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Jesus' Encounter with the Disciples in the Storm

Benjamin Ng
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  • February 10, 2021
    7:15 PM
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Father in heaven thank you so much for this time thank you Lord that we're able to come and study your work together thank you for your watch care over us this past week and now as we're about to open your world to study I pray oh lord that you would please guide us with the Holy Spirit lead us or Lord help us to see the truth help us to see Jesus and help us to see the lessons that you want to learn from this story and this encounter this evening for your brain Jesus name a. The title of our encounter this evening is Jesus' encounter with the disciples in the storm so surely Jesus had many encounters with the disciples and not all of them are written down but what we have here will look as much as possible for all the encounters that Jesus did have so if you want to follow your Bibles we'll be going through Mark Chapter 4 this evening but we're going to be starting a later on in the chapter we're not going to be looking at the 1st 30 odd verses of march up to 4 but it is an important background it is important foundation to look at 1st why Jesus he is teaching and so is not an encounter is Christ's teaching that we will go through in Christ's parables in the future on a Friday night as well once we have done all the encounters but the parables that Jesus is teaching such as the parable of the soul where he is talking about the sea that sprinkled out the parable of the foregrounds really important parable about faith you know he's talking about also the the how the the the seed grows up and depending on the ground it falls upon it bears a lot of fruit or doesn't bear any fruit he is talking a lot about faith and then he also teaches about the corn and how it grows symbolizing the growth of the Christian experience that we must have in our Christian life learning to grow in faith and then he caps it off with the parable of the Mustard Seed how it's such a small seed and if we have you know the mustard seed is very much related to faith as well and so really the early 30 odd verses Jesus is teaching He's teaching and he's teaching about faith. And you know it's one thing to teach It's another thing to illustrate and the disciples are about to have a lesson on faith and illustration on what it means to exercise faith so we're going to start in Mark chapter 4 Mark chapter 4 and starting in verse 35 the Bible says this and the same day when the even was come he saith unto them let us pass over unto the other side he turned to the disciples and he gets in the boat with them and he says let's go to the other side let's continue verse 36 and 37 and when they had sent away the multitude they took him even as he was in the ship and they were also other with him. Also with an other little ships and there arose a great storm of wind and the waves beat into the ship so that it was now what fall. So the disciples get into the boat and they encounter one of the worst storms that they've ever ever experienced and it was so bad that the Bible says they're in verse $37.00 but the boat was now full full of what water obviously meaning the boat was starting to sink they were in a pretty dire circumstance doesn't matter you were a fisherman or not everybody on the boat was scared Where was Jesus though where was he in all of this Mark chapter 4 and verse $38.00 and he was in the hind a part of the ship asleep on a pillow and they awaken and see and see him Master keris the hour not that we perish What was Jesus doing he was sleeping sleeping he had been exhausted from the day's activities he'd been teaching all day and you know friends not many people understand the sort of pressure that you feel when it comes to teaching you never mind teaching in front of a camera and having to speak nonstop You know when I'm teaching in person I'll get one person read a Bible texts of another person read a bomb techs it's really easy I don't have to make any slides all right on a whiteboard of I need to but even when it comes to teaching it really is quite intense even more in front of a camera but Jesus didn't have any of those things to worry about he had crowds he had thousands of people that would just wing him and touching him and wanting healing and help and and on top of that he was preaching the whole day he was exhausted. And so he is asleep in the midst of this storm and whilst the disciples are struggling he has filled with a piece of heaven knowing that he has done what his father wanted him to do and now he can rest he can sleep and nothing not even this storm could break his sleep except for one thing of course his disciples they came to him and there they are afraid and they awake him the wind is howling and the storm is is blowing and the and the water is in the boat and what did they say to him Do you remember there in verse 38 at the end there they wake him up and say must or don't you care that we perish I mean look if we would just stand back and think about it for a 2nd we would realize how silly a question that is Jesus don't you care about us we're about to die don't you care it's like asking our parents mom that don't you care that I'm going to die I mean look I haven't