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Facebook Marketing - Part 3: How to Create Facebook Ads that Actually Work 1

Chris Matts


Chris Matts

C.E.O. of Advent Digital Marketing




  • June 19, 2019
    9:45 AM
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You have only father word thank you for. Calling us to such an amazing mission or the opportunity in front of us to reach people or providing us technology to use as a tool to communicate your message to the masses or we pray for your wisdom your insight as we explore these different opportunities and we pray for your encouragement Lord be with us in this time we thank you and we pray a man. So. The past 2 days we've been building the strategy for marketing just in general and then we're transitioning that now into specifically using it for Facebook advertising so just a brief overview of the strategy that we talked about would be building a report step stablish in your relationship with your audience before you start asking them to attend your church events right so what we're doing is we're putting out little pieces of content coming in the forms of graphics and videos on Facebook so that our audience gets to see who we are in what we believe are values things like that we're providing them some type of value you know these different little nuggets either they're spiritual nuggets or health nuggets nuggets on how to you know have a better relationship with your spouse how to have a better relationship with your family and your kids are putting that content out there so that people can interact with us and we're building this and gauge with this relationship with our community after that we now transition into this invitation to weather be a cooking class or holiday program or a church series for a vandalism So that's a little bit of a brief overview if you have more questions on the specifics please feel free to come up to me afterwards I've also been providing some resource links here's the link that went along with yesterday's presentation I don't think I got to the side so you guys may want to take it out to your phones and go visit this so you can get the resourcing for yesterday's what's going to be provided in that link is going to be the customer journey it's a fillable p.d.f. that will you can sit on their church board and you guys can fill that out according to you know what types of things your church does and then also it'll provide you with an audience worksheet in the audience where she will give you a really good outline of. You know figuring out exactly who you're trying to reach in your local community so I'm going to be sitting down so I can be on my computer I hope that's an Ok with everyone. So if you didn't get this link we can come back to it after this or you can read it us all about that so it's b.-i t.-c. dot l.-y. forward slash c.e.o. easy resource one Ok if you're visiting one of these links for the 1st time just know it's going to take you to Facebook messenger it's going to open up a message with us your click get started it's going to pull up your e-mail click on your e-mail and then it'll send you all the p.d.s. that I just talked about yet in the 1st one was the i.t. dot l.-y. forward slash when souls online that was the 1st link what we're going to do is we're going to set up your Facebook Business Manager account now. I think I might have asked us yesterday but we have some new people joining us all asking again how many of you have tried to run either a Facebook ad or boosted post on Facebook before Ok so a few of us now what I'm going to show you is the back into Facebook. Boosting or a post does not require you to create this account you can simply do that from the Facebook interface if you want to run Facebook ads which I'll explain a little bit more of the different features and things that you get when you run a Facebook ad but if you want to join a Facebook ad you have to create up a business manager account so I know that you probably won't remember everything that I'm sharing with you today all the little buttons that you have to press so what I did is I in the resourcing for today you'll have a step by step with pictures in struction guide on how to create this account and set it up and everything like that now with some of the other things as far as building out an ad and I didn't create a resource for that yet but I plan to in the next week or so I have your emails if you don't have your email you should write it down here after the class and I'll be sure to send you all the resources and stuff afterward so what you'll do is you'll start by going to business dot facebook dot com And if you're doing this for the 1st time you want to go to business out Facebook dot com forward slash create. So you can see already have you know different business manager counts for some of the clients and projects that I work on. And for you if you're doing it for the 1st time you know you'll just you won't have anything it's going to look a little bit different and you know you just need to go to the little blue or green create button up here and it will be very straightforward it'll just simply ask you for the business name so you just put the church name for the organization I know some people are here because they're interested in marketing for organizations and so you're here because they're interested in marketing specifically for the church so. Whatever name of the business or church organization in there that you're trying to create this account for you know it's going to ask for email phone number address that type of stuff so put that in there once you have that. It's going to take you to a screen that looks something quite like this and now what we need to do is we need to set up our ad account when you connect