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Jesus' Encounter with the Man by the Pool of Bethesda

Benjamin Ng
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  • January 29, 2021
    8:30 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time that you've given to us to come and study your word together to fellowship even though it be online Lord we know that your presence is with us and we just ask by faith because you've promised that if we are asking your name that you are more than willing you're more than happy to give the Holy Spirit to them the Lord we are asking for a double portion of your spirit even now with courage with faith we are ask because Lord we want to come away from this message. Knowing that we have been in your presence so Lord please give me your words I don't want to speak My Words I don't want to offend people with my words I need your Lord and I pray that you speak through me that the words that we listen to might be straight from your throne of grace and mercy this evening for we pray in the name of Jesus Amen so the study that will be starting this evening is Jesus's encounter with the man by the pool of Bethesda Let's go to our 1st text there shall we John Chapter 5 verses one to 3 The Bible says this after this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool which is called in the Hebrew tongue but there's the having 5 porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent full of blind halt with good waiting for the moving of the water so Jesus he's now in Jerusalem and he goes by this pool and this place where it has 5 porches 5 coverings where people are allowed to gather around and and lay there and come under the tent during the heat of the day and he walks by this place but the cold the house of kindness and there is gathered there all sorts of sick people just the sick and then we continue. Verse fall for an Angel went down at a certain season into the pool and troubled the water whosoever then 1st after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had now look we don't know whether this was true or not whether this was just simply tradition but did really people they did they really get healed when they went into this water because Angel went and troubled the water there and as a result they got healed or was that really just tradition and no one really knows where the people got healed or not it probably was more likely tradition but this is what gave the people their hope this is the reason why they were gathering around this pool superstition is what we call it an r.t.s. or just pure fairytale isn't it but let's keep going verse 5 and a certain man was there which had an infirmity 30 and 8 years this man had been lying there for 38 years can you imagine that being sick for 38 yes we can begin to understand the desperation in his heart because of what he was going through he was not a grown man maybe he got this disease when he was 20 years old and that this time he must have been about 58 close to 60 years old but this man had just been lying there 38 years old some of you that I'm preaching to the ceiling have not even reached the number 30 never mind 38 closer to 40 but this man 38 years he'd been sick what does the Bible say next. When Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been there now a long time in that case he said to him wilt thou shall be made whole jesus asks this man do you want to be whole do you want to be healed why does he ask him this though I mean from his side we know that Jesus is always willing to heal whoever comes to him he doesn't turn anybody away who is sick he will always heal them look at what it says in mob chapter one and verse $41.00 the Bible says Jesus he was moved with compassion put forth his hand and touched him and say if it's him I will be thou clean Jesus he is always willing he is always willing to heal people but then why does he come to this man and ask Do you want to be whole I mean he's lying there he's by the pool that apparently heals people it's an obvious question isn't it and there's an obvious answer to it as well Jesus of course I want to be whole That was the whole reason why I'm gathered here this is the reason why I've been lying in here lying here and on top of that Jesus was the one that approached him right I mean in mocked up to one when you go back to that encounter and look at it the leper is the one that comes to Jesus seeking for healing and seeking for help but here Jesus He's the one that approached a man he knows he's sick and the OS The man do you want to be whole. However look there are some that are too sick you know we can always go to Jesus so Jesus does come to us but yet. We still have to make the effort in a sense he's asking and he's waiting there is a part for them to play as well is not just simply Jesus going to wave his hand like a magic wand and everybody in the air is going to be says he'll like that no Jesus did not want people to think by chance that they were healed there's a reason why Jesus goes through these steps and so he asks the men do you want to be whole let's keep going John Chapter 5 verse 7 How does a man respond the impotent man answered him saying Sir I have no man when the water is troubled so put me into the pool but while I am coming another step is down before me you know Jesus asked the question do you want to be whole and instead of replying Yes of course I want to be all heal me Jesus this crippled man gives all the reasons as to why he can't be made whole all hope is centered on the pool that's the reason why he's there the pool is that which is meant to be