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Toxic Masculinity and the Proverbs 31 Man

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • August 31, 2019
    3:30 PM
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Father in heaven we just thank you again for this beautiful Sabbath thank you again for blessing us with. Your grace and mercy we pray that the Holy Spirit would give us practical instruction. This is human wisdom but we pray for divine wisdom right now you know our hearts our minds our bodies how you created us as a whole beings and Jesus we asked that you would bless us to be the very best people we can be in Jesus' name amen. All right hopefully I don't fall off this thing. Yes All right think you are in Appreciate that. I'm just come down here all right much better all right very good. Stay away from there Ok gotcha. All right now I know what my dog hero feels like being on a leash Ok very good her right in the summer is called biohacking your health biohacking your health how people really love learning about health raise your hand that's you amen that's probably why you're here and if you don't like learning about your health hopefully this will change your mind we're going to go through it rapid fire there's lots of information here lots of stuff here and I'm willing to give the power point. Next week so if you come to me or maybe I'll give it to Arden and order will. Ok great awesome so you get it from him so you can take a good look at all the references you can take a good look at all the sources and you can learn more and more about this how to biohacking your health how to bio hack your help so what does mean to bio hackers that we're talking about computers here what is this this verb bio hack I've never heard of it before it's become recently user actually multiple definitions of the word biohacking. It was started by a guy by the name of David Asprey new David asked Prius Ok Has anybody ever heard of this company called Bulletproof coffee ever bulletproof coffee you are good 7th Day Adventists. And so are you brother because of God's grace Amen. And so Ok So David asked Reese's guy who runs this company called blip he nearly died he was dehydrated he was sick he was so weak and he fell down he collapsed some shepherds found him they brought him back to their tents and when they brought him back to their tents they actually gave him this very strange concoction it was some kind of tea and what this tea is is basically it is tea but uses yak milk. He uses yak milk and he uses. Butter it uses butter as well and that's all it is besides the regular coffee grinds and so he took it he felt so amazing and he's like yes I feel so great he was able to finish his hike came back to America tried to duplicate the recipe and there you have bullet proof coffee now I'm not promoting coffee by any means I'm just simply saying this is the story so anyways he started growing in popularity because he began to talk about how to hack your body system how to hack your body system and eventually came up with this term called biohacking right so what exactly is biohacking how can we understand a more comprehensive definition take a look at this biohacking is a process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to hack your bodies biology into your best by biohacking yourself you can actually transform your body so you feel more energized be more productive and overall feel like the best possible version of yourself know how many people would love to feel like the best possible version of their so say man if you do and I mean who wouldn't want to feel that way right and so we're going to be talking about some tips some tricks some stuff that you can do to hack into your body and things that you can just add on to your lifestyle that can really improve many things that can improve many things. I did a little bit of this lesson actually at Advent hope I think it was a few months ago and I talked about the Daniel diet right the Bible says talking about Daniel right when you think about health and if you go about someone that had just the blessings of good health good mind good body and who that is Daniel right and you learn that he was 10 times the wiser he was fatter in flesh he was more stronger he had a by tally to his life and there was a presence about Daniel that could be traced to his. Live still right so we think about Daniel you can learn many different lessons this is Daniel's advice advice that we have heard before notice what the Bible says right here so Daniel said to the steward whom the chief of the Unix had said over Daniel had and I am be shown as a riot police test your servant for how many days 10 days and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink depending on your translation actually say pulse pulse actually includes lentils as part of that right that you will to eat and water to drink then let our appearances be examined before you in the appearance of the young men who eat the portion of the king's delicacy and as you see fit so deal with your servants right and we learned that Daniel because you follow these laws the laws of health the laws of biology understanding the way his body a mind works plus the blessings of gone right this was also divine contribution here 100 percent and because he followed through with these things God honored him and he stood out amongst his peers and God promoted him what else did Daniel receive not just good looks and not just a clear mind the very last verse tells us in Daniel Chapter one Daniel lived until the 1st year of King Cyrus you don't know if Daniel was blessed