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The Cross and Salvation: The Plan of Salvation

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference


  • August 18, 2019
    8:15 AM


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Gracious father we ask for strength and wisdom and Grace thank you for the privilege of this conference thank you for having. Been with us Father do not pass us by on this Sunday we ask that you bless us now with your spirit in the reading of your words if you pray in Jesus' name amen in some quotes I like to start off you will go to Scripture. John Stark the very famous preacher. Of this quote before we begin to see the cross as something done for us we have to see it as something done by us marchin Lloyd Jones another very famous non Adventist evangelical preacher says this quote look again at the cross My friend take another survey examine it again with greater depth and profundity and having seen the grace and mercy and compassion and kindness of God Look again and this is what you'll see you'll see the righteousness of God You see the justice of God and His Holiness is the place of all places in the universe where these attributes of God can be seen most planes and white manuscripts 31 and master 31 I should say the one great central truth to be kept ever before the mind in the searching of the Scriptures is Christ's and Him crucified every other truth is invested with influence and power corresponding its relation to this thing it is only in the light of the Cross that we can discern the Exalted character of the law of God the Soul palsied by sin can be endowed with life only through the work wrought out upon the cross by the author of our Salvi salvation manuscript 49 he is still with me is too much this morning. And you have nervously. In a script 4998 on the line hanging upon the cross of Christ was the gospel This is our message this is our argument this is our doctrine or warning to the impenitent our encouragement for the sorrowing the hope for every believer if we can awaken an interest in men's minds that will cause them to fix their eyes and Christ we may step aside and asked them only to continue to fix their eyes upon the Lamb of God and your theme here in Canada is to take the Adventist gospel to all of Canada question what is the Adventist gospel isn't the gospel the gospel what is an Adventist gospel I mean we are different from the even though we believe in the same gospel as the evangelical church we believe in Christ crucified we believe in the same and facility where is the difference. The evangelical churches see the cross as their primary lens and the All in all and the end of all things Aben ists look at salvation through the lens of the heavenly sanctuary Yes but what powers the heavenly saying sure what is the blood of the heavenly sanctuary it is the blood of Jesus made possible by the cross of Christ and. So we believe in the same gospel but we take almost the kind and I get you know you get a zoom out with your 2 fingers and see how this works out now as we looked at on Friday Saturday and then into Sebastian Braxton's messages Christ not only died for you but he died for the issues of the universe to vindicate the character of God. Of which we play just a very small part but a very important part Nonetheless regardless Christ's hanging upon the cross is still the Gospel that we believe the Jews did not like Jesus yes the Jews believe Jesus was a subversive preacher and he's charged with feel logical blasphemy Caiaphas was in charge of the trial and they said look this guy is annoying we got to get rid of him our Jewish narrative will crumble if he continues we've come up to this point and we come of this this kind of legal standing and if he continues what we've worked up to will be demolished we've got to nix him the Romans also said something similar they did not like Jesus they said that Jesus was a revolutionary activist charge of political treason and sedition challenging the authority of Caesar pilot the Roman procurator was in charge of the trial and they said this if he continues what he's going to do are pox Romana the longest this world has ever seen peace this will crumble and he's a knowing we got to get rid of him this unholy alliance between the Jews and the Romans occur where Jesus was a threat to long order Jesus was a threat to the status quo Jesus was a threat to their narrative and so this morning's sermon title is in sermon title is an interruption to narrative C.S. Lewis calls Jesus the transcendental interferer I love that trend said dental interfere question has Jesus threatened your narrative. Is Jesus convenient and comfortable for you does he fit nicely into your life story has he blessed your education and your finances and now is he going to bless your marriage and your children and your mortgage and and your things does he fit perfectly into your narrative because everywhere in Scripture for everyone else he was very inconvenient to the point where they wanted to kill him so if Jesus is too comfortable and too if you dovetails into your life maybe something is wrong meaning you believe in a different Jesus than the Jesus of the Bible the method to remove Jesus was the crucifixion It wasn't some hidden assassination it wasn't some something that was peaceful and some some quiet death it was humiliation by being stripped naked his hands were nailed and roped to the horizontal wooden beam His feet were attached to the vertical the pole the cross was placed in the socket the peg secured his entire body weight it was intense physical pain he was publicly ridiculed naked embarrass in front of everyone there was no law in