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10 The School of the Sanctuary

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter


The wonders of the house of God as our schoolroom.



  • November 30, 2020
    1:30 PM

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The house of God explore its wonders and its meaning for us today on this verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on my. Contemporary Issues. Both. Just within the. One motif you see throughout Scripture is the house of God the sanctuary the temple the great building that Solomon and Moses had a had partaken in on this episode a look at the sink surely and how it teaches us the elements and the attributes and about salvation and about it and all of this so we're now welcome our friends here I'm very excited this is a very exciting topic for me so actually excited Audie and beyond. Ok you know excited that's we're going to board a prayer and pray for us we'll get into Exodus 25 after that let's pray Father is going to thank you again for the privilege we have to study your word Lord today as we look at the saying share your special gift you have given us we prayed you will open our eyes and understanding in our hearts and not just of us here but all those who are watching as well to see the beauty of who you are and how that changes and transforms our lives by your presence now and we pray in name of Jesus Christ Amen Amen in. 25 verses one through 9 please Exodus 251 to 9 the Bible says then the Lord spoke to Moses saying speak to the children of Israel that they bring me an offering from every one who gives it willingly with his heart you shall take my offering. And this is the offering which you shall take from them gold silver and bronze blue purple and Scarlet Thread fine linen and goats here Rammstein dyed red Badger skins in the Kasha would boil for the light and spices for the anointed and for the sweet and sins on exponents and stones to be set in the food and in the breast plate and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings just so you shall meet you all right all right so seek you welcome to the show very radiant today are matching our set with your yellowish Fossum give us a little insight into the same jury maybe some people may know a lot about the sanctuary and they don't need this introduction and some others are like What is the sanctuary is like sanctuary city is this kind of politicking going on your briefing here not politics I wish I had a graphic of it but the sanctuary was was erected as was read by Sebastian after a patent that Moses was showed by God and what they what was the components of the century was when you were coming entering into the sanctuary you had the outer court where you had the altar of sacrifice that they would make the sacrifices and you had a Laver with water where they would wash and then you would go into the holy place and in the holy place you had 3 items of finish you had a table of shewbread way they would put 12 loaves of bread and show bread but you holding the shooter and not the shoes for the bread not to as a cheat what they call it to show bread but the old English issue bread that I mentioned things came only when you know the question here it shows the issues and yeah Ok so there's that is a bread table a brand. They had the lamps that transcend the golden candle make they had it was a $77.00 branched candlestick and then they had the altar of incense in there as well where they would burn incense then with the scent up to heaven and then you'd go through a veil into the most holy place which was the most holy of the place and in the end yeah the Ark of the covenant and it had the covering of the Ark of the Covenant. Had had these angels on either side that were kind of looking over it and then inside you had the 10 Commandments that God gave to Moses and that's kind of the the sanctuary that the Israelites had like when they were going through the wilderness you know that's just a great overview in the intellectual the architecture of the building why why are we talking about the sanctuary we've been looking at as occasion from just moments of the face of character of spirituality of debugging educational system and then now the House of God Why are we looking at this Johnson Well God really cares about education he cares about making himself known to us and so he has used numerous ways to do that he has revealed Himself through nature in nature we see so many beautiful things that teaches about God's character he has revealed himself of course through the Word of God which came you know was established at a time when a sanctuary with established we started writing in the 1st books of the Bible but the sanctuary was also one way of God teaching us about what he wants to do with humanity how he wants to redeem us what its plan is and he is kind of like a. Blueprint of God's way of interacting in the human with humanity in their issue of sin and so the sanctuary amongst other things going to be studying about the Sabbath and so on some other things is is a way for God to teach humanity about himself so it's a it's a it's a teaching model. And it also caters to our fundamental principle here this season which is that communion with God was his original chosen method of developing us but because of sin that communion has been interrupted and so God has now constructed a way to resort that and yet even the restoration of that original method of development of men has a component to teach us about himself because everything that God does reveal something about gone about his character and therefore God is so ingenious that the very means of restoring you back to his plan of education is a part of the process of the true education self so in this mode validly if you will God is like yeah let me use this thing that's going to even if you're the most base in or the farthest person from me just the initial step of the outer court and making the step to initially want to come back to gone to enter into the precincts of the sanctuary you're already learning about the art of getting to know me and experiencing true education Well I love this the passage and access 25 I mean there are so many colors here this gold silver red black onyx Badger skins and linen white is also different sensors are altars incense going on I mean to very multimedia sensory experiences physical space their sense there's eyes there's fire fire and bread you know and and it shows that God is into not the only the the ephemeral and the spiritual and what we're not