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Jesus’ Encounters at the Cross

Benjamin Ng
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  • June 18, 2021
    8:25 PM
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Father in heaven, thank you so much for seeing a safely through a nother week. Thank you. Last for this time. And as we come together now we does ask for your blessing. We ask for your spirit to lead us and to guide us and help us. Oh lord, to understand your word. When you please speak to each and every one of us now fill us with your holy spirit. Lord, lead us into all truth. Especially as we look at this important encounter that jesus had at the cross. Will you please speak to each of our hearts? We pray in jesus' name? amen. So this is the 3rd part of the encounter that we'll be looking at. From the time peter went through and denied christ. The trial is over already. Jesus has been condemned. Even though he was declared innocent, but still he is resigned to be crucified on a roman cross pilot. He's washed his hands thinking that water can wash away his sins and make him clean. Not realizing that the one that was standing before him is the only one that has the ability to make his hands and his heart pure and spotless. So what happened during those last moments leading up to christ being nailed to the cross. And even while he was on the cross, what did he go through? That is so important for each and every one of us to understand to day. While before we go to the actual experience and the encounter. I want to take you to a bible passage that is related to cross bearing in matthew chapter 16 and verse 24. The bible says then said jesus unto his disciples. If any man will come off to me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. You know, friends, god does not expect us to carry the same cross that jesus carried. We're not able to carry that cross friends. That cross is too heavy for us to bear. The whole world combined is not able to carry that cross. Only christ. He was the only one that lived a spotless and perfect life. And he was the only one that was able to bear our sins on that shameful cross. But yet god tells us that we have our own cross to carry. If we want to be his disciples, we got to pick up our own cross and follow him. And so friends, you know, what christ went through, we will go through to a similar extends. I'm not saying that because christ cross is too heavy for us to bear. That we don't go through anything that he went through at all. No. The experiences that led to him being on the cross that led up to that time and even being on the cross itself. Those are similar experiences that we would go through to the cross itself. Dying for the whole world is something that we can never do ourselves. But we'll go through those similar experiences. And of course, not to the same degree that he went through. But we shouldn't expect anything less. You know, friends as we look at the cross experience, let us remember this so that we can prepare ourselves as well. First, of course there was rejection by the disciples. And they had already fled the scene before the trial. Only john, the beloved was brave enough to stand by the cross, while jesus was suffering and would eventually die there. But john, he was helpless to comfort christ that this time let's look at some different encounters that people had with christ. Surrounding that cross experience, let's now go to matthew chapter 27 versus 27 to 30, and we spend a lot of time in matthew 27 already in the early verses. But now this is regarding the cross verse 27. Then the soldiers of the governor took jesus into the common hall and gathered unto him the whole band of soldiers. And they stripped him and put on him a scarlet robe. And when they had placid, a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head and read and in his right hand. And they bowed the knee before him and mocked him saying hale king of the jews. And they spit upon him and took the reed and smote him on the head. Who is this the 1st group that we're looking at here this evening? It is the roman soldiers. They were the 1st ones to mock christ. Christ was not on the cross yet at this time. It was just after the judgment hall where pilot would finally condemn christ and wash of hands. And they would bring what a crown of thorns. They were the 1st ones to poke fun in. Him brought him a crown of thorns put it upon his head, pressed it down, hard, made those temples bleed on allow that blood to run down his face and threw his beard. And then we'll put a read in his right hand pretending that he was a king and kneel before him, mocking him pretending like he was the king of the jews. And in the bible said that they would spit in his face and hit him across the head. There was this spit running down his face, and his beard mingled with the blood that came from the top of his head with a crown of thorns were placed there. The majesty of heaven able to call upon the heavenly host an instant to destroy these wicked men from existence. But yet he bought all patiently. And this wouldn't be the last time that they would make fun of christ. Let's continue reading in luke 2336, the 37. The bible says this, and the soldiers also marked him coming to him and offering him vinegar and saying, if thou be the king of jews, save thyself. You know, even when jesus was hanging on the cross, they would come and mock him. If you are the king of the jews, why don't you come off the cross and save yourself? You