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Witnessing to Christians of Other Faiths

Doug Batchelor
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Jesus said, “Other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, …” (John 10:16).  In the second angel’s message, God is calling His people out of Babylon.  This is where, “The great body of Christ’s true followers are still to be found” (GC pg. 390). How can we wisely and productively witness to these Christians from other faiths?


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • July 30, 2020
    3:30 PM
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All right everyone we want to welcome you to our afternoon Symon are in this particular tract about sharing the 3 Angels' messages and I am so glad and happy to introduce our presenter to you Pastor Doug Batchelor president of amazing facts and we just are so appreciative pastor Doug that you were with us to share this important message about calling people out of Babylon powerful message I'm really personally looking forward to it in a great way we want to again welcome all of you who are online joining us we want to encourage you to invite your friends they need to register so have them go to a.s.i. Ministries dot au argy register for this virtual convention and then they can join us and we have a couple of poll questions at the very beginning we want to know where you're watching from and if you have questions during the presentation you can just put those in the chat box and we'll get to those as time permits at the end so I'm going to open up one of the polls at this time and we're going to ask where you are watching from we want to know where you're watching from so the poll is now open you should be able to see on your screen you have 2 options there's a chat option and a poll option to look under the polls you'll see you can choose North America South America Europe Asia Africa or Oceana and so we want to know where you're watching from We'll give that just a little bit of time for you to respond and in the meantime I would like to pray that God will bless this presentations of police by your heads with me as we pray. Bother in heaven we are so thankful for your love we're thankful for Jesus Christ and for the amazing opportunity that we have to live at this time in earth's history we are so thankful that you have also given us a clear understanding of the 3 angels messages and you have empowered us to share with the world I pray that you will be with everyone who's joined us and that you'll be with Pastor Doug as he shares that we all might be encouraged and inspired to a higher level of service for you and a deeper infilling of your spirit again we thank you and we praise you in Jesus name Amen and right everyone we're going to close the poll and find out where our audience is from so right see while everyone's from North America we need to invite our friends from around the world to join us as well we have one more poll question and then I'm going to turn the time over to you Pastor Doug So the next question that we have is where are the majority of genuine Christians you should see that poll question alive right now and there are 2 answers you can choose from inside the administration or outside the administers church we want to know what you're thinking they were give you just a few minutes simple question just click on polls and answer that where are the majority of genuine Christians are right I'm going to close this poll now so everyone makes your last minute choice we're going to close that. And. Majority of people who answered this poll 75 percent said that they are outside the administrators so a pastor you know that's your audience today please lead us through this very important study and thank you again for being with us well thank you so much brother Rodney I want to welcome everybody right now we are in case you want the context I am broadcasting from resuming from the amazing facts the new offices that are above Rock I'll take my little camera here and give you a little virtual tour so it's a beautiful place that kind of on the edge of the. Sacramento Valley just kind of looking over like in the Sierras and so it's a it's a great spot a little worried about doing it at home because now with a pandemic sometimes there could be several people in the house and wanted to make sure that we were able to do this without a too many distractions. When I was invited to participate with. I asked if I could talk about this subject knowing that the context of our studies is dealing with the 3 angels messages and maybe be a good idea to begin by reading through what those messages are and then highlighting of course what I'm going to be talking about which is the 2nd angel's message talking about Babylon and coming out of Babel and of course if you go to Revelation Chapter 14 and you read in verse 6 it says then I saw an angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and peoples This is a message that's to go to every tribe that didn't just mean the tribes of Israel that meant the pagans as well. Sane with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made the earth and the sea and the springs of water one of the things that distinguish the God of Israel from the other pagan gods the Jew said this is the God that made everything all the other gods are made out of your member when these sailors as Jonah you know who are you where you from is that I am a Hebrew and I worship the God that made the heaven and the earth and the sea and. And so it's calling us back to the Jehovah creator in this verse and then verse 8 and I heard another angel this is the 2nd angel now that followed saying Babel in is fall and is fallen that great city because she's made all nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And then the 3rd angel followed them with a loud voice saying if anyone worships the beast in his image and receive his mark on his forehead or on his hand he himself will also drink of the wine of the wrath of God that is poured out full strength into the cup of his indignation he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb and the smoke of their torment ascends up for ever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast in his image and whoever receives the mark of his name and it directs our attention here is the patience of the Saints Here are those that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus contrast those who worship the beast with those who worship God One keeps the commandments of the beast one keeps the commandments of God And so I you know the reason that it is so important for us to get the message to call people out of Babylon is because you see what the terrible judgment is it falls on people who don't come out of Babylon and so again the 2nd angel's message Babylon is fallen come out of her my people this is reiterated in Revelation 18 I just want to read this so we kind of have the groundwork before we dive in and Revelation 18 I'll read 1st maybe 4 verses here after these things I saw another key angel come down from heaven having great authority and the earth was a lumen a did with His glory and he cried mightily with a loud voice seign Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen and has become the dwelling place of demons and a prison for every foul spirit and a cage for every unclean and hated bird for all the nations have drunk the wine of the wrath of her fornication course it talks about what that wine is and Chapter 17 she holds in her hand a golden cup full of it's the blood of the saints of the martyrs and of the wind a false doctrine. And the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of our luxury I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people lets you share of her sins and you receive her plagues for his sins have reached to heaven and God has remembered her and the quickies and so will that gives us a background there now the 2nd angel's message you notice is not only there in Revelation 14 but the 2nd angel's message is expanded on in Revelation 18 meaning immediately prior to the judgment that falls on Babylon and prior to the mark of the beast there is a great. Reiteration an amplification of the 2nd angel's message now in order to understand who it is being called out of Babel and we've got to take a moment talk about what is battle and why does the Bible tell us this well you know you 1st find Babylon mentioned in Genesis where talks about the Tower of Babel Matta fact even before that you can read about Nimrod the mighty hunter and he was a mighty hunter and the word there it actually says against God So many have thought Nimrod was there the king the leader who is sort of mobilizing everyone to build the tower of Babel and it says the beginning of his kingdom was babe now the word be able means gate of God The word has grown over the years to be associated with babbling because of what happened at the Tower of Abel and if you thought the reason in English we call the word a baby is because babies babble. And that's you know otherwise it was called an infant and so that takes us to the story of what happened all the world was of one tongue and after the flood and people began to multiply they found their way down to the valley a sign are where Babylon is modern Iraq is a lot more fertile and lush back then and they didn't want to get scattered they wanted to have strength by consolidation and they didn't necessarily believe God would not destroy the world again with a flood so they said we better do something to save ourselves so one of the keys of Babylon it's salvation by works or manmade salvation and they said Let us make a name for ourselves and not