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02 Wilderness Revival

Chad Kreuzer
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Chad Kreuzer

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  • October 3, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Lord I pray that you will touch each mind and heart in ways that are in ways that only you can that you and guiding you can even cause people to hear what they need to hear sometimes even when it's not spoken and so Father we ask that Jesus would be uplifted that your Holy Spirit would dwell within us and that your word would be the Living Word of God and the name of Jesus Amen I'm going to be talking about wilderness revival and that this idea kind of comes here from maybe you've read the story of Jose Jose is a terrible story in a way and we maybe don't like to say that about the Bible but it's a it's a it's a heartbreaking story of a man with a woman a man who marries a woman who leaves him and goes and commits adultery not seemingly just once he runs around it seems like and and this is parallel to God's people. And God's people of Israel and maybe this can even be a picture of God's people even today and notice what isn't even here in Hosea Actually this is not necessary not verse 14 this is verse 2 to 5 right here and I will get to 1st 4 teams for their mother has played the harlot she has she that conceived them have done shamefully for she said I will go after my lovers they give me my bread and my water my wool and my slacks my oil my drink therefore Behold I will hedge and die away with the law and so here's this woman she's running after lovers she's looking to get things from them she's a prostitute literally and it's an ugly picture it's a true picture but yet it's also a depiction of God's people that they run after other lovers of their gods and seek to gain things from them some kind of benefit and it says and make a wall that she shall not find her pass and she shall Salo after her lovers for she shall not overtake them and she shall seek them but shall not find them then she shall say I will go and return to my 1st husband for then was it better with me that now what a picture and the good news is that God is that 1st husband. That though at times in our lives probably all of us at some time maybe maybe somebody has and maybe somebody isn't faithful continually That would be incredible but for most of us at some point we've run after other lovers We've turned away from God We thought we initially sought to follow God and then we began to turn away after other things seeking to get some benefit from the things of this world and then often when we're down when we feel guilty when we feel ashamed when we're at the lowest we begin to think it was better for me when I was connected to Jesus and so the beautiful thing in this picture of Jose and Gomer is that Jose doesn't just give up on his wives the picture is that God doesn't just give up on us and regardless of what we've done he still seeks us out at the end what do we see so this is actually verse 14 what ends up what does God say there for what is going to do Behold I will allure her he's going to try to win back the love and sections of this Weiss and bring her into the wilderness and speak comfortably to her then interest that god to win back his bride that Hosea with Gomer to win back his private There's something about going out into the wilderness and seeking to lure to attract tooth to reveal some beauty to her in order to endure this wondering woman to himself This is something that God does we see it throughout Scripture that his people often have turned away from him and one of the things we see is that they go then out into the wilderness to that God may alert the people back to him. And as he does that he's seeking to transform them to take their eyes off the things of the world to reconnect them with us you know so it's interesting I'm going to share share quotation with you very quickly and see. We share this particular quote. Now sorry about that So 3 things happen to prepare Moses to be someone who an individual that will lead people to the promise land Listen to this quotation it says Moses had been learning much that you must learn the influences that has surrounded him in Egypt the love of his foster month his own high position as the king's grandson the dissipation on every hand the refinement the subtlety and the mysticism of a false religion the splendor of idolatrous worship the solemnity the solemn grantor of architecture in says Culture all have left deep impressions and he is upon his developing mind and we're going to come back to this quotation here but here's the thing so you get this picture that Moses says Moses and been to Egypt you probably remember the story he was in he was in Egypt because he was in his mother put him in a little little ark in the King James Version says a tiny little boat and lost her short the Pharaoh's daughter ends up seeing him and she they go check they look at all there's a baby's crying it touches her heart she then takes Moses to be your own child but 1st she has Moses his own mother to take care beautiful story his mother takes care of him probably till roughly the 12th and then what happens at that point is that he goes into Egypt now he had his early upbringing by his mother leaving him close to the God of Heaven the God of Earth the Creator of All Things and then he goes into each is gray city probably the greatest city on planet earth at the time and so he sees all of the great architecture all the work of men's hands he goes through the highest education that that's human could go through at that time and so he's affected by the things that are all around. To some capacity she has spent impacted by the world around him many times we we try to believe that they haven't that we're not affected by the society that we are just our own peoples but the reality is we are affected by our surroundings by the people we know by the books we read by the things we watch on the Internet we are affected and so was Moses and more going to find out notice what it says and accept the 722 and 23 it says and Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and he was mighty in his words and he says when he was 40 years old it came into his heart to visit his brothers the children of Israel and this with tore at this retard Moses fled and became an exile in the land of many if you remember the story that Moses ends up killing a guy tries hiding his body and monster is sure that Tara finds out he s. that he has to flee for his own life at this resort Moses fled became an exile in the land of Midian where he became the father of 2 sons now when 40 years have passed an angel appeared to him in the wilderness of Mount Sinai in a flame of fire in the foot in of a ship and here we have so Moses you think about this he's 40 years old he flees into the wilderness how many years to see end up spending in that wilderness 40 years 40 years of time and remember he had been a