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Short Patient Contacts with Lasting Impacts - Part 2

Louis Torres
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Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • October 29, 2010
    2:00 PM
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father couldn't hear this I is asking for guidance and Lawson thank you for viewing options nine variety we're talking about the spirit of nonworking on the human heart and is important for us to review remember this that people basically respond intellectually and emotionally and if you remember they are studying that most people make decisions they first feel in the late make decisions and what the spirit of the afternoon is that he has to somehow tap into my in the heart of the person true conversion of not take place because of the heart and the mind to the merchandise personal line of heart now if I I know that when you think of the heart ill think of a heart that thinks but apparently there must be something about it because it recently tormented it was a man will have a mechanical heart implant and I were talking and if you really have a nationality for felt about certain things and the response was unhealthy and I thought you know it's interesting he doesn't have as hard anymore three has mechanical heart in them along with has a feeling for that which before he felt something for so when God says I will write my laws in your mind and in your are now that means that both the intellect and emotions must be tapped in for true conversion of the course is on a sensitive visit now this very blog obviously it's working and here's a stained-glass windows in his force upon the lofty trees mentioned them Somalis can work on human hearts and no finite mind can circumscribe work done the danger with without designing methods today where either they find method methods for different things for example when I first became anonymous back in the sixties there was a hippie movement anyone had this event no exit these we had to exit these and then after the hippies it was a flower children and then there was a newbies may remember some of those groups was interesting is that you will say is it was an attempt to try to put together a method to reach these people then after that group a question having you the secret of the yuppies run and then you have the generation X and then you have a postmodern society you have all these groups is also attempt to try to long-delayed a method by which these groups can be reached the only problem is not that that is considering the idea that people are static the people don't move no change then on the no make up a the something today and tomorrow it was something else the truth and I was in a certain city in Europe teaching us a certain division leaders not again to talk among incisions and one of the best assembly only that stuff we need something to raise a postmodern society and I said well please forgive me but that doesn't exist the shock I said that's only a coined term evangelicals all books but if we can get me some time to listen to me then you can determine whether or not this will which people visit sale I spent a week with them by the conclusion of the week you cannot apologize the problem is a lot of times when doing so limit there while the misconceptions of what misconceptions misconceptions lead to wrong conclusions but for the second time since I will have a hopeful weeks with a list of go into the what matters to you in terms of the working know I told you that when it doing a practice she was looking at signs in the case Buffalo tour looks at the skin looks and runs etc. and these statements try and have been able to recognize certain indicators in the skin to tell someone with melanoma whenever skin problem with women dealing with sweet people spiritually speaking we also have the look of imitators though this is as interesting of all a Tennessee limited Tennessee has one but it lacks the will when working with people since he cannot see the neurons shooting in triggering this intriguing that you have to be able to get to the place we didn't detect from the outside as the Bible says in Gaul look at on the one the hard but mammoth -athon yellow bears now that's not always a negative thing since everything is negative but is negative if you become judgmental but is not a negative thing if you are using them for the purpose of evaluating which direction we should take when you're talking to somebody so you have to learn to evaluate to kind of new Aion is a surface diagnosis and if you please right now like the one which is what invisible yet the effects of which are plainly seen and felt is a spirit of God in his work upon the human heart so were watching were trying to observe which pharmacy segment was no we cannot see the spirit of God we know that men who have been than in trespasses and sins become convicted and converted on this operations the faultless become and what would become serious hard and repetitive this shows the faith was losing them of the drunkard the license of the study salute your rebellious enough said the company and Christlike when we see these changes in the nose on his work chosen while the lesson itself admissible if this is what it back to their CNN help so the work of God upon the soul will reveal itself in every act of him who has felt the same power when I work with people long time the offense and when I'm observing watching them wanted to