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The Joy of the Cross

Gem Castor


Gem Castor

Prayer Coordinator of ASAP Ministries


  • August 17, 2019
    10:45 AM


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Our great God our dear loving heavenly Father Lord we give you praise and we give you thanks for you are worthy of our praise and our Thanksgiving Lord you are also worthy of our trust your father today May we see a clearer picture of you of who you are and what you can do in our lives Father I pray that you please speak to our hearts and may you put upon us a full measure of your spirit but I ask that you please hide me behind a shadow of your cross that I may not be seen or be heard and even a desire to be seen or to be heard or please take that away that Jesus and Jesus alone be seen be heard be lifted up in exalted this Lord we pray and we ask in the loving name of your Son Jesus all your children say amen. The Lord gave me the privilege to be a missionary for the past 8 hears and 10 months I merely 9th birthday God is good and God has been so good because he has led me through each and every trip and he somehow compelled me to rely fully upon him no salary no stipend only depending on Him God is good Amen we serve a powerful God we serve an awesome God and throughout my travel as I walk along this path that the Lord has had me to take there is one thing that I observe especially when I go to countries that do not know Jesus I went to Korea I went to Japan people were so busy and there is one common thing there's no peace there's no joy in their faces and then I realize wow this are the people who need to know Jesus Amen. This is why we're doing outreach and you know what the saddest thing the saddest thing is I go from place to place travel from church to church most of the places I go to is our churches I don't do evangelistic series most of the things that I do is revival and Reformation and the saddest thing that I see is the similarity the faces that I saw in Japan and Korea I see in our churches. I see that sad we're supposed to be the happiest people on earth can you say amen even your amen is not so joyful. For supposed to be the most joyful people on earth we profess to have the truth we profess to have Jesus and there's this beautiful verses that says John 15 verse 11 this things I have spoken to you that your joy might remain that my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be fool one of my favorite versus some 16 versa Levon that will show me the path of life in their presence is what. Of joy not just joy but fullness of joy at their right hand their pleasure is for ever more and as a brother Samuel read a while ago Hebrews 12 verse 2 looking into Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured what. Endured across France this morning I'd like to propose something that there is joy in the cross amen the Amen became even more nervous. As joy in the cross Amen. OK but let's let me share with you the things that I have observed the reasons why. Being as a church that we don't have the joy this is just gems little observation from a little missionary So 1st one 1st thing that I'd like to propose is that. We don't have joy we don't have peace that the Lord has already offered is because. We plan for own selves and not for the glory of God Do you believe this. The way that we plan things is only for ourselves and not for the glory of God I asked my friend is God in your plans and. Yes What's the role of God in your plants mostly a troubleshooter. His not what we planned for his just there when ever we need help when our plans are not going our way. And we seek Lord please help me anything have you notice when you plan for yourselves anything that comes in between you and your plans do you just like. And sometimes God is in between your plans if God is not the main reason for our plans of our lives then I would be no joy. Would you say amen. Friends I have this. This beautiful thought here from help in daily living it says many are unable to make definite plans for the future their life is unsettled they cannot discern the outcome of their affairs and often feels them with anxiety and dress well among you here is anxious right now don't raise your hand. Let us remember that the life of God's children in this world is a pilgrim life can you say amen friends this is not your final destination this is just a layover. Your final destination is heaven and it says here we have not the wisdom to plan for our own lives it is not for us to shape our future. Friends who is our example. Jesus. Here agrees that Jesus is our example. OK Only one 3rd or maybe one 5th of the group accept that Jesus is our example so would you believe that whatever Jesus has shown us we should follow a man so listen to this Christ in his life on Earth. Made no plans for himself. Wow did you get this Christ on his life on earth made no plans for himself he accepted God's plan for him and day by day the father unfolded his plans so should we depend upon God that our lives may be a simple outworking of his will and I like this last line as we commit our ways to Him He will direct our steps. Isn't that amazing as we commit our ways to him. He will direct our steps isn't that powerful My dear friends and. As I was reading this I was also reminded by this beautiful verse I think most of you if not all of you memorize this verse Proverbs 3 verses 5 and 6. Trust in the lord what will all of your hearts let's just say in that 1st line trust in the Lord with what would all of your heart so God is somehow challenging is challenging us right now trust me with all of your heart. With the plans that I have for you and friends I was reminded by by