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Short Patient Contacts with Lasting Impacts - Part 1

Louis Torres
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Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • October 29, 2010
    12:00 PM
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thank you so much good software good morning troll this will work along a desolate so does my timeline this alone does not still squeegee this morning I will want to do is force let you know about the one hundred and if you have any OB/GYN zero anonymous within his two of you right now in law so if you do just got convicted comes in the eighth while not funded by the way is to have a excellent administrator Glenn Coco I have been a miserable for the crisis is a facility in Riverside for thirty years and when he retired my heart he was retiring I immediately flew over and and make them to come over to one seventies would with us and while an excellent job the clinic is very taken moving in the right direction while opportunities there were hoping to go new clinic pretty soon after that so open to put a a assisted-living in their home and put a a surgery center we're hoping we can have a skilled nursing unit as well as the regular clinic and the iconic London clinic and so were looking forward to say hello and lives in that we do have the funds to build a church right now and health education Center attached to it so were moving ahead this coming year in the new enhancer please pray for us and would lose out with things yet to come in while Micronesia and if you are interested in doing the work my only son contact us up we have sums some of materials here Madeleine is the later they didn't talk to choose out the move llama move photos of your normal mission college and thought that it it has its last heart attack in reality Mister One Life to the differences of presently we are having the student is get the training in Guam because were holding evangelistic meeting coming next week would have just fueled informal survey who will be doing the evangelistic meeting of twenty five students there right now the retraining was a lot of I will once that is going on and right at the University without campus ministry that's going on as well and it just exciting to see what God is doing a lot of the Academy 's best really has grown and doing well and so on all things are going well in Micronesia for those of you who've been there before I know that presidents we and us for us as we continue to develop there before we begin I like to have you pray with me as we consider the subject of father as we studied together we pray that your guy does eventually this is to consider these matters in Jesus name we has to offer so I like to make a disclaimer that permissible and that is I'm not a neural scientist I do have a friend who has his name is Harry JoAnn Harry Kunkel is a neuroscientist in the teaching of the University in Switzerland and while son and why limit your life have I been communicating with him just make sure that I have all my twos cross on my eyes bothered I wanted to do this because it's important for us to to know how it isn't we will make decisions you know all the time we're wondering whether or not we should be in place of helping people make decisions and many times we wonder if we the new one who knew and I have to say that most of the time health care professionals are quite leery in getting into the spiritual side of things possibly cause of transportation on some legalities etc. but there is a lot of science to end and as we study together perhaps we can now look at what science says concerning the decision-making process ritual in the magazine science area mice anyway can you see when you're okay in the magazine science decision-making the this an article there it would refer reference to this particular subject and it was quite interesting to me as I looked through it Sunday the because since recently is a lot of research going on in terms of decision-making of course you know that most industries to sell invest all in trying to figure out how to rethink their position Madison Avenue spends millions of dollars I will friend for example who who makes megabucks making an advertisement for forum companies want to sell junk I think that's what he told he says I know doing something that you that mouse goodbye but it's his job to figure out how to get the mouse by and so he will put them out together and pretty soon not only my spine of the people by and so there is a lot of research going on both from from the financial perspective as well as from organizations and try to figure out what happens with physician decision-making involved they coordinated interaction of many brain areas for simple game of we were called trackers fair chance the article starts with who hasn't agonize over major decision life was also the job offer move house or perhaps which research feels with him for the moment of decisions on a daily basis many decisions are trivial and can be dealt with in seconds however others may have wino applications and can be excruciatingly complicated in the past two years understanding the underlying processes of decision-making has progressed market this original article the research continues to explain that recent experimental studies that provide new insights into the function conductivity of anterior prefrontal cortex which forced the apex of the executive system underlying the decision-making what his status as a human being is a highly social animals and many of all decisions make sense only