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Restoring Dental Patients to Optimum Health

Chester Clark Jr.
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Chester Clark Jr.

President of Ouachita Hills Ministries



  • October 29, 2010
    12:00 PM
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thank you I will start off with a Bible verse and I can since it don't have my projector here I'll just read it from my PDA that Psalms one oh two one oh three versus two through five it says bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits and forgiven all thine iniquities and he let all thy diseases who redeem it by life from destruction crown at the with lovingkindness and tender mercies who satisfy it by mouth with good things so that thy youth is renewed like the Eagles well that's a beautiful view versus about God 's interest in blessing us with so many in so many ways and I believe he wants to heal all our diseases as well thank you that's why were here at this conference isn't it unless you're just a little bit of my past my professional path since leaving Loma Linda graduated from school of dentistry in nineteen seventy seven with also a degree in public health and that because we owe too much money thirty thousand dollars at that time the general conference would not send this submission field so my wife and I decided we would find a mission field in our home conference switches Arkansas Louisiana she was from Louisiana grew up in New Orleans and we met at Ozark Saturday and so we look at the map was called the dark County map back then and found an area that has not been certain that God led us to this area was nice what we were looking for but that's another story and we went back to a little town of amity at that time population five hundred and fifteen I think it was and the Lord has blessed it's been a marvelous experience of starting scratch practice reactions monologues and built in office and I like to build things so I help builders build the first six months after he graduated and open the office in August of nineteen seventy seven and I practice pretty much traditional dentistry what I was taught during the first eight nine years of a practice and however things some others seem to have some problems I would have patients come back to me and say you know since I saw you last I spent two days or three days in the hospital I was really sick and I think that you didn't cause it well no of course I was very defensive no know what I did was perfect to know these of these are perfectly safe fillings but gradually other things began to impact me and I I felt that one of the open to the Lords leading and professionally there was an article published in the May nineteen eighty four Journal of prosthetic dentistry which I had subscribed for many years and have a whole eight foot shelf of of those magazines in the American Heart Association journal and down and I was really impressed with this this study was done here in California by Doctor Eggleston and he was comparing murky fillings with doing key lymphocytes test and he did it I study and found out that the percentage of the lymphocytes with mercury fillings a young lady twenty six -year-old who had bouts fillings I think all beautiful feelings she had I can about forty eight and he took the murky fillings outputting composite ended another Mercury to emphasize past four months later and found that percentage was seventy three and which is about thirty forty percent increase and this little tiny mercury fillings in the middle of those composites and four months later get another T lymphocyte test and it was almost exactly the way it was before forty seven forty eight percent as we took those out restore the teeth with gold restorations four months later get another I cast and it was back up seventy three seventy two seventy three give and that had a real impact impact on me you naughty websites that's pretty important part of our immune system is physicians know more about that than I do but I wondered should I be placing something that has the potential of impairing someone's immune system and then about this time I had a patient with who is disabled with muscle problems and hurt his mother he was in his early twenties and a few years before I placed four five small occlusal amalgams in about fourth is in his molars and down his mother had read something in a magazine somewhere and she thought his problems might be related to the murky fillings present with real defensive you know standard of care I don't have to do this that I said as a Christian since you've asked me to I will replace those feelings and ideas and he recovered and I thought wow that is that is amazing about this kind of some the ladies in the bedroom anymore that had down I finally had a burdensome County learned that I was interested in and Murphy and they sent me paper with some spirit of prophecy quotes about mercury and I had no idea that there was anything 's fair proxy Mercury and much statements like this and spiritual gifts volume four page one forty every poisonous preparation in the bashful and mineral kingdoms taken into the system will leave its wretched influence affecting the liver and lungs and the ranging the system generally nor does the evil in here disease febrile infants are brought into the world to share this misery transmitted to them from their parents and there is in another statement the most relevant later from the previous page talking about how amount well with all of this kind in impacting upon me I decided in May of nineteen eighty five that I would down I would stop using