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Living it Up for the Lord: It's Crazy to Cling to Cancer

Ron du Preez



  • February 20, 2006
    6:45 PM
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him and welcome back to our second week in the word would like to join us realize the vessel was still traveling perhaps coming back from the hopefully an enjoyable and a blessed long weekend but we so happy that you have come to spend these moments here with our Master Jesus Christ before we pray quickly remind you that on Sabbath in case you were not here our message was about Jesus Christ affect that we are sinners we cannot change ourselves it is only because of him that we can before given and it was one short phrase that I forgot to share with you and him and I shared with you right now it's a short phrases that I want you to memorize let Christ in annual cleanse you from sending your message with me let Christ in and he'll cleanse you from sin again let Christ in and your claims you from sin shall we pray holy father thank you for the fact that Jesus was willing to die for every one of us we know we have a choice father to let Christ in so you'll cleanse us from sin bless us now as we open your holy Word to catch a fresh glimpse of our Savior Jesus Christ in his name we pray amen I was born in South Africa has many of you know that when I was born in South Africa back then in those days and I was living there you know it was called South Africa my country was called the skunk of nations all yes I'll be honest and tell you what it was why why was South Africa golf the skunk of nations because of its political philosophy I was raised in what is called up in South Africa after properly pronounce the word although in the United States was six apart hide reviews German is not German it's offered but so did you hear properly a part hate them interesting it sounds like featured in being a part of the government had the policy of separate they called in but equal and I was raised in that very difficult situation a something to fix what are you optimistic for all kinds of things it's only when I had appeared the Israelis thought I was a Palestinian terrorist because I can pass for one and a half joking effect when the plane landed in Tel Aviv the Secret Service let everybody go except the benefits of the other plane and I checked me out Mass. my passport type two and they kept me in Atlanta Riverdale Spokane he wouldn't tell me why to reject net but I do why I looked like the typical profile of the Palestinian terrorists yes I really did when I saw mom picked I realize that I don't work anymore I don't when I go to but people have mistaken me for that I think to be Jewish Arabic Egyptian Filipino eats healthy and I'm not exaggerating in the Puerto Rican audio name in Mexico where it's almost like whatever consenting people think I'm what I'm not I'm so glad I'm a child of the King is one thing I did the right split so I was raised in South Africa and we are the cold the mixed up not mixed up the mix people you know I got mixed heritage pretty strange this is my own British Danish Dutch French Malaysian Indonesian Portuguese Brazilian in all kinds of things in my background in June as well my uncle wrote is wrote a book about our forebears went back to the sixteen eighties when the French originally came from the friends fleeing from Louis the fourteenth anyway that's another part of the source I was there in South Africa right him climate where we were pressed yes I'm being oppressed I was beaten up once by the police fleeing for my life I was in the wrong place at the wrong time not intentionally but those of these and we struggled with when I was in South Africa and I'll tell you I came to United States to study and that while was in the USA of course I went to create innovative part of the story I shared with my first message and then I met my wife was also stood missionary from Texas and the rest the story we came back to the states and while I was in the United States I kept hearing news from back home I go back every now meant to visit and it was in mid- nineteen ninety four when eventually freedom came to South Africa and country democracy incidentally I was in when I was in South Africa these were not always we have to be willing to be pioneers and and I was fortunately in a small way a pioneer for some people McAuliffe can you take depends on how you look at life right and that life was not always easy when democracy came I was in South Africa it was what an exciting time jubilation celebrations in the street I was going to go to the evaluation of Nelson Mandela but I'll be honest I was so afraid that they were going to attack it reflects bomb threats I stayed home and even though I was in South Africa at the same incredible moment in the history of our nation I stayed home and what's the celebrations on television because of fear that's how dangerous it was and there was a terrorist plot was foiled people would ask you target the inauguration and though they were many statements to stop that's what an exciting moment in the history of my country South Africa people were just in the street and just happy the birth of a new mission is to you people especially the people who been impressed right of course the birth of the baby also brings joy to its parents the mother forgets all the labor pains he's been going through again and I feel sorry for the new birth new birth