interested in glorifying the name of God They want to make a name for themselves so here you've got the contrast between God worship and man worship God worship 7th day man has created on the 6th day and so that's kind of man worship and it says it will be a monument to continue disobedience they had been told to go scattered fill the earth they didn't want to do that it's a monument to human wisdom and technology a monument to disbelieve in God's word and it was a counterfeit for the kingdom of heaven through the Bible you're going to find that you've got these 2 beautiful capitals that are in contrast you've got Babylon which was a glorious golden Kingdom at its zenith during the time of night we can as are the new guy Jerusalem with especially during the time of Solomon which was another glorious beautiful kingdom and it seems like there's 2 kingdoms in conflict Well now we're not dealing with the literal Jerusalem and we're not dealing with a literal Babylon now in Revelation we're talking about the New Jerusalem and we're talking about spiritual Babylon. To understand what this means you have to go back there are a couple of times that God calls his people out of Babylon now you know says his babbling is fallen is fallen Why does it repeat that twice children of Israel were carried off into Babylon during the time of King Nebuchadnezzar when Zedekiah was the king. Because of their unfaithfulness of course Daniel was there during that time wrote his books and killed lived he was a contemporary a little after Daniel and ultimately after the 70 years of captivity Cyrus a Persian king said that they could go home but after 70 years living anywhere you get comfortable you learn the language you make friends you become settled in you know if you live in one house for 20 years you accumulate a lot of stuff imagine after 70 years that's a whole lifetime several generations and when God said we're going to let you go back to Israel God's land the land he gave Abraham and you're thinking well last time I saw that it was all broken down and you know this isn't such a bad place to go shopping malls here and. They didn't want to leave many of God's people stayed in battle and you know you had a few different parades that let a battle in during the time of Ezra Nehemiah and some came back with Joshua the High Priest in the time of 0 bubble but. A lot of the people stayed behind ultimately there was a message through his e.q. and others Babylon is fallen come out now you can read Isaiah foretold this and if you look in Isaiah 21 verse 9 he says Babel in his fall and is fallen and all the carved images of her gods has broken to the ground God knew if his people stayed in Babylon they were going to be influenced by the the pagan customs and religion of Babylon so he said they were to come out of Babylon but they were slow and reluctant in doing this you can remember also in the Bible the patriarchs Abraham Isaac and Jacob. They all brought their wives out of Mesopotamia as you know the area where the Tower of Babel was into the promised land and they came out by faith by faith Abraham her heard the call then when it came time for Isaac to get married Abraham said to Ellie is here is Priest don't let Isaac marry one of the local girls like Esau leader did and it broke the hearts of Rebecca and Isaac he said Go back and find one of the girls still believes in Jehovah and Ellie is or goes and he finds Rebecca brings her out into the promised land then when Jacob comes to get married. Isaac and Rebecca send Jacob back and say don't marry one of the local girls like Esau did go back and bring your bride out of balance and notice that Abraham Isaac Jacob the patriarchs all brought their brides out of balance the church is the Bride of Christ he calls her out of Babylon into the promised land this is part of the call that you're seeing happen here in Revelation so you've got that history God is continually calling his people out of battle and battle and in the Bible it becomes sort of a symbol for the world and for man made religion and for salvation by works and so God is wanting to call his people out of Babel and during that time and when it talks about babbling here. Sometimes babble and planted people in Israel now you know you'll hear people that will accuse the Church of being battle in the church is not babbling but sometimes there are some Babylonians that get planted in the church you can see that happened in the Bible you look in 2nd Kings 17 verse 24 Then the King of Assyria brought people from Babylon. That's as he placed them in the cities of some area that's the northern kingdom of Israel instead of the Kingdom of Israel and so through the the Israelites association with some of the Babylonians they compromise a religion and that's where you ended up with some arrogance and that's why the Jews and the Samaritans never really got along because they said you have corrupted the teachings of scripture with Babylonian theology and you have commingled Babylonian theology with the Bible well this is what happens during the dark ages with Christianity it becomes co-mingled with well the Greco-Roman religions and the Greco-Roman religions you can just see how the religion of Babylon influence the religion of the middle Persians which influence the religion of the Greeks which influence the religion of the Romans which clearly influenced the religions of the world today. Book you might read if you've got some spare time during the pandemic is called the to balance by Dr his flop anyway and so babble and now is speaking about something spiritual God Save the Children of Israel would be allowed to come out of Babylon after that 70 years of captivity for those says the Lord after 70 years are completed at Babylon I will visit and perform my good word towards you and cause you to return to this place at Jeremiah 29 verse 10 and you know it's also interesting the reason they spent 70 years in Babylon is because. They had been neglecting to keep the Sabbath not only the weekly Sabbath but the Sabbath every 7 years they were supposed to let the land keep Sabbath and rest and you can read in the end of 2nd Chronicles when the children of Israel are carried off to Babylon God said The land would be desolate for 70 years God would cause it to keep Sabbath. Basically for the 490 years that they had neglected to allow the land to keep Sabbath and so don't miss the connection between part of their judgment was neglect of the Sabbath truth along with. Compromising with the nations around them and so when it talks about Babylon we read that Babylon was never going to be rebuilt it's not talking about the ancient city that city was destroyed by the Persians Well it was conquered by the Persians but then Ancient Babylon ultimately was a lot of it was burned during the time of Alexander the Great It fell into disrepair and this it all been foretold by Isaiah and listen carefully to this because you're going to meet evangelical Christians in other churches they think the prophecies in Revelation about balance are talking about literal battle and being rebuilt and being some kind of a world power and especially when Saddam Hussein was still active or they were much exercised about this a lot of evangelicals were preaching about the reemergence of the ancient kingdom of Babylon that is not what it's talking about you can retreat sample in Isaiah Chapter 13 notice this and Babylon the glory of kingdoms the beauty of the county and pride will be as when God overthrew Saddam and Gomorrah it will never be inhabited nor will it be settled from generation to generation nor will the Arabian pitches tense there nor will the shepherds make their sheep folds their well if you look at the ancient city of bowel and it's still in ruins today nebby can as are tried to restore part of it as a tourist destination but it all fell apart with the Gulf War and of course his the mines and so when we speak of Babel and we're not talking about literal Babylon let me give you an example. In 1st Peter chapter 5 verse 13 Peter is writing a letter to Rome and he said. Actually he's writing a letter from Rome and he says she who is in Babylon elect together with you greets you and so does Mark my son so he was referring to Rome as Battle of the Jews in the same way they had been occupied by the Babylonians and oppressed now they were occupied by the Romans sort of a code word for them was to call the Roman power Babel and they all knew what that meant so he said she who is in battle and greets you and if you have any doubts you can look in Revelation 17 when the angel is interpreted in the vision of Revelation 17 for the apostle John he says the woman that you saw a woman is a church is that great city that reigns over the kings of the earth when John had his vision there in Revelation He was a captive in Babylon and. It was pretty clear that it was talking there about ancient Babylon or rather talking there about now Rome the city of Rome is a city that was ruling over the kings of the earth at this time so you can also notice it in the beginning and you might wonder why does he do this in the beginning of the Gospels Matthew Chapter one this is all the generations from Abraham to David are 14 generations and from David until the captivity in Babylon are 14 generations and from the captivity in Babylon until Christ or 14 generations so it's kind of interesting that Babel an is identified a couple of different times as as a source now I knew this might happen I told brother Rodney I'd probably become a mesmerized by the sound of my own voice we want to give you an opportunity for another poll question and so when we're talking about Babel and now we're really talking about