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Bridging the Gap Part 1

Gabriel McClover


We will discuss how we have been able to combine agriculture, a restaurant, & medical missionary work to impact the community of Summerville GA. Come learn how you can create a center of influence in your area. 


  • January 15, 2020
    1:45 PM
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Father in heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity to come together to learn about this restaurant work and what you've called to do in this last days we pray that your Holy Spirit be with us Help us Lord to. Focus our minds and understand the importance of this health message this is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. So good afternoon everybody my name is Gabriel my clover my wife Yvonne they all share being here shortly we have 5 kids we run we have a I wouldn't call it. A farm but we have a nice sized garden and then we also have a restaurant that we run and we also home school so we get. Day by day. Day So just a little bit about us as we were out we've been open for 4 years. Now we're located in Somerville ga. We have been working with the community so this is I'm going to give a I'm just going to tell you where we're at and then we're going to go backwards and I'm going to give you our testimony of how we got to this place so this is us at a public school. A public school. And we were teaching the whole 2nd grade it was a couple 100 students and there about eating healthy. So we went in there and you see I'm like so they came to me and say well because we'll talk about we do something in a restaurant also called the 10 day health challenge call that he'll begin 10 the health challenge which you guys are going to get some meat to it and that 3rd hour which is this is a revolutionary and I'm so excited to share this part of it but through that through that ministry that we did it opened us and opened up a door for us to actually get into a public school system so we went in and you say could you come and teach about you guys so big about health and you do so much in the community could you come and share with our 2nd graders so we came into the school I was like you do it I was like No problem you know. You're sure you have no problems so I Ok How are we going to keep. A bunch a 2nd grader is. Focused for an hour or so you see we've had so many different Mr actions going on we had guess what's in the box we have 4 different boxes so we guess what's in the box we gave different clues are like Ok You know it's red and you know we just kind of when it was like Coca-Cola like yes and then what we did what we illustrated to them the importance of staying away from sugary beverages we talked about the Army in our body which is the white blood cells and in oil and if we do eat a lot of sugar in a suppressed some of the 4 hours so it was so funny I said I said You so we went I said anybody sir anybody parents serve in the military and I guess and I said What is that what is the purpose of an army or was like to protect us to fall I did it up I said What happens if the army goes asleep there was a whole day later Lui. Said You know there's an army in our body and then they got it just so simple like that and we started going through the caffeinated beverages and he says base over your age there's not much sugar you you should eat this caffeinated beverages like 6 times the amount of sugar that you eat and amazingly we had they we had made smoothies for them right and the smoothies were you know we put in like here go so mango as if it was a mangoes Yeah we got some bananas Yeah Ok we'll put some Spanish No you get I mean that's the smiley up there screaming at us. And then we made the smoothies and we pass it on pass it around and they're smelling then they're like and they started tasting and all the kids enjoyed it so that was that was all the 2nd great they invited us to do another program we did a whole 3rd grade and another school invited us to do the same program so we see just just by doing things that the Lotus call this a do it sort of open us up we also do in home cooking classes so this is part of our 10 the health challenge that we're going to talk about where we get people who are interested in making transitions in their hell that we literally go in. To their homes. Teach them how to cook this is my wife here Yvonne now. She's going to chime in and you know so we have a balance of it was a how do you do we have a balance where we we are we are we work together very well so my wife she makes stuff taste good she takes she takes squashy take stuff out of the garden she makes things taste good and she servants of the people I'm a talker on the sales person on the Get into doors but this is where my wife. Shines it up you can really see it as kind of dark on the thing but maybe we can turn that last light off or we can see a little I. Guess we can see that little bit better so we also do kids cook in schools. So people say What have you or do the kids could go before I said no but we'll figure it out so I say Well how old I said they don't want to bring them in here. If they can walk bring them so we had kids from this is my daughter but we had kids from. 3 years old always up to teenagers 18 and we had a 3 day cooking school so everything that we do we try to make it evangelism an event of the 2nd nature right so this is a 3 day cooking school we actually did it with a cardinal some of the ministers they contacted us we went in there and we say you know what this is our plan it's not it's going to be a one day cooking school going to a 3 day cooking school and then the 3rd night we're going to make a banquet. And I want each person to go invite their family members to come out. And see what they created and you'd be surprised when people came to say what brings you here oh my granddaughter told me to come not Christian not church at all but if granddaughter says Come see what I made Guess what he was like and they came and we had a wonderful one of the wonderful wonderful time and they just enjoyed a self and it was amazing we you would think. It all the age groups so we had what was age groups from 3 to 5. $910.00 then and. 9 and then 13 all the teenage years. So who do you think was the most needed. Group age group. The most need the Made least amount of mass. Yes. You know we had x. year we had them we brought whites we were ready we were ready and they you see I mean they can see the table is actually there these are the guys or this is that group everything was absolutely pristine they were cutting their bananas because we did like a banana split so we cut the bananas and we put almond butter on it with what she has seeds and different fruits on there and they made it and it was not a bit of a mess but that next next group I was like anywhere and they are wearing Alman butter and it was just amazing but we this is this is this is what we love the Do we also do cooking schools so we started off our 1st