met yet I've heard stories but I haven't met yet a parent who hates their children. So you know you hear in the news you hear it here and there but you know Jesus was not that he was not that he loved his disciples more than any earthly parents would love this son or their daughter and so it was kind of a silly question wasn't it Jesus don't you care that we perish it could have actually been said a different way Jesus please help us there's a storm we're about to sink Jesus help you know the way they they said it it could have been different it could have come across different the way they said it helps us to understand probably how scared they were but even more how frustrated they were at Jesus you could sense their anger you could sense their frustration why here we are trying to keep afloat here we are trying to get the water out of the boat and there you are sleeping master Don't you care that we perish it was more like Jesus why are you pulling your weight why didn't you even lift a finger to help us whilst we're in one of the worst storms that we've ever been in that we are about to die. Jesus didn't do his part while they were madly scared for their own lives and so that's why they cried out to Jesus don't you care that we perish any normal parent would have woken up right and helped any normal person in their right mind would have woken up and help them and so it's not that they doubted that Jesus cared but they were frustrated at him Do you see that. They were angry they were frustrated there were they wanted to show Jesus they want happy they weren't happy that he wasn't doing anything they weren't happy that he was asleep they were happy that he wasn't pulling his weight and so the way they spoke to Jesus it showed their frustration. Look friends do you ever feel tempted to get angry at God and talk that way God why don't you help me why is it that you just seem to be standing there whilst I'm in the midst of all this danger and trouble and temptations and trials God don't you care God don't you care that I'm going through all this trouble God don't you care that people are gossiping about me God don't you care that I don't have enough money God don't you care that I've been treated unjustly even by those that wear the blue uniform the police god don't you care that I'm going through all these marriage problems God don't you care that I'm perishing so often we are tempted to talk to God like that aren't we and to make matters worse it was Jesus command that the disciples and him got in a boat to face one of the worst storms they'd ever faced in their lifes it was his fault because it was his idea and yet he was doing nothing to help so from the human perspective you can see and you can sense their frustration as to why they're crying out to Jesus like that however you know. Many times in our lives when you think about it right we you know many times and I'm not saying never but many times we are not facing a situation where we're about to die in the snow like the disciples you know the boat was sinking there in the middle of one of the worst storms ever our problems are even smaller than what the disciples are going through you know we didn't do well in school or we had a fight with our best friend you know the disciples they were ready to die I mean there was a huge storm the boat a sinking they had a reason in a sense to be frustrated at Jesus right. So as if fighting for their lives that sort of frustration is building up building up and they cry Jesus don't you care that we're about to perish Christ who came to live as God among men God in the human flesh. You don't care. Jesus whose whose life even that very day probably the disciples were sitting there seeing how he was healing people how he was casting out those that were that were evil spirits those that were afflicted those that were weary those that were beaten down they saw the tender love and care they sort every day the Gospel was preached to everybody and for us Christ even died on the cross 2000 years ago and many times we are tempted to think god. Don't you care. With terms of the think when things don't go our way God don't you care. We're tempted to blame God of the predicaments that we're in our as to why he doesn't help us and bless us why he doesn't help us when we go to church and we pay our time why doesn't he bless us why doesn't he make the road smooth. Just like how we think it should be if God is so big and strong right but of course he cares friends he cares about the sparrow that falls to the ground he cares so much that he numbers the cares that are on your head of course he cares what a ridiculous question to ask of course he loves us his watch care over us is more honest than that of our parents but yet so often we allow trials and temptations and the things that we go through that pull us down we allow those things to step separate us from God as if God has to be the one that helps us every single tiny. If God did not care he would destroy the world a long time ago in our lives also but he bears along with our cries and our own reasonable outbursts and so even as the disciples frustrate in their voice screaming out to Jesus probably not tapping him and with a loving loving word saying Jesus Master Do you know what perishing Don't you care they must have screamed out but how does Jesus respond Mark 439 and heroes