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05 Jesus' Encounter with Nicodemus

Benjamin Ng
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  • December 18, 2020
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that we have to study together we ask for your presence we ask for your blessing or Lord that you would come and lead us and guide us with your spirit and teach us through your word oh lord help us to see the truth as it is in Jesus and Help us Lord that your spirit might apply the application to our hearts this evening that we might grow in knowledge and in grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ please bless us now or Lord we pray in Jesus' name amen. A lie for us to get straight into the Texas evening concerning the story of nicotine it's only found in one place and that's in the Gospel of John and we're looking at John Chapter 3 starting in verses one and 2 the Bible says there was a man of the pharaoh seas named Demas a ruler of the Jews the same came to Jesus by night and 7 to him Rabbi we know that thou art a teacher come from God for no man can do these miracles that would do us except God be with Him Who is they could be most What do we know about him well the Bible said that he was a fair receiver but he wasn't just any ordinary Pharaoh see the Bible says that he was a ruler of the Jews now who other Pharaoh sees in our modern day when people calls you it's not a good thing but actually Vera sees Well well respected in the Old Testament and even into the early part of the New Testament whilst Jesus was alive they were the members of the Jewess Jewish sect that was noted for strict obedience to Jewish traditions and so he's a religious leader and he was also a ruler of the Jews so he wasn't just any religious leader he had a high position in the Jewish nation an audit member of the National Council this is the sort of person that came to Jesus that evening rich and learned and yet he comes to Jesus by night why well maybe he was scared of being seen in public because of the status that he had and then he's coming to Jesus who is this humble carpenter who had no religious education in the schools of the rabbis and here is this man who is meant to be the pastor of pastors at least he was definitely a pastor if he was living today but. It would have been humiliating for someone of his stature to be seen with Jesus never mind coming to ask him questions or quote unquote interview him right maybe he did stint just didn't want to set a bad example because Jesus wasn't openly accepted yet but look at how he addresses Christ if we go to that text it says there in verse 2 Rabbi we know that they want a teacher come from God for no man can do these miracles or they'll do assist except God be with him it seems like he's being polite it seems like he's being formal It seems like he's trying to make a good impression on Christ by addressing him as a rabbi as teacher but actually it's quite the contrary because that's all he calls Jesus he just acknowledge is him as Rabbi So even though his words are trying to praise Jesus it really shows unbelief he does not acknowledge Jesus to be the Messiah the Son of God except he just calls him a teacher. However instead of going annoyed by that sort of remarks or that sort of greeting Jesus He cuts to the chase this is what we read in John chapter 3 and verse 3 Jesus answered incident to him Verily verily I say unto thee Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God Jesus tells that could be most that he has to be born again and maybe right now you don't know what that means and maybe even the Kadima sted not know what that meant when Jesus said to him and you know we'll figure out in a minute but there is one thing that when you look at John 3 Verse 3 that is very clear that Jesus implies when he replies to nicotine verse he says one that you're not want to get and unless he is he cannot even see the kingdom of heaven so what is Jesus really telling you could be a mess he's telling him Nickleby miss you are lost you cannot in your present state see the kingdom of heaven and that was probably pretty startling news especially for Nick and the most a man of his stature remember he's not just any ordinary Pharisee he wasn't just any ordinary pastor he was the pastor of the pastors he was someone high in rank in the church he was a leader and Jesus is pointing at him and telling him you are lost what a shock it must have been to his system. I wonder what Jesus would tell me if you were sitting across the table from me this evening but you know sometimes when people tell you shocking news when people kind of shock your senses especially when you're trying to be nice when you're the one that seeking this interview with them you know we react in crazy ways we say silly things and this is exactly what happened with Nick could be a mess let's continue so Jesus says you got to be born again you can't see the kingdom of heaven in your current state and then in verse 4 this is what Nikken him assess how can a man be born when he's old can you answer the 2nd time into his mother's womb and be born it's not that Nikken he was didn't know what Jesus was referring to Christ he was being pointed to him but he was telling him he was lost and so nicotine as he was feeling irritated his pride was touched and cut and it was rising up and he responds with this illogical response how can a mother go up a man go back into his mother's womb and be born again Jesus how is that possible he was acting dumb but his response really just showed how much he was struggling with what Jesus was telling him and his assessment of him Christ he wasn't being respectful as his position of as a