within a social environment master was it is among the strongest evidence to date for systemic organization of the frontal cortex is a greater share of the article the frontal cortex of the brain has been long known to affect internal control of behavior it controls the capacity to plan completion conducts a higher level thinking and connect what we know about the world and how to behave in reason imagery in a study made it to determine one people have brain damage what happens to them and how it impressive though is make decisions that is the basic tests of the pressing with one finger and then having threatened in the finger and then more complex question show that lived on the move for example you have the weather and the blue which required in the Nixon push fluids for the village of finger the text would then become more difficult by having alternately depressing and what I discovered is simply this that people have brain damage have more difficulty making decisions cause we know that you simply by observation many times we can see that my observation but it was interesting to note that they actually have done research with a good track what part of the brain actually interacts or is activated when it comes to making sound decisions within the simple decision or complex one and and what it takes to make that decision the finest details in March one in the journal nature neuroscience represents a huge sleep in comprehending how the brain supports high-level cognition and intelligent behavior is related to advances in everything from treatment of strokes to understanding how humans develop thought is among the strongest of us and if a systematic organization of the cortex breaker shut all as he continues as a strong accordance of the brain has been long known to affecting travel control of behavior it controls capacity to plan the reason for the higher level thinking connect with minimum of the world and how it behaves it notes interesting is when Doctor Natalie was speaking in the ninth of June will present a presentation of the study that he was referred to begin with fire I have been looking at what I was come in this presentation eleven included because within redundant but it's interesting that a lot of things that are being sent by size they are actually found in spirit of prophecy as you just saw with Doctor Doctor presented presentations cognitive control involves choosing from among a set of actions or representations of knowledge which is a single welcome news got individual to carry out a variety of tasks for example making a cup of coffee and remembering where the house to Czar the frontal lobes broadly supportive cognitive control regions within the fungal guide action selection so that we coffee grounds before we turn on the coffee maker or in the reasons with a frontal lobe also ninety memory retrieval so that we can still search Rockies even though we may have a limited time she was asked whether he made the opinion also have no clue where you lost it when you left it in the White House Mister simpleton cry for a better price than the in Newfoundland the thing I just amazing how the war leisure choices and is it's it's it's very very all are striking for me to know that God was interested even then in the decision to number one look for the pain and loss at number two how we can pinpoint out words where it is a Federal Express a lot of them lately I think I'm losing more fiscal years to I don't know how it is with you anyway similarly illegitimate that I've been done to determine where the brightest firing when the this is the Ross Perot was in the zone the new study suggest a delirious immuno manual from the cortex contribute a specific winter these the decision-making processes in posterior region the so-called rostral singling zone 's engagement conditions present most choice options and interior regions the so-called Brodmann area ten is engaged in the choices completely ours as well as what it is completely up to others to choose for us alternately the administrative who is doing the deciding matters just as much as whether we have any options on the choice so what is telling us is that obviously need the mind of the Brian has to go through a process to the site for what part is going to engage in whatever decision making because some have to do with all of this organism have to do is sign for us example when I go to see a doctor I will have a lot of choices not to lie first given the lead through stand on the scale right which only wanted blood pressure to be taken over the amount understood something in there I think both the temperature going to this room take everything off except for you on the closing etc. sit down in the box will be back to see realities this is the decision to be made for us correct letter so normally speaking with physicians and practitioners are actually already in the end the mode of telling people what to do and what's interesting about that is something that I also have a lot of doctors office is American onto instead to go to clothing and maybe when the video into the doctor 's office insisted you ask why is away as I drove and so decision-making is something that we're involving all the time was amazing is how the brain functions and positioning process the AFLAC results are not are noteworthy in that they reveal specific observations of the interior from Canadian cortex and the rostral simulated zone in the decision-making process they are Suzy is engaged and conditions clearly present us with the most choice options the exam is engaged in particular when