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Useful Complementary Remedies - Part 1

Roby Angelina Sherman
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Roby Angelina Sherman

Medical Director, Wildwood Hospital and Lifestyle Center



  • October 29, 2010
    12:00 PM
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very loud here room full of people selling a lot of complementary and alternative method has been called out in the world but I would like to make a claim for lamenting alternative that call the original lamenting that was invented by God in the world has turned it around and collect him when in reality got called for many of the things were going to be talking about in the world has substituted it with other things go really is kind of backward and we need a lot of help with my soaking the praise it for a moment playing father in heaven thank you for such a wonderful group here at a man and we pray that your blessed as we speak today that just the right words will be said that will reflect your glory we thank you for Jesus thinking this will be fairly fast pace because there's a lot of ground to cover and we hope that you enjoy there will be cake available from our DVDs available for audio version if you want to fly I can give them to you without the picture if you will sign-up your name of the guarantors of finance sheet for e-mail and addresses and self-confidence I want and we can send them to you without the pictures because as you realize many of the pictures are copyrighted and you wanted to put the program together and you would need to come up with your on pictures unfortunately and want to give credit to my secretary sharing your route who was going to the event near you she's in South Africa and she spent many long hard hours helping me with this PowerPoint together to the wonderful researcher and we get a lot of together she didn't want to help me and I want to point out some useful religion alternative medicine websites are not actually that this is a list of websites for anybody that wants to copy it I just discovered recently it's a treasure trove of information from manufacturers around the world in the manufacturing websites are out talking and getting articles about what they researched into that is the best for this Elizabeth M on here on these websites are new to me many many on useful things to help in natural remedies an example is at the bottom let's talk about you like or quickly and there is the website for quickly four one reference a line under the nature ingredients site and if you'll go if you copy that one website that will give you the list of all these other web at the bottom and then you have linked and more length and more links to follow if you're really interested in getting a lot of beautiful information about what's going on in the manufacturing world today that really gives that all kinds of fighting ideas and friends is just the other day I pulled all of these articles just on children along and showing that slows melanoma growth in lab studies and deadly tumor it supplements recalled why because some of them had contaminants in the not because of the children on and it approved it at the generally recognized as safe her is not carcinogenic it can help I can have anti- arthritis potential it may cut heart failure risk enables breast health it may help breast cancer trial and the wonderful thing on children from these websites okay useful component a bath vanities the number of visits to providers of complementary and alternative medicine in the USA alone exceed those to primary care physicians for annual out-of-pocket costs of a billion dollars and growing every year and a few years ago there were hardly any of these things talked about even and manage medical journals he just didn't hear about it and yet just the other day in the latest archives of internal medicine program article about making we're hearing more and more about red yeast rice on about other urban other useful company to remedy and met well-recognized medical journals and this is actually quite interesting in that it was pointing out that Reggie Streit has several components and it's also found to be sometimes not as in the Mideast rice products that they may as a substitute for love that is because it is a lot of data that some of these are on standardized and is nearing amounts of the lot of staff and other monitor the active ingredient of break Mideast right in the different companies that produce and sell standardization is still a problem in the verbal world and eighty percent of the world 's population relies on natural medicines according to World Health Organization were invalid missionaries in the world your engine running too many many people that actually keep him on local herbs local products to help him get to him and so it behooves us to look into what is used here in this country in our practice and know more about health food store clerks may know more about what is being used by patient by client then we do if we don't take a good history and they were interviewed and many people could get more information on how complex than they could out of their doctors and more than seventy five percent of pregnant women using herbal remedies during pregnancy and their doctors and midwives that they were taking these are so we twenty five percent of patients in internal medicine wards consume some kind of herbal or dietary supplements and in one study the medical team was aware of the consumption only twenty three percent because the herb drug interactions so the patient is on a number of draft and one they found particularly interesting with chamomile tea with five plus Warren which is on the type of chemotherapy and chamomile tea is commonly used all through Latin America and America particularly in his world and how it's very important to get an honorable history I would tell you just briefly about my experience in this house in about twenty years ago I was working in an urgent care center in Chattanooga moonlighting a little