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How Negative Thought Patterns Create Disease

Mark Sandoval


This presentation explores a broader and more specific foundation for the cause of disease and provides initial insights into its cure.


Mark Sandoval

President and Medical Director of Uchee Pines Institute



  • June 24, 2019
    9:15 AM
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Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for your abundant blessings and we are grateful for the opportunity of being together and to learn and Lord as we do so we asked for you to be our teacher we are insufficient our vision is so limited and Lord we need you and we need your eyesight and so now I ask for your presence to be with us your Holy Spirit to be here and to speak and for you to be again our teacher today and may we be good pupils we pray in Jesus' name amen I don't know about you. I began my career in learning how to and dealing with symptoms. We were we were learning a lot about symptom care. And how to deal with that and you know trying to figure out how to help individuals and fix them. But it was later on in my career that I began to. Question. Really the basis of health and healing and to really start asking the questions of what might be the cause because really we want to treat the cause and not just the symptoms now symptom kicker is good if I have pain thank you very much help me with the pain and if I have it seen and so on and then you very much and help me with the itching but we really want to get down to the the core of it we want to get to the cause and if you're going to treat the cause then we have to at least have an idea of what the cause is right so do you know what the cause of disease is. OK. All right so we've got a few IDEA what about the cause of cancer the cause of diabetes or the cause of coronary artery disease some of the major conditions that our world is struggling with at this time. And Kamins misuse of the body all right hereditary issues All right. Disobedient it's all right so all of these are various different things and I don't disagree with your answers. My question is can you successfully treat and remove the cause if you don't know what it is. By accident perhaps. You can stumble across it and and protect perhaps fix it but if you don't know what you're aiming for then likely you're not going to hit it except by chance and we want to be a little bit better than chance when it comes to that and so I want to run into an analogy that can help us to start understanding causes and it's an analogy of a treat God Jesus loved using analogies and using stories and so on and I think Matthew he was one that particularly enjoyed I think plants because a lot of Jesus' plants last tree analogies are mentioned to us in Matthew and we can understand ourselves and how we function by understanding other parts of God's creation and how it functions and so when you have a tree let's say that it's around this season and it's time for fruit bearing and you have a tree that you walk up to what are the 1st things that you notice about the tree. OK so you're going to pay attention to the leaves are they needles are they kind of SPEND A Why do they have different patterns to them it gives you an idea of what the tree is what else are you going to notice all right so if it's got fruit on it you're going to pay attention to the fruit because you might guess what the saying it but you might be wrong based upon the leaves or the shape of the tree but once you look at the fruit you usually have an idea of what the thing is. And then of course the general shape of the tree so on that there are things that we pay attention to and so the very obvious things when it comes to health the obvious things for us are the symptoms it's obvious when we have pain it's obvious when we have coffee and it's obvious when are itching It's obvious when we have these various different symptoms and and those fruit in those leaves that are the obvious things we see when we walk up to a tree are the obvious things that that represent then now the symptoms of the individual Now let's say that you go to your you have pain let's say and you go to the physician and knew you tell the physician that you have Pena pain in your back up here and it's just not going away and it's been there for you know a day or 2 and so the physician only has 8 to 10 minutes typically And so they ask you a few questions about the situation and what's left is a perception and so you end up getting a prescription you go home you fill that and you start taking it your pains better but it's really not gone away and so the next day you end up going to the next physician and the same story again and the 3rd day by the time you've got 3 medications your pains pretty much taken care of life is good. Did you fix the coughs No you didn't fix the cause because you go to the 4th physician on the 4th physician decides to actually do an exam. And finds out that well the cause of your back pain is because you have a knife in your back. And so. It would be helpful to understand what the cause is because if you understand the cause then you can treat the cause if you don't see on or understand what the cause is well you can deal with symptoms but you don't necessarily take away the problem that's there and so we need to understand that and we need to go there now am I saying that it's bad to have pain medication no thank you very much if I broke my arm or I got in a car accident or other things like that thank you very much help me out right but it's not for us to necessarily stay on for long term studies show that that doesn't actually help in the long run but the fruit in the leaves do they support themselves know what are the fruit leaves grow on now they don't grow on the roots I've never seen a tree they had fruit leaves on the roots. They grow on the branches that's right they grow on the branches and so the symptoms don't just produce themselves the symptoms are there because of the branches in the branches represent our behaviors right our actions the things that we do and those actions can be actually quite more simple than we usually think of their actions of eating and drinking and breathing and so on and so forth various different