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A Ransom for a Rebel: Bloody Business of the Beasts

Ron du Preez



  • February 18, 2006
    11:00 AM
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good morning to you they were spent a few days together reflecting our first message midafternoon one short phrase which says let the Lord be the love of your life our second message we captured in one phrase that says the key to the cult included the Bible code is doing mean and he and finally last night we spent a few moments here reflecting on the great God we serve we captured that nothing in one line saying to know God don't say no to God would like to join us again for our continuing journey in what I call the Journal of Jesus let us pray bless us now Lord as we take some moments to reflect on what a wonderful godly sorrow maybe drawing nearer to your throne today I need him Jesus so that my words will be your words to everyone's heart and a name on your precious son Jesus Christ and ever heard of what the called Houma sought to in the article was not one hand okay two hands yes not too many have heard of action suit driving mess up those syllables that okay but it has not tell on me as yet as interesting good sutra that were that malicious worm that some diabolical political mind created to infect computers I was reading a little about it it was released supposed to be released this month February three but it's fascinating what it said or copy self-assured networks and then send themselves the e-mail addresses found on a food with impunity but with interesting if Moore is not greener with a little salacious headline and says something like this if you see the attachment it says it gave me a kiss or schoolgirl fantasies gone bad you have to click on the nose thing that price you however that's just the way it is with sinners and that there is something that catches your attention that tempts you what you know Mark Twain says all I've got no problem with inpatient I've resisted what a thousand times but not the sin itself over gay let's look at the Bible was talked about the good news so far let's now talk about you wanted to date the bad news Ezekiel chapter eighteen Ezekiel chapter eighteen one ago from the good news the good news of God 's will for us the good news of these of the Bible the good news of the great God we serve let's now go to the bad news you know sometimes you have to listen to the bad news also significantly pictured right Ezekiel Chapter eighteen verse twenty the bad news just six crisp words at the beginning of that entire verse that says I'm reading the new King James version the soul who sins saltwater shelled by the social who sends it shall die the rest of the recessive and everybody has to bear their own guilt it doesn't need on pastoral document go with me to Romans chapter three is the question says how many of us will die from a separate three the soul that sins shall die how many does that include Romans we New Testament gives us the answer to that question Romans three verse twenty three Albertsons a continuation of the oh so I was twenty one but I want to become just those short new words there are about ten or twelve words for how many what is your Bible site all that is a à la Al all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God that doesn't leave any human being talk about what we know there's only one exception and who was that Jesus the Bible says he never sent never committed any wrong for the rest of us it includes everybody finally the Bible has actually many different definitions of sin one of the most commonly was the funding for startup agreements for some of you might know it what is Simpson is transgression of the law or a modern language lawlessness but actually the Bible has more than one definition is probably one of the best-known ones sin is lawlessness the Bible also talks about Senate action as a broken relationship soon as over against God soon after that all kinds of definitions but in essence so that is best described if we go back to Isaiah T nine thirty Bible about Isaiah chapter fifty nine versus one means we need is here Isaiah captures the essence of the whole concept of what really is sin this is the bad news will come up with some good news before the day is over I don't leave us Isaiah fifty nine versus one two and three ultimately this is what sin is let's read this carefully behold the Lords hand is not shortened that it cannot save nor is it clear heavy that it cannot hear here there was still euphoric in with these have separated you from your God and your sins have hidden his face from you so him will not share this when your hands are defiled with blood dripping the clinically because there looked us over like your as modern perversity notice it says your iniquities have separated you from God is amended by the way they are several words that are used in the original Hebrew language and in the Greek language for sin just as in English when we talk with each other as a menu wrongly or you really do need bad whatever term we use we said she sinned against me we use different learning the words to convey a similar carpet in the Bible there are many recently in the Old Testament from the main words for sin I want to go back over as I used last night briefly will come back to Isaiah fifty nine in a moment but go quickly to Exodus chapter thirty four we talked about Alaska within the concept is wanting some good news right now we'll talk with the bad news everyone is okay but I want to remind you about some of the good news as well right here and to look at the words that show us different concepts of sin I is the website Exodus chapter thirty four or seven Exodus thirty four euros seven Pokémon God the merciful God seven keeping mercy for thousands in last night we showed it under the thousands of generations the book of Deuteronomy chapter seven was nine brings it up to the mercy for thousands of generations forgiving iniquity of the iniquity that is the first learn and what transgression and what an certain innocent forgiving God forgives iniquity and transgression and sin and the reason for the three