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Communicating In Code: The Secret of the Scrolls

Ron du Preez



  • February 15, 2006
    12:00 PM
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Beth Williams to be mischievous and nice achievement a friend for many years thank you Pastor Williams yesterday we began the journey together also glad to see you back so we can continue traveling this road to get I shared with you who here thinks those what you're just a quick mention I shared with you my own Valentine story because it was Valentine's Day how the Lord lead in my life even though I was going to Korea for the wrong reason God still provided what a gracious God we start so I share that with you and as a kind of a modern-day parable of the real virtuous Valentine and I gave you a phrase that says let the Lord be the love of your life you can make you yesterday can you say that with never some of you still doing here but if they did together let the Lord be the love of your life so we pray holy father bless us now as we open your word guide and direct us bring us closer to Jesus in his name we pray amen I'll never forget the day I was in South Africa I was there pursuing further graduate studies and as I was leaving that University one of the secretaries who happens over here what I said I don't know what it was about her attention to feel excited as if you got a note I just come across a new and growing you got against one of the reasons you always leaving the country soon I was went to the bookstore and I bought the book and I began to read I remember flying at thirty thousand weeks reading this book going page by page fascinating exciting incredible material as I read and I read listen to what this book claims that the claims that if you take all the letters of the Hebrew Bible and put them in a huge giant about I will search a square using a computer you can find predictions on the future including specific things that tell us that he saw not been in Israel was going to be assassinated and that lady Diana would because a photographer of what I was reading this book reading the book wait a minute what is this the name of it was the Bible code by Michael Grossman many Christians are the fitness of the Christian lady who shared this with utilities and courses have become excited about these books Christian books have been written as well in fact shortly after that videogame I got the second nineteen ninety nine or something the Omega code the Bible code a lot of interest has been generated by his questions but you know what they are interestingly a Hebrew scholar by the name of Doctor James D price used the same basic software and entered into the computer clear statements such as I'm reading of the year he was testing is this really the prediction of the future through the computer codes about a week of the letters are I called equidistant letter sequences and thought you find one letter here four thousand letters later you find another letter and floor talk about another one and another one and you put all those letters together they come up with all kinds of very interesting things to what he did he put into the computer for the following statements Jehovah is a liar guess what it appeared at least three times joyfully and twenty three times that showed up in the so-called Bible code there is no joke thousands of times he couldn't another site that is yoga that showed up to Satan is gone that's not to wow really interesting the conclusion was that whatever you are looking for you will find in the Bible what do you see the got caught doing that I found very interesting to me I'm looking for a verse of Scripture to back when I preconceived notions and that's the danger that we all place very very dangerous upon withdrawn himself I declared secular Jew concludes on page one seventy nine like the second last page of the book okay this is what he said I'm going out he said the message of tribal code is that we can save ourselves now you get it we can save our thought is that really what the Bible teaches especially light of the fact that Peterson says there is no other on under whom we can be saved except Jesus Christ accept the forest wealth is that correct so I wanted to go the other journey with afternoon let's suppose you finished medical school or public health or whatever you're doing and you get an invitation to go and work for the major Corporation all health in the United States a dream job and so they think of invitation it's maybe a couple hundred miles away and you getting your car even exactly where it is but you have the address and you start driving on the road and as you point is eliminated after directions and so you stop and you ask and they saved turn left on whatever and you turn left and you see who this doesn't seem to be going the right direction and yes another person and they think about their life and you wait a minute and you start getting confused you keep an you will you want to see time is running out even if you decide on the stop and I guess they can get a map and for you do you stop at a gas station the attendant was very helpful if you get a Mac because you are right here you look at a map sure enough you know we are and you are lost twenty fifth now this is the way to get there and you start following the map and you chefs make in time to get to the important appointment and you get the job in a sense of the Bible is a map if you have your Bibles with you to meet to one very important path to well-known one some of you who might have learned this in the past might be able to even repeated by memory song one hundred and nineteen death of the largest song in the middle of the Bible ninety verse one zero five and pretty from the new King James version Psalm one oh nine Chris one one nine verse one zero five the psalmist says your word is Lamb to my feet and a light to my path spiritually