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4. Reopening the Globe: Self-Restraint & Sleep

Zeno Charles-Marcel Kyle Allen Lela Lewis
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Join Dr. Lela Lewis, Pastor Kyle Allen, and Special Guest Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel as they discuss the practical applications of self-restraint and sleep. Combined with everything we have been learning, discover how these are just two more keys in reopening the globe.


  • May 4, 2020
    2:30 PM
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Good afternoon and welcome to a w r 360 health live medical Mondays it's really good to be with you once again for another edition of this program Dr Lila Lewis our director for a w.r. 360 health is with me as always coming live from Phoenix Arizona Dr Leila are you doing last accounts going to be back again today I'm sure it's I've heard of sunny and hot out in the West Coast it's sunny and wonderful out in the West I do like the heat and don't forget we talk a lot about the benefits of heat so I would dare say that West Coast place. So get out and enjoy the sun wherever you are here in Michigan we've had some good sunshine as well doctor so I think I've been enjoying myself but we want to thank everyone for joining us all of you joining us on Facebook Instagram You Tube Welcome glad you're here just a quick reminder that we have lots of good content from past programs on our You Tube channel I missed world radio you can go and check out all those programs there as well as the ones from Sunday night Dr Lila just last night you had another symposium I think last last night and people can also check that out right that's right so last night was the 4th of our 4 part symposium but we will be having question and answer session coming Sunday night so for those of you who want to get your questions answered definitely at 10 all right and by the way guys as you're listening today feel free to send in your questions we're going to have some q. and a at the end of the program with Dr Weil and our special guest whom she will introduce in just a moment but feel free to ask your questions and we'll try to get to as many of them as we can before the end of the show today well before we get to our topic which it's a very interesting topic very interesting Dr Leila today's topic sleep and self-restraint keys to reopening the globe for do that let's invite God's presence to be with us. Heavenly Father thank you so much for the opportunity to be here today and thank you for everyone who's joining us around the world I pray that as we talk about this subject of self-restraint and sleep and how we can continue to thrive during this covert 1000 crisis that you would be with us and help us to gain insights from medical science and from your word on how we can live happier and healthier during this time thank you and we pray this in Jesus' name amen. Well Dr Leila a lot's been happening you know as we go through these weeks of being at home itself isolation a stay at home orders a lot's been changing some places have opened up even this week now we're into the month of May and we start to see States opening up different countries are opening up. What are some of the implications of this as we're moving forward Well I mean it's all over the news every day every minute of every day doesn't matter what news station you go to the question is how are we going to reopen the globe and what is the amp effect going to be our scope in 1900 Obviously we know that just by common sense that if we decrease our self isolation or our quarantine or whatever word you want to utilize it increases the risk that we're going to be exposed to it correct and that's why the c.d.c. the head of the c.d.c. has why into the 2nd wave could be bigger than what we've already encountered in fact I heard President Trump just yesterday announce that I should guess it was last night that the estimated number of subset Teletubbies by August is going to be significantly higher than what they originally thought just a week or so ago so clearly we are looking at that as a balancing act but on the other side we have other issues obviously this isolation social distancing except for a it's resulted in loneliness loss of money jobs that can cause increased depression poor health it's constitutes in some ways self medicate we've turned to things that we not necessarily have done before and such a high amount and all of which have you know have negatively affected us and we're seeing an increase in anxiety depression and many of the mental health issues so there are multiple things to weigh the balance as we're looking at how rich how to reopen the globe but the biggest thing that I think is the most important and that's what the c.d.c. has the c.d.c. stated he said you know what between now and the fall when is the suspected possible resurgence or 2nd wave if you will we need to be improving our how we need to be taking this opportunity to take into consideration the things that we've been going on for over the last few weeks take them to heart put them into practice. And improve our health and I think that's why this show is so timely You know Patrick how have we not been learning some of these principles of the few weeks we have and that's a really good point thank you Dr Lila I just wanted to remind everyone of our little well it's an acronym and it's it's coming from the verse from scripture Matthew 1128 right which Jesus tells us in Matthew 1128 he says Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest and so that acronym Dr Lila is rest I want rest from. Kogan one team from fear of covered 1000 I want rest from if you will disease and general sadness right Alina and that sounds for water talked about is far as water we talked about particularly extreme the water hydrothermal therapy we talked about I've been doing by the way every day national good for you we also talked about the 2nd week ultraviolet radiation or some light right and we talked about as well open space or fresh air the a of want rest and again both of those are in human improving or optimizing ways of improving our new functions the sceptically