sceptic by the world around him he maybe thought that by his own power by is all military strength that and discerning evil too to maneuver in war you know that made it might have made him think I'll kill this guy I'll kill this Egyptian who's hurting my brethren and maybe they'll come flock to me but they don't there ends up being they say Oh you kill me like you kill the Egyptian in Iraq so Man I gotta get out of your suitcase off and. 40 years sorority years he spends in the wilderness and in that time period he had to actually an learn many of the things that he had been educated in in his worldly education and you might think Well Senator waste of time I mean 40 years I mean so much could have been done rather than spending time out in nature rather than spending time out in the wilderness I mean my God could have done that much quicker but it wasn't a waste of time in gone inside us God knew that much needed to change in the mind of most of the so that he would become the man that he was actually call to be he became a he became someone who would tend the sheep and as he is leading the flocks if you've ever worked with with a sheep which obviously most of us have not but if you've ever spent time around if you realized that they are rebellious little creatures we think of the goats as very rebellious we think all she even the goats sheep are the good ones well they they are in the illustration but sheep are rascals to each other you never spend time around them they're not kind to each other impatient and gentle so they smash their heads into other sheep when they want to slewed that they're eating they are not kind they're actually very rough animals and so it takes time to learn to work with them and connect with them and him to lead these animal so that they know your own voice and Moses was beginning to discuss discover these experiences in nature that he never could have quite experienced with the greatest human education I think of possibly have you know it goes on in that same cold station to say what had happened to him that he had been molded to some extent his habits and his character his education and his former time but then he did to change will what would change that time. Change of surroundings and communion with God could remove these impressions it would require on the part of Moses and Sufi struggle as for life to renounce error into accept truth but God would be his helper when the conflict to be too severe for human strength so what do we see we see that Moses this man of God needed as 40 years for 3 things to change him number one type time would change him the change of surroundings and communion with God and sometimes we may need all 3 of these things in our lives at some point sometimes we need to change our time can actually hear all in transform us you know it's time in sealants when you think of obviously you know us some of you may be in medical school and and even if you're not going to stand same concept that time with for instance if you're cut. If you're in an accident or maybe you just accidentally cut your finger or your hand and it doesn't just heal it's not like you look at it and there's a cut and then shoot it's heal right like a miracle most the time you don't see a miracle healings Typically it takes time to heal wounds and all of us have whether it's physical scars or emotional and mental scars and it takes time to heal these things gone can give us the victory if God can help us to forgive somebody else but typically there's a process of healing that actually takes time and you know I thought and I had this accident and my wife and I had an accident in the state of Oregon is probably 2005 although we weren't married at that time we were working in ministry together on doing some ministry work on a team and we were driving through of a very hilly area in Oregon and. As we were driving we it was hilly and very curvy you know hilly areas typically have valleys and you might drive lower in the valley and so were going around corners and they had just we we have a very different experience out he said I'm originally from Michigan and in Michigan you don't worry about it when it's just rain the roads are fine after rain but I know out West that if you go months without rain you what can happen is and you probably well know this many of you if you're in California is that if it hasn't range for months and then you get a rain sometimes the roads are slick like ice whereas at least we get rain all the time a lot and not all the time but we have consistent rains generally throughout the year so it's washing away the oil from the roads and you don't have these very slick times when it rains or you just drive relatively normal there rain you worry and ice but nevertheless So there we were in Oregon and we it just there and just spend some some rain and we were driving and we came around a corner little too fast for this you know slick experience and the car began to fishtail and then my body was driving at the time and so she tried to correct and she over corrected and then we started just this tailing both directions and I trying to you know I wanted to tell her Hey take your foot off the brake so that we get correct you don't you know when you're really sliding you don't want your you don't want your flight to be on the brake it actually can make it worse but all I could get out was Saudia you know as this can only get the words out and then worse going down the road sideways I mean literally sideways with the passenger side emerging that direction that we're going I was in the fasten passenger seat. And as we're going sideways down the road praise the Lord nobody is coming the on coming direction but we went across the road and there was a mailbox that was like a tank it was literally like a tank and I saw it coming at me actually were going at the mailbox but it as it were coming at me and I realized this is going to smash into the window where I am so I put my arm up to brace myself for the impact and finally just smashed into the thing and the glass shatter and as it as it came in you know it just went right into my arms blasted and shot across went into my skin on my head that last entered in and shot across it Saudi I believe also and ultimately she smashed into the air bag which I might have been through I can remember that was she for sure hit the airbag on impact and then you know there's smoke everywhere and so I'm thinking man there's going to thing's going to light on fire this is going to be dangerous I said you know the car for a moment I think we were probably almost out of it but then I I jumped out of the window of the car it's funny that I didn't even think about opening the door I just jumped out the window I guess I guess and knows that I'm just not thinking clearly but she she just opened her door and got out I actually could have done the same thing but instead I jumped out the window but long story short so we get out of the car and my head's just bleeding and blood is just coming out of the