mercury so I declared my practice of mercury free practice and of course back then it was I never announced it publicly I just stopped using it and began a learning experience that has been an exciting thing to keep up with the changes as each generation of composites and bonding agents and curing lights and all of these come along it's been and a lot of fun to see the progress and changes and improvements and along the way we have I have also learned what a biological dental practices a biological dentist is one who is concerned with the health and integrity of the oral cavity and its surrounding structures this includes the use of materials and procedures that are systematically compatible and down again those early years I was not announcing or promoting or doing anything that just word got around and people began coming with all types of health problems and from not only the local area but from many states around as well which one of these shall I be looking at this okay and is this going to advancement up but who okay Angelica texted has meant a lot to me than this one out yes the principle of first do no harm I'm sure that everyone in California is familiar with that Proverbs twenty six juices as this barrel in her wandering as the swallowing her flying though the curse that is caused less polite if not and I'm convinced that every disease we have has a cause no there are so many things of youth as you study topology that are listed as no known cause and no known cure while I object to that because I think almost everything that we experience as physicians and dentists have has a cause and we need to be wise as serpents as we find them well in the things I learned was the connections about with electricity that I had patients with muscle twitching and muscle spasms and itching in the face and so on and die amazingly that totally cleared up when the mercury fillings were removed and I imagine I'm quite sure that that is a result of the day electricity that is produced by the fillings other cases of hearing loss and tinnitus ringing in the ears that were eliminated by changing the mercury fillings and probably most uprising case was one of the pastor Pastor Ben who was actually passing church in New York City and huge inspectors have nervous breakdowns and he moved away from New York City and left the ministry bought a couple acres and up in the mountains about forty miles from where I practice and built a little cabin he and his wife and the couple of adopted children and down he was trying to get his health back well they came down and got acquainted with them and they asked me to take his mercury fillings out which I did I have a couple months later his life was in the office person Karen she happened to mention to me that he known then hasn't had any heart pains chest pains since he took his murky fillings out and I said no really I you never told anything about chest pains and she said yes for twenty two years he had angina type paying he had been to the Mayo Clinic the specialists all around the country no one could find any cause or source of that pain in his chest and that the only connection I can our make is that the fillings electricity was being just generated by his fillings and he had one really large when it was put in when he was a sophomore in college I think it was right after that the pain began but there was no doubt interfering with the vagus nerve is the narrative innervates the heart and down causing a sensation of this chest pain will as we look at the ingredients of the battery we have a base metal which is led precious metals which is silver electrolyte sulfuric acid it so happens in the mouth we have with mercury fillings the same thing at a base metal which is Mercury and that precious metal silver and in a lot of electrolytes saliva and could be that we had batteries are carrying around batteries in our inner energy in fact we used to have a little amount the meter it was called was never approved by the FDA that sort in charge people for using it but we would test the electricity coming from each fillings each of the fillings and most of them are negative sometimes in the positive charges but there was not a actual readout of what the level was when they had a mechanic in the chair and we taken his murky fillings out her work process seven I checked his electricity and he had a little ohmmeter micrometer you are here try with this and so we checked his feelings with that and sure enough we got the same proportions different numbers but his micrometer told what we're measuring and it was micro volts what will we measuring micro volts coming from these electric utilities and other fillings and later I learned that the body 's electrical system works on what nano votes that's a thousand times less than micro volts so we're talking about electric current here that could be thousands of times more than the electrical system of the body will be set text here in Romans eleven thirteen eleven to thirteen and that knowing the time but now it is high time to awake out of sleep were now is our salvation nearer than when we believed the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light let us walk honestly and down this is maybe a little symbolic of casting off the works of darkness that I really think that the devil uses the effects of mercury fillings to his advantage and many many ways as we will see as we go on here and I think the challenges for us to walk honestly to look openly at evidence that that we have I learned that allergies and headaches are often related to mercury fillings in fact one of my patients I will call him