things that we participate in an order to then help with the fruit in the leaves Now if you have good behaviors or good actions is that going to support good fruit Yes and if the behaviors of the actions are not good then is it going to support groups. No right it's not and so the behaviors need to be well so that the symptoms can be well now if you have a tree that has diseased leaves and diseased fruit not all the leaves maybe it's a patch of it and you have that problem there doesn't fix the problem to just pluck off the fruit in the leaves now because the problem is deeper than that does it fix the problem to prune the branches. Doesn't fix it either now it helps right it helps to prune because a decreases the disease burden but it doesn't actually fix the problem because the problem itself is not in the branches yet the branches are attached to what the truck in the trunk represents our needs you need what you need because you are what you are right we need oxygen we need water we need food These are various different things that we need and can you change what you need know can you all of a sudden one day say well you know I don't need oxygen anymore. You can say it but can you take away the need no you can't change what you need because its intrinsic in what you are so what you are determines what you need and and we need oxygen because we are an animal but the plants need carbon dioxide because they're plants just like we need oxygen but it's a different need because it is a different thing and so based upon what we are our needs are there but why do we have the actions or the behaviors we have the actions or the behaviors to supply the need right we have the actions of the behaviors to supply the need why do we have eating because we need food why do we have drinking because we need water why do we have breathing because we need oxygen right all of the behaviors are there to support the need. You can't change what you need but you can change how you behave. And if your behavior matches with what you need will that support good fruit and good leaves Yeah but if your behavior or your actions don't match with what you need is that going to support good fruit and good lives now so the behaviors or the actions need to be matched up with what the what the needs are so that we can then properly have good fruit good leaves good symptoms and you can change what you need but you can change how you behave does the trunk support itself. Know what supports the trunk the roots right now are getting below the ground this is all obvious stuff these are things that you can observe very well but now when we get down below the ground you've got to dig a little bit to figure out what's going on. And the roots represent our beliefs. You do what you do because you believe what you believe now looking at an individual you don't necessarily know what they believe but you can see what they do right and we don't necessarily understand ourselves what we believe but we can see ourselves what we do. Right. Anybody here has ever done something you knew you shouldn't. Yeah yeah my hands up OK. Anybody here ever didn't do it you know you should have. Yeah me too when it comes to health let me ask you this in your own personal health habits do you is there anybody here that knows how to do better than what you actually do. Yeah so there's a gap between what we know and what we do right there's a gap between knowledge and actually accomplishing the thing. Where does that gap come from. And how do we close the gap because it's vitally important for us to close the gap there's a quote that we have been given and it says that if everyone if we just did what we knew to do from a health standpoint if we just did what we knew to do 9 tenths of diseases would go away that's incredible right. So what we believe is really important but sometimes we don't understand what we believe because our belief does not translate into behavior or what we think we believe doesn't translate into behavior but you know what belief always translates into behavior right belief always translates into behavior and so when week when we analyze the behavior we can then begin to understand what the belief is even though we think we believe something else right. So do they believe do the roots support themselves. You know what supports the roots. That's the soil that's right when a tree or a plant has a problem is the problem necessarily in the plant. Well from a plant standpoint most of the time the problems in the soil it's in the sources that the plant is taking from because the source is deficient in what the plant needs now a plant is an immobile. Entity and so it can go looking for as other sources and so on but you and I are humans we are mobile we can and we can go plant our little roots in this soil and then that's not working so well we can go plant our little roots in that soil and that's not working so well we can go try this and so on and so forth and we can sample different different soils now our source is important sure sources are important let's say for instance you have the flint syndrome. Flint Michigan Well a number of years ago an astute pediatrician in Flint Michigan noticed that many of her patients and her patients parents were getting sick and it all started around a certain time and she was trying to figure out what was going on well she continued investigating and finally found out that Flint Michigan changed the water source and they started taking water out of the Flint River. Well back in the day the Flint River used to glow green at night. Because of all of the pollution and everything that was dumped in there with with Ford in and all the other manufacturing that was going on around there and so it wasn't a very good source and so people were were drinking they had the behavior they were drinking water they believe that they needed water. But it was bad water it was polluted water and because it was a bad source then they had bad fruit badly if they had bad symptoms and and so on that was happening with that so in order for you to really have health to have those good symptoms you have to have a good source. You have to believe relative to your needs so that you behave according to your needs so that you can supply what you need and as you do