see what kind of responses within the body language and facial expressions tone of voice etc. the city of respondents one percent zero or what I'm saying to them and an example I was in Australia and the Philippines every year I accompany a group of view of things in the limb Angela somehow the living unsolicited this particular time was the only nice sense was in the third category what was that harvest so the mother cannot commission the my daughter is not baptized yet to my space and time with our show I suspected that but then I confronted so yes I will fill in the opportunity I sat with her mother the fourth no show where you come from etc. etc. background on so then I said that so we can let us know I know that she's not with me so I knew that because I don't want to want to assume anything I want to hear from them I understand in the way they respond tells me whether or not there sensitive about my question you what I said that since only implemented on the madness will that individually that triggered a bit I trust a sensitive spot left our sin the next question so what would you recommend us the second question will write it down on Kagan one one didn't type so she thought sections is a wonderful widget mind writing them down for me so I I love to hear objections to the so if you want to deliver them about today she was right as you have a list so we sat down together and we went one by one by one by one and I clearly driven clearly good as over objections finally when I was ruined her objections I asked the question is okay Melissa Romana the level to become an activist in addition she just pushed out and said I don't want to have to wear my hair in a bun and wear long dresses so I may send their what told you that you have the way to go in the barn Maryland London Milan versus passivity of the girls which we had about fifty people when us as it unveiled where long dresses and have their buttons allow well but her response was telling me that she was very sensitive about the issue which means them that the Spirit of God was working with what the work and agent mission recognized this fact ninety one I have the privilege of seeing the entity and action when we learn how to recognize those things we actually become participants there that impression tapping the neurons and making using the local impulses of the mind to new what the person listened to as I shall not exactly which when those of those of the hypothalamus etc. I just know that it works now today I don't how many of you have gone through security with which one of the homepages glass pages any of you have been putting those pages additional status what they're actually doing is these machines now have the ability to to check your reaction and to tell whether or not you blood pressure is increasing if you're your breath this increasing in other words as if this rest being created in you which lets him know that something is happening inside my once happening outside did you know that you didn't know that well I can tell you this I happen to me I think it was meant as I get some insights of the things that we may not need the amazing thing is this that is my can figure out how to create machines that can tell give a sense of what's happening inside that one of my block and can not communicate to watch how the sacked if something is happening to somebody else to Angela this and are now enabling us along to watch but what lunch I won more than one watch because when it was sold just like in a medical practice if you like to observe I didn't tell him about the patient is untrue that's enough in the spiritual realm the same thing happens you like to watch and know what to watch for the arrived no success this is watching these wireless messaging account of his heroes of faces of express interest in pleasure gave him great lot satisfaction as the author Pearson also breaking through the barriers of selfishness and working condition this is not working through the electrical impulse drive and staff right Reagan through the merits of selfish and more nutrition finally landed to the Samuels Medlock so Jesus was one of watching the question of what he wants for our is what you want for just one simple word and then that we brought it out yesterday one conviction right number whether the NASA workforce convict was in conflict that questionnaire and was in constant somebody recognizes that they are doing wrong I so commission so when a person is being worked upon us by the spirit of God if the wind is blowing it will tell you what is going my indications that make it obvious that this conviction got now the invention is the voice of God speaking to the conscience for in one would talk about earlier the spirit of impressing the illegible impulses of online June to move a person to make a decision in favor of whatever bonds between Saddam and so was illustrated in conscious when it comes a condition then it is worth on the equivalent obviously if you have because you been convicted some point otherwise you would not be here right now to learn how it works as condition work on his new salicylate what limitations of the present and number four once you save conviction what you need to do to bring that position to its maturation and now known as assessed every fresh display of the combustion of the grace of God upon the social unbelievers and what cracked so is is a display in this seeable bedroom Minnesota okay so we should then be able to will form evidence is then tell