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Useful Complementary Remedies - Part 2

Roby Angelina Sherman
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Roby Angelina Sherman

Medical Director, Wildwood Hospital and Lifestyle Center



  • October 29, 2010
    2:00 PM
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I haven't thank you for a wonderful meal for the sunshine and fresh air and for this beautiful place and we pray that you bless us speak about the menu natural Melanie and make it clear to each one what they need to know and think you could use the safety I cat this morning we talk about a number of natural remedies including a lot of miscellaneous and a number of third references couple of case studies on respiratory infections were at Wildwood Georgia we have used a natural remedies on many respiratory and pneumonia cases without the use of antibiotics however it takes knowledge and expertise and carefulness to do that my husband was very sick a couple of years well when three years ago with bilateral pneumonia and we could not get an adequate sputum culture and he was in thing he did not want to take care of my possible and within doctor and had been our hospital a wildly and I had him on oxygen because he was somewhat desaturated he had quite a bit of fever high white cannot have great concern is with all which one is set so okay I'm sorry it was upside down okay on several years ago my husband was very thick with bilateral pneumonia and I was taking care of him and I said honey you may well need antibiotic because the first day he came in he decided on one side the next day chest x-ray showed bilateral and he's right now I don't want to take antibody is reasonable and the likelihood by the second day I convinced him to take them anyway we had them are not again lots of hydrotherapy to chat on our pneumonia patient for years two and three times a day hydrotherapy the just was what we call me Bob implementation and some of you may now or may not know Doctor John Harvey Kellogg was the pioneer of hydrotherapy in this church and there were people in Europe about the same time Doctor Neil and others who were working on highly therapeutic measures and I brought if you have not seen it gets you family book of Doctor Kellogg's rational hydrotherapy and of course he authored many many books but the rational hydrotherapy book has many wonderful treatments and at that when used in this guide and there's so many that we can possibly do all of them we think with a few basic good hydrotherapy treatments for respiratory infections and that is involved in any alternate hot and cold hot fermentation to three minutes before Nanette went off about half a minute of cold and then application to the back the whole treatment hotfoot back at the person very very weak in my make that trip that first treatment very crisp and snappy you don't want to prolong and thirty forty fifty nine they want to get it you want to get it done in about less than a half-hour because you make and on occasion and undo the good you're trying today so there's a lot of judgment that needs to go into using natural remedies and we would encourage every one of you to take a course we need doctors at Wildwood and we need nurses at Wildwood that can help us practice some of these natural remedies by the way and we are looking for some good doctors and the nurses if anybody's interested in talk to factor we have an online course right now for our six month College of health evangelism that anybody can enroll in it for late people but for anybody that wants to learn some of the natural remedies as well the nation to three years of I was in the medical news media in general news media vaccination what I had been cracked up to be and they are in good shape about echinacea ideas shows considerable activity in antibacterial activity selectivity and antibacterial activities will affect selectivity should be considered a positive feature as it suggests that such extracts could be useful in controlling these aptitudes while staring other beneficial bacteria and indeed they study echinacea and found it to be very helpful for human pathogens such as ion kidneys for sore throats impetigo Haemophilus influenza for pneumoniae meningitis Legion our move will still offer legionnaires disease and clustered in defeat feel that which has to do with pseudomembranous colitis that terrible bug you get after certain types of cephalosporins which causes very bloody and painful diarrhea and people dearest and perhaps others there are many herbal nominations out there on the market such as a mixture of echinacea and there are a number of species of echinacea by the way in the port Korea is the one that has been most studied in connection with infections Astragalus member nations which is a Chinese herb and listen read that Barbara which is and these this combination activated CD4 and CD8 T cells that would be important in the disease such as HIV immune activation appeared greater when all three arms were taken together in other words there was some synergism present in a status is also been studied in connection with cardiac output increases cardiac output in the accident testified that the music that was one gift catheters so it's interesting that many Earth have more than one of background you if you extract a certain component of an urban young index synergistic effect built into the earth that you want to be sure that the herb doesn't have certain components that are toxic as well as the fact that there are on the other hand terms that you would rather use a standardized preparation such of any digital or love product because digitalis as an herb could be all and kill you I'd much rather take a potion of Lanoxin but jobs are digitized and then she'll foxglove bring again there comes judgment in using herbs simply call