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Short Patient Contacts with Lasting Impacts - Part 3

Louis Torres
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Louis Torres

President, Guam-Micronesia Mission



  • October 29, 2010
    3:15 PM
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okay folks listen to them well I think you get a sense of hope it in the sense of what we're doing with lab just as in the medical area you know when you see people sickened in the people you see people with ailments etc. the only way you can she was having a size of taking the blood samples of the biopsy and without microscope and see with going on right but physically speaking you cannot see what's happening with you to sense that people are sick leave and sense of people not doing well I even sent something is happening to them the same thing and as I said in the spiritual realm would become spiritual doctors from the perspective that were able to recognize when the spirit of the Lord is impressing those electrical impulses and leaving people to whom the motion to move to do something when people conviction they then don't necessarily always respond in the way you are likely to respond and as always illustrated simply because people will know what's happening with the cost do you are able to then help him through that process unless that's the role that we have to in dealing with people who are the conviction now there different ways of people responsive convictions always stated but I just want to share with his statements statements in a very different conversion experiences when people are feeling convicted in their lives conviction is something that's that's interesting process in from this perspective if you if you notice a statement here it says all are not constant to him like that and write medicine versions are not all alike this particular one Jesus impresses Lockhart in the center of born-again often souls have been drawn to Christ when there was no one no violent conviction no soul rendering no remorseful terms they looked up on another deceiver and a list right they saw the serious mood they saw on the associate is sought assessing the sufficiency and he is crying they grow his voice saying one problem right and they rose up and followed him this conversion was was is a giant and the religious life was just as excited as I've was that of others who suffered on the acronym of violent process now notice is calling out process ride that goes well violent process what I will sometimes is that when people asked me to give my testimony as I just didn't we condone Germany I'm always a scaffold like candidate because sometimes there are people who brought in the church who never had a desire to a lot of fulfill open welcome smoke blazing like that then I share my testimony and they think well I guess I love the blog of moss suddenly found themselves without is not the convergence of different there some people just gradually is growing growing growing growing the women felt they were converted this was his assassin you shall know them by their fruits and yes I will sign it it doesn't matter that the pilot can commercialism when it will convert all they can have a lot of been one with the people who just graduated law limited to some examples of card biblical examples is there any mention of the Bible that Joseph had a dramatic conversion any mention in the Bible that Samuel had a dramatic conversion one about Damon was about highs and what about the annual Pentagon believes us and what about the jaw UNICEF officers about John wasn't he was a so they were the sons of thunder crying but is there any mention that there was any conversion binary conversion that all of a sudden he you turn around and follow God will as soon as he saw the Lord saw that was sufficient for him any following and follow them until he died the seventh say no the converse is true about Peter Peter had a dramatic conversion is untrue yes what about Paul Paul had reminded conversion to say these guys can remember you remember the moment that they had to turn around with the Sapienza there are people in our church who may love lawn the always one of the following on the other side and allowing the while armor but somehow they feel that something is in the Internet experience no it's mine there fruits you shall know them that is the other this is the guy looks at length you never have been mined commercially available the spirit of God is manifest in different ways upon the one who is this power will come only for one before what about his connections will be one of the that a hacker can enter more completely seem to race as hard as homemade as one prostrate on the computer while the truth when the Lord spacewalk ruggedness of a button so he is full of ardor full of love the gospel of earnestness and energy to the life-giving spirit which he has received cannot be one repressed crisis and him alone what is bringing ovens unless in life is feeling some love are the and Arden as well as it is one specimen that was about Mary Magdalene Jesus said to the ones within the much love of much in the in the woods obviously there are people who have a dramatic conversion experience and people who don't have it so that is why it's important for us to be watching you know when people studied long enough certain process like delivery if there is physicians here that deliver babies to get to the place we didn't play well towel off all along they are etc. if you've been expressed long enough for the job that you do some physician at a greater than fortunately today for those we don't have knowledge of agility on William she is a telescope and so the dualism where was positions have become inured to the place of the comparable figure out oh Robin on now why watch what I want to improve upon the religion is the problem that I've