cooking school that we've done we're going to talk about this as we go along our 1st cooking school we do probably have one person there. One person and most of us say. They don't work right but consistency is important let us not be worry and we'll do it for in due season you share repeat if you think not so we just kept at it so one turned into 2 and then 3 and then 10 and then 20 and this is what we did was like 100 people here we've done we've done it at universities where we had over 100 people there doing cooking school we went to corporate world because I'm from the corporate world so I yelled need this health message so I we've done corporate cooking classes and it's all using the restaurant. As a. You know because they are not going to call I know some of those I know to serve some of them ministers as being in the health message could you come to my school and do a health program that's probably not going to happen right but if I am a 7th Day Adventists using the restaurant still doing God's work guess what oh it's just this is a venue a cafe come in there I'm not going to name a company but was and it was not was in their particular industry we're dealing with the number one and number 2 in the world globally they called us and said I hear about this 10 day help challenge I need you guys to come and. Implement this into our company and I said home can you do it here you can do is go to that so we go in there so we we we actually put all of their physicians because this one particular company has their own place where they have their own physicians and they deal nothing with that particular company's employees so we went in there and we put all their physicians on a 10 day health challenge so now what's happening is they're actually referring to. Their actual referring people to our program through the company we're talking 18000 employees 21000 employees and that's where the lowest start to go so we like I will Lord what are you doing so this is why I'm so excited to be here because. And I was thinking about it this morning John I was thinking like I wonder how much pounds of food is produced at this at Agra you know how many pounds of food that is produced out of all the different farmers here and I was like and this is the secret to the health message because you can say you know you can you can say you got to eat this and eat that this but if you don't have the nutrition. Your body is not going to heal itself your body needs nutrition to heal itself and so this is this is why I'm so excited to be here and hopefully to inspire any time that we do a health lecture. Or any type of presentation we seek to do 3 things number one is educate you know I truly believe in God as far as my thought far as the east from the west so is my thoughts in your thoughts that means we don't know nothing so there's always an opportunity to learn to we seek to inspire right inspire people to to maybe maybe do something like this or maybe start off small maybe start off with our neighbor and last and we would like to challenge people like the challenge is this why tell everybody go through action they challenge we work with over 500 people have spoken every almost every last one of them and we always challenge them as they're going through a challenge we challenge we inspire we challenge so I'm a see could do that today this is our restaurant if you can see it that particular that pictures are restaurant so we went we went from we started off and we were in a space probably half the size of his room we probably could fit 3 or 4 tables right and I was in r. and r. and r. town Summerville Ga It's not like Nashville Tennessee or Atlanta Georgia we're talking 4000 people that's what we have in our town so you think 4000 people in a restaurant probably not a good idea. But the Lord opened a door for so one restaurant I didn't know it I don't know what I'm doing I was floored to say Oh but I said Ok walk to the door open the door walk to the door but so this is with this is actually our new building so we have a you know a juice bar we have and it actually could fit this is one of our couldn't class a multi couldn't class that we do and you and you would be surprised how many people not have been it's not even churches come and said I want to help you cook and I've seen this recent documentary I saw game changes I saw what the hell Fox seen these documentaries I need to make changes. What I do I don't know how many how many Bible studies I've had over the counter people send their. Guy comes in if this is always this is always the you know you go and they come in I believe they walk into a gas and they sort of come in there and they come and say well they look at the deuces and I say I want to detox and use oh do you talk to use would be good I'm like everything will be good if you want to detox you know and I said but it's not my line I said you know but this is a short term thing you know you may get some temporary relief but want to suit what is the long term effects why are you why are you looking to do talks well I just came from my doctor oh. Is everything Ok doc said he changed my diet why oh my blood sugar is 400 so that's how you define and make some changes and I said well the juices will help but we have this program called it the healing begin because the body isn't healing that we talk about God's plan they said this is god's plan and attrition we should be interested in learning more about this oh yeah so I take and we have office right now and they're just going to close them is like 99 percent close rate because if they're sick they're going to get side of it and they helped house there's another there's another cooking class that we've done. And so we're all over the place so that is where we're at now and there's a lot more layers to the story that we're going to get into but I want to talk about our story a little bit how do we get here because I think in order for us to really. Appreciate. Any body is to learn their story you know I'm taking over the the kids you know this is this is I don't know it was a ministry of healing but he said when when Christ spoke he spoke with such simplicity that even the children in the right so I say you know what I'm going to teach the young adults early teens how to school class some of them will put this in action and what are the things that we're doing is we're going into the nursing home this might be a good idea for anybody we're going to a nursing home we have the students go interview the people that are living there we're going to write the life story we're going to put it on video but I said you're going to get in on some of the students you're going to be you're going to be able to appreciate people more when you learn where they came from All right so a little bit about our story. And my wife she's leaving but she going to chime in just remind me because I always skip some things so I'm going to go over a little bit of our testimony not the full complete testimony but just a little bit so we've joined the 7 of ministers 5 years ago Donna. 