and that significantly many times while thinking valleys on which shines and is called in Italy and that's actually the Latin name for him to come was shown to be effective in vitro against ten strains of influenza virus that is the elderberries in a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized study sample reduced integration of flu symptoms for three or four days left important that's less pathogenicity of the flu virus left lost work time etc. the H one and one in addition activities of Elderberry five anoints compared favorably to get what he needs love and amantadine and amantadine was originally used for the flu and that was transferred over to being a drug for parkinsonism as well because they found that it had effects on the movement disorder of parkinsonism there were physicians and try stay in the days of the apostles Luke is called the beloved physician he trusted the Lord to making skillful in the application of remedies in which it can do that and we realized that in a general office practice you have to learn to apply these things one at a time you can't just suddenly transfer your office and all nature related office it is impossible that God will give you wisdom if you have the mindset that you want to learn natural remedies you can start educating your patient in one or two things that you know works that your sister has no toxic side effects and that has been even advised us by God in the spirit of prophecy and to branch out little by little and keep studying and learning and you can learn anything we have the sanction of the word of God for the use of remedial agencies the God of nature directs the human agent to use natural remedies now always they teach us that we are to be very careful Leslie received radical ideas and impressions we have to be careful when we use natural remedies we can't just throw the baby out with the bathwater and to say what all the little disco lot better because numbers are toxic if you use too much of them but just to run a beer wonderful the Lord will bless the physician who depend on natural methods helping every function of the human machinery to act in its own strength the park award designed attack in the story itself proper action restoring it felt that the teacher our bodies when we have to restore themselves our bodies do need to be built in bed with the use of what God has told us to do in diet and exercise and all of the eight natural remedies that we know about it I like to call me urban Canadian natural remedy on the computer and to be healed by God 's power those who desire to become missionaries the teacher instruction from competent physicians who will teach them how to care for the sick without the use of drugs socially and physicians don't know how how can we teach those who work under such lessons will be of value to those who go out to labor in foreign countries not to speak of here as well and this already here as well save many lives many of you heard of Doctor Mary McNeil she's written a wonderful little book called God 's healing way and you can find it on the Internet she has been told that refugee camp of Cambodia and Laos often on for many many years and she had seen miracle after miracle and her little book has many natural remedies in simple form teaching laypeople how to use the charcoal poultices hydrotherapy and the simplest of natural remedies in a simple way she teaches it but as well she teaches the principles of the three Angels messages and the spirit of prophecy in the same book look appealing way and see if you can get those books on very many languages now in the physician encourages a meat-eating diets with invalid patient then he will make a necessity for the use of drugs so them for you teach your patience to get away from the artful eating practices that they had the less you will need to use into and by implication the next reference is about sugar from the light given the sugar would like to use it more injurious than me so if you have to use drugs with me what about a meeting sugar and she was more injurious than your eighty fourth to use and drop you have to educate the people that you can't offend me say you must go out take a hot bath or hot and cold shower and not take the bankruptcy next actors imagination for your cold inurement to be well we have to teach the people little by little every opportunity of recruitment we have been in contact for good for educating the people in our offices so that we can work away from the use of drive at Wildwood we do still unfortunately as many drive not as many as we used to perhaps it has been learned when you have to because everybody comes to us on a different engine drive in our laptop centric people the package and they're taking twenty or thirty thousand that have been prescribed for them or fifteen or twenty and I'll try to cold turkey again often drunk we substitute anything of this will help you with this the meantime you continue your medication after few days when you've been on the diet and exercise program then maybe we can call something because we get many many people coming in think I want off of drugs in an eleven day programmer eighteen differently preposterous out they keep him about their physiology can't handle that and we don't expect but with God 's help we do see miracles and we see them come down partially off their drugs father they are because they've learned some better habit and I also judged by how their responses have a motivation is before I will tackle cutting down their drugs very much I may cut them down a little step and often when you go home if you continue to practice these things then you ask your doctor in a few weeks or a few months if you can cut it down another against their doctor something to do and doesn't make their doctor upset if they go home and crash because they suddenly everything