bit and a lady came in a young lady with a rash all over her body she had fever and malaise for several days and had just broken out in this terrible rational primeval and she really was upset because she didn't know what was going on like I noted that history I find it a good home and home instructions to go see her doctor the next day she seems eight years later I got a thirteen from two different life than this lady has been over a hundred doctors in the interim and she turned out to be the first case of eosinophilia myalgia syndrome found from L-tryptophan on the East Coast and it turned out that there were sixty thousand people that have taken thirty seven died an infant and of the complex that end up being from lifeguard tournament with it from hardening of different organ and they have chronic illness sometimes for many years it never goes away in many cases sometimes steroids help in times about so that you really can I find that adding the district court in that case it wouldn't help because I wouldn't know what to do anyway but is just the lesson for their if this lady had perhaps told me that she is on the filter contained we might investigate might not affect timing is not much was known about it anyway the company in Japan on the show I think a company that made the L-tryptophan was subsequently hunted have contaminated L-tryptophan with other contaminants about twelve carbon illness in Italy in nineteen ninety one after she had been damaged in ill for several years and became permanently ill date the FDA approved for action and trip to Spain for some years and several years later it was reinstated once they were sure that there were no contaminants in so we do have to be careful what we accept in the complement in alternative medicine world I said let them take a lump of figs and layup for a plaster upon the boil and he shall recover there are many forgotten prescriptions and were going to go through several flights quickly prescriptions that God has given us in the Bible on their property taxes the national institutes of health it is guiding with pharmaceutical organizations they studied the case in Hezekiah and Finland will save and make they came up with an interesting conclusion that there are many medicinal qualities to fix and actually thought that maybe Hezekiah had anthrax Mifflin diamond Hezekiah was restored to health it would be well that this is what they had to treasure this description was the Lord ordered to be used more than we can Kathy she will pioneer and it has been studied in T and although it exciting for four people it is very calming to the nurse and we usually make a TV with two or three tablespoons of the urban support of weather and water the net for twenty net and then say to the patient drink three or four cups a day now remember that the is blue sleep thinking of chamomile meal he is wonderful for calming the nerves and for coming digestion as well chamomile is from the daisy family even after people do you have any allergies when you give them even simple herbal tea because if you get healthy and there like a good day they can have an allergic reaction maybe hayfever sneezing or whatever she is white says Melinda 's sleep and we often use hot tea at night for our patient with top capsules and William accommodation attack passionflower and meal in the key and if they don't have reflux symptoms made a little toxic cabinets make it taste good because Hopkins played better but you love is the ingredient and hops that makes it active and don't have time to go into all that but hot it is a very nice in that accident that's what makes people that drink beer get sleepy after because they make beer with light was given that there's help in the fragments of the time the theater and for green fact is wonderful for healing wounds you can have a small laceration given why can't you have a little tiny bottle of pine specified eighteen dollars for now but you take this time with you you get abrasions you get some open lacerations and just in case and that anything butterfly and that will take the pain away take in the potential for infection away and it will heal within two three days it's wonderful for healing even marginalized if you have no resources to get to a doctor right away I'm just cleaning the one really well first and then fill it with Pine gap and butterfly and I agitate the personal experiences from some friends of mine that had terrible the man had terrible injury car accident and his wife cleanup alone in these huge lacerations on his head neck and ears peeled beautiful and almost no scar with when I can definitely see when they put Apple a little math related will be upheld and a simple hot but that is so helpful for headache it won't always help migraine headache and be careful when masking the market can burn the feed you want to use a little bit not to my Canadian teaspoon or two not two three tablespoons and hot hostesses over the economical relief paying out of any research available to prove this not yet I know it's anecdotal at this point there are a few things you have not been scientifically proven but tremendously all its own it is not a surgical committee committee has irritable bowel syndrome a lot of cramping and so on Om Hall told how he halted you can make some very strong hot tea and just leave the hospital that would be like four to six tablespoons of hot flowers into a quart of boiling water and let it feed twenty minutes and then use that in a poultice fashion with one of these blue underpants that you just open up the top and put it in there and let it out and put it over again what a shout and ability you can just put it on some rags and put it on the abdomen with brand matter plastic over it map with an ace bandage if I can week if there's pain in the eyes are information soft flannel cloth wet in hot water and salt will bring relief quickly it's amazing how many things there are that are so simple that will help a lot the patient may be encouraged to spend much time out of doors and a play should be