ten wrote a little of a few paragraphs of his experience and let me just explain he had had some concern about his mercury fillings and so he went to the dentist who took them out ten thoughts and putting composites but when he came to me a few years later I took my wing x-rays and saw there was some this will little pieces of mercury still in the deep portions of those cavities and covered up with and down this is what he said just want to let you know how much I appreciate you taking my mountains out for me I thought dividend has it taken off at all ten of them out sometime back but he left a little bit in and put composite over it I wondered why I was still tasting it all talk at all times at times because I was sure they were all out that is until you get an x-ray on my teeth when I was just in for a checkup and you discover that I still have a little bit left below the composite on one you weren't able to tell about the other nine until you worked on them I was amazed at all nineteen still have some left before below the composite I was suffering with headaches every day or for about two years I thought it was allergies so I was taking Claritin-D to get rid of the headache I couldn't understand why I was having these what I thought to be allergies even in the winter when nothing was pollinating but as long as the allergy medicine worked I guess then an amazing thing happened after you remove the amalgams my headaches disappeared it has been almost one year now and I still haven't had any headaches and not only that but I rarely have to take any Claritin-D even in the midst of allergy season because my congestion has really cleared up a lot so the long and short is I guess what appeared to be allergies I now recognize to be those amalgams that are now out when I went for allergy tests over the years they always came up negative I knew there must be some mistake because I had all the symptoms that is until I have this work done I will never regret spending it I did to get them out because it was well worth it again thanks much for recognize there was still some left and removing them for me and down this reminded me of a statement that we find in the spirit of prophecy that says mercury count now in quinine had brought their amount of wretchedness which the day of God will alone fully reveal preparations of mercury and calomel taken into the system ever retain their poisonous strength as long as there is a particle edit left in the system ten can certainly testify that validity of that statement well there's another case lady that asked he traveled more than two thousand miles to see me and have this work done letter she wrote or months after she returned home she said I have waited this long to write just to make sure the improvement in my health wasn't just a placebo act placebo effect or wishful thinking as soon as I got home I knew there was something very different I had more energy than I've had in about six years I've gotten more done every day than I ever accomplished in a week it's helped me really know I wasn't just being lazy I really had no energy the other things that are better our that are not as cold as it used to be my husband said that when I sleep I see much more peaceful and don't toss and turn so much but one thing that seems most interesting to me is that my respiration rate has been over thirty times a minute and now it is as much more in a normal range of twelve to sixteen times I guess I was literally starving for oxygen and asked the study showed that Murphy competes with the oxygen binding sites and in the hemoglobin my husband said that when I sleep I see much more peaceful less ever that I've had both my husband and my mom listened to my breathing at night and they both said we never read that many times a minute it made entire just to try to match my breathing I also have less anxiety I guess I'd call it that I just feel more comfortable in my own skin my kids are happy to have mom back I'm so glad I made the trip and am now mercury free my dad says he feels better too I taken his record feelings out he can keep going all day better than before in fact he's the patient the told me about two days after I finished that he had had symptoms of depression for thirty years this is a lifelong abstinence he was a retired elementary school teacher depression for thirty years and he told me was completely gone at just two days after he took his Berkeley mom can't tell much yet I'm sure it will take a while at the minimum it's worth it to just stop putting that vote on her body one let's see yeah that's probably most of all pertinent things she says thank you again for the work you did I praise God so much that I feel so much better as soon sell a few experiences like this enough and get you excited about going to work in your old age we've had cases with children with Crohn's disease that cleared up just a few small feelings had a teenage boy that was taking allergy shots every week and the week after his mother was in after we finished his removing his feudal occlusal pads she said that from the time we finished taking those mercury fillings out he could tell the difference his sinuses began clearing up he never took another allergy shot after that it was started so amazing course they were all very grateful for that improvement Isaac nine twenty five sister I will contend with him that convinced contenders with the and I will save my children I think God wants to save our children of course internally use the most important thing is this is a video to see just a few minutes of it that has been on the web probably for ten years now