Christians who believe in God but they have not they're not part of the remanent church and I'm going to allow aberrate on the a little bit more. Do you think it's important that Christians from other faiths Here's the poll question Do you think it's important that Christians from other faiths learn about enjoying the 7th Day Adventist Church and then we've got to you know yes or no and you're my answer might be somewhat so I'm going to let Rodney I don't know how he tallies the information for those. I'll let him do that no problem we're going to give our audience a little bit of time just to navigate to the correct place where they're make sure you're on the pole section not the chat section we do appreciate the chasse that are coming in and keep those coming well maybe have a time for q. and a at the end but there we'll just leave this poll open a few more moments and then I'll close it here and let you know Pastor Doug what people are saying all right I'm closing in now and we're going to see what people say tabulation is coming the majority of those who answered the poll said yes they believe it is important that other face learn about and join the administers the majority 3 times more and the next one was somewhat and only one person said no so well that's that's very important because we stab us in the 1st poll question that we believe the majority of Christ who followers are in the fellowship of other churches but I think we agree that part of the 3 angels message is not to leave them that way but it's important for them to learn and to come out now you don't just come out of balance and cover the ideas coming out of Babel and into the Body of Christ or into the full fold you might say. And we're going to talk about that a little more in our 2nd section that is going to be dealing with this so when we talk about Babel and now we're what we're talking about is. Fall in Christendom and if you read in Revelation 17 it tells us that Babylon is fallen the how is Babylon fallen. Well there isn't a number of doctrines it says that the all the nations have been made drunk with the line you know Jesus he said that you don't take old wine and put it in new wine skins or it begins to ferment the new wine skins you don't put new wine in old wine skins it begins to ferment and they expand and they burst and Christ compared his Gospel to the new wine the fresh wine the unfermented wine the wine about Alan is an intoxicating wine and just a little side note Christians should not be using fermented wine for personal use or for the Communion service because we're supposed to use and leavened bread and and the fermented grape juice Jesus said I will not drink that wine until I drink it with you new in the Father's kingdom and so. What is that gospel of Babel What are some of the areas where you would know that you're in Babylon How do you identify that. You know when Daniel was in battle and it's interesting this great prophet prophetic book of Daniel he's in babyland and the 1st chapter is dedicated to Daniel refusing to eat and drink the Babylonian food he said I'm just going to eat and drink water and Paul simple vegetables he didn't want the king's Babylonian food I think there's a spiritual meaning there as well. For example if you're in a church. And I want to read something to you for us from 1st Timothy for one now the Spirit speaks expressed that in latter times some will depart from the faith giving heed to seduce in spirits and doctrines of devils the devil has introduced a number of diabolical doctrines into Christianity you can read in the Book of Daniel Chapter 8 where it talks about this beast power that would cast down the truth to the ground and practice and prosper and then Daniel once you know how long the Lord till the end of these things the angel says under 2300 days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed Well if your good administers know that in studying this prophecy that 2300 year prophecy goes from $457.00 to $844.84 Christ began a special work of cleansing the sanctuary in the presence of the Father in heaven from the sins that had been since spiritual or symbolically stored there over the ages. Prior to his return but not only was there a cleansing that was happening in heaven 844 God began a movement to think about this not only does God have a temple in heaven. He still has a temple on earth is what Jesus taught Jesus said Destroy this temple and in 3 days all raise it up and he spoke of the temple of his body the church is called the Body of Christ Peter says that we are living stones built up to a spiritual foundation crisis the cornerstone to make a household for God and Paul says the same things in a fusion she says that we are precious stones we're living stones we're a royal priesthood of course and Peters says that and so all through the Bible Paul says What don't you know that ye are the temple of God For God is a temple on Earth in 1904 not only did Jesus begin doing something unique and special in heaven but we can see what he began doing here on Earth because before that year 844 had expired God raised up a movement that he was cleansing from the doctrines of battle and where the truth had been cast to the ground you know Daniel said how long till he sings the same for being cleansed was being also cleansed from the counterfeit teachings from the wine of Babylon and so what are some of those teachings let me just give you an example there are a lot of good people that are out there mixed up and some churches that teach that Sunday sacred where in the Bible does it say son is sacred nowhere it's wonderful that Jesus rose on the 1st day of the week but it's also wonderful that he had the last supper on Thursday and that he was crucified on Friday so no where were they replacing the Sabbath and nowhere does God commanded us to rest on those days so that's one of the teachings of Babylon came right out of Rome from Sun worship. The confusion of tongues How did you identify ancient Babylon they could not understand one another speech their languages were confounded Well you know before I was a set of the administration I worshiped in Pentecostal and charismatic churches and all of my friends spoken tongues and I wondered what was wrong with me because I couldn't see it in the Bible and I never had this gift of tongues but I studied and I just didn't see it there well this is fairly recent teaching that maybe the last 150 years the teaching about tongues or the mis understanding of tongues and glossolalia has swept through the Christian church it's not just Pentecostals now but in the lot of mainline churches and evangelical churches they misunderstand the gift of tongues and there's a lot of babbling that goes on in Babylon the idea of eternal torment and this is a doctrine of devils if ever there was one so many people good thinking people have been driven from God by the idea that a person would be plunged into eternally burning fire and brimstone for the sins of one very brief lifetime that here you could theoretically have some teenager yes they've reached the age of accountability but they get discouraged when they take their own life but since they die last. And the last that of their life is suicide now they're going to go to a lake of fire and they're going to burn there and a 1000000000 years go by think about that burning constantly burning no really never going to have any really just constantly feeling burning for billions and billions of years and you never reach the end of it that's a horrific doctrine that's a doctrine of devils if you're in a church that teaches that you're in Babylon and God wants us to come out of battle and the whole idea that you could be in a church that prays to idols and this is one of the things new in the Old Testament very clear my little children keep yourselves from idols and yes there are things we can make idols out of our car and our job and all kinds of things but plain old fashioned I Dollar Tree is still alive and well where people pray to little statues of Buddha Mary and whatever it might be and it lowers our concept of God It is forbidden this idea of prosperity preaching that the purpose of the Gospel is so that everybody could be healthy wealthy and wise Well I do believe in the health message and I do God believe that God prospers those who tie but you know Jesus said in the world you're going to tribulation and it is a lot of false teachings that are out there in connection with this prosperity gospel or the idea that now that we're saved we're under grace we don't need to keep the 10 Commandments that God doesn't save us from sin he sort of saves us in sin and Christians just try to send a little less and other people but the Gospel is you are a new creature if you're in the church's teaching you don't need to keep in 10 commandments that when the Bible says you're not under the law that means you're free to disobey and that's babbling and then they've got all these different counterfeit methods of baptism that you could be poured Honor's rose petals or salt sprinkled and that you just call that baptism that's a corruption of the original teaching. The doctrine of once you're saved you can't be lost the idea that when you die that you go right to heaven or hell before a resurrection or a judgment and that the dead are conscious and they can be talked to and communicated with that's forbidden in the Bible the idea that God has destroyed the distinction between men and women and men can marry men and women can marry women and a man can marry 13 wives that's a corruption of God's original plan here in Babylon the idea you don't really need to care about your body because it doesn't matter what you eat or what