5 years ago so 5 years we've been in the administration. We opened a restaurant 4 years ago. But when we came to this movie there's a little story behind it so I grew up my parents. Pentecostal preachers I'm a preacher's kid so when I came in to it when I when I started growing up my understanding of Christian at Christianity was. You know you go to go to go to church every Sunday I know all the songs I stand out when I'm posting and up I said I want to post and then I go home and I go watch football that was my Sundays and then as I grew up as I play I play football in college my brother play in the n.f.l. for 6 or 7 years so my whole family since I can walk was all about competition all about sports so I'm not going to college where I met my wife and I didn't know it at the time. And the about a restaurant but it's about who we are. I don't know to time but I was actually a Luciferian and I didn't know it. Right so as I as I started you know because in order to play football we are trained to kill our opponent literally you know we I mean you don't see people are excited when you defeat your opponent they're hurt you lied to us. And in order for us to do that you know some of this such against our nature that we have to kind of put ourself in a mindset in order to do it so what we'll listen to different type of music is that get you in get you in get you in the mood to go out and want to hurt your opponent and. I remember you know my brother he was in a. He sent me he sent me a d.v.d. called truth behind hip hop and I watched it and I'm looking at color like we are Luciferian and we don't even know it I'm like we just have this mask of we think we're we're going to church every Sunday but at the same time we are doing what thou wilt as Alice across he would say do it I will and we just do whatever we want to do and me and my brother decided at that point that we're going to start this is what we call a journey of truth so we're going to we're going to we realize that lowered its nationals out of something and now we need to consecrate ourselves to God to go in opposite direction so we started studying the Bible now and again I'm still Pentecostal preacher kid right so the Lord allowed us to go through a very humbling event so here I am I'm in college I'm football you know my wife will tell you I was pretty arrogant in college you know. She was smiling right. So it was it was miss anything you want to hear anything. Ok so she shot a kitchen Ok so so at that time you know the Lord really had a home with me and I really didn't because you know when you when you play football you catch a touchdown it like yeah we won because of you and you are such and you get all this praise and you just can't you don't know how to deal with it and you start to get puffed up a little bit. And Isaiah 12 he says you know when looser talks about I will send the ball that I had his eye problem and I had that I probably thought it was all about me it's because I got to bring him down low so at that time just got out of college and where I was trying to I was and say I'm the 1st job I get was a sales job and it was straight commission summer we had some. We had some missionaries come to the restaurant and they're going out and doing book or and this is a rule I restaurant missionaries would be free. So if you're a missionary alloca when the you eat free so sit down pray as a lawyer you know you need to have a free meal but they came and I said I can relate I know how I know how tough to go this elite shell selling books I was selling like go you know little toy cars and all type of foolishness but I was going door to door selling the stuff but it was straight commission job and then what happened was and you know I went a long period time didn't sell anything it was due. Couldn't pay to rent and we hadn't been invented for my property you know it's very humble and tooth they say you no longer live here I'm taking all your stuff out and we'll put it in storage and that's it so here we are you know that was me my wife and I had to our oldest was now 13 which is Elizabeth. One of these kids you have 5 kids you know what I'm talking about and then you should like what is that Elizabeth was the oldest one and so here we are she was like you know a few months old and we're like and I was at my lowest point I was in my car just crying like a lord what in the world so I called my parents I said hey man this is what happened and I was in Buffalo New York in my room in a Buffalo New York before oh some brutal when I was up there man and here I am in the cold in my car stuff in storage I got my girlfriend time and a baby and I'm like What in the world my going to do so I called my parents and they they they brought me down they said We come to get you so they brought us down and they brought us down to. To Fort Lauderdale Florida so my dad still had his church there he had a church so I said you know what I'm going to take this christian anything seriously and I am going to be whatever needs to be whatever I need to be shot whether it was lead and song service whether it was setting up the equipment whatever it was I want to be that but then and that type of church the like you have the pastor and the you have the pastors kid and he's like heir apparent you know he's like Prince of the church so when dad steps down son takes over that's just the way it goes and they would say you need to go preaching like preacher you know what the Bible says you know no way I'm going to preach right so I started it I started feel the pressure and I used to borrow my dad's truck and he had Bible on cd. So I put the Bible in cd and I would start listening to it wow all day just listening to it and I would go home and I read those same verses and I'm like wait a minute. Sometimes something's not right and I start asking questions and you know that didn't really go well when you ask questions. So I always since I was a young child I always say I got more spankings and all my siblings combined I got 3333 siblings and now I got more springs on combined just never you know you know work with me as I like the guys will get into that little bit just maybe to talk to talk to him a little bit they need to talk to me than work but anyway so I always interested and probably would get in trouble in my dad was sit me he would I would get a spanking he was sitting in a room and he'll turn a movie radio in my head a movie radio turned up loud and say maybe someone get through to this boy and then I hear we're going to talk about the Book of Revelation and like oh the future yes I need to hear about it I want to hear about the future and then here they are you have you know 3 different preachers and the same verses you have one opinion they had another preachers who just same verses but a whole nother opinion and I'm like if they don't get it how in a world I'm going to get it right so I just always push it aside but when I started studying the Bible for