provided wherein cooler weather the patient dependent on without feeling the way I was winning women entering hospital and now is now and I remember we did it again anytime when I was a child my mother was a nurse my transfer nurses there and I remember seeing patients out along with nurses tending to them back in those good old days and this is something that I had changes to do is have the patience along with nurses tending to them in hot saturations this is still done a lot cheerful messages it literally did you ever think of that when Ian and without the institution pleasant words and kindly acted as a remedy for the fit me and I cannot advise any remedy for cost better than eucalyptus and honey into a combat of boiled honey put it in a draft of the Eucalyptus oil area well and take whenever the cost comes on the best time to take it as before retiring now we've added a little twisted that we have several recipes for eucalyptus costs are at Wildwood and I made up kind of my on if children see something pink it resonates within the fight and also is known and onion and garlic have antiviral properties antibacterial properties so if you take a half a cup of lemon juice fresh lemon juice not this can and a half a cup of honey and lemon about a quarter of an onion to make a nice pink Sarah and three or four five medium close of garlic and blend that well then put in a glass jar never put eucalyptus in a Styrofoam cup in a few hours with our phone cup will all be on the bottom you have a map in development is powerful and then you add your eucalyptus to the glass jar to this mixture anywhere from thirty to fifty drop city drops is pretty strong but it still tolerable and then you can give a child the teaspoon whatever teaspoon of that every as reality their throat and it will help to calm friends all you have to hold people never to three hours and you collected have to be to get a corruption for mathematics mathematics can tolerate eucalyptus even as in a vaporizer use eucalyptus in a vaporizer why not and we make we get a vaporizer it has a little hot steam there and we put either toilet paper or cleaning or cotton to wake up in front of the deprived sixteenth and then we saturated with eucalyptus oil and then a wonderful economic eucalyptus but if you have asthma some people it really chokes them up other people of respiratory infections is wonderful I just be cautious one bath into which you can put the leaves in the eucalyptus tree Mrs. White said the oil of eucalyptus is especially beneficial in cases of cop and pain in the chest and the Lord has provided a method of the disease and simple plan wedding foundation for some other things are going to say we all believe have faith in the spirit of prophecy and sometimes Goddard said things that we don't understand yet but nonetheless what he said is true he can use water and sunshine in the earth which is caused to grow in healing maladies brought on by indiscretion or accident like the kind of talk about a few foundational miscellaneous remedies will call her a towel and upon perfect circulation there is a science called radiology which have to do with the circulation of red blood cells in the blood vessels fresh air and deep breathing she said acts as a tranquilizer and physical mental and moral benefits of good posture and eight accident studies with posture showing that people have better mood less final he left hand and I just feel better all of whom have better posture and that includes me this is called local training event we are enough in disease it was found that Mrs. White could be heard a mile away on a good day she had learned to train her voice so that she's from the abdomen she did not need a microphone in the back and there's a lot to be said about proper use of the voice and there's a whole section in the spirit of prophecy about fighting posture in older patients is specifically associated with an increased rate of death in atherosclerosis how in the world how can that be related but in a reference in the American Journal of preventive medicine in nineteen ninety four spinal pain headache move blood pressure called on capacity or conscience most easily influenced by posture it appears that homeostasis and on economic regulation are intimately connected with posture felt about that demonstrate the patient's environment she did a lot indicate vegetation on premises disease and the dancing bedrooms resulting in rheumatism annually when they need for different kinds of arthritis any notice over a hundred kinds now I was relatively out of the word neuralgia and long complained I lived in a moldy house that once a foot several years ago it was an old double wide that they finally tore up and take away that this house had a lot of momentum and I was getting a lot of migraine headaches and I complained administration actively got to do something about this and they get in the discussion other make a long story short and my headaches went away it was so beautiful and they tour the walls off of my bedroom are dead it was amazing that can cancellation black mold and had been leaking into this double life Barry mold in the scientific world and off a lot of mold related disease many diseases are common which is holy and inherent is a strong mind-body connection the whale goes through the labor of the hand and we now by neuronal immunology is a powerful field of study today she also said the visa sometimes produced and often greatly aggravated by the imagination many are lifelong invalid invalids who might be well if they only thought so and I could mention in connection with the patient I had several years ago with chronic fatigue syndrome I tried and tried to get her out of bed to walk outdoors and she said that makes me worse and she would only walk a few steps outdoors and go back to bed she'd been dead for several years and gradually we tried to get her off and moving and get out in the fresh year takes a deep breath and we gave her hydrotherapy treatments he said nothing going to help you until you start