words that he was actually in a certain sense of the kinds of sin as you look at the word in iniquity and I thought he was a quick study of that equity is generally seen as crookedness or perverseness moral distortion how is this because the word is used for the Windows again the second one transgression that is a deliberate rebellion choosing to do raw like a child was that I got to do it mother said that I was the kid run for nothing anyway direct rebellion and then of course the other word for sin is to miss the block ever happened to anybody not some archery and you shooting at something should surely a target and you only distracted and that arrow was way off okay no not that you intended to get over there but because you were distracted you were not able to keep your eyes on the lock so visibly different based on what they are Olson they all hurt people now let's go back to life it's up to fifty nine jump of fifty nine notice you what it says your iniquities to fifty nine was to your iniquities have separated you from God and your sins have hidden his face from you though that he will not hear God doesn't care because we continue doing what we want to women separated is there any hope for us all let's go to that beautiful story back in Genesis Dennis a separate breed how would you get given a picture of the kind of God we serve because yes our iniquities are certain God hides his face from that separates us from God but what does a little what does he do when arson that separate us from the beautiful picture right there in Genesis the first problem the first problem parents if you want to call it that Adam and Eve the children that God had created look at first base you know what happened by this time I do believe that both send they fled a notice chapter three verse eight and they heard will the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden that's what sin does folk generally out but I want to make a little caveat here unfortunately in today's society it's unbelievable and I've been reflecting on this one more it almost looks like people are proud of their sins and interesting disbelief that people are ashamed of their sins but nowadays it's almost what I can do again if the opposite in the past people used to run out of shape hiding themselves covered themselves up in fact even people but the Bible times and the story of Judah and Jenkins forty eight he was walking on the road and there he saw a woman of mystery her face was covered nowadays they are the least common people in the streets again that's the difference society has changed dramatically from people who are ashamed of what they do now everybody in it in general terms everybody has just come out on showing this comment 's show where their sons are amazing all kinds of since I don't have a separate one from the other the kid who ran from God notice was nine then this is an important point folks then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him now there are three words there in those three words depends on how you perceive God as to what what I'll voice you have for those words think about this then I think you will or did God say as he became lovingly where are you okay depends on your picture like this Willie is the picture of a God who was hungry running after the runaways and I see God is where are you looking for you of course God knew God was the response from you look at verse ten was the victim of God who runs after his wide-awake kids the kids of broken relationship so he said this is Adam I learn your voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself in the shade of the new run and you high as the God whose morning after he your sons and separated from God you hide from it but God is wanting after you because he's trying to reclaim us that's the picture of the God we serve God wants to bring us back and God says to him he said who told you that you were naked have you eaten from the treatments recommended that you should not eat is the question God is asking God knows the answer but you know God has to communicate and he wants us to reflect the think and to respond and afford you see here there is no peace before and there was peace and harmony in the family notice what happened the moment sin enters then the man said the one nine God asks the question okay so he'll he didn't publicly not as a collective the question is eleven have you eaten from the tree which I commanded that you should not eat that's the question that the answer without independent and as a weakness for us was on the one nine a second door into William J Valdez Ledesma in the woman let's blame God by the way I bump into a former student of mine you remain unnamed when he was at some and many many years ago he was a rather we bumped into him again he had been filled out the slip nicely and yet filled out substantially and I looked in the I realize the I was having a difficult time recognizing and told me that I am I within the SCO I've look again at these and all my wife's being negated at all it has how would we blame someone else it wasn't you know I have a problem with my appetites L patient said that Michelle is said that it was my wife's cocaine reminded me so much with editing yes the well learned the woman we called the blame game I was I was tempted to ask how many of you ever play the ongoing confession by get the right the blame game but you see the problem is when you blame someone else ultimately we blaming God with letting God the woman whom you gave to be with me she gave me all the treat at all and I ate a God that the patient is yes Lord I know writing and once you've made all of his excuses many briefly at eight with all the slightest accidental I didn't get in my mouth but it is a spelling that in a live with my dad I felt the story before but not in the group year my father is going up and told me the story side I know it's authentic VF had a difficult time going to school he didn't like going to school on his way to school you would come across this beautiful on the kind of a small lake and they love the swimming go and swim in the lake and a comeback at the time that you know I could do it