know, friends, what does the bible say? In 1st peter chapter 2 and verse 20. It says for what glory is it. If when you be buffeted for your faults, you shall take it patiently. But if, when you do well and suffer for it, you take it patiently. This is acceptable with god. You know, the bible says there that if we suffer patiently and it isn't our fault that is acceptable to God. But of course if we do something wrong and we suffer as a result, we'd better take it patiently. That is our fault, isn't it? But christ, he did not do anything wrong. He was innocent. He didn't do anything to deserve to be hanging on that cross the deserved the treatment that he got from these roman soldiers. But yet he bore it's all patiently. He didn't react in a negative way. He didn't lash out back at the soldiers and say, you just wait, you just wait. When I come back, you're going to be in trouble. He didn't say any of that. He just remained silent. This was just the beginning though, france. This is the 1st group that we see here, mocking christ. Let's continue, shall we. Matthew 273-9240. And they that passed by revolved him wagging their heads and saying val that destroys the temple and build a spit in 3 days. Save myself. If thou be the son of god, come down from the cross, you know, friends, those that passed by. They were just walking along. They weren't even here to, to see christ crucified. But yes, he was a famous figure at this time already. They will probably coming for the, the feast of the possible that was happening that weekend. Many people in many jews coming from all different directions, we will coming to jerusalem there. And they're just walking by the just passing by. They weren't part of the the judgment, whole scene where, where they were calling out, crucify him! crucify him! No, there was just bystanders. They were just seeing all who are the 3 people that are hanging on this cross and behold, they see jesus. And so they wag their heads, they, they point out and you know, if you're able to destroy the temple and build it in 3 days, why don't you come down from the cross and save yourself? Come down, come down and show us something. And even in that time of excruciating pain christ he wasn't being comforted, but yet he remained silent. Satan was trying to make his life unbearable. Those last moments. He was trying to squeeze something out of christ. For while he was yet alive, he still had the chance to sin. He still had that chance to still do something wrong and come under the dominion of satan. So satan was doing all that, he could, the roman soldiers, the people that were passing by. None of their business, but yet they still cried out. Yet they still mocked him. And if jesus for a moment just flashed his glory, all these people that he had committed himself to, to bear their sins, there would be white felt from the existence of the universe in an instant. No hope left for these miserable comfort us. People mocking walking by mocking him. But let's continue. We're not done. Matthew 274-1243. Likewise also the chief priests mocking him with the scribes and elders said he saved others himself. He cannot save. If he be the king of israel, let him now come down from the cross and we will believe him. He trusted in god, let him deliver him now. If he, if he will have him for he said I am the son of god, friends who is mocking. Now the bible says they're the chief priests and scribes and the elders. I mean, after all, we would be surprised. It was not part of the group walking as they were the principal people involved in influencing the crowd in the judgment hall. What pilot was to cry out. Crucify him! crucify him and you know, friends, i guess when, when people see religious leaders mocking, when people see religious lead us, those in religious authority and positions of trust begin to mock. They get more brave as well, all those around him. And so maybe they was still influencing all those that that were around the cross to do the devil's work to mock christ, to get something out of him to make him re act just to do something to that christ woodson. But he remained silent. He remained silent when those soldiers mocked him and pressed the crown of thorns into his head. He remained silent as the people were passing by and, and calling out all you that that say you can just destroy the temple and build it in 3 days. Why don't you come down and hear the religious leaders? The chief priests, the scribes, the elders mocking at him. But even then, satan has not done yet. Let's continue. Matthew 27 and was 44. The thieves also which were crucified with him, cast the same in his teeth and reading also in luke $2339.00. And one of the male factors which were hanged, railed on him saying if thou be christ, said vi self and us even those that were in the same boat with christ, who were hanging on the cross with him. But these guys were guilty. They were guilty, one had of course, sense not to do it. He knew that he was guilty, but the other thief, he was crucified between 2 thieves. Would walk him saying if you really the son of god, save yourself and save us as well. He didn't realize that hanging then next to him was some one. So unlike himself, he, the thief was guilty and he was hanging on a roman cross because he was a criminal because of what he'd done. But jesus, he was innocent. He hadn't done anything to deserve hanging there, but even then christ would remain silent. Friends, you know, how hard is it for an innocent person to not say anything back to false