and rebuked the wind and said unto the sea Peace be still and the wind ceased and there was a great calm Jesus he gets up and he comes a storm he doesn't deal with the disciples yet he deals with the situation. Peace comes over the sea the Winstar the clouds roll away the seas at peace again as if it never happened Jesus deals with the immediate situation. But he's not done yet let's continue shall we Mark chapter 4 and verse 40 and he said unto them why are you so fearful How is it that you have no faith you know Jesus after that the sea is calm and you know everything settled he turned to the disciples and He asks them 2 questions number one why are you so afraid and number 2 where is your faith how is it that you have no faith so it's not like how can you have so little faith you know he had been just teaching Romber the earlier chapter the earlier part of that chapter he's been teaching about faith and now he looks for the disciples and he's basically implying you didn't learn anything that I taught you this whole day how come it is that you have no faith look the disciples were probably so shocked at the events that they were speechless they had never seen anyone calm a storm before so not only had they never seen such a huge storm but they probably never seen such a storm just disappear just like that. So this jealous Jesus asks why you saw afraid why are you so fearful now look remember if you go back to verse 37 what was going on the boat it was full of water. They were beginning to sink so they're sitting in the boat and you don't understand this you know the sitting in the boat and looking at Jesus as he stood up to calm the storm we don't know if he stood or not maybe he did but he started to calm the storm and then he looks at them and you know you're one of the disciples you Peter sitting there and Jesus says Why use all freight right he looks down and you. Say Jesus look around. The boat is sinking I mean what's wrong with being afraid right so you know it would have been tempting to say Look Jesus. Come to see. Right but you see Jesus doesn't just talk about being afraid he also asks what why where why is it that you have no faith in Christ is asking look why are you afraid because. I'm right there in the boat with you yes I'm asleep but I'm right there and if you believe that I'm God you don't have to be afraid even though I'm asleep you understand that maybe they had some twisted thinking of our We're going to die but Jesus is going to float away in a little one of those planks that's going to break off on the boat God will take care of you but he won't take care of us maybe you know sometimes we think of that maybe that's what the disciples were thinking you know I think it's normal to be afraid though right. I mean Jesus is not really rebuke ing them for being afraid only because that's not the entirety of his question but you know the question that I have for you though is what does your fear lead you to do because in this case Jesus was saying that it was not good for them to be so feel full to the extent that they began to doubt that Jesus even cared about their situation. And that's where they showed their lack of faith do you see that. How they accused Jesus of not caring master Don't you care that we're perishing they allowed fear. To twist their thinking of who God is of who Christ was they were so desperate that in their desperation they cried out in anger to Jesus as if he had to help them it was their right and it was what they needed from him. And when it didn't happen they said God why don't you care don't you care about us. So looking at this fear right I want to show you what the Bible talks about fear in 1st in John chapter of 4 verse 18 look at the Bible says here 1st John 418 the Bible says there is no fear in love but perfect love casts earth out fear because fear has torments and he that fear earth is not made perfect in love and so this Bible text it seems to indicate that it is just wrong to be fearful full stop but no. I don't agree totally You see you know we get to the point where fear overtakes and it makes us doubt the love that someone has for us that's where it's wrong that's where we take it too far our fear Look there's nothing wrong with being afraid let me give you some examples if you're thrown in a den of lions will you be afraid I will be afraid don't tell me Daniel was on a freighter all his heart must a beat a bit faster don't think those 3 Hebrew boys when they were thrown into the fire they were like confident and not afraid whatsoever no Their heart was probably beating a bit faster they were a bit scared. But there are still faithful you see that look here in Malaysia I tell you if there's one thing I don't like about Malaysia it's cockroaches you know I have grown up in Australia and they have like what 6 of the 10 deadliest makes but I've never seen any of them not in my backyard at least they have the black the was of the red back right and one of the most poisonous spiders and I'm not afraid of or why they don't come to your house unless you know you have tons and tons of plants and you never water them and do any gardening in your house there but I never encounter any of these but here in Malaysia we have a cockroaches and I am deadly afraid of that I don't know some of you aren't but I am so afraid of cockroaches I get that spray and I will