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Bootstrapping a School Farm

Anna Perea


This class will highlight the journey and process of developing a school farm on a very limited budget. It will be evident that God desires agriculture to be in each of our schools and will show how He provided the means, wisdom, and community support to make it all happen.


  • January 17, 2020
    4:00 PM


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I'm going to paint a picture with the words sometimes when there's a bunch of pictures that show you kind of lose the mental image I want to paint this image in your mind and then we'll move to actual slides and pictures of what we did it can't be an academy but. I don't want to introduce myself with any kind of accolade I'm just. I'm an a and I have a passion for farming and I'm farming with God in particular and he's my manager and I'm his internal does have a simple relationship he tells me what to do he manages the budget and I just follow along to make all the big decisions and yet it's also really complex relationship because I don't always get to see the master plan just one step at a time as I go along so I want to share with you today the part of the master plan I've been able to see. So and about at in 2016 about 4 years ago my husband and I are 2 small boys moved to Camp in Academy in Colorado and so we made the trek and Campion is if you're not familiar with it it's a school and agonist Christian boarding school on the front range which is the flat lands right before you get to the mountains so you can see the mountains but you're in farming land so it's nice that way and this academy Once upon a time had 2 huge working greenhouses each about 16000 square feet and then they had 10 smaller greenhouses and their primary production was potted plants like poinsettias and pansies and they would sell it to Denver and local ski resorts because they would eat the pansies on their dishes and stuff like that so the students were actually able to work in these greenhouses as their industry and to help pay off their tuition and so this massive operation it lasted about 20 years and it was pretty successful. And on a good year they grossed $650000.00 over half a 1000000 was able to talk with the farm manager who helped with that and however for various reasons and I can talk to you about that later because I have the specifics on why it didn't last that heyday was over came to an end and the school was then left with these massive structures but no one to operate it and no money to operate it with all they were left with was a $100000.00 insurance policy every year that what I say $11000.00 I don't know what I just said but it is 100000 No No No $11000.00 I think I was reading across and it just goes euro's kept going $11000.00 insurance policy every year. Yeah so it was quite a bit so in order to offset those costs the school rented out the greenhouses to local companies and they came out to grow hothouse tomatoes and cucumbers and these companies one by one they just left or they went bankrupt but they each promised to restore jobs to the students but it just failed over and over and over again so the schools are getting pretty desperate as these unused greenhouses started to become a major eyesore and they were also a danger because wild animals started to take up residence in these greenhouse of like coyote's and so they decided it was best to sell off the greenhouses and put the proceeds back into the school to help the students and so that's the seeing that I came upon when I arrived at Campion Academy and the story I'm about to share is of the amazing journey God led me on to establish a school farm with no budget no money. So this Bible verse has been the guide of my life seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you and it's the rule of all my efforts my golden standard of what I'm doing doesn't put him 1st and help me become more like him and I can't expect his blessing but I'm reassured that he will take care of all my needs if my 1st focus is to know him and to show him so once I was convinced through personal study with God that he was desperate to be known by each student I can't be an academy through gardening. The 2 books being pope in the soil by and that's a compilation of elements writings and of course the Bible itself. I knew had been bad and I didn't have to worry about the how I was going to accomplish this because I knew the why I knew why having a school pharma so important to God And so I trusted that he would show me how it could be done. The Holy Spirit I spent the next year trying to convince the administration. I just skip to slide let me go back so sorry how it could be done perfect so I took my God directed mission to the school board the principal 1st actually and found out it was going to be a pretty daunting task there was no money in the budget 0 not even a penny for an agricultural program they had never had a farming class even though they did have the. The greenhouses and full production it was never a class that was offered to the students and so never part of the curriculum and if this program was going to be allowed it was going to be a solo effort there was no one to help set things up but as we all know if God tells you to go you go right yes and you don't give up so I spent the next year trying to convince the administration of why farin needed to be part of God's curriculum in the school and how it would work under his direction that he would provide the money and that I would gladly volunteer my time so there was a no lose opportunity for the school. But the