accusations, to people that mock you, especially when you have the power to exact revenge. Especially if you have the power and the ability to answer all that they say it must have been so difficult for christ to hold back. Satan knew it, he knew that this was the son of god. He knew that christ had the power to destroy all these people. He knew it wasn't just a reaction of what christ might sail a murmur or complain. But he knew that if he wanted to, christ could cry out to the father and say, father, i've had enough. He could have done that. But he bore all this patiently friends, this is why we must have the face of jesus. We need his patience in times of trouble and persecution. Oh, how many of us we, we react when negative things and bad things happen to us. We react when things don't go away, but here christ is suffering all of this and it's not even his fault. But yet he's quiet. We need the faith of jesus. If we are to make it through to the end of time, you know, friends all that christ faced israel written there to remind us that if we want to follow jesus, we will face such mocking and persecution as well. Let me show you in John chapter 15 in verse 20, the bible says, remember the word that I said unto you, the servant is not greater than his lord. If they have prosecuted me, they will also prosecute you. If they have kept my saying, they will keep yours. Also. If they mocked christ, just remember that you will be marked as well. You know, friends, the choice that we have to follow jesus of the live for him is not an easy choice to make. Do you know that, I mean, starting with our own choice to and the desire to follow him just to deny ourselves and pick up the cross and to follow him is such a difficult choice that we ourselves ever have to make. Never mind factoring external influences just within our own heart, within our own mind that the choice to follow christ is such a difficult choice to make, to surrender everything to jesus, to surrender our whole heart and life to christ. And tell him that he knows better than we do, and that's it to trust him by faith. Every single word that is written in the bible is a very difficult choice to make. One of the hardest battle that we will ever have to fight. But even after that, even after you've made the decision to follow jesus to surrender your whole life to him. Satan will send people to push you into prosecute you into the haunt you and to discourage you. To make fun of you to question you to cause you to doubts and to try to make you to give up. There's across the carry. But christ has been through it all friends and he can help us. He can help us to overcome. And so when he told us to carry the cross, that's not the cross that he wants us to carry. We cannot have the patience of the saints by carrying this cross. No, but there is a cross for every single one of us to go through. But christ, he desires to give us that faith. The faith of jesus that rose above all that plus acumen, rose above all that taunting and mocking to be able to bear all of it. Patiently. That in the midst of all that we go through, we can still have joy in the midst of the stall. We can and have peace and heaven in our hearts as well. But let's look at christ a bit more and what he did on the way to the cross. And even while he was hanging on the cross amidst the all that was going on, how did he react? What was some of the other encounters that jesus had? Let's continue luke 232-7231. And there followed him a great company of people and of women which also be wailed and lamented him. But jesus turning unto then said, daughters of jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourself and for your children, for behold the days are coming in the which they shall say bless it, other baron and the wounds that never bear and the paps which never gave sock, then, shall they begin to say to the mountains, fallen us and to the hills cover us for if they do these things in a green tree. What shall be done in the dry? You know, as christ was walking to gold golfer, there were woman that was standing by weeping for him and wailing for him. They felt felt pity for him as he knew what was going to happen to him. They knew his innocence, and so in their humanity they cried out. They felt pity, petty pity for christ. And so they lamented for him. Seeing him carry that cross and fall under the burden and the blood running down his face and the spit, hanging often dripping off his beard. And yet christ, he pauses. He pauses and turns over to speak, a word of comfort to them. Words that would echo echo out in prophecy through all those that would read it in after years. He said that there would be a day coming where people would be blessed to not have children to worry about. There was going to be a prosecution on the city of jerusalem, which would make people tremble and having to flee for their lives. Little infants and babies would only weigh them down, as it began to run from the plus occasion that would take place. It would be so bad to the point where, where we told him matthew $24.00, not even one stone would be left upon another even as christ was talking or walking on the way to calvary, to the place of his execution, he would pause to give a word of comfort and prophetic wanting. Then we come to calvary, they lay him down to the cross and christ. He willingly stretches out his arms, not like the other thieves who are probably struggling and screaming away. Christ willingly lays down and stretches out his limbs, his legs, and