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The Collapse of Confusion: 2nd Angels Message

Eric Walsh


What the fall of Babylon means for those who are preparing for the end.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • December 26, 2019
    11:00 AM
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It's Revelation Chapter 14 of verse 8 is our scripture reading and it reads and there followed another angel saying Babylon is fall and is fall in that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. This is the 2nd angel's message in this message is untitled the collapse of confusion. The collapse of confusion let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for this opportunity to study your word once again Lord I ask that you just make me a nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord upon that nail or to ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ that Eric waltz not be seen or heard today instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen. So another angel comes on the scene. And this one says that Babylon is fall in the word Babylon has 2 meanings the 1st one if you go back to its original meaning actually means the gate to the gods this goes all the way back to the Tower of Babel and what they were trying to build you remember all the way up. But then because God confounded the language Babylon also became tied to the word confusion in fact it is day in English if someone talks in a way that you cannot understand you say that they babble so that great city why has she fall in because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication when you look at this the wine then would be false doctrine. For men to the doctrine something that should have been good that has now gone bad and causes damage the raf in the in the group in the Greek is a word that means with great passion with great passion so she had them drink of this with great passion and what do they drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication the twisting of things the the mixing of things together that don't belong together now so as we said last night the original story is here Daniel in the story steps in Bel says Our Daniel says to him he had not humble his heart though he knew all of this what did he know about time we go to the story but he knew that his grandfather never he couldn't as there had been driven mad and for 7 years he ate the grass of the field grew out his Here he grew long is nails grew into long claws and for 7 years he was out of his mind remember. Now he can as it is one of the few pagan leaders if maybe not the only pagan leader in all of the Scripture who is converted to worship the One True God. This is why the punishment on Babylon is so great because his grandson knew better. And did not do better and so of course he had lifted up his is that the glass of the vessels that he had praised the gods of silver and gold it done all of this thing and good Daniel says and the God in whose hand I breath is and we are all the highways hast thou not glorified. That's why Babylon falls because Babylon refused to be humble. When you don't come come back to that then your 5 goes on to say then was the part of the hand Sent from him and this was the writing it was written meaning meaning Farson interpreted Meenie God is number to Kingdom and finished it Tikal you are weighed in the balances and I found warning the kingdom is divided and given to the meads in the person so this story parallels to the 3 angels messages because judgement comes in the 1st angel's message right and then Babylon falls in the 2nd angel message and almost an exact parallel in fact one of the interesting things about this story is that there are 3 times in the Bible that God writes How many times 3 times at least that God right the 1st time God writes is in the in the end of 5 books of Moses What does God God write with his own finger in tablets of stone. The Bible it says that God writes the 10 Commandments with his own finger into tables of stone I want you to get this. By writing it in stone it is a statement that the 10 Commandments a permanent. When I was in archeological digs in Israel they would pull a piece of stone and you could still see the inscription I remember once they showed us a site at there was a time when people were questioning whether or not the King David ever existed and he went to a site and they were able to show us that from the ground he pulled up a piece of stone or whatever it was and on it was the inscription die we had it David's name was on it and because the rocks cried out we we were able to prove that David actually existed so the 1st time God wrote he wrote the 10 Commandments in stone it is immutable unchangeable it is fixed because the 10 commandments are written in stone by what by the finger of God The 2nd time God writes as in this story and in this story he writes Based on the judgment of the 10 commandments he wrote the 1st time but this time he writes in plaster not as permanent as stone the judgment is written in plaster and a finger comes out of nowhere and writes on the plaster above the wall meaning me who Farson that is the 2nd time God writes each judging based on the 1st time he writes I look at this like the 3rd time God writes the 3rd time God writes a woman is taken completely naked and she's thrown down at the feet of Jesus and they say to Jesus Master This woman has been caught in the act of adultery in the very act. And they say listen this woman according to the scripture she should be stoned. They want to now judge her based on the 1st time God wrote. But God is there you see Jesus is God don't let the anti Trinitarian folks food you in the beginning was the word in the Word was with God in the word what the Word was God and the Word was made flesh and did what and dwelt among us so when the woman is laying there Jesus does not even give a counterargument What does he do we dips down into the sand and the dirt of the ground and Jesus begins to write again with the finger he begins to write all of the sins of the men accusing the woman the Bible says that from the eldest to the youngest they begin to slip up to say that's right Rabbi so and so was caught doing that and this can you imagine it's like d.m.z. in the United States they got busted and they began to slip away and Jesus wrote all of this in the dirt in the dust in the sand of the ground eventually everyone even the crowd was afraid and disappeared the Bible doesn't even mention the disciples after Jesus writes their Synod in the ground. He and the woman the Scripture says are left alone and Jesus says Woman We are your accusers. Says I don't have any. Jesus' words to her are words that we need to share with each other as a church he says Neither do I condemn you. First thing Jesus is not looking to condemn you for what you did wrong but then the 2nd line is just as important he says go and do what sin no more the 1st time God writes he writes in stone immutable unchangeable it must be the way it is written the 10 Commandments should not be altered the 2nd time he judges based on the 1st time and he writes what I hand in a plaster above the wall but the 3rd time he writes sin in the dirt of the ground why. Because with just his foot Jesus can wipe the sin away. You see what some of us believe is that our sins are written in stone and the law is written in sand. And sin with just the move of Jesus's foot can be wiped away 3 times God writes this was the 2nd time. And there followed another angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication So what does the Bible do it gives us some examples of what this really means and so one of them is Jeremiah 50 speaking of the fall of Babylon he says as God overthrew Saddam and Gomorrah and the neighbor cities thereof said the Lord so shall no man abide there neither shall any son of man do well there in Germany says listen when Babylon Falls is for as before for good. And this is not about the literal 1st Babylon the very Babylon story we're talking about it will never again be inhabited and in the reference is a link back to Sodom and Gomorrah if you really want to understand the sins of Babylon you have to understand the same way Saddam was punished Babylon is punished very similar way in that it would never come back could it be that if we understood what the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were that we would understand better the sins of Babylon that cause that the fall here is easy cure 16 verse 49 behold this was the iniquity of your sister Sodom look at what the number one sin is for Saddam what does I say. Pride. The number one sin for Saddam is pride pride and arrogance just as bad as our was arrogant he was so arrogant he thought that Babylon could never fall because of the great walls that it had and the big rations