it appears that some will is will is is is is is is over as for your and all this is as I said I is is there so is her or her also analysis is a is a is a possible and necessary a what she is in a rules will say is a list and serves as an interface it is a shadow of this is also something that was due to water the same temperature is about this is the was wrong the vessel was for just a few seconds but I just adhere to these are not small or if you can see this more than one thousand times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency will allow for the heirs of Weaver the last time he was and that is in the drilling is this is a advertising to raise the temperature to one hundred and ten degrees hot coffee in warm water and sugar so every time used to in that stimulation causes the Mercury to continue to leak out of the selling for an hour and an something is something which will present his place in the Google crowns of the lap welded about the person you informed consent back in nineteen eighty five international Academy of Oral medicine toxicology set out to determine the amount of mercury that was coming off a and here's the graph showing substantial quantities of murder were measured and an estimate of the total dose limit in animal experiments and redirect your chosen shape creation and job stomach liver kidney shaped in just thirty days substantial quantities of which spread from the fillings to every organ that she's not this should be of concern to me major additions finish dropped in their ability by sixty percent according an indication of kidney function whole body imaging of monkeys found exactly the same thing proponents of amount of the claimant she chewed her much less a problem with monkeys they had an agreement show students living intestine heart and further research from dystrophy bacteria that were antibiotic resistant crops up in the intestines within two weeks of receiving herpes lesion governments further studies have this is an oscillation of brain proteins in response to the controversy will invest part of their beds that entire video is available at the IA Lindsay 's website and IAO into .org so have been impressive this a few years ago I first saw that video in and really not been telling people for years that Mercury was coming off their feelings and when you can see it it's much easier to believe that that is the case but just a few slides here of basic science Mercury is fiftieth fifty four percent and knowledge of fifty to fifty four percent Mercury and so they should be actually called Mercury fillings instead of silver fillings as we were taught in school and because silver 's thirty five percent and need to the other ingredients there was just quickly go to some of these basic things on Mercury it's very reactive it vaporizes the vaporization doubles every ten degrees centigrade above ten Fahrenheit leave well and it vaporizes easily above ten degrees Fahrenheit and so at body temperature it is well in that vaporization area of a few more things of this big chemistry here but the important thing here is that when market finds an enzyme the enzyme no longer functions in many enzymes have sulfhydryl groups Mercury will replace the sulfur in hydrogen and so it totally inactivates that that inside him the relative toxicity of mercury is more toxic and cadmium at two types of arsenic alien and led as well the this is the reason why that's murky causes so many symptoms because it's it is it is so toxic and infects nerve tissue in fact it is attracting more generic issue than it is to other tissues in the body and studies of vaccine shown how fast Mercury travels along and a neuron and it's it's not very fast that you know a separate far from the teeth to the brain is so it's easy to see how it could affect so many things I have here a list of symptoms that I have patients sign a check and see if they'd had the symptoms in the past or are they having them in current currently and this is actually more than dislike hundred thirty hundred forty symptoms but at least a hundred and twenty symptoms have been definitely do directly linked to mercury in the mercury toxicity toxicity and forward talking but here's micro mercury toxicity microlevel small levels that it builds up it's a retention toxicity symptom of syndrome where it builds up in the tissues and many people live many years without noticing symptoms but sooner or later it reviewed crosses the threshold and people start having some of these and many many symptoms as we mention it's the most toxic nonradioactive elements on the planet and Ephesians four fourteen and fifteen says that we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sly and cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive but speaking the truth in love may grow up into him in all things which is the head even Christ well we know we're in a spiritual battle don't we there's not a lot of us slice and cunning craftiness and we want to not be deceived we want to know what is actually happening in and as I have experienced or seen the experience of so many patients recovering from these many bizarre things it is then and an amazing thing to to be part of one of the greatest that I learned as well over the years is that patients love and demand a natural looking restoration and the reason one of the big reasons why less than fifty percent of Dennis today are placing murky fillings still is that their patients are asking for more natural looking aesthetic restorations and if you had a choice would you want restoration 's like this in your mouth as you look at the the gray color around the first