his arms into the right position. So the soldiers can fasten him with nails to that roman cross. And while then nailing the nails those rusty nails through his palms and through his feet. What does he say? The bible says and look 2334 then said jesus, father forgive them for they know not what they do. And they parted his raymond and cast lots even in the midst of christ's agony and pain even as a whole. The roman soldiers the holding down his arms in case he would pull back in fear or in pain, even as they are about to rip through his tendons and his flesh. He offers up a prayer to his fathers that a doing to his father that is doing this cruel work of nailing him to the cross. He prays father forgive them for they know not what they do. They, they don't know their ignorance. He's praying and into such an intercessory prayer for these pagan roman soldiers that are just steeped in their ignorance. Maybe just maybe they will have an opportunity to still be saved. So christ in his agony. He takes time to pray, not a prayer for himself, a prayer that god, please help me not to feel the pain. Help me not to cry out, help this situation to be over quickly. No, he doesn't pray for himself, but he prays for the Salvation of others. Isn't that amazing? In the midst of all that christ is going through not just the suffering, but even the mocking from the soldiers and the pos are buys and the chief priest and all these people. Yet he still has time to offer up a prayer of intercession for at least another soul to be saved. Amazing. But let's continue. Luke 20 339243. At this time, christ is already on the cross. And one of the male factors which were hanged, railed on him saying, if thou be christ, save yourself and us. But the other answering rebuked him, saying, dost thou not fear god? Seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we, indeed, justly for we received the du reward of our deeds. But this man had done nothing amiss. And he said unto jesus, lord, remember me when thou calmest into the kingdom and jesus saelens him. Verily i say unto thee to day, thou shalt be with me. In paradise, there were 2 thieves hanging on to crosses, one on either side of christ and at the beginning both of them were mocking him and railing upon him, asking to be saved. But then by and by one of the thieves, they look over at christ and he see his, his godly righteousness stand out, his innocence shining through. He, he knows that if he looks at christ, this is not a man that deserves to be hanging here on the cross. And he recognizes the face of christ. He was famous, jesus and his thief realizes all the time that he had spurned the mercies of god. But in the midst of all this screaming and shouting and jesting that christ and, and all the people mocking at him and even the thief that's on the other side. He sees god in the flesh. And so he puts the other thief back in his place. How dare you say that we are hanging here and we deserve it, but not this man. And he looks over christ and he says, jesus, please remember me when you come into your kingdom and jesus in the midst of his pain and his agony. You gotta realize friends that the cross, it was an instrument of torture. People will being held up by nails fastening them to the cross. So that would and they would be leaning forward and, and the chests would be protruding forward because all the weight is pulling them forward. There's nothing to hold them back. They're not fast, and they're at the chest and the arms as well as just the feet. And the hands and if ping pong for them and the flesh is ripping, and the blood is dripping, and people are mocking. And yet in the midst of all his agony, he's able to turn his head to the side where the thief is speaking to him. And asking for mercy, even in the midst of his pain, the agony christ cannot deny somebody who is calling out for help. And so even in his dying moments, christ turns them and he says, I will see you there one day. You will be with me in paradise. One day he takes the time to, it's a give this man some hope, some reassurance. And even as he was praying for the soldiers, he realizes that his prayer it washed over onto the man that was hanging on the cross next to him l. Friends. Even in the midst of christ agony, he took time to offer hope and courage and salvation to one more full who till he took kind to save one more soul into his kingdom. Even as he was hanging there christ was ministering through others. Can you believe that france? In the midst of his suffering, he was still giving words of hope and encouragement. Let's continue, shall we? John 192-5227. Now there stood by the cross of jesus, his mother, and his mother's sister, mary, the wife of cleo and mary magdalen. When jesus therefore saw his mother and the disciple standing by whom he loved, he said unto his mother, woman, behold thy son. Then say as he to the disciple, behold via mother. And from that our that disciple took her unto his own home. You know lastly, just before jesus would breathe, his last breath there before him was his earthly mother who had raised him on her knee, who had taught him the scriptures from birth, who had prayed ceaselessly for him as a mother would do. And to see her son hanging on the cross would have been a burden too much for any one to carry. But yet christ in the midst of his agony, he does not forget his earthly mother. In the this time of pain and suffering, he does not forget to still respect an honor, his earthly parents. And though his tie to heaven and to the