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1. Daniel 12: 1260 Days and Time of the End

P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH


P. Gerard Damsteegt Dr.Theol. MPH

Associate Professor of Church History (ret.) at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University



  • March 7, 2020
    11:15 AM


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This presentation this morning will be in 2 sections part one it deals writ this 3 and a half times in the time of the end and the next bond deals with the 12901335 days and then you'll standing in his lot that spray every father made 2 words in my mouth and the meditation of my lips be to your own include Ori in Jesus' name amen. The chapter some people see is a totally different from the rest but that is not true we need to look at the contexts and the context of this chapter 12 is the conclusion of Chapter 11 and that's very important so Jeffrey 11 ends with the words or the final people strategy to destroy the goats the remnant and it ends in a defeat of the King of the north the prophecy of Daniel 11 the end is and he the king of the North she planned to Tabernacle So if a spell is between to see in the glorious holy mountain yet to come to his and and none shall help him the fatal final strategy is to destroy God's remnant that is from the strategy of the King of the north. He it is another translation because this is one of the more difficult translation aspects of the chapter he who pay each his royal tense between to see. And then in the Hebrew it specifically says torch the beautiful holy mountain that is a new English translation here is the final attempt of the papacy to destroy goats them didn't that survive to final on slaughter of persecution that is doing to time or trouble the fight will be a final people strategy does throw records of eminent his strategy is to put his royal tens or Dissenter over the falls papal worship between to say and see door defacing to beautiful or glorious holy mountain he has here you see deceives Now what does the Book of Revelation talk about to see what are they the people between the seas if you see if you if you picture Palestine here and there one is the great sea admitted today an aeon and the other one is the Gulf of Aqaba between to 2 waters there he puts his place so in other words in a spiritual sense in the final standards he the king of the north the Catholic Church groups his seat between the peoples of the world left and right and then finishing is final strategy or on what the beautiful glorious mountain and the beautiful glorious mountain in the end of time is God's word and people like to destroy this see here in the rest of the world he is in the center of the world and focusing now his attack on God's people so the people see a real place it's a boss day to worship in the midst of the peoples of the world. Leading them towards doe beauty of the glorious Holy Mountain Goats a remnant in the final global ethic to destroy them and if this is a little foreign to you a number of weeks ago I had a special sauce series or Daniel 11 and so this is simply to called the new word called the nudity of Daniel 11 and which is Jeppe 12 and what the 1st element he had in chapter in it 12 is in verse one and at that time shall make will stand up the great prince will stand for the children of die people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since divorce a nation even to the same time and at that time die people shall be delivered and who are they people everyone that shall be found reason in the book now what does this kind of book that's the book of life the sea so the question is here at the end of this presentation where am I am I part of the Book of Life or not that is the whole question and if you are not a part of the book of life then that's very very set so let's Now see here now this time of troubles as never was is then the specific time of Jake of struggle so the observation is during the final time of trouble after the close of probation choli a crash to intervene in behalf of a speedball and deliver every one written in the book in the Book of Life Now when does Christ stand up when Christ finishes his atoning ministry at a time Michel. And if you study very carefully the Book of Revelation you will see then that Michael is Christ the greatest of all the angels the head of all the angels Michael is the one who intervenes men in chapter 10 the a fighting over me to Persia and Greece and Rome it is Michael he stand up and Bill help the Angel Gabriel because the angel Gabriel is not able to win the fight but only Christ instead and there shall be a time of trouble such as never of our sins there was a nation even to that same time and at the time die people shall be delivered every one that shall be found reason in the book and so here you can see here how beautiful chapter 12 respond to this crisis situation in Chapter 11 and now God's people will be delivered when Michael stands up and he had an early writings and if you read it section of beach 36 and when my eyes writes here when our High Priest has finished his work in the sanctuary he will stand up now what did he do and he stands up he put on the garment of vengeance and then the 7 last place will be put out and they are terrible Now why are they being poured out those are the most crucial devastating plagues it's in response to what the United Nations and all the leadership of all the people of the world have decided they have decided in the genocide of course people think about it. So therefore Michael's standing up and his response is in harmony with the genocide of cos people and so too when he finishes you are going to sanctuary does no mercy why shoot God continue to have mercy on the wicked no more because the ministry of the saints unit over. Nothing anymore Atonement is finished and then cults people will stand there by themselves but little known because they are still holding spirits see how good it is in this disease but Christ is in heaven and then coming down the clouds of heaven and now the final recognition will take place and their interest to you you find a special resurrection to Texas and many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake some to