with our NATO and unity and our monocytes we talked last week about nutrition and exercise the and they each want wrapped and again both of which if done properly significantly improve our immune function we can optimize our health so let's just run through those real quick so that's water 8 air Ok and for nutrition to me for something we're going to talk about today and stance for temperance which is an old term for what we're referring to as a staff restrain I cannot wait to talk about that one Rast we're going to talk about that today as well we talked about the need for exercise Esther's frontrunner ultraviolet radiation and Cheney for trust in God which. Continue to talk about night after night but to day and day after day but today we're going to specifically be looking at in relation to again to South restrain So I think we are at a time when a growing when we can take these things into consideration put an end to practice and truly improve our health Yeah I think it's been a blessing for me Dr Lee even being on these programs and trying to implement these very practical things like you said you know getting to getting those the water the hydrothermal therapy getting the sunlight getting the fresh air trying to get exercise all those things are really really helpful now back to how we have good friend Dr Dino and Charles Marcel who's going to be joining us we're going to be talking about some of their new talking about we're going to be talking specifically about the ways that really can benefit our new functional Alright here's me now good to see a doctor is a no hello hello how are you guys doing well right thank you for joining us for a while on reason have a little bit last night was rusty about some of the benefits some solutions for and one for one thing that happened was the find out from foods last month and I thought was very suspect was our snacks about many of these life how sensible that was things went on mentioning more designs and finance as well as rats in our Paris. Martin Center for little asses pressing for some little ensnare and fears a lot that are. Very briefly address rat i Phones That's a really good friends as were left messages Lifehouse sensible reform I think a little bit here that morning sickness on Van Hollen says a lot the hard right well you know for the when the body responds to chemicals. That is it has more of a linear kind of relationship so that the the idea is that the more that you do them the greater the effect that it will have. Well this is an intuitive idea and when we actually study hold the body works it isn't exactly quite like that because for many of the processes that we have a little minute of doing very much then you get to a period where you are actually getting a good response but then if you continue to increase whatever that stimulus might be you may actually do something that's detrimental to you so so the idea is that for many of our biological systems we have just this sweet spot we have we have this not optimal range in which things do very well and outside of that things the theory in one way or another so we look at optimizing things and not overdoing or under do know why that is so for most of our biological systems it does not exactly function the same way in every aspect of life. You know I love my wife and I'm sure she will see the more love I have for her the better that is when you take. More downside to some of the things especially when we're dealing with some of the of the more deep issues of life. Dr Natalie and of this well and others pointed out last night. Thank you your thank you so my Sarkozy now so I we're going to start by talking a little bit about sleep there is an optimal amount for sleep according to the research and we Right now know we're many of us are facing challenges Leslie and that's a real that. One of the raisins is we're nervous Ok as a society and a community we're nervous and so what are we doing by by essence we're staying out later we're spending a lot of time on these devices on our screens on our television were watching the news constantly thinking about oh dear how is this going to affect me my family my job my work except we're having increased blue light exposure all of which are increasing our adrenaline and unfortunately it's kind of being compound of by many of us by fact that many of us are at home our work schedule school schedule relationship is off and so we're tending to go to bed later and we're tending to get up later in so our circadian rhythms are getting a little less effective Dr Xeno can you tell us very briefly about the normal sure Kadian rhythm when really the best time for us to go to sleep and when would be the best and press the hitting the oh thing well there's the old adage that actually turns out to be true and supported by the current science and that is early to bed early to rise it makes a 4 man what. Well as it turns out going to bed. Well before midnight and we can up early in the morning when the sun is about that to rise this provides what might be considered the optimum. Situation for the cycle of our hormones in our security and so when we wake up in the morning and the sun is coming up this afternoon resets our security and flow. And the hormones that need to be diminished become diminished and the hormones that need to be elevated they become elevator some of them are actually actuated by exposure to the sunshine. Other things that will help with our civilian rhythm and will be eating schedule because I think most of affects this. And. And that's probably is why some of something is what the research shows is that if we seek long naps during the day it can disrupt the still long that's the one an hour or more during the day he actually has some detrimental effect even though short naps about 30 minutes may actually be health benefits is beneficial for him you said hi I was just reading that after seeing I was out the short naps a little c.s.s. you know in that South American Hispanics partners and friends and the getting younger how do you actually often have a little c.s.s. And actually it's significantly improved if you're behind or you're deficient in your regular sleep pattern