with. Long Jedi he outlived 3 Kings came to the 4th King and was able to see part of the fulfillment of the 70 years prophecy that is you would be in captivity and then eventually let go be free Daniel live long enough to see prophecy fulfilled and when you read the very last chapter you know Daniel has given the greatest accolade the greatest blessing of all Scripture What's the greatest blessing of all Scripture Daniel is told to many and of Daniel Chapter 12 Daniel go your way rest for you will rise at the end of days. You know what Daniel was whole book you have the assurance of eternal life but then you 12 would never have happened without the previous chapters and so we can go all the way we can rewind the Book of Daniel we go right back to Daniel chapter one and we can understand some powerful things about diet can you say meant to them number 2 I want to tell you this before we jump into this as well your lifestyle does not make you more loved by God Can you say amen to that the cheese does not give you merits before Christ Amen you cannot and to the free and full redemption that God offers this isn't the 1970 s. We're not trying to promote a healthy message that is based upon merits can you say amen to that the purpose of hell is to be the very best person you can be and draw others to the gone out of the Bible who understands all things and loves all beings Amen amen So let's jump in a little bit into health take a good look at this man right here kind of the same smile and I want you to notice something about his shirts right there he has one shirt that says work begin the other shirt that says Work bacon right what this was was an experiment that was done until you know what Tinder is. It's more than a dating site brother. Tinder which I actually found out a few years ago not because I looked but because someone had and for me what it was Tinder is actually a site for hooking up and hooking up is just a sort of a watered down way of saying for people that want to have one night stands with each other and so that's what tender is so Peter do you know what Peter is. People for the Ethical Treatment of would yes like c.p.s. for animals right and so what Peta did is they didn't experiment where they wanted to see how people who were plant based begins were viewed by the world versus someone who was not plant based so they took the same man they put him on tender and they had him wear one shirt that says bacon and then another shirt that says begin and what they found is the one that had the being in profile was actually given twice as many swipes In other words people were more interested in him because of the vision lifestyle that he had. This might explain why some of us are not married let's continue. Because a look at this right here here you have the same individual on the same web site and they also by the way they did this test in America and these were the results then they took it to Austria they found very similar results to the same experiment did it in the u.k. and they found very similar results that the one man who seemed to be conscious about his diet and about his lifestyle seemed much more attractive than the man who was you know pushing and eating bacon and all sorts of things right. Areas with the looks like a giant steak and a watermelon right. They said they ran their study in Pittsburgh Dallas and Los Angeles over all the begin profile got 50 percent more right swipes to me 50 percent not twice as much right swipes in the meat eater profile take a look right there you can see him in front of a new beginning ice cream sign and then one that says extra bacon double cheeseburger. Quite interesting right very interesting let's continue with this. They did a study recently not recently actually a few years ago where they wanted to test the body odor of people who were plant based versus the body odor of people who were not plant base so what they did is they put men on it to underwrite where they were eating primarily meat and men that were eating primarily vegetables and after a few weeks of eating this diet they had them exercise and tell they were sweating profusely then they stick a cot caught in Pat underneath your armpit had them do more exercise and tell their sweat seep into the car and that they took it to a group of women and they said tell us what this smells like. Sniffing my 30 female students and what did they discover women wady the body odor some men to be who are plant based to be sexier more pleasant and less intense after they had given up meat for 2 weeks in fact the sweat produced by veggie eating men was described as full fruity sweet and having medicinal qualities. Men you don't have to give flowers you can be the flower right. All right let's continue with this. So we're scratching here this might explain so many different things right now Ok let's continue with this what else did they find in the other study that were done by the way you can find this on Nutrition Facts dot or do you know who runs nutrition facts or. Anybody you know. You're saying Greg. Michael great or he's actually considered one of the foremost medical professionals an authority on the plant based diet his website is just full of resources and references on many Adventists health studies are there he actually quotes lots of had been to see how this all comes from many of the research comes from the Adventist what they did is they begin to test men. And they wanted to. Test and they took men who were very dark skinned to men who were very light skinned and they wanted to test their attractiveness and what they found was quite extraordinary. And