so we try to be reasonable make these changes cautiously treat them in a manner not calculated to discuss and prejudice them those whom we would teach and help when persons of something much tendencies are relieved by an intelligent system of treatment consisting of that helpful diet proper periods of rest and exercise and the beneficial effects observed that have administered here in one twenty seven the eight natural remedies they are often led to conclude that those who successfully treat the right in matters of religious faith or at least cannot greatly err from the truth is out there hearing and was included in your office practice if you can teach them little by little at the time here and there they'll eventually come to respectfully believe many of them the number of subjects suffering abdominal pain or discomfort as well as severity of the dongle painlessly in a reduced in irritable bowel syndrome by the use of enteric-coated delayed-release oil and even a little peppermint tea can help or a drop of essential oil into a cup of hot water can help that the pain also fennel and and peppermint tea is very good for your boat durable bowel syndrome symptoms the irritable bowel syndrome often responds to probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus and Saccharomyces already in inflammatory bowel disease which is your problem and your ulcerative colitis the usage of probiotics for maintenance of remission is recommended in the updated guideline for diagnosis and therapy of ulcerative colitis by the German Society of digestive and metabolic disease and the competence network IBD that's good to know the emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology is revealing the Ronald connections between the brain and the enteric nervous system of them got the bowels and turn with immune and inflammatory cells in the lamina propria not a physiology involved in these diseases and article combination offered therapeutic benefits including down regulation of caucuses on tumor necrosis factor interleukin and these reactive oxygen species leukotrienes prostaglandin production at Sabra in inflammatory bowel disease there has been quite a study about dairy products exacerbating inflammatory bowel disease and some people say just restrict consumption several you Mary Journal came across my desk of nursing for the edit was stating that this parent on this apparent tuberculosis or boating tuberculosis is often in July now it comes through the market already asked right to have killed the voting tuberculosis and they were implicating this is a veterinary magazine as a cause of Crohn's disease and is quite the study input into this that there is a relationship between the building tuberculosis from disease in humans we had a young we had a gentleman about a year and a half ago sixty three -year-old white male hundred and seventy nine pounds diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis in my lifetime gift and he also had been told by the recent colonoscopy that he has such severe dysplasia or precancerous changes that he must have a colectomy with hole and if you later he had a repeat colonoscopy and it was one of flame popping it and it would be and then a few months after that in April from December to April he wrote me a letter and he said since I was a patient at the center I've had two colonoscopies both have shown no evidence of displaced when the Lord for that now what in the world did we do for it on you you are on okay we is a number of things for him and that was when he is likely to see a Lakers but I murder chamomile and calendula liquorice papaya American annealing calendula and excitement for electricity and do not use like presentations are hypertensive it will tangerine contain water even in a normal the first careful can cause ankle edema and can raise the blood pressure liquid amber chamomile and calendula three tablespoons to acquire a good twenty minutes one water Street between fear four cups daily also flip reality to handle or just blended in hot water and therefore custody and that we haven't been those teeth instead of water in and how they are has water instead of water and then we also getting hydrotherapy to the abdomen twice usually once again his case the repulsive hot and cold to his abdomen we gave him bromelain three through the day bromelain has been used in gastroenterology and sports medicine disorders time it's made from Annapolis from pineapple and it reduces inflammation and the bromelain is very effective in inflammatory bowel disease sometimes relating vitamin D to because his identity level was loud and B12 because of B12 is love and he stayed on his Asacol which is for the encountered bowel disease and the sulindac etc. we also getting fresh beef and green juice one hour before lunch two glasses of carriages with organic carrots at supper time and four ounces of pomegranate concentrate we talked about this morning blended with one cup of red area overtime to help prevent cancer because he had precancerous changes and we talked about it like afternoon the raspberry pomegranate to help block DNA replication and it is a blackstrap molasses because he was anemic that rich in iron and we can squeeze the juice of two lemons daily and gave him the pulp and some of the white part for bioflavonoids and put this all in a and one of water and had them drink it as well is getting after four points of liquid a day but was not laughing in the bathroom I had a colonoscopy that has been playing with reverse cell we have seen the miracles with things like this and we thank the Lord in diarrhea sacrament is the line he is significantly effective for the prevention of antibiotic associated diarrhea and prevention of traveler 's diarrhea diarrhea also respond usually Montezuma 's revenge the charcoal take a tablespoon of charcoal after