although we wouldn't necessarily advocate for that but if for one reason or another for example I'm going on for Trisha a gynecologist in so my nursing mommies and as a mommy myself babies don't necessarily eat right when you want them to see that 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning they're going to be eating all my law right and so so mommy's aren't are by essence quite sick deprived and so that's why one of the reasons that we advise mommies Well when baby takes a nap take a short nap with baby to you because it does benefit you and it does help your immune system it actually there's studies to actually show that some of the detriments of the of the decrease in the monocytes that you lose when I have a regular sleep cycle you can actually get that back by your short siestas has to come out you have something to say just a quick question well 1st of all we had a question up on the screen if any of you are watching and you like to share with us how your sleep is but over the last few months send us a comment let us know and we'd like to hear from you but I had a question for you Dr Lila and Dr z. you know. You know some people say an abuse can I be honest with be real here on this program I struggle with sleep and I struggle with getting to bed before midnight I'm just being really. Honest with you guys Ok so but really some people have a very serious question that is they call themselves night owls and it's hard for them to get that Premier night's sleep you're talking about doctors you know getting up early. Is that a thing are they Ok or should everybody am for trying to readjust their clock to go to bed early do you guys know what I'm asking because I think a lot of people are in that boat Well you say a lot of people are in that boat. Much of much of it is because we have developed cultural and other habits and so it's a pattern that we have but in reality there are some people it's a small number of people we're looking at less than 50 percent of the population actually like these night oh Ok but it can't be 50 percent of the population because that's just not true is just how people have done things. If we go back in time before we have all of the electronic gadgets and all of the amount of electricity and whatnot they have lights we need to recognize that 100 years ago people they went to bed when the lights went out they would have some candles or something that would help them to be able to see at night but basically if you didn't have the electricity the lights went out when the sun went down you went to bed and you woke up when the sun was coming back up the next day so this was a cycle that humanity has undergone for centuries until no we have the ability to change night into day because that moment energy and harnessing that energy to be able to produce all of the gadgets including the light bulbs so yes there are people who actually do better at night that's a small percentage of individuals. But everybody is not in that most people have learnt how to do this they have custom themselves because of the other things that they want to do. And therefore they can learn how to go to bed earlier and all you have to do is the put somebody in a situation in which there's nothing else to do but they go to sleep and you find that they were just that very well thank you. You know the other thing too is I mean we talk about now. Or people who have insomnia we would recommend against mass state as absolute busy as he possibly think. And the same thing goes as you're trying seriously at your schedule I know how i'll because I've done it I've gone I've gone both directions medical school oh yes and medical school I thought for a while you know what I'm just going to push the limit I'm going to go and I'm going to study and tell 2 o'clock in the morning so that I can just make sure I know everything for that exam for tomorrow and what I found was an interest in me enough if you didn't get to watch the show last night I would recommend people go ahead and watch that because the studies actually show as Dr Nelly pointed out and actually I think it was Dr shall Dr Shaw pointed out that students medical students who wait till the night before and then try to put all that information into their head they're not putting that information into the long term memory and it and that's where I found practically speaking I found myself reviewing all my information but it really wasn't going anywhere and so finally by the end of my 1st quarter freshman year I might forget this I'm going to go to bad by 10 o'clock at night the night before my test I'm going to study well up until that point I'm going to go to bed at 10 and I'm going to get up at 5 and I'm going to review everything and then I'm going to go take my test and so I changed my sleep habits it took a little bit of time it took a change in my mentality. But I did and so I'm just speaking as one person about a nominee as a physician and I think I have my position colleague Dr you know would support me unless you can change your sleep cycle it will take a little bit of effort it will take all the topic out today South restraint so there's hope you're saying for there is a listening and struggling yes a man a man can thank you for that you say trying to share something with us doctors you know your music I was going to say something that was not shared last night it goes even beyond just the intellectual capability being improved by getting sleep the physical functioning also improves they've done studies with people who are learning a new skill this is a manual feel like a musical they're living a musical instrument and they're learning how to do a particular maneuver if after they have done the maneuver they go to sleep when they wake up they will do better at that maneuver than if they had stayed up during that time and are. Almost almost any kind of significant living that we want to do sleep is actually very important in being able to consolidate that into something that you can use for me when you know coming back to me of course we're talking about sleep and relations are covered nineteen's the separate your viral interest. Situation So what's fascinating