seen and a lot of the training that I witnessed medicine people who talk on the methods methods are okay if you understand how to apply the methods and went upon the methods otherwise it can be dangerous because you always find some of them to everybody and then may not work Wednesday in the old days we visited Bible studies by twenty Center Bible study course from you I and the idea Las Vegas I decided for twenty four lessons of the time you finish the last one at this restaurant was a wrong Internet address okay and analysis that we have taught people that the new equipment on the lesson does the job we are not soft on how to be observant to see how the cooperative spirit so that when we see that Jonathan Routt ready to be born with them to help a child is born and here's the thing about this whole thing is that you can strike at any time the Spirit of God knows when the person is at the opportune time to zap of particular brain waves and get the person to respond such as I don't know when that is the correct therefore it's important to be observed in watching because the Spirit is not included somewhat inadequately well expressed that I was playing the villain in the comments by February we have contracted on a world tour I went back home New York City on vacation during those two weeks of vacation I think I was confronted by two brothers who became so bad in my life I didn't want to abandon its wants at the incidence of disease and burn five one one first met my wife in militant feminism is in a manner at about three and a general Spanish rush as you and the measures of money I can see chicken education additional lab are so strong this girl so I send all I said would select the managers on the draft I never heard of I was at some sickness you have access so I said on sorry I said what I said she's inaugurated all my life I want to read and minimal at all as well as as I said okay so I called away read Congressman is limited to hedonism two okay so I say Robison of five-point things enlightened leadership so when I went like an advertisement on the had just and it's only that I was sending on that for you but this is mid-March by April thirteen oh nine I never had a Bible study with the spirit of God was convict me so much and I recently sent us when I had the contract out of the world tour with the milling of the comments they remember the building without Rockwell o'clock song everyday one to three o'clock o'clock on that I was the first plan I'm going to go and do a world tour and computed as the Beatles so I was all set up and I go home and got completely turned upside down luckily on the high horse is an I quit show business the never model studies but also convicted about my sinful life and I wanted to serve lots of valid and I just dropped everything call him up and foremost in the militia so if we have to go by the normal process of the United States to study smaller than another then another and another not baptize Lassen after a similar I promise you it's in for the rest of my life I want to study I said I want with my sins behind I want to start on a baptized in their judgment that and then a few days later I was in military brand-new 's spanking new baby in the military but I kept my promise I took the semi- survival Journal of Maryland also when I will finally have been known to you you would advocate that I decided to send positive addition that allowed me to figure out the word for that in the positive note organizer and young job at him tell us about it I have included another was illiterate and ignorant concerns but one thing I have and that was also convicted by God is no question for in my mind now I knew the God life as I discover that you are stopping them is that so when what happens is that now when you're dealing with people who on the conviction you cannot certain circumscribed I was moving onwards your job is to watch and see if the babies were visible your job is not the Taliban leadership seven excessive Damon is it right so let's let's look at at and this poses as Satan takes one on the management of their ignorance and experiment with someone who's on the conviction that honest doubts going on their obstacles or come to minimize why they can't do it etc. objections and eleven website and the devil just seems to to intensify these things to such a height of the things impossible gently again example I wasn't long only miraculously made for a week and I passed on position cards and one decision card I got back I looked over and noticed that they've rejected except one thing baptism so I went to visit that this is my Windows office and when I got has offices in Christ so we sat together which are in his way certainly said passerby who wouldn't say I will have to claim bankruptcy so why is said this is a tourism on the one is just about to a Typhoon just came by and destroy the third of my Quicken which I didn't have insured is said that I have in contrast to all the hotels on the beachfront and I provide all the major equipment from them is evident Saturday as I made my because that is when I run because the line this resort is a jet skis one hundred percent of the value of seven hundred people about them nine hundred people in all men if bosses on this and I moved that isn't so so if either we decide class in the question I simply do what I say okay do what God says data problem is disguised that when the level of working on the neutrality tried to get with the shifted upon you but is important for you to keep an face with God and that I sign important reinvented moving face of God because it's not who you're only an agent helping of July to connect with them on Wednesday at so I sent it to the lifestyle of everyone obsessed and I know that's what I said into a bus of the stop a solo to design the last of us send Steve as a telling what's more important to your