of food it had stored up and the river that ran through it in fact he was arrogant and didn't realize the very river that was should prevent him from ever having a city fall is what literally his enemies used to divert and walked their armies under the city into his city and took it over. This pride is the sin God hates the most and isn't it funny now what you see is more and more people more and more groups in pride this kind of pride pride pride pride in the states everything is about pride of sin that cause Sodom and Gomorra to fuck is the sin of pride then it says fullness of bread and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters look at this one neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and the needy and they were hearty all of that sin is what caused them to commit abomination and God says Therefore I took them away as I saw what. As I saw good if you want to understand the sin that all timidly destroys empires that ultimately destroys people it is the sin of pride 1st one mention a lot of people think it's all kind of a sexual deviation to them that is the sin that is the sin you have to worry about because if you get this in all of the sins will follow. And I says it like this in prophets and kings page 532 she says thus the broad walls of Bob Babylon became utterly broken and her high gates burned with fire thus the Jehovah of hosts cause the arrogancy of the Proud to cease and lay low the hardiness of the terrible 1st that Babylon the glory of kingdoms the beauty of the Chaldeans excellent sea become a Sodom and Gomorrah see the connection again a place for ever a cursed it shall never be inhabited inspiration as the clear neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to dent generation neither shall the air raid be in pitch a tent there neither shall the shepherds make their full there when Babylon fell that was it. And this is modern day Bob Dylan now it remains uninhabited to this day. Those of us in the audience in the room that are Americans would remember that when America and American video Iraq twice Saddam Hussein was the dictator in power both times the 2nd time they decided they were going to take Saddam Hussein out you know if that was good or bad what is interesting though is that Saddam Hussein had the idea he was going to rebuild an ancient Babylon and with his capture and death the prophecy remained true that Babylon the original city of Babylon about 56 kilometers south and I believe west of of the of modern day the modern day capital of Iraq it fell and he could not put it back together when God says something he means it Sodom and Gomorrah says it would never be inhabited again if you ever go to Israel and you visit the Dead Sea when you go in the Dead Sea And you can float anybody can float it's full of salt and you who you are you will float you know is underneath all that water and that salty water the city of Sodom would never be inhabited again at the north end of the Dead Sea. But then the Bible really begins to explain this where we all get it just a little deeper it begins to explain what actually happened during this fall there's more detail in Revelation 18 and after this things I saw another into come down from heaven having great power in the earth was lighted with His glory and this angel cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of every file spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird it became soul of say 10 and influence for all the nations of junk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication same words as in Revelation 14 and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are wax rich through the abundance of her delicacies and as we learned last night that tells you that one it was a spiritual power to do it was a great political influencer and power because the kings of the earth committed fornication with her but the other part of it it is and was a great Konami power. Babylon was known for its In fact the way that we invest to this day can be dated all the way back to Babylon as a book I read once go you probably read it to the Richest Man in Babylon teaches you how to invest and talk about things and it goes all the way back to Chaldean wisdom this was a significant economic power 1st for says and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people that you be not partakers ever sins and that you receive not a pleasant talk about this tomorrow for her sins have reached into heaven. And God has remembered her iniquities and I tell you about the tears that are caught in a bottle and written on the paper and all the people that did it people wrong Trust me God remembers all the injustice all the iniquity that has ever been done. Says an emergence of the earth shall we and mourn over her for no man buys their merchandise any more look at the merchandise gold and silver precious stones pearls fine linen purple and silken scarlet and all the wood and all manner of vessels of ivory and all manner of vessels of precious wood and of brass and iron and marble and cinnamon and look at where this thing goes and odors and myths and frankincense and wine and oil and fine flour and wheat and beasts and sheep and horses and chariots look at the last 2 things that Babylon in gauged in trafficking slaves and the souls of men that. If you want to recognize Babylon the Bible gives you a whole nother way to if you can find a power that has all of those 3 things political economic and religious power that engaged in trading all these things and in the slaves in the souls of men it will also point you to that power and it will show you that that power was destructive and that that power has fallen I watch this this is called The Good Ship Jesus will get deep Now this is the 1st slave ship. That the British used to actually send slaves to the Western Hemisphere in fact the captain was Admiral Sir Admiral John Hawkins he was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth who actually gave him the ship to borrow it's an interesting story and I'm going to tell you why we're going here in a 2nd. She was the Protestant queen in England Mary was a Catholic her sister it was a very interesting story because between the 2 women was very different lives to Mary when she was queen of England persecuted the Protestants terribly Elizabeth actually had to hide and Elizabeth wanted to protect the Protestants the funny thing about Elizabeth however is she still always wore a crucifix they say she had some connection back to Catholicism but what happened is that John Hawkins was going to go and sell and trade and come back to England and one of things Queen Elizabeth being a Christian she said to him was whatever you do if you take labor from Africa they must go willingly or you get this they have to be there has to be under their own volition that they want to go now what's interesting is he went to he came to the to the west coast of Africa and he actually took over a Portuguese ship in which there were somewhere between $3500.00 slaves he took them against their will or with lies it was also full of ivory and skins and gold other precious things he took the slaves and went to the Dominican reporters now they have Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola and he sold the slaves but what would be the equivalent of about $35.00 or 45 dollars today a British pound is what the article said. He then went back to England with all of these riches when Queen Elizabeth found out what he did she was upset she said that was deplorable then when she saw how much money they made. She said I'll be a partner. And that's how the British got into the slave trade and I show you this because. The name of the ship was Jesus actually built in Germany the ship in the name of it is really Jesus of the town it was built in in Germany but it's relevant because. In America right now there are many black people who say they will not only longer be Christian because the ship's name was Jesus. That was interesting is clearly Jesus didn't name the ship Amen. They had nothing to do with anything but what we're finding is that there are more and more and this goes back to Babylon creating confusion there are more and more black people around the world and I've heard even in Africa who are saying I will not be a Christian because I will not accept a white Jesus. Because I've heard that. I want to walk you through why that makes that does not make sense and I and I think it will be beneficial if we can get through it so the truth of the matter is if you want to know how the slave trade really got its fire it happened under Pope Nicholas the 5th he did it. He issued the Papal Bull dumb to various us on the 18th of June 14th $52.00 it authorized of and so the 5th of Portugal to reduce any Saracens the Muslims and Pagans any other unbelievers to perpetual slavery