ruler and he didn't respect the fact that he came out to look for Christ he wasn't being hospitable Nick Lemus was shocked and his response showed it but Jesus doesn't entertain his response he doesn't go are in agreement why would you say such a silly thing right he doesn't even entertain the response that nickname assess to him in verse 4 and he just simply presses home the point even more that he says in verse 3 we're now reading in verse 5. Jesus answered Verily verily I say once of the except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God Jesus makes it very clear just in case you did not understand the mess before there is now no more miss understanding at all you got to be born of water and of the spirit if not you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven and he's not trying to teach a class what it means to be born again he's looking at naked Bemis there's no one else the disciples we don't know if they were sitting there in their presence most likely not it would have been too humiliating for Nick at the most so Jesus makes it very clear he's only speaking to them to look at the most and he says an economist's you are lost in the present state in the present condition you're in if you are not born of water and of the Spirit you cannot enter into the kingdom of God and in verse 3 it says you can't even see it never mind enter into it so look at the most who you're trying to teach this is a humbling experience than it could be Miss This is a man who's religious religiously inclined meant to be one of the religious leaders of the nation and Jesus is stating a fact that should not apply to a man of his stature and position who is meant to be teaching religious principles to people but he says and it could be most you are lost through and through but friends what we want to look at this evening is how new could be misses assessment applies to us when Jesus looked at Nica Demas we have to ask ourselves can we see the kingdom of heaven. Can we enter into the King of Herman and I born of water and of the spirit that I can enter in not that we're trying to have any righteousness by works and work our way to heaven but this is what Christ said unless these 2 experiences apply to your life you're very far from the kingdom of heaven friends what does it mean to be born of water let's begin there and this one is very simple it's water baptism and that's just half the equation you know the water part was very clear because John the Baptist was already baptizing people you see and so we don't know of Nicholas was baptized but definitely he understood the concept he knew about water baptism he knew the application of water even in the century and what it represented because there was a big Laver that held water then they had to wash their hands and their feet you see and so the water part very easy but you see that's just half of the equation. Born of water and then also we're born of the Spirit what does it mean to be born of spirit let's go to a few text shall we let's start in Titus chapter 3 and verse 5 Titus chapter 3 verse 5 the Bible says this not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to His mercy He saved us by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost which is the Holy Spirit So what does the Holy Ghost do what does the Holy Spirit do when we are born of the spirit do you see the key word here it is the word renewing renewing when you renew something you make something new again something that became old. Now we're making new again that's what the word Ari means we we've done it before now it's got to happen again so we are renewed by the Holy Spirit but what does renewing have to do with us why do we have to be renewed Let's go to another text concerning the Holy Spirit Psalms $51.00 and verse 10 Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew our rights pirit within me hear that word renew is connected with another word its creed 8 Create 8 in me a clean heart something that we never had before now God wants to implant in us a clean heart and that is done through the operation of the Holy Spirit renewing creating God He wants to give us a clean heart the Baptism is the outward water baptism that is he wants to baptize us with water and of the Spirit he doesn't want just us to be born of water that's not enough we have to be born of the spirit and really the water baptism is really the outward symbol of what's taking place in the heart just as the marriage ceremony should be the outward symbol when we have this big feast that's coming up right and a wedding and all of that that's just the outward symbol of what should be taking place in the heart between 2 people and so it is with born of water and born of the Spirit baptism and the work of the spirit in the heart and why is the heart so important. Why the heart that has to be created new and renewed well in Job Chapter 14 and verse 4 the Bible says who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean not one you see all of us were unclean friends Romans chapter 8 and verse 7 continues because the carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can be when the Bible refers to the mind is referring to the heart not this heart that pumps blood that just keeps us alive there's nothing wicked moral about it you see so what what the Bible is trying to tell us here when God He wants to make us be born of the Spirit he wants to work upon the heart the mind this is where we have our issues we have we made God an enemy when we have a carnal mind look what else the Bible says in Matthew $1519.00 about a heart for out of the heart proceed what evil thoughts murders adulteries fornications thefts false witness blasphemies the