out there but also very very everyday things and just as water light fire he's using that to teach and the apex of that is found in verse 8 which is let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them and just I just see the heart of God here and may God simply wants to hang out with humanity and again wants to do well and he wants to know us and this has been our theme throughout education to do that for the community either but because of sin he can't. You know just in my weird imagination I just think of you know you have this is entity who's made out of you know pure nuclear energy right and he wants to hang out with with humanity but because if he does so humanity would be wiped out right and not because of the nuclear this and radiation but because of His Holiness and I just go with the our knowledge the holy radiate the holy because he didn't know but it shows you the disparity between the holy in the profane but the heart of God Wants to supersede that wants to cross that barrier and what does he do so he places himself into some kind of containment building of the sanctuary so that priests and humanity can come together in front of God And later on Jesus the free go go with the theme this is nuclear energy is embodied as a human being and self and so that humanity can do that to well motif as a powerful. It is really something that the sanctuary model I mean we have the center here is a physical structure but we have seen this in the Bible before even before the fall the Garden of Eden was kind of like a sanctuary you had you know the tree of life and then you had the space around in the garden and then the earth was around the garden so there was there was different compartments so to say and God would meet them in the garden and then later on you know we see of course Jesus as an embodiment but even the sanctuary language is found again the book of Revelation after everything is said and done when we you know when we're in heaven or actually on the new earth God will test tabernacle with us he will dwell with us that's his whole heart that's as he said he is his heart is I want to be with my people and so in order for us to understand his desire and for us to to to have a way to to experience that to sanctuaries that that educational model which is also a model of that brings the remedy for us in problem and so in that way God has provided a way for us to experience. Too I mean both of you took what I was known face the. But I thought it was a Ok Was you want to jump in with this whole idea of desire because I remember reading about this concept in Latin of the Desa Durata you know the greatest desire and to look at the fact that here in the Bible God presents his greatest desire which is to dwell with us and that is mediated by the sanctuary which begins to create that parallel right to Jesus that now this this this mediated relationship that I can dwell with you directly as I once could but yet there's a nuff in this mediated relationship to still accomplish my purpose of restoring you and of communing with you and developing you and to see that coming through the encounters that humanity had with Jesus and why physical healing was so important and forgiveness and emotional transformations that people went through it was mediated by Jesus because God was in Christ reconciling us to himself just as he was in the sanctuary forgiving our sins and cleansing that sanctuary and restoring us into at one min so to speak with himself you know what our actual things that God has taught or it is teaching and has taught us about him through this angel. Well actual controversy I mean 11 of the 1st things is is that God comes into space. The fact that the method that he chose and you beautiful talked about all the elements that are involved in Exodus Chapter 25 that it's all factory you know it's this multi sensual experience that he uses in order to teach about himself and then he actually comes into that physical space you know through the Chicago and Laurie on the ark of the covenant so that God enters into space and there's this kind of a thought about God that you know God is because God is so transcendent like he is beyond you know what we can comprehend we could think that oh he is he cannot he you know it doesn't go like God in our space but from the Century even before Jesus comes down to this earth you have God coming into our space and that I think that's beautiful when I am by myself in my room praying to God that I can through the gift of the Holy Spirit that God can enter into my physical space like into my physical reality and so he is not abstract he's not a philosopher he's not just a thought he's a he can physically in gauge with me in real time in real space speaking real time we are taking time for a break right now when we come back after the break we'll circuit look at the space remaining 4 percent so you. Have embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching for spyware on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to our While there join us like us harvest comes up next our handle again is in 1st time no spaces now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back friends we are talking about space and I I want to I want to keep it piggybacking your comment that I totally agree there are some people that got God cannot be described God is so on and he is I mean he is all that but they emphasize it so much that he becomes in excess of them and it starts contradicting what the Bible is saying because this is an act in accessible God has made himself accessible in human time and space in history and this is what the Bible is trying to say but there's just a by by quote glorifying God almost on do that and we can be careful that we don't you do so go fish or fish when we go to a special one things that that teaches us is that engaging in the realities that surround us is actually important that God put us in a physical world and engaging that physical world is actually important to him that's why when you get to Revelation He says those who destroy the Earth are not going to be saved in the end like the way that we engage the environment that he has put us in actually has has weight you know because God put us in physical space and he engages what physical space All right all right we're going green theology Ok very good but it's going to go recycle and get an eco friendly car Ok and then it's all right Captain Planet I was going to say that right there at the very you know entries of the century we have the altar Yes which is letting