myself weeping maybe something to it so I started looking up the 7 year tribulation you know this is the main prophecy and you know rebuild the 3rd temple also sites are looking at the stuff in the in the Bible and then I always was interested in history so I got so looking at a Bible History Bible History Bible and history and I say wait a minute maybe this and I started looking at the book and then you know and I sort of see in this this time period of 1260 years and I'm like wait a minute it can't be literal because you know all these kingdoms came in and like this sums up with this so anyway through the Bible through the Holy Spirit leading me through history books I come to find out the 7 year tribulation was fiction was not true nowhere in the Bible and I just had I mean I had coast from Frederick Douglass Abraham Lincoln on the I didn't know to time but I literally had a presentation had no clue but I had all my notes. And I'm like This is so I start telling everybody at the top. Yeah Ok do 7 year tribulation happen in the past you know Ok so one day my my my dad was going to be in town or they needed a speaker so they said hey which I can speak to Sunday was like yeah. But I don't I wasn't an issue late going to preach I was like you know I maybe I can you know maybe Grace and maybe you know study some other things I thought was pretty cool because that study just could not get off my mind so I said you know what I'm doing it and I just said it's also I'm doing it they need to know this they need to because at that time it's like nobody knows this stuff this is so important this is true in these be so so here I go I go into the church and here I'm sorry. Sermon time so I go through and I said tell the server was 70 tribulation is it fact there is a fiction. And then you know all the leaders of the church play what he did so I went through the whole sermon you know go through the sermon and boy if you like but. Want to go to Jeremiah Be not afraid to face this and with you there was a cock at the back of the it was a clock so I stopped looking at everybody I started preaching to the clock. And I was looking at the clock I went through the whole presentation and I said you know this is true. And what are you going to do about it kind of you know what this is this is what you can do about it and so it was like Ok. So I sat down you know I had an appeal and 1st sermon ever preached was that in the Senate church. And I said that's it and I sat down that here comes a minister comes up and just really under duz everything I did to do nun and I said. Oh of course they cornered me I'm like here's my notes tell me why I'm wrong you know I'm not I'm not doing this to be controversial I'm just trying to find it you tell me where I'm wrong and he's like you know understand you know you get it later and I'm like why. Later So I told my wife and I bet my wife wasn't really you know she just was kind of watching from afar because. You want to look like your background. So. I grew up in. A Pentecostal Baptist. Background. And part of that was Catholic too they went to Catholic school. I was sent to kindergarten all the way up to level 3 and so I had a lot of. Things going on seeing a lot of hypocrisy in the church and so when my husband went on this. Religious kick. I was not. Really for it nor against it I was like I want to see how it pans out and. You know find this new True phone call that I always put quotation. For me I had to search it out and he had to prove it by the Bible for me to really like get on board with him. And so I go you need to be doing is I'm like Ok you. Just. Chapter. And what didn't work out very well for me at least for that. So so this is my wife's background so she's she's good so when I came to her so you know I'm not I'm not going but total effort of this thing out by Christian sums wrong and I was fine with that because she's like whatever I want to do no one really feeling it anyway and I said some Isro I got to figure this thing out and I did know was going to be 3 years for stuff from the church because it was searching for truth. I mean it was it was an amazing amazing journey that I had so here we go so here I go I thought I would draw from church not at this time I was staying at my parents' house right so put this in perspective and as you go along you can feel you can feel the tension wracked ratchet up as the story goes along so here I go I stopped going to church I said you know down like I'm going to church for a little while and he started a Bible because some Psalm So he said Ok You know when you study the Bible praise the Lord. Oh no no no this is so we started so as a study in the Bible. Study in the Bible and we pulled away from church right so here I go and then I go to work one day right so I go to work and then my my one of my coworkers she just was like look like something like she got hit with a bus right now is like everything Ok she goes I watched a documentary just like really just change my whole perspective about life Ok what doctor it was that she go Food Inc and I heard a documentary Food Inc she go Food Inc She goes oh no I don't know what to say I don't bottom or. What so I had time you know I think it was the last blockbuster on the planet I said a blockbuster movie pass I went in there I said you know what I will go to Blockbuster number read this I'm going to rent this d.v.d.. So I go to Blockbuster and I read it I rent the d.v.d. and I watch it and I watch this thing and I watch it and then I'm just like and then I thought was over I told my wife I said they're trying to kill me. I said they are China kid me she was like What are you talking about I liked it so Going to me in the moment yeah and I'm like No wonder the McDonald's Burger the toilet I was. Told that no one could like crazy I'm eating this stuff they tried to kill me so at that point I went cold turkey. Nothing but rice in the. Sight aisle of a rice I mean with 3 years because we didn't know anything about plant based eating and cookin fake cheese and also. It was a rice and I said this is safe they came they got shot to kill me. So when I when I So at that time you know I was playing football I got I got out and I just I was the same way I did not I was like 245 to 51 feeling good and then I started I changed my diet just started just simply eating rice and beans. Simple Dog food diet I said because everything was kidney beans I used to sell Tatum things up. And no I was out of my bed one day comes and goes. With Kidney beans was it good you eat those things everything good day. I thought I can cook really good at the time so. So here we go so I changed I changed I literally changed my diet to what happened is my mind. Cleared up all so I was in sales and corporate sales and I would go into position I would go meet with a sea level person and order for me to remember what happened and I mean I would take meticulous notes right but after I changed my diet it was like I literally could replay the whole conversation in