fruit and vegetables consumption and ingestion of Karata noise Cron-O. it's a sort of the the cell structure the cell that's found in the pigment of the fruit that when men were digesting and ingesting these Qur'an noids what began to happen over a period of time is that their skin begin to actually change color continues they found to be associate with human skin color a yellowness In fact Dr McDougall calls it the golden glow that happens when you consume lots of fruits and vegetables they found men that had the golden glow Whether they're very dark skinned or very light skinned to be more attractive if they had that golden glow and they trace it to the high through and then triple consumption Now you may think I'm asian I've got a head start I want you to know something. You still need your fruits and vegetables can you say amen to that right this is something that's more than skin color and it just seems to be the sheen and the sort of Lol that is produced of vitality when someone eats very healthy. Let's continue to talk a little bit more about how to buy a hack your system what else can we talk about. How about meals talking about deals and by the way obviously this does not apply because it's Sabbath can you say meant to that just getting you know we're all going to be held accountable to this even me let's continue with this. You take a good look at a lot of bodybuilders and a lot of people see these like Mr Olympia I've a man of a friend who's been trying to invite me to the midst of an old classic and you see these guys that are like the boon of health perhaps you have an Instagram account and where you see bodybuilders and fitness experts and individuals at seeing to look very muscular individuals are seeing to look healthy seem to be very athletic and then you find out about their diet and you may get a recommendation you need a anywhere from 60 meals a day. Small meals and this is actually recommended by people who are on this program but here's the problem this is where a lot of people do not know about these bodybuilders that are winning these contests many of them are actually dying around the age of early fifty's and late forty's it is a phenomena it's been growing they're getting all sorts of cancer from colon cancer to stomach cancer wine because they're constantly putting food into their system their body just has has no time to relax and rejuvenate and recover and so the body being constantly tax over and over again begins to pull away from systems Outwardly they may look healthy for a period of time but inwardly they have become simply the coffins of dead animals it's really interesting just to see the phenomenon that's happening among bodybuilders right now how many of them are dying. So what can we understand about meal timing and does it really matter this is very interesting results suggest that eating a relatively healthy adults eating less frequently no snacking and consuming breakfast and eating the largest meal in the morning may be effective methods for preventing long term weight gain eating breakfast and lunch 5 to 6 hours apart and making the overnight fast last 18 to 19 hours maybe a useful practical strategy right now you know what's really interesting about this. If you come from the Indian culture you know one thing. Our biggest meals are at night time and we're not just talking about the biggest meals at nighttime we're talking about like a 5 course meal at nighttime and when friends or family comes by mean you're eating for hours on end you go to an Indian gathering you're eating from the moment you get there till 4 hours later and if you ever been to an in the Indian gander you probably gain 5 to 6 pounds afterwards right but here's the thing when I begin to understand a little bit more about digestion understanding that this is the power plant of the system this is where energy is most used most consume more fuel wise that when this system is over taxed your body will pay the price one way or the other and so when it comes to meal timing the reason why eating breakfast is so important is because your body your digestion is most optimal most prime for consuming food and processing food in the morning in fact when you go a little bit later on the day do you know your body has a. In a fish eat it grows around 3 to 4 pm it suggested by researchers around 3 to 4 pm that your body becomes less effective at processing sugar this is why lots of people who eat sugary desserts at night tend to gain a lot of weight wine because your body is less optimal at processing sugar later on in the evening your body does not need all that stuff towards evening why because it's about to go to sleep mode restoration mode your body in the morning in the day when it's using this needs the food it needs the calories during that time by the way do you know Ellen White she actually went on this panel we call this today we could probably call this in a minute fasting right where you eat within a certain window do you know her 1st meal of the day this was towards the end of her life was around 6 am to 6 30 am do you know when her 2nd meal was. Around 1 pm and then the rest of then you know what happened she even says that are running over the next few months I lost 252-3030 pounds of flesh that's what she says 30 pounds of flesh right even to the very last moment last few days of her life before she broke her hip she people would say she had this jump in her step she has seemed to have this vitality and this energy about her life this little old lady right why because she was following the laws of health very much more carefully especially towards the