us know that God is showing us that in order for us to engage with him and to be reconciled is going to cost something just right that's something that is an expensive relationship and yet God is the one who is paying the cost of the fact that I have to keep bringing the lamb shows that whatever I paid last week is insufficient but ultimately in Jesus Christ he had to pay $1.00 time and therefore not only is it costing God for us to relate but he's willing to pay us for that relationship so it just goes. To show you how much God values a relationship with me and yet causes me to sit back in shame of how little I value how I look at it as oh yeah I wish I could just get my 10 minutes with God today or maybe I took my hour when God is like I'm willing to pay all of heaven for you and I to be together and to be in a relationship in this century teaches us this is expensive this cost something I'm willing to pay how about you and for us it's not costing us all of heaven it's costing me an hour it's costing my mind my life to surrender which isn't really much without God anyway to be honest you. Start to talk about something you know you're asking for lessons out of this so much we could cover better so when you look at the sanctuary from the perspective of the human being interacting with you come with a lab become you know to find a home for you since you have you you know since the transfer of the land the lamb is being sacrificed and then the blood is applied it's brought into the sanctuary and then in the same Cherry I mean in the in the in the tent itself there's 2 compartments and so. God is taking upon Himself the sins so that we were being taught this amazing lesson obviously but when you look at the symbols that are in there they are a reflection of Jesus Christ you know Jesus is the bread of life Jesus is our intercessor the you know the prayers that are represented by the smoke in a sense you have the Holy Spirit and Jesus being the light of the world as well and then of course the most holy place a representation of God's throne so God is taking the sins upon himself and we have access now to the throne because of Jesus and because of everything that he has done in his life but at the same time it's also teaching us about the fact that God let Jesus left the throne of heaven came became the light of the world became the bread of life you know was baptized died on the cross so you see that every verse all coming to us God comes so that we can come and connect God is just so beautiful to see that this is. The heart of God and it's all in these in these very simple symbols that any child can understand and yet there's so much profound theology in it that we have reshaped the direction that all of the Jonathan that was very profound and then at the end it's so that the 2 can meet Yes it's 2 parties I've been separated very simple story a lot of complexity involved in these universal salvation of themes but there is directionality Yes I appreciate that very much I'd like to go to some 73 this is probably something that that we didn't cover but this has come to mind and this is something when in the realm of education we've been talking about I had the awesome privilege to go to a Roman Catholic high school and Jewish college and and then working at secular institutions and the mode is very similar in all 3 I mean from an Asian background and being brainwashed by by our my Asian culture is to be you know not poor and not ugly and so I'm both right now so here we are in than 20 in whatever in the 21st century and we're trying to get ahead of number one and as a follower of Jesus sometimes I ask myself the question why it's it is a temptation I look all around I look on social media I looked at my Linked In contacts just recently and like many people are so successful and they do this they break this they don't they don't keep this they violate x. y. or z. And these are these are Christians and non Christians alike and the temptation is like maybe maybe I should get into this maybe I should apply for for this woman and there's nothing wrong with this and making a little bit and out of and so the 73 Chapter 73 of songs has been a very great great refuge for me 1st 4 onwards verse 14 is talk about bad people and they do all this bad stuff and these and these are just only just you look around the world and always be a successful people in the world 1st 15 and he says if I had said I will speak behold I would have been on it I would have been untrue to the generation of your children and when I thought how to understand this. Was too painful for me so it's like you look at all these bad people in the world and they're more successful and they're not getting punished and you look at all the injustice in your life and you're like what and then you know your mind goes through a lot of stuff you know and then it was until verse 17 until I went into the same story of God then I understood it not my end. Not my and right the Bible says there and you know and so it really requires the patients. On my end to see how time will play itself out and it's the sanctuary that as a motif on how God teaches us His way of life is that hey to some things you don't know but the sanctuary tells you that all who are wicked they will experience their own the end of wickedness in God's way and and when David saw this he saw death he saw Sin will be obliterated those who don't go don't bring the lamb I mean they are not around anymore and it's like wow God is just in the end of a career anyway cars me of the make sure that I am not tempted by all these temptations and make sure that my heart is right before God and then it really provides hope it doesn't provide immediate solace I wish I was just as rich and successful and what not what I like in the larger picture of things God is teaching me I need care to develop in my life and I think you're hitting on a core point that Jonathan alluded to when he talked about the sanctuary bearing the sins and even your question which is those burdens are not for us to bear right the end of the wicked in who's going to success right now and where is that leading That's not my burden that's not my question to answer he bears the sins he's providing the lesson the Show Me I'm going to deal with it I'm going to make it right and sometimes we have to be careful that our pursuit of justice in this world our pursuit of equity in this world can steal away from what the sanctuary from the teaching which even that's not your burden right that is the burden of gone in if you overdo it like