is an exciting time very very excited however what happens to the baby once the baby is born coordination that is just big remains the same way we goes back two weeks the baby doesn't grow the nation remains stagnant what happens congratulations thirty two commiserations gladness don't think the sadness and in a nation cheers turned into jeers there is the beginning but there must be the growth as well to review briefly difficult to Matthew chapter twenty six quickly just one text to remind you of the beginning of the joy of this scene the start what happens at the beginning the joy of the beginning Matthew chapter twenty six twenty eight I just want to review here Jesus speaking about when he will die for us what will he do through his death this is of course that the Lords supper but the words are important here Matthew twenty six verse twenty eight says for this is my blood of the new covenant which he said here's the key shed for many for the remission of sin in my problem is a little footnote the fifth forty four giftedness often when Jesus died he died too so that we can have forgiveness of sins that's the key here forget Ms. Austins comes through his death was the result of the second computer that has been quite a few moments in the writings of Paul Eddie wrote my inspiration what happens him hi what happens to the world segment is five verse nineteen moving what happens and then we'll go to the individual aspect second Corinthians chapter five verse nineteen what is the thing that is that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself not including the address trespasses to them and has committed to us the word of reconciliation God was in Christ reconciling the world bringing the world back in town on Sabbath when we had our last message we talked about the fact that atonement one mentor member that is an effective reconciliation process that this is a three minute step one is that of God 's grace in our lives bringing the world not just the world 's collective verse fourteen Lisa said that the global thing God wants to reconcile the world not just the world look at verse forty four the love of Christ compels us because we just ask that just in eight words noted here in my new King James version if one died for all to all five women what is false thanks many of you know by the polls noted that field was even featured in the Bible says Paul has said many things that all hard to understand you know that that's the ticket and some people have pushed all writings for their own to what is Paul saying finally one paraphrases has put those eight words of the rebuilding was again noticed if one died for all capital over any one die froth then all died one paraphrased with the district this paraphrased as they can those words and has expanded into twenty four words him him him we believe that Christ died for everyone we also believe that we have all him to the left we used to live now you see the okay everything is little to do with twenty other catchphrases in the context of the writings of Paul and in the holes with little deeper Galatians two twenty Webb look at a passage in our state the flocks the very next week right after second going to just go over a few pages Galatians two twenty what does it mean that Jesus died for them to bring the world that what is the meaning of what is leading my life as a specific Jesus died for my sins I kind of the step number one now notice both that I have then walked crucified wait a minute I thought Jesus was yes he died through the holes and what is it mean in my life I have been crucified with Christ to carry lunch it is no longer I who live its end is the highest network if you think stop there for all that you remember another persons at high high high high fluoride book of Isaiah chapter fourteen I will be like the most I will send unto heaven who is that one is the breadth of subject matter he exited the eye is a different context the events I have been crucified I want to be in God 's place no I have been crucified with Christ is no longer I who live but what Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God who know me and gave himself for me so yes folks step number one Jesus died to reconcile the way to him correct that's the world for him told that he gave his only begotten son of the battle continues that whosoever believe the Canadian notice the point he's a doctor the well guess what unless you and I make an individual choice to believe in Jesus his death will be on no benefit to us he died for the world but we each one must make a choice and here Paul says I Jesus died for the web but all I have to be willing to die to self everything is time itself I die daily he says in another place so Jesus died for the world I'm willing to die but there's a third thing that comes up in the horse he says okay what's the next thing I know I've faith that Christ died for the world I am now with the next step I live I knew by faith in the son of a goal back with me not the second Corinthians segment etc. five the one we were just in second Corinthians chapter five verse seventeen segment is five or seventeen we were there a few moments ago let's go right back there very well known phrase well-known statement some of you might have learned this if you grew up with and then memorize Scripture therefore what is at stake if anyone is in Christ he is what new creature or a new creation of old things have passed away beautiful