later on years later years of her life Did she struggle with diet Yes she did but over time she grew in that understanding and diet is a journey can we say Amen to that whenever people tell me Pastor I just I can't do this I said Look diet is a journey you've just got to take one step at a time Amen amen Let's continue with this. This is very interesting. The man who followed Diane which they consumed all their daily calories by 3 pm each day resulting in a fasting period of up to 18 hours in each 24 hours the results were clear when finishing their day's calories by 3 pm the men lost more weight had improved insulin sensitivity and better control the hormone insulin that controls fat metabolism and lower blood pressure and also craved fewer sweet foods in the evening as a result interesting continue with this let's talk about the brain fasting right let's talk about fasting one study with 40 my showed that fasting improve their memory ability as well as lower inflammation in the brain the fasting mice were able to complete a complex maze in faster times in those mice that did that were not doing fasting anybody heard of Walter Longo. With Walter Longo. Yeah he's a scientist where. U.s.c. and he runs a long jetty Institute where he actually does long term studies on fasting he eventually came up with this that called the mimicking fasting diet what it is is a low calorie diet that mimics the benefits of people who are fasting and you do this over a period of 55 days anyways he was saying that in his research he discovered that when the mice were on this fasting diet that they lived a lot longer than the mice that were not on the fasting die in other words they asked him gave their body a break in allow their system to reveal restored and they were able to live a lot longer now how many people here can do fasting no problem. You are blessed of the Lord for most people like I had this one friend by the way true story he calls me up and he says I know I'm going to fast for you I said Are you sure he's a young of the fast you're just feeling pressed I need to fast for you this is about 8 am and about 10 am he calls me brother I just failed I couldn't do it. Like it's been 2 hours man. He's like I just couldn't do it I just I got so hungry my body just caved in I'm sorry man I'll pray for you and I'm like Ok whatever here's the thing they're saying is not easy no question about it but here's the thing passing can be a very beautiful thing and fasting is something that you can split over the course of 2 days you may not pass the full 24 hours you may fast over the course of 2 days you may fast one meal 2 meals but what you want to generally do is make sure that when you're fasting you're drinking plenty of water m.n. want to make sure hydrated in your not pushing yourself during those periods but amazing things can happen during that time but all White says here this woman being well ahead of her time was able to gather resources and sources of help that were during her time when there was a lot of confusion about how she was inspiration able to gather good information pick up the good mix of all that was bad and compile and make this beautiful system of health advice notice what she said Well before in a minute fasting came out there are persons who would be benefited by abstinence from food for a day or 2 notice every week then by any amount of medicine or treatment or medical advice to fast one day a week notice this would be a been calculable benefit to them let me ask you a question anybody can tell me what the word incalculable means. Can't calculate it thank you Webster's dictionary you have destroyed an entire generations ability to understand definitions right yes. Anybody else what's the word incalculable mean Raise your hand raise your hand I can hear yes yes. Immeasurable Ok yes. You can count it notice what she is saying here look to fast one day a week would be open tell people benefits in other words you you can't you can't register this thing you can't measure think what it could do for your mind and body is phenomenal if you happy if you're someone that has information I mean this it's extraordinary when you actually start doing some fasting and you will see what your body does during that time and by the way in all things please consult your daughter your daughter your doctor. I don't want to be sued All right let's continue. It is foolish for one to keep on eating day after day and yet wonder why he's in distress let such a one relieve himself from by disk from distressed by changing his died or eating less if you will to do it so soon can he obtain relief let's continue with this. How about contract showers your contract showers How is this biohacking because when you actually begin to study out what contact showers can do you it is quite amazing contrast with contrast showers contrast showers is where you're turning a water as far as you can do for a period of time your rotating them to water as cold as you can take it and you do this rotation anywhere from 5 to 10 times but really isn't that big of a deal or is it just some kind of hokey pokey advice from the Adventist lady that's all into health remedies that's in your church that no one really likes Let's continue. This is very interesting number one what are the benefits of contract showers they found that it increased immunity in other words when people were taking contract showers there was Lex less sickness reported amongst employees they found by tallying energy. That by the way I do contract showers occasionally and when I do a contract shower I'll tell you this it is better than one gallon