you drink so long as you're spiritual You can destroy your body with bad health practices Bible says that whoever defiles the temple of God Him will God destroy and your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and of course salvation by works which is also a kind of a champion teaching of Babylon that you can somehow work your way to heaven so this would be some of the high points to specifically identify what are some of the doctrines of Babylon so a person might know am I in balance how do I know if you're in a church this teaching these things God has come out of her my people now God has His people in these churches let me read you a few excerpts from the Spirit of Prophecy that reinforce what we've been saying. Of course Christ says in John Chapter 10 other sheep I have that are not of this fold them also I must bring they will hear my voice and there will be one fold and one shepherd So while there are many different Christians that are scattered through different churches he says they're going to hear my voice how speaking through his word speaking through the 2nd angel's message that a loud message that's going to be bouncing off satellites that's kind of what 3 a.b.n. does they're sending the message off of the satellites and hearing the gospel all around the world and helping call people out of Babylon by proclaiming the truth from his word Here's a quote from the s.t.a. Bible Commentary and this is page 1184 God has drools in all of the churches and it's not for us to make sweeping denunciations of the professed religious world you know we think oh lord we're the only ones left the room in the church and God says I've got a lot of needs out there $7000.00 knees he tells Alija that have not bowed to bail they're still being faithful as much as they can Here's another quote and it says The Lord has His representatives in all churches these persons have not had the special testing trues for these last days presented to them under circumstances that have brought conviction conviction to the heart and mind therefore they have not by they have not by rejecting the white sever their connection with God You know you have people like John Wesley and Adam Clarke and Martin Luther and Charles Spurgeon there are some great Spirit filled Christian leaders that maybe did not know the truth on hell or the state of the dead or the health message or the Sabbath truth and you can be sure you're going to see them in heaven because they walked in all the light they had Keep in mind Jesus said. If you did not see you would have no sin but since you say you see your sin remains. Were countable for walking in the light that we know for what we understand. Here's something and that was I think from testimony for the church and that was. Page 670 and 71 here's another one and this is from testimonies also among the Catholics there are many who are most conscientious Christians who walk in all the light that shines upon them God will work in their behalf and that was testimonies 9 to 43 and here you can read from the book the great controversy page 383 in the 18th chapter of Revelation the people of God are called upon to come out of Babel and according to the scripture many of God's people must still be in babyland in what religious bodies are the greater part of the followers of Christ now to be found without a doubt in the various churches professing the Protestant faith the greatest part here's one more and this is page 390 great controversy notwithstanding the spiritual darkness and alienation from God that exists in the churches which constitute Babylon the Great Body of Christ true followers are still to be found in their communion you know I get excited about this friends because with everything that's that's happening in the world today and you know even during this time of the pandemic that's compound it by social unrest that's compound it by the gyrations in the economy I'm meeting Christians from other faiths all the time who are saying you know we're not getting answers in our church and they are looking around and they are going to God's word and they are finding new truths quick story I can't tell you the name but I'll tell you what happened. Got a letter. I guess it's been a little more than a month now months ago and it was from a gentleman and he is a Baptist pastor in the south and he said Brother Doug I used to catch your programs Sunday morning. And really enjoyed watching often before went to church because we were on early in their time zone and he said during the pandemic we looked you up and my wife and I began to binge watch amazing facts and he said it's created a lot of problems for us because we have a church with $600.00 members and I am now convinced about the Sabbath and the State of the dead and hell and he said for several generations we have been hard core Baptists and he said not sure exactly how we're going to break this news to everybody we love but we believe it's the Bible truth and there's all kinds of people out there that are his children that are looking for truth and this is that one of the greatest opportunities that we've had in the history of our movement that's why I said they are going to church needs desperately needs a world viable right now because I think God is preparing to bring in all of these children he says My people come out of Babylon they're scattered through all these different churches they're going to year is voice and they're going to respond to that so. He says come out over my people and then after he calls them out because then following that a great judgment comes on babbling you read the beginning of Revelation 18 it says come out of her that you do not receive. Read Revelation $1821.00 angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea saying the bus with the violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down and not found any more. That means we're living very close to the end this is the time that the message should be going out 1st 2nd and certain 3rd message and special sense in the near future but we should be letting people know Babylon is fallen come out of her my people so. Now let me I want to read another quote to you and this also is from the book. From the book great controversy page 6 o 3 God is given messages of Revelation 14 their place in the line of prophecy and their work is not to cease till the close of this earth's history was so that we can say with us remains the message were given back hundreds those messages are to build in power now as we near the end. Revelation 18 points to the time when as a result of rejecting the threefold warning of Revelation 4912 the church was fully reach the condition foretold by the 2nd angel and the people of God still in babyland will be called upon to separate from her communion this message is the last that will be ever given to the world this is a great controversy page 390 the Scripture points forward to a time when the announcement of the fall of Babylon as made by the 2nd angel of Revelation 14 verse 8 is to be repeated with the additional mention of the corruptions that have been interim the various organizations that constitute Babyland since that message was 1st given in the summer of 844 these announcements uniting with the 3rd angel's message constitute the final warning to be given to the inhabitants of the earth the sins of Babylon will be laid open the fearful results of enforcing the observance observances of the church by civil authority and the inroads of spiritualism the stealthy but rapid progress of the people power will all be unmasked by these solemn mornings the people will be stirred thousands upon thousands will listen who have never heard words like these so friends. We've come to the kingdom for such a time as this to get the message out that balance fallen and we need to let people know that we've got a limited time for people to respond so I wonder if brother Rodney if it might be time for us to do another poll question and so you have one there you want to pick Yeah I think now would be a great time actually for us to do 2 questions also open up 2 questions at one time yes and you will see the opportunity coming on your screen we've got 2 questions live right now the 1st one is have you ever given a Bible study to a Christian from another faith very practical question and the 2nd one that's open right now live is are you sometimes frightened to witness to Christians of other faith so 2 questions open right now and we'll give you a little bit of time we want a lot of people to respond so we can have a good understanding of your experience in giving Bible studies and sharing your faith with that and bastardised I just want to say thank you so much already this is been inspiring to me personally to share as much as I possibly can with my friends who are not yet 7th Day Adventists and you men I'll wait and hear what the results are yeah we're going to close the poll. Where they wanted a time here so with God The 1st line and have you ever given a Bible study to a Christian from another faith 16 people responded Yes 6 people responded. So we have when Jordi him those who responded to the poll who haven't given a Bible study so that's that's good we're going to close the other one and where Guy at right the results are in for one are you sometimes frightened to witness to Christians of other face 15 yes and 10. Right ahead whether they're being honest Yes Now let me just double check with you Ronny What time should I plan on wrapping up here and end 30 yeah you can take 30 more minutes Ok good yeah well this would probably be a good time to segue into the 2nd aspect so we've identified what battle in his battle and constitutes fallen Christendom