Holy Spirit worked even better because he touched the ears of the school board and I was finally permitted to proceed with the understanding that the schools not going to be able to support at all they iterated reiterated it over and over and over and over again. There was no financial support but I was super excited and I was ecstatic because I knew God's incredible ability to supply all my needs according to His riches and that the cattle on a 1000 hills are his right. Great. But sometimes he gives you one cow at a time. And so before I tell you about each of the cows I God shared with me I want you to understand this concept and I learned it you may already have learned it yourselves but it took me a bit to get it and that concept is this if you have truly asked God and for His will to be done and you are following where he is leading you there are no setbacks no setbacks they may seem like it at the time but be encouraged the events in themselves are catalysts to accomplish his work so let that sink in there are no setbacks everything is a catalyst to accomplish is work so counting the one. I shared with you that can be an academy had to huge greenhouses in the 10 smaller ones at the beginning of my quest to start a garden program well it was definitely a giving experience getting an experience as one by one each greenhouse was sold reducing my structures to one small propagation house and then follow a land that was it and. Have the God help me realize what he helped me realize was that I was teaching students skills that I wanted them to be able to utilize once they've graduated and greenhouses costs a lot of money right in so. I believe that God's blessing of being able to grow food should be for everybody not just the rich and wealthy so I recognize that the 1st part of God's master plan is a very simple. You know. The 2nd thing I learned the 2nd cow. Was that I needed just kick start the program because there was no budget there was nothing financially there and so I used my personal offerings to fund a donor dinner I had to find funds somewhere so I thought this was a great idea so I sent out invitations to over 100 different individuals that I knew loved gardening and were big supporters of the school so I bought locally grown produce and. That produce was then part of all the entrees and I was trying to set this the theme of supporting the local farmer we bought locally baked bread we buy. We had people bake pies from Colorado Bar and so everything was beautiful I was so proud the tables were set perfectly real plates and utensils I mean it was fancy shiny and see and everything was ready and in its place there 11 people show up yeah. We pretty much donated the entire supply of food to the homeless shelter. So you might say how disappointing. And I thought that the same time but God knows what he's doing and he used this letdown to invoke compassion with those who attended and one of them was the local church pastor and he invited me then to speak at his his church during the church wide potluck so that's when we pretty much everyone tens and it was a perfect situation I didn't have to purchase the food. There was. Over $100.00 people present and as a church members ate their food isn't it how agriculture should be in our schools and that it was going to not only it positively affect the students our local community but even beyond So the presentation was well received and through it many members supported our garden program both financially and through pair prayer encouraging words and their volunteer time so it was really wonderful God accomplished a better result through this free potluck even with my expensive donor dinner so it was wonderful to see him God's master plan that he is financially constrained so don't be discouraged if there is no money and nobody shows up and then surely. God has it all in his plan So Cal number 3. As I mentioned before the green houses were sold off piece by piece leaving a barren space of peat gravel and concrete sidewalks and the space was a solemn reminder of how often our hopes and aspirations can fall by the wayside and at the same time it was a daily reminder to me that I must always keep listening carefully to God's direction or I might at and I might end up having the same fate a lot of our schools there are farm program is just disrepair and nonexistent and it happens everywhere and so I knew that I had to keep a close connection with God so. Amazingly enough. On the land where these green houses were removed a rain fell. And rains available to anyone and the sunshine shone and sunshine is free to everybody and you sterile plots where these green houses have been up came through the pea gravel these little volunteer tomatoes and they started to grow all on their own and these dormant seeds had been waiting for their chance to fill their duty and they were given the correct conditions by God's bountiful hand and in perfect timing be produced a crop all on their own they ripen just in time for alumni weekend and we took these tomatoes and we set up a booth and we displayed the pictures at work the pictures of the students in the garden and we had all of that so that the alumni could see what was going on it Campion and most importantly we passed out these free samples of volunteer tomatoes to everyone and people were shocked at how sweet they tasted They were great tomatoes they were delicious and red and beautiful and they got really excited that the Agora pull agriculture program was revived at Campion Academy and through these tomatoes we actually received our our biggest donation ever and that donation allowed our