stirred by the angel that makes people well and on top of that he doesn't have anyone to help him he's too slow someone else always jumps in before he does his focus is on the wrong thing. He just gives all the reasons that I and I can. I can relate to the man because you know when Jesus would ask me a question I'll give all the reasons why I couldn't be healed. But Jesus how does he respond to this man when he starts throwing out all the excuses what does he say Jesus saith unto him rice take up via bed and walk instead of replying to his response Jesus simply just gives him a command get up take up your bed and well with the power of His Word Jesus heals this man but before we continue to dig deeper and look at this situation let's just read the next verse 1st Ok let's go to John top to 5 in verse 9 and immediately the man was made whole and took up his bed and walked and on the same day was the Sabbath so when Jesus gives him the command immediately the man he rises up he takes up his bed and he begins to walk now look let's have a look at how this man is healed Ok here's the order Jesus issues the command he hears it the cripple man who hears it and he is simply made whole takes up his bed and walk now we need to dig into this healing to understand a few things in regard to our own experience and even his Here's the question that I have few friends Number one did the cripple man feel healed did he feel whole before he got up and walked did he feel like his muscles all of a sudden had this surge of energy which you never felt before. How does someone feel healed I mean I want you to think about this for a 2nd maybe if you have a migraine headache all right and it's just painful and you know and you can think and it's just really you know pressing on the o. brain there and it's just painful and Jesus heals you can feel healed right away correct or if you have a cut and you're bleeding you know the other week I cut off my nail was trying to help my wife cut some veggies or cut off my nail and it's not a bleeding you can feel the pain straightaway for soon as the oxygen touches that roll skin bag it feels painful and if Jesus healed that you can feel healed straight away but a person that is crippled that they have this infirmity. For 38 years that they can't walk they can feel their limbs but they just can't walk there's no there's no power in them to walk right so how do you feel that you're stronger How did this man feel before he got up and go before he said yes I'm better I'm going to get up and I'm going to walk how did he feel that he feel this surge of energy running through his body before he acted upon it now this is a thing from before for those that exercise before for those that like bench press saw you know how how much can you carry how much can you lift you don't know until you try right you don't know so did this man suddenly feel strong that he was able to walk and that you know yeah yeah yeah I can carry my own body weight right no friends us not how it happened you see he was lying down and he had no idea if he could walk on not. He was made whole by the Word of Jesus absolutely it was not his strength and him doing it there's no doubt about that but however the crippled man that he did not know that he was made the whole until he pride to stand at the command of Jesus and this is where he really comes to a crossroad Ok look you're the crippled man I want you to put yourself in his shoes for a 2nd Jesus comes to you who has been lying there for 38 years Ok you're this crippled man and he comes to you and asks you Do you want to be healed or not and you tell him or there's no one to help me into the pool and at the right time and you know maybe you're thinking what Jesus is going to come and help me and bring me to the edge of the pool and let me in at the right time so I can be healed right this is why he's here. Then all of a sudden Jesus says to rice take up your bed and walk. Now could we have reason to doubt. You don't know this man you don't know who he is out of us out of the blue all of a sudden he just says if you want to be whole and he said says what Rice ticket you better more. Say to him Jesus can't you see I'm a cripple. I need someone help me to the ball if I could walk I wouldn't need your help at all you see that. However on the other side of the coin of course is the experience of what this man went through he heard the word of Jesus man rise up take up your bed and walk he heard the word of Jesus he believed the word of Jesus and then work how do we know that he believed he actually tried. To get up and walk instead of throwing up all the doubts Jesus hollow Can you can't you see on the cripple a cons It's not like he had his legs chopped off and all of a sudden his legs grew back like a hole and then he got up and walked no he had all his limbs there he just couldn't walk but how do we know that he believed he actually tried and here is the really important truth behind all that we're looking at here you see he s. he was made whole by the Word of God And yes he believed but his part was in trying he was healed in the trying. In the process of trying he was made whole he was healed by faith from God's word yes but how do we know he had faith he actually moved his leg or maybe he uses arms for us and turned we don't really know but he began to try and for the moment he began to move. God began to work in him to strengthen him and made him whole. But the effort by itself of course is not enough maybe he tried this for 38 years and it didn't work right tried and tried and tried and legs just did not work until Jesus