so that will support healthy fruit and healthy leaves so you see you've got to have all of these different aspects together. Well. Do we just need oxygen water and food. Is there anybody here that needs love. OK so so love is a need as well. Let's just take a minute to consider need so you need something because of what you are right what you need is determined based upon what you are but where do you find this thing you need inside or outside. Outside that you always find what you need outside because it must be brought in right it must be brought in so you need food where you're going to find the food. Outside of yourself and there must be an individual action or behavior that brings in what you need right. So you need to eat in order to bring it in you need oxygen the oxygen that you need resides where outside or inside or outside and so you have to have an individual action to bring in what you need and so you must breed in order to bring in that oxygen that you need all right now how many here do not need love. All right good we're still 100 percent right after thousands of people that I've talked to and we're still 100 percent So everybody needs love. If you need love you need love because of what you are right can you change that need no you can't change that need just like you can change the need for oxygen you can think that you change the need you could think that you don't need oxygen anymore you're going to find out really quickly it gets really uncomfortable you could think that you don't need love well try it out see how well it goes for you it won't go very well but love is a need and if we just like oxygen water and food where are you going to find the thing you need inside or outside. Outside right so it has to be outside and there has to be an action to bring it in it has to be an action or behavior to bring it in what is the action or the behavior that brings in love. It's actually much more simple we don't think of it so often but it's thinking. Right it's saw it's that brings in the Love Love is love is a spiritual information and it's through thought it's through thinking that it's brought in right where belief is a part of thought or thinking right and we're going to talk more specifically in as we go on about how one brings that in writing about how one. Acquires that love from outside of oneself and brings it in. How long would you live without eating. Then you know I mean Jesus went 40 days and Moses went 40 days twice course he was. You know miraculously sustained in that situation I've heard of individuals that made it you know 70 some days or so before they passed away from from going on a hunger strike and not eating so we you know you can last. Yeah you know over 40 days or so how long can you go without water. All right so most people are not going to do very well after 3 days my grandmother in the last of of the last days of her life she got to the point where she wasn't drinking anymore and I think it was about a week here and a week to 8 days or so where she finally passed away after the last sip that she had. But that's very low activity and you know and so on and so forth what about oxygen how long are you going to last without oxygen. Yeah about 4 minutes before the the neurons began to die right now you're not every cell in the body is going to die at the same rate long after your brain is dead your toes are still alive. Hours later right eventually all the cells are going to die based upon how quickly they're using up that resource in the resource is gone and they can no longer continue their function how long can you live without thinking. Turn off electrical activity in the brain. Right if you get a switch and you just turn off the electrical activity in the brain you turn off thinking. How long will you be alive Well that's the definition of death it's brain death it's no more thinking right now somebody might say well you know and surgery somebody is not thinking and so on no it's not true you're just not aware of what's going on but there's thinking that's going on you do in E.G. And you can see all the electrical activity that's going on in the in the brain while somebody is under surgery they're just not consciously aware of that but it's still thinking. So what's the greater need oxygen or love. Love. Love the greater need right and if there is a need for love then there means that there has to be a source for love and we could go to bad sources or we could go to good sources and depending on the source that we plant our little roots in will depend upon the outcomes that we have because of that. So everything that functions functions by law there are laws that govern average thing that functions again we have you know laws like gravity and I can jump over here and it's going to work on this side and if I run over here then it's going to work on this side too. Not yet have I jumped in and fallen up. Right I've always jumped and fallen down because the law of gravity is always functional it's always doing its job and even if I was on the moon the laws of gravity would still be functioning and I would just be one 6th the weight that I am now and want to jump they would land a little bit softer but the laws still working we have laws that govern the function of our bodies to like the law of blood sodium level you're SOL levels in your blood should be honored 35145 mil equivalence predestine leader and the law is what the law is it doesn't matter how tall you are how short you are how wide you are house narrow you are it doesn't matter the color of your skin if you are a human being a homosapien then your blood levels of sodium should be between these levels and you ought in you you function maximally in this level but as you your sodium levels start dropping or they start going up you start having progressive dysfunction because you get outside of the the law right and you have blood ph around 7.35 to 7.45 Now what if you have this idea this thought that. It's good to be alkaline so you get into an alkaline diet and you drink outline water and you take sodium bicarbonate so that it can alkaline ions you even more and you just alkaline I use alkaline eyes out on eyes and you actually succeeded increase in your blood ph and it goes from 7.45 to 7.5 to 7.55 a 7.6 are you going