business or your salvation and he was dealing with all the reasons why so he was the only majestic spin is that the back in addition the issue is salvation Dennis that and when people get it on it was revealed about the logistics of mesoderm the conviction that try to get you all to a different tangent as Charlotte last of those things but always remember to bring them back to the relation real issue is how is your soul with God simulation so ways when I said the fifth what's more important is that my salvation is in the way they do here because of his online business then that I have to back off because this guy is not convicted enough original photo for the decision on the notice sent S&L or so back off if I said this is a relational if I sense is the collection I go the way so I said to him and then enter the business of God God will take care out all of that but it will silliness of examples like it will example of my life I thought you know I jump out of show business just was it all of a sudden had no job I think I went from being famous and being ill making money and what have you to be handled by the working women in the machine shop doesn't say so is a tremendous tremendous change and so I said to him you know I thought when I met show business that will end up in the dingy factory like an immigrant working down to the Lord came but I sent it was okay I said finally realized it was more important to follow God into the one I wanted and I said I thought that I went up to the defector and here I am presented off throughout the world is a log of their compliance but we have to learn to trust in the site whatever so as a way of the nozzle tears running down his face it was meant what he was good with the guys only now the price reminisced always sealed the decision would pray to get the decision soon Susan went with Brian I love you the plan to call for this businessman is that this is the past of our government to the erroneous of course is how it will itself and start his entire life insurance is that how scared to death but I knew you were right size reason I went to baptize the event and the Xinhua size would you do is invite all my employees is in my eye allowing him another's startled him why he couldn't do it isn't I got hundreds of employees and it would be irresponsible on the pop-up on my part just think about myself nothing about my employees in the fight was on my business their families and children those are good reasons right so I still said to him what's more important installation you are so is that when I than I got jobs for all the people I knew to let go I gave all those thirteen convicts of my competitors happy to send and until the remaining employees that this is the last time the robot started he said Friday wish I'd close business Sabbath is that I was going to church on Sunday Isabel scared to death on Sunday we have no focus they said when I got when I was getting closer church it started pouring in those phrases it was a dry season is a pastor he said it ran every Sabbath last seven months I I is a master I paid off all my events is available on three million dollars my dance in addition I just wanted call you and thank you for visiting info help me to make that decision so I'll will is to watch the movement of the Spirit of God and to cooperate with networking the public person new to the spirit of God that make sense to rather than watching to see the methodology of following a certain prescribed set of lessons on what I believe the Bible studies are I just am finishing a set of Bible studies that show every doctrine as it relates to Christ from evening to evening ten I believe revival studies I also believe more importantly the model studies is that we need to look for transformation rather than dissemination we need to disseminate information that all that would do is disseminate information and think the best of the basis of people then converted with raw we need to be connected to the spirit of God we need to watch and see if the tree is moving in the tree is not moving we have to ask ourselves more isn't among a percentage things right is and I love collected origin of the devil do everything possible to block him from getting those impulses so that he can make deposition and Sasser case of a five second set okay I'm okay with the Lord would do it that's okay because I'm resistance that money the site get somebody by one man and I do not let the person to heal the spirit that this was a homicide there are now when questions were on the conviction are not brought to make a decision at what nearly is what possible so if you know the latest about the long immobilizing amount of the hill no one blames on the law and the sound of it what what what what what Raceway is in the San Jose when that time comes you are so when persons who are under conviction are not brought to make a decision at the earliest possible there is danger that the convention will a lot graduate wildlife and please remember this without conviction there's no conversion without conversion is no salvation is an understatement it is as much our duty to look at the have to enter some candy and they can't meaninglessly evangelistic meeting the Journal of the public alternative then it's it was very uneventful cinema with what will happen is that they actually have like a military advancement against the city they had forcible the Pope was going on they had by wardens would pitch tents outside of the tent outside the town okay back to pitch tents outside the town then the court wasn't aware for several Marines and they would know when the book you are after the Marines went in and found the interest in the Bible were going to win in the Bible studies as that was happening that investors came in and then the big house on fire that's the way that the web was left was called Catherine left why is