of caffeine you come out of that thing your mind is sharp you just feel energized if you were sluggish you take a contract shower now I know there may be a moment of discomfort when you're like trying to like you know move around in the shower but here's the thing after the 2nd rotation it's normal Your turn on the cold water like I can easily do this and you obviously want to target the extremities of the body why because you want blood flow in those areas. Without getting too raises fertility One study found that men who are forced to stop taking hot showers experience this is interesting a boost of nearly 500 percent in their sperm count just 6 months later this is because the extremities need cool environments not warm hot baths and in this study very interesting in Sweden were. Where they found that men that were taking home contract showers targeting their extremities that their fertility rates were much higher. Men stop wearing skinny pants and men let's continue with this number 3. Lose weight lose weight right this is a very interesting study that they did and what they found when I was actually doing some research on contrasts showers there was one group that reported they were able to lose weight and then another group were reported that they were unable to lose weight do you know why they were able to lose weight the 2nd group. Because when they took contrast showers their metabolism jump started and you know what they did as a result they ate more they actually reported that because we did contract shows we actually started eating more that's why we didn't lose weight but the 1st group had a very you know more rigid structure to it they were not able to eat more they had certain Cal you see were supposed to eat and were given and that's why they lost weight so contract showers into amazing things for losing weight never For killed depression kill depression this is something by the way that when you take a contract shower your brain is sold just kick fire it just like jump starts it's energized when I take a contract shower a few times out of the week I come out of that contract shower feeling like man this is probably what it feels like when you're just hit by God's lightning right you're just like I am so charge and you're just ready to go and you seem to have this like buoyancy to your rest of your day as a result you don't have the sluggishness probably around like maybe after lunch we're starving like I'm a little bit sluggish and it just feels your blood is circulating well by the way you know and it says about perfect health right perfect health requires. Perfect circulation right it all depends upon circulation as continuous number 5 increase muscle recovery there are studies by m.m.a. fighters football players and bodybuilders that when they jump into an ice cold bath and then they do contrast showers. That they found muscle recovery speeding up as a result of these contract showers so what be an example of a contract shower Well this is something that I do I told this particular protocol based upon one of the studies is after I do the rest of the 1st part the shower I do the soap the shampoo and all the other stuff when I am done with that I will turn the water as cold as I can take it I will star in the back and I will make my way towards the front and I tie myself for about a minute and when I do it it feels like just bloody murder during that time. But when you turn on the hot it's like oh this is so amazing but you have to limit yourself to about 30 seconds right then you switch back to the cold when you do the 2nd rotation you're like I can take this cold a little bit better and then you go back to the hot you're like This is amazing and you do 5 to 10 rotations I'm telling you notice what happens after just one day of doing this you know what happens after 3 days of taking a contract showers I know it's a little bit of discomfort but you're going to see the benefits for the rest of the day I mean this is amazing Let's continue with this. Firefighters firefighters do you know there was a number of 911 firefighters that actually suffered many different kinds of diseases issues problems that happen as a result of just being in that area my sister when she was in New York during 911 she describes that down the street it was just this smoke particle that would just go through the area you just could not see a single thing and firefighters were rushing in some of them were having to pull off their their mask and they were breathing in air people within one mile were reporting issues miles away were reporting issues but these firefighters were in there Ground 0 fighting these fires many of them actually had physical symptoms years later. But there was a group of people that did not a group of firefighters that did not go What are you world what in the world happened with this group of fires happy firefighters how were they able to avoid not getting many of these problems the symptoms from the environment of of Ground 0. There is a protocol and this protocol actually comes from Scientologists and it is called the Hubbard detox method. And what the Hubbard detox method is is that it takes a certain amount of niacin you're Niacin is right it's a b. vitamin fairly harmless and to be careful if you have liver issues Oh and dry sauna and what they did is they did a test there was funding for tests on 911 firefighters and what they found is that when these 911 firefighters were on this protocol that initially they started sweating blue Do you know why they were sweating blue. Fire retardant. Their bodies had absorbed so much fire retardant that