to be healthier. No absolutely not because now you are going outside of the law that governs your blood ph and as you do so you will have progressive dysfunction even though you think that you'll be getting greater health by doing so. Because the law doesn't care what you think the law is what the law is and so it behooves us to understand what the laws are that govern the function of our being so that we can intelligently cooperate with them because if we're ignorant we're likely to go somewhere else and unknowingly run into issues with that blood body temperature as well 98.6 or 37 degrees Celsius. Let's say that one of the children had been watching you know a movie and they it's a movie about a frozen individual and and then they get this idea that they have to be really cool to to live like that and so they try to get a body temperature of negative 30 degrees. Well they can try and if they succeed they die in the process why because they violate the law even though they don't know that there's a law that there that's there that they're violating So let's let's go driving we're going to go driving down the road and this is the roadway of health and as with every proverbial road there's a ditch on one side and there's a ditch on the other right and then we can run into problems on this roadway we have things that we need we need oxygen we need water we need food we need warmth you need a certain body temperature in order for you to function cells do not function out of well out of that body temperature and let's say that there is a deviation one day your temperature goes up. Right and it goes up outside of the confines of that law that governs the function of your body temperature and it does so how do you feel. All right so you feel bad it's not a good feeling it's a not good feeling and you have symptoms you have bad symptoms why are the symptoms there. Oh adds to let you know that you're not on the road anymore right it's like the rumble strips on the side of the road that wake you up when you fall asleep. Yeah I remember waking up on the rebels trips right praise the Lord I don't wake up in the you know when I remember waking up on the rumble strips after being on my trauma surgery rotation and being up for 36 plus hours and then whatever and. You know it was yeah and it was only a 15 minute drive down the highway to get get back home and and it was probably 2 minutes on the highway and I fell asleep. And woke up on the rumble strips praise God for Robles trips right. I thank him for that right so yeah this symptoms are like the rumble strips to let you know something's going wrong so that you can do something about it right you start feeling feverish you feel hot so maybe you drink water maybe you turn on the air conditioning you get out of the sun you do something so that you can cool down and get back in the confines of the law that governs the function or you being in when you do so it's comfortable right it finally feels good again and things function well so on the road it's usually comfortable things function well and that's where you have health and as you deviate well things go wrong it can deviate in the opposite direction to your temperature can go down and you can have symptoms as well and are they the same symptoms. No they are to different right when you deviate from the law one way it feels different than when you deviate from the law the other way what would happen if when your temperature went up you felt hot and when your temperature went down you felt hot. You know that would not be good because you go up an up or you know the Upper Peninsula of Michigan during the winter time and it's you know like negative 5 or negative 10 degrees or something like that and you start feeling hot. Oh and you feel hot and you start sweating you can you can you can lose more more heat through that perspiration you start removing layering of clothes and all of that kind of stuff because you're feeling hot and whatever. Well you die right away. By God's grace it hurts differently when you deviate from the law one way is when you deviate from the law the other way why it's by design because in so doing you know which way to go to get back right you know which way to go to get back you know when you get cold you got to put on more layering of clothing and that kind of stuff you have to warm up a shiver you do other things like that in order to get your body temperature back up so that you're now within the confines of the law that governs the function of your body temperature Now what if you don't stop it sometimes what if you keep going but if you don't just stop at feeling hot. Well you eventually get to disease then a you get to real dysfunction maybe it's heat exhaustion maybe it's heat stroke you get to a point where you're just feeling absolutely noxious and and your head's just Burstein and it's pounding in and you're just you're your mind is is foggy and and you can't think straight and maybe you're vomiting and so on with it it's just miserable it's really bad. Right the farther you go the worse it gets because no it's really imperative that you do something about it. What do you have to do many times you have to ask for help when you have to ask for or accept help. Right around here we have the military base and in the south when the humidity is high and the recruits are out and they're doing their their drills and everything with all their fatigues and their packs and everything like that and they're there marching for 1015 miles or something like that sometimes. That soldier was not drinking water like he was supposed to be and you see him drop out. And then the. The medics come along and they check him out really quickly find out his temperatures 110. Yeah and I had a colleague that back that's what he took care of and and they had a treatment protocol they they rushed him right into the center they throw him in well they do they put in a rectal thermometer so that they can measure their core temperature and strip them down and put them in an ice tub and run to I.V.'s with ice salient in them and get that temperature down as quickly as they can and once they get to a certain level of poll the I.V. zone pull him out of the ice and so on and so forth. You got to get help. Now there's this there's this