watch all things notice the language that the big eight most things okay all full thing have become new hot staff at new life in Christ step one Jesus died for the world right step to you and I must be willing to die to self being crucified with what do we do now by faith we are new creatures but the Ephesians because that's what Paul says in other words in beautiful language which sometimes people have only look at the first two verses Ephesians that through with a but we must look at the whole passage in context Ephesians chapter two I want to show you again the balance here Ephesians chapter two verse a well-known passage often use the to emphasize one aspect of the person life humor displays what is policy for by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of your self it is the gift of God not of works lest anyone should boast that's the first thing by grace you have been saved and that is something emphasized and we stopped at verse nine by grace you can save a lot if you look notice which is not for we are his wife workmanship when he said likewise you been saved not of works but will don't stop there we are his workmanship created memos that we are new creatures like in Christ created in Jesus Christ for what purpose for good works which God prepared beforehand for those who that we should walk in them every very interesting it is one thing you can take away from the core concept as I share with you this evening we must never took one truth of Scripture against another Paul says we been saved by what grace remember that so right is saved by grace but then he says we must grow by God the saved by grace and then grow by faith grace and growth must as we separate them with all the grace is not of works and we forget the first game that says we must now we are completely for good works grace plus growth what I saw my face right plus fruits people together faith blessed fruit of evidence is what good is your face if you don't get any works right or another way we are saved in order to star in a clear Scripture is unequivocal we must never these two against each other another example we ought we are in a right relationship with our Redeemer saved by grace for Kevin and then we make this covenant commitment to the creator these two things must be always put in balance but the big question is how then should we control at some important questions we have to ask if we been saved by grace is the question how would we then grow what and how do we execute the practice which is why I have a title for my message living it up for the Lord out of eleven for the Lord what do we do and so here this evening I'd like to make a few comparisons will year in a huge medical institution so let me test my medical students and others here what question everyone what is the most important thing is to make a contrast the comparison here to compare the physical and the spiritual what is the most essential things for physical life that I get some seafood I often we go to think of oxygen because we do it so automatically right oxygen right on the are you breathing summer share with you the knife that are essential if you want to grow as a Christian you want to limit up for the Lord from step number one in physical life and a half incidentally how long can you live without oxygen when I used to do this at years ago in Korea if I get a huge plot here and I asked below a left hold your breath and they would start fifteen seconds twenty seconds thirty seconds he got the break somebody would giggle and most people would burst out laughing but they were always one or two young men maestros who would last for him this amended and fifteen eleven thirty seconds I don't know anybody who is she sat down held it for two minutes what is the world record set by Robert Robert Frost on years ago Oakland Guinness Book of World Records I believe it is like twelve minutes heated hyperventilate yes he hyperventilated and then went on to the uttermost link will at least stay down there quite a long time but that record was beaten by a team in Michigan yet what are you he fell into the one of the frozen rivers where I live and he went underwater and you both know what happens when you're under in freezing water everything slows down the system slows down they fished him out thirty forty five minutes later to give out thought involved and no problems incredible so that some who were recognizing it forty five minutes he didn't intend to satisfy don't try that at home okay but the simple fact is you cannot live without their for the Christian what is the analogy and goes with what prayers narratives very easy to remember and the Bible says unequivocally trained without what pray without ceasing that's what you breathe in and out automatically you don't even think about him him him but the second is on his fibers eight seventeen is an active friend without ceasing that was not one of the reverted how did you go to the Ephesians let's look at Ephesians chapter six Ephesians six was eighteen what is the key hair and what is that air and dry air and friends of those two together air and for a polished than a few minutes on the vital necessity of prayer you want to grow as a Christian you must spend time with the Lord in prayer look at what helpful to try to ask you five things in this one verse five things praying always number one at the same I didn't pray without ceasing right praying always the unit with a few of these in