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Virtuous Valentine: The Love of Your Life

Ron du Preez



  • February 14, 2006
    6:45 PM
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a Valentine's Day I see you smiling yes many people have heard that green today I checked the website and try to see what is the origin of the state depends on what your sources as to what your conclusion is so I'm not even bother with that but what's interesting is what happens in some countries advertisement networking in both Korea and in Japan in the Far East and in none of these two countries this is an interesting custom I almost wish I was there because what happens is all the women are expected in fact they are required obligatory to give chocolates to all the men with whom they work the score is called beauty shall call obligatory chocolates women don't quite like today's news of the women sixty percent of the women are fed up with that at the Japan okay not happy with that now there is another day by the way later on that is called why they does is in both countries Japan and Korea in which the men are expected to reciprocate the problem is most men only give something to their girlfriend may ignore all the other women who grace them with all those nice things white beta because they supposed the white chocolate or marshmallows of the origin of that of course of the third day another month later case on March fourteen with white day and there is another day April fourteen cold black day at the special day inquiry is set aside for all the man who never got any valentines and necessarily get together and they go out together and they eat Chinese style noodles in black sauce and they commiserate they were the ones that that is a black him glory noting I know I'm certain this would be but it's interesting the different customs people have in different places very interesting in fact some people call Valentine's Day singles awareness Day which in case you hadn't noticed the acronym spells while singles awareness Day is what sad it is you as I was thinking about this day it just so happened that this is the first meeting with having I thought to share with you something important about this whole concept of love so before we actually begin in just cause of me for prayer holy father I pray that you will now speak through me speak to me Lord so that the words that I share will indeed be words from on high blessed everyone here in Jesus precious name amen they get to share my own Valentine story by the way this is a time in which a lot of people in fact they say this is one of the major holidays for what the solution would be cards are sent all over the world the second most popular holiday for sending cards and incredible day and effectively just look at the wall for a moment Judy is a picture I wanted to share with you we many of you know the story of honest Abe Abraham Lincoln and the order to show your PowerPoint slides here on the eighth and his wife will move on okay we'll keep it go to the next slide later on but Valentine's Day is a vision which everybody feels you have to him this was somebody else for lovers of people who care about each other and so what I want to do is share with you briefly my owns already why I wanted to get to know me a little better and I'm hoping to get to know some of you I've met severally already if I forget their names please forgive me but I'm meeting a lot of people and I thank God for that privilege I hope I can recall we lock it was several years ago in fact it was the bicentennial year nineteen seventy six that I arrived here in the United States from my home country South Africa I was twenty five years of age and I was what I call OS single and seriously searching yes I did come to my masses and made under University but I was single and Sears a thirty four guess what a spouse and as I look across the lay of the land I happened to notice a young lady she had just recently accepted the Southern Baptist faith and she was overjoyed and both believe in and just to love the Lord and as she was reflecting as I was reflecting on her and noticed what a wonderful person she was I said look this is the young lady that I need to get to know better she was sharing her experience with me as she got to know Christ and Dan and as I watched her I found out that wow this is somebody I need to pursue it it just so happened that her name was smooth and I began to pursue Sue and other those who actually love the Lord she wanted to go and share her share her testimony with many out of and so she signed up to be a student is him me well she was also a lifeguard and I began to find that my interest move from running swimming I was out of the pool regularly I notice some guys you might be little more most of the night when I was at the what did I do I went to some that some guys here who might act as though you are drowning right so that's still good rescue you I didn't do that I swam my laps and had a chance to get the nose day after day of course you sign a previously missionary to go to South Korea and for some unknown reason just as I was switched from running to something suddenly now I develop an inexplicable missionary zeal and so I went to the admissions office and I walked up there too after Chester Damron and I think that's a downward I like the midst of visionary and he said where we want to know Ron and I said to South Korea guess why because Sue was going there I didn't tell passive diamondback I said I'd like to go to South Korea back then this was many years ago I sent the Bicentennial year which is nineteen seventy six long time ago I said that you sent me but drawn the South Koreans that want to learn American conversational English she said can you speak American conversational English I said yes I can anything of them and ask you one word pronounce this word for me please be as an boy he he and as in Nancy I saw that mean is that I'm sorry Ron here in the United States that then