speaking yes the Bible does provide answers to those most important questions twenty oh seven event that frequently come up as people reflect one how can I have peace of mind number two what is the ultimate solution to stress and I've admit folks one of the things when I have stress I get migraine headaches if I got one of the reasons I got into running at one stage before I got the problem that I gave up running again but the stress was so much that I said I have to strengthen my body so what I do nominee share with some of you later want to get to the Mrs. ownership of healthy living fascinating I don't run for exercise but unable to running races interesting hostilities on secretly rock when you get to the health issues of life how him the stress and how can I become the person I really want to be number four how can I be certain of eternal life for five what happens five minutes after death number six are we living in the last days of the world history number seven important question that comes up too many times especially in the medical area or even see so much of it isn't clear if God is a good God why is there so much suffering seven important questions that are others but I believe the Bible has the answers for these very very important questions so in a sense of something the Bible is a map showing you how to get from point a to point B and to enjoy the journey as well by the way let's is the map I'd like to describe the Bible as a love letter yesterday we talked about Valentine's Day remember that cannot even be honest it is the time I was separated distance and time from my beloved and I began to sit down and write a letter I sent a letter every week or so but I figured to write a long letter it grew longer over time I kept sending a short letter once a week or so I kept writing this letter longer and twenty pages thirty pages forty pages eighty pages of hundred pages I ended up sending all hundred and twenty page letter to my beloved he is my question when she gets when she got that warehousing is a letter that what you think she did with it but indicated that she read was sure he read it more than once well I hope she added up to the Bible is God 's love letter to you and to me an important letter to David for us to us you know you the reason I sent that letter so that my beloved would get to understand to know the overtime and and is a good letter communicated I wanted to turn in your Bibles to Jeremiah chapter nine to share with you to show you how God desires us to get to know him it's interesting how he starts the Jeremiah uses the words of the Lord thus says the Lord I took the night with twenty three let not the wise man glory in his wisdom yes with them is important but we glory in at number to let the mighty man glory in his mike yesterday for him to be healthy and strong but not to glory in it let not the rich man glory in his riches were a slave four U glories glory in this one is the one thing we can be proud about here it is that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord exercising lovingkindness judgment and righteousness in the earth for a and B's on July says the Lord that's correct one important word there okay that he understands and knows me fascinating look in the Hebrew language that word is is the same word that you find in Genesis chapter four verse one where the Bible says and Adam knew Eve Adam you okay and guess what and she conceived and bore a son the word no data is a code word if you please for an intimate personal close relationship with somebody here God says I want people to have that intimate close personal relationship so personal that is the same word used for that most sacred of things that a personal relationships conjugal relationships God wants us to know if that is a practical one of my best studies as I went to grad school was in the area of ethics morality how then should we move to let it practical what does it meet how do we get to know God eligibility quickly do that second Timothy well-known passage second Timothy chapter three whenever we talk about the Bible and talking today about communicating encode the secret of the scrolls with the title for my message because there's been so much talk about the Bible code with who NASA's second Timothy chapter three verse sixteen and let's get practical because here in these two verses to fund vital things that tell us what God 's word the Bible is all about why we have this word of God all Scripture were sixteen reading from the new King James is given by inspiration of God and is profitable it is for what Ford doctrine the NIV new international version says for teaching useful for teaching for grateful for all we don't like reproof again reproof is a hard thing because it's very helpful to love the way the new living translation says it in addition to make us realize what is wrong in our lives and then it says that the King James for correction and instruction in righteousness or in the new living translation in its strengthens us out and teaches us to do what is right that's what the Scriptures of Florida then again the thing that the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work well known theft why was the Bible given so that we can live better lives ownership is impractical personal experience and other especially with the others in a few minutes but the Bible was given so that we can know how to live better okay that God you will receive you to write a second Peter chapter one verse twenty one year state a little more clearly and more directly it tells us how God believed God inspired this important word in here the word of God in the term is used for processing second Peter chapter one verse twenty one for prophecy that is the prophetic word of God for prophecy never obtained by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit fascinating would move it appears in another time with other wings