is that city. Prosperously improves our monocytes for that sin our innate immunity but it's not just the innate immunity there was a study that actually shows that the flu vaccine was not a factor in other words adapted or our body making antibodies to seeings was not as effective and supposed to have more sleep habits so again the immune system and that's just one little tidbit of a study for more information from our research begins refers to last night's program but thank you that's that's a very good point. Well I'm sorry Dr Lee I was going to add that I know that whenever I do violate those laws of sleep I often wake up with a sore throat it's almost like clockwork all those of you out there that are struggling just want to give you some hope that there is hope Dr let's share her testimony I hope to share a testimony to one day and I know that whatever your struggle is God is able to help you and all of us could benefit from getting a little bit earlier in Sabbat some practical issue is we're looking at 6 to 8 hours of sleep of 78 hours it's the that's what we're talking about right to the for the most part uninterrupted sleep in darkness. The quality of sleep is improved and especially for those 1st few hours of sleep this is the you actually have this meet the sweetest sleep in the 1st few hours and that happens to coincide with the time just after the sun so there is one other thing that you see you know I was just thinking of in the sense that those early hours of sleep you know and that book set me off for the last ministry a feeling that was written some time ago and oppress me been comparing Susie 1800 hands and I sense as a current coded one flew through a sense and what we saw in that which was so interesting that in that was it talks about that the hour of need for men my 1st flings are words what I said then assent to how if you were else and those hours after Mitt moral and well being of course how is that science was a subordinate. Yes unscientific he supported and and Roger did a good job. Discussing that last night. That the the issue is that we have this circle of young cyclists it is actually linked to what's going on with what's happening in the environment no one would consider it a. Problem so to speak if we talk about other kinds of cycles that we have in our bodies we have a cycle for them inspiration for instance that happens every $28.00 days more or less in and in women we know that these things are well the same thing is actually happening in us with different hormones that are cycling up and down over the course of the day up and down over the course of hours etc and so. What we what we do to on the outside actually influences what's going on on the inside and vice versa and to have those 2 things in sync actually produces the optimal situation not too much not too little in this case just right because people who sleep more than mine hours and night they also have an increased risk of other things like diabetes and and even some issues with regard to heart disease etc So it's it's getting the right amount. We're not saying that you have to stay in bed all day sleeping a little longer because you had a hard night etc This is normal this is normal pattern but this need to long for the sleep to short both of them can be problematic. Thank you so much for seeing a well you know Pastor cow we want to talk about some other things that you know are affecting us as we face these issues of social distancing are isolation again we talked about sleep habits being affected here about ways that people are if you will se that equating shoes being do things take things into their body to take away the maybe the sadness the depression the worry about how they're going to pay for their bills how they're going to take care of their kids when they're trying to work at home and the kids are at home so let's talk a little bit about South restraint. Let's let's go into that if that's a fail he. Sounds good I mean I think a lot of people are struggling right now Dr Lee doctors in a lot of people are are at home like you said almost almost 30000000 Americans have lost their jobs in the last few weeks and so they're they're still you know they're self medicating a lot whether it's been watching on Netflix or maybe some people are drinking or doing different things so let's talk about this is very relevant so I think that's where we start with self-restrained I think it's important as we talked about a 50 getting We talked about what the the word the acronym that we're using in the past again the old terminology with temperance but we're using the name self restraint here so one of the things that we're going to talk about one of these if you will South medication that people are tending to go to right now is alcohol it's surprising to see that it can and you know it's it's corresponding with the emotional and mental effects that we're seeing in society but people are turning to alcohol in fact there's a significant increase incidence the 1st week the isolation protocols a few Well the surgeons of people drinking alcohol actually liquor purchased so significantly went up so what does alcohol do is it really detrimental to the immune system I guess that's a 1st question that we need to address. Fantastic crowd what would you guess who do you think it's Howard that also the man said Somebody Well Prof you meant no you know I was I was just actually just the other day I was reading some of the Bible verses that talk about alcohol like in Proverbs and it's interesting how the Bible is possibly telling you or giving us with counsel on avoiding alcohol for various reasons in terms of good judgment in terms of preserving health so my guess is my guess would be and answered your question based on what I've read the Bible that it is going to impair our ability to fight off disease and in fact it does. But let's look at that very briefly here so specifically binge drinking then here is where you drink a sort of a a larger amount of alcohol in a shorter period of time and it does definitely affect the immune system I believe that triggers the you know actually is ready and available to answer one of these questions but