the late praying always the first thing constantly pray without ceasing then with all prayer and supplication in the spirit seconding pray in the Spirit utilizes important folks I remember a friend of mine who is a son-in-law young man who loved the Lord was working fervently for God and he contracted he's thirty seven was cancer and she prayed and prayed that the Lord would miraculously intervened tried all kinds of things and she prayed for God to save that young fervent workers life and he passed away it was very difficult for her why do I think we must pray in the Spirit because every time we pray yes we desire we want people to be healthy and to be healed right but ultimately we should always add those few words of the end I will watch the pray in this third phrase that God 's will will be done I don't know you don't know what is the best connection okay so praying in the spirit that this will be for the best him confidence that Lucy is being watched full to this end watchful alert I think the watch will be alert and be vigilant in other words be watchful to this end and with all perseverance I'll keep on praying I've never hearing other of somebody who pray for twenty thirty years never gave up camp on praying kept on bringing you then delete there was change perseverance keep on praying and finally and supplication for all the saints pray for other people intercede prefer others don't just pray for yourself pray for people pray that God will bless them incredibly automated and secure the story sometimes you know it's interesting how things happen in our lives I was actually years ago about a decade or more ago I remember I was attending a training seminar how to walk some of you know I I learned how to do some race walking again I was with with about ten or so people maybe the two dozen people and one of the first things I noticed we would if I have to day that was all cost fifty dollars for four hours of training with an Olympic coach kind of costly but I said I want to learn how to do this properly but within a few minutes as I listened there was one of the same lady but that's the wrong word there was one woman there what I think certainly was an alert every second or third word I heard that came out of our mouth was a filthy work she is a straight swore like a sailor cussing just constantly and I thought oh no I paid fifteen bucks for four hours anathemas and this all day home and then I heard the college setting she's got a filthy mouth and I thought oh I'm not the only one who's concerned about it and then number I just been reading that very weekend a book by a man but in a broader more no more incredible answers to prayer and I've been reading how Morneau prayed for people of God somehow I don't understand still I don't did something in their lives so I said Lord Lord please I'm can it easier for four hours but not just for my sake for all of us even the coach is having a hard time with this filthy mouth woman please Lord stop cursing on-air the moment I stopped praying she stopped cursing I thought when I did I hear correctly can I listen to get talking she was one of those sanguine people but no more for the language and I was shocked I thought all and then I was shocked that I was shocked had I not just frayed and unselfish prayer I interceded as the Lord clean up her mouth for the rest of the three and a half hours it was wonderful we could listen to the coast without the cussing chess that is what we need to do is pray for everyone I'm not sure if she was a saint but she became one that morning unbelievable but it's too perfect example Jesus I love to go to the example of Jesus looks at the five or sixteen Luke five or six year we always must go back to Jesus example he is our model for morality he is our example for ethics he is always the one we must look at both in his lifestyle and in his teaching looks at the fibrous economic look at you with us quickly on this part of the air in prayer Luke chapters five or sixteen so he himself often withdrew into the wilderness and right okay Jesus went into the wilderness freight six was welcomed to another verse this chapter laid off now it came to pass in those days they went out to the mountain to pray and continued all night in prayer to luck wow why was Jesus and the holy writing through the very next verse tells you the reason it was time that Jesus knew he needed to spend a lot more time with his father because the next was at first think he then went and selected the twelve would become his disciples he needed special time sometimes you're not talking about when FCB 's decision to be made see risk life easier like you spent a lot more time in your knees again but Jesus spent the whole night incredible to look at the night was going to the lives of the few examples just from the book of Luke you can find more in the book of Luke I disappoint you in a few of them to show you that Jesus was a man of prayer by Jesus spent time in with his with his father that I was pointing out to the best about eighty days after those the things that he Jesus took Peter John and James and went up on the mountain to pray Jesus was amount of fresh others must more costly frankness but not only did Jesus break go to chapter eighteen of Luke was one of eighteen verse one just a few quick examples from the life of Jesus Luke eighteen verse one says then he Jesus spoke a parable to them that man always off to pray and not what those are