everlasting life some to shame an everlasting contempt now does it say to all people they will be united active no sun and some to everlasting life and some to everlasting contempt there are 2 groups of people those who have worked for the Lords and have given all their life to the Lord's day their names out in the book of life and they will be it is a king imagine if people from 844 onwards to the end of time have been slaving and proclaiming the Lord's coming and they don't even see him coming that was the disappointment it's no dose people who have proclaimed to see in his messages all their lives. And have done right in the face of the scenes messages the will have the special privilege of the special instruction but also those who have fought against the truth those of nail them on the cross the thief of the cross where except the earth is in one category the those who denied him is in the other of the characters and cutting and so here then in a beautiful way the finally board will be given it's at midnight and almost continues that got many faces power for the deliverance office people in the midst of the angry haven't. Is Ron Clark Lee a space or indescribable glory when scrums devoid of got like the sound of many water saying it is done greys are opened and many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth awake some to everlasting live and some to shaman everlasting contempt all who have died in the faith of the 3rd angel's message come forth from the tomb glory fight to hear God's covenant of peace with those who have kept his law but they also pierced Him Revelation $17.00 though most it mocked and the you're right it Christ dying agonies and the most violent all potions of his truth and his people are released to be hold him in his glory and to see the on are placed upon the loyal and obedient great call diversity be 636-3637 so those people who have fought. It's a serious message to do as it is to their life and those who have hated the steeds messages and have fought against our people they will see him and he will be justified and sent to fight and vindicated and then the influence of the white thirsty and the Shelby and they did be way she'll shine as the brightness of the firmament and they shall turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever and see here how beautiful is this observation they that are participant in the letter rain proclaiming the loud cries those are the why are you preparing for the lottery the loud cry if so you will devise the question is do you understand this prophecy because device will understand this prophecy and if you don't fully understand the prophecy what have you to do to go home and to do what to study to plead just like Daniel when he didn't understand all the aspects of the twenty's today. What he did to study Jeremiah and then he found out the key to to the students and so you also are invited to study and be by belong to device now then you get the ceiling of the book chapter 12 for 7 but the hour Daniel should up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end many showed on to and fro and knowledge shall be increased and it is not simply the scientific knowledge but what kind of knowledge the knowledge of the prophecies the knowledge of this prophecy they will understand this when the book is opened. Observations is the Book of Daniel see you think about it. You know if you read the history of the prophetic interpretation then you will see here that the understanding of Daniel to the kingdoms was clear in the minds of the early Christians then Daniel 7 the 4 beast Babri long meter person in Greece and Rome that was clear already 2000 years ago but what was dark the time prophecy. They did know what to us and it was that time prophecies that have specially be revealed in the last days these were there almost as in Acts of the Apostles these $585.00 the book that all sealed is that portion of the prophecy of Daniel relating to the last days to the time of the end and that is what we are at explaining here also what is the time of the end because a number of Adventists today believe that the time of the end began with what year 844 but is that really the understanding that the Bible gives us and that is not legal find out how long will it be till the time of the end does the question Daniel tip the 12 years 5 or 6 then I Daniel looked and behold there stood 2 others one on this side of the bank of the river and the other on that side of the bank of the river. And one says to the men close to linen which was up on the waters of the river how long Shelby till the end of these wonders these things you know keep in mind this is the answer to Daniel Chapter 11 where you see all the events taking place there this happens and this happens and this happens and what happens and now in Chapter 12 The question is now how long will it be till all those events that we have seen in Chapter 11 are to be accomplished so that the understanding of Daniel 11 became clear and to our many of our early Adventists it was very very clear the observation now is how long will it be till the time of the end because that is the questions how long will it be now thus the time prophecy seer given the time times and a half a time that is interrupt or 12 or 7 the 1290 days in verse 11 and then the 30 to 35 days and each of those things are so important yet Satan is riding high because he has called Fusion many of the Adventist about a 1290 and the $335.00 and they are all looking in the near future when they will be fulfilled is that so what does the Bible saying or savation in order to understand those time broke periods one needs to look at the structure of these prophecies How is the Bible being the of late in those things and notice specially the context of those prophecies the Book of Daniel is sealed until the time of the end. You know 12 is 4 and it was not into all that was opened that people understood the 126-012-1000 the 30 and 35 days so how is the structure then of those time prophecies this time prophecies are part of 2 Dialogues I don't know if you have or preserve this but you I hope you call Becton today and and look over this or you get the you d.v.d. here that explains many of those things but to Dialogues the 1st