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Jesus’ Encounter with Blind Bartimaeus

Benjamin Ng
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  • May 7, 2021
    8:25 PM
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Father in heaven, thank you so much. Once again for this time that we can come and study your word, what a privilege it is to be to open these words that we have straight from the throne room of god. But lord, please help us to understand these words because it was your spirit that inspired it. Will you please send him to us to be our teacher and our guide? And I pray that you please lead us into all truth. We pray in jesus' name. Have men well, the title of our study for this evening as we are still going through encounters with jesus. This time it is his encounter with a blind man. His name is bottom, may us blind bartimaeus. And when this thought with our 1st tax there in matthew 20 and verse 29, and as they departed from jericho, a great multitude followed him. Jesus, he's leaving from jericho, and many people are following him. Many people are thronging him. He is famous and we know this already, people go wherever he goes. They just want to be in his presence and there's a large crowd as he's leaving from jericho, a large crowd is following him. And let's continue reading in verse 30 and behold. 2 blind men sitting by the wayside when they heard that jesus passed by, cried out saying, have mercy on us. Oh lord, thou son of david here, there are 2 blind men sitting by the wayside by the roadside and they cry out to jesus. And you know, what's very interesting here, the bible here in matthew states that there are actually 2 blind men. However, when you look at the other gospels, because this is the only place that it mentions it. And this is only found in 3 of the 4 gospels, matthew, mark, luke, but in the other 2, it only mentions one. Look at this, luke 1835. And it came to pass that he was come nigh unto jericho. A certain blind man sat by the wayside begging. Now friends, why is it? Why is it that it seems that the details seem to contradict? I mean, this is the reason why some people say, well, the bible is not inspired because the, you know, matthew got it wrong or luke got it wrong and they don't even agree with each other. While it could simply mean that just simply one stood out more than the other. All that matthew chose to focus on too, while mark and luc chose to focus on only one of them. And we see this even in the story that jesus encountered with a demoniac by the god reasons we studied this in the past before. But if you look at luke chapter 8 and verse 27, look at this. This is different. Encounter a different story and it seems the details are different as well. And when he jesus went forth to land, then met him out of the city, a certain man which had devils, long time, and where no clothes, neither abode in any house. But in the tombs, so it seems like in this there's only one man that is possessed with an evil spirit, isn't it? But then you go to a different passage of scripture talking about the same story. Matthew h 28. And when he was come to the other side to the country of the ga, ga, seems there met him to possessed with devils coming out of the tombs exceeding fierce so that No man might pass by that way. So here we see 2 men in the other story we only see one look probably focused on the one that appeared more maybe furious or angry or that was in front and he ran off, but matthew, he saw 2 of them. And that's why friends, it's important to read all the different gospels and all the versions, because sometimes you get details that are mentioned here in matthew that might not be mentioned in mark or luke, or even john. And so it's important to have what we call the harmony of the gospels, is not that the details contradict each other in such a way. But it's just maybe matthew chose to focus on to and mock and look. Only chose to focus on one. And in this story about the blind man will be jumping between the 3 gospels, matthew, mark, and luke. And we actually have the name of one of the blind man. And you can probably guess who it is because it's part of our title. It's blind bartimaeus and we actually see this in mark chapter 10 and verse 46. The bible says this and they came to jericho. And as he went out of jericho with his disciples and a great number of people, blind bartimaeus, the son of to May is set by the highway side begging. So his name is bonham s, and the only reason why we know is because it's found here in the gospel of mark in the other tucson to 2 books. We don't even know his name, but anyways, bartimaeus is blind and he's sitting by the roadside and he's begging for a living. There's nothing else that he can do. He's trying to support himself so that he can still eat and survive and have a roof over his head. But how does he hear about jesus? Let's go over to luke chapter 18 now and verse 36. And hearing the multitude pass by, he asked what it meant, so the crowd that passing along with jesus and this, this great noise and great commotion is not something that happens