and my grandmother would look at him and say Alwin did you notice one why are you still how long is so hard it is so hard than that locality and is not there you get the blame game again RK interleukin needed again his mom said the Democratic USA and get behind me thinking okay I was again on his way to school and get the school and swimming in a beautiful lake back if you go to school outline you well why are you still with you on your years even drive properly will you tell you what I told you he is not my day I said get behind me Satan he asked me and I have just made my life clever kids the blame game the blame game is smile but you know what its effect how often do you offer blame someone ultimately blame God sad sad story stories are done with Gary on what happens and the Lord God will divorce lurking in a seductively with the Lord God said to the woman what is this you have done now what should the woman had said sorry Lord I took and ate known as the serpent deceived me the blame game continues the serpent is that whom a large block of blame for my sin ultimately its would-be accusation amounts of the serpent deceived me and I a you know it is so common for people to do that anybody was stopped for speeding ever in your lot hi raise my hand day I'm not absolutely significant what would you like this was interesting so the police Q and when you do this I all kinds of what company do not immediately excuses excuses right I have been looking out and want a few years and people warned me if you ever get stop by office that goes there is no layout you will be fine well that pain that day I was reading on the island of Guam to the possible speed bunch I was going around the circle and suddenly I realized I didn't want to go home I was going home to normal when I took over ninety to stop the conference office I switched lanes within the circle and it so happens swiftly in front of a policeman I did notice and behind me there was the lights and the moment I got pulled over I look at his name tag is with the officer cruise I thought man I've been nailed today I look again at the officer said you know what to do yes I do so but notice but okay but I'm used to going on if it did you know that you broke the law yet officer but then I turned the method officer I'm sorry I was totally at fault I I made a mistake I did the wrong thing look at me he was limited in the thickets he looked at me he gravitated in Florida and I sat in the car in shock officer cruise while I believe often the police was social that I apologize he just forgot I wonder somebody also done that before maybe I was the first one I don't know I have no idea when I thought of anything is about you know him out of press because confession brings peace I hope I'm not getting a different day and brings peace of mind in a silicon to find excuses and excuses with Jared without storing the Bible because here they hadn't excuse is that you know in spite of this is a waste of unlistenable loving God they didn't confess is nothing in the Bible it that they think we're sorry no going to do was submit this I mean their lack of confession God was still going to do something for them because they said I needed me and what it says most of the amusement of the gospel I will put enmity between you and the woman between your seed and her seed on the capital as their blind Jesus Christ and an Christian scholars have seen this as their early prediction of Jesus calming he Jesus shall bruise your fight Satan shall bruise his head and you shall bruise easy election it is the other way around Jesus through the review Jesus to get through than Satan 's head wound bruise yes you Satan will be destroyed so the suspension of the gospel God was twenty one views as well additionally what God does okay so the guy practically does also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made what truly makes us feel and close to nothing for a moment when the skin color brought ha ha and antelope had to die this is the beginning of what we call the sacrificial system in who is just beginning I legitimately would mean out the book of Leviticus very briefly the book of Leviticus but what is saturated with all these sacrifices and here in Genesis we see the beginning of the sacrificial system my model has an introduction of the problem Leviticus it's God 's guide for these newly meeting people showing them how to worship serve an old him a holy God so this is what this book is about fellowship with God through sacrifice and obedience show the awesome holiness of God of the God of Israel now I wanted to know his name anyone who has started is yours everyone finds this offering to the grain offering check with me the peace offerings before the sin offering testified that the trespass offering and on and on and on the visitors is named after the Levites and the like were going to be there to serve in the sanctuary the whole book is saturated with important information for ancient Israel as to how and what they should do if they send it even if this and I eventually anybody ever continents did you know that you really really offended someone so instead I can emphasize what you say old when his thoughts insights she got over it I mean that I'm in so soon go into Leviticus chapter for you sometimes sometimes it happens that you step on people 's toes totally unintentionally is not to now the question is have you send the answer is yes you have not given me that you need to guess who got worked on the health and to then you have never know son and the Bible them as sacrifices for those things will get it checked the temp of four anyone was twenty seventh of August twenty oh seven if anyone on the common people sins unintentionally by doing something against any of the comments of the Lord in anything which ought not to be done and is guilty or if December twenty eight which he has committed comes to knowledge okay somebody tells you about it then he shall bring as is offering a kid of the goats of people without blemish for his sins puts in which he committed and he shall lay his hand already had a sin offering for no less than offering a public of the monopoly then