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Virtuous Valentine: The Love of Your Life

Ron du Preez



  • February 14, 2006
    12:00 PM
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that many people might of heard already Valentine's Day is paying for some people in Japan and Korea all women are pretty much expected to give chocolates to all the men in their place of work Valentine's Day has become established business today's news says that Valentine's Day brings in court chocolates along more than four hundred million dollars in Japan and the women are fed up by the way of course there is another database started called day and the day a month later when the men are supposed to get the women thought but guess what fundamental unit of the women they love now Incorporated is the third day another month later April fourteen and it's called black day that's when all the men who didn't get valentines gifts get together and they enjoy eating Chinese style noodles with blacks saw interesting by the way I can understand why some people call this singles awareness Day and denoted with the acronym is best a what SAP is a bit sad at the call by some people you might check to see whether the origins of Valentine's Day and defend what source you go to you might find different things but I thought I would share with you today a very very special story by way of introducing myself to see you get to know me a little better I'm hoping to meet more of you I've had problems already but before I share a personal testimony was also a moment more in prayer thank you Lord for being so good to us bless us as I share bypass the morning of your goodness in Jesus name amen I am writing United States at the age of twenty five I came from the Republic of South Africa and when I got here I was triple S you know that is the blessed single and seriously searching and on the foreknowledge I continue to do a Masters degree in any University that I was seeing was unsuited searching looking for a partner and wasn't long before I met a young lady who had newly accepted the administrative and she was on fire she was just adjusting out what happened the people would just gotten to know Jesus in a personal gateway and that was Sue she loved the Lord by which it was a lifeguard mislabeling my interest back in I was a runner suddenly my interest which the swimming and I was at the pool frequently and no guys I didn't act as I was drowning I was at least honest okay and as time went on because the love the Lord so much you signed up to go to Korea as a student yesterday and for some unexplained reason I was filled with missionary zeal and I went over to the office of the campus ministries in one minute missionary zeal okay I went to the past indemnities upon uncle Chet uncle Chet I would like to be a missionary that's what I said and I believe anything wrong the tube again is a change that back then South Koreans wanted to learn American conversational English so he turned to me and he said can you speak American conversational English I believe I said yes and he looked at me so I went to pronounce one word on the spelling for you D as a boy he he and as in Nancy I shot back on that mean that's the way the Canadian the British say that when the South Africans and an uncle checked the reason drawn and sorry Ben as in the eye and I've been there I believe I did it for about a year and I still do not open on the EENT Michigan may pronounce and then as in the name I'm been there anything the reason I'm sorry Ron you couldn't you cannot go you know that was one word is still in the Bible and undetected twelve of these that Julie and I think evil lights were trying to get across the river in the Jordan River I believe it was in a stop in a message pronounce this word shibboleth I couldn't pronounce the SH is an more than forty thousand men died they lost their life because they couldn't pronounce one what I thought I'd lost my wife because I couldn't pronounce the EDN but as a verse in the Bible that I'm applying here says that he endures to the end shall be saved right I kept at it I went back to the office and they accepted me and I was overjoyed I began to raise funds and now I was going to go to Korea as a student missionary actually pursues per se that's why was really going to ask a question is anything wrong in these the missionary allowable was wrong no just reason my heart you're absolutely right but with an important lesson I learned through this Stevens using it when I was growing up one of the things I somehow in Bible picked up and what was that it went this way if your hearts not in men don't do its wow but when I open my Bible and I read John James chapter four verse seventeen I found a very interesting passage that says this was the James of performers seventeen quickly here therefore to him who knows to do good does not boot to him it is why it is sin it is anything about motives in the heart the reason and no it's like telling while I think about that as I've been reflecting over time because you see it here's the problem and when the practical to use the Loma Linda University many of you sometimes there are rules and regulations that do not comfortable with your heart 's not in it so don't do it or you driving down the ten and I you take the speed limit writers but guess what folks if you know it's the right thing to do Dylan and ask God to change your hearts very important lesson I learned through this experience if you know it's like doing and then just let the Lord changed because all hearts Jeremiah says our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked so well I decided I penetrated go even on long motives producing around the same time while Sue was getting ready to go and I was raising funds to go around the same time another young man arrived to work with a movable equipment campus safety back then it was in the seminary it was a year old and I and he soon was triple S single and seriously searching the one of the first questions that come ask me when he saw me was one big victory get acquainted each of these Enron this man I'm in the seminary now and I need to find a life partner do you know on any really nice submitted Seventh-day Adventist young women please note I was invading soon I was personally sue remember that I knew she was going to Gloria and I said I have to be there to do really and try to get her to see the lights will him ask me that question I'll be honest I'm just bubbled over and told him all about soon and I do have I told you so much enthusiasm in the Sunni Muslim and he decided to go and check it out for himself out of asking the question if you are a committed Christian and somebody asks you about the who it was who was the most important person in your life when you love the most pointed out you keep quiet when you tell them all