my mind and I was like This is a competitive bet is making me more money I'm never eating meat again so it was more of a selfish thing at that time right. And then as we started studying and so that was one thing so so keep in mind I'm at my parents' house stop going to church then I stop beating me oh and I'm off I mean. Yeah she would she she was she was. We like to laugh a lot so we like we laugh a lot so my wife would you know she's in there baking my way it was you know what I said be sure to look good that you can you know eating unhealthy stuff and just teasing me what So we had a good time with it was it was no big deal but as we saw So here I go I changed my down my start clearing up and then the Word of God just really started open up to me and my brother at the time me and him we always will call each other right will say hey you know what about this you study this so our brother will go in his study and he'll come out hey what about this Ok that's pretty cool like give me some hard next time one day I'll never forget where I was that he calls me he goes What about the Sabbath I don't like you waste my time I love it told us that you're wasting my time everybody knows Saturday is Sunday give me something good to study and he goes I don't know man something's up with that I think you should look at it. As Ok I'm going I'm like I'm going to try to break a record like I'm like I'm going to break a record to prove this room fact so I just let me leave my Bible go to classes to 14 but not the hammer to subordinates I was against was contrary to us taking out the way now it's a cross you therefore that nobody judge you between what is this and I started to research about it oh this is talking about the law most of put the side of the ark not talking about 10 commandments Oh I said wait a minute this isn't a script in the Lord's Day Yeah be a good verse and here I am by the call my brother and it was like well the Lord's Day I'm the lord of the Sabbath and and so it took me about 10 days. To study this thing I'll call my brother I'm like dude I think I think we need to start keeping the Sabbath. No I bet my brother we got to the point where we're studying we're saying no matter what the Bible says this is where we're going so we thought we don't need people in a plant to keep the Sabbath. So we were given to sell it was given to. So it was it was so exhilarating though you know when you get in this precious truth here oh this is really so we start even though we're doing you know my work and also so here we go to not keep in mind that person is rushing up at my parents' house right so stop pulling away from church stop me like you and your future family man the bunny chicken is the obvious but all this is you know rabbit food. So we start you start changing and then we start keeping the Sabbath Well me I start keeping Sabbath and then my wife you know and so this goes back to the 2nd part right and how you know I got that Bible is to try to beat my Bible my wife you know all these new troops started to come I said Vanno 1000000 other schools we do want to do that but but but but but I knew immediately. When he was kind of like turn me off aluminum like this is what. I am just not ready for it and so how do. You address by I would. Say oh you need to be doing this and I'll go to the Bible to read it and see what it fully says and I say well you know I'm doing it fully. Well you know keep in this part of it and so even though I wasn't necessarily following it it was playing hard. What I know I need to. Kind of change it was funny because she was like you know. She's like you know sad right and she's like well and she look it up and she goes as if they say you don't even keep in the summer the right way you're not even do it was not doing that old pleasure all my holy day over to play Madden football games that I play video games you like it's not just about work and I was like You're right you know so you know you do it in the Lord has agrees with you and as we move along but so here we are you know. When I leave off it. Sort of pressure builds up in the house I call this majestic struggle that was going on in the house you know so here goes here comes a Saturday we do nothing you know do anything I'm studying my Bible Sunday come cutting the grass doing stuff my parents look at me like Let's go so it was it was it was a very uncomfortable tension and I had to actually so you got to understand why we're so me and my brother we grew up from the time we can walk it was about competition it was about winning so when we started in the Bible we brought this same spirit you know so we study what my dad would have a Bible study. We when it. This is not know you know this is like we are going to win this by study and so he like. And I was like you know I'm looking back like we do it was like you know you know I would like to point out the Texas is right there you know it's clear is that you say we go into do you know it does look at 7 times to 11. And I just was like what it what good and I told my dad to call my dad years later and I said you know what you know that time you know as you were studying I wasn't trying to you know I was trying to win a Bible study and not want to so you know this is different right you know he you know China and it was a definite was Grosso here so now how does Thomas I've heard of some of them has ever heard. 7 minutes never you never heard of it nobody knocked on my door never so I that come my brother he found he was on he was online and he found. The Forerunner remembered for one so he if I don't want you to so my brother isn't in a focus on this woman for he was like very very young like maybe one or 2 videos on You Tube and my bros and I felt he was saying oh man this guy's talking some good stuff let me donate some money took so our brother would see bunch of money and he would send back case is a great controversy. So my brother and now I don't know what to do I didn't learn to later he never read the book never the book but yet he was in downtown Fort Lauderdale passing great controversy. He said his boast a Everywhere you go he will pull out he will come up and he will open his chart and he just are past and I get caught here you need this book you need is never read the book so anyway so as we're going as we're going through this journey me and my brother was kind of my brother's like yeah it's been like 3 years we need to connect to a church so I did research and Mormons the Jehovah's Witness I mean that I mean church and as a ring I found people keep like well some day Baptists well they get to speak in Intel and they don't like crazy stuff and I'm going to hit back at 4 and then never heard of a 7th Day Adventists. So what happened was my brother he was fall he kind of went on a different path right and he was trying to get rid of these different religious books in his house and one of them was a great controversy so I happened to be there when he had his last great controversy. The last one in his