exercising and getting the threshing and gradually she did that she was very slow to take hold of that principle well healing of anal fissure is occurred in sixty percent of patients in the clove oil group the user one percent cream versus twelve percent of patients in the control group which was five percent lidocaine cream which is just numbing that offend and still softeners after three months of follow-up so close oil and I have no patience for the use of Vicks vapor which has several herbal remedies and just for anal fissures and within a few days they escape around what it brings on fire but it will heal up an anal fissure tea tree oil and honey not hot tea tree oil is not at their asking about anything hopefully her new teacher outcomes I and it is a very powerful oil can be used for gargle for skin conditions performed for many things one study showed it had five times greater affinity to bind to staph aureus and eucalyptus four and many studies have been been done on teaching oils that will make it extra teacher oil and garlic oil not your garlic garlic can bring him but there's a commercial garlic oil and will mix a little teacher at all with garlic oil and use it on fungal infections like Tony often athletes foot not so good for toenails it takes a long yellow toenails with but it's quite good for and other fungal infections on the skin we've also used each relevant articles like no more than five to ten drops to eight to ten ounces of water it's very powerful and you gargle with it and you can spin it out for child would recommend swallowing adult I have swallowed that just in case but it's wonderful article several times a day with hatred for him will come similar to teacher a later grapefruit seed extract is a wonderful remedy and many studies could be done about it however grapefruit seed extract in TN was found to combat many germs it in detail results indicate that grapefruit seed extract has bactericidal effects against a wide range of gram-positive gram-negative organisms experimental results show that GST compares favorably to that improvement topic anti- bacterial Disney unmusical I read a study about grapefruit seed extract and Candida infection vaginal infections a mild dilution using five to ten drops of grapefruit seed extract the whole port of water would help clear up vaginally this section just be very careful with GSE one drop on the time will burn it while you are out nothing will improve to three days very powerful if you're going to gargle with it which makes a wonderful arm overstressed drought or other sort of threat both antiviral and antibacterial you must put no more than five to ten drops to eight to ten ounces of water in the sun is one drop to one if you're going to gargle with it because it's so strong and you can gargle with it and drink it as a medicine as a systemic anti- bacterial anti- viral two or three times a day it's best when you mix it with grapefruit juice because it covers up the tank and is also quite good mixed with Leno not bad during always thought Clinton was such a mild product but yet it is quite helpful in barrier repair properties like atopic dermatitis and ichthyosis Balderas I just heard on the news the other day about a little girl that was five years old that were born with this ichthyosis in which sheds itself many times a day in the parents have to her skin is changing fourteen times a day and appearance have to constantly keep applying different agents and their struggling to find something that really work increased dermal hydration it holds water to the skin that doesn't dry out as fast as that's called hygroscopic winter and senile cirrhosis dry skin in the winter inherited it feels to form disorders and atopic skin biopsies anti- irritant properties irritant dermatitis antimicrobial and wound healing properties evidence in experimental research show promise we had a lady at wildly elderly lady in her eighties which carefully drive can always getting active in getting cellulitis and very fragile and can and doing glycerin is what helps the mouse is rubbing her what they were optimally for mama and keep them from getting full dry and irritated on well this is why speak of olive oil this whole bunch of references about all lands in the spirit of prophecy and of course they still contention whether she meant olives olive oil but nonetheless is a lot of research out and find difficult about on an olive oil only a handful from fresh pressed olive oil inhibits Cox one and Cox two in the same way as ibuprofen is not quite as abundant you'd have to drink a cup of olive oil to cure headache but nonetheless it people eat olives regularly they are getting similar properties as ibuprofen anti-inflammatory purposes to suppress inflammation in the body and that's useful to now and always leaf extract is very good for inflammatory things on you can get it in capsule two capsules a capsule three times a day olive oil is extremely soothing for dry skin as well I was in Russia some years ago we were doing help evangelistic series and came to music or six years I've had to carefully dry skin and I'm miserable I did get some olive oil and after a bath while you still run the olive oil in and he gave me a few nights later and he said I'm sure I was so happy I dwelt only seeing all nutritionally relevant concentrations transcriptionally inhibit endothelial adhesion molecule expression and they several polyphenols there is polar all over it on their own I only it's a honey like a literal team and Hydroxycut aerosol and pirate thought and even help lower cholesterol in the form of LDL as well I have anti-inflammatory effects and is very very thrilling to think that some of these remedies are ample defeating all in one place this is why fair it always could be welding is when every knee and Doctor Daniel Baldwin whose if Congress he had done a lot of research and all is in the inner Journal of health and healing he published not too long ago an article on the use of all it he just made another article in the latest issue called