the sermon of Pastor Justin yesterday or from Pastor Sebastian called him J K. So he was talking about the rich young ruler was it passed just to say oh it was I guess. I'm sorry and my mind is still in Iceland. So the rich young ruler and I went to to my devotions that afternoon and read about it and and when I read it in the Bible sometimes I I don't see what what people are there see so I went to the spirit of prophecy and read the Bible side by side and it was really beautiful it says here the rich young ruler saw the love that Christ manifested toward the children brought to him and he saw how tenderly received them and took them on his arms and his heart kindled with love for the savior he felt a desire to be his disciple heal he was so deeply moved that Christ was going on his way and he ran after him I did not know this the rich young ruler ran after Christ and kneeling at his feet did you get this he knelt at his feet and asked sincerely and earnestly the question still important to his soul to the soul of every human being good master what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life and friends I like the description the spirit of prophecy Jesus looked into the face of the young man as if reading his life and searching his character he loved him and he hungered to give him the peace and grace and joy which would materially change his character and eventually his life Jesus longed to give him I just want to focus on the last thing Jesus desired to give him the joy. And it says here Jesus said one thing the lacquers he said go that way so what whatsoever that has and give it to the poor and those shalt have treasure in heaven and come take up the cross and follow me. Friends if you want to take the joy that Jesus offered you have to take the cross a man you have to take the cross and and friends this is what happened and he was sad at that saying and went away grieved for he had great for sessions for Jesus saw that the only thing that will stop him. His possessions she says or something that he would love more than he would love Jesus and that's why Jesus was asking for that thing to be surrendered Listen to this the ruler was quick to discern that Christ words involved and he became sad he had realized that if he had realized the value of the offered gift quickly he would have been rolled himself as one of Christ's followers. And this one blew my mind listen to this Jesus of his potential friends if you would place if that young ruler would place himself under Christ guidance he would be a power for good in a marked degree the ruler would have represented Christ for reprocessed qualifications which if you were united with the Savior would enable him to become a divine force among men. This is what the ruler missed out on. Jesus long to see him a coworker with him he longed to make him like himself a mirror in which the likeness of God would be reflected but the wrong young ruler turned away he saw that. Gods cross the not involve his friends. God's cross Jesus Cross would somehow hinder him from fulfilling the plan of his life he wanted the heavenly treasure but he wanted also the temporal advantages his riches would bring him he was so sorry that such condition existed he desired eternal life but he was not willing to make the sacrifice the cost of eternal life seem too great and he went away sorrowful. In Matthew it says he went away grieved. Grieved friends it's like there's a death in the family he was grieved my dear friends if you turn away from the cross you will not have joy and you will grieve with with what deep interest he watch the issue Jesus watch the issue as the young man with a question if you decided to follow Christ he must obey his words in everything is one thing that caught my attention with deep interest Jesus watched the young man as if he was if only Jesus could cheer him Please choose the Cross men please choose the cross I have so much to give to you but the young man turned away because it doesn't fit his plans it doesn't fit his plans because it is such a sacrifice to follow Christ and listen it will require a sacrifice to give your plants or yourself to God but it is a sacrifice of the lower for the higher for the earthly for their spiritual for the perishable for the eternal is it ever really a sacrifice it's not my dear friends it is an upgrade. Amen when God is asking you to surrender something you know what that means you are ready for an upgrade. But sometimes we hang on to our Nokia 5110 so much with a little and then Oh Lord please you know I love this little buttons I love this yellow screen but God has i Phone X.X. 500 drug no offense to some some users. But we've all gone to those little things that we had gotten home please no. Friends it is not a sacrifice it is an upgrade but we focus our vision so much on that little thing that we're about to give away but we close our eyes for the things that would desire to give us I remember when I was going into this mission missionary work and it seems like there's a lot of things to give up and the Lord showed me no there's a lot of things to gain and I gain a lot of peace of mind knowing. Yes there's still problems but the problems seem smaller because your god is bigger this time Amen and as I surrender my finances to the Lord I also surrender the Lord is teaching me to surrender everything and one of those things that he wanted me to surrender to him was my schedule. My schedule speaking because I was an organizer and I would want to organize things and the Lord showed me that if I organize things I'm stressed out I've become smaller friends so one time my sister asked me So Jim. Is. What is this your doing and what do you mean that if you're