line in there. Called the pride line. And it's the pride line vengefully the symptoms get to a point where you get past your pride and you're willing to accept some help now I'll tell you by personal experience the pride line for women is closer to the road and the pride line for one man is. Yeah it's way off their right and sometimes the pride line for men is past the point of death. They will not go to the doctor for the life of them right because they're nowhere they're going to submit themselves to that unjust treatment of prostate exams and other things like that. And you know things that men fear. So there's this there's that line and it's on both sides too you can drop down below symptoms with your temperature going low and you can have chilblains or frostbite or other things like that it's very painful very uncomfortable very dangerous and you've got to do something right now to get back into the confines of the law that governs the function of your being now I just want to touch on this this issue of symptom care and the context of the roadway because it helps us to understand a few things again let's go back to that symptom of pain let's say that you go off of the you veer off of the pathway either to the right or to the left and you have more and more pain when you get away from the road that's by design so that we have more and more motivation to get back but then you go to your physician or your nurse practitioner or so on and they prescribe for you pain medication and so you take the pain medication and well it doesn't hurt so much. What just now happens to your motivation to find the cause or to get back into. The confines of the law that governs that function of your being while depending on the strength of the medication will depend on the the the motivation that it removes. The motivation that it removes Now again I am not saying that pain medication is bad and that one should not take it but when one does so in a chronic nature right over over a prolonged period of time then it takes away some of that motivation to actually look for the cause and actually fix it and then when you go for more and for more and for more well it seems to us it's not real but it seems to us that the edge of the rude widens right because it can still feel comfortable in this area because the pain medication as is is keeping you from feeling it right and so you can be outside the confines of the law but thinking that you're inside of the confines. Because we're just doing symptom care right there's some dangers there I again I'm not saying that it's it it's wrong in all situations and you know. I've got surgery give me medication wake up from the surgery I'll be happy for some to write and so on get in a car accident don't take me to. Take me to hospital and so on but it needs to be within the proper context and for many individuals around this world it's outside of its proper context and I has problems with it now if we don't stop it disease and just symptoms where begin and end up yeah we're going to end up with deaths on either side right we have venture Lee and summer out here between disease and death there's this line and it's called The Point Of No Return. From a physical standpoint you're still alive but you're not getting back now for God there's no point of no return right obviously Lazarus was already passed over the last line over there for a few days and and Jesus was able to bring him back so from God's standpoint there is no such thing as a point of no return but from a a a physical progression of cause and effect and so on there is. And it's somewhere out there and I don't know where it is an individual's Now if your oxygen your water and your food is well taken care of and all that's going on is your body temperature is getting messed up are you going to be able to go farther without going to get without dying yeah you're going to be able to tolerate that deviation much better if the other things that you need are taken care of but if you're dehydrated you're poorly oxygenated you're malnourished and your temperature deviates then that line to death gets closer and closer to the roadway as you have multiple things that are not working right so so they they work together right and we're just picking on one to show the example of the whole deviations Now we already mentioned that there's something else that we need what do we need love that's right we need love is it possible that love functions like oxygen and water and food and temperature and so on and so forth that there's a law that governs the function of love and as we deviate from that law there can be symptoms disease and deaths associated with it but as we remain within the confines of that law there's proper function it's comfortable things work well and we can have health maybe. Yeah maybe so. So I would propose to you that health is proper function because the law is followed and disease is dysfunction because the law is broken whether one knows the law or not if it's followed there are positive consequences to it and if it's broken there are negative consequences associated with it right it's not being the list tickets just saying how things are right. But when we think of this thing about violating the law what word comes to mind. Ah there you go sin we are told that sin is breaking the law and John tells us that in 1st John 3 in verse 4 he says 1st sin is the transgression of the law and John was talking about what law in particular you know the Moral Law the 10 Commandments and and so that was God's law and what's the foundation of God's law. That's his character and his Can he says and we're told that God is love that's right so the foundation of God's law is love Jesus put it this way Matthew 223-7340 says You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind this is the 1st and great commandment and the 2nd is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself on these 2 commandments hang all the law in the province so there is a law that governs the function of love. And it's God's law it's God's moral law and so disease in many cases is the result of a love problem. And I propose that to you that disease in many cases is the result of a love problem now when we consider this and we consider the roadway we need to consider