prayed without ceasing there is not his fault but Jesus is the same thing to write without ceasing policing that the same idea always praying so the first constant if you want to grow in the physical area is what is there in this virtual areas what do those two together and they're what air and prayer now here's my question what is the second most one thing for free pro-life water yes you're right you cannot last without water for a generally weak liquid sometimes longer and longer as we know this close to three weeks I gave you cannot laugh about what I like to put these two together and I will use wood nutrition because somebody was that I didn't need any at either one of helpful for a month when I was in a fast what are you eating a watermelon watermelon and you get archives that you can get a lot of liquid so when I is and how it is when nutrition is the general idea and so I would like to use a short would feed S E ED in the physical area you must take in nutrition you must feed you can be in the hospital and you might not taking any water but they will have a little truck going in here right they will be providing your nutrition artificially as you might call it the one you think that goes with when you come to the spiritual area Bible study asked right and I usually feed and receive your God has writes he and the Al Qaeda program what's the first thing for spiritual growth what is it prayer so we could together recite and and prayer and in the second one is read so we split them together and recite see and read you got to spend time in the word that puts an example from Scripture acceptors seventeen verse eleven one of the best examples we have because these people knew it ended it daily feeding on the Word acceptance seventeen verse eleven we don't minimize the importance of coming together in fellowship listening to messages from God 's word yes what they were doing these were the people in that town called are you where the story takes place and it has these the Birmingham were more noble or more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica in that why with a more fair-minded in that they received the word with only a first listen yes that's exciting but they didn't just accept what they do and search the Scriptures what does it say to the narrative of sorts the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so questioned you how many of you eat only once a week all hands going up here okay but now Manas the next and I'm not a massive irregularities because the end the question is how many of us only really eat spiritually once a week you get my point very important if you eat the daily at least once a day and see that the validity for the right while it looks pretty good yes I expect that everybody how often should you read the word daily you want to grow spiritually you go physically you eat every day you want it was sprinkling you eat every day there were a very important seed and what you can read as an example of these is always to look at Jesus example method for verse four Matthew four verse four as we study the word one of the most important things we need to always do his thing what is Jesus example for us what is each step I know and I've already told you the whole Bible testifies of Jesus how to minimize that everything points to him but when he was on the earth we want to look at how you lived in while he was here what is he himself safe during that thirty three or so years thirty to thirty five years of his own life notice before for him third and said it is written before the Bible man himself not by bread alone physical food and feed all right there is you know that the feeding by every word that proceeds where from the mouth of God feed yes and what we see it as Jesus is the one you don't just look from food that you have to go to the Bible feed and read how would you one short phrase that I would like you to get the concept for here and it is grow in the Lord by the light of his word grow in the Lord can you jump ahead to do for us in another grow in the Lord by the light of his word okay to get into safe with me grow in the Lord by the light of his word again grow in the Lord by the light of his word be very effective because I know folks we are all larger in this contemporary society where ever we go we are bombarded with Tim Tatian is unbelievable if you think back on maybe some of you aren't old enough to think that thirty years to go back ten years given life was in that sense much more simple if we live are you going up you are attacked by salacious advertisements seductive commercials everywhere everything as they say into simple words sex sells I remember some time ago quick example maybe it was ten years ago there was a and a movie on television called the mission and I recorded it I was an interesting story it was actually a very positive story overall theme but you know what interesting there was a commercial on television that came on I did notice that when it was first recorded especially in Iraq as I watched the recording I stopped and I went back to what am I seeing here and there was an ad of the well-known singer called share and it was an ad promoting some kind of think it was sugar or one of these sugar substitutes and she starts as I looked at that and she talks about it and she is dressed the next vendetta with a focus on what they're trying to sell then they moved to slide over to the folks back on our classic lesion