us the spirit of God is communicating to an individual who was speaking to now Christ is a source of everyone as the word involves Ryan he is the only one that didn't want and plan in the heart and its interest in analysis and redesign for one and one else every convention of all is anyone ever knows that his spirit is moving upon our hearts is good news some of the government said master I'm incredibly unborn will send my son you sure have it's all terribly troubled by an accident okay soon because this is what everyone allows is a lot so when you feel convicted about something whether the blood of man right it should rejoice if you want wine because it is an LMS is where the blog is working on good news ways I am right now detailing on since you have to look with a single conviction can't not of the present is like you have to look out allows an economic formula first you know you take the ball and look at how ingredients until I'm a graphic taken and then to check the temperature and executive young blood pressure so for a run the reason for that is that to say whether persons and conversations on this is the balance about right is a is the indicator survey that neither alter their high level the temperatures heart surgery another something taking place inside Iraq are the same thing with the external indicators now I went to Elizabeth positive and while negative indicators and now if you notice on the positive side there is joy sharing telling others of personal application of Jews enjoy what you know I think you know then meets the tears we shed if we fit user joy to have a difficult chemical come hello through the sorrow Hezbollah well landed you at least like come into the outline now guessing away layup the phase becoming friendly questions started positive changes my something wasn't introduced and drama yes I'm sorry rejection argument is a sorrow avoidance and anger resistance objects in view of the study negative as indicated restlessness now when I started with somebody or everything in my rental significance I'm watching to see how the responding and resetting every presentation who is watching them by the way I make sure that I go to the city nor to check her pulse of him leaving you know what I mean by that I shake her hand and ice and I want to see how warm they are on the respondent 's my presentation is all those things are indicators are telling them that they are either going one where another Dennis Allen say on their website right now let me give you some some examples is not on the side most of you probably don't have a problem with if somebody comes walks off the streets are coming the church is even beginning to Jason Fatherland etc. is say well you know the moon right direction on correct the problem is the negative side this is where most pastors have problems you mention is a doctors assembles what questions and problems I should carry this also I don't know one course being offered in any one of our theological institutions that has getting this this is part of the curriculum as reality better people is a I do have one new one is called resource within decisions that's than has these stories with her appeals the verbatim what to say in the appeal to their stories for every document without for example state of the day that sentiment cries etc. in fact even download on Kindle Amazon.com and almost called restorative indecision of the optional didn't download Kindle on your computer is free to download learning how big the book family it's it's great stores within incisions and then has the stories the appeals and you want to say I Amazon.com and Tyndale KIA on the daily ugly and you can download the general programs for you and then you can download the thing to have four hundred thousand books on most recent all right the first end of the two of them is simply this this sign is when people are mailed into whatever conviction has come to them this side there was initially contact and it's not bad sometimes we will resist with things that was not bad will you solve some stories always seem to help others talking about I was in Australia wholesalers listen to either displays about the vision of marketplace and marketers at the end of the presentation I want to know initiative is hands and there was a man still sitting in a few it wasn't alone in the church which is a division will discharge the long church was ousted after his mind something to so I noticed as I looked on as I did back in his movies had down initial visit doing this was a tough describe so I approached him mention A-OK I said it's kind is breaking the site right with him and and visit thanks and start walking out it was about innocent offender lesson about the Congress is busy with your new home and walked out next day and was Sunday I told Dale in turn the assistant master evaluating those image of jealousy monster when I was I called him to make appointment any .com I have family problems so I want to come to my house so I said to him why did you call him is it is Australia is we make appointments this is not America civilization called SLI one thousand similarly developed it isn't me located on Long Island him so he said no and you thought you would enjoy with you and after show we got there the cars parked in the driveway okay the blood is full all right and so the indications is what that is useful in car hardware there was a pool in a legal but a lot of our no answer I'm not allowed no answer by this time the engine was about