the choice of voting hours now the option to choose between several courses of action is often associated with the feeling of being in control of feelings have something to do with the decision is correct it's interesting also discovered that from the scientific perspective most of us choose force by how we feel and then I make the choice rather than choose and then feel I can see through this process and in certain situations when we preferred to the classic agency instead leave the choice to others in the present functional magnetic resonance imaging study we provide evidence that the neural processes involved in decision-making on modulated not only mine who controls our choice options agency but also by whether we have a say in who is in control I was in charge of the room via the interim collection of various and the faucets and those on speed on the design and given to the spiritual in this moment but the ability to make decision was one depends on what I find collections are the new equivalent of what broadband or less that's a new constant reason an international study shows decision-making is dependent on the structural features of the lot right decisions tend to be error-prone while relatively slow contemplative dose of good news more accuracy the trail between speed and accuracy means people need to be able to switch between the fastest risky and slower cautious modes of decision making is required obviously then has to ability to process things up fast and is not what it should be there is still processing but much lower and Wendy says broadband or dial-up aggression some of us rolling up through nonviolent process of enrolling for Scripture than what was in and it was a sixty four K to run computer I'm on Baldwin 's as opposed to today willingly have a high spirited holiday to get frustrated with able to a foreign country don't have high-speed and you waiting for things to transmit or no impression at all what is telling us is that as soon as they start the Brian and instead of the mind are in this whole decision-making process but is this all that then how how the brain is not in a deteriorating by means of image example the only against Louisiana crime on the ability of the reality is that what's happening is sometimes the processes footrest learning of communication back and forth is narrowing and because they are narrowing your ability to make decisions for slower and slower and slower now fears up a shot of the new wrongs and well says little is known about them the numerology underpinning this flexibility within the study Brown and the colonists which included researchers from UK Germany and the Netherlands example of my mechanisms underpinning decision-making flexibility if I was told by the plot you only want physical measurement of the thickness of the connection between the brain 's cortex on the of the basal ganglia so discovering them that's if something happens to Branigan being connection scripts that dinner and thinner and thinner and therefore the positive slower slower and slower it's like updating up to the big insured in Walla Walla through I supposed to take a small to troubleshoot the same one for they slow down while now that is just the results of the equivalent of interrogation the young reliant on broadband connections to his life of the underlying finding in a purely physical measurement could predict behavior very surprising now in my mind a more distinctive many statements ever sent out made by Mrs. White concerning how our lifestyle affects our minds I don't know how many of you have studied how many of you have seen statements concerning that but it's very interesting that you even leave the scientists are now saying that alcohol drinking for example one etc. where some scientist as soon as great drink only on what you want other side does it say that contributed and Mason in part on the narrowing of your new system so that it cannot process as well as you like to medical professionals make a decision for one of helping patients on the position of the new measures the course assignments already filiform howitzers now I was going to the is due to undo all come this way please step on the scale let's walk through this room in November they accepted it in the three eight is twice a day of your appointment is whenever this kind so we see that you need scientifically speaking they recognize that there are a lot of interplay between one region in the original make some decisions written decision one of the spiritual climate when we talk about decision-making personal the legible impulses when I study the school public health many years ago back in nineteen will not only was there was a ninety seventy one oh for the first among electrical impulses but in those days I was not very interested in second place there but as I went summoning statement recently and looked at some of which is being done and that is a census argued in question is located in the region when calling over the frontal cortex located right behind the eyes it even codes the visual and other Jews and people and animals shoes when making decisions about behavior or during the learning process if you have noticed a growing and then long cock Tony for the provider in one and I think long zone all right now it encodes a visual a lot of Jews and people and animals used in a decision on behavior process is a chart of the new interaction to the resignation of dollars in the orbitofrontal cortex of prefrontal cortex and then left the statements that's not give us some insight into this dry nurse was communicating with