that she had the speech drafts on digit number to the strength to move to the shoulder on its end and that the picture of what that advertising and picture number three it was done here now those straps moving step one step two I said to disguise us what are they trying to get across to you she is busy taking off her dress incredible in the middle of a reasonably good clean movie was the commercials and the only time I caught was when I watched that commercial over and over I said this is incredible so fast you don't see it clearly they try they are trying to get through to your mind the very careful with coded as an example of the software as you think I'll be careful not to testify for talking a practical sense in saying that it will bring the word the Bible is important it's going to be very practical Jesus has feed on the word analogies is that but let's be practical in the sermon on the Mount if I was twenty seven because we also surrounded by these seductive dangerous salacious commercials and ads Matthew five verse twenty seven you have heard that it was said him all you don't not commit adultery verse twenty but I think you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her and by the way to go the other way to ladies has already committed adultery with her where his heart while Jesus goes to the heart of the matter and says it is not simply the acts know what to do what you do because we have all these temptations around you notice that Jesus can be very practical first twenty nine as folks in your right eye causes you to sin so he says will be careful watch for the cause watch for where identifying the triggers that's the key to stop right there we go those vitamins identify the triggers have you ever noticed there are certain things that catch your attention I think that's what he taught my kids look for those triggers you sitting at work and your chair is facing a young lady who keeps walking in front of you okay who is attracting attention in the wrong way to run your chair the other way to do something practical look at what it is a realize of the production is now certain programs you might be watching on television ask yourself is this tempting me to send in the mind which channel turn it off get away from it look for them to realize what it is that is causing these problems for the triggers be very careful with positive things to replace that if you marry a picture of the wife in front of your vertigo desk constant reminder of cake keep those things that watched out for certain things you know I know what are the things that attracted they different for everybody K so identify the triggers but it doesn't stop there if your right eye causes you to send at the website for those things plotted out fantastic love you for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish than for your whole body to be cast new health verse thirty and if your right hand call it off and cast it from you for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish than for your whole body to be cast into hell while strong words Jesus says be careful folks if you want to grow you going to take action take action with your practical illustration his name was Aaron Rolston and her very well you might not remember the name but two three years ago Aaron was he went for a hike in Utah blue John Canyon and as he was hiking alone unfortunately until nobody he was hiking alone he was clambering over huge boulder Canyon nearing they call it and as he clambered over the Diebold routine moves and he was falling backwards any type to protect itself and as a fellow of course it became narrower and narrower and that huge eight hundred pound boulder pinned his right arm to the wall and was stuck and he reflected on it what do I do now no one knew where he wants they one went by almost no food no water very little water and little food it's a gruesome story of mystery the details if you want to read it he published it in a book and my wife bought it for review she knows I love a bit of adventure and maybe she knew I needed to redesign Windows on the crazy located as the event he wrote his book and here's the cover between a rock and a hard place he wrote the story because he survived but he realized by the time he got to day four or five he knew he was in trouble he didn't even have closed to keep yourself warm he frozen like he did all kinds of things to just keep alert he had a video camera with him and he was recording his final messages to his family if you tried everything she had all kinds of things he tried with police to try to dislodge the rock because he was an engineer him me awake at the rock to try to get his hands read and one day as he was dusting the project is other hand some argue feel that in one big pasta finger within the blade of the knife and you know what that meant his hand had begun to die and he realized he had lost his hand and he didn't do something drastic he was to die suddenly he realized he was on the one we ought because he had tried to work on his hand is not close to blunt you decided the only way to get moves was to break his arm and that's what exactly what he did and therefore subject to both you and bring both of them he broke both because the flesh left the nerve ending the last he had enough sense and he says the most painful thing was such that bring that number any cut it off he cut his own arm off days ago and walked about six miles out rappelling down a