house and he goes Oh here you take this book I'll get rid of it myself Ok and I looked at it like and come you know I read the back of it I still got the book since shredded in tape you know and I said I can read this at a time I read John Hagy book you know by know these names Perry Stone is guys I read all the prophecy books man they just you know they got portions of the truth but then it's really convoluted to get to the truth and here we are. So I take this great controversy book home now mind you I recall my brother and I was like hey I think this little book of Revelation 10 I think is a book again you know this is me studying myself and he goes my you get that and I'm like Well it talks about you know how he ate the scroll and it was bitter to the balance it sounds like he killed 3 went you know and I said this is so I started bringing I said this to sounds like I think only books do it this time in court today and 12 is the book a day and he goes not unlike Yeah you're right yes kind of crazy too farfetched and then I saw a really great controversy destruction of Jerusalem 1st chapter I'm like whoa you know I just read this and book a look at it armies around the city and draw that we time to get out and then I remember reading now I love the prophecy point of that was confirm a lot of things I was studying but I can tell you that that book the great controversy of those 1st chapters when you talking about these folks who are Reformation these folks who stand in and stand for true from front to monarchs and kings and say I will not think that really touched my heart that really because at that time as I'm studying these books I'm like I can't be these guys man I literally was like Lord I disguise for intents I cannot be I am barely read my Bible and compared to these guys and then I start to get fearful all. A bit like man this is like maybe too much for me right and then I read a great controversy I think I don't know which chapter it in says before God will never come you he was in every inch of the heaven for your protection and I said oh I got back up. I said I got back out so it really embarrassed me so I read that I rented a book and I was like Who is this lady. So at that time I thought she just was an author. Who is this lady so I looked at Lindsay white and went to e.g. white estate 1st thing that popped up if you want to say it clicked and you want to say it's a new autobiography and 2 thing that stuck out to me most translated when a woman often history and she out there gets Keisha and I'm like 3rd grade education you know I mean I had to Google so many words and great controversy and know what you're talking about so slow way is 3rd grade so that blew my mind I'm like well I need all her books so I look at a website a conflict of ages. Ok so at all a conflict of a just or so within a problem out of what 6 months I read all those books. Now like Who is this lady crisis a bit like a 1000 miles west and then I was out but I was killing I mean within that I probably read about 10 of her books probably in the lesson about 10 months I mean it was I mean literally I was in sales appointments and I would be like oh they're late and I just put out a book and I start reading. And I. Just constantly read constantly reading constantly reading and then the the knowledge of the Bible started to increase and I missed anything in this testimony. So here we are so at that time now this is this is this is I don't know what we have to time in office to fit there what. Ok people Ok so we can get this part and get to the restaurant then we'll pick up at the restaurant but it's important for you guys to know where we came from so that time again I was beat my wife up with the Bible you know I play football so I call it I call it the truth and you know if I had a north and it was like as if I'm like in North Carolina a guy hits might say this is where is that flock I've given you and you mean because you know a book and dropped in my lap. And then his home. Boy let me tell you. There was a chapter in. And out of his home husband you ought not to be. But as I was a year you know like you I'll go to the know and I'm like whoa whoa whoa whoa. It was like man I might believe that the readers to have their way of life was cut me some severely so I really had the stock at that point had to stop and says Ok Lord I miss this thing I beat my wife up with the Bible turned all off about Christianity and I knew at that time that you know this is new truth that I need to be baptized into this new truth I knew it it's time so I'm going to any church but I said Lord I don't know my period I said it is what it is and I started to go through this kind of I would say depression but it was more of look I'm really messed up and I was like I was I remember praying I said Lord save my family and to heaven to save all them and let me be lost I'm almost a what that and I was feeling that for a long time and a lot was I don't know is normal and he bought me a Texas 32 you know when Moses guy says You know I'm going to block these people out and he says no no no. No no no he said I'm going to I'm going to stroll the people in the most is no say of them but if not block my name out of the book of life and he started showing me what a true shepherd was and what a shepherd leader in the shepherds who told me different things and it was beautiful started it alone had brought me on Wow Ok so I started to. Study the shepherd and his methods with his flock and remember this whole range I'm like where was this book char got into now what was the book that got you into. To good morning now when I was. Finding these new truths I was praying I was having a hard time when I had my 2nd child she was a little bit more. I want to say. Girls talk he has. Kids. But we got into. Friends I learned if you can show me how to handle her I will take you more seriously why did I pray that. He as he's getting all these books of the male child guidance came in my way and it was literally like not even like a day or 2 that it came after I prayed that prayer and I started as I Ok I'm taking this one as I Maybe maybe he's pretty neat now as I started reading and started implementing some of the stuff and see that it was working and I was late wait a minute and so I started to take it a little bit more serious and I started reading of in his home at the time my husband was trying to push me to homeschool and I was not for it she was a mess a school. Was like No no I want to finish. Go to finish my education. And he was like no one should have them I know I'm not doing and it was the 1st time so I pulled back and just let the Holy Spirit not me and so I was. Before before the school and my husband was telling me about faith a favor talking to a fellow this is a God bunch of faith and I'm like at the time I couldn't take him seriously because we were still in his parents' home and what a lot of drama service was like talking it acts. Thank you talking about a lot of people were stealing your