each Louisville and after three or four five stool don't need anymore usually we could take anymore even get a call instruction struggle just but it is wonderful to carry chocolate with you where ever you go particularly the powders absorbed rapidly put it tablespoon and a glass of water and just now and it works very well for travelers diarrhea but so did the this particular does this particular probiotic probiotics may reduce the duration of symptoms in adults and children with infectious diarrhea by seventeen to thirty hours in one Journal of alternative and pump them into therapy from two thousand multiple studies in developing countries found in the supplementation may reduce the severity and duration of diarrhea in children especially now nourished children with loving levels and this was by Ellen White this is a picture of the sanitarium in Dansville New York where she took her husband James for three months when he was basically very sick and had a nervous breakdown and not physically well either she said we had confidence in use of water as one of God 's appointed remedies Doctor trawl and doctors trial and Jackson operated the sanitary and very successfully for many many years in Dansville New York where he could rest and when we could have this skin care of those wealth skill that psychopathic position meaning they use a lot of water treatment however after Washington cannot there because they also knew that more gods remedies and they were into a lot of fun cardplaying had other things that create a very factor that she didn't want I fear the from the spirit of prophecy they may hear some benefits of hydrotherapy the simplest being a simple the next simplest being hot and cold shower in the morning when you get out the subtle invigorating the philosophical shower you can take it once again take a nice hot shower or bath and involved with cold water you can get up feeling exhausted because you got to bed too late the night before and then went cold after a hot shower to reflections you and for if I get a clothing case report changes the hot and cold that the simpler hot and cold treatment you can take baby makes the muscles more flexible since the nerves promotes first ration quickens the circulation act beneficial in the kidneys and urinary organs and I would encourage it every one of you to get a course in hydrotherapy because it can help your neighbors your friend in me but important happening before that class this afternoon he said what when when you know how to use natural remedies on your friends and neighbors and family it takes good judgment we have to pray use the simple things got given a first doll take too long if they're not responding get medical help Doctor Kellogg said while water is recognized as without doubt one of the most valuable of all natural agencies the writer has never permitted himself to be classed with those enthusiasts who place their trust in President of nature and what is basically saying is that we need a combination of natural remedy to help people and more so if we have to give if we give antibiotics if we give other drug they still need the natural remedies and I've had patients come to me and say what if I get into my thinking is any of these other things no no no needed more than ever the I think it's going to kill the germs were as natural remedies given to boost the immune system and help you find the rest that often prevent more there is no other remedy this is by Doctor catalog in his book rational therapy over there on the table is not a remedy by which the movements of the blind and the blood supply that called theology both general and local and in fact every form of viral vital activity may be so readily controlled by hygienic or water application postoperative hydrotherapy just a couple illustrations have wanted to a new kind of therapy we're getting a lot of surgery they are back in the seventies and early eighties we used postop hydrotherapy for me any medications invariably even for major surgery that the ID status post close lateral sphincterotomy patients from the control group experienced significantly significant anal burning compared with patients from the fact that nothing with the control group didn't get any hydrotherapy they did have some creams or ointments etc. but the ones that got the status of so much better than the world Journal of surgery in hip replacement statistical analysis showed that off of certain subscale Womack a way of grading how they were were significantly lower for all geriatric total hip arthroplasty patients treated with hydrotherapy and this is just days after surgery the benefits and discharge still remain after six months PST twice while on an number of lymphocytes significantly increased during Hydro therapeutic applications according to meet them this was long long ago on a pioneer in hydrotherapy in Europe administered to COPD patients and also the expression of interferon gamma increased this tremendous benefits to increase in the near parameters of our body Doctor Doctor George Abbott who was president of woman University for a while how long and not doctrine or Peterson these worked for many years in the field in the fantasy administration as well if you can get some of those old books by the asset and Peterson and Kellogg get them and that even in the new the knowledge of psychotherapy in our church called stimuli such as those applied in neat hydrotherapy appear to have moderate effects in alleviation of nanoparticles symptoms this is in the European Journal of integrative medicine in two thousand eight and just the picture of different ways to get hydrotherapy walking on a treadmill and Whirlpool fatty and of course there's whirlpools for you can swim against the current and get access Flint several miles in a tiny little pool this augmentation face a hundred fifteen that