spray the cockroach until it is white covered with the spray you know. Gotten a bit older and maybe I don't use up the whole can but I'm telling you it is normal to be afraid do you understand what I'm trying to say but when I see the cockroach and I get afraid I don't go to God God don't you care. Don't you know I think cockroaches Why don't you help me and get rid of all the cockroaches you know what I mean I don't blame God and doubt his love for me because I'm afraid of what's happening what for me Do you understand what I'm trying to say here there is nothing wrong with being afraid but don't let it cloud your judgment of God's love for you Do you understand that too often we get so afraid we forget about God. And not only do we forget about him but now when we remember him and he hasn't helped us we blame him. God Where were you good one why didn't you help me and we begin to be like the disciples Don't you care that I was going through this trial Don't you care that I was facing something so traumatic in my marriage in my life I was ready to eat these pills where were you you were there my friend came on forsaking you and saw many times we doubt God because of our fear because of our trials our fear. Just blinds our eyes to God's love for us. You see there's nothing wrong with fear. If you still have faith and that's where Daniel was that's where John the Baptist was when in prison. That's where Joseph was when he was in prison do you think he was afraid at the age of 151617 being carted off the brothers that hated him being sold into Egypt don't you think he was a bit afraid there I think he was but he got on his knees right there in that little cage that had been put in and he rededicated his life to God It's a God I'm afraid but I'm going to be faithful to you and he was afraid when he was thrown into prison for doing nothing wrong after part of his wife blamed him right there is nothing with being afraid but what does your fear do to you. Because year in in 1st John $418.00 the sort of fear that we should not have is one that blinds our eyes of God's love for us. We forget we forget about his love we forget about the cross we forget about his goodness we forget all the blessings that he showered upon us just like the Israelites you know they came out of Egypt they they saw the 10 plagues they saw the Red Sea part before them and then they get to this place where they're thirsty and they find this water and it's bitter and they can't drink it and they get so angry at Moses and they said oh you and God You brought us out here to die they were blinded they forgot how much God loved the. The trials just like the disciples blind that there are ice to make them have a twisted thinking of who God was even though they've been walking with Jesus sleeping with him and hearing him and seeing what he's been doing they forgot it blinded them and so. What does fear do to you what does stress do to you what do trials and temptations do to you Are you tempted to go I've had enough of this no one appreciates me want to walk off what does that do to you Do you blame God do you get upset people to blow up what is fear due to you and so that's why Jesus asked them why are you soul afraid because that fear blinded the love that Jesus had for. And you know what. Fear is opposite to love friends and that's what 1st John 418 was saying and when that happens it affects our faith Galatians chapter 5 in verse 6 the Bible says this for in Jesus Christ neither circumcision avail if anything nor uncircumcision but faith and this is the key part but of faith which works by what by love so if you have the understanding of God's love for you you will have faith and your the fear is opposite of faith that's why they don't go together. If you have fear but you still hold on to God and you have faith perfect love will cast out that fear it won't twist your thinking about who God is but when we begin to doubt God's love for us well that's where it begins to affect our faith you see that and so when Jesus was asking these 2 questions they will really want it was connected Why are you so fearful Why is it that you have no faith why is it that your fear made you the think I don't care about you why faith that God cared for them faith that Jesus had ordained them to preach the Gospel and to be a blessing to the whole world and God was not about to let them lose their life in a storm especially with Jesus there as well he hadn't even finished his mission yet even though he was asleep and so jesus asks us today where is your faith how come such small trials sweep you away so you failed your exam. So you've been locked down. If you know what I mean. Why is it that you have so little faith so you a little bit hungry maybe so for some of us it's good to fast even right. But why is it that we have so little faith or to some Why is it that you have no faith where has it gone look at how the Bible describes the wicked you know it's very interesting in Isaiah 57 verse 20 and 21 why we talk about the wicked you'll see the description that we have of the Bible talks about here about that we can look at this as they are 5720 to 21 but the wicked are like the troubled sea. When it cannot rest whose waters cast that mire and dirt there is no peace saith my God to the wicked you know the wicked are like what a troubled see they just tossed to and fro