entire system are the only one into which one is admitted to laugh interesting line and assesses what it was like whatever disturbs the circulation of the corrosion of the richest and less as a stripe of the wildflowers and the result is that many of the sensibilities of my course was trying to minus of course referring to where this agreement from low physical and actual lessons not only mental but one mold pollen the brain nerves and connect with the whole system of immunity which have admitted this with minimal effects of English life when everything is a circulation of cards and nervous system this weekend my blouse was in Memphis susceptibility makes it more difficult to arouse moral nature now these two statements similar but I am there different in that one has to do with moral nature on the other one has to do which is the making positions and the inability to make decisions based upon what we do to that area the medical side of life sound in a lose for example transformed by our sensory organs into a cold ministries of one electrical impulses that travel along the nuance from the lobbies and Brian information well we set a new stimulus is called to be sent to the brain by the timing and frequency of this was when pulses all information is sorted by the Brian has been an open question the group discovered a different neurons in the brain dictated unmedicated responses visited portion of information with this is that under different neurons are in them and the brain that pick up certain signals just like an orchestra is not restaurant you have on the violin section for example not by certain notes of what elements of the orchestra the only place certain notes of the template in a placer notes everybody's playing notes of different times when everybody's fine same note and whether telling us is that there different nuance and have the ability to check what signal that should pick up how to transform and transfer that certain wish me as amazing because when you think about how long is made the organism no wonder they do so fearfully wonderfully illuminating when you realize in this old Microsoft nuance have the ability to be like musicians and able to play whatever noticeable supply in the plan element simply dedicated to a certain process now Michael was not elegantly explain why the expression the fact of the matter is actually more elusive than once thought the functional MRI and the anatomical research has eradicated the myth of rationality the prefrontal part of the brain is a slow process compared to the amygdala which is the center of emotional reactors we feel before we thank so it is important to recognize the decisions and all those losers is first because our emotional wiring is a faster processor in the brain emotions are often the leave that in analysis emotions take every decision it is simply a matter of degree and awareness while purely logical and objective analysis of possible it is a strongly difficult and especially common when because moves have the capacity to choose our emotional asterism the argument as you know I've written a book called being a decision for Christ how many of you have seen and cut with some of the book is because I discovered a lot of preachers it is all realize the role don't think they should make the decision you have one of those but when this is Madeleine as she and her husband happens to be a physician there at the while in synchronic and she is a recruiter for one relationship so please see her those OB/GYN 's and her winners of course when were not partial to an alien physicians want to come this is the book thank you my love this is the book organizations and at IRA that they found out also that a lot of lovely people proficient educators that just don't think that is a road to get decisions there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to this area and I would like to be altered they were those misconceptions in the next section right now let's continue on this double the level of decision-making and then how we can help patients make decisions in an spiritual line so crossing the bridge from the social to the spiritual the solicitor general things first of all it says the unnatural exhilaration which interprets visual mind spirits lowers the sensibilities of the one Mongol negative one four one only a positive effect on and hold government when passions when public opinion fashion sustained festivities and it is my stances and foods wine the club since his farewell got a stubborn space fifty million considering that the people on Thomas has sent most of the time we are telling people what decisions to make concerning medical things I should also tell you this my medic in the Army and spent two years as amended during the Vietnam War and one of the things that the I had to do in those days is told soldiers want to do an event like that on the last we did that prerogative but what if the only people in the spiritual realm leaving a person to make a decision in favor of all possible consideration on the most important supporters of personal experience of video card with the word for it the acronym for two at Watkins Glen without turning us into his family occupation religion just wanted to quit without notice they are not as it happens when he thought the majority one of the things I discovered when I when I was in the Army shamanic and I want to help somebody turn to spiritual things or pastors and evangelists movie with my decisions is that is very difficult to help a perfect position unless you unless you know something about them and so getting