there's so many ways to apply water treatment Doctor Kellogg used it for all these things conclusions fractures dislocations spring disease which is tuberculosis of the bones between the vertebra scoliosis now however I don't think you could cure scoliosis but pain and scoliosis uterine displacement am not quite sure how he used for that abdominal surgery it's wonderful I personally have had experience with several hundred patients with postop abdominal surgery using quotations the first through four days the first twenty four hours news I and then after that we start using a hot publication PR and him twice or three times a day we both implementations not the whole big treatment but just to the abdomen over the side of the incision gives wonderful relief from pain and they actually require much less pain medication surgical shock anesthesia hemorrhage and surgical Peter Longley whether they verify what I think in three manuscript releases about a horse named Park who was very sick we feared he would die we die to him as well as we could put in hot blankets around him he was relieved after several applications we learned hydrotherapy is for animals as well as human beings and they actually have horrified that there can in the United Kingdom England they have places where people can go in and get the hydrotherapy for their zero patient's report the patient to support themselves I need a whirlpool from Puerto Rico Lane like an various places for donkey hydrotherapy and they exercise the dogs and they get better as the world-famous place in Lackland Air Force Base in Texas a thirteen million dollar hospital that was established just a few years ago they have intensive care operating room and MRIs you name it the whole thing and a big hydrotherapy department because these are military working dogs that they are treating and they use a lot of hundred therapy and rehab techniques to get these dogs working anywhere it takes time and effort to do simple remedy natural means used in accordance with God 's will bring about our natural results week for a miracle and the Lord directs the mind from simple remedy to the selected messages three forty six I want to say this with me this is the same reference for these two lectures natural means you in accordance with God 's will bring about supernatural results week for a miracle and the Lord directs the mind to some simple remedy that with more strongly will him and partner in crime well bring about the very natural resolve we are miracle and the like to read the mind to some ample remedy to M3 forty six forget that one in my community Sunday charcoal not a cure-all but very effective when used judiciously if indicated for inflammation insect bites and steam that's how I is full you can get all obstruction with it if you get too much or if you put it directly on open wounds and to the world and leave a permanent team you don't want that you can also ask for the charcoal that Mrs. Whitehead the most sincere inflammation of the eyes will be relieved by a pope of the charcoal bag and dipped in hot or cold water as will best suit the case this works like a charm I expect she will laugh at this but if I could give this release some outlandish name that no one had about myself it would have greater influence and shall make an eucalyptus or coconut trees both of those I believe I usually the best kind of chuckled two years and I'm not sure we can always determine where it came from but it seems to be more effective and is probably heard that about a half inch cube of charcoal have the equivalent surface area for absorption not absorption absorption of the football the if it were spread out policy in a two-minute absorption qualities and this number of references we have a little compilation on charcoal at our bookstore at Wildwood from the spirit of prophecy my mother this is why Seth had told me that snakebites and listing of reptiles and witnesses that could be rendered harmless by the use of charcoal poultices take charcoal where ever you go and we have an exciting new product that were marketing at Wildwood made by three I have there been made and is now and these are only some for sale over at the Wildwood and they can be cut into little tiny pieces just didn't get five of the area these few lines thirty nicely just like that you can put directly on is so neat that you don't forget how to make chocolate poultices if you don't know how to make a new candidate commercial products and a year to be in trouble you can take charcoal from my place and make a post and I've done that in Italy where somebody got a feasting and we immediately went to some person house down the road and got a chuckle out of their fireplace and rounded up if they put on feasting directly when it put directly onto the pain went away instantly stepped the most effective chapel is the activated charcoal this actually been somehow activated to work better find out how to just a few weeks ago we would keep out out near the Smokey Mountain national Park with a number of our students are about sixty or seventy people in the campout I just happen to be alone and the administrator back fear month bear out and came up to me and said a while often grounds of the campground and he said come quick and he took me the car to me and listen Yellowjackets it turns out that one of artfully four -year-old students Hispanic female pendulum hike up the river with a number of our new people and some of the Manhattan on the river bank getting to the bridge to go back to the camp and they had triggered a yellowjacket nest and they did not realize that these girls behind women and go right into it and couple of the people that start as a result of this and let each of the other people to everything they were firing but they are only backup got into this yellowjacket shaft just as they were just like