every day. Jesus is famous, there's lots of people from him, and there is just a lot of talk. And so bottom is, he's asking, what's going on? What's happening is this is not an event that happens every day. You know, ha ha, how, how is it that, that such a loud crowd? Well, maybe he's thinking, okay, this is my opportunity to earn a bit more money, right. So he's begging, he's asking for money, right? He's asking, what's going on? How does the crowd respond? Look at luke chapter $18.00 and verse $37.00. And they told him that jesus of nazareth passeth by jesus of who or where nazareth is passing by. No one that special to them is just jesus who is from nazareth. Maybe though the people recognized him as a prophet at the very most, but jesus of nazareth, there was no one special that was to come from nazareth. You know when, when the disciples, before the ever became disciples. When they heard that jesus was from nazareth, one of them said, what can any good thing come out of nazareth is not only was there No prophecy in the bible regarding nazareth, but that nazareth was known to be the most wicked of all cities or one of the most wicked, that's why they said can any good thing come out of nazareth? Are you sure to save us coming from nazareth? And so the people that they recognise jesus just jesus of nazareth they were following jesus. But you know, the reason why they were such a large crowd was maybe that they were just curious. Oh, what's this large crowd coming by? Maybe they're just following along in the way. Maybe they're just joining because they knew jesus. But they knew that he was a miracle worker. They wanted to know or see another miracle. They were just curious. Maybe they just want a need where they knew that the jesus was famous and they wanted to be associated with someone that is famous. But from this response, jesus of nazareth, you can see that they haven't accepted him as the messiah maybe of prophets. So they just tell the blind man, no, it's just jesus of nazareth. Now let's go to different text. And you'll notice something very interesting. Because when the people tell but to me is, oh it's jesus of nazareth that's passing by. How does bartimaeus respond? Matthew chapter 10 and verse 47. And when he heard it that it was jesus of nazareth, he began to cry out and say, jesus, thou, son of david, have mercy on me. Isn't that interesting? When bottom may is here is that it's jesus of nazareth. He calls out what he says, what jesus thou son of whom david, have mercy on me. Box me? Yes, he can't see jesus. All he has done is heard of him right. And he hears that jesus of nazareth, and by this time he must have been famous. But barton this. He recognizes him as not just any ordinary person, but in jesus he sees some one that is more than just a normal human being. He recognizes jesus as ancestry, he calls him the son of david friends. This is strictly used as a title for the BAS fire. In matthew chapter one and verse one, the bible says this, the book of the generation of jesus christ, the son of david, the son of abraham. And look that when jesus christ that what christ is not his last name, like my name is Benjamin own. And his name is jesus christ. That word christ, there means the messiah, the anointed one. And so the lineage show of the messiah would come through the part of me messiah would come through the lineage of king david. And so blind bartimaeus. She recognizes he sees something in christ jesus that no one else sees. He calls him the messiah. Yes, poor old blind but to me as he cannot see. But yet he has foresight, spiritual foresight. And one of blessing it is, you know, some of us we can see very much so, but we are spiritually line. And you know, all these people, they've been shooting the wood of jesus, they've been following jesus around wherever he's been going. Some of these that they've seen, maybe more than just one miracle. They are there, they can see with their own eyes. And there isn't this large crowd around jesus just for no good reason. And yet, even though he's done all these good works, even though she's so famous, even though he's attracted so much and even though he's spoken such powerful words that has convicted people yet so many of them still had not accepted him as the messiah. But now, but to me, as he hears about jesus through other people, maybe people have been telling him what had been going on. He probably heard about the miraculous feelings. And here's all of this. His face is quickened and he shouts out, jesus, not of nazareth, but jesus, thou, son of david. And you know, friends is not just a spur of the moment. You know, I don't thing, but to me it was just oh, calling just anybody who pass by that way in the hope that maybe all this guy thinks on the messiah. Let me give him some money. You know, I don't think the blind bartimaeus was trying to attract attention. And so he called out to jesus, well, son of david, just so that everyone would stop and give him some money. But that's probably what people were thinking. You see? That's probably the reason why she's crying out. That's what the