and if you live in Michigan it's been the EN I then than in the United States for a year and I still have noticed that when the Bible is an interesting story in the book of Genesis chapter twelve is one two six on those him at the Jordan River when those people might find a crossmember that story and I got to deliver at the fourth of the Jordan and delete I think we might are you even know I'm not okay one more pronounced shibboleth and those people could not pronounce that S is SH is anything civil that and what happened more than forty thousand of them equipment is not just lost their lives I flunked the one word test they lost their life I felt like I had lost my wife but you know there's a text in the Bible which I can apply to some degree the Bible says in Matthew ten twenty four thirty he who endures to the end will be saved right and I went back to the admissions office again and I applied to this clinician and by this time apparently I had learned how to pronounce than properly and they accepted me okay and in case you don't realize that the number there's quite a radical difference between English in different parts of the world you know in fact as I came in today has this around lunchtime I heard somebody out there at the door and I said no she must be from the UK another difference of forty saves in the table using the Americans please pass me the butter the British planes possibly the author and by the way I was thinking in Zimbabwe and niceties my students that is to say please possibly very different way of pronouncing things okay so here I was and I was now excited because I'd been accepted to go to South Korea as a so-called student missionary what anything on the news the missionary correct you write what was my problem mode in and you are right and wrong motive wrong reason and when I'm going up incidentally somewhere I had learned in by the theory that if your heart 's not in it don't do once I believe that very firmly but she was an interesting case it's good for me because it's the missionary even though I had the wrong motive should I go one incidentally I learned something very important because it is a text in the Bible you have your script is within the range of a verse that makes me really think that old concept in your heart 's not in it humans James chapter four verse seventeen and little book of James chapter four verse seventeen and I wanted to look at that right here and that this is a very important lesson I want to share with you right in the beginning as I share my personal testimony I thought that the NRC we should get I would share with you my story become a little better acquainted and of course because of piety in beautifully with today's Valentine's Day it's also of course a story about love when you hear that in a few minutes but notice what it says here James chapter four verse seventeen when even the new King James version therefore to him who knows to do good and does not do it to him and his wife and his sin here's the question if it's the right thing to assist the missionary I should go and I said wait a minute here's an interesting lesson if you know it's the right thing to do even if your heart is not connect then what do let's and let God change your heart know why exam I took a seventy North ninth is the heart is deceitful above all things and what desperately wicked very important lesson I learned tentatively reviewing the university setting and you know it many times yes I was at always I was in university as a window has indicated quite a few years obviously there are certain rules and regulations that I didn't always like you know it's interesting you know there's a rule of the regulation and do it and have God change your hearts quick example of young I can close my new traveling at the speed limits and warn you that you got your travel and within the speed limit because it's the right thing to do and ask God to change your high very important lesson is the back to our story so I of course signed up I began to raise funds for it get ready to go in Sue was going remember I was really not going as is the missionary in fact sometimes I call I called this message to soul she was going to soul to soul in search of a soulmate subtitle confessions of a miss MIS and on a most direct and missionary but here I was getting ready all I wasn't bringing suit I was pursuing sloop okay and that's why I wanted to go but it was interesting around the same time another young man arrived at Andrews University he was a year old and I became decided to seminary and he so was triple S single and what seriously searching and one of the first questions that Tom asked me was one to even know of any wonderful Seventh-day Adventists committed woman here on this campus and almost instantaneously I responded yes of course I do who and I began to tell Tom all about some new smiling naïve the oh well for me yes I'm telling you what a wonderful young lady when she was healthy and she loves the Lord she was she decided to Bethesda missionary and she was flown on a single pew or first love for the Lord I told them with so much enthusiasm that Tom went to check it out to a quick question here someday comes to you and you are a Christian you love the Lord and ask you what is the most meaningful wonderful relationship that you ever had what even a bubble of what your load for the Lord right can you keep quiet absolutely not if you are your heart is so full of your love for Jesus Christ you are going to tell that person well that's what I did and Tom checked it out and he pursues more vigorously than I had done make a long story short folks amazingly almost inexplicably Sue canceled her call to go to Korea all in all what should I do now if only I hadn't been so persistent if only I hadn't gone back to the admissions office the campus ministers over the second time to almost bring them to go I didn't want to know I'll be honest I was so embarrassed if I had gone back to pastor and dominance at uncle