another law and that is a foundational one called the Law of Cause and effect. And we understand this we've all been there we know a cause and effect is which comes 1st the cause or the effect. For the cause always comes 1st right and what follows after effects so if there's enough fact then what has to be there by definition because right so if you have an effect whatever it be whatever it is there has to be a cause right and a cause if it's present then what is it going to produce an effect so if you have a cause that's there it will produce an effect and if you have an effect there is a cause that's there and the cause always it's a temporal association the cause comes 1st and the effect follows afterwards and if the fact is present then we know that its cause or the secondary causes are still present well what do I mean by secondary cause it's well let's say you were playing around with your gun one day like one gentleman that I took care of and you and accidently pulled the trigger. Well cause. Right. Some muscular action caused by a thought right lead to Poland of a trigger triggered cold cause the hammer to go pull my hammer lead to spark spark lead to the igniting of some gunpowder and sitting behind a bullet bullet was there in the gun bullet comes out at high speed and goes right through his leg. And unfortunately right through a nerve that supplies his ability to raise his foot. And so that nerve now is transected by a fast speeding bullet. And he's no longer he's not able to raise his foot Now if there was the proper healing process in place after the trauma he could potentially get that function back as the neuron grows the axons. You know are able to get in a proper context are able to then reestablish connection down with the foot and a little bit of learning process along with that but if the healing process goes poorly and instead of a track that is made to for those axons to grow down it's replaced by scar tissue guess what it's not going to happen it's not going to happen and he will permanently have a loss of that function of the foot now the bullet which was the cause initially is not there but the scar tissue in the poor healing and so on is now the secondary cause that's in place and as long as that's there he's still not going to have that function if you could go in and remove the scar tissue and and initiate now a new growth of the neuron you could potentially get that function back we don't have that technology yet that I'm aware of but again just highlighting cause and effect and if the cause is removed. Then the fact begins to go away now the cause doesn't always there sorry I should say the effect doesn't always manifest itself right away it may take time and talk about that in a 2nd make take time for it to manifest and so if the cause is removed it may take time for the effect to go away but it will and that's why I am interested in causes because if we can identify and remove the cause. Then we know that whatever the cause is producing the effects must go away must go away. Why is cause and effect the way that it is well another way that we can understand it is simply by understanding the laws of thermodynamics were told that all energy necessary for a system to function must come from outside that system just like everything you need must come from outside right so the energy to for it to function must come from outside and because that's the case the system itself cannot produce the effect that power necessary had to come from outside of that and you can't create a perpetual motion machine because in order for it to continue its function it must get power from somewhere else now you might google it and say well there's thousands of professional motion machines all well they're dependent upon sunlight or they depended on earth's gravitational force or other things like that that they function by there are no true perpetual motion machines because every system must get its energy from where outside right it can't produce its own energy so the effect cannot create itself the cause must be sought for where inside or outside. Outside the cause can never be found inside because the power necessary had to come from outside so if you have let's say for instance you have somebody that has cancer let's say it's a breast cancer very common. And you want to understand why you have the breast cancer where can you look and guarantee you can never answer that question inside the tumor itself because the tumor cells can never tell you why. Because the cause had to come from where outside now the tumor can tell you what So a biopsy will never tell you why you have the cancer biopsy will only tell you what you have. You have to go looking somewhere else if you want to know the why right now let's look at the cells were down to our last 15 minutes so let's run through the cells you and I we've got. 50 to 100 trillion cells in our body over 250 different types of cells and each different type of cell has its own function and the cells are kind of like little factories and of course factories produce a product and and the cells if they're going to be a factory producing a product is a must have then a few things they need raw materials you've got to have raw materials to work with because a factory never creates anything. It only rearrangements right it must have material that it works with in order to then rearrange it into a material of a different arrangement and we call it creation but it's actually just a transformation of what's already there and the raw materials that the cells need are things like oxygen and water and food it's the chemicals right the chemicals are the the raw materials that the cells need and if they take in chemicals then what are they going to put out chemicals as well so they have hormones in our crowns and para crowns and so signaling molecules and they've got energy Lukens and and to run across this factor Alpha and all these different things that they produce but those are all chemicals because they're chemical factories the cells are but how many cells of your body need oxygen. All of them do it even your toes but where does the oxygen come in through. Through your nose in your mouth so how are you going to get it to your toes. All right so you have to have a transport