please pass the acceptable plan for general health and healing miscellaneous remedies like nasal flushing I ran in a medical journal in the aura for laypeople but an article by an internist a specialist in allergies about the Nettie pot and he was strongly recommending it putting Celine which is a teaspoon of salt to a kind of water into one of these Netty pot and missing you know that you have a lot of ideas and you can do it to three times a day in the allergens of Ms. Howell and gives relief is much better than using the drives that a picture knows that you have to keep using anything and it actually watches the allergens out ginger is a wonderful remedy but you have to be careful when it a lot has been studied in regard to ginger for morning sickness for travel sickness dizziness and even tentatively ringing in the ears and usually people can get relief for some of these things with one or two capsules of ginger eighty three times a day but I tell people a maximum of no more than eight to ten capsules of ginger I day in twenty four hours because it can also irritate the ticket to match it is a fine but it helped Nokia and visiting and I we couldn't find specifically the reference where the OB/GYN people are saying yes it's okay but there's a lot of studies been done on it and generally speaking it okay to use it for pregnant women and the related gene transcripts are involved in brain protein synthesis and NAFTA consolidation last depression and membrane trafficking maintenance including cholesterol metabolism my information is synaptic vesicles turnover fell any of us shall we we need all these things and growth hormone not this reference but other references mentioned that growth hormone is best produced before midnight and Mrs. White said that two eyes asleep before midnight is worth four hours after midnight was she didn't know about growth one growth hormone is produced down with outdoor vigorous exercise and sleep before midnight sleep is a natural remedy and you can tell your patients that it's a wonderful natural remedy generalized anxiety disorder were always looking for new tranquilizers new common combination with the nerves and I hope he knows about this one I just learned about it to a few weeks ago the Lancelot well qualified and accepted the product in the UK and I don't know yet if it's available in the United States but from lavender there's a useful field of lavender and it smells you know you've smelled lavender and put in the low things to put in your garden now good and lavender is a wonderful preparation and oil essential oil for generalized anxiety disorder and sleep and I read in the medical journal not too long ago that they put one drop of lavender oil on the hell was that elderly patients in a nursing home and actually promoted better sleep they get that done I don't believe in Bach flower remedies I believe that the new agent but we do know there are properties in eucalyptus oil now I need an oil smelling it for a respiratory problem is these essential oils are very powerful and you have a systemic collapse try about this lavender oil completed tribe with my next insomniac going to haven't put a drop on each side of the pillow I think that helps explain the English for nerves for relief of anxiety disorder and they had a preparation of eighty milligrams which is equivalent to two drops of essential lavender well and I'm going to see if we can find here in the US parties that now among other things for anxiety we use the Larry passionflower chamomile and there are Christian call which I don't recommend because that comes from overseas New Zealand Australia some were repaired but it also has some toxic ingredients and and has caused some liver damage in some patients though there's lots of help in passionflower cloth catnip valerian even Valerian can make some people should instead of doing the opposite which is supposed to have to do is have a cleansing effect and found some references that I read Valeri and is not good for long-term use necessarily so there's a lot we don't know about hardship now another one about the silex and appears to be an effective and well tolerated alternative to benzodiazepines for amelioration of generalized anxiety a latching asking you to know about ellagic acid is so exciting how many know about Alaskan acid will good this is good news that red raspberry and a lactic acid diet showed a significant reduction of fifty nine percent forty eight this respectively and document DNA what does that rule in document DNA products and hot is a DNA portion bound to manage and they've done studies with red raspberries with all Walmart blackberries blueberries strawberries red raspberry is the most powerful force of ellagic acid no today South Carolina in South Carolina the University of South Carolina several years ago did a study and I don't have at my fingertips and sorry but they did a study with cancer patients I believe it was cervical cancer are not vacant with one cup of fresh raspberries or frozen every day for a year and they found out that both in the ball and in vitro ellagic acid blocks DNA replication and it's really an ongoing study action the University of Ohio has been studying ways to get small farmers to grow more berries are very raspberries etc. to produce more lactic acid well the interesting thing is that some studies were done with a lactic acid in all and it's out there on marketing in buying healthy stores that health are not as effective as the real so it doesn't matter if raspberries are corrupt browsing raw or what ever or dry the ellagic acid is still there and it is a potent remedy for cancer and even for on some liver disease on with France's toxicity from carbon tetrachloride studies are showing ellagic acid present as a last attendance and whole berries is more violent now available lactic acid supplement so use more raspberries and from I and that the granite as well a lot of ellagic acid is found in pomegranate the winning blessing for our cancer patients off for evening meal have been