this facilitated the Portuguese slave trade from West Africa there the 2nd largest country with people of African descent in the world. Is what Brazil. What language they speak in Brazil. Portuguese number one is Nigeria so the 2nd largest country of black people in the world is actually a product of this papal bull now what the Catholics defend is they say well a papal bull is not it is not doctrine but the fact that a pope does not then you go online to many of the Catholics will they put up all the other bulls that the Popes did you know forbidding slavery on this in Philippines of forgiveness there but the truth of the matter is this enabled slavery to take hold and when you think about it remember we're talking about Babylon a religious power combined with political power the kings and queens of Europe because the pope had great influence on the kings and queens even in England combined with an economic system to profit just as Revelation 800 says they began to trade in the souls of men and of the slaves and the souls of men the slaves was the physical enslavement of the men the souls of men is that it was also a spiritual in slave meant not just of the slave but of the slave master and the slave trader I want you to understand it when Christians finally white Christians finally began to say especially the Quakers in North America when they began to speak against slavery is the irony it was still white christians and abolitionists whose end helped endlessly of touring in fact in England one of my favorite stories is the is the story of the gentleman who wrote the book wrote the song Amazing Grace he was once a slave ship captain when he was converted he realized the terrible things that he had done. And he took the words that God gave him and you know what that where he got the melody from to put the words to the most popular him of all time he heard the African slaves humming when he was on the ship mom. And he took the words to it Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me he was pastor and neighbor slip in my mind they must have been my mind now but he was the pastor to the very English. Lord who went into Parliament and finally ended the British slave trade. So it was a terrible thing that slavery began and it tested not just the spiritual character of the slave but it actually corrupted the spiritual character of the slave owner and the slave trader This is quintessential Babylon. In fact when they said it but they had nothing to do it in 202016 Georgetown University Jesuit University in Washington d.c. offered a public apology after acknowledging that 188 years earlier Jesuit priests sold 272 slaves to save the school from financial ruin Georgetown University one of the most prestigious universities in the United States of America actually sold slaves to keep the doors of the school open. The Society of Jesus we have to establish Georgetown University and was leaders and slave them mercilessly sold your ancestors stand before you to say that we have greatly sin Reverend Timothy Kosinski said President of the Jesuit conference of Canada in the United States. We pray with you today because we have greatly sinned and because we are what a profoundly sorry. I wonder how much money they gave back their ancestors I don't think they give anybody so many argue the Church of the Babylon had nothing to do with this going somewhere it is keep following me this book is one of the hardest books you'll ever find it's called slavery and Catholicism even on Amazon Ike You can find it. By Richard Roscoe Miller and in it's called slavery Catullus and published in 1057 on the 37 page if you go and look it gives you this information this is not the exact quote from it the Church of Rome did not consider the African slaves a human being until 839 Miller says Miller adds that this only occurred after the abolition movement by the American Anti-Slavery Society and the certainty of the writing on the wall that some day slavery would be abolished talking about Babylon that. Literally did not consider and as a whole bunch more to this I could pull up to it was a priest I sent back to the Pope and said listen we can't insulate the Indians on these islands in the Caribbean or in North America they can't handle the work we need we can say we should send for Africans Instead he's given permission to do that the what he says in his book is something deep though he says the scariest part of what happened in the slave trade is not simply to cut dollars as I'm drove it it is that all the production process and the nominations except for to follow to Rome into the sin. That he says is the scariest part of what happened in the slave trade because only the Quakers to a great extent fought against slavery they could not believe that people would in slave of the people like that the Quakers fought against it and then he mentioned something really peculiar he says and the other the nomination that fought against slavery even before it was organized into an organized body was the 7th Day Adventist Church how powerful is that that the only denomination you see in a pattern now after all the truths the professor vines showed you were never corrupted that were that were kept in place brought to North America gathered together around the Adventists under the time of William Miller and it when you go through the great disappointment and cross over 844 all of those truths are gathered together only one denomination brings all of the truth into one place it is also I believe signaled that they are not the agents of Babylon and that they are also the only denomination to surely never be involved in slavery. And to have always been speaking out against that and that's even though the nomination it's a was not racially perfect in terms of its thinking however day the teaching if you study the Bible all by itself it will tell you you can't have the truth of the Sabbath or the truth of the state of the dead and at the same time insulates people. So you get what I'm saying one of the signs of who Babylon was this collection of not just Rome as we'll see in a 2nd but all of the state of the of her daughter's sort of bible says right her daughters will follow her and if you think is one of the things he says in his book that is profound is when he says that in fact he draws parallels between Rome's persecution of the Protestants in Europe he says it was very similar to the weight she claims were treated in North America and the Caribbean. He says in fact you could draw a line between the 2 things they're so similar. Eventually there will just be 2 camps in the world and either you will stand on the side of Bible truth like should have happened during the time of slavery or you won't so what does this do and I mean let me let me do a little sidebar here all of this history is taken wrong causes people of African descent to believe that Christianity is the white man's religion and makes them believe that they are to stay away from Jesus in fact there are there Instagram posts and pictures that say things like. The 1st this is the 1st view of Jesus our ancestors saw and in the in a reflection in the eye of a child is the she is the good ship Jesus and they're saying if you're a Christian and this is an American you're a Christian and you're black you're an idiot to be a Christian because why would you follow this diabolical religion that would do this who do you think is really behind all of that. It's a team and I'm going to show you that in fact Satan is working hard to use race like he did with me remember I tell you my testimony he is working hard to use race in the last days to separate people so that they will not follow or hear these 3 angels messages so they would not hear the everlasting Gospel he wants to track people in self what was the sin of Babylon pride arrogance the idea that my culture my color my nation my race is what's most important and you don't have to be white to be racist I don't have to be you can be black and be racist Well you know I still mean America when I say that that's not true we don't have the power that's an issue of intent right attorney. If you had the power and you do damage then you're racist so this is Kendrick Lamar famous us rapper this is the Hebrew Israelites I bring them up because I don't know if they've gotten here yet but if they don't it day believe that the blacks of North America in the Caribbean are actually the actual children of Israel the 10 lost tribes I have no idea where they get that from but it is one of the most popular beliefs in the United States among young African-Americans in fact I met churches preaching and Hebrew Israelites will come into the church in our inner cities and try and convince black and Latino young men that in fact they should not be in a church because they are a direct descendants of Abraham. And you