something that we need to think about is that there's a lot of you know sometimes people think oh well i glass of wine is good for the Heart Is that not a glass of wine is good for unions to stonewall there was a study I just saw in as a listener as Lonnie suffusing say it could have a negative and Eunice effect Ok we're fighting is we're dealing with this 119 crisis that you know can you comment on that for us yes. You know a lot of people think that the whole is a stimulant. It is not it's actually a depressant and what it does is it the it was depressing the inhibitory parts of or of our being in other words we're less the able to see no fear and the same thing is what's going on physiologically with us in our in our our immune systems we are actually in hit in our immune system with alcohol. Many people are aware that people who know him by what tend to have more infections they have them to have more time off from work because of infections and this is because of the depressant effect of alcohol on the immune system. And that that guard directly along with you know we spent a lot of time over the last few weeks both with soccer Xeno. Myself we talked about the micro biome this you know. Already got associated them static tissue the largest immune organ of the Bonnie and this large immune organ of the body have these 82 receptor which we postulate is out in the relationship to covert nice enough to some receptor that's affected in this SARS hopes to well when we think alcohol into ours I just sort of tracks Yes praxis micro biome normal bacteria normal for it actually not only does it damage the f.-a Celio the inside lining up as it got but it's by damaging it and changing vast healthy floor after we've talked about that the healthy but our right that's the guy that it does all of those things and it makes it more likely that these viruses or in that you know in other cases bacteria can be taken up into the circulation in for the blast of circulation and then cause that's to get various disease and or in this case increase our risk and some Kopechne ice cream 2nd you know if you have any comments about that you know I think that if you described it correctly again is this the president you think. Selective depression alcohol could ask a quick question to both of you doctors so a lot of people you know say well you know if I have one drink I'm not going to get drunk it's not really going to affect me that much but what I'm hearing you say or maybe what I'm asking you now is is that one drink that sounds like it can affect me right away and I mean in the break about alcohol let me let me point out a couple of things you know some years ago this was back in the 1990. When the idea was being tossed around to save the alcohol industry by by responsible drinking rather if you guys were well. I would. But there was a movement for responsible drinking because well that was a political football at the time Ok well there was a. Company very well known kind of Scotch whiskey I'm not going to call them the end they ran an ad in The Philadelphia Inquirer I was living in Pennsylvania the thing that's when I saw the Philadelphia Inquirer and it was coming close to Christmas this was like in 1903 and they have the ad and they were talking about responsible drinking and the ad showing the signature of somebody going to an office party they show you the signature when he went to the party the signature after one drink after 2 drinks and after 3 drinks and as you looked at this thing you saw the deterioration of the signature right while I'm just lead by the time he had had 3 drinks this person in particular. His signature was nothing like the 1st one but as I looked at this I realize the difference between when he had nothing to drink and the 1st drink. There was already in noticeable difference just as just one print Ok now if it will show itself in in your signature you know that it's affecting other things as well and here is what the research shows the research shows that just with one drink you actually change your ability to discern your judgment becomes impaired even before your physical ability and your muscular skeletal ability this lags behind your judgment is the 1st thing that's in fear and that's the problem I want to have good judgment I want to be me be able to make good decisions and I want to be in control of the situations that I have control over and I should have control over as opposed to relinquishing that to the market or to the count and that goes right along with what we're talking about today South restraint you know what Dr Singer is saying is one drink a facts are found to let you. It can affect our frontal lobe I should say and thereby we're not able to make good choices and of course you knew brought up the Bible but you know Solomon says plenty well it's not for kings and says to have strong drink lest you take it am and you can't discern what is right and what is wrong so his spirit share is saying to have good South restraint to be able to make healthy choices to be able to follow the nutritional principles that we've talked about that are and you know optimizing agents if we're choosing to follow that the thermal therapy and water treatments and not the external but internal we're choosing to walk or to think to exercise or to see to get fresh air we're choosing to follow these principles we want to be able to make those bases by having more clear I think a clear front to live and have good South-Eastern herself control so that fact that perfect example thank you so much that is enough it's now there is what so I can say you know I just want to say one of the things that you cannot have too much so control I mean that. You can't have too much this does not follow the balance issue of you know too much and too little know you can't have too much self control your self control actually is the ultimate barometer and therefore to have so from troll in a comprehensive way in all aspects of our life this is something that's important and you know some people would think well you know you guys are talking about religious principles or so I would say anyone who is interested in this just to the Internet. Good Do we