a missionary just like to take it seriously and I'm saying I'm on a serious that. Be a real missionary be somewhere else settle somewhere and be paid at least you have security that's what she said as a security guard and then she asked me what if you have a family later on yes friends I'm still single by the way for those of you do not know. I'm single but not advertising. So and she said How are you going to take care of the family and then I got afraid I'm thinking oh lord i could not even take care of a goldfish how much more of a family and I begin to worry I begin to take this seriously now I'm thinking Lord what am I going to do and I begin to give suggestions to the Lord so Lord should I accept this offer in this country in that country and the Lord was silent and this is one thing I've learned when the Lord is silent I've talked too much. And I remember this beautiful verse sounds 46 verse and BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD and for the past year during that time the Lord has been leading my life he has been the one arranging all those mission trips and and the Lord showed me look back in the past have I not been faithful to how I lead your life so I said OK Lord then I give this back to you again I surrender it is the moment I said those words because friends during that time I was so afraid after that mission trip I have nowhere to go so I said OK Lord it's up to you I surrender to the Lord the next day. One call after another one e-mail after another my whole 3 months were booked Isn't it amazing my whole 3 months were booked after that that 3 months I'm beginning to trust him more he said OK Lord I learned my lessons I surrender to you sometimes you say we surrender all but it's not really all. So now I'm surrendering 99.8 percent so I surrendered to the Lord after the 3rd month the Lord filled my 6 months after that 6 months I said Lord I learned my lesson I will not even put my finger in any of your plans your plans are awesome and the Lord booked me a year and a quarter in advance. Friends we serve a God who is able who is able to plan our lives can you say amen What's the 1st was the main reason was what is the 1st reason that we do not experience the joy that the Lord has promised. What we make our own plans we plan for ourselves and not for the glory of God and Prince Let's go to number 20 before you go to number 2 there is a solution for number one listen to this help in daily living page 1000 paragraph one too many in planning for a brilliant future make an art or failure God solution is is only 5 words let God plan for you amen my dear friends if it's God planning for you you'll never regret the result he says he has always exuding abundantly above all that you could ask for Imagine a man because if not for that I will not be joyful right now I will not be excited right now 2nd 2nd reason is. We realize so much on our own strength. We rely so much on our own strength remember trust in the Lord with what. All of your heart and what's the next line leave not on your own understanding let's elaborated lean not on your own strength lean not on your own resources on your own education on your network on your net that worst. In everything but only lead on him friends even Jesus said in John 5 or 30 I can of mine own self do nothing I meant that Jesus himself the Son of God said in his own self you can do nothing how much more. Much more you and I like this this beautiful thought from science of the Times that says what ever prevents us from making Christ our entire dependence is abomination in the sight of God. If you get this you want me to read it again what ever prevents us from making Christ our entire dependence is abomination in the sight of God. God wants you to depend fully upon him it pleases Him If you are so needy of him can you say amen this is the God that we serve my dear friends remember in the stories of the Bible remember give you and use 300 before it was trimmed down to 300 how many were there the 32032000 not train not train warriors but train laborers these are these are construction workers domestic helpers these are not trained warriors and and friends their enemy was this huge is like locusts just like the sand on the seashore that was the description and the words as they are too many cut them off cut them down from 32000 to. 300. You're so in a hurry. 32210000 the law says it's still too many judges 7 verse 2 if you have your Bibles with you will not wait for you will read. The people of who are with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands lest Israel claim glory for itself saying my own hand had saved me did you see this friends. Even slaves would have the tendency to claim the glory that supposed to be God's even people who are not trained for the battle that they were asked to fight would have the tendency to claim the glory for God and you know what the Lord did the Lord reduced them the Lord reduce them to in possibility you know was the person thirds of 300 over 32000 for those of you are mathematicians it's not one percent it's $99375.00 and we rounded off to one No it's almost one but it's not one percent the Lord wants it to be so obvious that when you give the victory you could not take the glory for yourself he wants it to be so obvious that when the victory is given because when you ally we got to you and I would would have Victor you never loose but he wants to give the full He wants us to give him the full glory Amen Listen to this thought the Lord can do but little for the children of man because they are so full of pride and vainglory they exalt self magnifying their own strength learning and wisdom it is necessary for God to disappoint their hopes and for