our Facebook page and then we also need to put our billing information in and if you have anybody collaborating with you running ads you need to add them into your business manager someone to show you all of that now what you'll do is you'll 1st go to him everybody see the screen Ok before I move on or we're going to do it as we're going to now set up. The ad account and everything like that so you'll go to this menu are up here I call it the hamburger menu. Or 3 little dashes or you want to call it sign. So you go there and then you're going to go to this one it's all tools and then from there you're going to go over to business settings so what that load after you go to business settings you're going to want to go down to where as has attic ounce so you click on that and uphold the page like this so like this but not here this is add and then for you guys you'll be creating a new ad account so you'll see it's very simple you literally just put in this information here that account name make sure all of this is cracked and then you're good to go so from there you're going to one now connect your page so you click on this one that says pages next at accounts and again you just click this button and if you are creating a new page you can do that here hopefully you guys already have a Facebook page for your organization so if you already have that page you can just click here and then you know start typing you know you can just see I just start typing it holds up the the pages here. Yeah so. Yeah. So you can create an event within your Facebook page which I want you guys for a little bit if you haven't done that before you create an event and then you can hold that event up with in ads manager and run an ad specifically for that event you know how have you guys ever created an event on Facebook before or seen one you know how you can select interested or going right on the event and then if you do that it will give you reminders as the thing gets closer and if anybody updates anything in the group so you can take that and it will pull it up with in here and then from there you'll run an ad in you'll be targeting you know your target demographic and they have the option now to either put interested or going so it's good to get those interest in the people who are going because obviously you want to build awareness about your opponent but they'll get reminders as you update things and all that stuff so the short answer is yes and I'll a touch on that too a little bit more in depth for sure so. This just to give you guys in. Little bit more of a you know kind of a framework here and context because I realize some of the questions that are coming in this is a place for you to manage multiple out accounts multiple pages so maybe you have you know an organization that you're doing ads for in a church and a business or it could be a you know plethora of different things this is a place for you to manage those all in one place so like different payment methods that are associated with each one of those things so you know getting the billing information and invoicing is a lot easier also show you guys how you can get the invoices all in one p.d.f. form Facebook likes to send you all these little emails along the way so you know you spent $25.00 or you spent $5.00 and then of the monthly trying to or you know submit those to your secretary they get a little bit confused because things get lost so it's better to just go in there use like the time period download them all so there's a lot of different features and benefits to using. This platform so you know we could add a count now we're adding a page done that Ok So from there we're going to go and we're going to add people so you can add people. Just by clicking the button and when you do it all right so you just type in the email here. So I can let me do it because I'm already in the business manager will try different e-mail or that will work so once you've got your I want to delegate the role as you know you see fit so I would say if you plan on that person managing the ads or making any major changes you need to give them admin access or they're just not going to do what you want them to do so give them that access and then it's going to automatically have this pages one selected so from there you want to just give them access to the correct page right again this is a place where you can have multiple pages you just want to make sure that you've given them access to the correct page you know to give them access to everything so you can access to the correct page and again they may need admin access so you can just click that on right there and then add accounts so that out of county just like I set up select it and then from there you have them admin access if you plan on them managing ads or anything like that so invite I'm not going to do it because I'd be invited myself and I don't need to be in there is already in there but. That is how you do all that so now we just you know. Leave the 1st few steps and then before you're able to run any ads or really said anything up. On that and you'll need to add your payment method so you can add different payment methods down here and that's why you know the method so you simply add it in there it's obviously solid as a button and you can go in and out it now from there you need to now get that payment method connected to your ad account so you just go up to him or give many up here go to billing and then from billing and all of this is on that little you know step by step guide that you guys are going to get afterwards so. Just just know that. From here what you can do is name it settings and then add a payment method even though we already added it all you have to do is select a payment method from business manager and you're going to