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Jesus’ Encounter with Pilate

Benjamin Ng
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  • June 11, 2021
    8:25 PM
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Father in heaven, thank you so much for watching over us this past week. Once again. Thank you lord for the holy sabbath hours that were in that we can come and study your word again. Once more. Please lord, guide us as we are about to open the work together. You lead us with your holy spirit, aluminum mines and our hearts, and give us a willing heart to change, to surrender all to you and guide us in the study as well. Teach us and lead us into all truth. We pray in jesus' name. Amen. Our study for this evening is jesus encounter with pilots. And you know, we're in the same story that we looked at last week is just a continuation. So last week we looked at how peter denied christ 3 times at the end there with cursing and swearing. And he deviated away from his faithfulness to christ. But he came round to full repentance. But we are going to continue that story this evening. But we're looking at a different character jesus encounter with pilots. Let's pick it up in matthew 27 versus one and 2. When the morning was come, all the chief priests and eldest of the people took counsel against jesus to put him to death. And when they had bound him, they led him away and delivered him to pantheist, pilot, the governor. And so when judas came to betray jesus in the garden of guest 70, they took him away and made him stand 1st before the high priest and that was k A for us. And at that time, peter would deny jesus 3 times. They would determine from there that jesus was guilty. I mean, they already said in the heart that he would be guilty even before he arrived before standing before cases. And of course they were false accusations thrown on him from all sides, but jesus would maintain his composure. But after that they would bring him before pilot. Why? Because the priest themselves, even though they said he was guilty, they could not condemn a man to die. And so they needed the help of the roman governor on their side to agree with them as well. So we're reading here that jesus is now being delivered to punctuate pilot, who is the governor of that region at that time. And at the sight of seeing jesus before brought before the the roman government. What happens? Let's continue. Matthew 27 versus 3 through 5. Then g, judas, which had betrayed him when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, what is that to us? See thou to that. And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself. Judith, seeing that the situation was becoming more serious, comes forward and the bible says he repents. Jesus is not escaping like he has in the past when people try to catch him and try to stolen him or try to throw him off a cliff edge. Every time the priest had tried to catch him and take a hold of him, jesus had slaughtered his plans. And you know, he's not meant to get to the point where he's about to be condemned to die. He is not meant to be standing before the roman governor, who has the ability to sense and sentence him to death. And so standing before punching his pilot. Now, judas comes fallen full of grief, full of anxiety. And he thrown down those 30 pieces of silver, which he has been rewarded to, to betray jesus into their hands. And he doesn't want it any more. And even though the bible does say that he repents, this is not godly. Repentance, this is not that one that has a true and lasting impact, an obvious change in life. Because what does he do after he throw those 30 pieces of silver to the ground? He goes out and he hangs himself. You know, peter, he denied christ 3 times and he repented as well, but he did not hang himself. His repentance would lead to greater devotion to christ and his work. What a stock difference we see here between the 2 disciples, peter and judas. And although both betrayed christ in a sense, there was 2 different reactions. But let's continue. Let's come back to the story because judas is not the main character that we're looking at here. This evening, matthew chapter 27 and now versus 11 and 12. And jesus stood before the governor and the governor asked him saying, art thou the king of the jews? And jesus said unto him, thou say ist. And when he is, it was accused of the chief priest, an elders, he answered nothing pilot was probably angry from being woken from his slumber at such an early morning. And he's much annoyed at this prisoner that is brought before him. But when he sees jesus, just as the roman soldiers declared that man never speak like this man pilot could see the peace that radiated from his countenance was such a star contrasts to his persecutors and his accusers. But he asks jesus, are you the king of the jews? Why? Well, let's go over to luke 23 versus one to 2. And the whole multitude of them a rose and led him unto pilot. And they began to accuse him thing. We found this fellow perverting the nation and forbidding to give tribute to caesar, saying that he himself is christ a king. And so the priests and the, and the elders and the people they hated jesus and had brought him of pilot. And they couldn't. And they couldn't fight the jealousy of him or, or the pure hatred of him for the reason as why they that jesus should be sentenced to death. So they come up with this accusation that jesus is doing what he saying that he is the king of the jews. He's trying to set up a new kingdom. He tried to overtake the roman empire. So pilot asks, are you the king of the jews? And with those accusations from the priest and the eldest, he don't say anything, but he does reply pilot. He