ears and Saudi looks at me and thought maybe I'd like damaged by your terms or something like that it wasn't that it was just literally that the glass went into the actual slash of the year or so but it but then both sides and muscle hit the airbag and then shot back and actually hit both sides so I bled coming out of both sides and and Saudia she was weak and finally the ambulance came and they she you know we were just poor by the workers at that time and and so we thought. Man I can't pay to go to the hospital and I said no I'm not going to go and they she said yeah I don't think I'll go either she was literally passing out at that moment so they say literally had the stretcher behind her they lowered her down and took her to the hospital which is a good thing and by the way car insurance covers it I didn't realize that at the time so they would have paid for everything so we didn't have to really pay anyway but long story short I saw you had intact cause retinal tear her retinas began to tear and they you know they fear and attachment at that point and so ultimately she had to go and had to have laser surgery to kind of kind of I'm going to all the details she had to have laser surgery on her eyes I had to have some of the the glass you know hold out of my ear or my arm that's where I was there may still be some in the ear I'm not sure but nevertheless the whole process of wounds it doesn't go away and people people said Oh sometimes when you're an accident like that it will take a year for the whiplash to go away and I was young I was in my twenty's and I'm thinking now as you're come and yet right so I'm going to take a year and sure enough it took like a year for the pain in the neck to really go away and it takes time to heal that's part of the lights and so even with Moses right most this it took time for ceiling to take place in his life to change who he was there were these 3 components time and then we talked about the next one the change of some around and see things that help prepare Moses to be the individual that will lead people to the Promised Land time and change of surroundings. You know I think about that sometimes we all need the change of surroundings Now obviously some people they may stay in the same area their whole life and God can be in their life I'm I'm not negating that point but many of us there are times in actually specially when it comes to the advent of search I have never seen a group of people move so much in my life so I came from Grand Rapids Michigan it was raised in what's called the Christian Reform Church all of my education from high school to college was in the Christian Reform Church and I have 0 desire to go anywhere in my life travel go to other parts of the World 0 interests and then I become in 7th Day Adventists and just travel the world and this is it's it's not most have missed on travel as much as myself and my wife too but yet Adventists you know you ask people where you're from in a comment like. Now what do you mean you know because the bar I was born here I went this place and this place and this place now I'm here whatever this such a very common thing in you know some of us call that the advent movement right but what changed about the surroundings from Moses was calling from a great city of the world with the greatest architecture humans could devise to being in the wilderness amongst sheep. You can see how and by the way you remember from reading the Bible that the Egypt sions What do they think about people who dealt with sheep they were the lowest of the low so here he is doing the lowest menial task a human could basically do from the from the perspective of the great you know educated area Egypt since so now Moses is totally humbled spending time with these animals spending time in nature but seem the glories of nature the vastness of the mountain solitude and this dismiss part of the experience that change in transforms Moses life it began to give him a realisation and you know I've That's something that I once again I was raised in the city raised in Grand Rapids Michigan Janet city like you know l.a. or Secada or something like that's but still a good sized city and grew up amongst these things in was not a country boy by by any stretch of the imagination yet now I do live out in the country and I'm going to share with you some more of that experience but that self has been is revealed to me. Different dimension of a loving God than I have ever experienced before not that I didn't have an experience with God I did I spent time with Jesus daily had devotions and daily and would share and would witness and study about God and and these things were very powerful so I'm not saying that you can't have a relationship but there is a different there are different dimensions of love in different dimensions of a 3 she ation that I believe are often missed in this modern world that has lost a lot of its contact with the natural it's more so connected to things like you know cell phones and computers that we miss out on something that is in nature you know and just being so my wife and I 23 years ago I guess we bought land in the country and next to the national forest and we've been just like I said we've been traveling for nearly 20 years now and I grew up in the city but I had a love for the country and my wife also had a love for the country and and we we prayed about it and for years I actually wanted to move to the country but God just didn't open the door and don't move until God opens the door you want to see the movement of God's hands you want to know that he is the one guiding in all of your paths and finally he did open the door 3 years ago for us the by just raw land timber and he was just just a forest next on a national forest and so then we had to go in and we had to we spent months felling trees so you know taking a chainsaw going to the trees and cutting them down learning that process and through the midst of the process I learned about different kinds of tree and as we had some guys come by who were considering buying some of the trees we decided not sell them but they you know would tell me the different kinds of trees because I couldn't tell the difference I mean I could see like a pine or a decision. Mystery which was what Yeah that's a no I can tell what kind of boat I could have no idea and then they would tell me to go Ok that's a white Oh that's a black oak and I think I look I'm like well how can you tell it look the same to me and he said this this this in just beginning to discern the distinctions between various trees getting to know them. Learning their names learning various plants out there even learning edible plants that are all around deer began to be something very different Sinitta here before I knew the tree and I might have even known Ok that's an ocean or even I don't know what kinds but the closer you get it's kind of like walking through your neighborhood you let's say you walk through your neighborhood there's people and you see them you see them for