go right now your You've got your account set up you're able to now start creating some ads to do all the fun stuff. Ok so 2 to create this account it is completely free once you start running an ad you get charged based on a plethora of different things but you are in total control of how much you want to spend Ok so if you want to spend $5.00 you can spend $5.00 if you want to spend $100.00 or a 1000000 you're going to Facebook will take you money like money so. Right yeah and so explain that a little bit now so the there's no lake set costs where it is you spend $10.00 This is exactly what you get right the reason that is is because it's a supply and demand platform based on the audience that you are trying to target. Your ad cost me very Now imagine if you were trying to target this audience I don't know what to call them would say well any L's in Michigan so we're targeting millennialism Michigan with our ad now you have 5 other companies targeting that same exact audience now Facebook only has so many places available in the news feed on any given time for ads that placement depends on how many people are logging into Facebook on a daily basis and how much time they're spending on Facebook right if they only log in and they don't they're there for 5 minutes only going to see a certain ads they don't. You'll notice if you go in school to a news feed that you know it's not like at at ad at ad post at at you know it's very split up because Facebook cares a lot about their user experience they want people who are coming on the part who have a great experience that they keep coming back over and over again because the more they come back the more ads they see the more money Facebook makes right so that's why there's no like set pricing you know for it there's a little ways to you know test out that's why I tell everyone hey just take you know 50 bucks 100 bucks and run it to your target audience in just see how much it's going to cost you to target your your local community when you do this for church marketing just to get an idea you know sometimes you know run ads like for a campaign I'm doing right now we spend a 1600 bucks and we've reached a 1000000 people right the reason why is because as a campaign we're going for the General Conference and we're targeting the entire Adventists population across the world and so this means that at any given day there's tons and tons and tons of media buying positions available you know what I mean by that is there's different placements available within the News Feed within the different ad platform you know there's there's more than just you know you can you can target you more than just the news feed or they have different features not I'll go through some of those a little bit more in a minute here but just know that you know you can. Your ad prices may vary does that is it answer a question I know it's a little bit relative Yes So for example if you try to spend $100.00 in a 24 hour period you're limiting the amount of possible available you know Advil ability within the Facebook ad product right now if you split that up over a week there's one availability because more people logging on to Facebook there's more people spending time on Facebook right so I'll give you an average for you know so the other campaigns like. We're targeting like state wide we typically are I'll give you a better one we're targeting local you're seeing about $10.00 to $15.00 per 1000 people reached right which still really good you know reaching a 1000 people for 10 to 15 bucks that's on average again I guess you know it will vary so. Anybody you set up based on the parameters that you set up with in the ads manager in the campaign that you're running. Does. Not mean that. Yeah again one of the the parameters that you can set up is specific zip codes right so specific zip codes zip codes and then interest so you can target Christians within the specific zip codes so you're setting up different parameters to give the ad platform guidelines to operate within the cost to depends on you know a few different things but I would say primarily it's how many people are actually logging on Facebook in a given time you know if you're running out for a week I would say no there is not right now we are definitely pioneers you know if you're in this room and you're doing this with me we're all we're all pioneers right now we're trying to get into our vision as center front of it event was I'm hopefully towards the end of this it seems like we're going have a good run a question so we'll see how much time we have today but I want to explain to you guys you know what our goal is to scale this thing make it more accessible for churches to get you know more affordable all of this stuff when you're boosting a post you don't have as many options as much control over you know placements and all these different things right so what you're talking about that side ad that is a placement that's one place within the Facebook ad platform that you can put it that there's a lot of other placements Facebook owns Instagram so you can also select that you only want your ad to be shown on Instagram Instagram in itself has different places where ads can be shown it can be shown that Instagram News Feed You can also be shown within the stories Instagram stories you can also select on Facebook you know Facebook stories you can do in stream video ads like You Tube You know those mineral ads that everybody hates you know buy for 32 and skip you can. You those as well on Facebook have to be within certain parameters there's there are so many different things within this right here we were opening up a huge can of worms and so I can explain every little detail and do my best for sure anyways let me let me get into some of the breakdown just