your color and complexion and he was turning red originals and then he began to say and I was able to look at I say these and I are not allowed if I is all and I said all right so we went ahead and send down and by the way he was single yellow flannel so we sat down and began to grind Grapher half-hour wait until you stop letting the Lord later got baptized at how went back two years later to another charitable meeting this guy doesn't sound again once I provided I was there and after Sabbath became out the window and the thoughts of veneration as far as he sent also glad to see when we hasn't how's it going to send that is great to send in a salad invokes en vogue is the term for a when you guys to listen to this and send it although this but when it came to visit me I wasn't angry how was his delight is is that they should notice that I had from the cancer my family have abandoned a long time ago and I did no work and the only consolation I have most of the church and you destroy that isn't I did not want to see you when you get the lock of the door I determine I was not going to open but then I realized it will determine the unit is open up its so he said that a big meal is and I love you buddy he said when our map to my cancer disappeared I got a job and move more important than that he said I got a church family now what was his reaction to me positive and negative negative incident of another sort of only meeting Florida Fort Pierce Florida Florida under the Floridians here in the lives meeting as a lion he was attending the meeting she was like a Lucille Ball wanted with long hair you know the lies and she was she was always a matter to Santa Monica African-American rather than white lady eight energy and the Bible times you that I and she kept on doing in one line in particular should say the law so Silas only one something happen so when I finished his message as I was going on in the wealthy later the stoppages and as it dries out what okay not in front of the normative method formulate she is disappointed as advertisers and luck I praise God says that Joseph I didn't get to jewelry I have a chest full in every broad school of rings and necklaces and it doesn't matter where I go I don't buy something which is at present want to live on three okay limited whether here or here jailed that Dennis N if you selected yes okay I get to the online of the Bible words estimate man am I provided an initial one he said that she was waiting for the mentally manipulating the is what you want to wait until she is decidedly and she said this when I get a hold of them black Legionella snarkiness place so I had him try and and arthritis in question what's I was young now I see where you later okay when I get a hold them like a video presented what smugness was his eucalyptus and strong the wisdom of this great conviction great reaction or action little conviction little reaction or action could great collection great action or reaction little conviction little action or reaction when you see them soon we were told that what was says allegations that you know what your thought is working now please understand this is coming out I is coming for about three weeks three weeks every night he is one positive to bring our sister to sister 's husband and her own weapon the retire from the arsenal margin on down to Florida so that they place and bought a mansion down and so forth and she gets my handbill in her environmental boxes is in Australia is going to the meeting original into Dragon family all of a sudden this is the when you say that you know that there is great conviction is what recollection that no one you know what that said that most of us say a way and most of us only with this connection most will think is automated I believe I won't stay away from when I say that I will immediately it's like cancer its massive size and if you do it quickly you know it's all over that so I went outside and I saw no one else only heard door unlock those on the hospital when a visitor is a remnant will you do as Americans Yahweh is the equation is licensed as a is I need a series of the manual and all yeah and he left the door open and went someplace out of what I so I walked inside and family oriented was okay I and I hear a sound harassment turnaround initiatives she's quitting from the breakfast is available as is the one that is greater than that stand out like this waiting and also this is an almost I is one that has begun to squeeze without labels limit is as exact as I have used us drives me if I was to visit him a lesson what do I do not I said you please tell me she's at all how can I install those people as an on-time master molecule I always enjoy your videos may well be that way as it will pointing to know in a car analogies is no size it wasn't even was awesome he stopped our anger turned to all injection is no he is the problem that would do you know the Scripture says my goons for lack of knowledge Satan is William doing with these kind of things like Andrew avoidance and soon I was in denial restlessness Louisville directly positive in the sense of God is working on these people the problem is that they don't know the gone for now all the latest show is some some some things about the physical aspect the angular takes place when the spirit God touches a particular thing and purchased for life well I has to the question I said that I only speak about that later loggers and standards as well as talking about life about smoking