cloth as many crucifixes portray there was the daytime heat the torture of the Sun There was the night time cold and with the blood all around them and cooled and caused hypothermia Interestingly the Bible does not mention any of this information only the Bible says they crucified no other detail all 4 Gospel of Matthew 2735 they crucified Him Mark 1525 they crucified him Luke 2333 they crucified Him John 1918 where they crucified Him question is the study word study for this morning who crucified Jesus. Who killed Jesus who is this they never talk to some people and well they're out there. Who is of age that you speak of them. All they crucified you well who is they some of you are talking back to me I have no idea what you're saying because it's in a Canadian tone which is polite enough to speak but not enough to be heard. In something you're saying. Which I interpret to be Jews yes. Not getting the J. I'm getting do. I need some French word that you're saying that I don't know what it is but there is a swerd in Greek that I'd like to you for you to repeat after me please repeat after me this morning yes para. Para. Did on my. Part I didn't mind the Greek word it's one of those words that the preachers pretend to know what they mean what it means and pretend to be all I don't really know what it means but I know what it's translated as and it's repeated over in the Gospels and if you read in English it kind of you don't really see it but in the Greek it's their paradigm I did all my means to give you a pair O. Ded on my means to give over or mean be trade be trade and so this morning we don't look at 3 passages which clearly dictate who crucified Jesus who betrayed Jesus are you ready this morning. First passed go to Matthew Chapter 264151516 please hurry up his aria you're making the sermon so long. You have few 26 1st 151616 while you're looking it up I read it. I have the convenience of it having on my device here 1516 Matthew chapter 26. Bible says and said unto them what will you give me and I will deliver him unto you and they covenanted with him for 30 pieces of silver and from that time he saw opportunity to none NO NO NO NO. Yes Yes Yes Some of you are quick some of you are still waking up to what part I did all my in you understand you know many people feel sorry for Judas like all poor Judas was just the wrong character or the wrong place and the wrong time in one way he was fulfilling scripture I mean the was predicted in the Old Testament but bible theology biblical theology tells us that each individual is liable for his own guilt and he did these actions willingly X. 1000 denotes this week in this God does not describe what will happen but he does not prescribe what will happen got X. from his character from who he is not from foretold knowledge scripture contracts contrasts Judas with Mary Judas did not want to waste anything where as Mary wanted to waste everything on Jesus Judas came to Jesus and kissed him to be training him Mary came and would not stop kissing his feet had these 2 disciples if you will on opposite characters here Judas betrayed Jesus for greed for money politicians have sold out for contracts spies have be tried Nations business men have made an ethical decisions students have cheated authorities have looked the other way spouses have left spouses children have left children all for what for profit and for greed. A pastor's wife friend of mine a pastor friend of mine his wife just left him recently because she was tired of their socio economic status and she says I'm tired of being poorer I'm tired of being your wife I'm leaving you she didn't want to live as a poor person anymore. Many of you mean come from an immigrant background you know if you are from an immigrant narrative your parents or maybe you or your grandparents who left their mother country and came to this country of Canada they are crazy people. Insane to leave the only place you know to leave people that look all looking like you and you come to another country to speak a different language. Different food different ways of doing things and in to raise their children there as one of them. The immigrants narrative is so severe is that their objective in life is to live better than people back in their home country that's the gamble that they mean and if they come here and they live worse than the village back home they don't communicate with home you understand for those of you who know you know what I'm talking but if they do live better then they have opted to go back to their village. Say hello. I am from Canada. I am from North America America you know you know what works and you give presents out in the YES I AM SO and. As a lawyer and he married a doctor and their son is the prime minister of Canada. In many ways. It is very difficult for those of the immigrant narrative to accept the cross of Jesus it's inconvenient for them to see mom and dad with their sacrifice sacrifice 2nd fight sacrifice 2nd mom and dad have 2 or 3 jobs grandpa and grandma they wake up at at 5 in the morning and they come home at 4 in the morning asleep for an hour and they go back to work sacrifice sacrifice grandma was working in the dry cleaners and she died you know pressing the the the suit that she had grandpa died because of the ox that ran over him Mom and Dad died at the restaurant because they caught on fire whatever and all this actor and then they come to church and they hear well Jesus died for you to well like this is sacrifice overload and I don't like this is inconvenient and many people say I don't like Jesus I just want to live my life Jesus interrupts my economic narrative my profit narrative my income narrative so just