so you guys what's possible I think a lot of questions may be answered. Yes So we'll go to this a little many up here and just know all there's tons of different tools in here and I can't walk you through every little detail of all of them because we have a very limited amount of time I guess I had 20 hours of presenting back in Pennsylvania we can even touch on everything there so. If you want to learn about your audience you can simply go here it will give you a breakdown of people who are interacting with your page or other pages or people within the parameters that you're setting up it'll tell you in different pages and things that they're interacting with you know all of that stuff is available here so this is a really cool tool but what I'm going to spend time with you guys on right now because I am feeling a little bit more where the interest as as we're going to go to ads manager so in ads manager. This is this is the basic layout of it and it's broken down into I would say these 3 different categories are here at the top level you have the campaign the next level under that you have ad sets and then the level under that as ads now I want you to imagine a campaign like a house and the ad sets are like different rooms within that house and then the ads are different pieces of furniture in that room within that house right so from that basic level for example we're going to go over here you see them broken down that way campaign ads ads. At the campaign level see you get these different options now this is getting a little more into what's the difference between this and abuse you have a little more control here. Even at the top level. We haven't even gotten to here yet so just know that. With the campaign what you're centrally doing is saying all the different ads the ad sets within this campaign this is the top Priam parameter that I'm setting up for it everything you know you're telling the Facebook software what you're trying to do within that campaign so for example Facebook knows and you brought up that point. These With knows who you are they know you know if you're someone who has clicked on an ad before they know how often you click on Add the No If you're just a lurker if you don't like to comment on things on Facebook and use like the look and you know really engage they know if you're someone who spends time watching videos how long you watch videos for if you've purchased things from ads all of the stuff they know it and so they know you know based on this for example vice select video views as my campaign objective I'm just trying to get people to watch videos they know who to put that out in front of based on the other parameters that I'm set up because I know exactly who watches watches videos in my. In my audience right so for you guys bring it back down to church marketing because again there are so many things you can get in here you know the marquee sell that I use for marketing it for example for a.s.i. to sell tickets maybe a little bit different than what we're doing for church marketing and when I'm doing it for a startup business maybe a little bit different than some other thing so there are a lot of different options here if you're super interested just get in here in and play around and spend some time learning about it. You can simply just do this you know show you exactly. What it what it's all about right so for I'm going to show you the ones based on you know what you're going to be interested in for so we're talking about this this this branding this prefer gaming concept where you are taking in building influence over your community before you ask them to come to your event so what you're going to want to do is create videos now videos tend to be a little bit cheaper to run and you get more out of them with a graphic you only say can say so much right with a graphic with a video like the same cost but you get all of that video time right the end Facebook wants to become a predominantly video platform because they understand as a social media platform as a business that they can keep people on their platform longer through videos because people spend more time watching videos and they do just looking articles and things like that on social media so when you create videos Facebook actually rewards you right you see a little bit lower costs in your ads things like that so you can want to do this campaign objective if you're ever running videos now if you want to do. You brought up that point about doing a church or an actual like Facebook event if you want to take that event and get some more event responses people who are interested in going you can go and click this one that says engagement and then event responses. You're going to post and gauge and if you're trying to get people like you post comment right and all this has to do a strategy because one of the things I'm going to show you really quick as. The so the reason why I've outlined the strategy the way that I did yesterday with getting people to watch all these videos and then setting up for the ask is one it's better psychologically you give value people feel a little bit more indebted to you and when you ask for something they're like oh yeah sure of that you're building that relation rebuilding trust all that stuff but number 2 I can actually target every single person who's interact with my posts or my videos during the time that I've been running them so I put out all these posts and stuff I can take in create a specific audience based on all those people who've been interacting with them and then target them with the ad that's the invite ad right so specifically in the context of church marketing if we're getting it the overall objective is to get people to evangelise sick series I would say How do you determine how your