routing and they went all over her we really don't know how many things you got but they were all over her here and ship ponytails she probably got a few the twenty things in her hand and she got Manny on her body and Sherry my secretary as they were still near the river and Sherry said ball back into the water she was right behind you sure you know one thing and sorry that I fell back into the water was only just a little trickle of what that deep couple thinking maybe she got in the cold water in the Yellowjackets last her but jury notice that she really was going on and she went anaphylactic shock just like and Sherry Hall into the neon that were already integrated to get cardigans and charcoal black the league went quickly to the camp which was bare and from the elf came back and help sharing they literally help with your children like this her hand was falling to she couldn't watch they literally picture carried about the bank and the car came quickly and they they got in trouble water and exotic drinks and charcoal water and they had to travel patches it is time to put that on while they were waiting for the car sharing the mind because the mind and just put that on Friday night on the things and some fresh leaves anyway they got her up to the car about the time they unloaded her mom got me and we all got there together to our trainer will work they lifted her onto the ground she was on the ground on its heart and we put her head in charcoal water immediately we were half hour from the nearest medical selecting down a steep mountain and unfortunately we didn't have an answer yet and the should of had now we do in our campus medical kit and I went in the camper and got a blood pressure cuff and took her blood pressure first pattern one zero over zero she was barely responsive but she got laying down flat broader blood pressure up and they were raising her likes to put the Chapel to follow I think it happy and within just a few minutes her blood pressure started coming back up to one to eighty to ninety two one can not stabilize we gave her more tropical drink in more trouble to drink we put our hand in charcoal water and we put these taxes all over the place and kept on the ground for about an hour and a half of the Lord 's blessing she did okay we thank the Lord for that it was a miracle because she couldn't die right there and we knew that I almost have them put it back in the car and take it down and we have nothing other than other than chocolate work with and I don't recommend that you not go on a key that you will camp out without any can not been a way of knowing actions in these allergic to twenty three that we thank the Lord we believe is the charcoal and got supernatural power that it saved her life she couldn't die we have come to believe that the traditional approach to the cure of diabetes in Orlando Polo section on diabetes on and other chronic disease may ask and promote noncompliance interesting statement and excellent therapy is the oldest available diabetes treatment is still by far the most effective agent when adequately dosed and this is from a expert review of cardiovascular therapy in two thousand ten and we know that influence as a primary modality for diabetes type two is becoming more and more prevalent and the old-line therapies are less prevalent yet surprisingly the most commonly applied treatment paradigm involves a stepwise addition of single hypoglycemic agents triggered by the presence of clinically significant and persistent hyperglycemia with Colorado a three to five-year approach from the same journal treat the cellular I thought the American diabetes Association consensus recommends the earlier Samantha while commonly new agents such as high as so let Dion and felt on the readers are considered that hasn't been true for many years if the file is switching and at Wildwood for a number of years we've been making informed first-line therapy because we see such better results with it and we get many divalent diabetics at Wildwood with two meals a day most of them rather than five or six meals a day most of the Nora would be a few of them are not and we see almost miracle and eleven or eighteen days without their blood sugar turn right around and then they become normal glycemic after a few days usually and judiciously using in-flight a few people are resistant to insulin mentally they don't want to be scared and felt we let him continue with the regular pill that we educate them and I only turn around that we prefer to patient concerns regarding insulin use hypoglycemia it also primitive grenade to go blind well we have in our eyes a certain amount of natural sugar that is changed as consumers come at the blood sugar company around the eyes change that sorbitol in the island changes the concentration so they didn't get temporarily get blurry when they get on the flight and get better blood sugar control but Activision gets better actually waiting game of lifestyle interventions will achieve sustained weight control and clinical trials in individuals with type two low-fat vegan diets this is the nutritional review two thousand nine improve glycemic control to a greater extent than conventional diabetes diet were glad somebody finally admitting that we learn new judgment and while the a few other places in Google etc. have known this for many years now long-term and here seventeen years to the diet that included at least weekly meat intake was associated with a seventy four percent increase in on the diabetes relative to long-term adherence to vegetarian diet zero meat intake so every of the increases your risk of diabetes as well as cancer with Harvard shows several years ago and many other things reduction of the consumption of processed meat may help prevent the global epidemic of type two diabetes British Journal of nutrition two thousand and