drink one to two of one to two cups of raspberries met with four to eight ounces of concentrated on the branches and it's very good tasting and they enjoy at and we do this for our cancer that we don't have all the answers to cancer but that one little miscellaneous remedy Kirk is a powerful one as I mentioned here the whole sheep things on curriculum and jewelry University of Texas M.D. Anderson Spencer is doing a lot of research on procurement funding things are just in-house something that top Wildberger Yuji Pines or we are working with out there in the scientific world there is a lot of research going on it's a highlight reel tropic molecule capable of interacting with numerous molecular targets involved in inflammation and potentially a therapeutic agent for inflammatory bowel disease pancreatitis arthritis chronic anterior uveitis and chemo preventative and chemotherapeutic it they've had some success mixing up an extract extract of Kirksville man and black pepper now we know it's recommended for approximately not use black pepper this is an extract called for me which mixed together in extract at Indiana's and I believe it was has been used to help sometimes cancer and there's just so much research going on out there now probiotics probiotics are these good bacteria have to explain to patients because they still don't understand what you mean I think probiotics enter biotic G.I. for a gastrointestinal flora goodbye dad inhabit your intestines which are wiped out with antibiotics even some of the that NSAID nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and probiotics reduce the side effects of antibiotics used to like bloating diarrhea taste disturbances a certain percentage of proud I audit will be disturbed or destroyed by hiking for gases in the nonetheless we still get a certain benefit long-term consumption probiotics is considered safe and well tolerated and there is a lot of research birds reflux disease they had the bed elevation and left lateral decubitus position improve the overall time that the esophageal pH with less than four and a race the reflux was decreased weight loss and has been elevation are effective lifestyle intervention interventions for birds don't forget the counterparts and some of these four things not just a methanol poisoning attack retirement and we haven't put wiki edits Fox that we put all Barbara's patience on and if my spirit will make the head of the gap and to use because I morning you're off the pillow and you're in a scrunched up condition and needs that the group began with eight inch blocks keep asset for running up hill at nine again with very all patients in group J now this is an interesting study about melatonin begin others more melatonin in the G.I. system in the enteric system there and there is in the pineal gland that produces melatonin and autonomy is an integral part of RGI on physiology all patients in group A that use on a dietary supplement melatonin L-tryptophan by B6 folic acid vitamin B12 I mean and became a negative seventy six patients reported a completely after forty days of treatment twenty five percent of group B which is a map resolve showed regression of symptoms in the same in other words the one thing is a natural remedy a significant amount of people got help just isn't natural remedies and healed a fifty four -year-old Caucasian female use knowledgeable and six milligrams several of these natural supplements and she actually on that care and the second notch she used that the film has both natural step supplement all other ingredients withdrawn and ten months follow-up with minimal in other words she got better out well with just a natural remedies why elementary many sometimes they'll several reasons there are unnecessary convocations due to people love to diagnose themselves and treat themselves admitted they didn't get the right diagnosis in the beginning I patient came to me and said I just done this very expensive herbal clam I've done it for X number of weeks it's been one of the thousand dollars someone sold him and he was having and hang on and on the way out to their own physical and him and guess what I found an indelible hernia that when he did certain positions I'm even known he needed surgery and that would be the cure for his pain so people really self diagnose way too much and yet the Internet encourages that magazines encourage that misdiagnosis at initial counsel consultation with alternative practitioners I know of the practitioners not too far from Wildwood that told people if you'll do there will have thing in front of your investment with Seventh-day Adventist unfortunately dangling string with plenty you will eat this food that's why our financing of this way you will not be ended if one happened in her and this was not investigated medically and is now bigger and bigger but you must eat the right foods depending on what I tell you to do with this County and the woman came to share huge math by then she was in hospital with terminal and she had visited going on for probably over a year the very fact I had another person come from the same practitioner will say is a very very mouth and wildly some person was practicing in doing so I think the later had a nap on her leg turned out to be a circle and it ended up killing because she was assured and a short initialization would get well with this lady 's description so we have to be very careful and encourage our patients don't go to get any naturopathic or complementary and alternative practitioners because a lot of people do not know what you're talking about they haven't studied the physiology involved this is why since when we understand physiology next truths and we will be able to do away with more and more drawn that means an extra not over delaying the foregoing appropriate treatment in favor of ineffective unconventional treatment in danger and we teach people use natural remedies and natural remedy seminars to do a reasonable trial of natural remedies and so there's some balance in teaching people not to go too