parents' house so I decided to move out and I had a little more it was good at math fish you go so you talk about this face but you know you scared a little value scarier than you think we go and did it and I said you know I said back and I sat back and I sat and I sat there and I said you're absolutely right so from that point on that's why it's important to the background story from that point on we start living on faith which is it this is going to face and we say you know what my credit was horrible I said we'll go apply for this place and I came back here pre-approved like pre-approved get the fattest we put it takes a minute so I go in there. So we got our 1st apartment you know it was it you know down to South Florida I don't really know the real estate is not cheap you can get you I mean it is expensive 2000 dollars 4 I mean starting for 2 bedroom apartment it was very very expensive down there in South Florida and I'm like This is very expensive so you know you can you make it well you got a good salary but at the taxes there isn't taken I'd like minimum which is really a I don't know how we made it but every single month a lot was faithful and faithful and faithful and here we go so here we were trying to sew my prayer nobody knew my prayer and for my wife and I was in him baptized without my wife nobody knew precious between me and God So here we are we went up to. We went up to a camp meeting and to see. Oh wait wait rewind so I went to go see my brother. And in Atlanta so that time he went a totally different direction he left his whole family and gone follow a different movement that wasn't biblical except her so I want to go talk some sense to him Now let me tell you something we visit when we obviously I tolerate 15 Alawite books you know she's have an administration so I told my wife I said we need to go start visiting these churches. Wife's it all churches are saying right so my no no this is God's Church. Chord the Bible Prophecy right so we go visit a church new we like to be. Playing somebody talk to rescind the we sit down their new family is that is not like is one of us so he had his big family sit in the back or like I say some to us we so much interact and Amen and it was like everybody went home and we sitting there leg. Oh man nobody was like someone else but I think as a child and church boy. It was bad and it was and I just passed for a lot of my dad he does my dad told me so this is a little bit later just because I'm going to forget my dad told me so he saw it as a whole of it and so the time we were really being Adventism So he was he was studying out for himself so he drives to I so he was in North Carolina somewhere in the county where he was at but he said I'm going to I'm going to visit a 7 have been a church and he went there and he says he says. This in administers I said Really I was excited so you went here but I know different. This is no different. And he goes no difference I mean it's pretty much the same service different day and he goes and and on top of that you know I mean to be our nicest people somebody invited me to the house and he said Ill kill the hall d. and roast it and I said What is that they said they said we had a roast they said a rose a whole about thought that was not so much like Apple is certainly the way that was that was a little bit fast for so you can you can understand us coming into the church we're coming in there we're trying to be connected we want to get connected so bad God sent this insidious difference or nobody say thing to us and then we went to go visit our brother right so we're going to go and then I said I tell my wife I said. This we need to go visit a church up here she's like here we go and I'm going and I was she said I'm not going I said I said God China and so I looked on a site looking for churches now we go do hotels we don't look at all this Mary and we look for we got the secret hotels and we say it was the cheapest price than that a No one star you know Ok maybe a 3 year for all we had a force that was of course a hotel in Atlanta for like $43.00 a night so like yeah so we booked it so completely random mind you so here we are looking for church. We don't know lowers directness we look for church right did and I'm like not now and then I saw one church where they had some call a pastor I had no clue what that was because again I only know early pastor me just come into the church or not even just peek in and lay pastor and then they did like schedule out weeks once once a month so they went and visited was a nursing home and in the when the women's thing us ome I said they can't be too far from which I said Oh please so I was dragging their feet at the hotel you know like go get their sat was going to say I was going for a while I was like I got to go take a shower you know late so you end up getting there so late we got there right when the sermon started. So we're sitting there and I'm like Ok but then there was a very powerful sermon and I have knowledge that he was preaching a sermon and I said this this is this sounds like what I've been reading and I'll never forget the message it was keep your warning your sheep so I was talking about the story of Peter he chopped off somebody here and I thought time being that you you step out when we when you start stepping off the truth there's a cost there's a there's a serious cost with family with it and we start and we were getting from all angles. And what we want to put us and we want to go fight everybody was the thing about us we were ready but that certainly was like Keep your sworn in I was I praise the Lord like this is what we needed but then again as they said Amen we got to nobody said anything to us so we're in the parking lot and I'm like Ok fine you know let's keep this thing moving you know I'm like Ok but then it was a brother he saw us from way back and he has like and I saw him say oh boy. Mon flock Let's get the car just got here. Let's go and then he felt kind of hurried out so he started walking faster. So he comes up and we prays a lot for this brother he comes and he goes hey where you guys from so I was like Florida in one word answers. Well Part 4 for a lot of you guys leaving Yes but you know miss the best part was it was a potluck didn't know a potluck was so you know you know you just got to you know play with like for someone to the country and I was corporate America 10 years and I said Oh I would look at properties like oh Madison Oh I got to go bush all this thing in my old Bush Hawk Ok Oakleigh Bush all geared up from the. Folks who are Bush told there was no quote I'm like oh yes this isn't just a Bush holding it up like Ok. Oh that's right they're going to have to do the check Ok so this is this is. The so I'm like and and it was just you know I'm like Ok in a small part looking ahead lay pastor is always like antennas are up and he goes yeah they get all the ladies they bring all these these dishes and it's like all the plant based dishes and I was late piqued my