about Jesus you see what I'm saying so here I was I told Tom and I told him perhaps too enthusiastically but he went to check it out and found I was whites and Tom Mike were made to the enterprises who make a long story short believe it or not Tomlinson began dating and all of all things suddenly slows missionary zeal began to abate and she canceled her call to go to South Korea and I wasn't really in a bind now because you see if only I hadn't gotten to that campus ministries August the second client and bring them to go instead and visionary if only I just kept my mouth shut but now what I know do I go back and say hey listen I changed my mind to individual lobbyists I will be honest I decided I was too embarrassed you know something interesting going on with our lives I was too embarrassed to go back to that office the third front and to confess and say well I can go because you know Sue is not going to go so I'm not going I just decided I'm in a go anyway I was Saudi a person who wasn't going there reminds me of that that guy been announced Jonah humored him him the reluctant missionary how God sent that huge fish to swallow him up to take and where you needed to be and so I went anyway it was like an O'Neill told me that I believe is the missionary was why the problem was not an island as I look back on the story I say wow for God did change my heart and I thank you for that because when I went to glory in the dissonant something anytime quickly I actually ended up spending four years their service in the Far East the Lord change my heart God can do that for you okay he will do that for you you know it's might do it and allow him to come in and change your heart that the back I jumped ahead a few years there is six weeks after I arrived I heard that another submission it was arriving friend of mine from Andrews University was a young lady that I know I did know what she was in his October four when they arrive I remember going to the lady 's house I wasn't looking for this news the missionary I'll be honest I didn't know she was but I went there and I knock on the door and she opened the door it was a heart stopping moments to this day I cannot explain it but the moment I saw her through my mind flashed to do something when you're in an accident they say that your your life flashes before you that's your life of the past that but when she opened the door it seemed like my life of the future might have flashed before me because the first thing that in my mind the moment I saw the news the missionary was this this is the woman I want to marry we love at first sight now known now don't get at all it was in recognition of a potential visual observation I had a name and back there because you both know love grows corrects his next love grows at this time you see potentially as seedlings and I believe I recognize the problem was in the car several months worked to realize what God wanted for some of us are slow learners okay but unfortunately by the time she arrived I think he can sixties after I got there by the time she'd arrived I had been made the student director of the school in Seoul like everything don't want and so guess what I did now I'm not saying everything I did was right this was a little bit clever or conniving funding might think because I was the director I scheduled in the class right next to me I made sure that she was free when I was free and I found all kinds of ways because I was her boss as you have much choice she spent a lot of time with me and I was overjoyed and she wasn't but you know folks love grows I thank God as we did things together sometimes you would buy it again oh I would leave the song service one or two occasions she and he told the story and I play the guitar respect for music and so we work together as they work together because we both love the Lord that folder with operators and missionaries we love the Lord and as they work together as we got to know each other over time our appreciation of each other who and that recognition of potential initial observation was correct we found that they both had someone interesting how many people collect postcards while I was a postcard collector and she was when both love traveling and as we got to the end of offers in your soul mission service I said hey Linda I love traveling and upcoming and it really doesn't look good for two single people in the traveling I I enjoy your friendship I would like to suggest that we be friends forever that was my proposal and Linda turned to me and she said one word gets out I was at and so we got married and I was several years ago and the Lord led as I look back at that experience is a lot more I can share but as I look back it makes me think of Psalm eighty four verse eleven because as I go back in my own experience on any forward-looking comes to mind and even though I went there with the wrong motive wrong desire listen to this Psalm eighty four verse eleven for the Lord God is a sun and shield the ones obsessed he protects us write the next raise the Lord will give grace and glory I hear the phrase I love the last one of the worst no good way to win the Latina Bible is in italics no good network bandwidth thing will he withhold from those who walk up rightfully ours is a thank God I went there with the wrong motive I went anyway I found the woman who is currently still my Valentine she just called me this morning and left a message on my cell phone but it was interesting the way the Lord leads out of the book but more about Tom and Sue before I forget that part of the story him no one will know them another QE is among you always whenever the dominance of wealth while I was in Korea they got married but we remain in touch Tom and I and soon because I know them both and believe it or not vote when he and I landed in Washington DC on our honeymoon guess who met us at the airport elements of murine this will be slept that night away comments his place when I say that's important well I thought he was sometimes it's very sad what we see I'm sure some of you have seen it maybe some of you have human experiences these young people walking around arm in arm or hand in hand hugging each other one day and the next day you see the dialogue meeting lunch nobody within you say where is that saves any of these is all I can send our guts as I was walking down the sidewalk yesterday hand-in-hand and chatting the Avenue don't know what you did to me and I know people go from dating to heating overnights unfortunately that's the wrong way to go of course the opposite dangers equally bad and that is to go from thing to meeting overnights okay so one of the things I want to caution you be careful the best ways to go from dating to communicating through the engraving and congratulating the waiting for the wedding and then consummating an procreating okay I had