program to continue the 2nd semester so I was allowed to see yet another part of God's master plan and that is his perfect timing. Accountable for since our program was very limited on funds it was suggested that we try having some work to get the place cleaned up and fix what needed to be fixing what needed to be fixed and so I decided to give it a try and I placed a flyer in the church bulletin and I prayed that people would show up to the to the work bee and I was overjoyed because a lot of people showed up. Well to my standard It was a lot of people 7 and they were all very capable and willing and hard workers and so we accomplished a lot with just those 7 and. We got more complex in those few days than I could have ever done in months working by myself so. The next work be I might be jumping ahead we had 14 volunteers and so I just kept exploding and volunteers that would come randomly you know various times to help and so God sent these dear people to help carry my load because by yourself it's a daunting task and they demonstrated a selfless love and I saw the beauty of coming together to support a cause that was something just so special it was heavenly and it showed me that God's master plan involves others don't do it by yourself. And then the cow number 5. Once we got our agriculture well underway I saw the importance of using it to provide for the needs of others and I wanted the students to experience the joy of benevolence and the blessings of the be DNS so after reading numerous Bible principles and farming we saw that God sets laws in place to specifically take care of the poor. Also the widows the orphans and the strangers and he uses that. Through agriculture to take care of those people and so he commanded harvesters to not harvest. Everything not to over harvest it to leave something for the gleaners He also ordered every 7th year as a rest year on the Sabbath for the ground and no one was to harvest on these years but they allowed the people in the animals to reap the benefits and then he also commanded that the 1st fruits be an offering to God for his to thank him for his provisions and that was given to the priests so our class what we did is we took God at His word and we brought 10 percent of our produce as an offering to the church a tithe and an offering So 10 percent for Tide 10 percent for offering 1st fruits we didn't we had sold anything we just brought it to the church and we allowed anyone to take whatever they wanted and it was so exciting to see the joy on the faces each of the church members who took some lettuce and their eyes were brightened and we told them it was fresh from the farm and that was free and they were so excited to take it and. Following God's standards had a twofold blessing there and it felt good to obey of course and to do what you were asked to but it was also an absolute blessing to our souls to share with others God never intended gardening to benefit just the grower God's master plan benefits humanity. So that's what I saw as well as I was gardening out there and then caliber 6 and there's probably more but these were the 6 that I thought was most important as I asked God to help me write the lesson plans for each class I came to understand that God wants us to become acquainted with him. Through his creation if his love is written on every flower. Every flower petal every blade of grass they must be desperately trying to capture our attention on every natural thing that our eyes fall upon as place there isn't in the Taishan to know your Creator so I want to agriculture program to be centered on knowing God whether the students were digging in the dirt planting seeds watering or weeding it was all intended to bring them into contact with the lover of their souls there was no way to students heart couldn't feel the drawing power of God as they came so close to his presence so I saw rough tempered rough temperaments become common each of the students that overwhelmed the minds of the students became very relaxed peace reigned as we all work together as God originally intended with him by our sides teaching us through living parables. It was completely evident as I saw God working on these students heart that is ultimately an reveals his character so in summary of these cows as I as each of God's provisions were seen and one cow at a time I realized 2 things Scuse me. 1st of all that cows don't always equal money God might have the cow cattle on the 1000 Hills but that's not just financial benefit God's blessings are so much broader than just money and they're more lasting and secondly if the cattle in the 1000 Hills had been given to me all at once if I had received all of those blessings all at once I would have missed the entire journey the character building that came through depending on God to supply my needs and I would have missed being able to see God's master plan that he uses simple things simple things to confound the wise that he works above the money too I wouldn't have seen I wouldn't have needed his perfect timing or involved others and because of my needs I would because my needs have what a bar even met so God who is in control of the budget. And the cows used it to limit me and keep me within his will and there is no place that I would rather be than his will so it might be. Encouraging it to you to know that even though money is tight. God can provide beyond money and he can just curtail it perfectly so that you're within his will perfect timing and so it was just a wonderful experience and so through it all we you know before we worked against the odds we had no money we had a vision we had no