don't need the church to get the blessings of Abraham here's the thing if you don't know the truth the Rastafarians will come and tell you this is you should follow Selassie Jesus came in the flesh as the emperor of Ethiopia that's what I tell you don't play on the fact that you hurt because of the injustices you suffered and convince you that in fact somehow you you're not actually the inferior one in the equation you're the superior one in the equation. Classic Luciferian doctrine. Kendrick Lamar will talk more a lot more about this stuff tomorrow but Kendall Myers the line he says I'm not bought a religion I'm a Israel I don't call me black no mon. That word is only a color it ain't fat no more my cousin Carmichael my cousin called Duckworth know my worth and Deuteronomy said say that we all been cursed and he says listen I'm not I'm not black no more and I will look at a key part I won't follow any religion Daisy said the same thing in an interview they interview Jay z. Jay z. said listen I am not I forget the exact words he used to basically big Daisy said I'm not stupid enough to believe in organized religion but you remember what I told you j.c. is a 5 percent are very similar in some ways that his group 5 percent of the Nation of Islam and his line is his line and his song is he says I am Joe Hova God mc. That's why they call j.c. Hova and that's why he has you worship Him when you go to his concert they walk into his concert he says Get your hands up you go to the 1st thing rap is that you do put your hands up while putting your hands up as a sign of worship they say get your hands or put your hands in the air and what you put your hands on and then he starts to make the triangle he loves the triangle. Right which is a part of the hexagram he's signaling to you he serves he tows is a good chance of any says and and what is he and when I say call him home over. And what is hopeless is short for just Hova. He wants to be worshiped this is what happens when you don't understand your history as most people but many black Americans don't really understand history and this is happening as Christianity white man's religion I wasn't gonna put a picture of me with all of the advent of students I spoke at the University of got a leg gone in the capital I had a great time in Donna and we went to one of the slave castles to see what his slaves were sent off Malani a tramp was just there to day before was interesting because they love the troops there it was very bizarre and so. We went there as well and the guy giving the tour I said to put a picture of him up there he was so anti white so anti west he was so angry and by default he was anti-Christian and he on the tour he's given all of us admin is and are to like German college students with us so 2 white guys with us and I'm like This guy is see talking like this right in front of these poor guys how uncomfortable must they be. And I was I said you know what let me not get myself in trouble I'm in a foreign country let me just be quiet but I couldn't do it. At the end of the 2 I said Ok let me correct some things as a 1st of all Christianity is not a white man's religion the truth of the matter is there were Christians in Africa even before the church was fully established in Rome. And he said what and I began to give him this history Ellen White says in the great controversy page 63 again this is a little bit of a diversion but I think it's worth it for you all to understand this she says in a great controversy but 63 Ellen White says in lands beyond the jurisdiction of Rome there existed for many centuries bodies of Christians who remained almost wholly free from papal corruption. They were surrounded by hedonism and in the lapse of Ages were affected by its errors but they continued to regard the Bible as the only rule of faith and here to many of its truths these Christians believe look at this and the light says these Christians believe in the perpetuity of the law of God and observe the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment churches that held to this faith and practice existed in Central Africa and among the Armenians of Asia that you see that the idea that no black person in Africa had ever seen Christianity is a lie from the pits of hell. The truth of the matter is that truth had been in Africa a long time I have a good friend a good name pastor who's in the States I want to open with him and he has a book called knowledge of the Creator God embedded in African culture he goes tried by tried to Africa and he shows that at one time the truth had reached almost every tribe in Africa in fact they did my the conduit d.n.a. work on one of the tribes in Zimbabwe and they found that they could trace to mitochondrial d.n.a. the lineage all the way back to the to the to Aaron and the priesthood of Aaron. And I showed you how to come down to Africa from out of the Middle East it was an incredible study they did in the states the truth of the matter is truth was in Africa and it was battling with error just like it did in the rest of the world and truth was swallowed up in many places but one place stayed strong and one of them of course Ethiopia which at the time included Somalia and the Sudan it was a vast kingdom of Christians right in Africa how do we know this well the Bible tells us that one of the Ethiopian Orthodox pictures this is the King Solomon who is that the Queen of Sheba. With the Queen in Ethiopia who came to visit to see his wisdom the Bible says he want to know what he was all about that Ethiopians have some incredible oral. History and one of the things that they say is and this I can't vouch for this but it's an interesting story that they tell they say that when the Queen of Sheba came Solomon wanted to be wanted to lay with her. But she brought such riches out of Africa to him that there was nothing she could have wanted from him. So Solomon kept scheme in and plotting you know brothers and he trying to you know. Solomon trying to shoot game at the girl and trying to look on the King I'm the smartest King ever you got to get with this. Kid with the program and she's like no no no no no so finally she says listen if you can get me to ask you for something as according to their or tradition if you can get me to ask you for something Solomon I will sit lay with you I'll spend the night with you because he knew there was nothing she could ever need from him so what he did is he had a big banquet set up before she left to go back to Africa and he said it was a big banquet any put hot spices in her food I mean terribly hot spices in her food and then he moved the water jug far away from her and she started burning according to tradition she turns to Solomon and says Can you please pass me the water and boy you can imagine Solomon smile. From that union men elect the 1st was born went back to Africa and brought back a knowledge of the truth to this day there is a church. Bell up in the northern part of Ethiopia that claims to have the Ark of the covenant I don't think it's the original are going to come in and I think it's a copy of the are going to come in but they have armed guards outside of the church it's out of the church to this day. Also to that. The father of Caylee Selassie is mentally the 2nd so a Haley Selassie says his lineage went all the way back to David his title was king of kings and the conquering line of the tribe of Judah This is why the Rastafarians when when Marcus Garvey the the Jamaican Marcus Garvey said that a king will come out of Africa that we can follow when Selassie was coronated any of those titles that's why the Rastafarian said aha there is the Messiah Garvey was talking about but they thought Garvey was a prophet were they right they were dead wrong in fact when he silastic came to Jamaica all the Rastafarians filled the airport Selassie traveled a lot of videos of him with the queen the queen of England when she was young he traveled around a lot he gets to on a plane in Jamaica and he puts up his hands and he tells them I am not a God In fact he's a Christian he's an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian I am not God Rastafarian said no the translator messed it up. That's not what he said. Now I will tell you to spend time at Bob Marley's house the famous reggae singer and I remember reading Marley bomb on his wife you know she said she said that one when Hailey Selassie lifted up his hands she could see the nail prints in his hands. This is why you should not smoke marijuana young people. You'll see holes where they don't exist it's clearly hilly Selassie had no nails in His hands He was an emperor. But almost important maybe more importantly is this more importantly is that when Philip the Ethiopian this guy you know that Judaism ordered monotheism I should say stuck in Ethiopia one of the the next Queens and it's