problem with the human race is a problem not of the heart that pumps blood but of the hearts of whence all our thoughts and I'm a major nations com. And friends unless that is changed unless that is created a new in Christ Jesus unless it is renewed by the washing of regeneration the Holy Spirit it doesn't matter how many times you're baptized in the water that will not help you there's no such thing as holy water there's no such thing as water that is so different from the rest of the world that it has power just by dipping yourself into it and coming out it will make you a perfect person there's no such thing like there just as there is no such thing as if you have the grandest wedding on earth and spend a $1000000.00 on your wedding it will guarantee you a good marriage the rest of your life there's no such thing it's just symbolic we got to look beyond the water we've got to read into the symbol of what Christ wants to do in each of our hearts the fountain of our hearts must be purified if our works and actions are to change and the only way for that to happen we've got to be born of the Spirit but let's keep reading Let's come back to John chapter 3 and let's keep going verse 6 that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit Marvel not that I sell into the you must be born again the wind bloweth where it listeth and our hero the sound thereof but canst not tell when sitcom earth and whether it go worse so is every one that is born of the spirit you see friends in verse 3 when nicotine was 1st comes to Christ Jesus just simply says well you got to be born again. And then in verse 5 he says you got to be born of water and of the Spirit but then from Verse $6.00 to $8.00 that we just read what does jesus focus on did you notice in verse 6 at the very end he says what that which is born of spirit he doesn't talk about water he says that which is one of the Spirit is spirit and then in verse 8 he illustrates what it means to be born of the spirit it's like the wind so Christ he he assumes and I think it's a good assumption because he knows everybody knew what born of water is but it's possible to be baptized by water it's possible to be baptized into the church it's possible to have been there for 20 years and never been born of the spirit you see their friends what is a means to be born of the Spirit Well it has to do with our heart but how does God change us how does he make us new how does he make us purrfect how can he create in us a clean heart and renew your right spirit within us how can he renew our mind so that the old man passes away and the new man it comes out new created in Christ just like Jesus how we don't know how that's why in verse 8 it talks about the wind the mystery of the wind and not that being born again is a mystery no we're going to look at this deeper but how God does it we don't know all you can see is the effects of the wind blows where it listeth you can hear the sound of it but you don't know where it's coming from and you don't know where it's going no one can explain the movements of the wind that it blows past you it goes past you it turns around and comes back do you know that nobody knows but the fact is this you can feel its effect you can see that. And so we can know we can take a litmus test of our life we can look in the mirror and we can understand whether we are born of spirit the effects are obvious and like the wind the Holy Spirit it works in the same way we just can't explain it how the Holy Spirit works but you know when you look at the mirror you can understand whether you are born of the Spirit or not why the life is different man has changed the drunkard he become sober the wife beater he becomes a loving husband the curse words are put away and the way we spend our time is different our money our entertainment our hobbies our recreation everything changes even the way we dress it changes you can look in the mirror and have an assessment of your life and you can understand whether you are born of the Spirit or not the effects are obvious how God does it is a mystery and it always will remain a mystery Ok but how we can assist in this and assurance that usable assist but how we can get on this path to being born of the spirit that part is made very clear So let's look at that Ok because friends look it's possible to be born of water but not be born of spirit and this is why you know re baptism is important sometimes because some people say well I was sincere but yes but you can be sincerely wrong and even though you were baptized before you might need to get rebaptized again because you might have never ever ever understood what being born of spirit is. And so the being bottled water it was a symbol but you never understood it the heart I should point here was never changed but how are friends how can we be born of spirit if you look in the mirror this evening you realize that your works the life that you're living doesn't match up to God and His standard their unity born of the Spirit but how how can we be born of spirit 2 steps or 2 ways I should say not that they're different but you've got to combine these 2 steps together and it's not one comes before the other it's $1.00 and $1.00 be the really you should do these 2 intended together let's go to the Bible start with the Fusion Chapter 6 verse 17 and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is what the Word of God The sword of the Spirit is the Bible and so to be born again you got to be born of water that's baptism but you have to be born of the Bible what does that mean is there any other biblical evidence for this absolutely let's go to another text 1st Peter $123.00 being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the