said, what thou safest. And then here in luke 23 were 3 pilot awesome thing. Are you the king of the jews? And he answered him saying what thou seest it. So as soon as jesus replies pilot, it's so interesting. Look at pilot's declaration, inverse for then said pilot to the chief priests unto the people, I find no fault in this man. Look, pilot was not dumb. He looked at the situation, he assessed that he saw christ's peace. He saw his innocence. He saw his righteousness, and he looked over and he saw the countenance of those priests who amanda, be men of god and holiday were like animals foaming at the mouth, probably. And pure hatred, i mean, it was obvious that jesus was not trying to set up an earthly kingdom. There had been no rumors of any undercurrents and any insurrection to the government of rome. There were no soldiers that was standing by jesus side, ready to fight for him. He only had 12 disciples. One went and hung himself and the other. The others had all left. There had been no revolt from christ's followers and any bad behavior. I mean, if he had been trying to set up an earthly kingdom, how could priests and elders religious people in the church who aren't known for their violence and this strength capture him and bring him before pilots? It was obvious to pilot that their deep seated hatred ran. I mean what they had for their hatred for christ ran very deep. He saw through all their motives and just right there in an instance, declared jesus innocent, no fault. One of the quickest tri hills ever, but the people one done. Let's continue reading over in matthew 271-3214. Then said pilot them to him, hear us vowed not how many things they witness against the any mom. And he answered him to never a word in so much that the governor marveled greatly. It's interesting to see christ's reaction here when, when pilot asks him, are you the king of the jews? He answered, you say it. But after that, all the false accusations kept coming in and you know what christ decides to remain silent. He's done enough to prove his innocence that he didn't need to keep answering. That the answer was obvious in his silence. And you know, sometimes we say, well just be quiet when people accuse you. Well, if the answer is already obvious, then like christ, you can keep silence. But there were times when paul was being falsely accused in the book of acts, and he would speak up because truth needed be vindicated. He did not want error to come across victorious. He needed to lay the, the path, feel clear for people to see. But before pilots, as he stood there with, with jesus standing before him and the hatred of the, the priests and the elders, the onset was already obvious. Pilot had already declared him innocence. There was nothing more to say. He was in the hands of the roman governor. But how do the people react? They hear her, the hear, the innocence declared by the governor. Jesus is remaining silent. Let's keep reading back there in luke 23 versus 5 through 7. How did the people react? When they hear the declaration of that innocence in christ and they were the more fierce saying he stood up, the people teaching throughout all jury, beginning from galilee to this place. When pilot heard of galilee, he asked whether the man were a galilean and as soon as he knew that he belonged unto herod's jurisdiction, he sent him to herod. Who himself also was at jerusalem at that time. So the false accusations they keep coming in and they say he's going around everywhere teaching and trying to set up the kingdom. And even though pilot had already made a gl declaration ready, I find no fault in jesus. He still bends to the will of the people. Here we already see the weakness of pilots coming out. Had he just stop to his 1st declaration, jesus is innocent and stood by it. The people would not be able to do anything after all. He was in the seat of the judge. He was in the position of power. But what happened? He got afraid of the people. He was afraid of their reaction. And we already see here that pete pilot is a people server. He likes to be popular. He doesn't like to make the hard unpopular decisions. So what does he try to do? He wants to shift the responsibility of making a sentence over to herod. Oh, Jesus is from galilee while if he's from galilee, that's not my jurisdiction. Even though i've already declared venus and let me send them over to herod, who just happens to be in jerusalem at this time. So in the time of herod, i mean, but in time herod sends christ back. Pardon me. So even though he sends him over to herod herod once nothing to do with this and herod would send him back. We're not going to go through that time because we are focusing here on pilots and eventually pilot has to deal with christ. So let's see if he has the courage to make the right decisions or not. Let's continue. In matthew 2715 through 18. Now at that feast, the governor was once released unto the people a prisoner whom they would and they had then a notable prisoner cold, but rather se, therefore, when they were gathered together, pilot said unto them, whom will ye that release until you, parabolas, or jesus, which is called christ, for he knew that for envy, they had delivered him. So pilot tries to give the jews a choice. And he's already declared jesus innocence. He's already tried to avoid making the hardest decision by sending him to pyre to herod, but herod send it back straight to pilot. And so now pilot tries to shun his responsibility again. And this time he gets the jews to choose between 2 people. Notice the bible there said that pilot knew that they had delivered christ to them because they were envious. They were jealous of him. Not that he had done anything wrong