medical hypotheses two thousand two back eight years ago I love that whole food vegan diet coupled with daily walking exercise can lead to rapid remission of neuropathic pain in individuals who experience neuropathy from type two we've seen at Wildwood we more seen it's time for CNET that if you get people on a low-fat vegan diet may have bad neuropathy in usually in eighteen days most people their neuropathy will be fifty to one hundred percent gone are well on its way to being gone and also we used in the hotel powder white order to teaspoon to three times a day and out to look like acid like one cap for two capsules two or three times a day those also seem to help in neuropathy the low-fat vegan diet and exercise program walking right after a meal lowest blood sugar just like another shot of insulin and we use hydrotherapy treatments as well for some of these people mild hot and cold like that never over a hundred and two degrees for a late bath if you have neuropathy because you can burn and not know it we use a mild contrast warm cool and one and we see miracles in Iraq at the initial twelve diabetes genetic asset this pomegranates again in from pomegranate it's purely an bitter melon and airborne decreased last fasting plasma glucose concentrations improve the glucose normalizing ability and suppress inflammation in the skeletal muscles and adipose tissue the good news felt that their coming into play they've been shown to help decrease prostate cancer they've been shown to be high in ellagic acid to help block DNA replication and cancer and now they help blood sugar and also a study in Israel show that pomegranates help lower cholesterol I concentrated on managers help lower cholesterol Doctor Jeff date proves that several years ago I found lowered his own cholesterol was a very potent pomegranate is concentrate advance our hot topic in nutrition and not commonly use whole grains and not whole-grain intake is associated with reduced all cause and cardiovascular disease specific mortality in diabetic women from the Harvard school of Public health and circulation two thousand ten regular consumption of nuts we know where that came from Loma Linda University from Doctor 's Abbate study is associated with a forty four percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and improved lipid profile in type two women goodness and looking over forty one studies show that legumes improve again glucose levels in both diabetic and nondiabetic individuals unconscious like protein reduced on Yuri urinary urea nitrogen proteinuria but sodium and serum phosphorus compared with animal protein and several years ago there was a second Congress of about forty products in Belgium Brussels Belgium and they transmit the light products improve glomerular filtration rate in diabetics so actually kidney function is improved in diabetes with like five I and many of them are on my knees and application of magnesium chloride significantly reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure and in diabetic hypertensive adults with low magnesium levels not many infants need to be measured as a red black Dominican that will show you may order your menu can and maybe normal but if you get red blood cell magnesium it may be long and that went different exercise Evenflo host Neil walking can reduce blood glucose response to the carbohydrate rich meal and we insist on that with all of our diabetics for many finished eating to get up and go walking outdoors exercise improves endothelial dysfunction independently of glycemic control and insulin sensitivity fleet shall sleep deprivation this applies to offer for there were dynamics are not doing only a single night induces insulin resistance and we know that insulin resistance is a broad-spectrum anoxic diabetes but atherosclerosis elevated cholesterol hypertension obesity the whole document things that involve insulin resistance but sleep deprivation for one night can induce insulin resistance and multiple metabolic pathways in healthy subjects and lead to some of this on atherosclerosis diabetes on spectrum of diseases autonomic nervous system activity pancreatic beta cell function is influenced by autonomic nervous system activity in other words firefly if you're on nervous system is activated all the time all the time working on market when that's going to activate blood sugar control for the worst not for the better as opposed to care and that it might imply it was a and F and that is by Jeff you get a lower activity in the balance about fenugreek has been spending quite yet and we has an afternoon drink the bitter ground that Angelina T or F capsules that they take me to two capsules twice a day or think it's been shown to be used as an active than in the control of type two diabetes helps lower blood sugar and also anti-inflammatory we get fenugreek as well for an cold and hollow promise like inflammatory bowel disease in combinations of keys that are soothing along with slippery elm and high-end licorice and so on an increase of the wonderful anti-inflammatory agent as well as a couple of lower blood sugar Jim name of Sylvester Ahaz the news for some years to lower blood sugar dihydroxy genomic try acetate the compound from Jim never can name the vestry that's hypoglycemic and hyperlipidemic activity in long-term treatment and hands it could be used as a drug for treating diabetes with Victor and I think her naps in the Journal of pharmacology in two thousand nine we tried to select references that are up to date from reputable journals showing that the five behind many of these things is very valid Doctor Kellogg God has given you favor with the medical fraternity and he would have you call that Weber said Mrs. White but in no case are used as standards are the positions of the world to involve out the above every other practice and call