the 1st time you might say hi later on you see them again and you see another time when you recognize their faces you're kind of having a connection with them but finally you're Ok I'm Chad and they are oh I'm Joe And Joe what do you do and so once you get to know Joe and what he does and you know his name in the next time you see him now there's a deeper level of intimacy then there was when you just looked at when you walk by and I saw the same thing that it's added a level of intimacy with nature that has increased my love for God and appreciation for him just in a level of an area of my heart that just calls out to praise God in connection with nature that I have never really seen before I share before the my wife would say something like all of their flowers never you know fall and I've you know the interesting you know I'm not interested really at all not interested or else but now it's totally changed I see the things of nature I see Florida like Isn't that incredible you know and I go take a picture and and it just it gives me a connection that I had loss by just loving the things of well maybe things that weren't so natural but yet God has the deeper experience and we're even told that God is desirous that we would learn to loathe the things of the beauties in nature that he has this desire for us to connect with them and sometimes that change of surroundings can help us to see the world in a whole new light and I realized this is something that can only be experienced rather than right now I'm talking about and you make it Ok you have that experience. But to have the experience is different than just hear about the experience and this is one of the things that God is going to do with his people in the last days that they're going to deepen their love and appreciation of gone through the things of nature and sometimes that takes a change of surroundings you think of some of the people who needed a change of their surroundings to change their life I think of number one Moses we've already talked about him number 2 the Apostle call you think about what Paul went through Paul was a fear a sea of the fair receives he was a Jew all of the Jews and Paul was converted on the road to Damascus and on that road to Damascus he comes say stiff face with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ it breaks and he goes totally blind and he finally says Lord what would you have me to do in God tells him you're going to suffer many things for my sake imagine if that's how you answered your Christian experience God like you're going to suffer and you said Ok I'll go for not to suffer and that's what that's what Saul did right and but before he went forth to totally suffer before that he took off 2 or Arabia. And while he was in Arabia potentially for 3 years he goes there with him into the sea this wilderness type experience and he takes with him the Word of God in his mind being a fair a see it's likely he knew at least the 1st 5 books of the Bible by heart and if you as a pharaoh see of a ferrous he very well may have known the entire Old Testament totally from memory so here's Saul now Paul who goes off into the wilderness and he has months in the years to meditate on God's Word in nature preparing him to be the Apostle then Jesus had called him to be and once again you think 3 years what a waste of time 40 years for most us 3 years for Saul what a waste of time. But it wasn't a waste of time because through that process his experience with his Savior with his Lord Jesus became more real in a living experience that he could bring back with him into the city. To be a living witness to the people that were in those cities that he would go and minister to so we see that with Moses we see with Paul we see enough you may remember the story of enough that you know it would go off into the wilderness and he would spend time communicating with gaunt in nature one of the things we're told that the Bible actually tells us that after after he had his child his son he walked with the evil that having a child so there's many things that can actually change us there are things that change is not not only going out into nature but for this man he was change 5 the birth of this child began tics help him to understand the connection between a father and a child and how this is like our heavenly Father enough and in deep in his experience but so to spending time in nature was a great spiritual benefit too to be enough and so thinking about this if enough meat is called needed if Moses knew that we didn't think of the Israelites they came out of Egypt they too went into the wilderness like Moses for 40 years they needed so on learn much of their slaves who you think will be easy to unwind slavery actually can be very difficult to unlearn slavery and it took them 440 years rather 2 to begin to unlearn these things and prepare them but they were out in the wilderness but even when they went into the Canaan land there even there they lived off the land they lived to pass the whole lifestyle raising their own provisions and so this is something that even the Israel lights themselves need. Interesting one is never Knesset never Knesset or he what ended up happening if you've ever heard Don Mackintosh talk about it love to hear Don talk about this story their home never can as they're basically goes for the 8 boss of health he he turns away from God and well God helps to give his mind is so degraded he's so full of himself he still prideful that he needed to go through the 8 Laws of Health to come back to his mental health right so he ends up going on a plant based diet he's eating grass like an ox the Bible says right he goes out he's out in in nature so you've got to give at least enough exercise to get your food so you know he's must be drinking fresh water from out there and you know sunlight hey if you're living out in nature surely especially that part of the world you're beginning plenty of sunlight temperance he he can't be you know drinking the alcohol living out lifestyle anymore he gets the air rest probably when the sun went down when you don't have anything to light up your life you end up having you know good rest and ultimately the trusting God because at the end of those days he turns his eyes of God So he too needed these 2 experiences and he also had a change of surroundings that was a part of changing his life and he even wrote a chapter of the Bible of God It's so my hope is that someday we're going to get to meet King never again as are in heaven I mean what a beautiful thought and one of the great you know emperors of World History of one of the great empires of Bible prophecy that we have by God's grace hopefully will be able to meet him someday and have and also the disciples they needed a change of scenery although they were all it wasn't necessarily from you know living in the city they obviously they were on the lake often some of them very swans and different positions but obviously you have people like Peter who are fisherman Peter you know James