and they have no peace they like troubled waters. What this text is not saying is that the wicked have no peace because bad things happen to the wicked is not that their troubled waters in terms of the winds blowing on them and they're troubled in their whole life no is not saying that the people that are not we could the righteous they will have peaceful life nothing bad will happen to them No that's not what it's talking about what it's describing here look at this it is describing their heart. There is no peace in their hearts they're constantly fearful and when small things happen to them it's stir up their hearts and their lives and their mind is like the raging see that has no peace is just told here and there and they can't think they can't sleep they get stressed over small things. That we can all like that do you see that and so small things happen to them but to them it's a really big thing and they react so negatively do you see that. How we react over such small things in our lives isn't it God why didn't my friends invite me to their house to eat when everyone else went God why didn't my friends invite me to their birthday party small things God why is it that you didn't bless me and give me good grades even though I studied so hard you didn't give me an a God don't you care God Why do you give me a flat tire on the way to work this morning I was late oh my God was going to angry at me and now he's probably not going to give me a pay raise God don't you care. Nothing to do with perishing so often it's the small things in life even that make us doubt God's love for us and even as you realize it now as you sitting there this evening you realize that maybe your life is more in line with the wicked than with the righteous their hearts are like a troubled waters they have no peace you know even at least the disciples they had a semblance of a reason to be angry. They were about to lose their life I mean some of them were fishermen they grew up on the sea and yet they were scared you know they weren't coming I wrote I hate people I've been through this before you know Peter James John and they should've said hey we've been through this before just just you pull here and you pull there and Ok let's let's let out the hose and pull pull out the water I don't know but no all of them were scared at least they would have had a had a reason because they were about to die. But too often we lose our faith over something really so small isn't it. You know in Romans Chapter 5 Verse one the Bible says this therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God we have what. We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ friends according to this text how can we have peace with God We must be justified by faith we got to learn to live a life of faith it's not that we'll have peace and nothing bad will happen to us and you know our life will just be like a better roses everything that will just fall into line everything will just be perfect no just look at the Bible just look at those who lived a life of faith able died. Nor was mocked. To see the look of Paul when he lived a life of faith he was in prison. But in prison he had peace you understand or look at job when he lived a perfect sinless life God was alone that declared him perfect he was justified by faith for sure. And look at what happened he lost his wealth he lost his kids he lost his health and he had a unsupportive wife just curse God and die and friends that would come and say What are you doing job what did you do wrong. Righteous man justified by faith he didn't have a peaceful life but he had peace and here that he could say in job 1315 though you slay me yet will I trust you following God is not to have a life of peace you understand that but no matter what happens around you you can have peace in here there might be a storm howling and raging and you can be like Jesus sleeping in the store. You see that you can have peace it's not that nothing bad will happen but that you can still rest well and sleep well at night. Even though all these things are happening the wicked are the ones. Their lives are like just the sea that is just tossed to and fro It's like Troubled Water. They have no peace but if you are justified by faith if you are living a life of faith and God leads you in that path and you know him and you know his guidance and is leading in his Providence even though something bad happens you can rest well at night. You can have peace that even though the circumstances seem so for bidding you know that you are in the right place at the right time and God even is right there with you you don't have to fret you don't to be stressed you know to run around in circles chasing your tail wondering God what am I going to do what shall I do what shall I do you can know that God is right there with you. So coming back to the disciples you know Jesus was showing that they still had a lot of room to grow grow in faith grow in love grow in trust towards Christ and His leaving after all it was Jesus that asked them to get into the boat and go over to the other side but they forgot Christ's words in the midst of that storm they forgot that Christ's command was also a promise the fact that he said let's go to the other side they would make it to the other side you see that all his commands are promises all his buildings are enabling So