molar there and the gap around that filling we know from experience not sure for Dennis here has has seen spellings when you take them out and find a lot of blacks ledge cruddy stuff underneath it that is a combination of corrosion materials and decay bacteria and that's not a pretty site or would you rather have thing like this at in its place of course the pro- anonymous have made claims that composites cause problems in this DNA to you no mess with women's hormones and things that so are you in any very definite effect of that and consequences that and when you compare the many ailments that mercury is related to this it would surly be my my preference there is so there are some people and if if you if you launch into a biological dental practice you'll find that you attract a lot of people that may be on the fringes of what we might consider normal they're having all these problems and you'll find some people that are classify themselves as universal reactors no they can't tolerate anything and before you know that you put something in their mouth they have to try it out either on their scanner and a piece of filling in their mouth is if they react to it anyway that's that's one area that you'll find is is sometimes challenging but there are ways of actually determining the biocompatibility of the fillings that are placing and and many patients are willing to stand for a six hundred dollars to have these tests done to determine what feelings they can use and which ones they can't one of the best sources of science as we mentioned is the international Academy of Oral medicine and toxicology your website there at the top is so alien to God award and there's another website that you will find very helpful and this dentist that has developed this resource has just made it available in the last few weeks that his website dental wellness for you .com slant Mercury ref .html and then not you'll need the username of mercury in the password references and he has a a an entire library organized alphabetically according to symptoms and subjects it and it's just several things and you click on everyone of those who get a holistic of scientific studies of that pertain to that subject and you'll find that committee 's resource another website that has few things on it were just developing is mercury free dentist .com Revelation twelve seven there was war in heaven Michael and his angels find the Dragon against the Dragon and the dragon fought and his angels I think that this is one of the tools and levels are momentary and to destroy the minds and bodies of people and as we see some of the things that mercury causes in terms of psychological and emotional like inability to make trivial decisions the inability to resolve doubts inability to resist temptations our performed intellectual tasks that have been documented scientifically we you either want to be involved in and at lessening someone's ability to to fight temptation or perceive the issues that they might be facing I remember one patient who came to me I have used truck driver and I haven't seen per year and half or so and I've taken out the mercury fillings on one side of his mouth and he came back with a toothache and he and come back and so we had had politically but as we're waiting for anesthesia he says some of what she did to me that since I've been here last I haven't had as much anger as I used to have and I don't get angry like it was and he said he start as they are not don't drink anymore the correcting sources I don't drink as much as I used to but anyway here we go with it now part of his feelings he could tell the difference even though I had the murder killings and probably half of my life for more I did not have any the same sentence except I know is that as a father when my children were young there a lot of anger issues I had this looking back I can't explain and maybe I can blame it on record I'm sure my children which are well the one other thing that one other story I want to tell the kind of caps on it we have time here and have some other sites YouTube some you Dennis might be interested in some of precautionary things that you need to plan on and to protect yourself as well as the patients from additional mercury in your removing them tell a story that at this fella who came to me as a chaplain had many of the work several years because of severe pain in his legs and the doctor said diagnosed him with Parkinson's disease and congestive heart failure and one other thing and his wife who is a registered nurse she was sure it wasn't Parkinson's because she knew enough about that and it wasn't this one and this is one of the characteristics of mercantile sissy it's been called the great masquerade her in fact to have another slide that describes it is that it and it often doesn't fit into one category the symptoms don't one category disease and so it's very confusing to physicians because you know someone may manifest a few symptoms of this disease in a few symptoms of that disease and so oftentimes this is really hard to find a definite definite diagnosis but this man had called me several years before and had we talked about his symptoms and that some of you know I can't promise anything but I think it might be helpful to get work out what he had not done that and so they called me about probably two summers ago and they were kind of desperate is to be really how soon could you get in the end we need to see with that keeps him right away he's really him a lot of pain and so we can rearrange your schedule for the next week and brought him in and sometimes it's helpful when you have someone