it is as much our duty to look after the afterimages of a camp meeting as it is to look after the present interest because the next time you go is that it was a lot and lot and did not want to that convention and this one is harder to make an impression on their minds than the one before and you can not once much more recently so how important is it is there a critical less this is the critical mass nonetheless my friends when when you learn what people and you watching for the evidence of the Spirit of God will be upon them then you know Avenue can to encourage a person to heal they may not understand what's happening with only and so you encourage them along the way okay it will say all you have to do is just ask questions and I have demonstrated in a minute is another one when cells and upon the point of deciding if they were the truth and thus let's once I will influences a loser what their interest and it is what there were any that soap often present in again again be made upon them Satan is a receipt and some of us and called a minister from his field of labor at this critical point that the results and live maybe one month again I show this is like and on the spiritual aspects of the physical aspects of minutes when a person gets a certain point in their and their physical experience there's certain things and have to happen that don't happen them them them them trouble in seeking another sick of the undoing of the pressed for time film film illness or who they should have been doing lifetime that a person out of the group stage if you don't not been enough talent to electro S&L but I remember it well just recently there reporting out out of the shifting from to suit the argument in this suit AEC and Ellis said they are laid out by our other pages on that somewhat saw you are a on window eyes and what happened was my father-in-law had a heart attack my home is an elbow myself so I deduce that the CBR I just didn't pump and pumping pumping pumping pumping and pumping up the about twenty minutes later rescued in the ten and save was a death I didn't realize this just another guy I was by myself and my file lawless young guy for Ireland is turning blue already so I jumped on him to about twenty minutes later they ambulance came and took him disabled so this agreement is one amazing and in the journal molecular and someone can go okay so if the Islanders if the island is hot now let me shoot this amendment and lesson questions we got plenty of time with Mark landing will is restricted as an enemy an example here somewhere Mark R okay let me many a visit with misconceptions and good less incentive okay and then we'll get some questions it is the Holy Spirit was mostly be able to the position of the drug of all the false on with a Catholic is false is and what all the management a seal that misconception and the mileage of five constant appeals was fun cause of appeals when a man identified cost center looked to the disciples I myself you know what to say the elevators what is Joshua Shetty says you shall receive the Holy Ghost I was a lot called collection although what if convicted active month the connected act on that Joshua is a genealogy of the Journal longitude and then we will serve the notice of gag appeal guy is gone for decision process to gain if will allow a in Exodus before they may the law was given now if you will obey my voice etc. the blessing occurrences view the list they must believe that immigrants Elijah Hollow Mall to be redrawn for his godly knowledge of him Isaiah Spiegel of the house of Israel they would be faithful that they would be blessed Jesus in a little while if I would Walter L I thought you might have been embedded in the baptized Paul Whiteside arise rebaptized and I was when when when there is an obvious advantage that the spirit was working then the agent is to act properly and call people to decision neckwear right now the analysis the spirit on a video Asian know who's doing this on the conversation this is a human agent acting rack is that I'm not asking learned together I'm asking is doing this and of course with her try to be clear with the question say because sometimes a memo stating homeschoolers up in legal medals one time and the only metals one time into a visual reaction to back than the one arises has nonetheless managed begin of my said Williams in July sends moving towards one and is and how dare New Jersey's kids out of the work of the Holy Spirit and Susan were the really believe that I was out of order notation is just as Obama was very SNL and that they left agitated and other were doctors wife by the way from Loma Linda and appraisals was because they they just do not get it and understand the most later one of them call me I apologize you send the problem was in my church the passes have no right of appeal and then she said both first-time in years sometimes for some reason our past memo appeal also moved and I want forward as I was going forward I remember what we told you it is also horrible I wept and there's going to be a priest and I called you that you know that I was wrong of silence and so many times people understand how those good works and what follows all we can convert individual that the work of the Holy Spirit but we are to lead people to that experience of it can be converted in the excessive use of illustration well Cornelius was praying will give the cleanliness mortgagor that Angel was Anglicized goals for this guy named Peter who lodging down a job I and King will tell you what you need to know right now I'm asking questions quietly Angel do a better job than Peter Destino is your time and desire is that when a love is my explain this to bias in the angel on another job in explaining the things of God but God is not chosen to bypass the human agent it's a for example Paul August are down by who by the Lord himself