funny Ethiopia always has a queen Sheba Candace matriarchal very strong Candice sense what has one of her emissaries one of the treasures of her go all the way to Jerusalem what is he reading on the way back. The book of Isaiah Why was he reading the book of Isaiah. He was trying to figure out is this Jesus the Christ really the Messiah that we've been waiting for and God takes Philip and sends him to him and they have a conversation and have a Bible study out of the Old Testament and Philip is able to convince the Ethiopian a leader just this dignitary from Ethiopia that in fact Jesus is the Christ and the man is so excited church that he wouldn't even get all the way back to Ethiopia they had to stop the cart right where they were he said there's water and it's a rough water. I mean he believed in baptism by immersion and there he was baptized and Christianity went to Africa this is not me saying that this is political. So when they come to you and they say listen Jesus is a white god and and honest Jesus let me take them Jesus would have looked just like everybody else in the Middle East at the time if you want to really be honest and that's probably not very different than how they look right now he would have been dark dark dark dark dark like many of us and he would have been white white white white white like Northern Europeans blonde hair blue eyed he would have been so probably been somewhere in the middle that's the reality that we you know as deep God had enough sense to make sure Jesus was born before the Polaroid camera was invented. Because everybody be claiming him you know like put a Ricans kind of look on him Indians got a look everybody of us and he looks like us instead this is what the Bible says about how Jesus looks when you want to find out what color was Jesus this is what you need to know the Bible answers the question Isaiah 53 in verse 2 says for he shall grow up before him as a tender plant and as a route out of a dry ground he have to look at what the Bible says he has no form nor comeliness and when we shall see him there is no beauty that we should desire him. Why does the prophet tell you this it gets me excited because the draw of Jesus was not his good looks it was not that been pulling his chin. Nobody was drawn to Jesus because his hair was so beautiful they were drawn to my Jesus because of his character. It was drawn to Jesus because of the way he treated the least among them. The miracles he worked the fact that he was a little meek and lowly because although he was the God of the universe he was not he did not see it as a robbery to come and walk among sinful men. That's why I keep telling all the reasons I'm a Christian that's one of them because my God in Christianity came down to where I am. Working at Loma Linda University. And went to heads of the Department of the department I was training and pulled me into his office and he said was I found that you were very devoted Christian 7th Day Adventist I said Yes sir. That's why I'm at Loma Linda I think. And he said well I want to tell you that you shouldn't believe that stuff. Really. If you read the sign on the way into work this morning it's 7 is a douche and he said no he said this is foolishness he said how could you follow a god that allows all the suffering that happens on earth he said We Are Scientists he said and he said it's like God is is having a giant let experiment and we're just rats down here and he's just like we test the rats obesity genes and this stuff he's just testing all of us and he's up there like a great experimenter in the sky how could you serve him a parade in my mind quickly and my response was this sir you would be right except according to the Bible he became a rabbit. And he didn't just come down here to be one of us rats he suffered more than any rat ever did he bore affliction pain and temptation that no human being could ever even fathom Satan wanted to kill him at his birth. His whole life he was ridiculed and trampled upon any of our testimonies any of our stories of how we were mistreated or misjudged are done poorly none of that even begins to compare to what Jesus went through so let me tell you something if you're worried about what Jesus looks like it's probably because you're more and more worried about what you look like then his character when you ought to be more worried about your character than what you look like. Don't worry with that that is sentenced to it's Satan who said I'm beautiful He's the one the Bible describes I said I said he was he was corrupted by his own beauty yet this is wise to spread a prophecy says that when Lucifer saw Jesus in the manger he shot at himself he couldn't believe that one who was once so exalted would be brought so low. That's why you're a Christian not because Jesus has you're here texture or with of your nose or the color of your skin I'm a Christian because there's a character that I pray one day I will also have. Cinnamon odors and all that means they sold in Babylon frankincense and wine and oil and fine flour and wheat and beasts and sheep and horses and chariots and slaves and souls of men but Babylon's game is deeper than all the race stuff we just talked about he wants us to stay there because if we stay our own race we'll miss the real big picture. Will miss the real problem isn't Roman 6 and verse 16 know you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey His servants yard to whom you obey whether of sin on to death or of obedience and to righteousness the real power of Babylon is that it wants to instill a view in sin that. That's his game this is why the 7 day sabbath is removed because if you can get you to simply just keep this another day whatever day you want to keep if you can get you to systematically do that Babylon has you willfully because if you know better willfully sinning all the time. Then Game is this I will talk about this more tomorrow he wants to trap you he wants to use your limbic system the reward pathway of your own brain against you he wants that pride of easy kill 16 that Saddam had he wants the pride in you to say listen I get to do what I want it's my body. This is Brother Christian said he want you saying it's your Fanning do what you want to do you want you trapped in all of that then revelation page $64.00 and since the fall introduced is a moral one and must apply to some degree because the warning of the judgment it must be given in the last days therefore it cannot refer to the Roman church alone for the church has been in a fallen condition for many centuries in fact when you really start to peel it away our daughters are a Protestant churches that refuse to follow the Biblical truths that is important to know Revelation 173 so he carried me away in a spirit into the wilderness John says and I saw a woman set upon a scarlet colored beast. Full of names of blasphemy having 7 heads and 10 horns and a woman as a Raven purple and Scott of color and debt to gold and precious stones and pearls having a golden cup in her hand full of the abominations and filthiness of her fornication and upon her head with a name written mystery and you know when you look up the Greek for this you can actually translate it as if they had as they had a secret doctrine something separate about Babylon Babylon the Great the mother of harlots an abomination of the earth and I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and when I saw her I wondered with great admiration literally pointing to the fact that many true believers who started these churches in purity would be killed and we heard professor by the force we don't even have to go over it how many tens of thousands were slaughtered because they didn't believe because they didn't want to follow the lies of Babylon so there's a few things we'll finish with just a few things if you chains of false doctrines that are important you have to understand one of the state of the dead sun worship and the rejection of the 7th day sabbath spiritualism inside and outside of the church the idea that the wicked will burn in hell forever and are burning now the secret Rapture this is big in the States people like the secret rapture because what they put it basically I won't get into it today what I basically believe is the world is going to go to pot everything is going to go haywire and they're going to just get lifted up in a just go fly away and not have to deal with any of it in fact is so prevalent a belief in the United States that many of the Christian workers at American Airlines petitioned the leadership at American Airlines and said we are asking that you never put 2 Christian pilots in the cockpit at the same time. They're afraid of the 2. They're afraid the 2 pilots would be lifted away and the plane would have nobody to fly here's the problem with that if you are Christian would you go up