dialogue and then the 2nd one each dialogue reveals the significance of a time prophecy related to the time of the end so if you don't get it in the 1st dialogue you should get it in the 2nd dialogue the 1st dialogue and that is what we explained this morning the 2nd dialogue is in the afternoon Gabriel the Angel Gabriel explained to the book will be sealed until the time of the end the Angel one of the angel standing on the riverbank asked the men close to linen who was above the waters now the question is here who is demand close to linen the context is Daniel 10 1st 4 to 6. Now I look to you to look in your Bible. Chapter 10 1st for. You to the young and in the. 4th and 20 a day of the 1st month by the side of the creek the river which is the head of coal or you know many of us see it is the diapers the river and then I lifted up my eyes and looked and behold a certain man close in linen hoosh Lloyd's were geared it it's fine gold of fuss is bully also boast like a barrel and his face as the appearance of lightening and his eyes as the lamps of fire and his arms and his feet like the call of Polish brass and the voice of his words like the force of multitude at the mention of whom. If you go to Revelation Chapter one Verse 10 through 16 evolution. Or stand I was in the spirit of the Lord's day and heard behind me a great voice as a target saying I am the all for and Omega the 1st in the last and although serious to writing the book and send it to the 7 churches in it it out in Asia to Africa to Smyrna Burgerman to Sardis Philadelphia of c. and I turned to see devoiced it's baked with me and being in his 1st 12th chapter one. And being turned I saw 7 gold a stone candle stick and the myths of the 7 candlesticks $1.00 and $2.00 the son of men close to the garment down to the food and a girl about the paps and the Golden Girls girdle and he and his hat his hair right like wool white as snow His eyes were like a flame of fire and his feet likened to a fine brass as if burnt in a furnish and his voice like to follow the sound of many waters and he had in his right hand the 7 stars so who is this sea soaked Jesus many fest him self and based on biz insight then we go back to Daniel Chapter 10 you see the man above the waters was that Jesus and so that is very very important it's Michael it's Jesus and so the question is now how long she'll be til the end of those wondrous all those things that you have seen in Chapter 11 how long Shelvey until those things are explained according to its context the question is related to the time of the end the angel is interested in knowing how long will it be until the Book of Daniel will be unsealed how low and so that is the men of linen that is Jesus in the 1st dialogue the man the linen he's a responds by giving and time prophecy that reveals when the time of the and shall be Jesus set. That it shall be for a time times and a half a time and when the power of the holy people has been completely scared hurt all those things shall be finished this is the New King James was a difficult passage to translate into Hebrew and even in this case the King James is even clearer because he says until the power of the holy people had been completely scattered the King James says for was the little Hebrew says and when he shall have accomplished to scatter into power of the holy people all these things shall be finished so what is the scatter of the the all of the power of the holy people what is that persecution where did the great and they crashed persecution ends you know at the end of the time times and half the time and in the Book of Revelation because in the all book of Daniel doesn't explain the time time and I have a time yes so you have times but the Book of Revelation chapter 12 and explains exactly what it is that is the 12th $160.00 days and the same chapter says Time times and have a time so in chapter 12 twice the spirit of persecution be winched once in the same phraseology as you find here in chapter 12 time times I have a time but also 12 when it is 60 days and if you read the. The monthly calculation especially with the flood then you find there in no or stime that the month is 30 days and so here you find in that time time you have a times 3 and a half years 42 months times 30. To have 60 see how beautiful it works out the prophecy about the arrival of the time of the end this is what the 1st time calculation focuses on the a rifle will be at the end of the time times and have a time when the persecution will be finished then will the time of the and became don't don't miss that point when will the time of the end become at the end of this persecution period so the 1st dialogue focuses you're on the errand of the period of persecution you get is Jesus answer to the angel explains that the time of the End Begins is the reference to the time of persecution of God's people by it a little horn because in chapter 7 for study 5 you cause the same expression Time times and have a time that is the persecutions papacy of God's people and now you find it repeated at the end in chapter 12 when will the time of the end because when the 1st occlusion period of God's people has been finished and when was that 7098 not 1844 so keep that in mind to the time of the end does not $844.00 not at all how long is the time times in have a time Jesus reveals in the Book of Revelation the long length of time times and half the time Satan will persecute God's people for a time times have a time or $1260.00 days or years that is in the year day principle prophecy about the time of the end and you know we have to think the Catholics at least one person that the Lord uses in a mighty way. It was in the 12th century that the fires the Roman Catholic effort Your came a fury discovered that in symbolic prophecy time is also symbolic key that the prophetic day is a solar year and this is a picture then drawing of this abbot that lived in the southern part of Italy a day in the year now it was already applied to the 70 weeks but not to the long time periods and it was this advert that God used in a very special way that gave this thing and of course the Catholic Church was not happy with these men and wanted to call him to Rome for investigation but fortunately he died before he