thinking. Yeah, he's just trying to attract attention because he was on the side of the road and his purpose was to beg. He wasn't trying to get healed. He was just trying to make a living. And so maybe people were thinking that but no blind bartimaeus was not trying to attract attention. He truly recognised in jesus the messiah, the son of david. You know what is bought to me as asking for when you go back and look at matthew 1047 at the end he says, jesus, the son of david, have mercy on me. You know, he's asking for mercy. Maybe he wasn't blind before, but maybe it was something that he did that that, that brought this blindness upon him and in his life. And he was living in all this regret and shame it. And he cries out to jesus, he cries out to christ, not just to heal him 1st. He is asking for forgiveness of sin. He's asking for mercy. And you know many times you don't realize how important it is friends to have the healing of the heart. Rather than a physical healing, we need that spiritual healing inside of us. And you know, many people desire this. There are many people that have been struck down with disease that disaster or trouble or problems have come into life. And it's not because of, of just the misfortune and the devil, but it's because of something they did is because of their own actions. Maybe they were selfish. Maybe they were angry. Maybe they did something. And in the spur of the moment, all their emotions burst out and then they lift a regret at the rest of their lives. We see this in this other healing that jesus performed than this man who was lame. He was a cripple and need to be carried by his 4 friends. We see this in mark chapter 2 of us 5. When jesus saw the faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, son, thy sins be forgiven thee. You see, the paralytic was forgiven 1st before if he was a healed from his physical malady. And there are many people out there that you'd be surprised. They are sick, but the reason why they're sick is because they're carrying a very heavy burden upon their hearts. Do you know that research shows that 9 out of 10 diseases begin in the mind that you're not actually sick, but you think you're sick and the more you think it, the more likely you actually become sick friends, there needs to be an adjustment and button may if he was asking for mercy, he was asking for god's forgiving grace. He was asking for a healing force in his heart than in his mind, a spiritual healing, some thing more than just a physical healing which maybe there are many of us here today that might need it because you know might not be blind. You might not be a cripple, but you might be carrying a very heavy burden around with you that nobody knows. But jesus dos, but anyways, as bottomless. He's crying out. He's crying out to jesus now son of david, how does the crowd react to his shouting and his calling out to christ? Let's go back to the story. Math each 20 and verse $31.00. And the multitude rebuked them because they should hold their peace. But they cried them all, think have mercy on us. Oh lord, thou son of david, they rebuke them because there was more than one of the remember, but there rebuking bought to me as just be quiet. Just be quiet. Stop crying out, you know, I guess it was making a scene. I don't know, maybe it was really noisy, but botanist was so desperate. His cry was above everybody else. Look, he must have had a train vocal organs he could see. And so his other senses were hayton, and so he had to make sure that he would get the attention of christ. He is crying above all the babble of the crowd and you know, when something just jumps out in terms of sound, everybody then just get silent. And they think that that bottom is, is just causing trouble that he's trying to attract attention. Remember, he just wants more money and they're just trying to sham. Be quiet. Be quiet bottom yes. Just be quiet while you disturbing us. Maybe the embarrassed by his actions and just wanted to quietly him down. But he's persistent. Blind, bartimaeus will not be silenced. He cries out, even more calling on jesus, calling out the messiah. You know, he will not be silenced by the crowd. He is desperate. He's in need. He wants to see again. And you know, friends, there's something here that we can learn from bottom base even before he's healed. In a friends, it's important to be persistent. It's important to when we call out on christ, not just to call out once. Oh Jesus didn't hear me. All right, well I'll just be silent. No friends. It's important to be persistent in prayer to ask and to continue to ask god for help. It's not that jesus doesn't want to help us, but it's sometimes that we lack faith to cry out to God. Do you know that sometimes we're half hearted because we're not sure about who god is and we're not sure if you really helpless or not. So we clout, once, god doesn't reply and we just throw our hands up and we just give up. But friends, what's interesting is sometimes those in church, those are professed followers of christ. They are the ones that tell you to be quiet. Oh, what's the use stuff just to