the priest shall take some of its blood and with these fingerprint on the horns of the alto bird offer and pool on the remaining blood at the base of the altar wow in other words you hurt somebody else even unintentionally in ancient Israel they are yet go to thank you and have a sacrifice when asked the question if you say something about somebody else and you never meant to hurt them but that person got her was the integration what should you do go and say sorry I'm so sorry for what I said I did not intend to harm you in any way please forgive me even if unintentional slip because somebody has been hurt very interesting and we decided all legal system the sensory system is very interesting the three major things from the study of number one is the laying on of hands on the animal symbolically transferring your sins the animal is killed this is the blood this is the substitute because the Bible says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and the Bible says the wages of sin is what is that so you don't have to die and so you translate onto the animal the animal venues of his life in the blood in some manner is taken into the sanctuary during the daily services will talk more about the site later on and what happens in the sanctuary but here we find these things happen even for unintentional sent yesterday to the next chapter to chapter later chapter six because you know sometimes is not unintentional sometimes we planet because we choose to get even I evaluate few people ever get even they always go overboard you know that so what happens when the so once the example six was due to the strong words and if a person commits a trespass strong word rebellion against the Lord how a rebellious against the Lord by doing what my lying to his neighbor yes through neighborhood is sinning against God interesting and about what wasn't deliberately and for safekeeping or about or about a robbery or even extorted from his neighbor 's consumers for then it shall be because he has said in an guilty that he shall restore what he has stolen or the thing which he has extorted what he was limiting for safekeeping or the loss the magic number six and he shall bring his trespass offering to the Lord around without blemish on the block with your valuation as a trespass on December seventh so the priest shall make atonement for him before the Lord and he shall be forgiven or any one of these things that he may have done in which he trespasses incidentally very interesting it talks about restoring restoring giving back what you have taken their right by the first fibrous fasciculus for gabapentin or pencil pencil them with you later on doing Ezekiel chapter thirty three verse fifteen it talks again about the importance of making things like by giving back what you have taken that is not easy sometimes but you know what by God 's grace we can do it going back and taking care of things as a result verse seven right here after the biggest deficits with sentences so the priest shall make atonement for him before the Lord atonement made that were not being English act one minutes and correctly look at the word because you see that separates you now you are back in Canada consuming nation and what happens when the reconciliation of there is a piece in your life is sure with your story is not that far from here Empire I was told that I am right now in this area I was in about a dozen years ago I came here to visit one of my students I was on vacation and I tried to plan things when I have a chance going into something fun and write up here there was a inlet empire fifteen a race walk I was seriously the race walking back then and I thought I could do okay and I came along I got into the race but even if technically and correctly there are judges all along the way and a very fair reason judges different judges must check to see so there's no connivance of the just one just doesn't like it there must be three separate times in three different places we decide that you are wrong in your walking because easy if you don't walk right you might be running whenever I will be fair with the rest of walkers so here I was on this wastewater and I was walking it was a loop it bought a few graduate kilometers I think the five kilometers up and back so you can do this with the free-trade and that we would meet five times now I learned how to walk properly I felt my voice walking okay so here I was and within maybe first mile or so I heard the judge say number with a three forty six then they and me that you're not supposed manganese in a certain place but it definitely got the characteristic of swing on the other race wanted to give us enough on the Olympics on her own now once I hit my knees to rights periodically than what you don't all humanist later forty six I know I had one more chance for a dozen years ago before the three strikes and you're outlawing the game on California by selling off before one part of the race was not number three forty six three strikes and you're out I was disqualified from the race I was so embarrassed so embarrassed I didn't want to go back to the start because everybody would know why my number unlike my dear you see is what happens when you send right now this is the best unintentional thing I miss the mark I had tried to walk with my music I hadn't like Walt Whitman leaves I've missed the mark but I have sinned I was disqualified I was so embarrassed so ashamed I won't weigh in around the block to get to my vehicle I slunk into my car and know what often happens in some of us jump in the car and I drove straight to talk about you know how to editor-in-chief myself to man and I like Billy was originally teleported to do this and there I set Taco Bell and I was busy eating and so every race that you know what people in the bag and the races a little goodie bag something like this in size to what was now pacifying myself with a nice couple of vegetarian Mexican pizzas I was there sitting and I was looking through my goodie bag is certainly getting a little technical and that Empire by the put me on yes good and I put my head do not let another one two of them said wow I've never gotten to