help but in the end through the journey we reached our financial goal of $11000.00 we had a clear vision of God's master plan. And we had lots of help there volunteers so he. Took care of every one of our needs just as he promised all things would be added to you he fulfilled his word. So these are some helpful hints that I discovered as I was gardening and this might help you as far as establishing a school farm 1st of all and God's blessing you want that Ray all that's a given because his blessing will always attend the stablish in a school farm there is so much written on how important it is for God and for the school to have students be you know hands on involved in his creation so there's nothing that I can think of the sides personal Bible study and prayer that brings you closer to God than through creation and being in the garden with him so we already know God's blessings with it and I think another thing that would be really helpful to have is a person being spirit if you give up easily and probably will give up give up before you see the end result and so keep at it don't give up God's. Angels are going to attend you as your garden mean that the Holy Spirit is going to work on people's hearts that the blessings that. Are very you wouldn't ever receive if you didn't have agriculture in your schools so persevered don't give up you may hit a brick wall but keep moving forward until you find that crack through. The other thing is I have found there's different approaches to trying to create a school. Excuse me an agricultural program I mention them in Birds of a feather some I've seen some farmers they put all of their personal funds into renting the land from the school and then they provide industry to the students but in my situation as I was asking for donations and the money was coming and I fax myself that never would have happened if I hadn't been part of the school people are a lot more willing to give if you're part of a. Part of the Avonex church part of having a school system you know they believe in Abbott's education and they really want to support it so to get school board approval even though it took me a year to do it was the best option I felt. And then another thing that I found was find a tried and true method don't just try to you know trailblazer on your own I'm just going to put some seeds in the garden and hope that they grow in water them because it is a science and we're told that we if we study it in the land will produce the blessing that it is supposed to give so it is a science you do have to do things in certain orders and so we followed Elliot Coleman in j.-m. for 2 year Jim for Terry gardens on the shoulders of Elliot Coleman I mean he's done everything Eliot Coleman does and then he goes beyond to add a lot of fish and see he's french canadian he gardens in Quebec that's French and this is an amazing work and I really felt that he was a blessing and John Di singer recommended those 2 offers and so they really helped out a lot. And then my next thing is start somewhere start somewhere. Oftentimes I'm the type that I like I have things just perfect before I start you know because if I don't have this the I can't do that and so I can get overwhelmed with all the potential hurdles but you've got to start somewhere experience is the best educator so if you haven't done it if you haven't failed at it if you haven't succeeded at it you haven't learned so don't wait to just make sure everything's perfect move forward and God's going to add his blessing to it just start somewhere and then the other thing that I saw was keeping people informed if you're asking them to donate money to your cause then they want to know what's going on they want to get excited if you're just taking their money and they don't see any result and they're not so willing to keep giving and so we kept. Everything we did in front of their. Eyes we had newsletters that we sent out every month updated them we any kind of vents we had a booth so whether it was Fall Festival. And any kind of food fair we were there Passion of the Christ we had this play that we did and so we'd have a gardening booth and so we were always in front of the eyes of the people and that really helped out a lot. And then I don't do it alone it's really easy to not have support and feel like you know that's all right I mean it's not that time consuming but it is you may start off easy with just planning some seeds but when it comes time to like harvest and wheat it is super time constrained so you do need some kind of support you'll get burnt out so easy so whether it's you know through work or or a group of friends that start this program together just make sure you've got some support because by yourself is really hard to do. And it's very taxing on your family if you do it by yourself so get lots of help and then plan for recharging you can get burnt out real quick but things that are helpful for recharging are these conferences it's exciting to get around other people that are like minded and have successful pharms going on so do that for yourself get recharged planet into your calendar Don't miss out on that by a new book on gardening or. Sometimes the You Tube videos are helpful in that if you find a good source go visit a successful farm and see because when you're in the midst of it you're just starting and it can get super discouraging you like me feel like I'm not doing anything but when you see other farmers and you say Ok they they went through the same challenges and here's their successes keep that keep that with you recharge and then the last bit of advice which I feel of the most