Word of God which Live Earth and abideth for ever do you see that we got to be born of what the Word of God which will live earth and abide earth for ever it is the Word of God that we have to have interaction with it's the Bible the Holy Scriptures the number one book bestseller in the world and yet the most neglected book in the whole world. You know friends it is through the Bible that God speaks light into our hearts he creates pure thoughts to replace the bad and evil thoughts he changes the hearts and minds through the power of His word friends it is possible to go to church every week and not be born of the spirit it's possible to participate in in church activities and and not be born of the spirit it's possible to even lead out in church and grow up in a Christian home and not be born of the Spirit and on are not saying that to point to anybody that's listening that's me I was I grew up in a Christian home for the 1st 2021 years of my life I was never born of the Spirit by my works of the way I lived my life the words that came out of my mouth the thought that I was thinking they were not of Christ they were all of the world it's possible to be in a Christian home go to church every week and that's one thing that my parents were good at they made sure that we never missed church hold they were faithful friends but me I just well I had no choice and it's possible to be at church every week yet never born of the Spirit unless you have an interaction with the Word of God the possibility to be born of the spirit is as much as possible as a plant to grow without water. What am I trying to say friends it's an impossibility you can't be born of the spirit which without the Word of God You see that it's impossible I've gone to church all my life and I never really started reading the Bible until I was the age of 20 Look I had a Bible before I was baptized at the age of 17 which in many people's eyes is probably late you know growing up but even though I was baptized I was never born of the Spirit even though I brought my Bible to church I never read it I never did I knew where the books of the Bible were Matthew Mark Luke John I can repeat the whole 66 books of the Bible back to front you know but I never knew Jesus and ever knew about the words that were written in there or remember when I was we had a church when I was young I remember they had a quiz on The Book of Genesis and. I hated reading and Genesis has 50 chapters I struggled and I still remember when they gave the quiz and it was a trivia you knows a thing there were 3 groups I didn't get a single question right I knew about the Bible but I never read it I took part in church activities in selling group in playing the piano I was even the youth leader of you know that and I drove people around I was in church choir I joined all these activities that good Christian young people should do but I never ever understood what it meant to have devotional life I never understood what it meant to read the Bible it was just something I never did and as a result I was never born again friends look it's possible to play church and that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. But that's not what helps you to see the kingdom of heaven I'm not saying that the pastor never preached truth and not saying that the people that were insulted if they never taught the Bible no it's just my mind wasn't there when I was a church was I do now as I took the bulletin you know the piece of paper that tells you you know what's coming next and church service and what's going to happen next week and the tithe and all this information I'll take that and fold ships and paper planes and cranes you know that the bird you make other is like origami that's what I was doing or I was thinking about what to do after church or what to do when when the sun sets and what we can do that night with the youth and it was you know I wasn't daydreaming thinking about my work or my assignments or the goal that I liked you know I wasn't dreaming about all those things it was good things but the Word of God never just sunk in at all you see friends born again is intentional you have to take time aside to read the Word of God to study it to meditate on it not just listen to it while you're driving or while you're cooking or while you're exercising or while you're you know doing your chores and scrubbing the toilet all of vacuuming or mopping it's intentional time with Jesus allowing him to replace your thoughts with his your ways with his ways your character with his character Nick Lemus he was a fair Recy a ruler of the Jews he never read the Bible he knew about it just as many of us we don't need to read the Bible to know John 316 and called it off the top of our heads right in fact we're going to look at this in a minute but then what and what a nicotine must teach Look at this Matthew 15 once or 3. Then came to Jesus scribes and pharisees you see that which were of Jerusalem saying why do the disciples transgress the trial tradition of the elders for they washed their hands when the bread but he answered and sent to them Why do you also transgress the commandments of God by your tradition you see that all the Pharisees and Nikken Bemis knew it was the tradition of the Jews he didn't understand the truth he understood tradition and just regurgitated it from the schools of the rabbinical schools right where he was taught is this is how it is and that's what it is that's what tradition is sometimes it doesn't even need to make sense it's just we've done it this way all our lives and we've done it this way for the past 500 years who are you to come up think that you're any different to change our ways if