came and he spoke those words and he believed every word that Jesus spoke to him rise take up your bed and walk now friends I want to remind you that Jesus what he said to the Sanand man was a command it wasn't a promise he didn't go now you can do it now yes yes yes yes just just trust me Ok just trust my word you want to be made whole just trust me no he said Man rice take your bet and walk. Every single thing of what Jesus said in that sentence was a command and it when it comes to the Bible many times we don't like c'mon we don't like c'mon isn't it you know we don't like the words from the Bible that tells us what to do we like all the promises that you know he will heal you Jesus is coming again and he will forgive you like all those promises that seem so nice but you know this was something that he really found hard to do because he just couldn't do it and many of us we find hard to do even the 10 commandments you know most of us we don't like to stop lying with it we don't like to stop stealing or all like to stop committing adultery we know it's benefits to us when we don't have money or we're hungry or you know when our Connel nature gets the better of us it feels good but there are habits in our lives that you know many of us we want to overcome that we know about for see you know some of us we don't want to stop lying and this is not the sort of person that we're talking about right now it's a man that was crippled and he wanted to be made whole and he heard the word of Jesus as a command and he actually tried and there are many of us maybe there are experiences that we've gone through that have made you feel like this cripple man you know that you shouldn't have done this but you did and now. You want him to have a different life he wanted to have a different experience but you know capable of it because you put yourself into that because too many of us we enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season but we see now the bitter results that sin yields not only in the future life but even the present life that we're living in maybe it's because of that lie that you continue and you can stop lying that that put you in prison. And now the command of Jesus comes to us and says Thou shalt not bear false witness. And you know that command does not come to us as a command to condemn us you got to understand that it come comes as a promise to us that you can actually change and stop lying you see that that's how this man viewed the C'mon and of Jesus but there I say if Jesus was alive today and he said that to us we would say to Jesus now now now come on Jesus stop trying to make us work a way to be healed you just got to come and do it all no even in last week's lesson that we looked at he told the men to go no part of me he he he healed remember he had to lead him out of the city right. The man had to be willing to follow Jesus there's always a part for us to play in our own healing and in this case it is a very obvious Jesus comes of the man and says rise he gives us the command and the man believes him that's where the faith comes in. And then he try that's where the works come in. James 220 faith without works is that right and so in the process of trying his faith was made perfect his faith was made whole and through that when the man finally was able to stand on his feet he didn't go now now everybody look at what I've done I healed myself No that's not what happened when people came up to me instead of how are you working because of me because of me no he did not take the praise. But he would have never been healed. Had he not tried. And that's I think the problem that we find in our in our own experience that we we're trying our own strength that's where right as a spy works is but when Jesus tells you to walk and then you try walking and you're able to walk you're not healed because I actually tried and I'm some amazing magician or some some healer myself I tried for 38 years I couldn't walk so no not at this very moment after 38 years this man tells me get up and walk and I'm going to start thinking all Ben I can actually start walking in my own let me go make a business of healing no not for a 2nd this man knew very very clearly what and who had healed him it wasn't him but there was still a part for him to play and that's what I'm trying to draw out friends we will never be saved in the lengths we will never be saved by just sitting there listening to the Word of God Let me give you some other areas that come to us as commands go you therefore and teach all nations in Mark 16 it's preach. And many of us we never want to try we never want to try. Tomorrow we are having a 1st time preacher for closing sundown devotion I hope you come and join us. Because I know in the process of trying it's not that I need to preach a message. But I know that when Jesus tells me this there's some benefit to me to this healing involved in my life as well some of us we don't have a deep enough relationship with Jesus because. We reject all the opportunities to teach and look. In doc and say that I'm not teaching and preaching all the time quite the contrary in Sabbath school I am pretty much invisible Ok in Sac I don't run any of us small groups on the come together and teach whenever I'm there in that my brother David is the elder he's able to teach and they can run a mile on its own it's wonderful I don't need to teach all the time and I'm happy with that you know our churches don't have you know the top notch teachers but I'll tell you what our churches have people that are willing to try and I know that in the process of trying maybe