Paul says Vengeance is mine says the Lord's So it's not for us to carry out that vengeance and many people want that burden Yeah they want to see it they want and they act out their own just doing that so that's a lot more almost refreshing to to do it your way than to wait and rely and God and and sometimes they put the Christian moniker they they put the sticker This is the Christian way the Bible person says just this I have to enact my own justice. And it was otherwise. And it's the same on the flip side like that the Century teaches that God will have justice and you know so it's guaranteed Yeah so it's that for the for the wrong doing it's not saying it's Ok like what are you saying that just God Well in that justice it's all for the person who is longing for justice this century tells you that God will take care of it you know and that's that that's a point which is a sobering rebuking the make sure that I'm not on that on the the other side. That's really the question and sometimes I feel like people feel like because they're right about an issue they're right with God So even if I do have that righteous indignation that doesn't mean that I'm not a part of those people who will see that and so the answer to that question is Where is my relationship with Jesus and how similar in my to him that's the fundamental question after answer not oh I stood up for the poor in India I took care of the kids who were being sex trafficked or whatever are still for social injustice systematic racism it's really coming down to but are you similar to Jesus because that's really the thing you're going to have to face or you're still getting this like this is not some ancient house that you find in some near eastern You know Old Testament studies I mean this is real time stuff this is a real time saw these are real time issues that are happening right now and that the Bible is addressing through the Saints were. John I don't I'm not trying to get away from that but maybe I kind of am so I think you know I'm just trying to another lesson and it's connected it's all connected of course but the century God is a great teacher so he was you know he told us to build a sanctuary and they did not fully grasp every little aspect of this right away but God. Is a patient teacher and through what we call in our own theology called Progressive Revelation it's like over time you you understand more and more and more and God has been showing us his plan for humanity so he gave us a sanctuary which is kind of an overview blueprint and then he fulfilled all these things you know obviously through Jesus. But even before that when when Solomon built the temple which was just you know a hard copy so to say of the tent the fire of God came down and filled the gore of God's glory filled the place and God was telling us I have a plan to to feel the same through with my presence and you Ok Ok I you feel in this building with your presence and then Jesus comes up and shows up in the temple he is filling the temple with his presence and then he's saying for you know the Holy Spirit is going to follow you the book of Acts and he's going to kill you so God's presence and we Paul in 1st Corinthians if I can read that verse it is scepter 6. And here in verse 19. First Corinthians zigs 619 he's saying or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and you are not your own for you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and your spirit which are of God So God has been over time trying to teach us I want to come closer and closer and closer and hey surprise you are a sanctuary too if you let me live in you and I want to glorify myself through you I want to reveal the love that I have for all through you and your life and so the same ferry is not just this you know this place over there somewhere in the Middle East it is a place you can be a sanctuary for God and you can become an instrument of teaching others about who God is and how amazing he is and that his presence he literally wants to do well in you through the Holy Spirit we saw in the book of Acts the flood of fire was indicating you know the fire that was going to think sure it was all before Solomon's temple he wants to live in us and he will do that you just have to pray and ask for it today the piggyback on that and the cool thing that I think for us living in the 21st century is that the sanctuary still exists not only in our bodies in the heavenly starts reading him and that the greatest one of the greatest mysteries in the Bible is Jesus finished all of his work here on Earth and then he went up stairs to heaven the question is why did he go up to have it right and this is a question that many evangelical scholars ask why the ascension there are some theologians say he just kind of effervescence into spiritual you know one and there's the synagogue He's now a one with the universe I mean that's kind of a weird interpretation Mercer's others he's just hanging out in heaven well why what's up there he's right and a hanging now and then at some point going to come back down while and then as others who don't believe that he's up there at all that he was just historical figure where the Bible says he's doing something in heaven yes and when he finishes he's coming back downstairs and we want to be. Part of that kind of people who are waiting for Jesus when He comes back downstairs and this is the message of the sanctuary to be ready for Jesus's 2nd coming how many of you out there are and have been have been studying the Bible and you see this of the saints wary and you've ignored it we want to encourage you to take the sanctuary a little bit more seriously and see where is Jesus in all of this we want encourage to go to inverse Bible Dorothy and look at our Bible study guides especially in comes to the topic of education go to our social media outlets on Instagram on Facebook and on Twitter and continue the conversation let us know how you have been blessed by this topic on education and in for past episodes you can go to hope t.v. slash universe and catch up on this entire quarter thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here on in verse you've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with Jonathan Walter Sebastian Baxter the secret doctor and your host just to. Invest is brought to you by the folks that are with television that changes along with this and more inspiring episodes is that embrace all. Your. Bias on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is enforced.


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