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Can Faith Be Rational?: Maj’s Journey

Maj Oblak
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A lapsed Slovenian Catholic, Maj was a darwinist, who struggled with the questions of pain and suffering and the purpose of life. A casual recommendation from a friend opens the way for a meticulous search for answers.


  • January 11, 2019
    10:00 AM


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If you told me 10 years ago that this easygoing gliding through life kind of guy who believed in Darwinian evolution and verily believe in God existed. Who would later become a Bible based Christian and be baptized in a freezing mountain lake I was all you know in no way don't believe a word of it. My name is my own block I was born into a Catholic family albeit a nominal one so I was baptized at the age of 2 at the age of 7 I received my 1st communion after going to Sunday school for about a year. But since nobody encouraged me to go on from there that's what I call it in stock Ice Cube grew up with Catholic traditions though such as crossing oneself before a meal not eating meat on Good Friday. I always believed there was someone above us that this life was not all there was. But I didn't have any good reasons for believing that my reasons were actually soley based on emotions it was an emotional response to people dying. To the meaningless lives of life if it's death and and. Going through school we were taught that Darwinian evolution was the paradigm of life but this drew me away from faith because we were led to believe that everything even our origins can be explained without invoking God. Well sure we've got injustice in life we've got pain and suffering but life live is a grim picture the best thing to do was just to stop thinking about it ever there is no God It's pointless just amuse yourself go to the movies do whatever you have to do to stop thinking about that your life is eventually going to end if he doesn't exist. Then there is no strict moral code in life till I could be for myself what was wrong and what was right I could see it myself in one instance I can love something and in another instance I could condemn it basically because above us only sky. My view of life the best resonate with the words of that flowed when he said nobody understands quite why we're here searching for answers that never appear and another. It's been such a long time since I knew right from wrong it's all a means to an end I I keep it moving along. Then as the movie industry and one of the quotes which stood out above all the rest was that of a fictional character called Agent Smith. He would say your life has taught me the purpose of all life. Purpose of Life is to end now and never was a suicidal person don't get me wrong but what part of this statement because I disagree with if we are born into a meaningless life where the only thing there was bound to happen to everyone was there. Well there was the answer to all the philosophical dilemma. Or so I thought at that time. Of all the subjects in school I always preferred the natural sciences over the humanity we had a very interesting chemistry teacher who would engages in logical thinking during his classes so I can ally chemistry back then so that's why I applied for pharmacy later on. When I was about halfway through the university I had a I had a chat with with one of my friends he would give me a link to a lecture titled 100 reasons why evolution was stupid because we had an argument about whether evolution was right whether it was trying to figure not and he would argue that it wasn't and finally he gave me this link by a Baptist Southern Baptist preacher. And when I read the title I would I would say to myself what what screwhead would be dumb enough to attack one of the most revered scientific theories. Are there Ok. I always love me some challenge so let's hear it out. Turn I was wrong it wasn't crazy at all. It was eye opening. So for the next year or so I would. I would listen to both sides of this debate over the controversy. I would read countless articles I would listen to home to scientists the philosophers to philosophers of science. And I came to a conclusion that it really was just a made up story it was not supported by scientific facts but rather just a wishful thinking now I was confronted with the evidence based argument that got not only exists but created universe created the earth created a few moments. And so. I had no other choice but to declare myself a believer in God. My next step in this long journey was again methodical I looked to Hinduism. To many gods I thought. Then I turned to Islam the Qur'an actually accept the validity of the Bible so in any case you could read the Bible even though you wanted to study the Qur'an. But one thing that. Sort of convinced me was that the Qur'an and the Bible disagree on a vital point and as it varies the crucifixion of Jesus by this event the Jesus died on the cross is one of the well established facts of the literature of antiquity so it was quite a big hit in my opinion for the validity of Koran So what about the Bible I thought. Well firstly I was confronted with. The empty tomb of Jesus. His post-mortem appearances and the transformation of his disciples who claimed to have seen the reason Lord and after careful study of these historical facts I came to the conclusion that the best explanation was there God raised Jesus from the dead and Jesus Himself. He didn't seem to me as a liar or a lunatic. When you read his life story though those 3 and a half years when he ministered to the world. He could see that whatever he taught he also practiced himself he was humble but he was firm. So. I was just kept evaded by his character. Then I found out about Bible prophecy specific statements written hundreds of years in advance before they were fulfilled and many of these prophecies were fulfilled by this Jesus of Nazareth I have not come across any other book that would have statements so specific written even thousands of years before the actual event happened and this sort of cemented my belief in the Bible as being the Word of God and. That it was able to predict the future and so I came to accept Jesus as my Savior. I found my Lord and My God I could not hold back. The joy that had built up within me. But even though I stated it and I believed it I still needed some time to to. To build up my trust in him from here on I got more and more confused about certain Bible passages and that is because every preacher every speaker would just explain it in their own way it would just like passing one belief or another in oh it was a mess but the turning point was when I started listening to preachers like The Bachelor and The difference was that they backed everything they preached from the Bible so whenever I would check what they were saying I always found out it was spot on the Bible there was a turning point for me then one day I came across Doug's lecture about the Lord's day being the Sabbath I had to see that lecture I mean who in his right mind would still. Observe the Old Testament Jewish holiday so I thought to myself let's have some fun I've seen some strange sermons and why not add another one to the pile of nonsense I've I've listened to so far. But again. Doug used the Bible and the Bible alone to show that the 7th day of the week the Sabbath was the true Lord's day from cover to cover. And it surprised me that there are still Christians today that the 7th day sabbath that got me thinking if Saturday is the Lord's day. Then. Then only the Sabbath keepers keep all the 10 Commandments of God because the 4th Commandment says to keep holy the Sabbath day which is the 7th day of the week every Saturday. So I I wanted to know what church Dirk battler belong to and it turned out he was a 7th Day Adventist one day I googled Adventists the cell made me just literally like that which translated means 7th Day Adventists and to my surprise I found out that their world dentist in Slovenia. There was actually a church in new piano so on March 24th 2012 I walked into an Adventist Church for the 1st time. I was eager to see where their mass was like I love the program. The people who are normal. So from that point on I attended the Sabbath service. Every Sabbath and I study the Bible and I grew in the knowledge of the Biblical truth so half a year later on the 27th of September 2012 I was ready for a proper baptism this time. I was baptized in Lake blocking. It hit $13.00 degrees Celsius which is about $56.00 degrees Fahrenheit in September of last year. But it wasn't cold for me. It was a new birth I remember every day. After becoming Christians I realized there was much more in life then earning. An education having a good time. Having a good job. I woke up to a new reality which added another dimension to my life it made it richer it made it more satisfying intellectually. With the God My life has meaning. With God every human being has value. Today my esper ation is to help other people experience what I have experience to gain a world view that makes sense not just. For the heart not just for the mind but also for the body and for the soul. I have much to learn still and I have much to discover by continuing in my studies of the Bible I have not yet arrived my journey goes on but. When I look back I am amazed at all the transformations that have happened in my life and at the Providence of that has brought me this far.


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