with the plate with the pilots. Another one as Israel has as the center of last day prophecies when used when you go to many of the of these churches now their bases of what they believe is a right in fact American foreign policy has been developed around us in many ways that Israel is the center of last April of last a prophecy and Tony Evans I think I mentioned earlier this week a great preacher out of Dallas Texas 1st a preacher he says that Jesus is going to return to Earth build this temple on the Temple Mount where up when a mosque is now in Jerusalem and the great mosque is there in Jerusalem and he will rule the world for a 1000 years and Tony Evans said in that sermon and he will force the world Jesus is going to force the world to keep his commandments. That is lamb like beasts speaking dragon talk. And of course there's the prosperity gospel that's big and I didn't think it was such a big deal until I start to realize there are a lot of Christians completely corrupted by the idea that if you're not rich it's because you don't have anything. It works Ok in the United States you know in many of those mega churches you watch on t.v. in order to sit up here you've got to pay more money than if you sit back there. They have an a.t.m. in the in the lobby a bit into him some of them in Atlanta there's an a.t.m. in the lobby and I don't know I think the same as I'd like to have any 70 of ministers to get this idea you've got to turn in your w. 2 forms in America that's the form the government gives you any in the year or says how much money you made in order to join the church you've got to give the church your w. 2 form so they make sure you're giving them 10 percent of what you make. That's that prosperity gospel these guys are driving around I'm going to a little in a 2nd they're driving around in bed lease private jets they had a t.v. show about the pastors in Los Angeles it was scandalous Ecclesia is not a state of the dead how does the devil do this horse who is in 95 says for the living know that they shall die. Or the dead know nothing neither have any morning reward for where the memory of them is forgotten So what does the devil do and I actually know gentlemen that made this movie is an Adventist or a pretty help produce it and this movie basically says that the kid goes the kid dies he goes to heaven he sees all these people his grandmothers grandfather people and he comes back and tells us family about it the title is Heaven Is For Real. This movie The Preacher's Wife Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston in their in their prime days then there was and it was a man who died went to Heaven became an angel and comes back and the angel falls in love with Whitney Houston even though she's married to the preacher. Also there's a lot of the nature and envy is now perished neither have the any more portion for ever in anything that is done under the sun so what do they do to try and teach our children though you love a Ghostbusters. Literally did they did these movie come out and it really push it this is even one of my one of the great Christmas stories a Christmas carol and what is the prep the whole thing is about ghosts and I'm telling you I am with grown people who should know better and then tell me that house is haunted. It's there is ghost in that house my question is a for sale does everybody believe that they're about to leave this haunted maybe I'll get a deal on a house I'll buy it. I'm covered by the Blood of Jesus I'll take it I'll flip it and sell it. That cash flow quadrant brother. First as a loan in chapter 4 for this we say unto you by the word of the Lord that we which our lives are made on to the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep the Bible describes death as asleep on time to get into all of it but the lot of self said the sent from heaven with a shout of the voice of the archangel and the trump of God and the dead and cry shall rise 1st then we which I live in remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord the dead in Christ will rise if the dead are all waiting in the head then how do they rise. And what kind of heaven would it really be. If you were up there now looking on a mess on earth. And so what I do they want to get kids is Casper the Friendly Ghost of a little friendly devil goes the movie Ghost is a big hit and it was a Catholic clairvoyant played by one of Whoopi Goldberg who gets Demi Moore and I forget this guy's name. Patrick Swayze I forget his name but as Patrick Swayze over there Patrick Swayze and he is goes comes back and at the end of the movie everybody in the whole theater is just ball and crying. Poor Ghost as the go back to heaven and leave his wife or go to heaven you see a devil plays on your emotions around these doctrines but the other one a son was about to get deep into this one of things that has come into our churches is a yoga. Yoga is Sun worship in fact I was at a gym where they do it and I stopped the lady Do they like an advance yoga class and I see Astley as a really when you're doing yoga What do you really do and she said you are paying homage to the sun somewheres yet you go to Christian churches across the United States there are literally have been yoga services inside the church and of course the solar flare here tells you everything you need to know about what the Catholic Church believes about Sun worship. The Bible tells you that it's sun worship is the replace that's worse upon the Sunday is to replace the Sabbath Exodus 28 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy Revelation 110 says I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day which day is the Lord's day Luke $65.00 and he said unto them that the Son of Man is Lord also of the what the Sabbath and I could be we could do all thing just on that this is one of the doctrines that they have rejected it is a it is a major rejection on all fronts and even this is how you know it's Babylonian even when you show them from scripture that the 7 days Sabbath many people say it's alright I've had pastors bishops who are have 1st day churches and you show them and I will say I agree with you but. You know much money I would lose of a Stop stop leaving my church. Spiritualists I won't read the verse here but the 3 until in spirit we talked about that last night these are African-American women black women in Baltimore Maryland who have left the Christian church and have returned to the religion we in America call voodoo there are many names for it and now they are voodoo priestesses and they have left the church to join back into spiritualism and this is the Zodiac Sign in a church all of the signs of the zodiac which is not something Christian should be involved you should not get up in the morning and read the zodiac for your sign. That is demonic. The biggest one is that one of the biggest ones to me is this Will that we could burn in hell forever this is one of the most difficult when you hear many people talk about the fact that they are not Christians because of this doctrine out that a god be so cruel to somebody leaves live 70 years and does and you know he's not a horrible horrible person but Burns forever in fact I want for a job after all the stuff I tell you about Sunday night I want to try to get a job at a Christian clinic not have been as a Christian clinic in Memphis Tennessee. Is that they were the largest providers of primary care and one of poorest toughest cities in America per capita the murder rate in Memphis Tennessee is often number one in the us and I said I could go and serve there so I went to do the job interview and one of the guys the guy was the vice president for put in for spirituality for the clinic could not stand me from the time I got there. And so when he got me and the 1st interview I had was it the lady who ran the place she really liked me and I thought for sure I'd get the job when I went to the next interview because that interview all day with them they put all the department heads in a room and this guy had it in for me and he started to ask me questions and tough questions and and any Finally he said Listen let me just be straight with you you're a 7th Day Adventist. How do I know you're not going to come here and try and win people into your religion over hours I said well because I'd be their doctor and I'd be seeing them as patients and and I don't think you know I wouldn't be necessarily trying to steal sheep or anything in here and he said well what do you believe about Sunday and I think I said you know at that point I realize I'm not getting this job. But this man is getting a Bible study. Said one of the 2 is going to happen today but I'm not going to do and and not just him all of the partner and I went in went on to the Sabbath verses then he then when we went to the state and then and what really upset