father in heaven was closer and stronger. Yet he did not forget his family on earth. And so turning to his mother, mary, he says, behold your son, speaking of john the beloved his disciple and said, john, the only disciple that standing there at the cross, the only one that's brave enough, he leaves a lasting legacy reminder of his savior. His own beloved mother and John, he understands a high privilege. He understands the high calling and so he takes her in as his own mother to honor the dying request and wish of his beloved save you, you know, friends, even in the midst of all of christ's suffering. Jesus did not forget his family. He did not forget his mother. I want you to take a step back and, and look at what christ did. Even when he was in his dying moments. He took time to comfort the woman that will weeping, and to utter them prophetic words of warning. He took time to pray for the soldiers and their salvation father forgive them for the know not what they do. He took the time to minister to a dying thief and give him word of hope and assurance that his sins were forgiven and that he would be in heaven one day with him. And then lastly, jesus took time to take care of his family to take care of his dear mother, to make sure that she will be provided for even after his death, even as people were holding insults at him and mockery at him. Christ did not allow that to change him or to deter him from his mission. He was still ministering to others, even in his agony and in his pain, he absolved all the insults, all that mockery, all that pain. And all that came out was just blessing. You know, friends are as christians, they'll be unpleasant experiences that we will go through. They'll be cross bearing experiences, they'll be trials and difficulties. And it's in these times that we must come back to reflect on the cross of christ and the experiences that he went through the encounters that he had and the lessons and the example that he has set and left for each and every one of us. We must ever remember to still minister to others. We must ever remember to still love others and still have a burden and passion for though that a lost out there. We must remember that even in the midst of pain and suffering that we go through god's grace is sufficient to carry us. And to help us to still be a blessing to the world. You know, we can't get caught down with our own cells in our own lives and self pity or get downcast or of this morose attitude. We must remember to still be a blessing to the world, no matter what we go through. But this is only him, only possible if we have the faith of jesus with us left to ourselves. It's impossible. When a person absolves pain, anxiety, mockery, insult. What comes back out is revenge, hatred, anger, and bitterness. But with christ in the soul, he recycled all of that. He takes all the hatred of the world and takes all the bad things that people throw at you and he abides in the heart. And it all comes out recycled into goodness. It's changed, the christian with christ in the heart is not deterred from their purpose or their calling, no matter what happens to them for better. And especially for worse. They don't allow circumstances to shake them, but rather they rise above it and mastered the circumstance and shaped the situation to the way that christ would want them to do it. They don't react in the negative way, but rather they turn it all around for a blessing. So many times I've allowed hurtful words to, from someone else to change the way that I look at them, or treat them or how I speak back to them. So many times I've been affected by how people have treated me, why I write them off and stay far away from them. So many times I've been through difficulty, even in the home, and I leave my post of duty and become irresponsible thinking of myself. And not of others. But as I looked at the cross of christ as I studied the cross of christ. As I looked at this encounter, as I've shed with you this evening, I realize that christ he had every reason to call upon his father and heaven and say, father, i've had enough. And God would have come in an instant with all his host of angels and wipe out planet from existence and all the un fallen world. And all of heaven. What is said, god, you will just, he will destroyed this thankless world. And life would have moved on without us just like normal. But christ did not even entertain this thought for a moment. Christ, he even had a chance to numb his pain and cloud his mind so that he would not react in a negative way. Let me show you matthew 2734. They gave him vinegar to drink, mingled with goal, and we had tasted thereof. He would not drink. You see this drink was given especially to help those that were hanging on the cross who were going through this suffering and his agony. It had the effect of intoxicating liquor just to numb the pain. But christ he would not accept such an offering from the world. It would only cloud his senses and made him make him to forget and most likely make him to say something that he would regret and lead him down the path of sin. It was only a temporary fix, you know, friends, how often so many of us, we turn to temporary things that the world offers us. And it makes us to get our pain and suffering, but only for a short while. And what it does really is make us veer off the path of our faithfulness to christ. And so when, when that that entertainment wears off, we realize that a problems are still there and we, we just go back for more and more and