and I spoke about alcohol I talked about it all different things the Christian life and the crushing of etc. and so I said that the United States only on your show now to talk about silly fun while smoking a dog wandering delivery place as of so why is it that you suppose that I was going to visit such as well I said well I'll tell you that I do a Bible study in the spirit of blogging probably works reason for that is at most people don't know what the spirit of others and how he works at anything it is some some background on this was very laws working with people that do this was convicted with it did not know anything about spirit of God so even though it was a religious leader of Israel he had no knowledge of the spirit at work so she got frustrated with Christ effective response was was was an obvious irritation must I go back into my mother 's womb Minnesota grown man has to a silly question correct is not through a show that this was still a chair with Christ Christ was the just and needed to be born again but his response Christ that he was on a conviction joy through listening as you watch your asking questions even if Intel it's out there knows what it says here on the health and recently cases at all about a master of visual know if not these things they did and as was alluded as Sylvia had no knowledge of the workings of the Holy Spirit notice the disciples have qualifies qualifying his disciples and accepted nineteen in the excellent question any resume the Holy Ghost as you believe what was their response we are not so much hardware that is a point of all that asking the question and one will baptize us along to John the Baptist and Paulson John baptized with the baptism of water repentance that they should believe on one shall come after him when they heard this it says they were baptizing and Paul baptized now they were the believers rest at the Beverly John the Baptist violated John the Baptist noise in by the Holy Ghost was the answer yes it is said that God told him that when the Holy Ghost was sent upon the hem that would be a signal light then city they were disciples but did not know there was a Holy Ghost I was Roman Catholic will we simulate a father-son Holy Ghost a view Kathy before the German event this question than the one I was thundering lightning once was an marble who protect us this is now our even know we were taught us in an a a father the son and the holy ghost they never told us and in the Holy Ghost when was the reason for that business that they believe that the priests play that role therefore they try to lead the people to the priests rather than teaching them that the Holy Spirit is the one the convicts of sin so I grew up without a knowledge of the Holy Ghost I know something about juices in the crucified etc. I knew the father as well as the love the father I knew more about pay but we deny them of the Holy Spirit and now when people know the thing is the religious people by the Holy Spirit and I let me say this it will respect those who are in the charismatic movement are in greatest danger because and let them believe that the Holy Spirit is is a feeling they want the feeling and the problem with that is either when the Holy Spirit comes to the failure so it's a good sleep joyously right now is that so when they come under conviction that they often keep the Sabbath assembly Sing so they again to assume that is not God that's convicting them whether this is a spirit that's not from God and they cry their backs on it because it doesn't feel so people in the charismatic movement are in the worst condition than the Catholic who doesn't understand anything about the Holy Ghost breath residence or maybe mobilize that is true of this people want about people were not religious they love it whenever in your practice is not really describe they made any for example just recently a young man came to me and said undoing a class Bible class at the University and you said to me pastor he said I should come as strange is that I think I kind of feel like maybe there is a God and that we believe I should this is a business businessman is a you think I should view to them on what you resist these estimated Dennis so you know the person rather God speaking to go for an living that you are now willful that but they don't understand what's happened to David and to feel something inside Delaware that is new Plato who of connecting people with the spirit of God helping us understand that now area the light of crisis when the darkness of composers singers and the need of reform was made manifest on others while those who are healed to the influence of the Holy Spirit and began to walk over to themselves those who cling to what war against the and has representative so well and I don't understand what's happening they brilliantly interpreted as an guilt trip harassment and it's up to you to help them to understand that the spirit of God is speaking to them in getting this so our role as participants in the salvation isn't cooperating the spirit to watch when the Spirit is moving in this way is moving once the sweetest moving then it is our responsibility to help that person he for example you have people come to practice was sick and in a noon talk about lifestyle changes some of it will not appreciate what you're telling them and resist don't assume that that's what I did accept to see whether or not in reality they just simply resisting something of them understand is happening inside the Messiah