close of individuals very important and new practitioners have excellent opportunity to close the people in fact you will get a lot of information from people that otherwise the common person would love you you know a lot about people background history as you can know whether or not mom that I have enough heart problems when him him him them and asked my when I'm on my banana uncle sister whenever in this common problem so it a lot of personal information private information time I wouldn't don't get as many times as spiritual information and so what I do when I'm there and when somebody is a original plan would somebody answer for example I was with my recently where go to a results of environmental actuators have a friend which one is witnessed to first decide turn to the right one in turnout you have a book on this review as showing that she was not the one in yeah or not Susan address working at the moment and division office so I said hi and bye so I turned to the one on my lap and the the the fourth if want to family occupation religion testing and I've I first asked the question on are you on vacation holiday or a new law on this she's a business which I was nurtured in California such of those businesses on scientists so what errors you should always charge of all the apparatus of point to spaces it is a slight father as a advisor to light on says question nothing is too late this is a woman I wanted to push the button to see how to access it generally when I said we already know if I found this user how do you know that the server the Bible says she's aware such of them on my wash over Job chapter one seventy two guys are trying to build a century ride is in the synagogue to light again I should have levels this is a serious space is aware that attract the relationship of twenty one rather than as an independent new guys it wasn't long ago that you discovered transparent millwright is a sin since then the University June twenty one as well as says that this megawatt triangle is usually some amazing Malaysia was among the labor is your controversial as of yet she said that my button to get one is born again things are set to send that he who invited the church and I reluctantly went but I learned out there the best established in the circle good levels of our lives to change something about some bones in the Ezekiel 's vision in charges on loans and said that we live and give us your impressions and she said I couldn't believe this guy won unless the applicant shrank wanted us to be one our impressions and she said if that's on my last local needs and I said well that's it so far one of his ginger is assigned to the book is about one of the Georgia civil Johnny got that from my rusted out just what I am the I sent them until the preservation systems and while is aware that well you know is a mystical telegram was also severe ice in the first surgery and anesthesia record God put Adam into a deep sleep and open up the site are a lot of all-inclusive backup the goal of surgery Japan Norway and the Golan anesthesia additionally you know what you're doing important inserter to somebody and anesthesiologist US nine one okay is no general and so God puts having to the sleepovers of the side pulls out a moan and close relative in a belt two hundred years ago it was that they were so this is very chill when part of some eye-opening of Poseidon surviving phenomenologists knowledge and I have two cousins who are organ transplant surgeons lies Jonathan how difficult is originally good they can anyone I want to show this in this way was just amazed to send out your sandlot either the providential edition it was what she says confidential although so is your turn to weigh religious or spiritual tone she said when I get home one of versus going to the Bible so now I'm asking her questions by the way I I turn this diagnostic questions divested Messner questions number one I find out she is a scientist that's her job my observation right I find now that she background religious background this is a religious original I thought I was younger brother who is a born-again thing or so I know work and those of my family background and the religious perspective correct themselves and the testimony testimony was amount assigned to the group of perspective on life and I said before I was an evolutionist but when I began to study the Bible and discovered that I will have so much to offer to us who are scientists and so she was excited and it is just amazing right before F-14 on darkness areas in order and so I'm saying if you remember the acronym then you can just ask questions and deal with the person that you are able to let my sons okay now I think that's the acronym that should show up like their kind and fourteen now they are people just began three categories how many were categories the data from it I'm a category that the so that is to cultivate and harvest now the reason I do this is because in in in the medical practice while the patient comes into one of versions you need to do is to try to find out the basics of what bases in fine out of this people are several conical right on her cute thumbnail physical problems or some some viral infection some of parasite whatever the case may be right so in a spiritual context then I tried to figure out ways of categorizing because I was able to to give this person the appropriate medicine if you don't do that have a tendency to approach everyone in the same way in his own medicine you can do that venture right so number one so those left never heard the news dismissing sound in