them was when I said and I've offered it up to them I said and the wicked will not burn forever I said what kind of a cruel God would allow you to burn forever for something you did for 30407080 years and that's. What you see this it goes back to pride that is the doctrine of pride that I am going to be sitting up in heaven with my feet up on my golden Bentley. While I look down in here to show Chremes of all you idiots that didn't agree with me. You get what I'm saying it's a pride issue that's what if they want to get it so bad I want to just throw some verses up on this one because it's one of my favorite even a Sodom and Gomorrah in the city is about them in like manner given themselves over the fornication and going up to strange flies I set forth as an example suffering the a vengeance of eternal fire they say Well Jude 7 tells you that hell is going to burn forever except 2nd Peter to 6 says and turning the cities of Sodom tomorrow into ashes condemned them with an overthrow making them an example and to those that should have to live and die early is Sodom and Gomorrah still burning. No I look I for $1.00 and $3.00 says for the whole the day comes that shall burn as an oven and all the proudly and all that do wickedly shall be stumbling and that and that and the day that cometh shall burn them up said the lord of holes that it shall leave them neither root nor branch and you shall tread down the wicked while will you be on the trail down the wicked but they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this said The Lord of Hosts Malakai for $1.00 and $3.00 they will be destroyed completely. These shall go into everlasting punishment Jesus says with the righteous into life eternal the wages of sin is that if the wicked burn for ever they would actually never pay the penalty for said they would also have immortality. Jesus tells you that what's everlasting about the fire is the punishment the consequence a loving God You know if I was God says He says the destruction of the wicked God says is my strange act you think he would want to sit there and watch people burn forever. No. Flaming fire taking vengeance on them that no not God in that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ who shall be punished who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord the last thing I would talk about is this one. The gospel of prosperity I won't get too deep into it but Time magazine. I can't read a year here things like 2005 put an article as it does God want you to be rich and naked questioned. In front of all of America the prosperity gospel in fact they mocked churches when they compared that Jesus lived such a humble simple life with the idea that you're saying now that unless you have faith if you don't have faith you won't get rich in response to this article disguised wrote a book yes God wants you to be rich the church is so it's so stuck on this idea and there's nothing wrong with making money and doing well that's not the issue the idea is if you say that if you're not rich you don't have the faith of God How do you explain all the wonderful Christians around the world that have so little. Yes Babylon is confusion is to try and turn you when you don't have resources into thinking somehow something's wrong with your faith and now your faith is focused on material increase rather than on rather than on character development. Babylon is fallen is fallen on close of historic of the just the the punchline are not resisting my cousin my little cousin. Born to have been his parents was an incredible football player American football in fact in Pop Warner when we were little kids this guy when he was a little kid a little older than him he would like a man among boys he'd just wallop them when his advantage father saw how good he was in football he would not take him to church on Saturdays when he had games and take them to the park to play in his Pop Warner games when he went to high school he was such a fiend that one of the best private schools in the state of Florida recruited him to come play for them it was the very same school where the pop icon Madonna sent her kids to high school Gulliver Prep to look it up in Miami Florida Shawn played. Iron Man He played both ways oftens and defense he was a football field Naam church he was when it when he went when in a senior year he won over prep their 1st state championship in football he scored 7 touchdowns in the championship game he was that good every college and university in America wanted him to come play for them so he had a room stocked with the papers of this full scholarship offers he had to play football. But now of course he hadn't been to church in years. He went to the University of Miami the same school I went to medical school at the same university and he played there his 1st year he won a National Championship for college football. By his 2nd year the National Football League the n.f.l. you guys know the n.f.l. the n.f.l. was recruiting him and he left college to go play for the Washington Redskins one of the Vanguard programs in the United States around football there's a draft where they have to pick who is going to go in a and the worst teams pick 1st to get the best players so the higher you go in the draft the more money you make. He was not number one number 2 number 3 number 4 he was number 5 my little cousin signed a 36000000 dollar contract to play football for the Washington Redskins let me tell you some church if somebody in your family comes in the $36000000.00 overnight people in your family will lose their minds. I mean I saw people do stuff I never thought they would do good Adventist beeper we're going to stuff on the Sabbath to support him. Money. Well because of his he is his parents weren't together anymore because he hadn't been in church he was smoking weed he drink you know he got into some trouble you have bad anger problems because. He watched his mother be in some abusive relationships. He had terrible anger problems. Why was of than football I think are the reason and so. Some boys came into our own neighborhood where I lived in Miami one of the tough tough tough sections of Miami and he left some of his band She's these a.t.v. 4 wheeler things that you you ride and they ride in the Everglades in Florida I don't know what economy or. Any any left I'm at one of my friend's house in the hood. And so boys came and stole his band she's. A cousin Shaun does not play he went he got his gun and he went and found the boys that took his A.T.V.'s and he held them up at gun point and got his machines back not a problem with that is when you were $36000000.00 How much time should you really spend in the hood basically you really shouldn't go back to that anymore you should basically graduate from the hood at that point. And so when these guys found out that he did that and he was at my friend Mikey house we all went to church together Mikey all of us went to the same adventure each child was in the Pathfinder to sing in the choir every day. When they found out where he was they went did a drive by with big semiautomatic guns Shawn says he was in the backyard the bullets went through his truck his s.u.v. through the house through the back of the house and he was in a back yard ducking bullets coming through all of that stuff his car his brand new s.u.v. looked like Swiss cheese. And then of course not only day shoot him up they went told the police he stuck them up 1st because these are $36000000.00 They came after him Sean was arrested yet to get a high powered attorney to defend him all of that life began to catch up with him but I have a grandmother from Jamaica who is a praying woman past now a praying woman and she began to pray for him and sure enough he got through that criminal trial basically unscathed he just had to give up his guns and he had to give up some other stuff but he came through unscathed the next offseason I saw him at one of my cousin's baby shower part thing parties or whatever they were having. And. You know baby showers or giving gifts give gifts that are parents and so he came to me he said Rick he said listen. I'm done with football in a few years. He said you don't know who you can trust when you have all this money. You don't know who's your friend is really difficult to to figure things out he said in fact when it's all over I'm going back to church that offseason he did drift into church on Sabbath and when the appeal was made he came down front to give his life back to Jesus. And football season started back up and he went back to play football. And when he went back to play he was having his best season ever he hurt his knee they were playing the Washington Redskins were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida and it's because he was bad he didn't go back with the team to d.c. to Virginia he decided