radius your target radius for a location Well I want you to think about the average distance you are willing to drive to 10 now there are always outliers sums but it's going to drive an hour 2 hours 3 hours you know but I think what the average right really quick I mean touch on the audience thing just so I don't lose focus because we're jumping around right now so. We went up to him Burgerman you all tool now we're in audiences so in here I mean do differently because I'm not doing a time with this right now. So. Right now you're just understanding what's possible so you have now you know you set up the account you can come in here and just check out all this stuff so you want to audiences in a lot of times people you know when you're boosting a post and all that stuff you're still setting up all these things as you go right what I do because I like to be really organized as I set up all my audiences ahead of time I create all my graphics at a time I write all the copy all the videos so when I'm actually in the building phase of the campaign it's just copy paste plug and play right a little bit faster yet there is there they do have a little bit of a guide it's not going to break strategy down or anything like that it's just going to give you a general information you can go to Facebook blueprint and if you go to Facebook blueprint they're going to that. I'm going to share this a little bit you know when it gets closer to the end but we are trying to create an online course for everyone to access so that you guys can you know jump in here watch it step by step story with me on you know a 5 minute piece of this you know really consumable walking through step by step of everything but that's in the works so. Well you next at a little bit so you go to audiences right we're talking about audiences and you have 3 different types of audiences or you can create critic custom audience which in the custom audience that you can create you can create audiences of people who recently visited your website which for church marketing I would probably want to target to if you've been visiting a website because probably church members are they want to spend money targeting church members so you know for a church markings coming out of this thing but for example like resign tickets for a.s.i. that's a good strategy for us because those who are coming check out our site stuff 1st target them with ads come buy tickets so. Another thing is your customer less talk a little about this yesterday you can upload all the e-mails and Facebook will hash those out match those with Facebook profiles and you can now target those people in these or your warm audiences if people have you know connected with your website they've connected with your you somehow to where you got their e-mail their warm audience where there's a reporter there so those are 2 options these you know I mean I deal with apps offline activity is my big it's like a barbershop or something like that but not really talking about too much so. Video now this is the one I was just talking about so I'm back to the strategy we have all these videos how people are liking us you know engaging all that fun stuff now let's take some video at the same videos we're going to create an audience based on who have been in Iraq and those videos we're going to target them with that follow up ad the ad that says Hey thanks for watching all the videos old the flyer they see it now there's instant recognition hey you're going to get this new mailbox next week and you're inviting them to vent so. Here's the different metrics and that's probably hard to see so let me make that a little bit bigger Yasmeen it so you can target people who watch the seconds of your video. Then 25 percent 50 percent 75 percent 90 percent right so. If someone has watched 25 percent of my video they were somewhat interested enough to do that right now if they've watched 50 percent there are a lot more interested in that they watch the whole thing they're flame and interested right so just know that those are different options and then we're going to select one for the sake of it so I represent. You can choose the exact videos that you want and now I have to zoom out and yet we're so see here it's showing us you know basic breakdown of you know 3 2nd video views from this time frame so I can is go through a star selecting all these you know and they're not all going to show up on this 1st page so go to the next one because you're going to the next one he's going to like that until you hit all the different videos that you're trying to or that you created that you know pre framing your branding Now you can target audience based on that I said just one of the other options with creating a custom audience again there are a few others so your cherished Facebook page also has an Instagram business profile that's connected to it you can start targeting people who've been interacting with that page and then you can also. Hear the events one so for example if we had an event you know that we've been having all these searches vent and people have been putting that they're interested or going to them I can target those people with an ad specifically right I can build a custom audience based on people who have been interactive like churches Facebook events or organizations Facebook events and I can target those people with a specific ad that is a warm audience right again warm audiences always convert higher than cold audiences I don't know as I don't say always but like 99 percent of the time there's probably an outlier in there in my case they always convert higher so what would be the ethics of pulling from our preexisting content on You Tube that's already out there from well known Adventists peepers I would say contact them if they fly