move the ship along they were moved by what I ruled by the Holy Spirit now the question is obvious if the Holy Spirit God human beings to speak the word and a fourth late on right it down to what we have here in the Scriptures in archaeology and historical study has confirmed that this is the Bible is the best attested of all ancient documents incredible people and study very carefully interesting what does it mean whatever the Bible code idea how should we understand the Bible should be go to a computer and put all the letters in and find radar some I understand I haven't seen it but I've read that does some software you can find that even with all the English words and effectively with understand the Bible let's look at the text right before the first twenty is a warning firstly the person right before the second Peter chapter one verse twenty the lane with this for us that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation another way out of other translations say no prophecy the new revised standard version of Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation of the new American Bible says there is no prophecy of Scripture that is a matter of personal patient I showed you this cartoon here that says don't bother me I'm looking for a person sculpted to back up one of my preconceived notions the danger is that we look for things to support what we already believe very very dangerous we have to go to Houston we then study here is the warning don't think you can simply interpreted in a private personal way where would we go to find out just how we should understand the word of God as I reflected on his mother had the privilege to teach courses such as the biblical hermeneutics of biblical ethic at an exegesis how to dig into the word now you know some of you think of that's only for the scholars now hold off the Bible is for everyone is not just for the scholars that solitary simply relocate if you can see it in the English sudden turn with me now to the best interpreter of Scripture ever Jesus Christ himself built between the twenty fourth of October twenty fourth twenty seven and I want to spend a few moments that looking at the method used by the Savior himself and if you ever write anything down today I know your students here are four steps incredible stuff that I would like to encourage and challenge you to do and to use as you read and study and digging to the Bible vital stats and I'll tell you what good example of why it's so important simple steps that come from the life and the methodology of Jesus the background to twenty four was twenty seven you might recall you might've read it before I could don't remember this there were two disciples they had believed that Jesus was the one who was going to redeem Israel the little savings and the Israelites of the Jewish nation from the Romans getting bored of that Roman oppression apparently that's what they were looking at and they were downcast they were walking taking about a two hour trip from Jerusalem to MAS seven miles away as they walked on that Sunday afternoon reflectively on that seven miles suddenly a stranger came along they were downcast and as they walk they talk and the so-called strange is that what you're talking about and Khalil was wanted and if you don't know what's happening in Jerusalem and I began to tell the strange error the stranger was who was Jesus 's resurrection Sunday now what happened look at verse twenty seven Bible verse Euros for things that come from what Jesus did it says in verse twenty seven on the reverse and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself incidentally the whole idea is reiterated seventeen eighty Bertha later on in verses forty four forty five the same process but I went on that first for a few moments yet vital because this is what Jesus did and that's what Jesus did after he was resurrected this is the resurrected Savior of the world what steps did he follow step number one I would suggest you do the same in your Bible study chronological study Jesus started with the books of Moses and all the profits made on a tizzy talk about the song those are the three main parts of the ancient Scriptures that Jesus had what we now call the Old Testament chronological study why is chronology so important what when I was at Andrews University of Houston which is studied deeply into the topic of great interest to me I was going to go back to Africa as a missionary my doctor there was a doctor of ministry in mission studies and guess what topic I studied the issue of polygamy in the Bible and as I studied of course I read what the people said and when they came to distort the issue of David peoples of the David was a man after God 's own heart him was a man after many women are still okay we know that according to David please God but David was a polygamist so how do you protect together fascinating when you study the story of David cannot chronologically you will find out that the only time David Goldman at the bottom part was when he was a single think the shepherd ha ha he has never called him out of the other parts when you get involved in murder adultery linking the lying manipulation and ha ha everyone study the Bible how chronologically and that's when the light came on that crucial don't think one person and apply for the rest of the man's life incidentally you can do the same way funny enough when Reagan becomes a believer even in the book in the New Testament they still refer to Rahab as a way after the harlot when it was still a prostitute which was a believer now the title stock in the same way with David the title that he pleased God a man of God and not unfortunately got stuck in our minds so we think wait a minute if he pleased God how could he have been a multiple marriage may interesting to read the Bible chronologically that's what Jesus explains over to a window into the second thing that Jesus