more. And it's not just intoxicating liquor, but entertainment of this. Well, the pleasures of this world, it just keeps coming back and hitting us over and over again until we've lost our sanity and humanity and, and all that is human about us and godly about us. But friends, the answer, the only answer is christ and with christ abiding in each and every one of our hearts today, he can turn everything into a blessing no matter what you're going through. We can rejoice through every tribulation. We can be a blessing in every situation and christ he wants to do that for each and every one of us to day. And this evening, friends, i don't know the situation that you're going through. I don't know the situation that you're facing right now. But I know that with christ by your side, he can help you. He can heal you, he can strengthen you and turn every negative situation into a blessing. We can rise above the darkness of this world and be a light in every circumstance. Maybe just maybe this evening, he is allowing you to go through some painful experience so that you can be a blessing in the future that you might meet someone who, who has gone through that painful experience from the world. But you can understand and you can minister in the midst of your pain. But regardless, god, he wants us to be lights of the world to day. And he doesn't expect that only when life is going smooth and where and when everything is going well and then you say OK christ. Now I can take the time to serve you and minister for you and be a witness will, you know? He wants to do it even he wants us to do it, even in the midst of our suffering, of the unfortunate circumstances that we go through. Even in the midst of our pain and and the difficulties maybe god brought you to that point just so that you could save somebody. When christ came to the earth, he came not to be minister to but to minister to others, to be a servant amongst men, a god amongst men in the flesh. And yet he came to serve. And so maybe friends, god has brought you to a certain country to a place of study to a place of work, not just so that you can earn money. And maybe even, you're going through this an unfortunate situation and you, you're thinking of leaving, maybe the pandemic has hit and you've lost some money or some finances and you're suffering. But you're in this position now because god brought you there. And he wants you to be a blessing, even in the midst of your cross bearing experience. He says, take up your cross and follow me. And as we take up the cross and we see christ carrying his cross, we saw that even in the last moments of his life, he was such a great blessing. Even in those last moments he was such a blessing mold. And so many of us have been our whole lifetime. And he says to us, to day son, daughter, i understand what you're going through. I see the suffering that you are facing. But still give your heart to me. Give your suffering and your pain to me. And I will take it and I'll give you back only just blessings and goodness, so that you can be of blessing not to focus on self. But this evening I want to remind you all that No matter what you're going through, you can still be that blessing. As christ resides in our heart. Friends, will you pick up the cross and follow jesus? This evening? We pick up the cross and say, lord, i'm willing to follow you, No matter the pain, no matter the cost. And no matter what I go through, I want to be a blessing. Every moment of each day. I'm not going to allow circumstances change me, but rather i'm going to right above all those circumstances and shape all those circumstances by your help and by your grace, and by your strength to turn every one of those circumstances, the seat of things is going to hurt me and to make me pain and, and make me suffer and make me angry and agitated, is going to be turned around for a blessing. Friends, whatever you are going through this evening, I want you to take hope that we can still be a blessing. In every situation. Let's bow a head toward oppress, shall we? Oh, father, thank you so much for giving us jesus for setting that wonderful example. So often lord, when we go through painful experiences, we just look at self. All we think about is our self and we received into our shell and just look at our own lives and think of our own cells and no one else. And we forget to be a blessing we expect people to, to bless us, but realizing that as, as your son, holland, that shameful cross that day he was all by himself. But because he had trained all his life to be the blessing. That No matter what came, he was still faithful. And he was still a wonderful blessing to so many people in those dying hours. Lord to day. Only hope that I can just be that little bit of that blessing that christ was. Please lord, help us all to follow in his footsteps. Help us to be courageous enough to pick up our own crosses. And to follow you every step of the way. You please guide us. O lord, lead us and comfort those even now that are going through some suffering of some difficulty. I pray that you draw close to them and help them to see the wonderful blessing that they can still be to day, in spite of what they're going through. In spite of what they're facing lot, please strengthen them. Filled them with the double portion of the holy spirit fill all of us with the spirit. And help us to be the fountain of blessing to the world. In jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. I.


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