important and it was given to me by John de singer in there was so simple yet profound it is keep God close keep close to God. It's going to be a battlefield out there and I say that with 100 percent knowledge and the enemy does not want gardening to succeed in our schools and it is a war zone and he will do everything he can to discourage you to mess things up to bring. A flood of overwhelming advice from all these different people you've got to stay focused on what God has called you to do and keep that devotional life and really strong with him because you are entering enemy territory and Satan does not want us to be so close to God and gardening is going to do that for you it's going to make use very close to God So he's going to try to mess it up. I'm sorry if I talk monotone and everyone's fallen asleep I will try to space things up so I'm going to see what time it is I want to leave time for questions but I know I'll take up I can get through this pretty quick I want to leave about 15 minutes for questions because I feel like that's a really. Good learning time so I've got about 5 minutes I want to go through slides of the actual school and what we did there and that. Can. Make it a little better so here's our greenhouse really greenhouses that were set up. So they were you know how shabby but they did a lot of hydroponics and the last company that came through they did tomatoes and cucumbers did hydroponic farming and I. Your you may have a different opinion on it but I find that if God uses Creation to demonstrate. His love for us and. Like heavenly realities and truths if you don't have the soil you miss out on so much of the connection and so I feel that you know gardening is not only supposed to provide the fruit but is it's to provide the character building and you miss it if you don't have soil to grow it because God and Jesus use so many illustrations coming from the soil so anyway he ended up going bankrupt because. He got this horrible fungus that came through and just wiped everything out so there's this greenhouses so they were all sold off one by one and here's our propagation house this is after like. Maybe. 6 months of not being used and it's really overgrown everything was in disarray the wind was blowing into smithereens there's the inside of the propagation house if you can see all that green as bind weed we've actually had actually cleared it off prior like maybe 6 you know maybe 2 months prior it had already read grown so it was pretty shabby so we had to work. And people came out we decided we needed to roll up the sides we had no electricity and we had one spigot for our water supply and so we had to do everything through passive circulation and so we had to be able to make the sides roll up and down to help maintain keep temperature control because it got I think we we had a thermometer in there and it got up to 136 degrees so I have these plastic pots that the farmer had used before and they were you know about this level in the hoop hours and because they were so close. To the top that he actually melted the plastic and so when we were working in there before we got these sides rolled up we almost had heat strips it was so hot so I assume we rolled up the size the temperature dropped down to like 82 degrees so it was very vital to have those roll up sides. The other problem we had was rabbits and mice and they during the wintertime feasted on the garden and so what they did this junk pile was right alongside our garden and we counted 12 rabbits and like 2 families of my it's and that was like 20 mice so they just lived in there that was like their little hotel they just jump out the veggies and jump right back in so that was a before and there was an after we spent about a week clearing that up on the students helped our work be helped and so we got things looking pretty out there is one of them I was right there we actually had to wear masks because the build up was just incredible there's one of them and so has support from that's my son Levi and there's my son Noah and they were great helpers they did not realize how much help they were and so here's our fellow ground the one on the left side was that left to yeah left you that was our fellow ground local vet donated her tractor use for a day and she paid her worker and so he came out told everything up and then after that we used a manual and not a manual but a small tiller and we really felt the importance and I had seen in my own personal garden of amending the soil with the minerals that are lacking so we did a soil sample and we tested it showed exactly where we were lacking and we ordered the minerals to totally balance the soil so that. I know that's like a fertilizer thrower that Greenland was one of those chilling you know they were spreading the fertilizer and we amended the soil and it really helped things grow and we marked out our plots our roses we had. 16 rows per plot and so the 1st semester we started off with one part and then the next semester we added the 2nd plot So all in all we had $63232.00 rows 100 feet long 30 inches wide that's a standard Jane for here just goes over the importance of having standard measurements so that you don't have to It helps with yielded to know how much you know. How much produce you've taken off $100.00 foot rows it's just easier to calculate so people's standard if it's 20 feet if it's 50 feet 100 feet just make it all uniform the same to help with calculations but 30 inch beds are the standard rule a lot of a farm equipment is 30 inches wide for market gardening. And so then we have the students all we have was plow that plows what