during this time of detoxification and by the way this is one of the reasons why Hollywood stars are trucked to Scientologists is because they actually have a very interesting detox program for people who are drug addicts they are very effective at getting people off drugs why because they put them through this protocol but you don't need to be a Scientologist say men course not right. You can get into a dry sauna right you can go into a dry sauna and you will find yourself sweating out toxins Now I love working I love going to the gym I love exercising but when I was a conference evangelist for a few years I used to always get sick anybody ever done evangelism you know it's so taxi upon your by your mind your body you are just tired dead tired when you're doing evangelism Well I we've get sick during evangelism and one day I started to pray about us to God I don't want to keep getting sick during the evangelism What do I do and that morning God led me through some very interesting information. Notice where Ellen White says right here this is what I read impurities are constantly thrown off from the body through the skin it's millions of pores are quickly clogged unless kept clean by frequent bathing the context is she's talking about bathing but she's talking about biology the biology of the skin she says this and impurities which should pass off through the skin become an additional burden to the other eliminating organs in other words that if you are not sweating appropriately what begins to happen is the the other organs of your body begin to take more of the load on and eventually become burdened. And so this is phenomenal because when I started to do I'm like you know what I need to start doing I need to start sweating and I realized I was working out to the degree in which I was not sweating so I started pushing myself I started sweating a little bit more I went to the dry sauna that was there and I started to sweat and you know I happen I stopped getting sick I stopped in sick after evangelism no sickness whatsoever and in fact it still remains a protocol to state I did a 2 week kids program called me 2 days later I did can't mean 2 days later I went on a mission trip to Guatemala and a lot of the people who were all the way through the entire summer some were just like tired they're worn out they were getting sick and they said Pastor No how can we not see it because the day after I came back I went into the sauna and I sweated for about 30 minutes and I did this throughout the course of the week and so this is really important in fact what is so interesting firefighters in many fire departments actually now have a dry eye sauna in their department to help them Detox of fly all many of the I'm buying mental toxins they're taking in while they're fine of fighting fires so it's very remarkable and you know it just it's quite amazing it was a study that was done talking about heavy metals that actually left the body because of dry ice on the therapy right Dr Zon the therapy and by the way you feel of our issues again always consult your doctor before you do any of this kind of stuff all right. Let's continue with this. Now we're going to talk about an amazing supplement you're like wait a minute I know this a pyramid scheme you've been leading us to this point to so as to sell us your supplements. We're going talk about a supplement by the way this is one of the best supplements you can take for your health you like Ok How good is the sum let me just tell you something this is a supplement that is so amazing I mean when you take a good look at the ingredients that are part of this supplement it can do. But nominal wonders for you and you don't have to wait to sundown to get a hold of the supplement take a look at this supplement right here Mary heart does good like medicine can you say amen to that right but a broken spirit dries the what the bone right depression is something so big you know there's something specially for your ministry full time or maybe you work a career that's really intense or maybe a school schooling or something we like to do all to you what's called it's called brooding you know brooding is. Anybody know where brooding is many of us are really good our brooding. Brooding is brooding is where you come within yourself and you start thinking about all the things that are going wrong in your life you're counting it's false and you're sitting there and it seems that life is no longer bright it seems that you are in a place where you have truly messed up you are not the person you should be and when you're confined to your thoughts it's just this stream of negativity but notice this is very interesting if you are to what Ellen might says right here and this is so important in just kind of on this journey recently I've I've been on I feel God has led me on when it comes to understand about mental health notice what is said right here and we can't miss this point right here if we miss this point we're going to miss something so extraordinary when it comes to health. Sickness of the mind prevails everywhere notices 9 tenths of the diseases from which men suffer have their foundation where. You know when I read this I thought to myself oh what she is saying is people are imagining disease but that's not a careful reading of what she's actually saying when you actually read what she is saying is look when it comes to your emotions when it comes to your thoughts when it comes to your feelings when it comes to just the state a mind it actually can have a physical effect upon your body. And the older you get the more critical this becomes But then