far get medical help quite quickly if you don't get better within a few days and in children within a few hours children of our self for driving a well-balanced here we need to sort out herbal hyperbole from the verbal truth Doctor James did is one of the world 's most famous niche he worked for the US Department of agriculture over thirty years in tremendous research and the field of herbal medicine in the rain forests of the Amazon and pantomime etc. and you can go to the James Duke database on the Internet and find all kinds of interesting things about her biggest herbal database in the world physical color they are several books I brought to look at and wanted called the green primacy by James still and he wrote this for the prevention magazine people renting out several years ago I disagree with the national convention how little wine or liquor every day will call everyday otherwise James Duke is pretty straight game giggled along the leaf extract has a protective effect on red blood cells on other on the other hand high doses exhibiting damage to the red blood cells caution with ginkgo it can be very helpful for memory on for increasing our thinning the blood and you have to be careful because interact with Coumadin or warfarin and there are number things interact with warfarin you can't be too careful and just give her a willy-nilly you got to know what interacts with drugs if you're using drugs as well find verbal flogging products were evaluated for synthetic medications in that they had other drugs in the white room on the inside the attorney etc. Chinese herbal medicine is notorious for having lots of drugs found in they evaluated and they found all kinds of prescription drugs in Chinese herbal products and Christmas in San Francisco grapeseed extract a word of caution remember that your people are fifty system is affected by grapefruit and so there's a grapefruit interaction with many drawings and so you can't use that some things only about ten percent of St. John's wort product label contain warnings regarding possible drug interactions and is known as St. John's wort interacts with HIV medications in Guinevere Spring example and all oral contraceptives cyclosporine and other medications and can also cause a sunburn if you're out in the sun too much with St. John's wort but yet it's very good for depression in some people and it misuses a comment of a German study there is what's called German commission E is a very good book similar to our PDR and any but it's really medicine should have the German commission E book as well because you can learn a lot from the Europeans who lived out one with an interest in the American base studied over four thousand patients prescribed at least in drugs each and they found it were a lot of drug interactions called drug combinations prone to interact the CPI interactions drug combinations prone to interact many of these patients had urban drug combinations going on because patients don't tell the doctors and the doctors don't ask a forty nine -year-old female physician presented with peripheral edema weight gain and relative hypertension and it was found that she was eating a lot of liquor with Chris Candy Savard and I had a patient recently in our lifetime program that had quite severe hypertension and in getting careful diet herbal history I found out she was consuming huge amounts of depression liquor and and with that and on our lifestyle program with some other herbs to help reduce it on all three diets and weight loss she made wonderful strides in reducing her blood pressure and Justin few days thank you Karen humanity accidental candidate in taken shoulder very common and often thousand fifteen accidental herbal intakes twenty one forty three accidental homeopathic intakes three of moderate severity twenty eight of minor severity all other accidental intake involved monthly without manifestation so be sure you know what you're patients children are taking or what the parents are giving them now if a little section on one healing with money it marvelous and there's two meters cable grade or pasture honey and there's Monday minute honey comes from them be that make honey in New Zealand or Australia and this minute money comes from the tea tea tree bush or eliminate abortion New Zealand or Australia and has been a lot of research on this human being just recently I had at least five patient in the last few months that deals with the nuke is incredible we were keeping on hand now in our outpatient clinic met measurable medical errors cost the US economy nineteen and a half billion in two thousand eight pressure ulcers produced the largest error cost at about three nine billion for an amount the use of manipulative dressings and you can find amusement of the honey dressings now commercially as a name for them but I didn't get in here it was associated with a statistically significant decrease in wound pH and a reduction in one five that will care eighteen plus crew the negative label twelve fourteen fifteen eighteen new and it's a measurement of the new honey I think there is an abbreviation for Palm Buddy that unit and the stronger ones are better for the wound healing the wound care eighteen plus group had increased incidence of healing effect of deflecting and a lower incidence of infection control after four weeks seventy percent of honey one versus sixteen percent of the hydrogel would have Murtha eradicated and Murtha is a big thing in medicine today necessarily resistant staph aureus Gary and Murtha is eradicated my maneuver in any case and on the Internet there are pictures of these huge shield the time that were cleaned up with you honey now it can be diluted by tissue juices it is not changed frequently especially in large wound that have to be applied several times a day so that the tissue liquids don't dilute it way out and keep the pH going as part of a secretive and honey is the pH evening Honey the pH must be long minute honey and had a staph aureus by targeting the cell division machinery and you can