stop praying, you know, that's enough. You know. Yeah, yeah, I heard you or maybe they'll say I heard i've prayed that pray before i've prayed that pray before it doesn't work. You know, what are you doing? Just be quiet. It's ok, just do something else, you know, and maybe sometimes it's other people that hold you back. And this is why we need that persistence friends. This is why we need that phase to push us through belief in god that he will answer our prayers and helpless. Many times we lack faith in god's ability to hear an answer, isn't it? And so we just end up stopping. Or sometimes we just don't want it bad enough. But how does jesus respond to the cries of bots, a mass look at us. Mark chapter 10 and verse 49. And jesus stood still and commanded him to be called. And they called the blind man saying unto him, be of good comforts rice. He call if the jesus hears his cry and calls for him to come over and look at how he responds in mark chapter 10 and verse 50. And he casting away his garment, rose and came to jesus. You know, friends, it's very interesting that mock is the only one that records this act that bought to me as das. He casts away his garment and then only he gets up and goes to jesus. You know, friends, what does that garment represents that we have to in a sense, cast away while let's go to another bible text in isaiah chapter 64 and verse 6. The bible tells us this, but we are all as an unclean thing and all our righteousness are as filthy rags. And we all do fate of the leaf and our iniquities, like the wind have taken us away. You know, friends, what does that garment represent? It represents our own righteousness, our own deeds that is trying to make us to see again, to heal ourselves. You know, we have all these solutions to problems and they are only temporary solutions. Do you remember in the garden of eden when adam and eve sinned? What did they do? Their eyes were opened, they realized that they were naked. And what did they do? They went and got some leaves, some fig leaves, and sewed them together and made themselves clothing. And that clothing we definitely know for sure. Those fig lease will only temporary cause leaves do not last long. They do not make good clothing. It was only a temporary fix. And that's the thing, friends. Many of us, we have this temporary solution to our problems. And if we want jesus to help us, if we want his help, we have to put aside all the things that we think we can do to help ourselves. We got to recognize that nothing good that we can do to be saved. Christ is, are all sufficient feet. We've got to put aside our pride would have put aside our, our own works of righteousness. We're going to put aside all the successes that we've had in this world that have made us worldly successful. But yet was still empty inside. And this has to happen before we will get up and go to christ for his self view. Know that it has to happen in our hearts and minds to realize that only jesus can help us. And let's continue reading mark chapter 10, versus 51 to 52. And jesus answered and said unto him, what wilt thou, that I should do unto thee? The blind man saddened him, lord, that I might receive my sites. And jesus said to him, go die way thy faith has made the whole. And immediately he received his site and follow jesus in the way you see jesus would end up healing, but to me as of his blindness. And jesus said, it was his faith that made him whole. It was the faith of bots amiss. Faith in what fence faith to still cry out to christ. Even when everyone else around him was telling him to shop and be quiet faith in jesus that he could heal him. When everyone told him that he was only a person from nazareth, not someone really that Well known, not someone that could really help. It was just jesus of nazareth, but bought me as she had the I of faith that saw beyond what everyone else saw. And he saw the messiah, the savior, jesus christ. Do you see that friends? We have to have the I of faith. We have to learn to live by faith if we wish to be healed to day as well. You know, friends, where do we see this face demonstrated in the story? Before we go and look at the story again, I want to give you this, this question jet that jesus asks us. And this story that, that precedes it that lines up totally with what the point of this story is to day that we're trying to make. It's found in luke luke chapter 18 and verse 8. The bible says this, I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth. You see, this is the conclusion of the parable that jesus tells in luke chapter 18 and we went right to her fate. But I want to read to you versus one to 7 because jesus us a question of the under. When I come, will I find faith? Will I find people with faith? Will I find a person like bottom a us whose faith had made him whole? Well, let's go back to look now and read verses one to 7. And he speak a parable and to them to this end that men ought always to pray and not to faint. Saying there was in a city a judge which feared not god, neither regarded man. And there was a widow in that city, and she came unto him saying, a