did it says beginning at Moses and all the prophets ethnic chronological he expounded to them in all the Scriptures very important seconds the comprehensive study comprehensive study and this is very vital as we look at the Bible as I'm talking today about communicating the secret of the scrolls Jesus is the best one who can teach us how to interpret the Bible he says studied comprehensively the danger we face sometimes is you find people whose as well you see you are an Old Testament question on it and the New Testament question when Domenico we should all be biblical Christians if we believe in the word of God to as comprehensive as possible on the argument sometime between faith versus works and you study the livelihoods of faith that were ha ha I got married to my wife and I hear the story yesterday if I just got married I think I would very know what I want I want don't know if I have a covenant relationship and therefore because I have that personal relationship she trusts me she has faith in me it's a fight that has fruit right face-to-face settlers to thirteen Jesus shares with us from his own methodology he expounded to them in all the Scriptures its comprehensive notice in all the water in all the Scriptures I say that that's the third seat it must have the eight canonical study we use that term can in all the Bible what is Internet in this is the cabin we use the canonical one I say next think about this for a moment folks as Jesus was walking with those two disciples on the way to MAS on a long trip and he knew they were downcast disappointed downhearted discovers what could he have done immediately to their discouragement she could assist a young people all men is I think it is stronger physically could perform the miracle Jesus didn't do that be careful of miracles be very careful be very careful they can confuse you go back to the canon of Scripture here is without foundation is that Jesus went to the script if he didn't go to the miraculous or to the physical Jesus went to the Scripture reading in its context the canonical context is important incidentally I found some interesting just last week I read a report of something that happened last week and here are five words listen to these five words from this report he struggled with his driver her a fight between somebody any show floor right until you see the context it was talk about Tiger Woods in the Dubai Desert classic he struggled with these driver nothing to do with a man fighting with the shofar is to do with Tiger Woods five word sentences complete sentences but unless you look at the context the canonical context you can be confused careful make sure you go to the Bible and say what does the Bible teach how do we understand what the Scripture is trying to tell us accidentally write here today is Loma Linda University medical student who came to me more than two years ago and she asked me some very tough questions and I said look I'll write you and we went back and forth she had so many difficult questions for his Lord for you guys here you asked tough questions that's good I couldn't keep up with correspondence and I said hold on all that you know in a few months it took more than two years more than two years by the time I does seem to that question and I have here today digging into what does this mean a sixty four page document to answer a question on one verse actually physically for Python executable one word to be more specific years ago they used to call field of theology the queen of the sciences and to some degree what we do like the scientists we dig deep you know the human genome I've read a little bit I don't understand everything but I I J get Iressa without useful really dig deep they spent years looking at something you cannot even see me to the naked eye object so some of us in the area of theology have fun doing this fifty four pages on one word yes and car use your today I thought I got the paper for the him what will be a doctoral dissertation fascinating study but you have to be in the Canon booth of the canonical context and that's what Jesus did and even if either the verse in the Bible to spiritual things are spiritually is learned first on December thirteenth spiritual things are spiritually discern in that letter of fall to the ground there's one more thing that Jesus shows us here very important collectibles twenty seventh he expounded to him all things in the Scriptures concerning loan himself number four and most important crisis center study we got to make sure that as we study the Bible we realized that the Bible points to Jesus Christ if not we are in danger of coming up with doctors as dry as the Bible called the yield of Gilboa the Bible must be studying that Christ centered context is over thirty good it's interesting what they say later on they realize it was Jesus in verse thirty do they think they said one another did not hard bird within us while he talked with us on the road and while he opened the Scriptures to us the heart will be warmed you will find answers to the most important questions in your life but with us Christ centered focus is reiterated in John chapter five if you have your Bibles to school a few chapters later on with the end of look I calculated on seven five thirty nine and comes through more than once in Scripture this Christ centered focus Jesus speaking there says were thirty nine John five thirty nine use sources such as wind and you can get it unlocked and these descriptors are they which testify of me the Bible tells us about Jesus from his job and how do I know I'm getting interpreted correctly detect the sixties of the same book of John Johnson sixteen or thirty years a guarantee folks we know we read that the Spirit of the Holy Spirit inspired the there is not only did he inspired the Scripture knows what it says in John sixteen verse thirteen however Jesus speaking when he is the spirit of