they don't realize maybe all of you that have been teaching you don't realize it how much you're blessed by it but I know that I hear I know that because of all that I've been allowed to share the privilege of sharing it's God has helped me so much and you know friends maybe what you need to do this evening is go beyond your comfort zone you know we think God's given me talents God's given me an area that I know that I can serve and I can't speak on the person for the background you know are all do the dishes are mop the floor that's my talent you know I'll cook that's what 10 talents pass the but just don't get me to teach I don't get me to preach friends that's the gospel commission Jesus gave It's all of us. And I'm telling you in the process of trying you will see how God pulls out his blessings upon you so much that he will work a miracle we are saved in the trying not just in the sitting and listening look don't misunderstand me in James Chapter 2 when it talks about Abraham and says he was he was you know faith is important and all he did was believe God and it was counted to him for righteousness Genesis 15 I understand those texts but we know that his faith was not perfect until Genesis 20 where he was called to sacrifice his son again I was a Genesis 22 I think it was part of me but is he in the process of putting forth our effort to obey God God gives us the strength and the power to actually do it and not for a 2nd do I think all I am someone amazing because I've overcome my sin that no no no no no no friends you got to try and I'm afraid that just some so many of us we give too many excuses as to why we can't do it and if there is anybody that had the excuse it would have been the man that had been sitting there for 38 years Jesus I've never moved in this past 38 years you're being unreasonable you're giving me false hope what are you trying to do are you trying to mock me you know he could have said so many things but he didn't he put forward the earnest effort Jesus you said I could do it are going to try and as he tried he was healed. And so friends. I want you to try me and you don't know where to begin stop crying join us Sunday morning and I'm sorry though those are those are closed for our church as these. I think that you know there's a daily prayer that's been moving forward in Malaysia here at 830 I believe or 8 pm but this one is strictly just for our church as I apologize for that but you got to begin as you begin to pray God will show you your duty he will give you a command for sure for sure but now let's come back to the story shall we John Chapter 5. And now we're reading verses part of me verse 10 is correct of us 9 Part of me. And immediately the man was made whole and took up his bed and walked on the same day was the Sabbath so Jesus healed the man on the Sabbath right now let's continue the Jews therefore since a hymn that was cured it is a sabbath day it is not lawful for the to carry by bed he answered then he that made me whole the same said unto me take up the bed and walk then they him what man is that which Suddens of the take up the bed and wall so the Jews they began to cry out instead of seeing the man that is healed that could never walk for 38 years all they care about is that he's breaking the Sabbath and what what part of the Sabbath with a breaking you know yes Jesus healed on the Sabbath but you know this man he was so happy to carry his bed the fact that he could carry his bed and walk off was just a testament that Jesus had healed him that he had been healed but all they simply looked at is he is carrying his bed he's carrying his bed and you know what's so interesting this bed was not like a mattress. It wasn't like this mattress and huge Amine lying there with the springs on it and all that I don't even think such a thing had been had existed back then yet you know it was just a cloth and he rolled it up and walked off that's all he did but these people they were just ready to condemn him how dare you carry your bed not looking at the bigger picture of what it actually just happened but let's look at this Sabbath issue for a 2nd you know why because people they like to quote this part of the text that this part of the passage in relation to you know these people you see that too religious to keep the Sabbath you see I don't want to be like that I don't want to be like that but friends did Jesus really break the Sabbath by healing on the Sabbath No absolutely not he came to show us how it was lawful to do good on the Sabbath and it should be lawful for us to do good on the Sabbath day as well instead of seeing the healed man all they saw was him carrying the bed and look friends it is different for a doctor to go to the hospital to work in the hospital on the Sabbath to get their salary than it is for a doctor on the way to church seeing an accident or seeing someone sick on the roadside and stopping them and bringing them to the hospital not being paid for it and or coming home from church after luncheon and then they see that person a person that's sick by the roadside and they bring him into their home and they seem like they're working as a doctor that's different it's different Jesus custom was that he would go to church does of synagogue on the Sabbath and he was also found doing good on the Sabbath as well not sleeping on the Sabbath afternoon. Because they had to catch up with their sleep and the rest that they had lost throughout the 6 other days no friends that's a big difference isn't it it's lawful to do good on the Sabbath and dare I say making it lawful it seems like a command that we