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Total Community Immunity Series - Part 1

Don Mackintosh Allen Lloyd
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Although we're not able to go out for Weimar Institute's Total Community Involvement (TCI) days, we still want to help. So, we’re staying in and focusing on Total Community Immunity through a new video series brought to you by NEWSTART. Through evidence-based information, each episode will give you simple ways to boost and maintain a healthy immune system during these times and beyond. www.NEWSTART.com


  • March 23, 2020
    12:45 PM
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[DON MACKINTOSH] Hi, I’m Don Mackintosh. I’m glad you’re with me today and with us today. I have Dr. Nedley and Dr. Ramirez with me. You might wonder why I’m not dressed in a suit. I have the shirt on, “Total Community Involvement” shirt, as we’re involved in the community as a part of our initiatives here are Weimar Institute. We know that you’re involved in the community as well. But, you know, we’re going to talk today about “Total Community Immunity,” if you want to use a new name for our acronym because, well, tell us what we’re going to talk about and why we’re going to talk about it, Dr. Nedley.


[DR. NEIL NEDLEY] Well, the world is talking about how to avoid coming in contact with COVID-19, which is helpful but not bullet-proof. In other words, it can still be spread despite all of the measures that we try to put in practice. And so, if you actually get COVID-19, your chance of survival is directly dependent on how healthy your immune system is, and this is what the world is largely ignoring. Hardly anybody is talking about how to boost the immunity if, by chance, we actually get this virus. And it actually is something that we can do as part of our regular routine every day, and it would help us in a lot of other diseases as well.


And so, we’d like to take this opportunity, as the world is focusing in on COVID-19, on how you can survive COVID-19 if you come in contact with it and how those measures will also help you avoid a host of other causes of death.


[DON MACKINTOSH] So, yes, this is going to be a series. You’re going to be presenting some material, and then other guests as well, and Dr. Ramirez. Maybe you could introduce to us Dr. Ramirez, and then, Dr. Ramirez, you could tell us what you’re planning to cover.


[DR. NEIL NEDLEY] Yeah, Dr. Eddie Ramirez is a physician here at Weimar Institute and a researcher. He has actually published more studies, more abstracts, than, I think, anybody in Weimar Institute’s history. And he has also done a great service by looking at the scientific literature regrading how to boost the immunity, and you’re going to be learning some great peer-reviewed studies that have actually shown simple things that you can do to survive COVID-19 as well as other diseases.


[DON MACKINTOSH] So, Dr. Ramirez, give just a little overview of what you’re going to be covering.


[DR. EDDIE RAMIREZ] We have a lot of experience by the fact that Adventists have been leaders regarding the lifestyle medicine approach and experience, such as the 1918 crisis that happened. There was a big epidemic worldwide, yet, the Adventist approach decreased mortality, decreased complications. So, I have 28 years that I have worked in lifestyle center settings, so I’m going to be sharing with you evidence-based things that you can practically put into real life so that you can protect yourself and increase the immunity and help the disease, if it’s present, to decrease its potential to causing you further harm.


[DON MACKINTOSH] Well, thank you so much for coming, and thank you for joining us. We’re looking forward to learning, not just what maybe medicine can do for us or hospitals (those are very important), but really what you with God’s help can do for yourself. So, welcome to this journey that we’re all on together.


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