the suit by voice word of God and which of those left for the need to be nurtured there will always have spiritual inclinations off and so with that lady was a scientist I wanted to so what so because as I asked questions I found out that she was in my category Susan Asoka so my my attention and wants to plant the seed by the students and then if I find somebody who is who was already religiously inclined on then I for example on the plane here from Los Angeles who got into Los Angeles Cesar there utilizes in the plane one is that my estimate is with a group called Sussex and I so what is that and it's a new movement of trying to put the Koran and the Bible on the holy books of Torah on all the holy books together to unite all the world and one religion that you know that right now while limiting here they're leaving some questions and then the convention so I I said I has to begin talking with Mary and the same thing for docent and I send armed Ms. of them the loser will set out the front now Susan goes to lose malaise is also troubling is an estimate and as we talked it was obvious that she misguided but I I I could talk to her spiritual reservoir will go spiritually it turned out that their headquarters believe a isn't a valid digital word that the side of N California and they go to and what all times in my buffoon to the leaders of this organization try below on the one religion are pretty close to one of our Mac OS so anyway I was her I got with no spiritual things because she was obviously one always good to the last one is harvest those in the lineup but have never made a decision when I want to share class with a mission college class I wasn't want as I said and I discovered so far several the people who come to be trying on even simple plan 's and I discovered that simple because as I'm teaching my purpose is to convert convert is I feel a lot of young people to grow up is addressed only to be converted fishing is so my purpose is to convert and before I left on our yahoo .com on Thursday by one stepfather class and one of the kids came up to me to send out how to be baptized is that you do I said even Memphis organized on their laptops through November to know another grocer I'm advertising soldiers out of their symbol some of those people in training who on average and by the time we finished training shall be baptized so these people are in the harvest category with category the Hamas calendar that shows with them then I I take a streamlined to helping them get prepared for the course Gonzales so being able to categorize helps me to be able to determine while the prototype with one working so as you working with people in your in your practices are just simple questions I can help you determine whether or not these people have a spiritual question about whether or not the health background just before for example when I do with checking out one religion their eyes are usually ask questions like so visuomotor church is very generic question now tell me what I was lighted as a while had always been involved in this user now I roams Roman Catholic as Abrams Roman Catholic and now you're part of this is a yes and I said well from your group what's the backgrounds of Honeywell 's Roman Catholics and this and that etc. so situation eyes with New York City obviously I cannot grope when there are so testing one thing admirably on the yeah and then that Jason well I have always looked in the ongoing New Yorker two years possibly live there before is in Philadelphia Philadelphia Iceland Wilmington Delaware class close to Philadelphia said so what am I doing messy questions and bonding and what bonds and try to find something that can bond with them so that I can view their confidence in what in the confidence once I can gain their confidence and makes a lot easier for me to actually deal with them instrument testimony and leave them in the particular everybody needs either if I ask a question for another atheist and I want to be a little bit different my approach with them if I find out the question of the different approach if I find out that I'm sitting next to somebody who grew up in the Baptist Church and let the charge and who you know them a little for gentler in the sand I will say so determined when they pay one person is will determine which which I don't look well important things in the whole process is remember we went to statement on heaven actually communicates with us and what they like electrical month impulses online type having said that then we know that is a Holy Spirit the one lacks investment communicating now friends are allowing how is done and I I don't know there's no low research that can as for what is the spirit of God somehow up with the program there and trigger something on Omaha and goes I just know this that in the rest of the effective soul winners in our practices whatever this leader teacher etc. it's important to be collected in spirit of God and so when does very little more this with you that you guys should issue indicators as to which way to go want to do it many times you might remain the same so not what would be the cultural thing to do in the website you package I've been in situations when something for the big kosher thing to do but it was just a lie think of a person I remember the marathon maybe you're ever heard of the Brown volume of the black guys did not succeed something he and he is working general conference excellent speaker then the tall guy so begin with say my health is stable pendulum then Benjamin and went that was going on San Francisco someone was