Now this is the organization God has His faithful people there but the foundational teachings of those churches have drifted from the teaching of God's word and it does matter what church we're apart we had a poll question on that because whatever church you're a part of that you support with your influence and your money you are responsible for the teachings of that church and so even though you know you may join a church in there's a lot of nice people there and they get a good choir and they get a good children's program in the sermons are interesting if the foundational teachings of that church are that. You know they don't believe in biblical marriage or that they think you burn forever ever and in hell you're going to be part of the church because you're indorsing and supporting a lie when you do that that's why I think important for us to encourage people to be part of the remanent church Keep in mind in the last days when we call people out of Babylon we're calling them into the remenant church I did not join the 7th Day Adventist Church because I felt I just wanted to be part of a denomination I really had no choice I wanted to be part of a movement in the last days is only going to be 2 groups one group is going to have the mark of the beast one group is going to have the seal of God That means there's going to be a shaking because God has His children and babble in now and there's going to be a shaking in the world they'll be a shaking in the church God's church that me shaking a babbling and I think you're going to see a little transfer taking place this is what happened during the time of Christ the people of Israel were shaken by the message many were baptized remember when Jesus 1st sent the disciples out preaching he said go 1st to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Many of them came to believe all the early converts to Christianity were Jews to begin with and then gradually as time went by more and more were coming from the Roman religions into Christianity so it caused the shaking that message that's going to happen and many of the Jews the now it's Jesus they kind of were shaken out they were jek to the message of Christ and Christianity and so we may see that happen again also where they'll even be some people who have been in our church for generations but they've just become comfortable with the world they're not transformed by the power of the Gospel and they're going to reject the outpouring of God's Spirit in the last days I think we've read somewhere that maybe not one in 20 is going to be prepared for the things that are coming upon a soon so. Let me just now kind of set the table by going to be talking about these other sheep that Jesus identifies other sheep I have that are not of this fall one of the hardest things for the disciples and the Jews to accept deep in mind I'm coming from growing up with a Jewish mother so I hope I can be objective in ensuring this is that the Gentiles were just as important to God as the Jews were yes they did struggle a little bit with some discrimination your member Peter God had to give them a vision there in Acts chapter 10 to say do not call unclean the Gentiles whom I have clans and gradually the apostles began to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles Paul nearly got killed torn from. In the lamp he was accused of bringing a gentile into the temple and so Jesus he nearly got stoned he nearly got thrown off the cliff there in Nazareth when his 1st sermon in his home church he said there were many lepers lepers in the land in the days of your life but none of them was cleansed except name in the Syrian the non Jew was one clans and he said there were many widows in the land of Israel in the days of Elijah Alija wasn't sent to any of them but a keen and light woman Assaraf a nation up in the north and they were so upset that Jesus was saying that God loves the Gentiles also they took him out nearly kill him try or they're going to throw him off a cliff and he slipped through their fingers. Even John the Baptist said Think not deceive yourselves we're going to be saved because we are children of Abraham God is able to raise up under Abraham children from these stones and so it's a tragic mistake that people say when they say I am on the books of the church and that my parents and grandparents I'm a 3rd or 4th or 5th generation 70 Ad minister and somehow there's some it's nice to have history and incest or in heritage but we're not see by that it's we must be walking with Christ and in the truth to be saved. The prophecies about Jesus were prophecies that he had a message to go to the non Jews notice I was 11 verse 10 and in that day there will be a root of Jesse who will stand as a banner to the people for the gentiles will seek him and his resting place will be glorious remember Andrew brought some Jews had said. The Greeks said we would see Jesus also Isaiah 42 verse one prophecy about the Messiah behold my servant whom I uphold my intellect one and who my soul delights I put my spirit upon him he will bring forth justice to the Gentiles so this message is to go to everybody now for some of the admin as we kind of think of ourselves sometimes and rightly so as a modern equivalent of Israel ancient Israel with all of their problems were it shows in movement of God and God had committed to them the oracles of truth their special truth through the writings of Moses and the prophets that were messages from God The 7th Day Adventist Church is a special lasting movement that has been given I think spiritual guidance in the same way but it doesn't mean that all of the angel Israelites were saved just by virtue of being Jews they had a lot of backsliding that went on in their history but they were still his people your member when the Samaritan woman came to Jesus and she said should we worship on Mt garrison are should we worship in Jerusalem and Jesus sons as when he said salvation is of the Jews Paul says unto the Jews was committed the oracles of God So 7 the admin is might think of ourselves as modern Israelites and then we kind of look upon the. Christians in other churches as the lost sheep of the house of Israel now when the disciples 1st went out preaching they didn't go to the Gentiles right away Jesus told them Do not go into the way of them this is Matthew 10 verse 5 and 6 Not yet he said go 1st as a priority here and that's why it's important for us to understand his message to Babylon. Here's the priority Jesus said Do not go in the way of Gentiles Matthew 16 but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel in Acts 17 Jesus said you'll receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you you'll be witnesses to me in Jerusalem that was Jewish 1st and you day and that was Jewish then some area that was quasi Jewish they kind of new they believe the 5 Books of Moses then the ends of the Earth so this is a sequence here now this is really important that you understand this if you come to a terrorist seeing at a hospital and a bomb goes off and has a lot of terribly injured people and a lot of doctors and nurses are trapped inside the hospital because the doors have been blocked now you've got to decide how do I spend my time in my energy to treat these people the 1st thing that I do if I saw these injured people outside the hospital but I see the doctors and nurses with all the equipment are locked they just blocked if I could clear the way and open the door for the doctors and nurses to come out they can help me then Tree asure all these people instead of me one by one trying to use my limited knowledge to go to the injured people and help them the doctors and nurses look on through the windows let them out they will then help you all the people that are injured. I'm saying this because in the priority of spreading the Gospel God was very wise he said salvation is to everybody to the Jew 1st then the Gentile as Paul and the Apostles went from town to town they went to the Jews 1st why it was a very short study to explain to a Jew who Jesus was they all knew the Messiah was coming it was a lot easier to convert a Jew to Christ then to convert a a pagan who knew nothing about the Scriptures and nothing about the Messiah they were wrapped up in idolatry that takes a lot more Bible studies at Pentecost when all those people were baptized they did not need to give them a Bible study on eating pork they did not need to give them a Bible study on the importance of the Scriptures or the 10 Commandments they all knew that it was a lot quicker quicker to reach them that's why God was so brilliant in pouring out the Holy Spirit during Pentecost when devout Jews not any countries devout choose from every nation under heaven they descended on Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost their then filled with the Holy Spirit they're given a crash course in who Jesus is then they hope the Apostles spread the gospel throughout the Roman Empire as they go home so that was a brilliant way to do it. So when they 1st went out preaching as Paul and the disciples one from town to town 1st place they would go is they would go to the synagogues because in the synagogues they would find the Jews and when they reached them they would then help them to reach their communities you see the Jews were scattered all over the Roman Empire and God told the Apostles you know as you enter into a new town 1st thing you ought to do go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel to the Jew 1st then to the Gentile because if you reach them they then can stick around and help reach their communities it's just such a smarter plan. Sometimes they go to a Son of God Let me see here you go to x. 13 verse 46 then