John and so forth that. And you have others who you know tax collector Levi Matthew so different people different things but still even with Jesus some people I think they're probably over estimating but some people have looked at the travels of the cycles of Jesus and they claim that Jesus probably walked like 20 miles a day on average and maybe that's true I think that's probably a little over the top I doubt it was that much but still I mean he walked a lot and so a lot of the time they were out in nature the disciples were out with him he was with them on the mountainside they were or again on the mountain side and you think of all the Sermon on the Mount Jesus is there I mean even mention in the Gospels that he was speaking to them upon the green grass and this is a little in consequential statements but it's just pointing out that there they were out in nature the glories of nature that were around them and that just enhances the experience surely they private need to be there because so many people were there they didn't pry have a lot of areas that could hold them many people inside anyway but there's something about Jesus' words in nature We're even told that we should we should spend time going through the parables outside in nature in the context of like for instance if if a parable is talking about you know seeds we can even go do it out in the garden actually read about it there that it makes it more living and powerful and just an experience that we're actually seeing it not just as a written book but the living experience right in front of us there's something about that and I really believe that we use humanity has gotten so separated from the things of nature that we may be missing things that we don't even comprehend that we don't even comprehend you if you've ever heard me share there's a quotation by Stephen Hawking on Richard Dawkins Richard Dawkins the greatest skeptic on planet earth today. And he was in a debate with John Lennox and John Lennox basically he asked him and John Lennox is like they're both professors at Oxford maybe one of them maybe a retired now I don't know but. But nonetheless John Lennox this Christian's kind of old teddy bear of a man turns to Richard Dawkins he's not insulting he's totally kind to him there I am sure at the end I would imagine that Richard Dawson was touched by the kindness of John Lennox this is not what you would think of as a debate you know slamming someone with a bible or something but he asked Richard Dawkins the greatest skeptic in the world do you ever feel the need to worship and I would have thought Richard Dawkins a great a skeptic in the world the same don't wait that's ridiculous what you mean worship how many theists I don't believe in God I believe in evolution why would I worship but it's interesting that somebody said Richard Dawkins response was when you look at the beauties of nature and he began to explain you know the complexities of the cell and the vast stretches of the universe when you look at these things you almost have a desire to worship he said Carl Sagan felt it Einstein felt it and he said and I feel it's interesting that the greatest skeptic in the world says that when he contemplates the things of nature that it actually causes within his heart a desire to worship God and I actually believe that he senses it because he thinks about the deep things of the planet of planet earth of the universe because he thinks about nature and it makes his heart begins to cry out to the Creator but it crushes it because of evolution not because of just because of logic he's actually crushing it because he's he's made East theory to be something he believes rather than what he sees and experiences with his own eyes in his own heart in his own heart it makes perfect sense that this was created by a Creator God. But in saying that what I think is happening is the devil has kept so many of us away from nature so much and and because of you know this and computers and and television and so forth not that these things are any only evil but because spending so much time with these things has got a so separated from from nature that we young people may actually never feel like worshipping. They actually may be so stunted in their ability to have a heart that cries out of their god because they're so separated from the way that humans were meant to be I think this is one of the characteristics and so a change a change of scenery could actually change your children's life we're told and you have the choice if you ever actually by the way some of you probably have already had children who are watching it maybe too late but we're told that if your children live in the city it is 10 times harder to help them to be spiritual 10 times on. And so I would challenge any of you have not had children yet if you do have children give them a 10 times better fighting chance of being spiritual at all especially people with young children to move out of the cities into rural areas for the character building of the children something that can't be saved in a city is just 10 times harder to have and the character that Christ is trying to Him plant within So 3 things that helped lead Moses to be the individual the only people who promised land time changes surroundings but those alone did not prepare a number 3 it communion with God is essential you could have time and change of surroundings but still be absolutely lost and by the way even you may say Champ you can move to a country and you can still look at pornography you could move to the country and still watch violent evil Salem's and movies you could move to a country still listen to the same evil music you could move to the country and be totally lost and I would agree with you 100 percent and that's why when we go we need time in change of surroundings we need to be even careful little eyes what we see in the country you can take your children into the country and make sure they have the latest a playstation the latest video games the latest iphone if you want them to be unhappy make sure they have all of those things as soon as they come out and actually just make sure they have them because statistically we know from the research that those young people are spending lots of time on these devices are not very happy and so you can choose by giving them a simple life where they learn to do things like plant seeds and raise a garden and learn to be someone who has patients and self discipline because if you plant that seed it doesn't just grow up into a tree or doesn't just grow up into a tomato plant overnight it takes weeks and even months to get these things and so you can train them. To be able to be patient individuals by giving them the simple life that we were created to experience but the 3rd component here is a necessity is that we need to have a communion with God Both individually corporately as a church but in our homes we need to commune with God together as a family if you're not spending time reading the word with your wife or