sixty foot cliff with one arm but ever survived to tell the story only because he was willing to cut his arm off task what sin is like folks to hear that she didn't Internet safety on a mountain nearby that he was among yet he is soloed yet climbed those fourteen thousand to extend them out there in Colorado F-15 nine fourteen at the fourteen thousand or more the solo climber who was alone in the winter many of them and he was not having to cut his arm off he did not come in on the same arm what would've happened even die that's what sin is like you have to take serious action and that's what Jesus says you off if you don't cut it up you did incredible story provided telephone he has sent to humor the ended up saying no now he went into the race is recovered now he ran a race later on any as he ran it faster than before and in his book he says you know if you cannot alarm off but of course he says it's okay but the point is the point is folks since you must take drastic action cutoff or you will die but go to Psalm one one nine verse eleven because here is the key talk about sin you would overcome you want to grow Psalm one one nine verse eleven you want to grow feed and read what is the Bible say your word have I hidden in my heart that I might not watch sin against you your word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you while your words that's what he says I will not sin if I hide your word in my heart now before the number three the third essential at the last message review quickly what's the most important in physical life and spiritual hug a second physical there an intense virtual I snugly before we go to the third month I know there is a deeply I want to share limited about what is more important is that nature is not checked but but you know we struggled I born this way people think I have a choice before those arguments okay I I I I have these predispositions and there is a Harvard trained a harlot the him from Harvard University John raising John Daly who wrote a book called a user 's guide to the brain I went your library like you I contacted him and I was able to print out several pages from the online copy this into this folks is incredible two thousand and two this book was published this is what he said which forth plays a stronger role genes or environment the debate over nature or nurture has waiting for two thousand years at opposite extremes are euthanized in fact bad parenting and evils of society at the cause of all mental problems and the proponents of eugenics who blame faulty gene for all of society skills and want to prevent all bad people from reproducing and then he says in reality there is no debates most of whom we are is the result of the interactions of our team and our experience in some cases the genes are more important while in others the environment is more crucial and they goes on and talks about the two different these genes and environment he looks at the issue of winning the event a lot of argumentation is a tall but look at twins it clearly is genetic this obviously it must be beautiful and the twenty effect they are the same while there is a study that studies that show that but the rest is the other studies that twins were separated at birth one two and ends up as a schizophrenic adult and the other does not when you do it that's how it is possible that if they had the same genes his answer environment may be the answer now maybe you want most than one paragraph listen carefully reading Word for Word from this neuropsychiatrist from Harvard University the point to remember is that the issue is not nature versus nurture it's a it is the balance between nature and nurture the next sentence he will make a man a human neuropsychiatrist that genes do not let make a mandate for violent or fat or a leader Jean 's new teammate from Jean Samara you guys should get out of the chemical effect of these proteins may make the man's brain and body more receptive to certain environmental influences that the extent of those influences won't have as much to do with the outcome as the genes themselves furthermore furthermore I noticed he sounds over forty forty Scripture that we humans are not prisoners of our teens or our environment next sentence for service we have free will he's exciting nice look up anyone within the teams are overruled every time an angry man restrains his temper at that man died an alcoholic refuses to take a drink how it sounds it sounds like he's quoting Scripture by the grace of God I am learning I will overcome fascinating evidence going to the book that the book is an elaborate but you can find it on the Libra Congress website user 's guide to the brain incredible Doctor John Brady is right folks we have free choice we might have predispositions but by God 's grace we can grow we can change if we are willing to put in a free what is the third and final vital ingredient for physical life number one was their number to nutrition as a feed what you think is number three exercise activity I prefer him you are right now is this in the physical area goes a lot with nephew of God has arrived and it is essential for growing in the Lord Iraq with review them quickly what is number one the two together is what and number two and number three cents write it on FriendFeed and read fitness and with a quick example for the life of Jesus Marquette the fibrous nineteenth as we wrap up here fitness and witness important Jesus