venge me of mine adversary. And he would not for awhile, but after what he said within himself, do I fear not god, nor regard men, yet because this widow trouble of me. I will venture less by her continual coming. She will re me and the Lord said, hear what the unjust judge sayeth, and shall not god adventures own elect, which cried day and night unto him. Though he bear long with them. And the conclusion of this parable, the story that jesus gives is at the end he asks, will he find faith when he comes? You see the story is about this judge. He doesn't fear god, he doesn't even care about man. But this widow, this woman, was coming to him every single day, asking for the same thing of venge me of my enemy, avenge me of my enemy every day. She wouldn't miss a day. She wouldn't skip a beat. She was at his door knocking every day. He wanted help, she wanted help brother. And she was just bothering this man and he could just not get any peace. And maybe he pretended not to be home, but she would cry out, judge judge helped me avenge me on my adversary. And finally, he just got tired of it. He said, I'm just going to do it. Not because I like you, not because I really care about your request is just that you can stop troubling me. And now look, jesus is that judge, but he is not this unjust judge who gets tired of hearing our cries and our prayers know, jesus is so much better than this judge. He cares and loves us so much more. He cares about the cry that we cry out to him. And so what is the point of this story? It's not about the judge, but it's about the woman you see in the bible. A woman represents a church. Ephesians 5 verse 25 husbands love your wife. As christ loved the church, you see a woman represents a church and so the church is coming. And what is the the lesson that we're learning from this parable that jesus gives its persistence in prayer. Continual asking until we get an answer. You know this woman, she was shameless, she would just keep asking every single day. And friends we got to get to that point where we learned to be persistent in prayer each and every day. Hope friend, we got to learn to continue to ask god until he gives us an answer in friends. Why is it So important for us to keep asking, why does god look for that in each and every one of us? What's the importance of persistence? prayer. Why? Because it shows how bad we really want it. It shows how much we desire it. It shows our faith and how much we believe that god wants us to have this prayer onset. You see it shows more about inside our hearts than it does anything with god look. Do you think that god, he has us when we pray? Just one time. Of course he does. Has he answered when we've prayed one time before? Yes. Yes. Joshua crowd to the fun, fun stand still, the sun stood still. There are people that have prayed and it just happened. They didn't have to pray many times more than once. But then there are other situations in the bible that you read off that people prayed multiple times take for example, elijah, you know, elijah prayed once and the thought raining. But in order for the rain to come again, how many times did elijah have to pray? Do you know he had to pray 7 times? 7 times? I mean, why did olaja have to pray? 7 times you would have thought. And the funny thing is that god came to olaja and told olaja, elijah, go show you such a hand. I'm gonna send rein on the earth. He told him it's gonna rain. But why is it that even on god's promise, even though god said it would happen, why did it take 7 times of prayer, elijah, praying and pleading and asking god to send the rain. Why did he have to pray? 7 times is not because god was happy to see olaja kneeling there and grovelling on the ground and to keep asking. But god was testing his face. Maybe maybe he was testing it to see whether elijah really believed his word on whether he believed that he was really going to said ray because it had not rain for 3 and a half years. But he was testing the face of elijah. Yes. Even in situations where you might come out victorious and you, it seems like this man definitely has great faith, you know a lot just called down fire from heaven. One prayer fire came down. And now you gotta pray 7 times. Just to get re friends. How many times do you pray? How many times and persistence are you in prayer today? How often do you pray for the purpose that you have asked? Or do you forget it? Or do you give up to easy on god you give the give up when? When things don't go the way that you asked for how you prayed for it. How about she? What's your prayer life like new just pray once and you expect god, god, you better answer if not. Oh well, you didn't want me to habits. If olaja had thought that rain would have never come, he would have given up on god's promises. We get to this point sometimes you just think, oh God, he gave me an answer. You said no. But bottom as he really wanted to be. He'll do, you know, that he really wanted to be healed. And so he kept asking, even though people told him to be quiet, he shouted out, even loud jesus, thou son of david, have mercy on me! He cried