it's the very power that helped us to do it and so the fact that Christ said let's go over to the other side it was a promise enough that they would get there but it was a storm. That blinded their eyes and made them forget but let's finish this off shall we march up to 4 verse $41.00 they feared and they feared exceedingly and said one to another what manner of man is this that even the wind and the sea obey him. You know the Bible says that they feared exceedingly It's not that they were afraid that word fear there means they were in or of him. They were made by their master they were inspired. Jesus was trying to strengthen their faith show them you show you've got to trust me I can control the wind and the sea in the storm you've got nothing to be afraid of and today friends the story comes down to us here in 2021 and when you read the Scriptures. You got to learn to fear God we must to learn to be an all of him and understand the sort of power that God has at his disposal in his word and we got to learn to trust that God will lead you through what ever trial that you're going through and maybe it's not the taking away of the trial but that he'll give you the strength to get through it today God is looking for a group of people described in Revelation Chapter 14 verse 12 here is the patience of the saints Why do they have patience they have patience to endure the trials that they're going through right now instead of being tempted to blame God Here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and have what the faith of Jesus the faith that they have is the same as Christ's it is jesus faith they know that God loves them even when they're going through a cross experience they know that God is even there even though he's shrouded in a dark cloud they know because they have the faith of Jesus. To get through even the most for building circumstances and friends this must be our experience because the Bible tells us one day there is going to be a time of trouble such as never was such as the world has never ever seen or experienced worse than this pandemic and this lockdown and whatever you have gone through all added together worse than losing a loved one from this covert disease worse than the loss of your own health and life and the loss of your job the loss of your scholarship whatever trial you can think of the Bible says that there is going to be a trial so bad that even in Matthew $24.00 The Bible says this in verse 22 that except those days speaking about the future except those days should be shortened there should be no Fletch be saved but for the Lek sake those days shall be shortened so there is coming a time where this trouble was so bad that God has to intentionally shorten it or else everybody righteous will die so friends whatever trial you're facing today whatever you're going through I'm not asking you to suck it up and just ignore it all just man up and be better from it no what I want you to do this evening is allow your experience of what you're going through to be something that you will look at in the mirror in which you can reflect upon and for it to help you to see the condition of your spiritual life of your faith and your walk with Jesus. Do you have any faith. Or does that question apply to you this evening why is it that you have no faith do you have his patience do you have the faith of Jesus and maybe even as you sitting here this evening as you're listening to the sermon. You know the answer to that question and maybe you know that you need to come up higher not higher in standards higher in your walk with Jesus. To allow God to shine faith into your life. To shine His word. That today you'll make that decision to say God I want to surrender to you please come into my heart take full control. And you're willing to give him everything you just got to be willing to say with me today Jesus I accept you as Lord of my life I surrender to you my life police come in today and take full control are you willing to say that with me this evening friends I hope so as I pray you probably mean your hearts that you would be willing that you would be willing to even be made willing as well let us by our heads Father in Heaven Lord I know that you never force us you're always waiting for us to make that decision Lord your always ready always in even sometimes when we cry out soon the wrong man in your grace you still respond thank you Lord Father we want to recommit our life to you here this evening we want to surrender our life to you we want to open the door of our hearts to you we want to ask that you would please come in and take full control Lord please help us because we cannot help ourselves please Lord fill hearts with your love fill our hearts with your Holy Spirit fill our hearts with your word and help us this evening even on the Sabbath hours to spend even more time in your word that you would write your law in our hearts that you would please come and well in our hearts today. And fill a heart so full with your spirits that there be no room for the devil and his angels and this will please Lord commune with us this day draws closer to the i breast help us oh lord to walk with you as you know beautiful. That as an asst. We pray in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons pleading visit w w w audio verse or.


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