you. You will be able to dispute it and still be able to have a conversation with them so. You're not going to let them know ahead of time and I wouldn't worry about it definitely a permission I would never feel comfortable sharing someone's video without permission for sure so you can sure as You Tube She's talking about taking that video and get an m.p. for and uploading it through your account and turning that into an ad Yeah it's a little bit. Yeah this is a different thing we're talking about Facebook Gad now so again back to the customer audience you know this no this is an option run show you guys what's possible you can nuance it for your campaign I've laid out a strategy for you guys you can use as well. And let's go back to these so lead form so there's a ad product within Facebook called The Facebook lead ad and what that does is when you watch the video or the graphic and you click on it there's going to be a drop down form that's free prefilled with all of your information you can now just press submit you know go into the back into Facebook this is really nice because you no longer have to send people to a website or a simple landing page you can just do it all natively within Facebook and Facebook likes to keep people out of Facebook because when they're in Facebook they make more money and Facebook likes money so. It's better to keep people instead of Facebook now you can do this thing with your actual Facebook page so you can predict audience of people who've been engaging with your page or you can get really specific and say I want to target people who've been engaging with any of the posts that I've been creating or the ads that I've been promoting right so again we're layering the. The fundamental issue that we are experiencing in our marketing as Adventists as we're just going after the cold audience right we're just going after the cold audience we're not building any relationship and that's why we have low conversions and the cost proposition $10.00 yes $1.00 to $10.00 or a church event is like $500.00 to a $1000.00 it's crazy that's insane Ok well because we are getting short on time we have about 15 minutes left I will jump in to sharing what we're thinking for you guys but I know that we've opened up a can of worms today guys and we're discussion a service here so we want to come back tomorrow and learn a lot more you're more than welcome to do that. Questions individually too if you guys have those yes might get a little bit more out of that too so. Yeah. Center from one of Angela's I'm is an organization has been around for the past 10 years and they've been pretty much working only with search engine optimization which is basically a way of getting the organic search results to show up in the search engine on the 1st page or the 1st search result so the whole strategy behind that the organization is a self-supporting Ministry of the 70 vanished church and they have actually. The person who started the center from one of his in his news at Wagner he owns a large water meter company and this company is. Been built off of search engine optimization and obviously a really good product and good business owner and all that stuff too but search engine optimization has really helped grow that business and so when he saw that you know this search engine thing to really help his businesses like what can this do for the church so he started. This organization and you know he's been for. I'm doing it and you know there's donors and things like that too but one of the ways that we you know cover the overhead and all that stuff is nonprofit is we take on client projects so we work with you know different churches and schools and ministries and the General Conference and things like that. To help you know. Share the gospel and things like that one of the projects that they're working on right now is to clear up all the negative stuff in the search engines about admin tism So work with Democrats on that's going to take a while you know search engine optimization isn't taken overnight it takes a while so they've been doing that for the past and years I started my company. Livid over a year ago dealing primarily with the paper click side of things for the I was doing freelance stuff I decided to move to an agency take on people because I saw a need within the Church different organizations and commercial clients as well so we got connected at a.s.i. or had it as a meeting and they like what I'm doing they're not offering the services so we said hey let's let's do something together so they made me a head of a department where we're now offering Facebook marketing services for organizations churches and it would just be for Facebook also has to do with Instagram Google You Tube and other social media platforms as well so what we realize is that everybody is getting excited about this because there's so much you can do to reach people through online everybody spending time there and we have a really good opportunity to win souls so. When people get excited they usually go in and try to learn how to do all this stuff and just like I've opened up a huge can of worms Today people get overwhelmed very quick is a lot to this more than what meets the eye and so the excitement kind of dies it kind of fizzles out after a while we can get as many people actually go and implement when it's one of people getting excited want them to go and do something right so what we're doing is we're offering the services to churches as a way of getting you know some test trying to test some stuff out we want to create you know graphics and videos and things actually work so that we can now scale this and offer this to more churches so if we have you know 100 different churches that we work with and we've been able to now. You know do a really