driving in one day and he was impressive to those and a gentleman walking down the sidewalk I was impressed to talk to that guy so it'll look the driver stopped the car and he thought that guys dating on notion for my life to talking this unprecedented talk to him stop the car did you notice this topic on adopting so and I'm talking about this guy was about six feet five Jim sent and may God and Sylvia becomes a senseless in the corner of the street is discussed walking down this time like this and the gentleman as as he's approaching on the heat seizes big black individual standing in no way like this and looked down the sidewalk and in those this way will they just simply does move in a guy are ending this employment and I got upset and sent in the how often I and they said the Lord to come talk to the designees will also plan on his pleasures and instead I have in ultra now this guy was backslidden and let the church a long time ago and right there at the corner the informants of the Lord will judge once you have been raised up prophets is mutual yes it was all right the spirit of blogosphere is what Paul says it's in the Bible says that Paul sent to this man stand up right and the masses openly walk right now what did Paul who says he perceived perceived that the guy had one faith to be healed so Paul received which was in Nepal was connected to spirit by the spirit on enable him to see something in this version that ran from people and sing and by the way this is important because as you talk to people you have to have the sense whether or not these people have faith one of what people have faith Paul perceived that Andy was because of the perception that the fellow had enough faith on the same if Claude says this guy did not have enough faith informant told Santa juices have the ability also believable fake and so forth and say okay now I'm just a quick list here of the different dust acids of the Holy Spirit if you want right now and they drive fast or I could just you classify neurons in the reply from New Zealand I know I like this am the sometimes written by the Holy Spirit today but I just wanted to know the Bible is clear what I was going this is just one this is not a list and is nonetheless so anyway undergraduate flash drive that the rest is no start another one book I just put together recently because of the controversy that I'm in Australia are now here's something that's important for us to understand this whole thing of leaving the Washburn interacting with multiple imposing online when Jesus met Nicodemus Nicodemus was told he must be wanting in their lap and his reaction to that was a medical response right and correct I was out in the jungle by the motherboard and come back on again this is simply just along the rocks of the born-again you cannot see the first thing you cannot want to some of us may not realize what it says it's a good one to develop safe so I love for you to see the camera buffers you must be born again now they must be spiritual life Center wakens number two then this is then subject to him except a man be born of one of the Spirit he cannot answer into the kingdom of God the first person must be born again the month then you must be baptized for the zero right now Nicodemus is not understand which is talking about Jesus and that which is born of the flesh is flesh that was one of the Spirit is spirit within us not understand so that Jesus simply sent the following and in the chapters reversing says the wind blows where it was when lifted and now curious as so what not tell whence it and winter and lowest so is everyone that is born of the spirit so Jesus didn't shifted from the spiritual to the nature paper not understand spiritual entity the problem is that nature and he simply sent the Spirit of Vaughn just like you thought what I went in the wind blows where it wants to write that are interested that you can't see them arrive but you can scientist that is wrong simply because of how it moves things aren't so when is the Holy Spirit and of course man is represented in the mimosa tree is one of the trade guy so a simple simple equation it removes the win is what bought looked outside them out the window this is a moment if there's something little and that the law if there was nothing moving with her when I is that having learned what to know what okay so the important thing about this is this when dealing with people one of the important places to look at the indication on the part of Joe's looking at indicators correct yes the phase issues in etc. in checking the temperature is check with them to see if this voice drive etc. the skin etc. etc. so indicators the same thing is true when dealing with spiritual ramifications whether you are dealing with with online you cannot see was having an online when you can see what's happening my I will language one one one eleven my language so it's important for us than to recognize that when working with a patient and you're asking them spiritual questions the Bible says that Jesus wants to want they watched as I was watching us to see the responses of people to the Lord to the one the so as you're working with patients and you begin to ask her a few questions you watch it one a lot and originally wanted to see if the wind blows at about eleven here within the last class will this weekend was using my audio verse four amen this Pentagon analyst format you like to learn more about Nina please visit www. he-man and I will like there was more free online at www. online universe


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