like Judas whether you're an immigrant or not. We crucified there are Judases amongst us here today next passage Matthew chapter 27 verse 20 of his 27 or 1727 or 17 Therefore are you there for 17 Matthew chapter 27 or 17 and therefore when they were gathered together pilot said into them whom will ye that I release and to you this or Jesus which is called Christ for He knew that for envy they delivered Who is they it's not pilot These are the Jewish leaders they came in and verse 18 that for not for greed but for what for envy they had what Patton did all my need him so Judus betrays Jesus for greed. The Jews betray him for envy in Acts 236 you don't have to turn there the Bible says therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly God has made that same Jesus whom you have crucified both Lord and Christ is talking to the Jewish people the Jewish leaders X. 313 whom you delivered up verse 14 you deny the Holy One and kill the just verse 15 you killed the prince of law and of life for Chapter 4 verse 10 whom you crucified this is Peter B. thinking very pointed to his own people the same individuals who killed Jesus were the ones who Peter was trying to reach in the book of Acts and many did repent on that day the reality is this Jesus was not a regular preacher he was not a real rabbi he had no credentials no license no approval no proper authorization no diploma no degree he fraternized with this refuge to people he feasted instead of fasted he wasn't one of the company men he didn't want to keep the status quo he healed on the Sabbath and he claimed to be equal with the father which was blasphemy why the priests want to kill Jesus simple and he did not go through what we went through but he's getting all the glory where and B.S. of this they were not concerned for political stability or doctrine truth or moral purity they were proud as a race they had nationalism in them and they were religiously a morally arrogant. And they had a long history of accomplishments and they had they believed in a special relationship with God and they had created all these political alliances with Rome and here Jesus was threatening their existence they were proud of authority and this was a turf war what war do we have turf wars today. We have to report today I don't want you around what's my What the floor of tea are you do Who Do You Think You Are we say these things for the priests they place their confidence in their race their position their name their power their influence and in front of Jesus all these things melted away and they got super insecure soon all the things that we place our confidence will melt away at the 2nd coming of Jesus you know I say this to my wife I say this to my wife when it was she had a handbag one time that something on it she got some. Promising turned off she got some some stain on it. I don't like handbags handbags or girlie. And I said well you know honey at the same coming in Jesus going to burn. And that we shouldn't place her confidence in these things and she was like savages like man that's not very comforting you know thank you for being your compassionate has been and is kind of a running joke when you go around you know and when you know she burnt something on the kitchen I'm like that's OK when Jesus comes it all burn you nose and all burn so and she's getting really annoyed at me that one time that I had my favorite dress shirt and I was eating some spots then I got some some stain on it and I got some stain a try to wash it out with some cold water and wouldn't come out in like a honey do you know any secrets to get this out they don't worry. It will burn when Jesus comes. And we go. What comes around. Goes around. Just being nice to everyone you know just being. You know we don't like Jesus coming into our privacy we don't we we don't like when he demands our homage and then when and he expects our obedience and we just sometimes he asked geez can you just leave me alone why do you got to convict me on all these different levels it's very inconvenient I just want my things and it's me let me be confortable with my things and Jesus saying well one day these things are going to burn away the only one thing that's will secure you is my relationship with the Jews and I don't want this and for envy the trade Jesus the pair O. didn't mind him a Jesus seeks to disrupt our status quo like that Jesus doesn't throw over through our governments and our systems he overthrows the governments and systems of our hearts this is where he's trying to get at the authority authorities not based on ourselves but based on God So Jesus interrupts your socio political narrative your legal narrative maybe your immigration nearer to your independence narrative and because he's so inconvenient we crucify him very easy to do number 3. Pilot Matthew chapter 24 verse 2427 Chapter 27 verse 24 when pilot saw that he could prevail nothing but that rather a tumultuous made he took water and washed his hands before the multitude saying I am innocent of the blood of this just person see to it pilot was actually a good administrator and by good I don't mean morally good I just mean terms of administration he was very good he was around in 802636 there are secular documents that prove that pilot existed he was hated by the Jews and he used temple taxes to build an aqueduct at that time 1st 25 then answered all the people and said and said his blood to be on us and our children verse 26 then released he Barabbas unto them and when he had scourged Jesus he what and. He pair O. did him to be crucified here pile is very interesting he is if you know if you look at exit house the Spirit of Prophecy delineates the story pilot