Jeff I've changed my mind I think it would've been sharp enough to say wait a minute who else has canceled going to Gloria so I decided on going to go anyway I felt like maybe Jonah that reluctant missionary remember the Lord sent that large fish along that swallowed them up and spew it is not a place where he needed to go and here I was going to Korea to persons who wasn't going to Gloria what I said if it's the right thing to want to renew the license and have God change your heart and on the jump ahead yet the Lord did change my heart which is why Doctor Winslow could introduce me by saying Ron spent four years in the parties because once I got there I enjoy mission work and staying on my back and just had a wonderful time but I fast-forward either backtrack a little bit here I arrived in Korea in August nineteen seventy eight began to work their insole without life or was going to be my soulmate six weeks after I arrived I heard that too most of the missionaries were arriving one was a friend of mine from Andrews University was glad he was coming and I estimate I knew and was it was a name some young lady from Union College well they arrived in October four nineteen seventy eight and I went to the ladies asked not to find you didn't over I went there and I knocked on the door and she opened the door and the moment she opened the door something strange happened inexplicable the moment I looked at him oddly you know what happens when a safe new facing death your whole life of the past flashes before you this time I was in facing death this time I was facing something else and it and was like the opposite was happening to the moment I saw this young lady of thought crossed my mind and it went this way this is the young woman I would like to marry I don't understand love at first sight no no it wasn't loaded with I patient okay all potential at the initial observation why not that because you see love grows in Iraq I recognized something in that young lady that day when I look at her now unfortunately it took a while to recognize the same thing that I believe God was leading into and took a few months fortunately by the time she arrived I had been asked to meet a student directed on at school right there and we said we send young one at the hospital there and so I was in the role I was the student director and guess what I did when you look at lighting some of you might consider very clever I'm not sure but I may ensure that Klassen was right next door to mine I made sure that she was free when I was freed I made sure that her talents and everything could coincide where I was working she didn't like it at all but it took a while and she began to see the light because you know some of us are slow learners are and we began to work together he played the piano force or song service I live in the music and I we work together we both love the Lord that's why we were there serving as missionaries and as time went on I realize you know I thought I was coming to South Korea to follow my soulmate and instead here are ahead of Ryan and the Lord had provided the patient with you another accept the beautiful one song song chapter eighty four verse eleven Psalm eighty four verse eleven is such a wonderful passage in the Bible of God is shared with you because you know sometimes we with wrong motives wrong reasons do things that well well the Lord understands any so gracious to us here I was going to agree for the wrong reason and a half course the right thing yes the wrong reason and the look of what the reformers eleventh as for the Lord God is a sun and shield the Lord will give grace and glory now here's what I love the flat are no good thing will he withhold from those who walked walk up right away and I just said praise the Lord when I when I met Linda the lights went on and we became better and better friends at us that love grows that recognition of potential at the initial observation we got began such good friends as they got towards the enemy and we find that we found we had many things in common all kinds of things livable postcard collectors out it will collect postcards of all things we had so many things in common we enjoyed traveling and I turned over one visit invalid it would look good we're getting toward the end of our time here want to travel it would look good for two singles the missionaries who were traveling together and why don't we think about this more seriously and then I said you know you've been such a good friend to me women with enjoying each other's friendship why don't we have all friendship will last forever I was my proposal in which he got the message she turned to me and gave a one-word answer ditto just DI DDO and so we got married and we traveled together and when we came back of course I can tell you the rest the story about Tom and Sue because you know you some of you to his life as a wondering what happened to common flute how do you all I'll tell you the rest of that story very briefly the Valentine's Day comments who were dating the way you mentioned got married that I got married before we left Gloria and I comments Sue and I remained friends with we did and as we remain friends when we flew back to London eye from South Korea on our way back to the United States when we landed at the airport in Washington DC guess who was there to pick us up upon and through yes using wait a minute would you let it come well I guess the answer is made via not mad but maybe a little jealous at first you see when you find some new has characteristics of things that are better than yours you might be jealous but there's always something to learn from others is meant to yes always something to learn why is it that Tom was able to win the heart of soup ha ha there were some people learn and I thank God comments to have remained friends with me to this day they picked this up at the airport we had a great time guess what we slept that night with common elements whose plight right there with my friend for a