could be here or whatever type Bill Self control and b m e what is being said there about this very very important issue that is linked to many of the things many of the preventable things that we have in this life it's because we are not able to control themselves and we and we are not tapping into the source of control can anyone ever want to know and yet now we appreciate all of your input and have a nominal Thank you doctors you know amazing partner with us there at the head of the general Congress of the world search for 70 m. s. health departments again thank you so much we appreciate your practice. Doctor we look. As we want I have a question for you just got one more question about the hour call because I know some people may be watching today and they might be struggling with this. Maybe it's just a little bit maybe they're just having a drink or 2 maybe there are some people that are really struggling what what counsel would you give that person what hope where should they turn and know that maybe it's a bigger topic than what we can cover here but just maybe a word to that person that maybe struggling. Well 1st of all we all have addictions correct we all have things that we tend to medicate with and particularly and our situation whether it's food whether it's social you know different social relationships that probably aren't as good as we is they should be reading things watching things doing things drinking things in this case so I guess the 1st point that I would make is don't feel like you're alone you have we all have tendencies to the problems that frankly to send We live in a central world so 1st of all I would say be encouraged that right back to thinking about it is a good sign 2nd of all make a decision make a conscious decision that you want to choose South control or self-restraint and then once you make that decision God By the way gives you the ability to make that decision we can't even make the decision on our own but once you make that decision. Expect and plan and pray and read for God to give you the grace to follow through on that decision and then don't be afraid to ask for help there are a lot we don't have time to get into all the different programs but there is a program through we are members of the 7 day administration force course Agnes World Radio is part of the global 7th Day Adventist Church we have programs on addiction specifically on alcohol recovery which are amazing programs and we can put some of those links up on our it as you are already for slash health for for those of you who are interested but that would be probably the 1st 23 steps I would say but most importantly make it just session and and then by God's grace stick to that this is and he will help you overcome and then again follow the appropriate counsel of your physician especially the alcohol addiction and you happen to be an alcoholic if you need to be very careful there is some complications and medical complications you need to do that under the guidance of a physician specifically but God will give you the grace to do it now I do want to bring up a couple other addictive principles that sometimes we ask forget about our younger population I'm appealing to you right now Ok I found something else I'm talking not just to the one that I'm talking to to the gen sees and then they what is the generation that live them again with next generation out genuine I think it. Is so right now 40 percent when you break that of the patients with coke at 19 are ages 20 to 54 so this is we know the risk factors we know the risk factors elderly diabetic coma morbidity respiratory function problems you know as Next up for a hypertension. 40 percent are $20.00 to $54.00 that 40 percent half of them are ages $20.00 to $44.00 so it's not. An elderly disease so that I mean that's that's when you hear about on the news. All and all that and then just situations that we make just as the head of the c.d.c. told us right now is the time when we need to be improving our health right now is the time we need to be taking these principles that we're learning and take them seriously and put them into practice by the utilization of self-restraint or the old term temperance or self-control so if restraints my preferred way but I talk again to this younger population we talked about alcohol we talked about you know you know what I've been in this house I can't take it anymore it is bring time I've got spring fever Let's get the Saturday before that way are we seeing that happen are we seeing people hitting the beaches and their younger populations Ok so we're also seeing you know people are also turning to they being which they've already been doing again this population the younger population they being cannabis are marijuana and of course all population ages groups are you know still unfortunately still utilizing smoking tobacco all of those not just from a m you know affect those they being smoking cannabis all of them affect this ciliary action the thing that God gave us in our rest the train track is the hair is if you will that help to get the gunk out pollution and different things well they thing and smoking cannabis affect that ability for those little hairs to bring up the toxins a few Well it decreases the cough reflex and so as a result now there's an increased risk of the We also have the ace 2 receptor is in the respiratory trap so those lower rest the tray track and then the patients can end up getting. Not just actually taking in the Coke at 19 because the lining of the long tissue is damaged but you know we've talked you know you hear on the news patients end up with pneumonia so a bacterial pneumonia and worst case scenario a common cause of death is acute rest the trade a stress syndrome or A.R.G.s again if you utilize these substances regardless of your age you are at an increased risk of A.R.G.s So that would be one more reason that we want to use self restraint our self control to avoid these things that are really detrimental to us but Dr Weil I have a question though because I think a lot of people actually I still see a lot of people they think if you go around you see it happening a lot and I think the younger population