a straight their plans that they may learn to trust in Him alone. Amen it is necessary for the Lord to disappoint and to frustrate that we may trust in Him alone. ASENATH Putin. Card is so good friends. Galatians 6 verse 3 it says if a man think himself to be something when he's nothing he deceived himself. I remember I met a young man and he's from east from Colombia and they did like this youth rush and friends he was he was the top of his of his group of his batch he was selling that 40 books in a day it's crazy and and his friends were bragging about him to me when I went to their school and you said no no no brother Jimmy was all God God lead me in all those things and the friends are no no he was just plain humble but he is really awesome. And then these guys are no brother Jim I have to tell you the story so what is arm around me when we walked out of the cafeteria you told me you know what you know me I mean I'm not from here English is not my 1st language and I have not sold anything my whole life so when we were given the stars too to canvas my heart was just like about to bleed I'm thinking what am I going to do so I told God Lord I could only do this if you lead me if you'll be with me step by step so friends the Lord lead him the Lord guided him for each and every person that he met is like 90 to 100 percent here. And one particular time he was in the parking lot it was Costco or or Target and he was asking that Lord please lead me to the right car and then the Lord led him to this car and when the moment when up and said Oh because he saw that the guy inside the car was holding a gun. So this guy. Put down his window and said What do you want and this nervous Colombian is a. God sent me here. For sure God sent them here sent him there it's he was asking for the Lord's leading and guidance and friends while he was there he was the the guy who asked him that question broke down that you are the 3rd person that interrupted me from and from ending my life and for sure the Lord sent you here slowly put his hand on the shoulder of this guy talk to him that way with God would lead him to talk to this guy he prayed for this guy friends this guy gave his heart to Jesus. And at the end the guy bought a book from him. If you see that book piece in the storm the guy from the suicide from a failed suicide victim. He became a customer came a recipient of the blessing of the Lord is an amazing brands the law doesn't want to rely on our own intelligence and our own ways he wants us to rely fully on him because if we do he'll show us that there's more to life than there's a man so there's I have a story like to share as well last the. Last couple of months when they asked me to when I received. An email from Brother Ben asking me to speak here in G Y C and thinking the 1st thing that I thought was. His brother Sebastian backing out from speaking. Spasso just in Kim sick I'm thinking what what is happening and then I ask them is Sebastian Braxton still coming said Yes I'm thinking what were they thinking. Are they picking me and I honestly this was I was thinking I guess I'd be discounting what what you will receive and I thought my prayer partner and I prayed about it as a gem you are talking about faith wherever you go and now faith is needed and then maybe God has a send message for you and I was praying and praying the Lord gave me this beautiful verse 1st Corinthians one verse 27 and God It shows in the foolish things of this world. I'm thinking Lord that is so comforting Thank you he has not chosen is because 3 are qualified his chosen is because he wants to shine His glory through us. When people begin to appreciate you could not take the glory for yourself if you could only give it to the one who deserves it amen. While I was. Waiting for the animal Council last last year in Silver Spring Maryland another and my prayer partner is coming from Europe. He's arriving on the Sabbath evening it was 6 o'clock I know it's 7 o'clock and I was thinking Oh Lord I don't want to travel because he's he's landing in Washington D.C. and we were in in solver Spring Maryland it will take like 2 R.'s going to that place and I was thinking Lord I don't want to travel on Sabbath and I need your direction I need your guidance you have promise in Psalms 32 verse 8 I will instruct you in teaching the way that you should go Amen I will guide you would mine I so I was praying and praying Lord please teach me how to go about this and when I looked at her friends cost $76.00 you as dollars thinking this is the most expensive taxi ride that I have so savor Please I need more ways but that's cheaper than this and the Lord showed me over pool I have not taken over pool before. Poor and over pool for those of you have not ridden over those of you are richer than me. Over pool you are sharing it with with some other people thinking this would work and I checked OK but I will arrive there late if I would leave or sunset and I was asking the Lord just just leave me and the Lord give me peace to book at 6 PM of course is not sunset yet so I was just praying OK Lord so please leave me and while I was booking now I was waiting for the pick up spot and there is this car was about to pick me up he was stuck in a corner he goes around and around and around like 2 minutes he was just going round and round and finally he pulled over and I went in and he was winded the moment I got in I went to the front seat the moment I got in the door and. And that was not a good 1st impression and then this african american got a big guy who has huge chain with was this with a lot of blinks and this told me man my door said I'm sorry it was the wind. So we started driving now he started driving I don't