with a lot of work in China no work on a lot of other patients come back to this one it really helps your productivity and that it we leave for responding to his desperation actually and down so the first day he came in he just barely walking he said he'd just gotten from the car to the chair by the strength of his willpower he driven five six hours get this at them any way and while we were working on his wife was massaging his legs trying to relieve the pain and just as he was his life is pretty much miserable that's the next we removed one quadrant of fillings as I recall in the next day he was in the chair we're getting set up to do another quadrant place River dam and all and his wife was in the room and she started telling me a story and she sat down at the clock I will tell you what happened first of all he slept better last night he slept in months and months of course that meant that she is not better to and that and I was it just one quadrant removes anyway she said them that a week before they were she was helping him walk through the house and suddenly he collapsed and she happened down at the floor and and call to immediately respond she checked his his breathing he was not breathing he checked his polls he had no pulls she looked in his eyes they were dilated and she knew he was dying right there in front of her and the daughter was in house is also a registered nurse and somehow they revived him on the University to do CPR think she just got excited and slapped them around the screen shot or something anyway him breathing again and they got into the call 911 and called and got into the hospital and he spent to three days in the hospital under observation there was anything the doctors knew they could do for them because you know they were sure the diagnosis I guess I don't know anyway he was convinced that it was mercury that was killing him and so we that we took the rest of his mercury fillings out and about two months later someone from his church in Texas brought me a video that of he knew that she would be seeing me the next week so he had to take a video of him running across the church fellowship hall with no pain and he just wanted me to know how much better he was already what he recovered and was able to go back to work is as a chaplain and when you see experiences like that it makes you wonder if there's any good at all in compelling the fact that convinces you that there is not and one of the things I would say to the dentist who may be interested in going mercury free the first step to do is to start using a little device called the cleanup and that's little plastic device goes on the end of a high-speed section and if it's over to so it helps to collect much more of the mercury vapor that you're removing and the IAO and he has cited the guidelines that takes playing ways of taking it out without grinding is much without making as much mercury vapor talking it out running around the size getting it out in this large pieces as you can also use a large vacuum system that goes right up under their chin that pulls the airwaves while you're working and scripted through the charcoal filter so that not only the patient that the staff also or not is not getting high doses Murphy has a lot of other things dozens of things and one Dennis you might talk to will say we got into this business another will say this business you know and that there is enough science to know by using a journal murky vapor analyzer like OSHA uses in industry to determine the amount of mercury vapor in air you can determine that you do it has been shown what is effective and what is not and I don't I don't try to do everything that is available in and out like one some people say you need to use these big industrial masks you know the assistant and the dentist needs to use those to protect yourself and that may be true but with the air pulling away in this vacuum system I don't think I'm getting much murky back the studies show you that pretty much takes care of it in those big industrial masks I can't see over very well especially with my boots on so so that's one of the things that I don't do that and for those that are really sick I use rubber dam and that protects a little bit more I think that mercury vapor acid passes right through the rubber dam so it's not know if they'll say Google it just won't protect from the bigger chunks that can put this small sign rejected behind that two pickup clean air behind them here she is in is yes yes there's instance is going through yes you can you can evaluate here behind River dam with the young nitrile to the betterment of your cut on one of those results go through a couple rocks in his faces very well and there is also a I have Vaseline type thing that you can run on the reprimand that have makes it discourteous to this another thing that I would encourage you to do is consider joining the international Academy of Oral medicine toxicology fact they had their biannual meeting here in San Diego this last month and it's always you know amazing the science that is presented some of it's a little on the on the fringes as we heard about this morning that it's a lot of it is way over my head and at with each session they give you a CD a DVD that has the lecture video of the lecture on one side of the screen and the PowerPoint on the other and in another file that has all the power points each the presentations and it's today's Friday and Saturday I attend on Fridays and then enjoy worshiping on Sabbath but it's kind of nice because with that information and you know it a few weeks after the meeting I'll have all the