my father and my great grandfather and my great great great great great grandfather did it it's good enough for me and many times we don't we don't question tradition but that's all naked Demas knew he was a fair a sea of ferrous He's a pastor and yet Jesus saw through all of that and he saw that he never spent time in that which mattered the Word of God the Bible so friends will spend time there it's got to be intentional time. But secondly how else can we be born of the spirit let's go to another text Luke 1113 if ye then being evil know how to give good gifts unto your children how much more show your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit's of them that ask of friends how do we receive the Holy Ghost that we can be born of the spirit we got to ask we got to pray and that's what it is it's intentional time in reading the Bible and spending time in prayer not just simply because you're standing there ready to eat no friends if you want to change if you want to be different if you want to be more stable in life if you don't want to be always allowing your emotions to get the better of you if you want to be able to grow in grace and faith you if you want to have a stronger character in The Lord if you want to be loving and patient and kind and gentle and all these good things you got to spend intentional time in His Word and in prayer our alone time with God friends this is where the rubber meets the road this is where true Christianity begins so do you know why we struggle we struggle or all these things because our eyes are set on worldly things our eyes are are set on all the things of that that are just contrary to God or the distract our attention. And our is not because we don't want to be good. Just We're live in this age of destruction you see we're not spending time where really matters friends of we want to new heart if we want to be born again it has to be intentional you've got to make a decision you've got to make an appointment with Jesus we have to go back to Jesus and ask Jesus to help us help me to be born again of the Spirit and not just of water as we spend that time with Christ the Word of God is making oppressions upon our heart and at the point that a person changes the size to give up a cherished Idol or sin is not because of they themselves it's the holy spirit that's working upon their hearts and wound them to Christ and the truth is making an oppression upon their hearts and convicting them of sin when people respond to appeals of preachers it's not the preacher but the Holy Spirit that is working you know that sometimes we go to these conferences or we go to these seminars or we go for these you know different sermons that we would listen to and maybe sometimes the young person gets up and stands there and listens to the sermon and they come back and tell them Oh mom I want to be a missionary I want to go to Bible school and I'm on things that the preacher must have done something they must have put something in the water someone must have been pushing them forward making them want to quit school or quit their job and go and serve Jesus but friends we got to be careful because the Holy Spirit makes impressions upon their hearts and you can never go wrong serving Jesus anything good that turns us to Christ that is the Holy Spirit wooing us and leading us and pulling us but nigga Demas he was shot and you know. John 39 and 10 Nicholas answered sen him how can these things be. Jesus answered sen him. A master of Israel and knows not these things he had no idea what it meant to be born again he probably had never spent but a few moments with Christ in the Scriptures tradition had blinded his eyes his whole Christian life had just about been forms and traditions because he misses world has just been shaken by Christ and he's left speechless but now Christ tries to deepen his understanding of how he can be born again look at this John Chapter 314 and 15 now and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness even so must the Son of Man be lifted up that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life you see Nick of the most was familiar with the story he knew what Jesus was talking about when the Israelites were dying from the sting of fiery serpents that came and bit them in the wilderness God instructed Moses to make a brazen serpent and put it on a pole and gave this simple instruction he said to the people if you look at it you'll be healed and you'll live that was it as simple as it sounded many people did not look as simple as it sounded as easy as it was to do many people did not look it sounded too simple that was a problem all they had to do was look and live someone to question the efficacy the power of this brazen serpent How can I look at this poll and the serpent and be healed never heard of such a thing others demanded a scientific explanation but no explanation was given. They just had to accept the Word of God to them through Moses they just had to look and live that's all they had to do but many people perish because he just refused to lift up their heads and look and then Christ repeats the lesson you know John 316 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life did you notice what the difference was between John 314 and 15 and John 316 you see in verse 15 it is very similar to what we see in verse 16 right that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life but there is the word believe again but we understand from verse 14 and 15 that that word believe is connected to just what look looking all you have to do is a look to Jesus and you will live or where we find Jesus when you find Jesus today it's not me it's not the pastor is not anybody that's