know how to drive so he started driving and then I asked him a question so many how's your day of there's a lot of things to complain about but I choose to be thankful so he had a good guy that he noticed that I'm quite chatty. So he opened a window and then he turned on the music and he said you know reggae and I said Yes I'm from the islands I know reggae. And then I was about to say no this is Sabbath the Lord shut my mouth so you turned on turn on the music and then he began asking me questions and said So are you from here is a no I'm not from here I'm just visiting Oh so where are you from some of the Philippines and then he asked me So what do you do and I told him I'm an assassin. That caught his attention and then. I'm asian so. I told him No no no I'm a missionary That's why I travel a lot. And then he told me Oh you're a missionary So tell me about it the moment he said Tell me about it there's like bell ringing in my ear bringing testimony time so I share with him my testimony and friends while I was sharing my testimony he turned on the music praise the Lord. And then he began putting up. His window and he was beginning to be fascinated with the testimonies that I was sharing and I was thinking Lord thank God he is he is responding and after that he told me about about his frustrations about all the things that is happening in his life he told me about to close relatives that just died in that month alone in that month alone because of gang violence he told me about his abandonment issues he told me that he is in the 2 month funk of his life and he said I didn't even want I didn't even want to live anymore so if not for my 2 daughters I would not be here right now so we were driving and I told him you know what man even those things are happening I know that God is still good and yes I know that God is still good but sometimes it's just difficult to believe that there is even a god so I was trying to talk him out of that of that situation that he is in and while we were talking remember this is a pool there was a message that came in to be picked up I'm thinking Oh Lord please protect this conversation and all of a sudden the Lord just convicted me give him what I've given you last week there's one person who handed me a 100 dollars US dollars and thinking. The whole thing. And the largest convicted me the whole thing I'm thinking was complaining a while ago about the $76.00 US Dollars course now and then giving him a $7.00 to $600.00 tip but then when the Lord says so you have to follow so usually I give tips but not that much I give when I get out of the vehicle but this time the Lord strongly convicted me give it to him now so friends while he was driving. I took it to get out from my bag for the $100.00 bill and I showed him his Sean John is just a brother this is for you and then he looked at me said What is this that's for you and said what why because the Lord says so so it doesn't make sense said God doesn't make sense sometimes. Why so because the Lord says souls are no no it doesn't make sense you are not rich you told me you don't even have a salary. And I'm the one who was a car and the one who was older siblings and you were giving me a $100.00 no one has given me a $100.00 right now that it's not my money it's from the Lord said You just don't know you begin to act violently broken don't. And as if you just don't know as a come down John calm down said Hugh just don't know Jen because to stay this day. I was awakened at 5 AM I don't know what woke me up I don't know what woke me up I'm not a morning person but something just woke me up and there's this still small voice that's whispering in my heart I'm going to do something special for you today. And then while he was sharing that he was pounding on his way to like a huge just don't know and he keeps on looking at me and I'm. The only. Friends I'm afraid he might punch me. And then he's had huge just don't know what you did. You just brought back my faith again and he opened up he opened up about his mother abandoned him he opened up about his 1st girlfriend who somehow brought into the U.S. and sent him to jail he there was such a huge abandonment issue and now while we were talking about this his phone kept on ringing because of the other passenger that needs to be picked up because the Lord police stopped this and this guy John said No reject this ride is just for you. Of course it's $132.00 US dollars right now. So so he was he was driving and he began to open up and before we even stop before he dropped me off he said. I know you've given me a lot of things already but there's one thing that I'd like to favor from you was that Shawn can you pray for me before you leave me my car and I told him even if you won't as I will still pray for you. And so I prayed for Shine and that and that. I went to try Delphia church one with melody and some other friends and that's about the law just convicted me pick up this all the drugs here and I pick them all up and all of them went to shine I gave him my card Mr John I might not have another $100.00 but and if you need prayer called me I'll pray with you friends after we prayed charmless crying. He gave me a huge hug. And then I said goodbye and I begin to realize this is what happens when God directs our path this is what happens when God is in charge of our plans this is what happens when we admit to ourselves I do not know what to do all that but my eyes are upon you. Lean not on your own understanding and lean not on your own understanding. The 3rd reason. Like to share this. This morning before I share that I'll give you this this story in the Bible that somehow shook my confidence in God Remember the Israelites before they they