in this similar passage in which he is talking about mental She says these words right here a merry heart does good like medicine proverbs 17 verse 22 Gratitude rejoicing but never length trust in God's love and care notices there is or helps greatest safeguards wait a minute it's more the dry sauna it's more than the begin diet why do you know that because you can a people who are lifelong smokers and drinkers live to 105 years old and die why because they have a buoyancy in their emotional state you tend to find people who are very happy for some whatever reason but nonetheless it is that happiness and that joyfulness positive spirit that they have that's keeps them afloat even though they are killing their body with these kinds of things she says this gratitude rejoicing benevolence trust and love gone in God's loving care these are health grey the safeguards the Gnosis to the Israelites there were 2 period of very keynote of life. The formular at their gratitude. Rejoicing. But never once trust in God's loving care these are Health's greatest safeguards. Do you know why the Gospel is so important in fact Johnston he was a theologian Anglican theologian who died a few years ago wrote many wonderful books and also believed the Nile ation is theory. When it comes to help are similar to 70 Adventists and he said this talking about the gospel he says my good friend is a psychiatrist and he told me if I could teach my patients that they were forgiven by god half of them could go home. The world is starving for a resolution to deal with the sin dilemma and the by products of sin uncertainty and fear guilt pain and sorrow and the Gospel provides healing and grace. Amen by the way when you actually study the Book of Matthew do member the woman who came to Jesus she reached through the crowd and she wanted healing the Bible actually says that she went to many doctors to find healing the Greek word for healing is where you get the word therapy but when Jesus Huell serve and then she gives a testimony of her faith that Jesus says you are now healed the word is so slow which means healing that also plays into spiritual healing as well Jesus was not just interested in the very physical healing he wanted to have her her to have a whole healing all whole healing can you say meant to them. You know the reason I went on this journey is because say earlier this year I had a one of my friends. Was a huge kid that was the 1st you could I had when I went to the Series 7 am a church he went through a rough time and he actually died. And his mom is still a good friend the family's good friend. And he went through a journey where he was broken by some things. And he didn't recover from it. And I did realize this that some things. Are only going to have to be repaired in heaven. Sin has broken some things that only God will have to fix later on. That is human nature. But it was through this journey. That I begin to understand some things about mental health that I did not understand before you know the number one health crisis among young adults in Michigan is mental health it's not diabetes not heart disease it is mental health. We have we live in a world that is constantly breaking us down emotionally mentally spiritually socially physically but the Gospel offers freedom and grace and love and redemption and where the Spirit of God is there is what liberty this is what God offers and through the Gospel and through trust in the Gospel we can find joy and a buoyancy to life and joy and gratitude can be on our lips you know I reach a certain standard milestone in my life but I've decided something and I thought about this as I get older I'm going to probably encounter more people who are going to die I'm going to encounter more people maybe family members that are close to me they're going to pass away I'm going to deal with parts of my body then evidently will shut down that will become you know problematic I will deal with the betrayal of my body somehow later on the line and scenario is part of the age the life that we live on this side of heaven but I made a decision that I want the 2nd half of my life regardless of those things that are happening to me to be full of greater praise and bringing more glory to God Can you say amen to that. Friends this is the formula write their gratitude read joy sing benevolence trust in God's love and care and by the way there are so many studies that show the blessings and benefits on gratitude and when you simply begin to have an attitude of gratitude you will begin to find out Thanksgiving is thanks living can you say amen to that. And you will find your Does the joy of the Lord will be your strength I am telling you I was Christians the greatest thing we can be happy for each and every day is that we have a God who loves us who cares for us and is working out His will and way for our benefits can you say amen to that but spare heads forward a prayer. Father in heaven we just thank you. For grace and mercy thank you for the bloom of health and thank you for being with us and blessing us Lord May our blessings be more than just for ourselves but to bless as many people as possible and Lord whatever part of this presentation was good and practical and useful May we apply it and find some kind of relief for whatever. Issue we may be dealing with. Lord we pray and as we depart from this place then the joy of the Lord would bring our worse to bring in Jesus name name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about. If you would like to listen to your servant leader visit b.w.. You 1st.


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