all right avoidance I can tell you about avoidance also in reading and surfing Roswell New Mexico as well as even before that I deleted up only those infants which is seventy four miles one way while meeting was holding so yes I have baptized up in the individual and my mouth is open and Ruidoso will bring a bunch of young people now the waiting seven miles one way and then they stay up till midnight and then they go back to midnight back of Ruidoso get on the morning of the work and then there's generally no longer hippies showed known the kind back every night sparking which has become so it was a Pentecostal pastor along with videos coming with the sole purpose of discrediting because he saw his young people losing all that is overdue enema would you decide to wall the boy and girl the young man's young woman who will baptize out there playing along with the pastor hoping that somehow she did call here as well so it was going permanent dynamically assigned that will bring them along with the hope that the return to the sightseeing anyway while I the grace of God and the law of God what I'm than I noticed before he would come in and sit and listen and go back and it just always and then back he would then begin to contradict when I talk now is wrong this is wrong and wrong this is also and so it goes listen and go back at midnight well the particular time in coming to the church after that ceremony came with some of his income is in the church there across the street in one of the members homes and then went back with them I noticed so now I realize is what is one thing so then the same thing comes in and doesn't come into the meeting size a good guy so when we finished I will cross the street and I asked later the house Forrester 's inside so I said I'll sign the porch talking to design there was a solid answer questions you know other hand those are now send them on what was going to come out coming midnight account is not coming out all of a sudden I hear a sound rustling on the side of the house and I luck out and I see a life which was another window antibody is literally jump out the window into the side alley and took off running budget problem as soon as he was a smoker so I knew enough space in the sand site about going after him and his running around Carson but into my Zimbabwe 's income so I'm a happy toilet you can't run anymore through stops I cannot envision what you're doing here in the first of the legitimate I said that Alan ounces venison using to run infinitely diligent from England nobody also what's happening is that not speak speaking to you having a hard time with such a zone of resistance that is something that great little while back never congratulated probably have never been as authentically to chase him so two years later I have moved from New Mexico to Oregon from Morganton Kansas City analysis evangelism Kansas City and Minnesota call tomorrow morning so how to now this is the love was like a magician with Selma Sawaya is allowing Mexico if you wanted to know that I'm a Seventh-day Adventist missionary a sizable one visit will learn a message on the integration in the law is eyeing new I felt strongly I should surrender but he said I had a conflict because when I was a child I committed myself that when I grew up I would become a preacher and I was present I couldn't reconcile except in this message and effect of the breach of that I somehow thought that if I accept this message out happened about that which I commit myself to develop so he said that was a struggle but in trouble when trouble man troubled and troubling after you graduate me I just couldn't be at peace and is it finally undersigned an attorney in my credentials like with I wasn't on the minister didn't matter at least I know on what was right this is after I get that peace came over me and now I'm preaching the truth is that price allotment of adjacent avoidance what was one so when people out of the relation they don't understand what's happening is slightly below sick it always so I was sick I have appendicitis and I was in Switzerland when I thought I had the flu I was teaching a class and the kids have the flu in the sale of the doctor came to see me frontline and how did I have a wife that the dear little sick of the X at a new something in Britain Washington's surprising I'm originally at least three times one one one of the church one another Churchill and others Geneva Bob Salazar Missouri and to which you want to my house to house away etc. among traveling Monday and is now knew that is good medicine this is a list of some of the incident there is a no because my office said Bob is interested in my office someone went to his office Saturday morning and did the blood test was sent a bridge you have a decidedly oppressive repressive Central Park in the heart as of now so they just give me some insight into some visit publisher 's appendicitis so I'm going to all the bridge and all that you know and I come back at night ten o'clock is an n the unsure set not know his job as it we wanted to visit I was a job as a child some jumping is impossible to build that an ongoing use of the manner in appendicitis is a little hospital and the other is a and alters someone to the hospital that alters lunchroom about undecideds even though I had no signs it other than feeling like I have the flu it was appendicitis and so that I would when the surgery next day I was out of the hospital but so sometimes we will design its up to the