of rank it's not your mom or dad where you find the clearest picture of Jesus it's the Bible and the only one that can really give us a true representation today is the Holy Spirit he's got that he's the only one that can dwell in us and help us to be like Jesus all you need to do is look and live all you need to do is look to Jesus all you need to do is look to the Bible it's not complicated friends it's not difficult you don't have to climb the highest mountain you don't need to go down to the deepest valley to find Jesus there right now where you are in your room in your car you can just start with side of the road all you need to do is look and live it's all. It really is that simple salvation really is that simple but many people are not looking at all what ism is made to be born of the water and the spirit especially the spirit is devotion time just look at the Bible to spend time with Jesus Is it really that difficult it is in this generation I'll admit there are days that I wake up late and the 1st thought in my mind has not been Christ Jesus he is the author of finish or the faith but he wants to be the best of our time you want to be 1st and last you want to be the beginning of the ending of our time as well Christ he's telling us if you want to be saved if you want to see the kingdom of heaven if you want to enter into the kingdom of heaven all you need to do is look if you seek Me and search for Me with all your heart you'll find me all you need to do is look friends you want to grow in Christ you want to go beyond a formal religion you know people out there say all religion is it's horrible it's created all these wars yet it's those people that nickname us who are religious leaders but have never understood what it meant to be born of the spirit if you want to go beyond that you want to have meaning in your Christian life meaning when you go to church you have to start with Christ you have to find Jesus 1st in your morning devotions in your walk with Christ because he's the one that gives meaning he's the one that gives motivation he's the one that gives fulfillment in all he's a one that helps us to understand why sacrifice is all worth that is not found in the doing in and of itself. You can't replicate a good marriage and do all the good things if you don't love the person that you're married to and so it is with the religion it can't have any meaning unless you understand who that person is and why you're making all these sacrifices friends but it's got to start right there this evening look and live it really is that simple the old theologians are the ones that have made it complicated but you know we're at the end of the year already less than a week we're in the New Year if there's any new year's resolution that you've got to make it's looking and living. It's spending time more in His Word. This pandemic has made us all have more free time you don't have to travel you don't have to buy I mean when I say travel you don't have travel to work that takes up time and maybe you know some of you saying I'll be more busy I've been more busy too but I have had areas of time where I have been more free to do other things that have made me more busy you see but all of us have had time to look to look to Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith and it's not even about a New Year's resolution then wait for 6 days to pass before you say Christ I'm going to decide now I want you to decide this evening for us no more formal religion no more just a form of you want to have meaning and understanding as to why you serve Jesus why you do all these things no matter how tired you are no matter how. Much sacrifice it requires There's got to be a reason behind it and you got to know that reason today you got to look and live i want to challenge some of you you've been hesitant about having bible studies. And you know why do some people need to have Bible studies is because you don't have time to look and live for yourself you know if you did you'd be on fire for Jesus but friends I want to challenge you if you don't know where to start and you're in k.l. I'm sorry I cannot serve the whole world and whoever else is watching from whichever country I'm sorry I really am but we have Bible workers here in care and we're willing to come out to you if you're in Klang will drive all the way there just so that you can have an opportunity to look and to live it's not about joining a church it's not about any of that it's so that you can know Jesus we will come to you but you've got to be willing to make that my friends all be well you take up the challenge as we pray hold that your problem in your hearts and that you are new your vile to Christ you renew your relation to Him relationship to him this evening no more plain church it's time to really understand Christ for who he really is and to walk with him you have a deeper relationship with him let's pray shall we let our heads Father in Heaven Lord you so patient with all of us as you were with Nikodim us here so gracious and you make salvation so simple so easy it's we that have made a complicated it's us who have brought in too much into our lives that we just distracted all the time help us law to make time for you today help us just to look so that we can live farther police be with my brothers and sisters here no one is too busy to look Help us Lord not to question how you're going to do it just help us to believe that you can do it and so as we search for you as we seek you. As we find you may you create in us a clean heart wash us again and renew us. With your Holy Spirit. We pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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