went to Canaan they were there and their only like 11 days journey. And then they committed that great mistake. And who told them to send spice to search the land numbers 13 verse one yes it was God. Number 13 versus one and 2 and the Lord spake and to most the saying send the man that they may search the land and I was just thinking Lord this is a crazy thing that you're doing you ask them to send men this faithless generation and you know what's going to happen afterwards when despise return with their negative reports what's going to happen is they will not go and I'm thinking Lord you set up your people for failure. And I was not having a lot of patience I closed my Bible and said. It's not good Lord and God was so patient with me. He waited on me is an hour God good man. And until I read this beautiful passage from science of the Times that says listen to this the proposition to send men to search the land was 1st made by the people. Did you get this and I'm thinking it's contradictory Lord for what you have said in numbers and then while I was sharing this at Andrew's friend of mine Justin said Jem We are standing about this about this passage there is actually a support in the Bible that it's not actually God's. God's leading it was man's job to randomly friends one verse 212223 this was the time before they they surrounded Jericho and most of us give this view of the situation and he reminded them verse 22 he says and he came near unto me every one of you and said we will send men before us so whose idea was it it was man's idea it was Israel's idea pranced Listen to this thought let me continue the thought from the Spirit of Prophecy it says the proposition to send men to search the land was 1st made by the people but as it pleases most US He presented the matter before the Lord and obtained his consent for them to go the result was the disaster and destruction. Friends me ask you this question is the idea to search the land a good idea or a bad idea in general is a good idea you have to test the waters before you jump in Amen friends no matter how how good of an idea it is no matter how brilliant of an idea it is but if it's not God's idea it will result into the Sastre and destruction Listen to this thought that this thought really shook me. Had they waited for the Lord to say go forward and followed his divine this divine leader they would have seen the majesty and glory of God as very early as they solve it 40 years after Warren's friends had they waited for the Lord to say go forward they would have seen the majesty and the victory that they would have seen 40 years after wards. Isn't that painful but they could not wait on God They went ahead with our own brilliant ideas and as a result. They wasted 40 years not just 40 years it cost them not just 40 years it cost them their lives. Friends. Why are we still here why are we still here we should be in heaven by now. It's because of our brilliant ideas because of our awesome ideas that we don't seem to need God's leading to need God's guidance we seem to know where we're going but God desires to lead us every step of the way can you say amen. Had they waited friends the 3rd reason why we're not having the joy that God has promised this we do not wait on God. Praying is just for the weak United prayer in the morning you have a lot of things better to do than just spending my time crying out to the Lord I do friends as a church that's where we are lacking we have to spend more time on our knees if we want to finish this work my dear friends you cannot finish this on your own might not by might nor by power but only by his spirit my dear friends. There's this beautiful code that says there is a necessity for the Lord Himself to communicate his own ideas to the soul did you get this it is necessary for God to communicate his own ideas to our US He desires that day by day moment by moment if we but come to him and ask him he will receive his ideas. Grice is ever sending messages to those who listen to his voice can you say amen. Friends there's there's one more story I'm sorry I'm going a bit overtime right now. There's one more story that that shook my make confidence in God It was a story of Moses passages and Kim was talking about Moses a while ago remember Moses he is is one of the. People that ever existed that there that has gone through a lot of cross experience into agree his patients was tested his faith was this tested and then he committed one little sin and he was not allowed to go to Canaan and a few chapters later he was burying his brother his best friend and then a few chapters later he was asked by God to go up and mount Niebuhr alone. He will not be accompanied by other people he was about to go to Moneyball and he was walking there alone and the Lord told him that you will die you not be able to cross Canaan friends it's heartbreaking to see this happening the faithful servant of God walking up to Mt neighbor with out anyone with him to bury him and burial during the time is very very important and while he was there Prince the greatest That was his Calvary experience his cross was not over while he was there and the Lord showed him the land that he was not able to enter I'm thinking Lord this is too much I close my Bible again and said I don't like this Lord and I even told God I don't like you. I was heartbroken I'm thinking this is how you treat your faithful servant give him a Calvary experienced after Calvary experience and I was the Lord somehow just. So patient just read on I was reading again in a beautiful spirit of prophecy and then the Lord showed MOSIS this land that he's not gonna enter and I'm thinking wow this is such a torture is like than doing a burger in front