truth has come he will guide you into all truth Jesus guarantees don't worry the spirit of the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth is I want to caution you the whereby what is the same Spirit who inspired the Scriptures is the same spirit that will help you to understand the Scriptures beware be very careful of people who come along and say to me you listen I have a special message for you or I have heard wife field twice since the spirit wants me to do such and such be very very careful about that make sure it goes back to the written word incidentally nine out of ten American Americans have a family Bible did you know that nine out of ten ninety percent the United States yet almost no one seems to really feel you've ever read any fact it's very sad because not long ago I came across to people those who are struggling with major issues both of them belonged to a Christian denomination and I was starving one was struggling with serious interpersonal conflicts very very seriously the other one was struggling with cocaine blowing his whole paycheck on one night started with issues and as I discussed and taught and counseled you what I found both of them belonging to a Christian denominations these of them ever spend time reading the word feeding on God 's word finding his promises finding his prescriptions for living fascinating especially in view of the fact that Jeremiah fifteen to sixteen says your word have I found an IDP that you get at the word usually ended with the joy and rejoicing of my heart fascinating song thirty will you see the Lord his God yes the ninety eleventh your word have I hid it in my heart that I might not sin against you and sadly these people are comfortable with struggling but they were not spending time feeding and I talked with him about this sad state of affairs and I have a bad prognosis unless they spend time reading and feeding on the Word of God they will not be able to overcome their problems I know that as effects is interesting with a speculative on the review from pathways that goes this way we grow only as we get our nourishment and strength from God I feel you what was a Christian I have no question in my mind why I myself folks confession yes I remember one year when I did not did not I've studied finish my pastoral study I gone and done my Masters I did not spend time in the word of God and you know what happened I was the worst year of my life major problems and not just affecting me I failed and it hurt others around me if you were God very very important I see I was just about up here and efficiently last three minutes why do I say this is so important what is the key to the code I have one phrase I'd like you to memorize here the key to the code is to be and he integrated living are you ready to see to the code is to read and he felt that the Bible called Whitehorse that Jesus is and I think the Sabbath you know the story my part of the problem that wise man who built his house on the rock with what Jesus says in Matthew seven twenty four therefore whoever hears these words of mine who research and who doesn't then leave them read and heed it right I will mingle wisemen who booties off the rough economy is in the plug-in the winds blew and beat on that house and it did not call for it was founded on the rock what did I say that they together the key to the code is to read and heed that's what God calls upon us to do it read in the artists and the short story I met a young man three months ago became friends as we talk for that he sent me his life story I wish every very briefly he said I was raised in things groceries that I can share the stories I was waiting a large Irish family and kids my father was an alcoholic he says my mother was filled with regular controlling moment have you in his own twenty fifth I was in a dysfunctional family stress I look for a solution and then the stress that's really bad when my brother David was murdered in New York City in nineteen eighty nine he says that I began to panic attacks look for solutions medical solutions nothing works finishes I realized it was a mental problem I was suffering with these panic attacks and he went to a twelve step program it helped a little bit and then one day he was told his wife got him in touch with a Christian psychiatrist and aggressive psychiatrist shared with him the word of God now that we read you what Chris says what happened interesting he says this uniquely again as he was reading the what is it immediately the switches in my head began to go off as answers to my problem revealed himself through the holy Scriptures continues several visits later I was on track to live a life free from fear couple of years later Chris and his wife Mary nineteen ninety eight were both baptized as believing Christians and Chris ends of the up with this story is part of at least him were the last things began to flow beyond our wildest comprehensive Canadians would be three words God is great while when I met with I talked with the effects as last month I had a chance to visit with him again an incredible story friends I have no question in my mind that the key to the code is to do what you read and he does it again the key to the code is to read and he wanted and built with this talented beautiful talented from the letter of Peter he says it so crisply so clearly in second Peter chapter three was eighty the last first offense second that if Peter says but role in the greatest notable transfer of Christ such a scrolling in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to him be the glory both now and forever Lord help us to grow in the grace of and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ thank you for your holy Word help us to spend time reading and heating the written word so we can get to know Jesus Christ living work in his name we pray on


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