was trying to squirm himself out of the situation Luke Chapter $23.00 verse 2 they began to accuse him saying We found this fellow perverting the nation and forbidding to give Caesar tribute to Caesar saying that he himself is Christ the King then pilot said to the chief priest and the people I find fault in I find no fault in this man. Since pilot is in charge of the South and harried is in charge of the North pilot was that his 1st tactic was this I don't want to deal with this this is coming on to get sticky this church board is going to go we're going to fight and so I don't want to deal with this I'll just move this to another person's jurisdiction so what happens he sends him to Herod what is error do bring them right back to the ad that didn't work. Or true he pilot punishes him publicly and tries to get pity from the people so you punishes him bloodily and tries to elicit some form of compassion from the people John 1000 verse one pilot therefore to Jesus and scored him and the soldiers planted a crown of thorns put it on his head and they put it put on him a purple robe and they said Hail King of the Jews and they smote him with their hands pilot therefore went forth again and said into the BE whole I bring him before him to you that you may know that I find no fault with in him then came Jesus forth wearing a crown of thorns in the purple robe and pilot said into them be hold the man meaning look at him you guys hasn't he gone through enough let's just not deal with this situation right now what happened that egged them on even further Number 3 pilots thinking what do I do I try to bump into an urge or steer a section that didn't work I try to listen compassion they're not being compassionate So what is he doing the next tactic is this John 1939 you have a custom that I should release until you won at Passover Will you therefore that he released on to you the king of the Jews and they all cried again saying not this men but this but Brown barabus was a robber. If you know something about barabus barabus was a cult leader he was a what everyone is a cult leader his name was. Bob Barr we find him in secular documents his 1st name was yes his 1st name in Greek is the same name as Jesus His name is Jesus Baba Bob Barr means son Aba means Father meaning his name was Jesus son of the father What's he was of a different order of a different world he was a son of a different father he was a a thief and a robber and he started a political rebellion against the Roman government and he wanted to create a new religion coming up with the Jewish people they wanted to overthrow the Roman government and he was a revolutionary he was a murder an assassin and killed Roman politicians and so he says this is in its thinking is like look try to bump into another jurisdiction that didn't work I'm going to beat him up and Alissa compassion that didn't work no one I'm going to choose the war worst person the person that they hate for sure and compare him to him and they're going to have compassion and they're going to choose Jesus did that work they said we want the cult leader rather than Jesus we want the faults Jesus instead of the real Jesus today we say the same thing we want sports heroes movie stars music heroes Marvel superheroes finance years politicians ideologies different roles of ambition instead of the real Jesus. So what does pilot do he gets all dramatic and he says I'm innocent Matthew 27 verse 24 Matthew 27 verse 241 pilot saw that he could do nothing but that rather a to mope was made he took water washed his hands before the multitude saying I am innocent of the blood of this just person see to it too often we look for ways on how we can have G.'s us and our way together and we find different strategic ways to have both yes. Anxious to avoid the pain of a whole hearted commitment to Jesus we squirm and we look for ways out we compromise we seek to honor Jesus in a lesser way and we call him a good man or a good teacher and we just do the minimal that we can to be considered a Christian or an administration and we have without the the more intelligence we have the more of a strategic way we find to customize our men the most spirituality Mark 1515 Bible says pilot so willing to content the people John 1000 verse 12 it was this that was the final thing the Jews cried out saying if you let this man go you're not a friend of Caesar this is a political accusation pilot was guaranteed Imperial favor but now because he was accused of being a compromiser he became a coward and so Jesus interrupts your social life your social standing your ambition narrative your social media narrative Jesus is not convenient Judas wanted security wealth power and peace Jews wanted authority legitimacy legitimacy self-respect self-determination and peace pilot wanted adulation favor and peace they all wanted peace so why did they do. They para didn't mind Jesus yet they are not really to blame Jesus said they don't know what they're doing Paul said they acted in ignorance so we don't need to be anti Jew to cite anti-Semite tight anti anti pilot type of the that's a word. We do the same things today yes or no we need money so we work on Sabbath we crucify Christ we take a job that Christians should not take so crucify Jesus we want independence we when we want to eat what we want to eat we do what we want to want we do what we want to do we spend money on what we want to spend money on we live that lifestyle that's not Biblical so we crucify Jesus we want to mission we meet the people that we shouldn't we date and we married people the Bible says we shouldn't we want to impress the people that we don't like so what we do we crucify Jesus we are