but what does the Lord tell Paul you go over there and somebody not everyone even though I couldn't a lot explain a better Paul then Ananias with the answer yes and I'll is not been gone then himself give the word to analyze the big because God wants to use off of the line because when the news okay and some blessings flow through cost to others it is like the channel of that which is more upon which both sides are fertilized and that much growth in other words there's a blessing for us as we share with others and God intends for the blessed with most of us that we enter a bus of life bicycling grandma I will bless you and you shall be of one of blessing Dennis is that I sent right so they admit misconception is that is not for us people can make decisions on their own without our help to end all it is true and false because you know you have patients who are able to come to their own conclusions that you know so and you got some present just don't get it the correct when I have a brother who was a criminal all his life and he doesn't get it this is the eleven hospital they are maximum length of hospital apparently with some free on enough from the carnal so when he woke up from his elbow ideational and case what is he doing each other behind these in front of the hospital engine as he was why because he was so petrified of their names and then it don't have labels and him and I do not have a all right this is also was delighted by the refs are behind these the wrath of the hospital in this figure alone and usually with limited the government civil surgeries later okay just on-site so some of you have some patient like a natural ally supposing that on pages with sharp jump people when it comes to spiritual aspects of this limit may pass this one as a man a spiritual understanding conduct Bible studies with them lesson x-rays hello how to do a PowerPoint this is so our role is to tell them how to nail the followers excessive that they may be fully and firmly establishing the truth about God we reveal so when I learned people is not my job as Americans my job is safe says in the hospital working on them and to help that person ultimately why because when people are on the convictions are totally dishonest and what's happening with the voices of the double bills these these mountains in their minds that there may not be mountainous and eight Minneapolis for before I was a Christian I thought I was having a lot of fun instead and I was convicted today show business the father came to me was this if I become a Christian I won't have a fun central falls will go is a false I is true only than the one originator that this will understand this is only funded by new was the worldly fun I was not acquainted with the godly fun so if I became a Christian and I have five with my understanding of the answer now so that was true but that's the way the double works it works against us through our ignorance we all a lot low enough so therefore we don't know what God will blow for us consequently we were based upon our preconceived nine-day Esquire lack of knowledge and make decisions based upon what we think on the outcomes I suggest will it help that if I do this and possible by W that that that's the address bar was just using my later long as history all who witness his wife cousin is a federal judge to Supreme Court judge for whom long this father was of Senator 's wife's cousin is the Attorney General know which he comes from a high influential family and they just watch and laid a visitors amazed at number one his business even though he does no problem starting is is in formula condition all the other companies opening up and seven days a week they can figure it out some bloggers using that man as a witness to blog as the one block can do when you trust the Renaissance so you can have serious things and especially the people who don't come on the combustion and I can't figure out oh well that's why you oh will have this presence inside the assets drove by the methods of this let's see what the individual abundant in his will not than there is with on the engine output through that mountain that they think is about punishing God bless America six man might like to help me through that and that's our home say but if you don't incessantly that you will notice selections you know you are going on amount a person specially was a negative response isn't shy away from that person is a all right many of collective ascendancy of any of the subordinates item but they are a lot married a set of phone episodes was an okay life and recognize it happened that Avenida but by their life circumstances is not curse of the sensitive relief on and only people that the quite well-off is going well this year they also have my flight from Frankfurt to China and the kid next to me was Garfunkel 's son Simon Garfunkel so sent together as a captive audience sponsored indenture to a new milestone in size and coming this is the closest things and if you has to is twenty years old mother and he has two casinos one in the Bulgaria in one millennia has elided under that is a will because OL have avocado licenses in the United States momentum for a resulted to Hong Kong to see if it gets unnoticed in all their sows are talking return out of his nanny was in some fabulous and he said you want only from the West Indies so this is well within the Navy on the online casinos that McDonald's in the something out there that don't want to lose him so tight and his phone am I going with this find is that only and someone calling him with his father who is our equitable sixty there is now a dancing business rather than affect by the smoking Sony China to try to get back pollutants motioning young Simon Garfunkel and you shall pray for him William all right so we talk them and if you lifted as of twenty one foot lifted but is living high on the