your husband or with your children friends now is the time to stop you may think like I feel uncomfortable because I've never done that before there's a lot of things we have to do in life that make us uncomfortable and often the things that make us uncomfortable can be some of the greatest experiences of life. You know what it is saying I said that there was in that same quote is said that he needed time change of surroundings a community God could remove the impressions of his worldly education it would require on the part of Moses himself beast struggle asked for life. To renounce error and accept truth but God would be his helper when a conflict should be too severe for human strength friends we sometimes I'm a guy my if you've ever heard of you seen messages on audio verse you see that I love righteousness by faith I love to preach righteousness by safety and this is still a message of crisis in this faith but there can be is struggle as for the life itself that he himself had to fight righteousness 5 it doesn't mean you don't have to fight and it doesn't mean that it's easy to go all it was not easy for Jesus to go forward and it's the faith of Jesus for Jesus to go to the cross was no easy task he pleaded with his father Father not my will but your will be done but if it is possible take this cup from. Jesus did not want to go for him but he went forward and there is a struggle as for life to become the people that God has designed for us to be and so friends it will be some of you may struggle even with some of the ideas of the changes that God has for us you know when I became a 7th Day Adventist it was and then I left my family I left the college I was going to to where to where I believe God was leading me to which was Mission College and it was just a short term school to learn how to witness to people and my family was crying it was they were pleading with me not to go it was the hardest spirits one of the top trying to harness experiences of my life my grandparents came over and my grandfather was crying and said You made me cry my friend's mother came over and she was crying it was it was absolutely horrible and yet I knew God was leaving leading and I think sometimes what happens is people within the church within the administers they hear some one story like mine and they think oh that's what you have to go through because you are in the wrong religion. But me I grew up in a I'm saying this is my illustration some people within the church say so I never really have to change because the way I grew up was 1st that we were 7th Day Adventists and we ate perfectly and weeks we did what all we're supposed to do and the traditions of my family are as far as I need to go and I don't need to make any changes because I missed 7th Day Adventists and I don't see any of that to be insulting or the Jora to ever putting anybody down but I fear sometimes we within the church may not be allowing God to lead us to the next level because I feel that there I could I fear that to the war will be great for those within the church but many times they may be able they may believe no I don't need to go any higher than my parents that I can just continue on with the same traditions in the same ways of life as my family but maybe God is actually calling you like Moses to a higher level to a higher experience with God It may be a fight as for your life to become the individual God is calling you to be so what was what were some of the purposes for God in giving these people time in the wilderness will one of them was is that it was to prepare them to be better lights in witnesses to the world the question is always asked when talk about Country Living Well who's going to save the people if if we all live in the country I don't know if you know but. There's a lot of people in America and around the world that live in the country and you think any of those ever go to visit cities. Yes probably almost all of them go to visit cities from time to time we should do that we should not hide in the country and just stay there forever if we should be people who are a light to not only the community out there in the countryside but we need to be a part of ministry the sheerest the Gospel in the cities also so this is not like one or the other hide in the country never come into the city know this is there does come a time where actually God's people are needed to go back into the city it is so dangerous and so difficult and you're beginning to see how that could happen in the days that we're living but the reality is as this is not simply to do that but we are also told to that one of the reasons that God's people are to move out was in the last days is to prefer to raise their own provisions this is a quote for in the future the problem buying and selling will be a very serious one so there are different reasons one of which I think the most important is that we would be a greater light to the world around us ask because you remember with enough if you've read some of that great book a church in prophets that enough would spend time you would go in witness to people in the cities but then he would begin to notice that he was becoming corrupted by the city and so then he realized man I got to go back out of the country I need to reconnect with my God so that I be I'm stable enough that I actually can be a real witness instead of just being like the people of the world and I'll tell you I had that experience when I was at when I was at Mission College. What an experience it was I went there and without exaggeration it was in the year 2000 this is 20 years ago I was there at the mission in the Black Hills of South Dakota which is one of the most gorgeous place in the world if you haven't been to the Black Hills It is unbelievably beautiful there but nevertheless we were there at the school and to us who were there at that time it was like being on holy ground. We were out in nature we were away from the city it was a spiritual environment like I have never seen in my entire life and I have never seen sense it was unbelievable and the other students one of one of my close friends who is also a popular preacher if I told you his names but he said he said he said I'm not an emotional guy he said but just thinking back to those days I can almost cry it was so touching to be there it was this time in change of surroundings and communion with God And while we were there being in nature I remember a state there for like a month before we went into the city and we did end up going witnessing to people in the cities and that was what we were there for or to the small areas there that there's a small city and then there's we're we're doing evangelistic meeting in small town but I remember going into the city to Walmart to buy some stuff and walk into you know we're getting ready to buy or stuff and for a month I haven't been in the city and back then the Internet was not as popular like today so you might have checked e-mail but even that was kind of like not very good connection out in