the ones that killed Jesus Christ is inconvenient and Christ into Rupp's our narrative this morning I'm not here to give you a guilt trip there's another is a 5th party not Judas who parroted in my Jesus not the Jewish leaders who parroted to my Jesus not pilot who parrot didn't mind Jesus and not us who paranoid paranoid parrot didn't mind Jesus but go to Romans chapter 8 verse 31 Romans 831 and 32 The Bible says are you there. Excuse me Romans 831 The Bible says watch we then say to these things if God be for us who can be against us verse 32 he that spared not his own son but what. Peril did of mine had him up for us all how shall he not with him also freely give us all things. Who has crucified Jesus not Judas for money not pilot for fear not Jews for envy but God the Father for love Jesus did not die a martyr Jesus went voluntarily John 1011 the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep verse 17 I lay down my life that I might take it again verse 18 no man take it from me but I lay it down of myself I have the power to lay it down and I have the power to take it up again so listen very carefully this is the conclusion to this wanted peace by things so he betrayed Jesus the Jewish leaders leaders wanted peace by politics and they crucified Jesus pilot wanted peace by strategy and he crucified Jesus but God the Father also wanted peace he and P. want peace in his heart he wanted peace that knowing that his lost children would be saved and God the Father para didn't mind Jesus because of love perhaps today this morning you've been struggling with some things and you want peace you want real soul peace not not like you know peace peace but soul peace you want to be made right with God You want Jesus to be the center and an end of your life in the end the reality you have a real picture of Jesus in your life and you need the peace of the cross we need the cross for our greed to die for our and Bishan narrative to die we need fear to die we need to die we need to struggle to die and this is only done by the cross we need Jesus to interrupt our narrative how many been trying for a very long time and you're battling this. This gymnastic you know construct of you're trying to be spiritual by trying to have your way and trying to do all these things and you just have this this masterpiece of a life but you're barely holding it together. And you have no peace so Lord help me to drop it it's all going to burn when Jesus comes anyway and I need the peace of the cross how many of you is that your prayer Lord interrupt my narrative or Syrians up high by ways or you know what you're saying you're not raising these hands up in front of me or from the camera but you're raising them and you know you know why agonist do this you know I am in this do you keep your hands that. You know I am in this do this this altar call this what it's not for the camera it's not for the preacher to. Let's see who you did not raise your hand and we're going up it's not for that it's not even for God and something like Well God knows my heart yeah of course you know if you're are it's not even for God you know who it was for him or some of us For me know you already know what you're doing I hope I hope you know where you're to when you're raising your and it's for the angels and for the on falling worlds that in the great controversy in this investigative judgment they're watching us and like is he sincerely Well I know in my heart but they can't reach your heart God can read you are God God and you know but they don't know the clean ons and he walks in the Martians and then the Vulcans they don't know and so when they see down here like man this brother here this sister here they're living this kind of life put on hold they're raising that they're asking Jesus for help and so now when we ask Jesus for help now their eyes are no longer on us now who is in on on Jesus doesn't make sense does it make sense. So how many of you want to say Lord help me and angels bear witness to my pretty look around you say hello angels. Some of you laugh and it is kind of funny in one sense but do you really believe that we are living in this great controversy do you really believe that the blood of Jesus has efficacy to change our lives do you believe that God will interrupt your life and cause inconvenience in your finances in your relationships in your time spending in everything that you do Jesus 8 convene Otherwise we just pair O. Ded in my in the way let's pray Father in heaven you see the hands that have been risen and Lord we know you know and so Father we ask that you help us but Father we raise our hands in one sense asking forgiveness for the times where we have betrayed you Times were betrayed you in private times were trade you in public times where we betrayed you before all the angels in all the universe times where we trade you even within our own conscience father we ask that the blood of Jesus cleanse us and cleanse us deep a father now we also ask for the blood of Jesus to empower us to change us and to interrupt us Father we didn't come here to to to listen to a good message to to feel good week at we came here looking for hope and that hope can only be provided not by a speaker not by a conference but by the Cross a by son. Lord before all the angels we ask including the speaker including those who may be watching or listening through digital means father may all the Universe see how powerful the blood of Jesus is in our lives. Change us we pray. In Jesus name we pray let everyone say. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more service leave to visit W W W audio verse or.


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