Paul and Barnabas they grew bold and said it was necessary that the Word of God should be spoken to you 1st but since you rejected and you judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life behold we turn to the Gentiles they said 1st will come to you but if that tell me if the Jews rejected it they said we're going to regulate to the Gentiles and sometimes the whole city would come together Jew n. gentile in the synagogue on the Sabbath to hear the Word of God Sometimes the Jews rejected it those levels were just preached to the Gentiles as Paul did on Mars Hill acts 18 verse 6 but when they opposed him and blasting He shook his garment just like Jesus a chick the dust off your feet he shook his garment and said your blood be upon you in your own heads I am clean from now on I am turning to the Gentiles He meant there in that community now God does not intend for Christians when we know the truth to just kind of. You know huddle around and argue about the Bible he wants us to go out and they share it and you know if we just spend all our time kind of as they say you know evaluating our own bellybutton as a church we're not going to reach the last we got to get out in the community the parable that Jesus told about the rich man and Lazarus and I think most of us know this from Luke Chapter 16 a rich man's clothes and purple feasts sumptuously every day with his friends and as a poor beggar name Lazarus that lays at his gate desiring the crumbs that fall from his table and you know the story they both die the beggar is carried to Abraham's bosom That's where every Jew thought he'd go he wanted to be in the kingdom with Abraham and the rich man he goes to the Jewish he goes to the Gentile place of torment which is Hades and Jesus is using a can tremendous paradox in this story so that parable and the reason that's there is not to teach us about the state of the dead that parable has nothing to do with the state of the dead that parable is a warning to the Jewish nation and to Christians today that he doesn't want us to sit in our churches within our gates feasting on the Word of God while all of the Gentiles are out there desiring the crumbs that fall from our table and we will be judged if we don't care about feeding the bread of life to those that are starving for it he doesn't want to just keep it to ourselves he wants us to share it with who will start with the lost sheep of the house of Israel you know I remember I woke up one Sunday morning this and many years ago I was pastor in a little administration a small town and I just I I had this very strange impression that I was supposed to go to the local Pentecostal church a place called Faith tabernacle. And I thought well that's odd you know and I 1st I thought it and I thought why am I thinking that and it kept coming back to me and then I thought Boy is that the Holy Spirit I don't want to disobey and I'm not recommending everyone does this but this is something that happened to me so I woke up that morning and I put on my shirt and tie and I went to the local Pentecostal church and as I was driving over there I got another impression that I was supposed to preach. Doug you're hallucinating person you think you're supposed to go visit this church gets very interesting services and then you think you're supposed to preach there who do you think you are you just don't walk and I'm here preaching to and I was trying to think why is this happening to me but I do listen I went to the church and when I got there I got there a little late because I was fighting against the impression they had already gone through their announcements and offering implement areas and now they're in the part of the worship service where they're praying in the music reaches a crescendo I've been to a lot of Pinnock also churches and some people are kneeling some are standing with their hands outspread some are sitting and they're they're speaking in tongues and the piano is going in the bass is gone it gets a little loud and tumultuous and and I slipped in the back and I kind of just sat down and and I'm thinking what am I doing here and finally after the the praying kind of reaches a crescendo it starts to die down people sit down and they know the cue the music settles down pastor steps up as if he's going to begin his sermon and he looks back and he sees me now this is not a very big town he knows who I am we met each other at Ministerial Council before he sees me and he goes brother Doug it's good to see you here with us today do you have a word for the Lord. Well sometimes in these churches they do testimonies people get up and they get testimonies and I thought what had I better not and I said well you know Pastor as preachers have said it's hard for us to just say a word and so why did you come up to preach to us today I'm telling you Francis is exactly what happened and I I I I was kind of shocked that this is I don't know that I've ever felt so led by the Lord in a miraculous way like I heard the voice of God I never heard anything autumn about the impression was so real and then I saw the fulfillment of it and I said You mean it he said Come on up preach now how often does an admin as pastor go to a Pentecostal church you walk in you sit in the back of the invitee to preach that day and I've made my way to the front you know if you're if you're an evangelist worth your salt you've got some sermons at your fingertips you know by heart and saw that day no I did not preach on the mark of the beast I felt impressed to talk about Mary Magdalen and the short version of the story is then I made an altar call the people came forward some came forward speaking in tongues and. The next week at our local church one of the ladies who was in that church that they showed up she said I was so touched by the sermon as a Hispanic lady she said I was so touched by the sermon she said I thought I'd come in here you at your church she later got baptized and last I heard was still a member. And so that told me that God has these people in these churches and he wants them to hear the voice after the service that day the pastor came and he said Brother Doug you're showing up today with such an answer to prayer he says I'm having heart problems and I didn't sleep last night and I was so tired and to get up and to have to preach when I saw you walk in sit in the back and you offer to preach he said that was an answer to my prayers so God heard his prayers yes God hears the prayers of some of these people who are in other churches there are his children the greatest part of Christ true followers are in the fellowship of these other churches so what's going to happen before Jesus comes they're going to hear his voice they're going to hear his voice through you they hear his voice through me through the media through the publishing through the online bible studies as well we've got to get the 3 engines message out there they're going to hear his voice and they're going to come out they're going to come out of Babylon they're going to come into the Body of Christ into the remenant church and there will be one fold and one shepherd when Jesus comes back not going to 15 different 100 different Christian denominations you're going to have the mark of the bees all will either worship the mark of the beast or they will have the seal of God So as I mentioned before not withstanding the spiritual darkness and alienation from God that exists in some of the churches that constitute Babylon the Great body of his true followers are still found in their communion indeed. You know as I travel around. I meet people all the time I typically once a year I go to a convention that's called In Our b. been part of that for over 30 years now it's a National Religious Broadcasters. And basically it is Christians from all different denominations mostly Protestant that work together to preserve the freedom to broadcast on the airwaves because the airwaves are owned by the f.c.c. and it's only because of certain laws that protect our freedoms that religious organizations can own these stations to share the Gospel and we want to preserve that there have been efforts before to stop that's why I go to an RB and invariably there I meet. I mean a lot of Christians from you know there's very few administering there a number of the media ministries have been there before so they know what I'm talking about a lot of Christian leaders. They come up to me privately and they say brother Doug we watch your programs and I've had them say I know they wanted appreciate my sharing their names but I've had them say you've convinced me about Hell I believe it just like you another one who is a Sunday school teacher in a prominent church said. You cause all kinds of problems in our family my wife and I think cept the Sabbath and our daughter we're trying to share it with our church our church doesn't like us very much anymore and he said but we've accepted the Sabbath I had another one come up to me and he kind of quietly gave me an elbow almost like nobody's supposed to know he said you know I accepted what you said about the cleaning the unclean food says these Christians and he's pointing to the other charismatics and kind of consuls and and evangelicals that are at the in RB meeting he said they're killing themselves with their diets they think it doesn't matter what they eat and they're killing themselves and he said I'm a vegetarian and I just had all kinds of people come up and they say we're watching so there's this almost like it's like a hidden army. Faithful people that are still in the fellowship of these churches and they are waiting to hear the loud voice and the see the bright light from that 2nd angel that's going to