like some others before and I said it might be thin is that I deserved I deserve to me they disqualified by the all right him the strength of feeling pain up here was invented by accident the goal of hunting one of my life so will have matching side effects the little boy said you sure they meant to give you to Pensacola Catholic and that he was unexpected to me this friend of mine who is the place and I cannot go back to the race to refund the second one I found an excuse not to go back and I voice kept bothering me bothering finally decided to know at this point in time I was a professor teaching pastors training pastors at Solomon Avenue University visiting a note we also struggle with some justification the blame game eventually I said okay log going back you know as I got up on Taco Bell and I went straight back to the race and by the race was alert and everybody was not inside the thing all size slipped into the back wife and I sat on it and walked in with his own way whom I pool is honest and did you intend to give me two of these innovative initiative of no no no we meant to give you one thank you so much for bringing it back if you want to second what you can pay so much I said no thanks and I was I felt so at ease and at what the best word I thought I was exhausted from struggling with this voice that I just collapsed in accounts never a moment because Adalat I listen to the voice that said go back I knew what that voice loss return that which you have even notated on instantly and as I sat there in a few moments of peace and atonement you believe relaxing suddenly I heard them my main one in my neighborhood will look at one and I walked out my doing here I sat there in silence as soon as we migrate under their breath I think the music is one right here and I went up about it sound like they would embarrass me I found something better than that I went to the table I sit here and they said oh oh yes a lot of writers here would like you to come to the front we have patrolled before you the children who happen to be the person who was come from the greatest distance so we are giving you what's called the long distance participants trophy I brought it with me today because I carry this with me folks for the only reason to remind me and you listen to the voice I did not deserve this in the lease if I did not listen to that voice if I continued with my blame game at Taco Bell all I would've had was more tacos again nothing to remind me of how important it I did a disservice not at all I didn't deserve this but I keep this black as a reminder how important it is when the Spirit speaks folks listen to that voice I don't deserve this in the weeks this I keep as a memento of God 's grace in my life God is so good that the wood underneath he ran after them and call them back not just that he killed a lamp in the reason him I contacted in the way that you did not look with new shell what should we die why didn't they got was a lamb was substituted for Adam and Eve that day an animal die so that they may live and what is the lamb represent Jesus Christ indisputable sign right here on the wall by readability by his stripes we are healed for the scriptural reading it is only because of Jesus Christ that we can live as I look at it I think I'm God for his grace thank God he has been sold don't play the blame game and by the way as I said again it's nothing to do with me this is the last ability the only thing you might say is new guy because you listened to the Lord the only reason we can have eternal life is if we listen to the Lord listen to his voice was in evidence when it quickly to put the general acceptability of fume over this year just to remind you this is not nothing to do with elevation by works not in the least this is it's impossible for you and for me to do this on our own we cannot save ourselves Jeremiah says that in such incredibly beautiful language and of course it goes back to Africa where I'm from notice ways what he says Jeremiah kept the thirteen verse twenty three and the easier it can be African in public can take the black man become white can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots the rhetorical answer is what no okay if you could then they also do good work the evil we cannot how do I know that the developments at the seventh but if you worsen that just reminded it is impossible for us to do good on we cannot we ask you have a radical change in our law I promise after seven here is Paul's speaking Romans seven the words Romans seven Mercedes of the few horses here and in many ways that he describes the space is related for I know that in me that is in my flesh not being good towels for the well of the designers would need but what is good I do not find it for the good that I was to do I do not do believe I will not to do that I practice and he was twenty four and he said all of her actions and I found little world and then learn me from this body of death he doesn't stop there the bad news versus twenty five is that God is love he said I might have high hope through Jesus Christ our Lord is the answer the only way is through Jesus Christ our Lord we cannot save ourselves we could think of ourselves absolutely not it is only as we go to Jesus Christ that he will wipe on arson that he will bear our transgressions as we read in Scripture reading from Isaiah B three only Jesus Christ can transform us in desk work and forgive us the one warmers first John chapter five verse eleven is only Jesus Christ nothing to do with us our only choice and only thing that we should do is to listen and to respond to mean I don't need to accept his offer first John chapter five verse eleven the beloved John says it so beautifully and this is the testimony that God has given us eternal life life is good news funds stop right there you know I've been a Christian for many years I never understood the difference between a human society God has given us eternal life but we die until I understood the difference between eternal life which you can have right now eternal life and the state called in mortality immortality will be made upon us by God 's grace at the coming of Jesus