one amen I was expecting more amen so that that's okay yeah is that God 's way you think is you don't believe it just last year in July there was a study that was done and was on NBC on the today show in the morning I was very interested while him wrong I wrote it down I like to believe what they were talking about a minute to show that a couple of awareness of power PowerPoint for information tonight but NBC had this since nineteen sixty there has been at times ten times increase in people living together as a last years figures five million Americans now live together outside of marriage and by the way don't think it's as young people I happen to be a member of the AAR he was again knowing that stanza for AARP yes once you get the big five oh you can join AARP so I'm dating myself right now but the AARP had something that pointed out that more than a quarter of a million of people sixty five and older were lived together cohabit just like the rest of these other four and three-quarter million that was the back of information but they went farther they did a study and is looking good people who sleep together before marriage are more likely to break up after they get married I was on public television viewers a more here couples foot couples both have kids think they're divorced then they sleep together the breakup is to the times those who do not sleep together before marriage that was last year 's information interesting on NBC God information from Scripture is the best young people there's no no way we can deny that even statistics prove God 's way is the best way I thought it tell you about comments of it I want to share with you that I praise God that I we were able to remain friends instead of going from dating to hating the good God has blessed in our lives Jeremiah twenty nine was eleven but maybe that you own a review from the new international version because it's so beautifully Jeremiah twenty nine showing how God looks out for us and cares for us knows what it says for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you future hope you give hope and a future God is really one of the best for us is not a killjoy not a wet blanket God wants the best for us and as I look back in my own life I'm saying while God has been so so very good trying to back practice a little bit more because you know this idea operating in Haiti I was dating a young lady and before finishing high school and as I think back on that we were Academy students and she was a she was a think a couple of years younger than I we became friends started dating six months later another and I arrived on campus when a car without a job guess what happened she dumped me like a hot potato and what was worse was she was considered by all the guys as the prize you know I was walking around strutting my stuff because I was dating this young lady and hear the other guy came along and he just sat there wait for me and then I was twelfth grade student my last high school I think the look for inside but I want to share with you on this issue of Dayton and related because as I thought about it I ask myself the first question that the Lord gave me the wrong did you love Eileen was her name and I said all yes I definitely didn't to do Eileen happy here with Mike with his name then she was with me oh who thought yes Lord she is happier with Mike afraid Ron if Eileen is happy with my answer is with you and if you really love your menu should be happy for the first time is the young man I think the realization that it's genuine love is total concerned with the other person happiness you bring that said a very important lesson I learned of course Eileen and potatoes and so she didn't want to talk with me she was embarrassed whenever I stop the one in the side opposite hate just because the game doesn't even be friends you know something strange happened something very strange she accepted my argument she became a friend of mine she could confide in me but she wouldn't even tell her close girlfriend after that we became such good friends and enforcement Lynn and I got married we went to South Africa I want to do so to my friends and my family over there my parents were able to apply to the wedding music that netted itself reevaluate the last precious memories South Korea's as Russ so we flew to South Africa and guess where Linda and I had lunch on Sabbath at Mike and Eileen 's place thirty years allowing that the event was about ten years down the road and whenever we get back we go and visit with them as a friend I thank the Lord for that friends to this day there are important lessons we can learn as we interrelate I know that a lot of young people here let me just you don't be afraid raise your hands if you are not asking for blessing Susan and I will be asking if you are at this point in her life single no matter your age race you cannot like to see that anyone who is not married what I come underneath a guys and gals come on the okay maybe a third to half of you and okay I thought I would share with you what I call my Valentine methods of myself and my message today was great she was Valentine the love of your life in fact if you ever find my phone and you don't know who that is and you turn it on a new look at it you go to the that context is one contract that says the palace that's the name for my home so you dial the palace you get me at home why because God has been teaching me to treat my wife like the Queen is interesting amazing things are going better and better the more I treat my wife like a queen no more God blesses us and and guys outside of the uncertainties I hate doing example doing the dishes that's not one of the things I love but just like as it does with them this is at home now I hope not because I love the dishes but because I love Linda I had a fascinating things happen as you get to love someone you start to change a little hour to switch onto the real virtue is valid nineties I thought I would share my story as a kind of a modern-day little bit of a parable the way the Lord leads us in our lives the new virtuous Valentine when we view just a few verses therefore is from Roman survivors wanted to therefore having been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ verse two through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God not diversified here's the key now hope does not disappoint because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has who was given to us I love the way the new living translation puts part of the defendant wasn't for we know how to have a God loves us because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his God has filled us with his love which is why we're sharing this message and any diversity the very well-known passage but God demonstrates his own love toward us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us