we call hose we didn't have any equipment except for these hose that I bought a home depot but we had to start somewhere so we got we had 14 students 1st semester and 14 in the 2nd semester and they just hold a long those lines and that's peat moss we put peat moss down it was very dry. Clay like. That makes any sense dry clay and then when the rain fell it would turn into solidified clay so we have been mended by adding peat moss and so I drive down to Denver with my truck and they load the giant pallet of Pete moss on the back of my truck and tie it down and here I am going along and I feel the whole truck Swayne only this isn't safe I'm going to get a ticket and I just remember I went over this rover track right before I got to our campus and the last time I fell off and so the whole pallets just swaying back and for them it's going to spill everywhere but we got there safely and so we. We mixed in the peat mass and made those beds really nice and the students in loved it they really love being out there it was so nice to get away from Fieri and book knowledge and get your hands dirty get right into the. Meat of it and we used micros So this company is called International ag labs they provided all the minerals and then they also provided a. Biological microbe spray that you could put on and what that does is microbes if you've ever garden without microbes and then with microbes it is a night and day difference those microbes they take the minerals and they mineralize it and feed it to the roots of the plants and so things that are in the soil if you don't have microbes and plenty of them your plants never get the nutrients that they need and then they also provide. A gigantic network of filaments those that branch out so that microbes. If there's just no better way so we spray that on and so we have quite a few rows of beautiful spaced out. Garden soil ready for planting. And so the students some of them direct seeded they got to choose which crop they wanted to grow because what they grew they then could sell and they got the proceeds from it a portion went back to the school just for cost but then the the next portion went to them for of tuition and then even to pocket some of that money and that was the best incentive you would have ever been able to have because those students like I can make money off this and this is my and so I didn't have to be like now why aren't you planting Atlanta doing this I don't have to nag them they were motivated and so some direct seeded some actually planted and soil blocks. Which allow for air pruning if you've ever come across so blocks Has anyone ever heard of so I was Ok yeah it's really awesome during our clean up I understood the importance of soil blocks you don't have waste you don't have all this plastic you know break down that's just getting blown across your field it's so much cleaner to have soil blocks but each to their own you know I'm not saying it's wrong to have anything else so then we we grew our starts from the seedlings and we planted them and there was another student listen seedlings we took them from the power propagation house and we walked them down to our field. And there they are putting these seedling or starts and to the ground and the 1st semester we didn't have irrigation so I have a little water hose out there sprinkling back and forth and have to move it but like I said you've got to start somewhere and we learned a lot that 1st semester. And then we we had a row covers so Colorado is really unique has super cold nights and then it has really hot days and then in any moment you can have hail coming through you can have snow. 21st of last year snow so I quacked. So you just never know and so it's really important to cover your crops with this row cover and that allows the temperatures to never even though like outside it might get to you know 18 degrees or whatever underneath it's like 32 it's Anyway there's a big difference of temperature control with that so it really helped a lot however however those little mice were quite happy underneath those Roco 1st so yeah they just were protected from any owls that might be patrolling at night so here's some snow that happened and if you checked underneath those plants are nice and thriving and Ellen Kullman and they really recommend using these and it works beautifully to pro Winter Garden specially. So in our propagation house we didn't have electricity and so what I did as I took those road covers and I just put it right over our. Were those called. Anyway tables of seedlings and we covered it and the really cold nights I did have to put a little heater underneath we had a out that way across the way and I put in an extension cord in a little heater underneath those row covers and that kept everything warm enough and we also tried like geothermal heating so this greenhouse allowed the sunshine we had lots of sunny days in Colorado so allow the sunshine to really intensely heat up the ground there's a lot of rocks and cement in there and so we put the flats of starts just right on the ground and we covered it with a row cover and that allowed the heat to trap in and it works beautifully I didn't have to use the heat or anything like that however the mice found their way in and so it's like a catch 22 you know you've got to use electricity if you want to keep it high off the ground if you don't have electricity anyway use of them so anyway I put my cat in there and kind of helped a little bit. And we had red traps too. So 2nd semester after the tote tomatoes were donated We had lots of money to be able to pull out lots we had $3000.00 it was a it was a nice donation but we were able to buy a lot of market hand tools and so instead of just hope now we had this broad fork so we didn't have to till anymore we could just. Displace the land with that we have Jane cedar and that was great. But if you were in any of the other seminars they really recommend Wain before you seed and when after because if there's not a difference that means no seeds were placed. Right. And I didn't know that because I'm waiting for these rows to pop up and those seedlings showed so I recognized that something was wrong with the chamber and so it did not work but I was just on 2 rows of 30 two's So it was Ok. But I was it was fun the students I got a lot and then we had this we'll hope and it has a really broad blade at the back and you can just manually weave specially in the pathway that was handy. And then we have this bed rake and you can put these little red tubes at the end and you can space out your the pure plantings really well so she would go down the row so this is a 30 inch row and so I think it was 10 inches apart so I'm like that and so we could put 3 rows and then she would come along and run that rake over crossways so that she could have a grid and then we knew exactly where each line intersected was where you put a plant so it was really helpful before we were just like laying down pipe and pressing it in the ground and trying to get a straight line so this was really helped a lot. I mean the students had a lot of fun in the meantime if I was trying to fix something or they had spare time they were playing with butterfly. Somersaulting and here is a student's 1st semester and these are. Volunteer tomatoes that came out we had tons and tons of tomato so I praise God for that. Here I am a little stressed out but we we used cinnamon roll sales to bring in. Funds for our budget or agriculture budget so we try to be really creative whatever we can do and I'm telling you where we have people lined up because we've sold them at least 3 or 4 times and people are just these are the best of the rolls ever and we sold tons of them and were able to make side income that way for our program. And we are at the passion for Christ and we have a little display and so some of the students were dressed up and they would just have. We had the community come through and they would have a little chance to plant tomato seeds there and take them home and a community member actually came back and said I actually am growing those tomatoes and that's really awesome thank you so it was a great way to. Meet the community and we have lots of volunteers. This gentleman here if you come out just you know once or twice a month just faithful even if I wasn't there to start weeding away didn't have to ask for help it just showed up and it was so nice he just really supported. Is my husband working late into the evening. He just walked in. And he helped tremendously with this garden and here's some more friends her family came just to take ation there and she's like well you need some help in this whole family came out to help volunteer so God's going to bring people your way that are going to support you more weeding from my 2 boys they help to lead a lot remember. Sometimes they were happy about it sometimes they were in that but they always had fun. And I put my mom to work when she came to visit. A lot of the work and even the little toads came to help too. And praise the Lord in the summer time I didn't because I lost all my student help and I didn't know what I was going to do I even asked if I could have some workers some local workers help some of the students live locally and they're like no the stuff I'm in the budget for it but God saw otherwise because he provided 2 helpers. And so all in all we had a really successful garden the lettuce grew fabulous out there we had lettuce we had cabbage we had carrots we had. Green beans tomatoes anything you could think of. Grew big we had this massive lettuce that grew I mean it literally like that big around it was huge and it was not bitter like you know you think it's old lettuce it was great and so we took our 1st proceeds as you can see. That proceeds our 1st crop our 1st harvest we took it to the church and we displayed it out there and let everyone take whatever they wanted and these are 2 these are actually Brazilian and. International students that came through and so they were really excited and we just let everyone take and then we also set up a booth outside of our school and they sold just right at the roadside we've had people from the community come through and buy and then we also set up a booth at the farmer's market in a local town of Fort Collins and so they're real earthy and they loved they loved our Levis so they were so excited and I can't think I've heard of that school and then we were known for our love of they just for every every Sunday they were waiting for us and they sold out the lettuce sold out every time so it was great so we had lots of fun some of the dollars escaped the jar and found themselves at different vendors booths and but anyway my children had a good time and so. All in all. We had a really successful year there were a lot of trials through the way but it was worth every single bit of it and I'm the students they were super excited to have us agriculture program they're very motivated they were fine they love the chance to get outdoors and their hands dirty and so I just praise God for the opportunity to have experienced that and to share it with you today this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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