long time to the same fact they don't look at Barwick San Diego right now and if I get a chance I'll probably drive down there and going spendable time with almonds and very good friends twenty something years later on at the very important lesson was share with you especially young people sometimes you see this scenario image on campus you might find a couple walking hand in hand or even are over each other have you ever seen that I think very clearly very much in love the next day the guys sitting at the table eating alone optimization Joe whereas the order or wherever he says while I can't stand her guts to I was walking down the sidewalk arm over each other whenever anything you haven't you don't know what you just did the main man and what happens people unfortunately goes from dating to hanging you seen it maybe even human experience that of the and that happens overnight sometimes young people the opposite danger is even worse for many times people go from dating overnight to meeting dangers are bad things they don't pay the remaining publisher with you what I consider the best strategy it's a biblical strategies it goes this way from dating through communicating through debating through congratulating the waiting for the wedding then consummating and procreating you agree with that it that God ideal for us and the bad news is since nineteen sixty there is an incredible increase in people so-called cohabiting five million Americans right now apparently that's the statistics on last year I saw something on the NBC today show five million Americans on married together five million and increase ten times since nineteen sixty until two thousand and five over forty five years and you know this picture I got out of what's called the a a R E magazine AARP doesn't even know what it is the whatever American Association of Retired Persons anybody was fifteen you can join them so you know what I'm about my age right now they want to get the fifty 's we can join this group and I saw this and a five million and there who are doing this but over five million more than a quarter million Americans who are unmarried to gather are in the all alert sixty five age group does not just the young people or so of work a quarter of a million plus over sixty five who are just moving dinner and the bad news is that the Bible message is still the right message because what happens from this type of thing NBC had to study the printer shared as I said was phenomenal but you know what they found that the people who sleep together before they get married are more likely to break up after they do get married and people who sleep together with kids by the way to a husband and a wife at their woman and a man would have children they sleep together before marriage they get married guess what they are twice as likely to divorce and those who don't sleep together before they get married the Bible is still right folks modern research is supporting ideal for us to get back my story again I just thought I would share the latest information that comes from this is a common soup of friends to this day and I thank God for that is the Lord leads us in our life he teaches us many many important lessons I want to challenge you all of you be open to the lessons the Lord wants to share with you and what you can learn as you interact with other than by the guys and gals if you get to know somebody you enjoy a friendship and a great new breakup that doesn't mean you should hate that person hopefully you can still be friends another short story can share with you in between my own Valentine story here I'm sharing I remember when I was a high school student Academy student my first love really don't have the Academy beloved will I have been dating a young lady I know we were good friends very good friends she was considered by the guys and girls and yet I was so proud that I was now dating her in over the single was riding ability for what before a fall I was strutting around I was dating this young lady and then along came another night she was badly about the tenth grade I was on the twelve grade student along came another guy and that he had a job and he was in a nice get a car and he swept her off her feet and she dropped me like a hot potato all I will I enter text eleven zero two it really hurt but I stop in the Lord taught me something good experience that I have to share with you here in between my own Valentine story what are the location I was almost like on SP two of the questions number one run did you really love her name was Eileen you really love her I suggest Laura farsighted enough the natural first response next question is really happy here with Mike then she was with you on our question and I thought that's a yes Lord she is happier with Mike that she was of me question number three if you really love your aren't you happy for her now difficult question that's when I came to the conclusion genuine love is total concern for the other persons happiness that is one person agrees with that video I just think about that for a moment genuine love is ultimate his total concern for the other persons ultimate happiness God taught an important lesson finally Mike and Eileen remain free him I think that after we stop in the comments and we went then on to South Africa to meet the rest of my family my kind that come to the wedding in South Korea and so we went on to South Africa and guess where Linda and I went for Sabbath lunch with Mike and Eileen I praise God he's taught me lessons to this focus is very important our interpersonal relationships we've got to find ways to get to grow in Christ to learn how to love each other so back to my own story now we got married as I said relieved Mike and Eileen and comments a lot of the picture right now we got married between back to the state we set up home we had the marriage covenant yes and now we set up home and began began to live together and to enjoy and to grow together as we began to dwell together