should put forth earnest effort in doing as well being a blessing being a blessing and so no friends Jesus one of them was not changing the Sabbath he was not changing how we keep the Sabbath it was a people that were bringing it up because they had misconstrued the understanding and idea of what could and could not be done on the Sabbath day and so these people ask him who was it that healed you that commanded you to carry your bed on the Sabbath didn't ask about healing actually you just said who commanded you to carry your bet on the Sabbath Let's go back to our text shall we and he that was healed John 513 was not he didn't know who it was for Jesus had conveyed himself away a multitude being in that place so even the men he did not know who it was that healed him he had got so excited that he was actually healed that he could walk that he probably just jumped up and walked off and we turned around Jesus had already disappeared he didn't even know he didn't know. Let's keep going verse 14 afterward Jesus find of him in the temple and said unto him Behold the made whole sin no more lest a worse thing come unto thee Jesus he meets this guy in the temple he meets him there and he gives him a very very solemn warning. Your whole but make sure you don't keep sinning unless a worse thing comes upon you. You know we only find out at the end that the reason why this guy had been soliciting there for 38 years was not because he was born disabled but it was actually something that he had done before that that caused him to be like this you know something that he had been doing some secret sin maybe that had put him in this predicament and the situation to be disabled I don't know what he did but you know from a human standpoint when we look at this guy that we understand his history would assert Well this man got what he deserved you reap what you sow but you know friends there are instances just instances that Jesus he heals us from these situations he gives his grace to us he puts his healing power upon us not that we can go back to living our old life not that we can have an excuse Jesus healed me and I must have been some good men that deserve Jesus grace that he brought his grace upon me you see I donated all these millions of dollars to the church that's not the reason why it was just simply his grace His mercy that spared this man from lying there for the rest of his life but it did not give him the excuse and the reason to go back to his old life of sin and keep doing the thing that he had done that put him in this situation 38 years no. Jesus showed him Grace and Mercy 1st yes but then he says to him just because he healed don't despise my grace. But look at what he actually says that our art made whole Let me show you the verse that made whole sin no more lest a worse thing. Come and see Jesus warned this man and it wasn't just a warning but the fact that Jesus said it he could do it not because of himself but because of the words of Christ sin no more stop sinning what we would say to day be there for perfect. You must gain victory over sin unless a worse thing come upon you look that was not Paul that was not John that was not Matthew that was Jesus speaking who actually said the words sin no more the fact that he said it means that we can do it it's a promise. Just like how Rai's take up your bed and walk was a c'mon And here now is a command as well let me tell you behold you're made whole. That's a command don't do it yes it might have been a warning but I'm telling you the fact that Jesus said signal mall it is proof and evidence and fact that a person can stop sinning and if you don't agree with me you're arguing with Jesus you not argue with me you're not arguing with my theology background you know it's not about where I was I came from or anything I'm quoting to you the label friends Jesus gave a command sin no more and the fact that he gives us this command is evidence enough that you can stop sinning right now today wherever you are. You just got to believe how long the disabled is meant to be whole it didn't take but a split 2nd he was made whole that very instance. And he can stop sitting that very instance as well how do I know why because the Word of God is just that powerful friends it just is. Jesus on the stop there he gives the warning though lest a worse thing come upon you and this is what we are told in 2nd Peter chapter 2 verse $20.22 for if after they have a skip the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and this is what this man experienced yet they are untangled again their inner overcome the latter end is worse with them than the beginning for it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after they have known it to turn from the holy commandment the livered unto them but it has happened unto them according to the true proverb The dog is turned to his own vomit again and the Soul that was washed the whole wallowing in the mire friends Jesus does not give us his grace so that we can go and keep on sinning he does not give us his grace to excuse sin but to destroy sin to cleanse it away to get rid of it totally He gives us His grace and mercy so that we can have a new life in Christ. And when the sun sets you free you shall be free indeed he came to give us life that we might have it more abundantly not to go back to the life of sin and he throws at us all his promises. And you know friends what is a spiritual application to rise take up your bed and walk What is that it's found in Romans Chapter 6 verse 4 look at this therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father even so we also should