out. He was persistent. He desired to be healed. So badly, and so that's why he was persisted in asking and asking and wanting it. He could have asked for a $1000000.00 to, to retire for the rest of his life, and then he'd be happy, but no, he wanted his eyesight, so he could go and walk and make an honest living a sort of begging He wanted to be healed. And you too often france, our prayers aren't very urgent. They're not that passionate. And we ask god for help. And when you doesn't, we just make it, make our own plans and even sometimes it's in direct contradiction to god's will. The friends, how important is the Salvation of your family? How much do you pray for them? How about the sickness of a loved one? Are you into seeding for the money you? Are you persistence in prayer? How desperate all we do, we cry out to God and ask, god, help me, help me, help me All we just pray once and we think our duty done and we just pat pat our hands off the dust and we just move on. Many of us we give up too easily. We're not persistent. We're not continual in prayer. And you know, friends, we've been having this united prayer now for a few months already and you know, the past 2 sundays, i was often i took a break, but you know, I heard the numbers are dwindling and sometimes is very difficult. Is difficult. We, we find it hard to be persistent in prayer because I'm just praying for the same thing. Same thing. And we just find it so difficult to sweat fully to God. And just keep asking and keep asking. All we tell ourselves, god knows why pray write as if we need to grow. No, it isn't friends. God has a reason for this. He is testing our faith and this evening he wants to see how desperate you are. The ones that have changed heart. How desperate are you to see jesus face to face? How urgent is it for you to hasten his coming? You know, these are things that we certainly know that god wants us to have a changed heart to be filled with his spirit. And yes, friends, we got to not stop praying, we got to keep asking for this. And many of us we don't receive because we don't ask. And yet others will like what james says here in james chapter 4 and the 3 the Lord said he'll what part of me I didn't change the text there. But in james chapter foreign book 3, the bible says, and ye ask and receive not because you ask amiss that ye may consume it upon your lusts. Some of us were just asking for the wrong things, and so god doesn't give it at all. We're not pausing long enough for god to speak to us. You know, if we will, persistent in prayer and even with all we ask for the wrong thing, eventually god would give us an answer very clearly. But some of us were just asking wrong and we just give up. We don't see it. We don't adjust our prayers. We don't see how god really wants to to give us better things. And maybe that's reason one. So many of us have so few praises because we don't see how god is guiding our life. We don't see how he's moving in our life. We don't see the answers to our prayers. But friends this evening, I want to encourage you that if you want to see miracles, you've got to keep asking, not just once, not just twice, maybe not just even 7 times. Maybe you got to ask 10 times. Maybe you got to ask a 100 times. Friends, We got to learn to be persistence. When jesus comes back for a 2nd time, he asks the question, will I find faith on the earth? Will I find a group of people that are still pray that are still pleading that are still into seething? You know, I understand that this 3rd locked down. It's not like the others. But I'm telling you some of us, we are more free. And maybe god is telling us again today on giving you more time so that you can pray. Not just for your food, not just a short one minute prayer, but truly to plead for things that are important and to pray according to his will for the hastening of the 2nd coming. For a changed heart to be a blessing to the world. As abraham and all the PE trucks and prophets and apostles were friends. If we would pray like that, our hearts would be changed because god would answer in a very mighty way. And so this evening I want to pray that god would open our ice. Our spiritual ice to help us to see what we should pray for that truly we can learn to be persistent because we know that god wants us to have it. Let us pray, father and heaven. Lord, as we've learned from the story of but may as this evening how you want us to be persistent in prayer. Lord, please help us. Help us to be persistent. Help us not to let go. Help us lots to keep asking, help us lord, to really push forward to put you 1st and last and best in our time. Helpless, not to be shameful in asking, but lord, I pray that you would please help us to learn this important lesson. Guide us a lot too many of us are giving up so easily. I pray that you'd help us to not stop to keep praying until we see the answers, the all our press. And so father, we spend our lives against you, the police bless us. Grant us a good night's rest. Betrayed jesus. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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