at least what I've heard some of them say oh you know it's not smoking if you don't have that smoke but that's kind of a dangerous thing to think right I mean even though it's not smoke it's still still bad for you it's not just affecting the ciliary action on the coughing which is exactly what smoking to it also affects your immune system so both of them again are affecting the innate I mean system directly and worse yet which is the point that we keep wanting to get back to it affects the frontal low functioning Ok so let's talk again about this if it's a cycle we talked about at the beginning of the program it's both a positive cycle a clockwise positive cycle on a positive healthy choices my frontal lobe function works that are thereby I make more positive choices maybe I go to sleep at a better time maybe I eat more healthy maybe I start exercising making my frontal lobe work better and around and around and around in a positive sense I have opposite is true I think I don't sleep well. I take into my body alcohol I take and I don't actually sized My frontal lobe capacity my frontal lobe functioning the blood flow to my front to live and we have lots of research to show this 11 drink as doctors you know set significantly in facts and same thing with tobacco blood flow by m.r.i. to the frontal lobe. And I go backwards Ok and I daresay even caffeine capping is a stimulant and caffeine affects the frontal lobe. Let alone large amounts. So this is science this is not not a personal thing so you are actually making detrimental choices by making a detrimental choice it affects your frontal lobe and so by the next time I get it let's say and another topic comes up in my life you know what I'm under all this stress I just I'm just going to watch television I'm just going to I'm just going to go on Facebook or Twitter or whatever it is until 2 o'clock in the morning I've got to escape I've got to escape and now my frontal lobe functioning is worsening and worsening and around and negative and negative and so this just cycle backwards so that is where we come to with this topic of self restraint we can either go forward by the grace of God making healthier choices helping to strengthen our frontal lobe and function better and make more positive traces just like Solomon the wisest man that ever set ever lived said to his son when you Al Oh are we can go backwards and continue to make unwise decisions and more decision so I guess the question pastor Kyle is this how do I get to the point where I can make those positive choices right and that's my question for you. Well that's that's a very deep and good question and I think a lot of people are asking that how do I get to that point. Well I think the Bible tells us that we need to give our hearts to God when you know allow him to transform our minds so that we can make the right choices to trust him so that we can build that foundation all of these principles that you've been talking about that we've been talking about the last several weeks like you said it's all foundational principles that are helping people to make good decisions for their lives that will benefit them in the long run and in the short run to make better decisions. I really you know I was just you were just mentioning King let me well Dr Lila and that verse from Proverbs 30 what was actually opened up here in my Bible and it's interesting because Solomon says and this of course is talking about drink but this could also apply to other things that people struggle with a thing can of this other types of addictions but it says here and Proverbs 31 and verse 5 lest they drink or maybe I could even add to that less a vapor or do any of these other things right and I think or caffeine and forget the law and pervert the justice of all the afflicted. So this idea I think this is really what is key to what I'm getting from today what I'm hearing from you Dr Lee are these things that we take into our bodies that affect our frontal lobe which for those of you that this may be a new terminology this is your decision making part of your brain right Lila where you make decisions so if I take in these things it actually affects my ability to make good decisions in my life that's correct is that right that's correct and I dare add one more thing that we didn't mention and that's sexual addiction Elegy addiction we're seeing a surge again particularly in our Gen c.s. and are even Arjun x. is particularly Argenti these devices and various sexual addictions are becoming a major deterrent for our ability for our mind to function for our frontal lobe just function at its peak that is so true and I tell you and it's it's with it's with you wherever you go and and and people it's just quick to open it up and there it is even on social media Dr Lila those things are right there and it's so easy to get dragged into that I think a lot of people are struggling and especially with the stay at home owners and being at home is probably even worse for a lot of people so I just want to say to some of you out there that may be struggling with any of these things that if you're struggling with something through the sexual addictions maybe you're struggling with something there maybe you're struggling with the alcohol or maybe you're struggling with something like bathing God is able to help you with that struggle God is able to help you make better decisions we don't want to leave you hopeless today we want to encourage you that God is able to help you to make positive decisions to make your life better so that you can have. Make better decisions and have a healthier frontal lobe that's right. That's right and you know it reminds me Pastor come to you know there's a certain group of people that just before Jesus come back that you know perhaps you can take our our viewers to that that have his name written in their forehead to fly head against the knee the forehead is the frontal lobe the place of decision making and playing shoes as we've said for self restraint self-control to follow I dare say God because that's a choice it's a choice for something that is the best good for our life if you will and it's interesting to me that people that are