pilot already knew at this time that jesus was an innocent man. It was obvious. Even if he hadn't declared administered already, it was obvious that christ had not done anything wrong. Even his countenance was all peace and com. So pilot tries to help them to make this obvious choice. Christ all barabbas christ oberon, who is paramus. Let's go and look at a few texts. What do we know about him? Well, in math, we already read this inverse 16 and they had then a notable prisoner called paradis. Furthermore, in mark 15 and verse 7, the bible says, and there was one named boris, which lay bound with them that had made insurrection with him. He's the one that had tried to stir up a violent uprising against the government. So he had tried to make insurrection, and who had that time committed murder in the insurrection. So the rabbit was a nodal prisoner, and he was a murderer. And then one more, john, chapter 18 and verse 40. Then cried, they all again saying not this man, but barris. Now barris was a robber. He was a notable prisoner. He was a murderer. And the bible says that also he was a robber. This obviously represents seats and the contrast was so different. One was clearly a hardened criminal. Just one look at him and you knew he was guilty. You knew that he was unrepentant. He had the lines on his forehead, which would tell of all those years of being, being this haunted man. His heart was already hard against all the things that he had done. There was no repentance. And then there was christ on the other side. Clearly, innocence, not even a taint of sin. Not even an evil thought had been entertained in his mind. His whole countenance radiated the piece of heaven in pilot's eyes. The choice was obvious and easy. And so he thought that everyone would just make that obvious choice. One look at boris. It would be easy to choose christ. But in actual fact, what pilot really was trying to do again was shun his responsibility of making the hard decision. He didn't want to be the bad guy. He didn't want to be the one that everyone hated because it seemed like everyone hated christ. And so if he stood up for jesus, if he thought on his side than the hatred that he saw on the eyes of the priests and of the elders, it would be, it would be thrown upon him. And so he was scared. He was afraid. But you see friends position doesn't make the man even though pilot was in the position of the judge. The position doesn't make you all of a sudden stand up and be courageous. He had all the power, he had all the strength to stand up and, and the priests. What would they have done? They couldn't kill him. They couldn't hate me. They could hate him. But they wouldn't be able to do anything physically to harm pilot. He was the one in the pow position of power, but yet yet he still wavered. He did not want to make the right choice. Position doesn't make the man friends. God is the one that will help us to stand firm in the midst of trial and persecution to help us make those tough decisions and the fissions that may even result in loss of friends, loss of money or a job, or even a loss of life itself. But pilot was not such a man is obvious already. The 2nd time around he's a people serve. He was afraid of the jews, but god in his mercy was still trying to help pilot. Let's keep reading. Matthew 27 verse 19. When he pilot was set down on the judgment seat, his wife sent unto him saying, have vowed nothing to do with this just man for I have suffered many things this day in a dream. Because of him. In the midst of all this havoc and made him taking place in the judgment hall pilot's wife comes to him and gives him a message, a very serious message. God had given her the message. He had trouble her to the point that she had no rest. That she had to come over and tell him this message. God threw pilots wife was trying to save pilots from making the wrong decision and doing all that he could to save him. Not save christ, but to save pilot. God did not want him to be guilty of crucifying the son of god. And so he came with a serious warning. Sure he might not have spoken to God face to face, but god over again. And again, was trying to save him and to help him and you know, pilot, he really want to do that, which was right. Look at what we read here in luke and John chapter 19 and verse 12 and from fence forth pilot sought to release him. But the jews cried out, saying, if thou let this man go, thou art not caesar's friend who will ever make of himself a king, speaketh against caesar. You see, friend pilot really wanted to do that, which was right. He was trying his very best to do all that he could to save jesus. He was trying and seeking different avenues except the only way that could have saved him was to stand up and say, he's in a sense all of you depart. Jesus is a free man. Let him go. That's all pilot needed to do. She was in the judgment seat. She was in the position of power. He had the ability to do that, which was right and no one else could have done anything. And so he was seeking for all the wrong avenues to help jesus, except the very direct one that could have helped him. And you notice what the people said. If you did let jesus go, we're going to go all the way to caesar and tell him that you are not caesar's friend, that you're not looking up for his best interest. That you this man who's trying to set up a kingdom, which was so obvious. So pilot, or he wasn't that you are not caesar's front. You are not on the side of rome. And that meets may pilots. Not caesar may pilot afraid. Obviously what was pilot trying to do? He was trying to climb the corporate ladder. He was trying to play politics. And so he, he treasured that more than the innocent sea of christ when it was so obvious, when god then sent a message through his wife. When god had done all that he could to save pilot. He then he let him make that Choice and we know the path that that pilot is going down, but he cared more about caesar than he did about christ. He cared more about his own life than doing that, which is right. He cared more about popularity and fame than standing up for the truth because he was in the position to do so. But let's keep reading. Matthew 27 versus 20 to 23. But the chief priests and eldest persuaded the multitude that they should ask barbados. And destroy jesus, the governor answered and said to them, whether of the twain will ye that I release until you? They said boris pilot said to them, what shall i do then with jesus which is called christ? They all said to him, let him be crucified. And the governor said, why, what evil have he done? But they cried out the more thing. Let him be crucified pilot's attempt at comparing christ. What was with the rabbit was an utter failure. And he realized that so quickly, demons were in that judgment hall, perverting the mind of the people. And what was needed at this time was for one man to stand up and do that, which was right. And all the hosts of heaven would have been on their side to strengthen them to help them and the club all that was taking place. But unfortunately, that was not the case. The chief priest and elders, there were going around trying to persuade everyone, choose paradis choose morales choose virus. And they were trying to lead their influence. All these people and pressuring pilots and their influence had a profound effect on the people, friends. At the surprise of the reply to the jews 1st and choosing the wrath, but then 2nd in crying out, what shall i do to him then? And they said, crucify him. And he said what evil as he done? And he asked this question. The judge was asking the people what evil has he done and all that came back was crucify him. They did not give a reason. They did not give any logic. There was no explanation. They just cried out even more in their hatred. Crucify him! crucify him! Can you believe it? The people would choose this murderer over the spotless son of god and friends. This is how far jealousy and envy takes us. When we have jealousy for another person, it makes us unreasonable. It makes us illogical. Even when a pagan man, who is not a christian who is not even leaning to anything religious, could see so clearly that jesus was innocent because of their envy and their jealousy and the hatred for christ. They were just so persistent in wanting him dead. Any person in their right mind would have chosen for christ to be set free. But these people were full of hatred envy. There was no rationale to their logic and their answer to pilot. This is what envy does france we can't be reasoned with. And pilot should not have tried to reason with them. He should have just made the difficult decision. Unpopular. Yes. Difficult, definitely. But correct, absolutely. And so on seeing the reaction though, what does pilot do? Matthew $2724.00. When pilot saw that he could prevail, nothing but that rather a tumult was made. He took water and washed his hands before the multitude saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person. See ye sue it cowardly pilot results to washing his hands before the people. He does not want to make the unpopular decision. The crowd has spoken, and even though it is unjust, even though it is clearly the wrong thing to do, pilot, he washes his hands and symbol in symbol, telling people that his innocence of the blood of christ he seemingly stands neutral. And let's the people decide. But was pilot really innocent? Absolutely not. He had the power to change that decision. It was within his ability to overturn that decision. The choice was not the peoples to make pilot was in the position of judge. He was in the place of power and it was not in the hands of the people, but pilot made his choice. In saying that he was neutral in saying that he was innocent, he made his choice and he stood on the side of those that were full of envy and hatred against christ. He chose to stand with their friends. We must never make a decision based on popularity on the majority. What was pilot's downfall? He did not heed the voice of god through the voice of his wife through the weiss dream. And even when the decision was obvious, he was afraid to stand for the right he chose to be neutral, which was a decision in and of itself. Ultimately, he was not prepared. He was not ready to stand up for that which was right. Why? He did not take the chances to grow and character throughout his life to be a man of purity, integrity, and strength. Obviously throughout his life, he had chosen the easy path, the path of least resistance, the most popular one that would garner him all the votes that would put him in the position of governor, write them in jerusalem. And so as his life had flown in the smooth, an easy way when it culminated to something so important such of great importance, he was not ready. He was not ready. And friends, if we are faithful in the small things, we shall be faithful in the big things as well. Or as luke $1610.00 says she, that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much. And he, that is unjust, in the least, is unjust also, in much and so friends, when it finally came to the trial of jesus pilot found himself unprepared. Unready. And he let others make that decision for him, even though so obviously it was a wrong decision. And this decision friends would haunt him for the rest of his life. The decision that he would regret into eternity. For truly, we find that pilot would die a lost man. You