challenges a young man who was just reclaimed redeemed ransom that I take changed it from falling Satan now to following the Lord and that he wants to stay with you to see what's according to him and what is either thank you for the gator defense about if it's going to something you got exercise Matthew got a get out there and share your witness verse nineteen Martha fibers I did however Jesus did not permit him but said to him go home to your friends and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you and how he has had walked compassion on you you've got a dog and share if you don't if you don't exercise what will happen folks effective the second of them years ago but it shows you very briefly physical therapist went to at the nursing home where they were people in the wonderful age group of interfaces they chose octogenarians they chose octogenarians who were chair bound if you please people and what they said they think that they are getting old that's why physical therapist and that you want to come and work with us on the program we will work with you I think it is eight to twelve weeks they worked with them exercise them at the end all that time every one of us octogenarians were often walking without a disorder one one oh eight is lack of exercise lack of activity simple think if you don't use you what you are those that go back to Doctor John Brody writing this neuropsychiatrist he says in this book in the section this is the last thing on a review quickly here the human brain 's amazing plasticity enables it to continually rewire and learn not just an academic through X deviant thought action and emotion as with almost all we can strengthen our normal ways with writing exercise or we can let them whether the principle is the same year the five were decent use it all the music contract is absolutely right Doctor rating is incredibly correct use it or lose it simple for me when you want to grow in the Lord do these things number one thing air and Ray number two seed and the number three fitness and witness Christ calls upon us to do that Matthew twenty eight with nineteen reviews the thirty fourth goal he therefore and teach all nations but you don't both we've got to be patient with each other sometimes enough and I'm exaggerating it you find the little kids and babies growing up and some excited parents want to teach their kid to walk before the child is ready not good to walk home and you know so that you can post my son started walking when he was three months old economic something danger of try coming in the patient folks let's be patient with each other I think we encourage one another don't get identification by Best Buy the humane nineteen sixty eight and I remember from twenty thirty you know I saw him here walking with this T-shirt that had just a few letters on P D T and K P P P is the most important letter at the beginning yet again sees all I and F W M Y I J I sent him close what is that T B E T and F W and convicted me said please be patient God is not finished with me yet that please I'm not suggesting we should use this as an excuse for all choices are bad choices the point I'm trying to stress folks left the patient with one another let's encourage each other to grow I think don't try to make the three month old baby walk when it's not ready but we are all called upon to grow in the Lord to reveal these fruits of the spirits as it's called and therefore if they will come naturally exquisite encourage each other plant the seed water the plants and what will happen the client will grow Grove that the patient was on with one another you must go if you want to live you will not be able to live as a Christian unless you take time to grow and want to repeat those three things and enter a feed and read fitness and nice I really want to challenge you too many times I find Christians who struggle in their faith and if the call him all the time to grow in the Lord spend time growing and you will find the battles with the devil will be so much easier now nothing you won't have battled video that is okay don't misunderstand me but you will have the battles but because you walk in the Lord because you can withstand the devil 's temptations the battles will be easier they've already been won by the Lord we now have to win them through his power and to his glory left the patient with one another let's grow in the Lord I will question for you this evening is like a pretty cool if you will be given your life to the works would like to say after I'd like you to pray for me that I will grow in the Lord that I can visit up to the Lord and not clean into the cancer off since the willingness like Aaron Ralston to even cut up my old are so that I can do for the Lord any hands that were to be raised your desire to grow keep them out Lord you see the hands raised here take every hand take every heart help us to be faithful to you thank you for your great for saving us now Lord we pray that your Grace will help us to grow in the work and the love of Jesus we pray on their May God bless you we may let sing a song beautiful song at the end here to close because it talks about giving our lives to Jesus Christ I believe we have it for us here doing it should be there this out thy life was in the old Jesus King of Kings let's stand together and sing this as a dedicate to meet him sharing with the Lord our desire to live for him


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