look up and say whoa this is our God we have waited for him and he will save us are the ones that have a name or character written in their frontal lobe. Don't you think Pastor that is very profound and you know as we choose to follow these good principles as we choose to live our lives according to God's word he writes his character on our hearts in our minds and it literally changes the way we live and it can change your life too from whatever it is you're struggling with out there today God is able to help you overcome and to have a better life we want to leave you with that encouragement we want to leave you with that promise. I don't know if we have anyone that has a question before we close that you're welcome to send those in for us but Dr Lee Well I I have been encouraged and this is been very helpful information today for me personally on a number of fronts the sleep. Self-restraint being able to make better decisions to to live healthier those are also important as we're going through this pandemic crisis that's right and keep looking up. Keep looking at the can truly truly are retention that are saying I read them and he trying to read them sin is getting closer I do believe I just want to share with all of you just a couple of promises as we close today a couple of promises that have been very meaningful to my life we just talked about. Overcoming and making good decisions and you know God promises you friend that whatever you're struggling with he's able to give you the strength to overcome I can give a personal testimony testimony from my life that the Lord is able to do that for you whatever addiction whatever trial you may be going through whatever it's a substance or something online or something God is able to help you and I just want to give you this promise from 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 in verse 13 as an encouragement to you Ok it's it's this no temptation has overtaken you except as what is common to man but God is faithful Dr Lith says God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will make the way of escape so that you may be able to bear it so God gives us right darkly that God gives us a way out through those bad situations we don't always have to choose to take that drink. We don't always have to choose to pick up that cigarette we don't always have to choose to pick up that caffeinated drink we can choose by God's grace to go a better direction right. And to make decisions that will give us a healthy frontal lobe so we can follow Christ and make good decisions in our life so I just want to encourage you guys with that whatever it is that you may be facing no temptation is too strong for God to be able to get you out of that and to help you to overcome. And my final promise for you today as we've talked about a lot of things but you know Dr Lila people are there's a lot of anxiety there's a lot of anxiety and I think that's what's driving people to a lot of these things that you talked about right these. These self medicating things but you know what the true medication is what we need friend right now you and I all of us we don't need these bad things we need the peace of Jesus and Jesus is the answer Dr Lila he is the answer to our deepest needs whatever it is you're struggling with friends out there today he is there for you and he wants to give you his peace that passes all understanding you know I just want to leave you with this promise because I know that some of you are struggling I know you might be watching this and think I don't know how I'm going to maybe i'm not getting good sleep maybe I'm struggling with alcohol or or I'm strong with pornography or whatever it might be listen from whatever it is you're dealing with god knows he's able to help you and he's there with you right now and we're going to pray for you but I want to leave you with this promise the promise of encouragement Jesus promises us in John 1427 what we truly need is his peace he says Peace I leave with you My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives Do I give to you has like not is these things that just give us temporary happiness no Jesus wants to give you his peace that last forever let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid so don't be afraid to let your heart be troubled as you make these good decisions God is going to give you the strength to get through and to live a healthy and happy life for him amen you ma'am and then Dr Lila. I think maybe we should pray for those that are watching maybe we could have a special just prayer and I. Would be honored if you would pray for everyone all of our listeners everyone that's been joining us for these past number of weeks maybe have a prayer of blessing and strength for that they will find their strength in the peace of Christ Ok. Dear Father in heaven we learned a lot of principles over the last few weeks and sometimes it seems a little overwhelming when the only worse than many of us are in various forms of isolation. Separated from other friends maybe even family I'm sure from our support system from our job. Maybe we're finding ourselves or just different things that we know are not what she would have for us and that you have a better plan for us to have you desirous to have a life and have it more abundantly and so we pray right now that you would give us a great. To step forward to make the decision to have truths off control self restraint by your power and your grace alone because we really do want to have your name written in our forehead really do want to look up with great peace and say Lo This is our God we have waited for him and he truly has come to say that. Again we're just claiming your promise that he who is faithful will complete what you already started so again be with us encourage us give us strength and until next week we depend upon you in Jesus name Amen Amen thank you Dr Lila beautiful prayer and thank you for joining us friend may God bless you and remember you can always watch this program and all the past ones on our You Tube channel for Avonex world radio until next week a god bless you and remember God loves you.


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