we began to appreciate each other more loved this time folks those first few years are not the easiest month okay some of you might say while I didn't know you were the only one on I was the only one struggling yes was first New Year's Day adjustment and brought God 's grace if you make Jesus the center on your life the center on your home you will grow together and over time we grew together and incidentally if you picked up my cell phone perhaps by accident I drop it somewhere and you look to the context of air you get to my home it simply says the palace that's the number that's what it's called because my queen lives there I'm learning more and more to appreciate the woman that God sent into my life in a certain sense Linda rescued me from the slavery of singledom yes I think God for that woman just been such a blessing in my life and guess what guys when I grow up I hate him just prior to every excuse not to do them I simply par for the new school by reason well thing weapons over Leno and when my mother uses they want to come and help with the dishes I would think no moment sorry I can't it's going to one my ministry is and what I see is if I wash dishes back then we didn't have a dishwasher several years ago and then my fingers will get this off and on the calluses on my fingers you know that have formed over time I would feel the play the guitar I want him to meet up with my youth ministry and my mom accepted my excuse she found an agreement to abide with you later on I thought of the play the guitar and she got towels on her fingers the way to perform paragraph a legal hose on Nicholas stockings back in South Africa which would always on shield runners interpose I think EM am I told you it would ruin my ministry is you do do you knew it was callous and I found every excuse not to help with the dishes but guess what guys guess what does most of this is at home now actually have a dishwasher of vacated the eighty percent I do the dishes not because I love the dishes but guess who it is that I love my wife and I will do things for her the laundry yes believe it or not those things I do because I love Linda who rescued me from single of them when I think of rescuing me I think of what God did for his people will back him for a moment in time thousands of years back to the time when the Israelites were in slavery right there in Egypt when they were in slavery God came along and rescued them from little slavery remember the story and as you read through the story is fascinating they tended to Mount Sinai God made a covenant with them and twenty four talks about the people who buy the government to agree with the comment that God gave in and in the next chapter fascinating God rescued them God made a covenant with them they accept the covenant is a relationship as being one and now in chapter twenty five hours eight interestingly forty five is a now that they got the covenant made God says this and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them God wanted a visible physical place that the people could see the constant reminded that they are God 's dwelling among them I'm sharing my own story as a kind of a modern-day parable of the way God works with us and I think of the nipple rescued me from the slavery of singledom I think God rescued his people and then wanting to dwell among them in that sanctuary would talk a little about the thing to do as we go to the series a couple of entire meetings deal with this whole concept what is the sanctuary all about and we will share with you interesting lessons that God will share me about the signs are that I thought was interesting how God wanted to live with his people made up of success in the beginning I went to Korea to look the type of person soon it didn't work out but you know God works in incredible ways because he fears for us a beautiful passage comes Jeremiah twenty nine verse eleven you know the fastest if you don't turning about however before you Jeremiah twenty nine verse eleven because we serve a God that loves us in spite of all the wrong motives we sometimes have he is looking out for our best because he really wants to shower us with his love I want to review from the new international version beautiful passage Jeremiah chapter twenty nine verse eleven notice what he says for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future that's the kind of God we serve a God that is constantly looking out for us to God that cares about that God wants us to have a whole and the wonderfully bright future we several great God is yellow more about that through the seam is to get you to see that God that we as committed Christians are serving wonderful got wanted to turn off back to the New Testament goes to the book of Romans Romans chapter five hubris is that I'd like to share with you to see what kind of a loving God do we serve what has he done for us and also how it is as a goat of the series would begin to think and find much more about this beautiful God is wonderful loving God reception is an edit the title for the night if she was Valentine the love of your life I'm not talking about my wife even though she is a wonderful Valentine the bridges Valentine I'm talking about Jesus Christ look at Romans seven five relievers one two and especially verse five verse one from the new King James version therefore having been justified by faith we piece with God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God verse five now hope does not disappoint because those who love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the holies him has given to us I love the way the new living translation puts that at Christmas five for we know how dearly God belongs us because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his God dearly loves us wonderful passage government oversight how much does God love us look at the laborers a visit but God demonstrates his love is only love toward us how how does God demonstrate his love toward us in that while