Continental but right now right here you and I can have the assurance the absolute assurance that we have eternal life if we accept Jesus Christ as possible so that's why John can think this is the testimony that God has given us eternal life eternal life is not immortality again eternal life is that is what God has given us but then even that we might die right now when Jesus comes we will be resurrected and will be given immortality Institute I have been and cannot separate them but we can have eternal life right now even though we are not giving more thought immortality comes when Jesus comes at the second coming but right now right here you and I can have as a guarantee the reality is eternal life that promise that God has given to the three verse twelve he who has the son has life at eternal life okay and he who does not have the son of God does not have life within the skin of his book John Pennington Jesus said I have come that they might have walked like a knife and might have it out more abundantly life here and in the from incredible story I can across I heard about it I went and read up on it it happened in the summer of nineteen forty one it was probably the last day of July the best recollection is that Jim Simons went off because we prisoners had escaped very soon the Nazi guards brought all the people together from the blossom which said estate was if somebody escapes from your block the principal folk are responsible to make sure that nobody escapes with the theory what do they do that okay three Netscape we are going to take reprisals then men will be chosen at random and they will die in place of the three who escapes the Nazi guard select a ten minute random and as they selected a man of the name of front seats Jack we only ship that was in Auschwitz in Poland as they call them out he simply blurted out at my pool to what my all children are so never see them again is automatic instinctive cry as he was called out then suddenly unexpectedly the prisoner Brandon number one six six seven zero step forward it looks straight at the bar talk to you in the right the delivery surprised by surprise and the dog responded okay when you have said in German this was of course in Poland but that man next to I always spoke German descent of the bar send that man back into line I will take his place as soon the defendant condemned men marched off Maximillian Colby was a priest in his forties the Moscow student death monger underground cells where the men were left isolated with no food water and no fresh air slowly painfully dehydrate Maximilian Colbert called me the his life for that condemned the Priest step in in order to save a condemned as I think back on that incredible story and yes those men all died slowly but surely they perished one after another two weeks went by somehow by God 's grace Maximilian did not die at that point the Germans became so angry they eventually paid and they injected him with carbonic acid the reason is that I think of what Maximilian the priest Cole David I think of a number of priests Jesus Christ who is called our high priest in the book of Hebrews Jesus Christ who is willing to step forward and say I won't think the place all those condemned people let me die in their place Jesus Christ the priests who also according to the Bible is the sacrificial victim the lab in a village on the baptizer said behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world as I think of which my brother my sister my friend what can I say but praise God is so gracious he offers good die in my place in your place I don't know where you are in your life experience but when I look at the way the Lord is living my life is great for me reminding me that constantly in different ways below is the evil shower when the wind is great if only I will turn to him and so I wanted to reflect because today I would like to make an altar call I would have stopped to ask him to play for us at the beautiful hymn I want you to think very seriously about the words of this and in number one eighty nine it simply says all that well my soul is Jesus is all in life to me I wanted to sing this and think about it very very carefully because as we sing I wanted to reflect these a day in between the parties I'm going to make specific altar calls I'm going to invite some of you to come for specifically I'm asking those of you whom I did last night last night we had to write on a piece of paper and I praise God that was on here last night who wrote on for the first time in my life I want to give my life to Jesus Christ if you were here last night wouldn't invite you to come forth and anybody else want to join youngest stepped on here in common being with you shall we stand as we seem the first stanza on all that rules my soul is Jesus who reverently and about benediction and I'd also like to have a special prayer on those would come this morning for rededication to the Lord holy father are you so very very much in Jesus thank you for his willingness to come and live and die for us to take away our sins father and to give us a guarantee the absolute assurance of eternal life father right now we have had several work on porting public commitment of public meet commitment rededication all life through Jesus Christ Lord I pray that he will take every heart that is here is your hands symbolically in this recommitment and that each heart that is coming here will be renew revive reformed into your image so that others will see Jesus in a brand-new and glorifying way through their lives Lord I will pray for others there might be some here still struggling New York wrestling with that voice is calling thank you for being such a wonderful guy who runs after the runways because you love us we thank you Lord for that before that and it is only because of that that weekend so you may the God of peace moves with the blood of the eternal covenant back from the dead our Lord Jesus the great shepherd of the sheep equip you with every good for doing his will and may he in us what is pleasing to him through Jesus Christ to whom be glory forever and ever amen


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