interest because all of these recipes at the time so I was like there's a variety. Of problems and then my wife was like and it was like oh the food was amazing we started eating the food it was amazing I was like and he said. He brought sort of from a lawn to hospitality spirit you know we give our testimony have a slot a talks about split a party talks about the hospitality piece. And how it's lacking so much in our churches because you know sometimes we don't because we don't get together during the week at most churches they don't get together in a week so it's out of the time so hey I have to say you know we catch up with that we forget that there might be visitors and people people it's not a necessarily a bad thing but we got to keep our eyes off because we were in a family trying to be connected into a church gaucho to connect as the what if anything to us so we always say that part because this was a part you really wanted and this is a part actually woman wife into the truth now for me that half the time it was being because I've seen so much practice seen in in the church and when we 1st started coming back to church. Where it trying. To get out there and go back to church and we didn't we didn't get that welcoming from some of the churches that we visited so when this guy came in and kind of brought us and kind of he kind of took us under his wing as you call it and. Said give us resources on what to look for different sermons and things that can help us on our journey as we come in and so we do this with this soften my heart and say Ok maybe there are some true Christians out there and so I started. It's to. Take you more seriously as we were going going as we went back home and started to kind of dive into my Bible more and it started to open more stuff for me so that was that one my life so here we go fast forward we were at went to a church and so we we were we there was a book called God's farms irritable God's pharmacy so God's pharmacy we were were actually buying these books for me Mr Ricci's misadventure bless our family and we knew that they were going to be they were actually going to be and West Palm Beach so like all memory called Image people were these books come from you know so we go up to listen and guess who was pretty was not only that was he was person a sort of he was there because he was there and I was like wow this is pretty cool and you know he's like I recognize you from someone I said I got a familiar face and I just kept it moving but he said no you can't and we kind of did it but anyway so the Mays a member of prayer I won't I don't want to be baptized without my wife not that time Presson was probably about 5 years ago he's 7 that was his body. So they were going to do eventually meaning he did the 5 he was a new 5 days of help and he's going to eventually Signet and so knowledge at the end of his presentation he felt the Holy Spirit in presence some say this is a specific appeal. It's your 1st time in baptized into this masses and they should come forth now I mean that was like dozens or calling me that a time my wife had stepped out because Press and I we call a blowback divert a minute of blowback time for us if you've got some kids you know to blow back here is where blows always back right to the middle of the back. And so she went out and she was like she was it you know dealing with that and then here comes the appeal I said Ok so I step out of my life was not there now this perv between me and God was between me and God and I stepped up there and I thought Tom we've been going to the church for about you know 5 we went 53 days to the point I had to pass in a parking lot I was dry I was. Grilling him about that I had him in a bar 3 hours and what about his what about his what about oh yeah all of it because I want to make sure I want to be my family back to the church so long story short so they thought we were 7 definitely I thought it was 7 s. so that he was very specific verse time into this message you need to come forth so I come up and then you can see like people like him and he did he do you feel right I heard the appeal and went up and we prayed and then I came out and they were having a baptism that day so I got time I came for time to bow ties Ok. So they come and say hey you have to back to the class like I said just because we want to know when no to you know the fundamental beliefs and I'm arguing with them you know like baptize me today and some just told me to keep your mouth close like to me soon as I close my mouth my wife walked up and show you talk about baptism I want to be baptized too and I was like almost fell out. Of Sight Whoa. Got his ass in a prayer. Caught his ass in a prayer so it a long story short we got back to us together my life with the water force and the media and this so who I was studying with a guy down Orlando and he calls me and he goes listen. I got an atheist so much job and I can't I can't answer his questions he's a give me some give me some ammo and I'm like listen man tell me testimony he's like how is that going to help I said because I know you tell me a testimony because. Based off of your experience and what the Lord has done in your life no matter what if you say you can't tell me God doesn't exist so you can tell me God doesn't exist and I Not so that's a matter that this was a miracle that the law answered my prayer in such a way and so here we are so we were newly baptized so everything is good you put your feet up and you go out into the glory land right hand no no no no so here. How much time we get to go when I go 8 minutes and I'm. Ok so we'll pick up I got about we've got 10 more minutes and we're going to go right into the restaurant why so I just want to give give you guys kind of a background where we come from right and one of my favorite crosses Mission Hill and Hill and says we accomplish little because we attempt little so when I read a quote I say you know what. We've got to do some strange things for the Lord because he's ready he's ready he's ready to do something is not always so people is never a resource problem is never is always a people problem every failure on account as you guys did a lack of faith in us from the picture as a prophecy I think I came and came from a chapter and it's a reference but anyway I would have ordered prayer we take a 10 minute break I'm going to come back the last bit of our testimony talk about how we move to the country and how we started a restaurant and then we're going to get into why a restaurant so let's have a word prayer Father how can we thank you so much for the opportunity to share a testimony you say in Revelation in chapter 12 that we all come out of but a lamb and by word of our testimony and we pray that this test one is inspired others and as it is fired me by relating it to him again and as we continue in these presentations praying on the people he will be inspired to do great things for you and you say we approach. 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