the hills and went into the grocery store and. Going to check out and you have those racks there with the magazines with women with hardly any clothes on we're not talking straight up pornography but not far from it and I hadn't seen that for like a month when I saw it I was like whoa I can't believe it thank you but we've been showing that stuff you know but when you live in the city you don't even think about it or if you're looking at that stuff on the Internet all the time you don't even think about it because it's just so common it's just such a part of life but when you actually take time to separate from it it was like whoa whoa whoa what you believe it that they shouldn't be kids followed by that stuff you know but my whole life I had seen and I never thought that in the 1st entire part of my life I never even thought about it was just a comment but sometimes that change can be very transformative when we separated from the things world and once again you can say Chad you can still look at the trash on your phone Sure you can if you choose to that you can move to the country look at pornography all day if you want to for not talking about that we're talking about actually choosing to separate from the things of the world that are keeping us from Crites Now there's 2 responses often to people who think about going forth like God is calling these people in the last days number one is their spirit like last year of the story so Lot Number one lot had the choice he could have it's not that he couldn't have been in a country but he wanted city life and so he went into the city and you Robert Moses actually had to go to war to save him because Saddam got taken over by multiple Kings they lived together took over Saddam's and so Lot was inside him he became a slave or at least a captive of war so then Abraham has to go to save his his nephew he gathers up some men they go to war they actually take over I mean these are some of the kings of the earth he actually fights with them saves a lot saves the people of Sodom lets them go home and you would think a lot would be like hey bro that was thanks for saving me your are a ongoing problem call broke his uncle thank you for saving me and what happens I. Maybe you are not living there that's a dangerous place to be but he doesn't do that he goes right back into the city and finally the time comes we're going to call him out of the city and he doesn't want to go his family doesn't want to go and so he loses his children in the city some of them anyway but then his wife and himself and his 2 daughters gets right literally dragged out by angels and even then he didn't want to go he didn't want to go God to split them out he says well there's wild animals out there oh can I just go to a smaller city over there you go it's like Ok you can go to Zola So he goes there are also really esprit de mountains in the end anyway but he was afraid to do it Lott was afraid and I'll tell you what I think when I would go out to places like the Mission College and and there I was in the wilderness and you go hiking into the wilderness and just gorgeous unbelievably beautiful and I love doing it but when I hadn't been there for a while I've visited often and when I go back if I've been in the city for a long time and I go to visit and I go hiking on my own and if I would like snapping of a twig I know there's Mount mines out there if I hear a snapping of it's way I get and I'm just constantly thinking like there's a mountain lion there's going to be a mountain you know there's like this fear so like city slickers like the animals are going to get me and but then after a while of going over and over. I just become too in tune with nature and it feels just as comfortable as being in your house actually much much better being out there in nature so a lot was afraid of but then there was someone like Abraham who he just spent time out in nature he was the one who he actually loved to be here is that think you may be a lot or you may be an Abraham but God can turn you into someone who loves the nature of the world around you that nature that God made for you God can actually give us all a love for being out there one of my friends his wife was not really in tune with it she didn't love the idea but she went with her husband and it has been such a blessing to her and to her 3 children and it's it literally has been life transforming and it will be to all those who allowed to leave once again little side now little caviar don't be fanatical don't be crazy only go as you see God's guiding in your life go read the book country living it gives you the real balance perspective check that out but so this is of this quotation here this in of his quotation the instruction is still to be given move out of the cities a stablish your sanitariums you call those hospitals that in your schools and offices away from the centers of population many now will plead to remain in the cities but the time will come ere long when all who wish to avoid the sights and sounds of evil will move into the country for wickedness and corruption will increase to such a degree that the very atmosphere of the cities will seem to be. It's interesting that we're told we were told then in 1700 years ago that our hospitals were not to be in the city our schools were not to be in the city right and are are there's a 3rd one their offices offices should not be in the city so you think we'll check but many of our schools were in the country and then the city began to encroach upon them well they dealt with that in her day also and they knew exactly what to do as the city encroached you know what you do you simply sell you sell and then now your house location location location your school location location location is worth a lot of money so no you know you don't use sell it for that a lot of money and then what do you do you move further out you can build a better institution a better school something you know it's the perfect plan it's like we have been going to all of the information beforehand and so this is what was meant to happen as the city improves our hospitals all we've got to do move them out further right sell them to whoever wants to buy and people will buy them and then you get to move out further God has given us these messages that are so clear so clear but sometimes tradition make it hard you know also because I know what happens is when you went to a school you love that school and you're like my grandfather went there my father went there and it becomes a tradition we don't want to change the location because that would be different than the way grandma did it and we like that old song you know it's good enough for grandpa was good enough for me but God doesn't say that in his heart he actually tells us to be thankful to what we know in the messages that we have been given so very sure that I want to share that now. And so I want to close with that it's that speaking of Moses kind of summing up some of the things that we talked about so far that God is