know, friends. I believe that there are people to day who are in positions of power and in positions that god allowed you to be in. For a reason. You didn't get there by chance. Nothing happens by chance. But I, I believe that there are people that may be even listening this evening who are in that position to affect an influence change. Even though it might come at a cost to themselves that they might lose some friends. They might lose some money. They might even lose that position ultimately that they were in because others would go to caesar or people of higher in influence just to get them out of that position. But what are you going to do friends? Are you going to be like pilot? And take the public stand just so that you can maintain your position, but ultimately lose heaven. Are you going to stand for the right? Are you going to take a stand on the rights even though there will be major consequences to day? What is needed as men and women who stand for the right no matter the consequence, to stand for the right irrespective of circumstance, men and women who stand for the rights, even though the heavens full men like daniel who had rather face of dental lions than to be unfaithful to God, men and women like shadrach, me, shak, and bend to go, who would rather be in a furnace of fire than to give up their integrity and worship a golden image. Men like joseph, who had rather face imprisonment and possibly death for them rather than commit for an occasion against their heathen master friends to day god needs men and women who be faithful, starting with the little things in life too often we are waiting for the big things the ones that are more public, the ones that will show the world what we are that will stand up then, not realizing that all that we're doing in private. All that we do behind closed doors is what is preparing us to stand in those big moments of life. And in this moment, pilot, he was thrust into the spotlight that the situation was thrust upon him and found him and ready. Had he been given another 10 years, he would not have been ready because he was allow his mom, her his, his life moment by moment to be shaped, be to be molded. And every day that went by, it found him unfaithful. And so friends today, I want to remind you that every day our characters are being molded. Every little step in the right direction strengthens our resolve to do right in times of emergency. But every step in the wrong direction. It weakens our integrity. It weakens our character and it forfeits our future. Because surely the time of testing will come upon all of us. And whether we pass or fail, it is not found in just a single moment. At that time. People might give excuses and say all if only right, but they don't realize that the whole past is what builds up to that moment. A person in the spur of a moment does not just come out faithful by accident. They are faithful because they were faithful behind closed doors. And so when it came out in tons of emergency, like what we saw with pilots arouse from sleep, not even ready to look through the documents and investigate everything. He had people screaming in his ear and the crowd was around him. When he had that pressure, he reacted as all of us would do on instinct. But instinct comes and is built upon that foundation upon which we build on day by day. Moment by moment. And so friends, i want to remind you and encourage you again this evening. Let's re commit our life to God, to ask him to help us with his holy spirit. To be faithful in the little things of life. Let us build our character every day. Because when the big one was common, we fail, we can't tell god that it was too much for us to handle because god never gives us too much that we cannot handle. Except we let go of him. And it wasn't even in a moment. Please because we let go of him many weeks, months and years before that. Oh friends to day. If you have been back sliding, if you have not been faithful in the little things, then let's run back to christ. Tell him all about it. Ask him to forgive you for he will and he will abundantly pardon and will give you a new heart, a new heart that is created in christ jesus. A heart of stone will he take away? And he replace it with a hot flesh. And he will start preparing you and molding you to be ready for the times ahead. We don't know what to morrow holds. We only know that today we can make that decision right now, right here where we are. To be faithful and all friends, i hope that you will make that decision today and left. Feel that with what a prayer that god had sent his spirit to live in US and through us and strengthen us for every trial and temptation with his word. The thought of the spirit. Surely, we can gain the victory over the devil and all his devices. Let's pray, shall we, father in heaven. Lord, I wanna thank you. That even now, as we have looked at the story, we realize that you are so merciful to us because you've given us a little bit more time in probation. Lord, help us not to waste those time, but this time these minutes that you've given to us help us lot to be faithful, even in the little things or even now, if we remember that this something that we've left undone help us lot to repent and help us to do that, which is right. Lot please help all my brothers and sisters here and myself also were so prone to sin. We was so prone to run for era unless you intervene lot, we cannot and will not be saved. So please help us today. Fill us with a spirit helpless suspend even more time and your word strengthen us each and every moment help us to to walk and live and breathe atmosphere and not of the brain. Jesus cruz in. 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