to come to Miami and check on his boat he had a giant fishing boat big like his room to go fishing boat they love the fish and he had his b.m.w. z and all the stuff you want to check on and family want to visit so he and his girlfriend and her baby went back to Miami to see family while the rest of the team went to Virginia there were some boys who had been in his house should have been his house but I've been his house and he saw as jewelry laying around his game checks playing around his game checks for like 3 $160000.00 when he would play a football game one game and Sean was just he was leave the leave a check mate on account of. The boy saw his stuff in a new plane in Tampa so they figured they were going to drive to Miami from the other side of the state and they would break into the house and clean him out and nobody would know. The problem is they didn't realize he was home so one of the boys broke in a broken a back bathroom window one of the boys had a gun on him and when he came into the house Sean came out of the out of the bedroom he could hear them and he had his girlfriend in the baby so he's trying to protect them he comes out of the room they were Jamaican so he comes out with a machete. Cutlass I don't know what you call those down here. As a comes out to make is love those things and it comes out and a boy sees them and doesn't expect them and I don't know if the boy even wanted to kill them but he shoots at them and hits him in the in the left leg the problem is the bullet goes through his 4 moral artery. Biggest artery in the lower extremity. Shawn begins to bleed everywhere. His girlfriend is afraid she is a gunshot so she has a baby she stays in the room so she doesn't come out quickly to help him he's bleeding there's father later told me I think every drop of his blood was left in that house they call an ambulance and the ambulance gets there they couldn't land a helicopter to airlift him directly to the trauma center so they have to drive the amulet somewhere I have a cop that means that they bring him there they give him $60000.00 worth of albumin it's a protein they use to try and keep the fluid in his blood vessels. If the they do surgery and they stabilize him and my grandmother who helped raise all of us but especially spent a lot of time with Sean she comes to the hospital and sits at his bedside and just starts to sing hymns in his ears she's whispering in his ears 24 hours later she's still at the hospital 30 hours later still at the hospital my brother David is there any says Mama Don't you want to go shower with I can take you home and come back as a No I'm staying here and she keeps talking to him whispering in his ear singing to him and about 30 some hours into this ordeal. The doctor. The surgeon and a nurse walk in a gram of the sit in a big operating Bay They would even move him to recovery room because a celebrity left him where he was and the doctor the nurse walk in a doctor says Shawn if you can hear me and he has the nurse put her hands in his hand Sean if you can hear me squeeze her hand and he squeezes. And he says and Shawn if you can hear me back your eyes blink your eyes and Sean starts to blink is I the doctor looks at the nurses shrugs his shoulders nurse look at the doctor and they walk out as soon as that happened my grandmother gets up turns to my brother and says Ok it's time to go home I need to shower. Or this is now. Let's go e.s.p.n. c.n.n. all reported that in fact Sean Taylor responded to the doctor's command and he's going to make a recovery. I'm in California and Loma Linda and I'm watching the news I see all my cousins there on the news and I'm like man that's good a car my brother said David is shown going to make a recovery I just heard it on e.s.p.n. they said I'm looking at Sean right now he's a swollen as a as a fish he's huge swollen he looks terrible I don't know how they could say that. Within 24 hours or 36 hours Shawn was dead. I got a flight to fly to Miami to find out to go to the funeral service and all of the n.f.l. was there o.j. Simpson crazy people like that everybody was there I mean all of the s.p. and all of the sports world all of the n.f.l. was at the funeral. But I made a big line to find my grandmother. I said Mama why is it that when it seemed like Sean was about to make a recovery why did you get up and leave right when it seemed like the miracle was about to happen. Grandmother said you don't understand. I sat there for 3 days plus. Whispering in Sean's ear the Sabbath school lessons I used to teach him when he was a child. Reciting the Bible verses on a fact that Jesus saves but a power of his blood I sat there singing to him the hymns in his ears that would bridge drawing him closer to glory she said you don't understand I wasn't trying to save him into this world I wanted to save him into the next one. He said But Ricky I got tired and sit near so long I got tired and I couldn't take it anymore and I prayed and I said to God God show me that he can hear me. He said When I prayed that the doctor and a nurse walked in. Zen and once I knew he heard what I was saying I knew my work was finished and it was time to prepare for the funeral. Towards them it is them that was a grand funeral they had to hold it in an arena where they play basketball. But I want to tell you something about Babylon falling about all of the economic wealth that Babylon has developed. When Sean died they did not hook up his boat to the back of his herds they didn't have to and 3 of his b.m.w. was being pulled to the stood a cemetery his house did not get up dismantled and buried with him a couple of pieces of jewelry maybe but all of the $36000000.00 that was left was still sitting in the bank. I tell you a story to tell you that Babylon wants to offer you the riches of this world. But I want you to understand like my cousin Sean who had it all when you go to depart this world you can take none of it with you and the only thing you can actually take with you is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Does every have his bottom every eyes closed. Really quickly maybe to somebody again who just want to give your life to Jesus. If yesterday if you gave your life to Jesus yesterday I want you to just stay with me down from afterwards if there's anybody else you want to give your life to Jesus today to many of you the other day but if there's anybody else I just want to take a few minutes raise your hand where you are you could meet me afterwards up front you know off the stand today a come down front just raise your hand where you are. I see your hands as the Praise the Lord is there anybody else. You want to give your life to Jesus. Anybody else even if you raise that yesterday you can raise it again. You don't have to stand today which is going to join us down for. A sea Hansis the Praise the Lord is anybody else. Tomorrow is not promised my cousin Sean was 26 years old in the prime of his life with all the riches the world has to offer I see him praise the Lord. When he was called to sleep. None of that mattered. You have Jesus in your heart. You living a Christian life. Like Babylon have you are you living in confusion. You want to give your life to him today just raise your head I'll stop now I will go along I see your hand about Praise the Lord as anybody else I see him praise the Lord anybody else praise the Lord I see your hand I see a hand in about Praise the Lord anybody else before I close out I see your hand young man up Praise the Lord you want to give your life to Jesus today praise the Lord in the back anybody else. Has ever had about an every possible even while I'm praying you can raise and Father God we thank you Lord for the word of truth that Babylon is fallen. That her iniquity has reached into heaven and that you have remembered her sins. Before the God Sometimes this earth seems so cruel and unjust it feels like we have to take justice into our own hands but if we can be we can have the patience of the saints one day all that was wrong will be set right. And Lord we want to follow Jesus not because he looks like us. But because we want to look like him in character. So Father God I pray right now. The Lord would follow Jesus because of who he is the eternal God. Who came to earth to save us. Father God those who raise their hand this week I pray Lord that you seal their decisions with the Holy Spirit those that should have raised their hands are or should give their lives to you that haven't Lord I pray in a special way Lord that you give them no peace until they find peace in you and they have no rest until they are resting in your arms. Father God blesses the Lord we would be obedient to the calling of these 3 Angel messages this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w w w audio verse or.


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