be calling them out of battle and seeing God wants His people in one the fold and you can read in John 17 verse 20 Jesus said I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe in Me through their word that they all may be one you see the devil heard Jesus when He said all people will know that you are my disciples by your love for one another and the devil figured if everyone's going to know they're Christians by their love for one another then I'll do all I can to divide them and a fraction the church and so the devil's been doing everything he can There is no religion in the world that is more divided than Christianity yes there are several branches of Islam not near as many as Christianity there are different branches of Buddhism and there are probably different sects and fragment fractions of Confucianism but to is a but. Christians man we get the trophy for being the most divided religion in the world there are thousands of different denominations this was never God's will in the last days is going to be a shaking. And the admin this movement is the beginning of that you see the administration is a is the is a a movement that has brought Christians from many different churches that said put aside our doctrinal differences what does the Bible really teach and there were Methodists and there were Baptists and there were Presbyterians and there were Christian they called Christian church Anglicans all different churches some Jews and they said wow this is the Bible truth and they were called out about Bill and well our message is a continuation of what happened in the formation of the ad in the movement we are to call people together for the return of Christ and when admin to stop getting excited about the advent we've got a problem and to bring people together for the last days well you know I wonder if brother Rodney maybe we could drop in if you have something locked and loaded we can do another poll question at this time I think then you have made a perfect segue into a question I would be what hinders new from sharing your faith with others so that's the question that has just gone lives what hinders you from sharing your faith with others may answers are fair rejection not knowing what to say apathy or nothing I love sharing my faith so again that poll question is open if you're in the chat box just to the left or right I can't remember which way but there's a little but then for the poll so we're going to leave it open for just another moment or 2 and let you answer that question What hinders you from sharing your day with others when to close the poll and we're going to see what the results are. Right being tabulated so we. Not know what to say as number one on the results followed by saying I love sharing my faith and the last one was fear of rejection so not knowing what the saying was actually number one and so maybe a pastor to. Talk to us a little bit about that I'll do my best and you know I think that some people in a special sense are. They're a little concerned you know if if you say I'm a 7th Day Adventist Christian it's often misunderstood some people get us confused they think you say 7th Day Adventist in the year but a lot are de Saint and they think oh he you guys believe in multiple wives are you the ones that you're Mormons are I've had people say all some of the admin to you guys don't believe in blood transfusions and you don't celebrate Christmas or birthdays and that I don't know or this is. Something I missed you guys were cold and so I think sometimes people are intimidated I felt it before. About sharing our faith you know I think one of the best things you can do now and I don't know how to do this without sounding like I'm making a shameless plug for amazing facts but I take sharing literature and it may not be amazing facts it could be the writing of ministries but I'll take some of our magazines and I'll have them available and you can have some of these quick fact tracks that talk about different subjects when you begin a conversation with somebody. Down the street here from our office. I go and I get a Subway sandwich and lately it's been slow there because of the pandemic so I've developed a friendship I'm on a 1st name basis with a couple of guys that serve there they know I'm a pastor. I know they're from the high faith and life I know something about that so I'd say for one thing become acquainted with what some of the other churches teach I think Pastor Mark family has an excellent book that's still available about you know how do you share your faith with other religions and what are their foundational teachings so know a little bit about it and you might highlight some things you have in common Well when I go see my friends down there I give a track to them I actually shared a testimony book so sharing your personal testimony is one of the most important things that you can do there is an old adage in a vandalism training it's called for to f o r t And that means you can ask about family oh occupation our religion tea testimony in beginning a conversation just so you know when you talk about your family people if they've got a family you can say to you I'm on an airplane I'm talking to someone and I say you're going to see family and there's no no going home so what do you do occupation I do this you try to relate find out I'm on seem interested in what they have to say and then sometimes they'll say well what do you do as a pastor that immediately brings up the subject of religion or transitioning in from the family occupation to the religious subject there's a lot of questions you can ask that you talk about that you can might say So are you a Christian you know if you're in the bible belt you don't have to worry about asking that question if you're in San Francisco they may. Throw me in the ocean I don't know what they'll do but it is varies from place to place but if you can get into the subject of religion and you know if your Prain when you talk to people the lot and leave the door open then makes it easier for you to do that and then you share your personal testimony and say you know I've got something that's really touched me it's a great little resource can I share this with you you don't want to necessarily give them something the 1st time with 600 pages now you may know some people that are good readers but I found if you can 1st if you're going to see them again after a neighbor you know where they work start out by giving them something really good but small you might give them a d.v.d. you know amazing facts just produce something called kingdoms and time that just proves the bible is true because we thought if a person can come to believe the Bible's true then if you offer him a Bible study they're ready to go to the next step so if you're only going to see a person one time you know you're traveling you may never see them again you might give them a track on salvation. If you're talking to Christians from other faiths there are certain doctrines I think really help for me I found one of the easiest things to do is to study with a person and share the subject you know if you're Christians from other faiths they might say I'm a 7th the other is what do they believe I'll say well one thing that's different is while we believe that there is punishment of the wicked We do not believe that the fires of hell burn forever and ever and I give them a few thoughts on that and you know I find Christians from almost every denomination are actually happy to talk about that. Because privately very few people want to believe that because it just it back it clashes with our whole image of God as a god of love and so you know you might actually get into a particular subject you can have a tract on that. They're giving out books like the steps to Christ and there are several versions of that is another excellent way that you can share your faith now don't be afraid to jump in brother Ronnie and let me know when I've got 4 or 5 minutes left because I want to make sure I don't go over and I give you time to close off this aspect of the seminar so something else that and I we may even have a poll question on this I don't remember but sometimes people are apprehensive about sharing their faith with other Christians because they're accused of sheep stealing So if you are studying with a Christian from another church and you're wanting them to accept the 3 engines message pastors and others will say Why are you going after Christians why not go after the pagans the last in our society these people are already saved they already know Jesus in fact this is something that the Catholic Church is saying quite a bit. In South America I believe the charismatic church is in Brazil anyway is just outpaced the Catholic Church used to be entirely Catholic or 98 percent Catholic so the Catholic Church continues to telegraph the message let us not be vandalizing Christians of other faiths they see that they're losing their people in droves and you're going to find you know doesn't matter whether it's a Baptist or evangelical pastor if you're giving studies to members of another church you will be accused of sheep stealing my response to that is well. They're not my sheep in they're not your sheep they're Jesus' sheep in the sheep go with the grasses and I say that we need to go by the word we have a responsibility to study the Word and you know if if I meet someone and they say they're Christian and we might disagree on the 144000 or the 7 trumpets that's not as critical but when someone says I'm a Christian and they're breaking one of God's commandments and thinking that the church allows it while sin is a transgression of the law that's dangerous when we don't let people know that