of a hungry child. A vegan burger of course. So and and I was losing my patience but the Lord somehow just cheered me on just continue reading and the Lord opened a panoramic view to Moses the Lord showed most as as the as the Israelites conquered Canaan the Lord showed most us how the Israelites fell the Lord showed mosts the apostasy of the Israelis and the Lord showed Moses how his son came. Along most of the choosing disciples the Lord showed mooses Jesus being crucified on the cross. The Lord showed Moses everything and then the Lord closed his eyes the Lord himself laid him down and the story was not over Satan came he wants to claim. The body of Moses and the Lord told him. Talk to the hand. And the Lord. Praise motorists Now now listen imagine your MOSIS imagine your Moses when you opened your eyes the 1st thing that you see was the God that you desire to see. And then when I when I see that ending. I begin to realize what I desire for most this was too low. I desired for him to grow and Cain and but what God's desire for him. Is to be up there in the heavenly Canaan. My dear friends our dreams are too low are under sions are too LOL God desires for us to trust him when to all of our hearts lean not on your own understanding in all your ways of knowledge. Friends. There's another. There's a one person the most a spa load after he was Jesus and he was on the cross and he was crying out if I got my God why have you forsaken me another special person who gave his life for the Lord and then he is experiencing this but listen to this thought in the time that Jesus felt so abandoned desire of a just listen in the thickness in that think darkness God's presence was hidden Can you say amen. He makes darkness his bubbly and conceals his glory from the human eyes God and His holy angels where beside the grass. Friends. God and His holy angels were beside the cross Jesus was in the presence of God. My dear friends in the cross experience that we experience it might seem so dark in might seem so stormy but so you know even though you do not feel it the presence of the Lord is there. And therefore I conclude in his presence its fullness of joy in his presence is fullness of joy that's why friends when you take the cross but God will come along with you if you take up the cross you take up what he has promised and even more. Before again. I'd like to give an invitation this morning I know that a young ruler. Stern is back in the Lord but this time the Lord. Is one thing for you. To take up the cross because he wants to share with you something that he has not shared with a young ruler if it is your desire I'd like to invite you to come forward. Come to not look around this is not between you and your friends this is between you and the God who is giving you that invitation to come. Do not get satisfied having only a piece. Of what the world is trying to offer God has something bigger. God something greater for us. Conference. Way the circumstance what is there to look what is there what is that something that's holding your back is it worth losing haven't for rants come do give it all to the lord you not told back we are at the age of get where are we are at the edge of canaan not just earthly cane and friends but we are at the edge of heaven leaking in this is the time for full throttle this is a time to let guard have it'll so us we sing this song may were seeing it from the depths of our hearts Some of you would like to request so please set up for a closing song for those of your new thing down stay on your nice. The as the. The AS. The AS. The as the. Week the was. The as the as. The as the. The AS. The AS. The. The AS. The. Your father. Become to your right now giving you what belongs to you. Our lives their Lord as the lyrics of the song says take my will and make it die each shall be no longer mine. Take this heart it is the I know it shall be there royal throne take my love my lord I pour at the feet its treasure stored take myself and I will be ever only old for the Lord I pray as you please trust closer to you help us to see a clearer picture of the God If we serve. And Lord I pray that you please give us the courage to come boldly before you and claim. And claim the promises that you have given us and Lord I pray that you please bestow upon us their father a double portion of your Holy Spirit we desire to give it all we don't know how to so Lord please take take each and every hand lead us Lord in the path that you want us to go you have led us in the past or you know that you please lead us today we want to desire what you desire for us and Lord I pray in a very special way that you please annoying each one with anointed of your Holy Spirit and Lord changed our desire to change our motives may we desire you more than we desire joy in our hearts may we desire the giver more than the gift and may we desire to continually surrender all to you they are yours Anyways the Lord's will peace take it. Take our hearts freek'n it give it it is their property please keep it pure if we can to keep it 40 save us save us in spite of ourselves our weak and Christ like selves mold us fashion US and lift us of the pure atmosphere and hold the atmosphere of the rich current of their love can flow through our souls Father I pray as you please bless each and every one come boldly before your throne right now. Health us load to be more desperate for you they buy day moment by moment and for up honest again a full measure of your spirit for we asked this on the loving name of your son cheeks old your children say in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant us leave the visit w w w dot audio verse or


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