PowerPoint presentations as well as the videos of those that presented on on Saturday and so there's just a wealth of information there right now that organization has about eight hundred members or some other mercury free organizations that this is the largest I think is the most scientifically based organization that it is that is out there well there's a lot more we can cover that I'm sure you have a few questions yes how do you find it in this weather several websites that you can find the great pretenders one is the aliens he has a search for Dennis feature and the other is that third website there is Mercury free dentists .com has that him yourself and then you can contact information is in me loves this is this is the same systems as you have no proof yes in fact American dental Association has said that the mercury from the fillings is inconsequential compared to mercury from fish and in the diet and studies show just the opposite if you are to eat fish every day you would get one sixth of the level of mercury that you do from just a few murky fillings and amounts had maybe the same compound I'm not sure now one of the compounds and interfaces methylmercury and that is supposedly a hundred times more neurotoxic than elemental mercury and if you've ever studied an interesting public health incident that occurred back in the fifties and minimize a Japan is interesting since that story is of human exposure to mercury from fish 's industry they are dumping large amounts of mercury into the bay as a byproduct and the fish were taking it in an methylated network treatment of people reading the fish and they were dying of just bizarre things and it took ten years after they knew the cause of this problem before the government there was able to stop an industry something that that stops them yes there are number of things I and we didn't cut it through a cycle of things at one time the guests way we knew was Webb 's accusation therapy DMSA UPS and that is still done some but I think it is it is not not the best because he had done so much mercury into the system that before the body can pull it out that many people get very sick they call it a healing crisis that if I were experiencing and I still wouldn't be too thrilled with it and there are a few things there's one chronicled in the ass anodized detoxification factors company that produces that is filed Ray Google that there's a product that since in my estimation from the research I've seen is probably better than anything we've had called Westar that was just taken off the market about weeks ago by the FDA and it the best one of the ideal and he meetings it was a physician there and just reviewing some of his slides a few days ago that I had done some research before the marketed this product and they were showing amazing improvements in people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease and recovery after reversal of autism from the fiscal SR product and so it is it is sold as a supplement by the FDA is saying is it's actually a drug that is what it was doing was increasing the glutathione levels in the body and most of you know how the glutathione as it is this most powerful antioxidants that we had it's involved in so many cellular functions every cell of our body and that most people today if you do a glutathione leapt past you find them deficient in glutathione and Mercury design finds Mercury and pulls it out of the system but it takes two molecules of glutathione every molecule of mercury so some you have marketing your system you can have glutathione deficiency and so anything you want hence that improve your no Sunni who live in the that is a not any real dramatic cases that I think that it especially can catch it early on in the disease process I think it might help some these diseases I think once they reach a point in there they can be reversed think of Carlos I usually the sensitivity is improved their immune system recovers you know it sometime this dramatic sometimes it's young may take six months or three year all you need specific to the Keegan Celsius temperature and chewing pressure will all who not more I think you know I crack I use mercury fillings for eight or nine years and I think I had more complaints about sensitivity using mercury fillings that in the composites and early on the bonding agents we had seemed that the more you know Costigan and in my practice I haven't had too much problem with that and I think it's less than one extension four yes yes yeah the last two years and then using the one step young bonding agent where we don't catch the strong acid and the weather is always going to be some potential for metal reactions when you have dissimilar metals in the now and there's such a sly spectrum of different metals used in crowns and I don't know that I can think of anything specific is just that nowadays more of my patients even in rural Arkansas are wanting no metal restorations so I have only done porcelain fused to metal crowns maybe five or six where was this space simulator console space problem that almost everything is physical force nowadays and it's much nicer aesthetically and I think probably has young plays less havoc on the electrical system without the Americans are without the metal meeting labs nowadays are advertising more and more you know is well I think our time is up thank you for your ear and whispered using my audio Versar amen Pentagon and a number you would like to learn more about Nina please visit www. nine and I will like there was more free online sermon www. online universe on


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