gets to go to Rome so his life was spared because mercy prophecy about the arrival of time with the end this dust trail from a 60 Prophetic the 12 and a 60 solar years of the persecution of God's people by the end of Christ we notice that in this prophecy Jesus did not give the beginning of the prophetic period but he focuses on the end of the spirit and this is another of the prophecies that this individual was working on so he and I have all of the time of the end he stated that when the time of the end be at the end or the seen enough times when the scattering of the dispersion of God's people has been completed so when the persecution was over then the time will the and who became invisible important thing for us our speech will and unfortunately some of us have been confused with 844 but that is not the case. From the prophecies of Daniel 7 for steady 512 for 7 Revelation 11 for stew 12 for 6 of search and 141345 we noted this prophetic time period began in 538 and lasted in 1260 years until 70 New Year to date and this Denver's disc the discovery that. Was made by a jury came but York and didn't know 5 387098 because that was 6600 years in advance and so Christians did had to discourage use the findings of joking to find out is this the beginning and is this the end and they did it for 600 years until finally there was a deadly wound so they looked for the deadly wound for 600 years and then he was as did her arrival in 79 t. 8 the podium general birching to Pope dies the 7th captive the pope by as the 6 kept of him abolished the papal government by proclaiming the Roman Republic on capital on the Hill that borders the Roman Forum on Feb 13th 78 Burchett the general entered to Rome and this is a pen drawing of the movie monopoly on the museum what you can find in Iraq Oh and from time to time I take my people a tour through those things on Feb 15th abolition of paper government or the capital there it is and it was here or kept all capital capital in the Hill that the official proclamation last mate to abolish the secular government of the papacy. No the spiritual government he still had spiritual power but the secular government was abolished and it is still like this today see that the convulsive occupy right there at the French troops and 2 of generals went into d. and the Sistine Chapel and on February 20 pope I used to seek arrested was arrested and taken from the Sistine Chapel and taken into exile here sieges 16 chapel of those who have been there on the rights 8 you find there the beautiful painting of the Last Judgment will be shown 0 to 2 many many years of all of this and so here you find the people throne and the pope was just celebrating the inauguration or face papal papal function and that was the anniversary of this and so they took a wrong they took the special brinks of Hispaniola from his finger and took him out and took him to a carriage to be taken to France and this is then again 1798 the next year Pope Pius the 6 died on August 297-9000 night long friends and then of course the. He his desire was to go back to the veteran to be there buried with the people of loans to Catholics said no no no he belongs to us and so there was a power struggle there and so what they did it is then they came to a close and to send his body back to the friends but let us cut his heart and let his heart be there in France and that is about the compromise solution of us and so. This was clear to the Christians you know I mean and 2 opponents are now wiring to Christians today no longer keep as you none of us except serve America this notice why here here it is how Satan can change the mind or through Christians many misinterpreted the deadly wound in revelations that he was 3 they misinterpreted but did they think was going to take place they thought they had a deadly wound predicted the end of people power in $798.00 but that is not what the prophecy sense it says it is and deadly wound. But what will happen it's going to be healed and the Christians of the time lost that understanding and so De did not understand the healing of the wound at the beast in Revelation 13 versus 3 and they saw as part of his habits as it were wounded through death and his deadly wound was healed and all the world wanted after the beast and it is of course clear if you don't understand the prophecy because as a tell you the prophecy noted political field was never fulfilled and so that was the misinterpretation of this conclusion to deadly wound was to be healed and it works to follow so there it is France this is the end of the 1st dialogue of crystal clear should make into our mind the importance of 798 now the next section does have to new deal specifically with the 13 of the 35 days and the 1290 and the importance there is that it shows. And that is about as the does have completely forgotten the rest of the story is it reveals the rice or the anti-Christ in contrast with the spiritual race of the realm the church those 2 things to date we don't have any Bible studies on this if you want to get to clear their calculation you have to read. Read the book pay your area Smith $1.00 then you'll 12. You find how we got this you may book Foundations on the 70 others message the mission and also that here in a book of the role of the status of the Catholic Church in the Sturt state relationships within the Roman Empire from 833-082-8028 extension 14 that is what we will discuss this afternoon so if you want to get the whole picture or one of the most important prophecies dealing with the rise of the remnant you need to come this afternoon now to prophecy that show you clearly the days of the remnant the one is the Revelation Chapter 10 you know we know this the disappointment but the other one is Revelation 12 what the reveals then but eyes of the remnant Ok let's pray. Heavenly Father we thank you so much for having given your people and clear insight into their use of your church the razor that in the church and how we board in business that the firs out understanding over where we are in the light of the indignance thank you so much Father blessed Mr and many continue to study you were Jesus the demon. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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