calling us to have a deeper experience with him like maybe Moses has like the apostle Paul like the disciples and even really liked Jesus himself. And I recognize as an evangelist I did full time evangelism for years and I still typically do want to evangelistic meeting here people don't mind most of our masters most of messages people are cool Daniel to tell him God foretold the future of empires telling people about the views of the sanctuary and how careless Christ people like them so patient people like those messages even the law most Christians will hear of the law and they're like oh yeah 10 commandments Rob Those are good right but then when you even the any cracks you know messages on any person almost everybody loves that literally that's one of the things that gives like people super excited they love it I know adventure terrified that well no i don't we should talk about that not everybody some people's but the crowds are like wow that was so clear I can't believe it I never see now from the Bible but then then when you get to something to the message of people really struggling are the Sabbath because the Sabbath means you actually have to do something differently and I don't my own god tell me all kinds of things he could tell me anything is long if he doesn't tell me to change them. And number 2 clean and unclean meats makes makes a whole lot of people angry and I was one of them when I heard that I was like what that's ridiculous and I kept eating unclean meat and then I got sick and then finally a reception got China he's trying to sell me something here but my point is this it's often the things that we that the messages are much easier to just share just a loving kind message of the gospel and not talk about what's you know some of the things that are actually going to have to change our surroundings or our lifestyle we can say in this context and so it's may not always be easy and once again I'm not telling you need to go do something tomorrow all I would challenge you to go read that book country living if you haven't you could be that smart safe. But you should go on the hike that's fire there at the. Far away to do that but it be a good thing to do anyway and so but long story short I want to talk about Moses So Moses God is calling people in these last days just like Moses come to me into them oh God is calling us to do the same thing before becoming the man ready to deliver God's people Moses spent 40 years communing with God in the woman before he was to speak to Pharaoh he spoke to God in the burning bush because he is connected have gone he has seen God a nature a bush that did not burn though it was on fire it was not destroyed and I don't know how the para works but I think of the cross to hear Jesus was going through as it were symbolically here he is connected to a tree and the flames of hell are symbolically this ruling him and he was not completely destroyed though he did die for our sins he came forth as the living God who reigns through all eternity who has all power Evan and. Moses before he was given the law before he was given the law of God He went up into the Mount in a community with. And before beholding God's glory His character Moses was hit in the class of the rock he had the special experience of God in nature that deep and yes he could have had a spiritual relationship with God in Egypt and surely he did and yes you can be saved in the city but God wants to you know last days bring our spiritual life to up to a whole new level that maybe we've never experienced before in the cycles and Jesus we will close with this before being called to their missionary work for Jesus he brought them up into a mountain to be ordained by it was out in nature that there ordination so plates before the Apostles could go forth with Pentecostal power they had communion with Christ in the mountain galaxy in Jesus and self Jesus before a great trial spent time in solitude with his Heavenly Father in the wilderness and you think about it Ok Moses needed it the disciples needed it but Jesus did. Yes he did even the perfect human be cheese us need a time of communion with God in nature and if Jesus needed it in his day because he went through that time of trouble actually a time of trouble greater than we will ever have to go through as he was making his way to the cross as he was there in the garden of yes 70 he was going through a time of trouble where he was being wrenched away from his Heavenly Father and within the midst of all of this Jesus was spending time where did the 1st experience that they are in the car use take him to the cross he gave his life for us and so friends I want to challenge that maybe maybe you need some of these transform these transforming aspects of life maybe you need time time to heal you. Maybe you need a change of circumstances a change of surroundings and maybe we all need a greater communion gone wherever you are so all I want to say is allow God to lead you will you allow God to lead you in His time not in my time on I'm not here for saving we are told that the time is going to come or many are going to wish that they would have left the city and they want to leave the city but it will be too late I think that's tomorrow night but that time is coming for the 1st time in my life I can actually see oh man I could see what that's like or at least you know we could see that a bit before but we can see it even more how these things could happen and so I don't say these things just to simply scare people we're told this to be ate a hope encourage mint and that we were growing Christ like we maybe never have yet the fall let us close to where the Heavenly Father we thank you for Jesus' example for us and in his perfect life we see that he community this father we see in March after one it went out into a solitary plates and there prayed your scripture says and father I prayed that we would begin to have a deeper experience that we would have a change of surroundings that we would allow time for healing and that we would commune with Christ in you are having fun I thank you for your work Lord I thank you for the fact that you've given us beforehand what is going to happen to humanity you've told us before of prophecy and as we're seeing things it used to be many of these things we foresaw with the with the prophetic guiding the sense of just looking in your scriptures and saw for you how that's going to happen someday and now we're actually seeing it happen today and more I pray that you would shake us if we are slumbering. If you would shake us out of our slumber that you would you would help us to realize. That times are here it difficult times are here that you would help us not to be of those whose hearts hardened hardened but rather father that we become more loving in time more patient remorse zealous to share our savior Jesus you have friends seen these 2 workers. Draw us near it's you with. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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