this is a real problem that living in open high handed defiance of God's 10 Commandments is a sin and a person's eternal destiny could be jeopardized by that don't feel like you need to apologize when you say I'm going to share with this Christian they say they love Jesus they say they believe the Bible then why are they neglect in one of the 10 Commandments and. We don't need to be afraid or ashamed to do that will there be persecution if we do it you know and you know what if if you knock on doors you'll have some door shut in your face Jesus said they'll be cities where you'll have to just take the dust off your feet they're not going to listen you said don't be discouraged go to the next town cry said I'll teach you how to fish for men any good fisherman knows you can't get discouraged if you drop your hook in the water and you come up in the bait is gone you just gotta puts more bait on it and drop it in again you got to throw out the net again you've got to keep going and eventually you get that trophy fish you get that net that is full of fish so one of the most important things is Do not be discouraged there is no joy that is greater than the joy leading a soul to Christ and I would say to our friends are listening connected with a.s.i. not everybody is an evangelist. You need to use your respective gifts almost everybody can give away some literature you can link to Christian websites you can give people cards it'll say Have you seen this website on the Sabbath or something have you seen this television program you want to look it up they've got some great Christian programming offer them Christian literature and prayer everybody if you're Christian you can pray praying interceding for the last is something the Apostles did it's something that Jesus did. And all through the Bible so continue to press on and intercede and pray for these people. And keep in mind. When Jesus did that parable about the wedding feast he said there's plenty of room in the wedding feast some of the people who claimed they've said that they love the king but when they were invited to sit well we're just too busy you know I bought a cow and I married a wife and I can't come but the king said we'll go out into the highways and find other people to come in and the disciples came back and they said there's still room the master said Go into the hedges and the highways in compel them to come in that my house might be filled now their word compel you know we need balances we're witnessing a Christian from other faiths you don't want to be obnoxious and drive people away but it's important that they sense there's some urgency and yeah some people may misunderstand this but you know some people they'll appreciate it there's a lot of people out there that are looking you know Christ said He said The harvest is great the laborers are few there's not a problem that there's not enough fish in the sea there's not a problem that there's not enough lost sinners out there that need to hear the gospel the problem is the laborers are few God has His people in all these different churches they're his sheep they they love the Lord they're praying to Jesus every day they take every Sunday they go to church to worship God they give their offerings they believe the Bible is true they just are there listening to teachers that maybe don't understand some are wolves in sheep's clothing but God is in to reach them and I think he wants to reach them through us so don't be ashamed and don't be bashful about sharing your faith with them and God on you for doing that. In in Matthew 18 Christ for Matthew 8 rather verse 11 cry says many are going to come from the east and the West and sit down with Abraham Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom but the children of the kingdom will be cast into outer darkness and so you know we might see in the last days there's going to be a shaking taking place but we need to be calling these people in a lot of dear people in these other churches they're worried about what's happening in our society they are troubled by the teachings of evolution in the schools they're troubled by the pushing of trying to normalize same sex marriage and all the different variations of gender that are coming in there bothered by abortion and the patient pagan behavior and society and and the drugs in the worldliness and their hearts are yearning for a church that really teaches the whole Bible. They want to hear the faith that was once delivered to the saints so don't be afraid to reach out talk to these people. Give them literature be a friend shield of your interested in their lives pray with them through their personal problems when you meet with them sometime just say Is there something special you'd like me to pray about though often open the door and really help you understand who they are and what the wrestling with it so I just like to say God bless you I don't I don't know if what's left of the clock Rodney but. I'd rather quit too soon to go too long well I just want to thank you so much faster and this has been very very inspirational for me you know my wife and I we pray for some of the people that we know who are teaching some of the false doctrines you know there's a lot of false teachings that go on but we know that these could be brothers and sisters sitting in the pew with us next time where they could be admin as the pastors you know if they're convinced of the truth so I just really want to say thank you from a.s.i. we believe in evangelism and we have one more poll question that I want to put up you know with us and that question is an action question and the question is this after this seminar How are you going to share the 3 angels messages with others have you been so inspired by this that you were going to organize an evangelistic series and you know I guess this to think say that in the church only 10 percent of the membership have the gift this specific gift of a bachelor though but maybe that's you and maybe God is one thing you to exercise that gift and do an evangelistic series. Of checks that want everyone can do a Bible study I truly believe that one of the best things that we can do to grow our own experience and to share our faith is to do a Bible study with. And when else and so check that one if you want to sharing literature as Pastor Doug mentioned if you want to make a more fervent commitment to share that piece of literature with someone else do that begin an online ministry you know this pandemic is open the world of opportunity for everyone we can all let our voice be no non our social media and Youtube is available and all these other things. Visiting our neighbors that's another one and using my talents like music for example I have few want to do that now I don't think that our technology will allow us to choose all of them I am hoping that some of you will want to choose all of them but choose whatever one the Holy Spirit is doing and I'm going to close that poll and we're just going to say thank you very much for participating and we're going to let the pull populate and when we had the top one pastor Doug what do you think it was I don't think you can see the poll No I can't I was going to say that the sheer literature pre. The top one was began an online ministry. Perfect. We've got a lot a lot of people interested in mentioning that it's your this is the next one pray. For us and I thank all of you who have joined us on this seminar as I have been different this year virtual platform but Pastor Doug thank you for being part of our program and this is very powerful it's going to be recorded and archived so please invite your friends they're watching it as well and asking Do I want to pray for us as we wrap up or I should say Do you have any final remarks and then would you pray for us. Yes I just say that you know I go along with what you were just mentioning what are we going to do about it you know it's wonderful to be part of a seminar and to be touched and moved but making a tangible decision and say you know Lord right now help me choose to do something God mean in what I can do and make a note put it on your postage know where you see it every day and say share my faith and just keep it before your mind that this is you know we're just for 2 reasons we come to Jesus and then we go for Jesus and so be preened about new ways you can use your gifts in sharing the 3 angles messages let's pray. Father in heaven we just thank you for the reminders in your word that we are living in the last days and that we do have a unique message that must go to the world and that people's eternal destinies rests upon hearing the good news and hearing the messages of warning a lord we we pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to each one of us right now. To our hearts if we're doing something successful help us to know how to do more of it or better if there are other ways that we can share our faith and maybe multiple ways I pray that will be aware of those things and make decisions and most important Lord we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit you told your disciples not to go out in till they received power from on high and so Lord we don't want to neglect the importance of daily coming before you and receiving that power that we might be your witnesses so bless everyone for that purpose Lord continue to bless the presentations seminar as the Sabbath approaches your spirit uses. This medium was produced by audience 40 s not having just layman's services and industries. If you would like to learn more not. Least. A slight bit. More if you would like to list for free online sermons visit. Body of verse.


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