all other methods an error for from the beginning to the present time the results of à la Kathy have made a most objectionable show the this is interesting just in September two thousand ten the FDA will significantly restrict the use of rosiglitazone and I'm into continuing education meeting after continuing education meeting or rosiglitazone 's promo ad of the yeah Amanda Matt and Sarah in response the data suggesting elevated the art of mastering the European medicines agency in September twenty six recommended the first action of marketing authorization for rosiglitazone containing medications in your up-to-date data with the kids a case study case studies on diabetes seventy -year-old Caucasian male and seventy three pounds he came to the clinic outpatient clinic complaining of knee hurt really bad very very sore he'd been out mowing the lawn and yard work a couple days prior and he was so mad and swollen he sat down at the two pages returned permission service overseas and I said he was mad and high activity have gout or cellulitis and I thought I'd better check his blood sugar in his hemoglobin A-1 C in a few money once he was eight and did an MRI of the right knee he had an eighty percent share of the quadriceps tendon he injured it twenty percent of the fibers intact I got into my computers right away we admitted into our hospital for several days despite Sharon to control and then got into an orthopedist he had surgery they removed extensive uric acid crystals from the affected me the cock located in the largest black and then he came back to surgery and negating hydrotherapy to the knee continue controlling his blood sugars and he did very well on this was this was back in October of last year in January of this year his hemoglobin A-1 C was down from eight and a half to five two and it took extensive diabetic education and hospitals convinced him that he had to have insulin changes die and work toward a vegan diet because he was not a vegan he was still very much like the oval using a lot of teams and panel products but barely three months after being a hockey lost fourteen pounds he was walking without a walker and looking great and come down now that insulin was the way to go and he was feeling that end have you had physical therapy and return to the mission field sixty one -year-old Caucasian male non-insulin-dependent diabetes hypercholesterolemia sleep apnea neuropathy in both lower extremities in the right hand by physical exam his triglycerides were also Wall Street forty class count to fifty three HDL will that love thirty nine LDL quite high one forty six his ratio was really high I calibrate still six five should be less than five thousand glucose was one eighty one and he was in our lifestyle program bilirubin was a little bit high but that was probably go Bears syndrome congenital thing his hemoglobin A-1 C was eight four three four year and for patent clearance and total protein and microalbumin was normal the tide was high in nitrates nice of the potential future sugars under control you got some circulating insulin in your body see you you really can get this done and I want him to go on insulin he wouldn't do it know I'm meant to be under the direct all by myself I'm not going I said okay will work with you but I'm really not convinced that the way to go with God 's blessing he persisted and he persisted and out of the next film I hated our HUD program anyone home to Virginia he continued to lose weight he lost over fifty pounds his triglycerides dropped from three forty one forty eight one twenty six one oh four total cholesterol two fifty three to one eighty one sixty one with backup a little bit LDL one forty six one sixteen one oh three backup will get a date with a vegan diet the secret lack of production diabetes they do not their numbers dramatically and there is even progressed the neuropathy that blood vessel disorders of atherosclerosis and potential for me that they are in disease and somewhat progressive electoral over LDL went down the registration went down fast and I shiver went down to a normal of one hundred hemoglobin A-1 C went down to five two and he did not himself of the five counties of your response about this man he came back to our medical seminar last October gave his testimony he said nine families you folks but I really do believe in this program and he really had anything with it and I got a year later your clearinghouse and we trust that you and your patients will greatly benefit from the complementary treatments sought in and we pray that it will be helpful to you to think about what we talked about and try to start putting a few things into practically kind cover several areas in G.I. we purposely didn't answer that he is topic and we can only trust a little bit with pomegranate lactic acid and we know that a vegan diet I will answer right here hiring you you can focus all your patient Harvard University to study several years ago in the graph a cancer minute is a lot of now twenty percent increased risk minute is a lot of neat fifty percent increased risk men in the lineup to meet two hundred percent increased risk of prostate cancer alternative study showing prostate cancer seventy percent increase if the soil and I'm not sure if that was totally under the denier not I don't know that statistic but we know there is research out there proving that God 's remedies work and the more we study into it the more he can bless and I pray that will be the case with all of you if you request him him him him him him him him me that he will nearly need to know is that he will think you are in this media was using my audio verse four amen this Pentagon and was never to learn more about the event please visit www. name and I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe


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