Google is up to you to tell him what's going on where you say so in our league our physical body of becoming one Trojan doctrine is is nothing more important and crucial salvation ways that noticed the one of the well-positioned to which uses Vonage outages and I have a similar five the one you have found a husband to this allows that what's in conviction is it so is as stupid how much does you good to talk about United States all jealous of your salon welcome would be my resistance was a long profit that Hogan do I size convictions adjourned to once a religious controversy is here that so sometimes people go that they can't handle what's happening inside the lowest common aside sometimes if they knew of the trouble are you like Elijah are you a problem of the people and I assume it's you by the way it did what he went on the condition don't get upset all responding the way because then they will feel like they're correct like it's you and he'll respond in a negative way except really upset all that then you don't give them the outline and they want again to say that you are my family the Sentinel nugget a black care of the region 's Muslims face and send them the last language and Mister eliminated what time is it okay all right limit two MLS rented more than the next section what has to happen is this where a person has no objection Sweden as if though it is on the subjects never treated like it's a put off our you know it's not it's not just anyone etc. etc. in a classroom in America met this one example out of someone I was on the wife was that she wanted to visit the hospital because it was not the new Mountain news MMA the decision enough into the church continues to set up a time that anything but what about Joe I go there in the first thing I find a new is the fourth one for intertwines an eccentric center point where they are at so I plan on being Catholic is and people in Kansas City Missouri is married to the dear woman she was a godly woman I love the church that the Sabbath and I within about the Georgie love my church family fellowship in a local celebrity so I asked him the question than I said so sigh what is it become a member now I know is not a member but you remember I'm trying to live I want to hear their respond because I want to see in this something that's troubling them and you put your finger on the spot about themselves and so he said that he responded by saying I can etc. my mother worship of the thousands response so I thought to myself personally on what is an absolute presence in China Dennis N were given from within whenever I can it's a memo which of the other honest and incisive I asked the question unwittingly before he was saying our church out people who know not etc. all observation he'll be able to reach when you send will be able to even the connection said and let me know if you would somebody younger and there's no evidence walk gently so I said so what would you be available to set up the antichrist is this the temperatures right now I am trying to figure out what advice he and communication demo is the one and I said organization right is wrong and was a system gone in to find out where he's coming from you said if I would enjoy a choice I would have to set my model of worshiping the devil I can be in it he was thinking that to become a madness it would mean you have to admit that is not all the time with worshiping the devil is that I want another dog is not on conviction all right so the artist website right now quickly I answer the question how closely long is very close and then I saw to sign and models than and I said is a Joshua vote were announced about one's allows all of the women on Wednesday is based on qualities of the event pray about that she said yes as a monk way that you somehow would be little for you I no longer going to suggest is it where the Long Island in the civil memo wasn't Catholic also and I should pray for us that we become good Catholics message that we became good to us I believe that their mom was alive today soon be rejoicing them along the document and record number two pitcher marriage of the woman on Lisa and I synonymously if you belong to the church Minnesota is one since I love to do so you first clearly objection and come back to the question what the objection now what would you than a satin I work for the Social Security department that prints all the checks for Missouri to California FIA how sometimes a false onset there is a fight for another of those my pension and I only have two years ago since I did think that the one when a few months prior to the delivery to answer our prayer is not little bit from this visit yes they wanted to talk to Hamas now I'll talk to vision for some lubricant lubricant fluids into the Baltimore candidate all at Washington the city messaging by now and told them with false on Sabbath Novell hire someone else to do it replacement and they couldn't get more so in chaos our mission is to produce the largest that you have a goal of Washington DC in the work environment I think it working not somebody else myself I said okay side now what to do or is that Sabbath was baptized to find the objection had earlier come back to the money on a disobedient and was using my audio verse four amen this medical and less than what you'd like to learn more about me then please visit www. a man and I will like to listen more free online sermon these visit www. online universe


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