cram into the honey on the Internet we get about forty dollars for a little bottle of about six or eight ounces quite expensive very effective and the Dolezal in one ounce containers of the patients because they don't need that much to give up a small medical grade honey killed the following Bacillus subtlest methicillin-resistant staph aureus extended spectrum data back to meet nations producing E. coli ciprofloxacin resistance a nice aeruginosa vancomycin resistant enterococcus the maneuver and pastor honey applied to skin at the insertion point for network devices may have a role in the treatment and prevention I can't quite regulate negative and related susceptibilities manipulating in the test organisms during long-term wise resistance training with but these changes were not permanent and honeymoons that we were not detected in that important if you're going to give antibody people and after a while we made new yet in some studies in the big antibacterial activity of money medical grade honey has been characterized the first time and this is exciting they found that these make a substance called B Benson will enact part of the active ingredient in many in the next peroxide and ethyl Vioxx fall and a pH of three three is a minimal effect and on sugar this is a one on one of our own students at Wildwood that occurred a few weeks ago on the twenty third of September are just the actually several days before that she had decided to shave her legs and she had put on some sort of very hot wax on your life to get rid of the hair shaven that way and it burned her leg pretty bad and she came to me with this deep altar and we should put a ruler there it was like three by two centimeters with the subcutaneous tissue showing the facts showing is pretty ugly looking and we started in the milk and honey see the new room is scanned within one day within one day she had that new room the skin by the twenty ninth it was closing and more slowly to the middle was very very deep and by the twelfth of October was totally healed over and got something like they will maybe she needed in graphic that will remodel itself after a few months and the quite normal we were thrilled with that response this is a lady that had from several no they cannot relate to the elderly lady with some dementia and there were a couple of a wound can heal quite well and she kept scratching and scratching it cannot look down five and they got infected is an area of cellulitis all around here we gave her all hot and cold like that and started applying we had a nurse photograph on campus this was on the fourteenth of September and had the nurse apply the movement of the honey three times a day and keep the dressing also she would pick at it and within a week that will and was almost completely closed and within another week it was totally close and this had been going on for two months before we thought and it we were real thrilled that it disclosed off very very quickly we had a young lady one of our students recently now learned talk about how director infections just for a few minutes twenty five -year-old black female two hundred and forty one she came to Wildwood the studied shofar needed to lose weight she had a high fever flulike symptoms sure wrath and her blood pressure was normal and twenty two or seventy eight particular hundred five and her saturation was eighty nine percent on room air and we put on oxygen and she was allergic to penicillin and we did a nasal swab and it was positive for influenza a and retreated in which a check for mycoplasma and I was negative and it was too expensive to check for a twenty one nasal culture was normal flora of the viral infection we gave her hydrotherapy oxygen herb and within just a few days am I this girl was well out walking she got augmentations to the chat and on foot bath on the patient in the back to times a day and the oxygen and bearing diet Mister Whitehead in cases of illness especially infections we should have a spirit guide not a heavy diet litigation as well thirty six -year-old white female one of our workers she was twelve or thirteen weeks pregnant she has an interest or she has Crohn's disease and she came in with the flu we thought it was the flu and the high fever but feeling very very miserable her saturation was ninety four percent the fetal heart tones were fine we manage our hospital because she was quite sick looked at belt and a little bit tachycardic and your hundred three and when admitted to run the count and discharged on the eighteenth we got an influenza a diagnosis with acute bronchitis infanticide is intriguing and pregnancy of thirteen weeks we treated her with several herbs but you can't get many earthen pregnancy Echinacea and Elderberry are two of the few artists that you can use in pregnant so we were limited pretty much the hydrotherapy and the Lord blessed and she did fine being this young lady was nineteen years old two hundred eleven pounds one of our students she came in with several days of cost and high fevers have even stated a couple times and the girls dorm and her blood pressure was one hundred seventy eight amateur hundred and eight one bulk eighty four respirations twenty four and we actually diagnosed her with pneumonia mycoplasma probable mycoplasma pneumonia the concert higher her convalescent titer went off and she had lingering pneumonia on the last and Don later her Mycoplasma ITM went up as well and with simple herbs and Heidegger the IV fluid and oxygen she got well with no antibiotics no we don't recommend after all the money and got laugh with you the main ammonium without antibiotics but you've got to know what you're doing and if it turns out to be certain the bacterial pneumonia we go and violence while the ruling came down and I want and you need to do this weekend was produced by audio verso amen Adventist medical manual network to learn more about me then please visit www. a man and I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe on a


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