what walk in what newness of life Jesus wants us to get up and be baptized into a new life not to go back to our old sin but now with power to come out whenever we feel like it no friends he wants us to be different he wants you to be different this evening he wants you to put your old life behind you he wants to give you a new mind a new hot new purposes new desires he wants the whole man and the whole woman to be totally different this man I tell you when you sit there for 38 years and you don't exercise those muscles they get very small very quickly I don't think he just got up and walked on his bones I believe that Jesus did give him his muscles back and I don't think they were you know they were just sticks no he needed some ligaments and tendons and when you don't use those legs for 38 years some things are just begin to erode away and I'm telling you it takes months for some people to regain their their walking ability but this man he just got up and he took the bet and walked off he looked totally different I don't think you know his hair was combed than it was all jelled up and looking nice and sharp and he had a suit on after that just like that No but I'm telling you his legs were different. And the muscles that we have right here. Should be exercised in a different way when the grace of God touches your heart Jesus wants you be different for us all things should pass away everything should become new when a person is baptized in Christ they go under the water every part of their body is touch without water. Every part of our life should be different and I want to be different tonight friends I need to be different I need be a different person for my children for my wife for the church I need that and I'm so glad that Jesus is so merciful that you might have just yesterday been an unfaithful follower of Christ but tonight if you give your life to him and say God I heard the word and I heard the command goal sin no more he can make you different right now yes the promises in the Bible are all for us Jude 124 now and to him that is able to keep you from falling and to present you felt was before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy I'm sorry I don't have that last verse there but as to the only wise God our Father be glory majesty and he gives us that power both work now now and forever amen he is able to keep us from falling right now he wants you to be different but you just got to start exercising your mind in that direction Jesus says in the early morning if you see me with all your heart you'll find me and I just don't give you excuse like I am an early bird I'm ugly I mean I'm a lot like Night Owl part of me a lot of the early bird just bend energies of your mind. Telling you Christ will give you the strength he will. And then you'll find out sooner or later I just got to get a bit early it's not healthy for me it's not healthy for my family it's not healthy for whoever I'm with the means are going to close shop early got to stop all these things earlier yes friends we make things time for things that are important to us so you got to try you've got to try and I'm telling you in the trying God will give you the victory. Stop making excuses stop telling Jesus I can't do this because I can't do that because I just tell Jesus I heard it I heard what you said I'm going to try and in the process of trying you know what happens sometimes is not perfectly you know it just happens you figure out there's some other part of your life you've got to just then as you you know talk to people and God brings people in your life you realize oh I need to incorporate that part into my life so it's not that just like that will be perfect but I know that as we try God will give us the wisdom to figure it out. You just got to be willing to try this evening and so may God give us a willing heart really that's what we need isn't it going to be you who go to give us a willing heart so willing to do of His good pleasure so friends. He willing to say with me this evening god. Help me to stop making excuses help me just to try to day. To be willing to be made willing is your desire I know that's my Because I know that there's no power within me the can change me into a better husband and a better father and a better pastor. I just need the grace of God and when the command comes God please. Having not make any excuses but to just move forward in faith and try to the best of my billet let's pray shall we Father in heaven thank you so much for this story and Lord many times we give you excuses as to why we can't do this when we can't do that. Lord eventually we excuse ourselves out of righteousness and heaven itself the ceiling Lord we want to become like Jesus we need your grace and your mercy. The ever ready presence of your spirit it minister that grace to us but Lord I believe that many of us have received that Grace already received the mighty working power of your word in our lives. But we just sat back and we made too many excuses Lord help us to put aside our Hugh own human wisdom help us to trust you help us to believe that you have best intentions and the best in mind for each and every one of us help us to be willing to not just haste but willing to move forward beyond just the hearing of the word this evening that we would rise and take up our belts and walk even on the Sabbath as well. Lord forgive us when we fall and. Help us not to go back always help us to move forward we pray in Jesus name. Amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave is a w w w audio verse or.


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