mechanism in order to get it there and the transport medium is the blood and the mechanism is a cardiovascular system in the pumping of the heart and so on so that you can get it down to every part of the body so that the body can function the way that it needs to function so the cells can stay alive every cell needs oxygen every cell means water every cell needs food you've got to be able to get the stuff to every cell so circulation is vitally important when it comes to health because if you block the circulation to an area guess what it dives because it must have the raw materials that it needs in order to survive. If the circulation is not blocked completely but partially Well you're going to have a partial dysfunction of those cells in the area and many things that we don't attribute to circulation are actually a are attributed to circulation actually or caused by poor circulation for example people don't usually sink that their back problem in their science is related to circulation at all because it was when I bent over and lifted that heavy 50 pound bucket that my back. And oh now you've got all that pain and everything but what we know from the research is that we can see what was happening with the disc long before it ever went. And what was happening long before it ever went but well you if you do M.R.I. they tell you that the disk was desiccated what is desiccated mean. It's dehydrated the tires going flat the tire is going flat long before it ever popped. Why was it going flat Well you have small little arteries that come off of the aorta at every level every vertebra level you have small little arteries that come off and they supply each of the disks and the disks that are desiccated when you do a man medic resonance angiogram and you actually look at those very closely you find that they have cardiovascular disease in them their little blockages. And so for a long time you've had blockages that disc is getting desiccated the tires going flat and now when you bend over and you pick that heavy thing up and you go when you put extra stress on the tire it goes. And you thought it was just the stress but no it's related to circulation right so circulation is vitally important when it comes to health but if you have the raw materials of cells still can't do anything yet because they're missing something violent important. They must have energy must have that power and the cells function basically is a little electrical units it's quite interesting you know you get a volt meter and you can put a little one on the inside of the cell one on the outside of the cell and the end side is about negative 7090000000 volts compared to the outside you have all of the structure that's in place in order to keep that voltage difference and and if you have movement of those charged particles inside now outside of the cell it's called current and the membrane provides resistance against that this is all electrical language that cells are like little batteries and their function is really pretty dominantly in electrical function now chemistry is involved in it as well but but but they how many cells do you need coordinated. All of them right you need to coordinate all the cells what if your what if your liver had the capacity to decide just to go full bore like maximum capacity every cell of the of the liver go maximum capacity for the next hour what would happen you die you've actually done because the metabolic activity of that cellular function would be so high the temperature in the liver would go up so high your proteins would begin to Dean nature. And the oxygen demand would be greater than what you could supply to the liver and the nutrient demand would be so much greater You would cause an across in the cells and so on you die. You can't do that all of the cells must be coordinated in their function in order for you to survive as an organism Now what is in is in control of the function of the cells. What's the controller mechanism. It's the nervous system. The nervous system the nervous system is what controls the function of all the different cells of the body and how they function every regulatory mechanism that provides homeostasis or normal balanced function of the different organs and systems and blood pressure and heart rate and and breathing and all that kind of stuff it's all regulated through the central nervous system all of it. We were told that the influence of the mind on the body as well as the body on the mind should be emphasized the electric power of the brain promoted by mental activity vitalize is the whole system and is thus an invaluable aid in resisting disease the electrical activity of the brain has to some degree and power meant factor to the cells of powering them in their function but also controlling their function as well now how is the brain going to control the function of the cells you have to have a pathway What's the pathway that's the nerves that's right as your peripheral nervous system it's the nerves that are carrying it to how many cells of the body all of them as close as they can get right and so in and now to me we have this thing called neuro vascular bundles where the nerve where the where the blood vessels go the nerves go to because every cell needs the pipes to carry the raw materials and every cell needs the power and the control for their function so they all run together. We're told also the mind controls the whole man yet many spend all their lives without becoming intelligent in regard to the casket or the body that contains this treasure all the physical organs are the servants of the mind and the nerves are the messengers that transmit its orders to every part of the body guy and in the motions of the living machinery. Amazing physiology that we were given. Well over 100 years ago when it was 897 so. Where does the energy come from that the nervous system gets in order to then control and power the other cells right because all the energy necessary for a system to function must come from where outside of that system so where does the nervous system get the power from that it gives to the rest of the cells. That's the chemistry. It's the thoughts it's the thoughts you see neuroscience. They've drawn some conclusions based upon some false premises one of the false