we were spilled senators quite died for us in what I call the love at first sight while we were still sinners and in a certain sense recognition of potential when Christ looked at us he recognized the potential of being saved right at first sight this is what God has done through Jesus keeper had an Roman political briefing to first joint of performers might exist but very very beautiful event and it will come back to Romans again first John chapter four verse nine the end of the Bible because it was before the book of Revelation first John chapter four verse nine and I love the way the new living translation puts that also new living translation God showed how much he loved us by sending his only son into the world so that we might have a kernel life through him that's how much God loved us sending his only son Jesus Christ of Québec the book of Romans back to that same verse Romans simplify verse eight God demonstrates his own love toward while we were still sinners Christ died for us it has one I'd like to leave you with is this one very simple sentence just nine or ten words the line reads let those be the love of your life when we decided with me let the Lord be those of your life one more time let the Lord be done love of your life God loves you folks you love me if there is an interesting most of the book of Romans a few chapters for the computer right and explains it in the pool at times very very large terms almost almost exaggerated language that is not exactly because it's talking about the level got the last was a Roman separate doesn't incredibly well on my inspiration the apostle Paul says Roman separate was thirty eight and thirty nine for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor in any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord in simple terms nothing absolutely zero not now nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus in simple terms fade with me let those the dialogue of your life incredible story I came across Justice Christmas beautiful story simple story happened in New York her name was Diana for Doctor and the diagnosis was leukemia leukemia nine months to live just nine months to live what to do what to do get things in order she went to find out what could be done when do that national net going narrow national narrowed donor program registry and they put her name in and they found out that although for possibilities there was only one match for her and the donor hadn't even agreed to donate his bone marrow she waited the response game yes he would be willing to do that and so in March two thousand about six years ago sure enough she went and there she was waiting for that life-giving fluid become the drug into her she waited and wished it would take and sure enough the transplant took when everything was getting better she decided to write a letter to the donor anonymously because nobody she did know who it was she wrote a letter and said thank you and give our actual words listen carefully you don't know the joy I am experiencing I hope that one day we can meet and I can think you in person several months went by news going back and the young man his name was David Mason thirty four years of age and they began to talk on the telephone and the you will get better acquainted one thing unexpectedly and unannounced David showed up at Diana 's goal are and the moment she opened the floor very well and she said it was low at first like somebody might say it was what recognition all potential initial observation but an answer the question if you meet the man who was responsible for saving your life when you do want to fall in love with him right and there she was they became friends they began a long distance relationship of years and in December two thousand and four David proposed to Diana and what you think she said yes yes she accepted his proposal when I think of that incredible story David was the only match just the only one of four million people whose names were on that registry the only one whose life-giving marrow could save her life it makes me think of every one of us because it is certainly a certain extent every one of us is suffering from spiritual leukemia were all in the issue in this situation are dying off this sitting pool cancer right are bluntest painted and you know it's interesting how all the possibilities there is only one match folks only one match and interestingly the Bible refers to him as the son of whom the son of David Wright G him Christ the son of David Westerfield was aiming his favorite that is the son of David Jesus Christ shows up at your door unexpectedly unannounced and you realize that this is the one who was willing to give life to you so that you won't have to die and then he turns to an extent I want to have a close comment relationship with you I want to have a spiritual marriage with you so that we can live together just the way some degree David said Diana my question to you is are you going to accept his proposal are you going to say yes son of David I want to reconnect with you because you die to save my life what is the phrase elected a member let the Lord be the love of your life and he said and let me let the Lord be the love of your collaborative brief appeal right here I wanted to reflect on another nasty to stand when you think about it and I will pray for you are you going to let the Lord be the love of your life the son of David who died to save you but for a moment here holy father thank you so much for Jesus the son of David the only match that can be found for our leukemia or send thank you for his willingness to give Lord I pray that everyone here this evening everyone who hears my voice everyone who hears your voice father will be willing to say yes Jesus Christ the son of David yes as he proposes a covenant relationship so that we all live with him dwell with him for eternity in the name of Jesus the son of David I pray these things on that


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