well where people are showing up we're getting great results all that stuff we know of case studies we have strategies all this is at work well we have video scripts that we've tried and tested and they work graphics and you know other copying all that stuff so we can do that we can now have a media library that people can access with graphics and all the stuff that have already been built out where you can just simply go to it as a local church and download and now you have access to all of these graphics and you know have to learn how to create I'm all right makes the learning curve a little less steep so more people actually do it and we also want to create you know. An online course where it can walk you through all the ins and outs of all these different things right so in order to get there because we're a nonprofit we have to pay for the people's time who are creating a course me and other people right. In our goals not to make money it's a breakeven so what we're trying to do as. They've got a way to bounce to you know some organizations or life Foley and donors Some organizations are self-supporting right we're kind of a combination of both and what we can do is we can help churches at a really low cost if you're going to go higher market agency I can I say this because I own $1.00 and I know what it's like you're going to be spending probably about 2 G.'s a month right now there's going to for that interaction or for that problem probably not right so some of them are really big and have massive budgets need for that but we want to get it down to like really really low cost so anybody can afford it and for those really really really small churches that can even afford that here's an online course we can learn all this stuff right so that's the overall goal so what we're doing right now is like us are offering these services to churches so that we can scale and help more people over time for sure yes so with the structure of the course you have like a set price yet and all that stuff but it would involve like a fee for a lifetime access to the course and I would also include in all these other different elements we'd like to add in like everything you know you have a course on copywriting govern design video production Facebook Ads You Tube ads Google ads. Web development search and authorization like the whole thing in the media library so yeah we we would do it like that that's a vision and so the question originally was like what was a time frame you know so I just started with him 2 months ago. Since then you know things have been going really busy in we're getting more churches on board with us which is a great thing praise God So when we get churches and we get those case studies and we've been in the field testing it now we can have something that we can you know publish to that to the Adventist body but until then we can just create a course for theories right so timeframe. I would like to think in the next 2 years for sure probably before that 1st certain itemise course. Yeah for sure so the past few days I've been touching on strategy so you guys understand the general strategy and then you understand a few different things in here you'll get a lot out of it and again I was able to get through all the things I plan on getting through today so if you do come back tomorrow I can start showing you how to set up some ads which when you you know you will have to recall so is information and. It's more about just getting in doing it now so you have learned probably 80 percent of what I know based on just trying it going in there spend some time figure out how to set it up in all that stuff. Yeah just just just try it one time and then you'll learn a lot and the next time will be easier and faster. Yeah yeah you can always you to say I love you too I've learned a lot from You Tube just. You know. I would recommend certain marketing people to you but a lot of them use a lot of profanity and negative things I'm not going to share this is being recorded and who can listen to in the go and feeling like me so. You do that. All right so we've got about 8 minutes left are there any more questions that are coming to you guys might. Come to me afterwards let's let's talk yeah. So. Again some churches have really big budgets you know some trees as well budget some people want everything they want to come into the video production the graphic design the more more money some people are like Ok You know you write the scripts we'll do the videos for the cheaper you know so what will will will will put We'll talk about it so. Any other questions. No Ok so we learned a little bit about setting up audiences today now here's another one for you guys as a look alike audience so a look alike audience is an audience that you're creating that looks like the data source that you're pulling it from so for example if my data sources and e-mail us write the look alike audiences is an audience that looks just like my e-mail us they speak we'll hash out your e-mail us match those with the profiles in a look at all the different similarities between those different users their interests or behaviors all that stuff and it will make an audience that looks just like those people so this audience is not a warm audience it's still a cold audience because they have not interact with you before but there are data driven cold audience which performs a lot better than just assumption based Ovadia it's. Yeah so you can create you know for example data sources you know here's the tracking code that we've put on Web site so you know you can create your look like from that data source a. Tracking code. Web site visitors or you can do it for you know I guess that e-mail less or some these other things I showed you taking custom audiences and then just