premises is that the physical creates the spiritual Right that's a that's a false premise in science today that the physical creates the spiritual and so this physical brain with the physical electrical activity creates this spiritual thing called thought. Right and everything that is spiritual about an individual can be explained by that which is sisal that's what science will tell us. But let me ask you we have we have a divine text book right it's called the Bible and the Bible tells us that what came 1st the spiritual the physical. The spiritual because in the beginning was God right in the beginning was gone and he spoke and the physical came to to be into existence and we were created in the image of God in the image of him of him he created them male and female he created them and so we need to function like that as well it is not the electrical activity in the structure of the brain that generates thought it is thought when it strikes the physical structure of the brain that generates the electrical activity that we can now measure and we can interact with and so on and so forth we just don't have scientific equipment that can measure thought we can just measure the electricity the physical effect of thought. Now if thought is going to be brought in just like oxygen you must have an organ or an organ system to bring it in so we have a respiratory system just like water and food you must have an organ organ system to bring it in and so we have the digestive system what is the organ or the organ system that brings in thought. Is thought physical or is it not physical it's spiritual right it has physical effects and if it did not have the physical structure of the brain it wouldn't do any good. But it's spiritual. And so in order to have an organ or an organ system that can bring something that is not physical but is spiritual in then you must have an organ or an organ system that itself is not physical but is spiritual so it's the spirit. That's the spirit of man through which thought is brought into the physical structure of the brain that produces the electrical activity that is then transmitted down the nerves to the all the cells of the body and order to empower and to control their function right. Now we are created in the image of God and we were created to think like God things and if we think like God thinks do you think that whole process will end up with good control and good power and good function Yeah but if our thinking deviates from God's thinking what do you think will happen in the and the cascade of events here oh you might actually end up with physical dysfunction because the origin is bad right now we're told that the brain nerves that connect with the whole system are the medium through which heaven communicates with man and affects the inmost life so so there's this communion this is this this communication pathway that's there and we were created with a need for love. We are created in the Amaj of a God of love and when the basis of the thinking is love. Then that coming through the Spirit via the thoughts to the nervous system will produce the correct energy the correct control through the central nervous system of all of the functions of the body an order for it to function appropriately Now that doesn't mean that you can having good thoughts prevent dysfunction from a bullet running through your heart right there's still other factors that are here but we're just establishing this particular factor when it comes to health and so we have our body that's all the stuff that you can interact with and measure and so on you have the Spirit and then the combination of those 2 come together to form the soul and again we're told this in Genesis 2 and verse 7 and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being and so God took dust and breath and made a living being in other words he took a body and a spirit and he made his soul and a big part of that is the mind and the mind is highly important in us and so here we can see a past way by which one's thoughts based on love are not based on love can lead to dysfunction or proper function in the body because of this pathway through the nervous system and its impact upon the control of the function of the various different cells of the body I don't have time right now to tell you about the research because we need to take a break. But I'll just say this briefly the current research shows us that when it comes to cancer every step wait step in the cancer process all the way from its initiation all the way to metastasis and and growth and other tissue locations every step it has been shown in the research has has impact by the nervous system in the nervous system can help control the different steps and can either speed up or slow down the process of that cancer growth and its development and so on and it's not just cancer that's just where a lot of the research is at currently there are other things as well and so what one thinks has a profound impact upon one's one's body and one's function much more so than we've been aware of. Now do you have good love. Or do you have bad love. Or do you know. Because if you don't know you might think you've got the good stuff and you've got the bad stuff and in thinking that you've got the good stuff you're suffering physically because of the bad stuff but just to see thinking you've got the good stuff. So if you want to know whether you've got the good stuff or not come back tomorrow we're going to continue on and look at that more deeply Let's pray. Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for your blessings and your goodness to us thank you they've created us so logically so wonderfully amazing it's the detail is just so great that I don't know that we will ever fully wrap our minds around it but Lord we thank you for creating us in your image. And Lord as we consider our sots and their impact upon our physical health and spiritual health as well as we consider our need for love and our need for these other things in our desire for Hell some healing and happiness Lord we ask for you to be our teacher who draws close to you and to teach us a better way we pray in Jesus name and man this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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