I called while we were still sinners Christ died for us it's kind of a love at first sight minimum thing is why Jesus saw one article recognition of potential in a potential for him to save us and by the way in a certain sense Linda did save me she rescued me from living a sad single lifestyle yes I thank God for that she rescued me from that and when I when I think about what God does for us and how he loves us the idea of when the memory of what God did for ancient Israel that in fact as you read the Bible and what they'll unintelligibly to talk about it in our next message on the Scriptures of communicating the secret of the scrolls I challenge you to come tomorrow I'll share with you some stuff that you might never have seen or knowing what the Lord wants for us is to walk with him daily in the media of the Bible and as I'm reading the Bible I'm being reminded of things one of the things that comes up is obviously the way God dealt with these people in ancient Israel number the rest and then from slavery rights then he made a covenant with them you have your Bibles you notice in Texas at the twenty fourth if Susan is alike agree with the covenant Exodus twenty four and then they agree with prominent permanent reminder not all Linda and I got married and once we got married G Mooney rescued me from single slavery she made that we made a covenant and ask him in the common guess what we did we moved into a house and lived together and in the Bible to understand God 's same that the Israelites from Egyptian slavery then he makes a covenant with them and after he makes the covenant Exodus twenty five verse eight in which God specifically says and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them to God once and live with these people and so that's where the soul sanctuary comes from God 's choice God 's desire to have a visible place where he can live with these people would talk a little but dropped a series about the sanctuary but I wanted you to realize that once you have a covenant commitment is one of them together because you want this cement that relationship and my wife and I would been married now more than twenty five years and it all started because I did the right thing even though I did it with the wrong motives and the Lord changed my heart so when I look back this is gods desire to live among his people it is one I'd like you to leave with today it's a simple nine or ten word phrase that I would like to challenge every one of you to incorporate it says simply let the Lord be the love of your life you say that with me let the Lord be the love of your life one more time the Lord be known on your life God loves you God loves me with the value of how how much the apostle Paul puts it into the swing chapter eight of Romans thirty eight and thirty nine for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other lien shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord in the can separate us from the love of God you believe nothing absolutely nothing let the Lord be the one of your life whichever this story as a close year is happening New York nineteen ninety nine a thirty three -year-old woman her name is Diana and I a DAV went in for a medical checkup bad news you have leukemia diagnosis prognosis they told her the doctors said sorry Diana you got nine months to live I thought she went and checked with the national donor marrow donor registry put her name on the list that hoping to get the transplant in February six years ago February two thousand they told her on the four million people on the national marrow donor program registry of the four million there was only one match and he hadn't yet agreed to donate his now they are posting an anonymous donor decided okay he would do that until the following month in March two thousand the year two thousand by Anna was taken into the hospital the marrow transplant the place and thankfully it Diana was overjoyed she had speak new blog that was circulating in two zero letter to the registry Michigan I would want here are her words she wrote you don't know the joy I am experiencing I hope that one day we can add items thank you in person for a while and ate several months later the donor reply cannot be an amendment and David Mason thirty four years of age he wrote back contact her and slowly maturing again to talk on the telephone and one day unexpectedly suddenly when the door bell rang Diana opened the door guesses that there is David Mason and Diana says it was love at first sight and you guys know better now right it wasn't that right what was it recognition of potential at the initial observation she looked at David not that we ask you a question if someone was willing to donate his bone marrow the only one out of four million and because of that you are alive when you also falling that would be repeatedly as I thought you said I recognize it of course you didn't it took months they began a long that firm and a long distance relationship he went back home they kept in touch and in December two thousand four almost one three four years later David Mason proposed to Diana and that I guess what folks obviously what do you think you said yes they got married an incredible story as I think of that story it makes me think of what happened to me and to you was well because in a sense all of us software will call the spiritual leukemia cancer of sin and amongst all the possibilities and aliens there was only one match only one whose blood could give us life and who was that ironically the son of David the Bible calls them his name is Jesus Christ and if we accept that bone marrow only then can we have this new blood coursing through our veins and of course the question to you and to me as if he shows up unexpectedly at outdoor wood we begin to make a friendship with them and if he asked them to have a continual permanent marriage and relationship with us and he says the new would you marry me spiritually requested to view the question for me is are you are going to say yes to the son of David Jesus Christ right with me right now Lord thank you thank you for Jesus the son of David who was willing to comments shed his blood so that we can have without Jesus father we know we would die we would have a death sentence hanging over us as Diana Abbott and the Lord we pray that just as Diana responded instantly falling in love with the one who would save her life I pray that we too may fall in love with you that we may grow in love and death me to when you ask us when you show up that we will accept your invitation to form a long-term covenant relationship so that we can live together for eternity we pray these things in the precious name of Jesus the son of David on that God bless you folks have a good day hope to see it tomorrow year bring a friend


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