converting pulling a look like from them too so that's an option. In. Really quick I'll touch on this because I know or just run out of time really quick so that's what's the look like audience so with Save the audiences this is where you guys are more familiar with like you know setting up the location right and setting up the different demographic information here right interest based audiences so you know for example I want to target like Adventists I can come in here and I can type that in and I go to suggestions it's going to pull all these ones and you can notice a difference these are people who are interested in the 70 minutes church and these are people who are employed by the 7 they're going to church and then these are people who. Go to Adventist schools right need to argue who are socially without insists review or interest University. So there's a lot of information here that we can use to create this interest based audience and let's say we want to really make sure that these guys are the right fit so. There's some weird stuff here like Tony Robbins is there an out for me it's probably going to suggest some of the stuff because you know we're doing this with council like I did some layering like interest in some of the Venice church also interested in like Robert Kiyosaki in different business people were talking like Adventists business owners and professionals and things like that so that's why why populating it based on this account Yeah so. Yeah what you want to do is you want to layer 2 like imagine each one of these parameters as like a layer like number one they have to be and let's just say Michigan. Say Detroit Michigan Ok. So that's number one. And then the next layer right. Keep the Adrian's wired like that but you guys can test see what you get Remember price is dictated by how many you know. Your competitors are going after the same ad and find him in all that stuff so and how many positions are available so if you shrink your audience down to a really really really small size you're saying only showing ads to people with in this audience in the amount of positions available with an audience are significantly lower than if you were just to widen up a little bit I was running a legion aeration campaign for a medical software company last year and when we 1st started I set it all up based on all the little demographic information that they told me and I think we got like 5 leads mbox a piece right and this is we're still in testing phase so I did that for 2 days 5 leads $10.00 apiece and I went back and reworked a little bit and we started generating leads for dollar piece. Knowledge it was open up the audience a little more I saw I saw I didn't shrink it so much where was like you know so tight that Facebook can have that because the software is smart like the software knows it doesn't need like to be you know so tight on your your audience like you can give it some general information in the get smarter and smarter as it goes because it's an algorithm so it's learning it knows like who this person is likes interest interacts with it and this is their profile and this is the algorithm that we have on them and that is in a matches them like this and eventually out over time your campaign is self optimize right now that isn't like. 100 percent true all the time. Because you should still manager came when I mean by that is like don't just set it up here's a 100 grand Facebook run with it and you're smart Facebook you're going to save me money and love me they'll spend your money they'll spend your money so they attention to your campaign and adjust things as you go. So those are some layers now where you'll really cut the fat in your audience has to do with like narrowing people or excluding a narrow would be they also must do this so these are 70 Adventists who also are interested and I don't know baseball so that will shrink the audience size down a lot more so it's a 4900 there. For Detroit I'm just going yeah. Yeah so it'll shrink it down quite a bit and. You can also exclude people so it'll tell you like a leg and. Attentional reachin you spend this much per day you'll reach as many people but I have never found those numbers to be accurate it's like how can how can you project how many people are going to be logging into Facebook tomorrow Facebook you don't really know like you can have someone idea based on previous behavior but like that's so hard to know the future you know of course of course again we're just scratching the scratch of the scratch of the scratch of the surface here today so here's another cool tool with which is ads reporting in this will break down you know these this information here break in break this information down very grand get really granular with it so. Yeah so you have ever met tricks you can see like was average link that people watching my videos for and you know 50 percent of us and breaking down that way and how many likes I'm getting for this post and that post and are relevant is this add to the audience I'm trying to reach and you can set up the tracking code so if you're doing this for exam for e-commerce like how much of a dollar did this ad generate for my business. Yeah so there's there's a lot here there's a ton here I'm going to pray really quick for you and. Dear Lord. We're just amazed that you give us a tool like this that we can use in this time and. We pray that you give us knowledge to know how to use it you said that your knowledge would increase he would run to and fro in the in times and I believe that's the time we're living in now. We know that you claim to come soon and we're looking forward to that. For the you to help us to reach as many people as and. Thank you Lord. For the rest of. 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