it was confirmed to me and what they do before that CD or D.V.D. is mass produced they take the master and they put it in the center of a pentagram and they invite 13 witches and warlocks to surround it and they pray get this here's their prayer wherever that CD or D.V.D. goes please send an evil spirit with it. You want to how your children become the kind of children that they are just check the library to see what they have in their Library their CD library Nowadays the devil has become more clandestine and more and more as I use the word covert or overt because they don't use C.D.'s anymore they download them on their i i i i i i dare i Pod I fall as i mean anything I will be like he's done many ways I was standing in the foyer of my church actually going for my Sabbath school I wish we had 2 hours a day but that's OK I don't have it because I had so much to share with you so come on time tomorrow I was between my Sabbath school class and going into the sanctuary when I was in California and we had a young man leaning against the wall of the church and he was kind of on like this and I thought OK great is listening to some Christian music in preparation for the church service when I walk past and it was so loud it almost blew my head off and I took his ear plugs out and said What are you listening to hear years in the church for you're listening to that kind of music and I'm in then I said to him No wonder you sleep during the sermon because your mind is so inoculated you're so drugged by the music that's pulling you away from Christ when things about Christ come to the forefront there is not a strain in your body that's even receptive to anything that's holy that's why our young people are being lulled into a spiritual stupor because of what they're listening to parents know what's on your children's i Phone Come on are saying men know what's on their i Pads know what what they're listening to and don't just check what they give you because they have ways of hiding that stuff even right in front of you. My wife and I used to do what we call unannounced checks of our nieces and nephews room were coming in way not yet given time to hide it now let me tell you something don't be your kids' friend be their parent and when you guide them in the way that they should be going God will bless you for preparing their minds not only for service down here but for being representatives of God in His eternal Kingdom Well the sad reality is my time has come and gone but tomorrow we have tomorrow and Friday and I'm trying my best to cover as much as I can and being in great detail I'm just tipping the iceberg 30 there is in Friday was today today is Wednesday sweeter my wife is on my wife is still living in Tuesday but as long as she's with me I don't hear so let's pray let's pray loving Father in heaven I know a lot I'm presenting a lot of information that for many they're hearing it for the 1st time but I know it's going to be on D.V.D. We have the materials I know that many people desire to have a stronger spiritual life for their children for their churches for their youth groups for our schools for our colleges we're in a war lord and we pray that we can put on the whole armor of God We are not wrestling against forces that we can see easily but Satan has come down having great rare because he knows he has a short time help us to be wise help us to be. Deeply concerned about the welfare of our families help us to be selective in our entertainment in our music and what we allow our children to watch for really only when the final tally is taken will be seen whether or not we have guided our family in the way that you'll have us to go and follow where we have fallen short forgive us but help us now to take measures that will strengthen enlighten and prepare us in mind and body and entertainment for eternity I pray this in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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