hog so he doesn't really feel within me to edition one okay so at any there's not a lot application of what the criminal makes this application with us less than being there is not a decided application is due to their hard to dust that you will now know in large are not spoken at the right moment calling for the decision for the weighing of evidence already presented and does that all right to have good the convicted ones pass on without one then financial crisis global opportunities class of minimum you will father father away from the true followers of Jesus and that would take us back so whether you are a download one Mister Bailey one-on-one or in and in and out in a way I is I and is and is and is is and will and I is a you and I thought I is will you will will he is in his life of God 's will is an and or and I and I and in and from that will I do is I is why you'll love a lot and they are based on an order or in will allow you the heart is a and he will murder is an and I have I feel like I learned a lot in that segment is in question is in you is you what is he in in in in in only as a lawyer is is where the new alive illustration on first wanted to in the back of the book there are reasons why people have challenges spiritual factors affecting decisions social factors affecting decisions I don't believe I need to attend church are working on it okay I don't think it is rightfully the church my child while my past life condensed me I'm discouraged because I have been such a great set I plan to join but I wish to practice for a few weeks before joining to be sure that I can look at a argument goes okay and the responses to them that in the back lives many many objections and the Bible versus the response of those objections is always better to bring the objections from the Scriptures stories are great because their testimonies of the reality of what God can do word of God this is powerful however because it's like the lessor that will penetrate and bring about an conviction that you need to create a number of the unknown mom Bible online associate of my loyalties your okay now Rambo Randy is a monumental of the grand theater in a new health is funny but I drove around I I'm always tickled because the fundamental control the size and let the regular as long as you just will a under many many experiences but what are you doing with with somebody with whom objection as I said within Fort Pierce to find out they didn't do the objection as to the depth of the objectivism side people objections February have objections to sort out their hoping they can just block to push you off in the site so there sometimes unpleasant people have a serious objection is sometimes they're just things like well want to brush the one off now than through this controversy is silent you guys are the one by the love object as well off on a juice is simply sample out said salvation solutions and down the reality is you should consult the kids in a phenomenon biblically correct I is exactly related to do so try to be as correct as you can monopoly on lightly loaded us up I'll walk you through a process here that I think is important for you post to the same witness take the symposium dealing with somebody who is attending my meetings and as entertainment meetings of watch and respond I asked how decision cause a checked off you know election crisis Microsoft etc. don't don't assume that because people check off unwanted surprise microphone seminary know what that means the lobby will revoke what happens if there is a Catholic etc. or if they've never been Ken Burns parties I don't understand that they would check off as I decided to present my same but that's a desire another minute Ashley noted that both is as is I'm a loser definitively a a.m. to illustration here I want to do right in his glasses which is all right now when it for his way up on special order okay I now run the practices as a MD which means one acquisition business and will go work radio radiology students produces and really knows those images can so you know what I was showing him then earlier on them now you whiny or twenty years is pretty good and then give him about the calf length is matches and fifth generation after generation some of them were in Washington are in California where in California North Norfolk Sacramento torn limbs and my wife is of the generation of us I is under my control as well the love the thing about it is that our mother 's name was ham HAL so so how sent his condolences okay thousand the when doing laundry is inland than the more serious than I would suppose that I'm getting acquainted with anti-inflammatories etc. the student to Wilhelm on together then when I comes to the card that is filled out of simply cite Randy know a lot of people come to meetings and so on these cards and just grateful that you did always from the decision dividend was one of the decision to be in so why am grateful that you are you chose to want to follow God okay them desirous of all not apply here to losing but I noticed that you put there I decided to request my personal savior of the shipment share something with you text of the Bible that that gives us a little insight into that GUI for new revelations of the twenty first twenty Victorinox if anyone hears my voice and opens the door from eight a.m. and eat with him and he was okay in our analysis behold I stand in the door and knock knock a them what else does it say if anyone hears my voice and opens are coming in the analysis of having him visit I love you why it is in front of him face-to-face with the Lord in the immediately could now the questions them is as I says along if he's not being what does that mean he's outside these outside but he's knocking you like becoming casualties outside with a design to come in now renting what I kid you not locked it settles that mention passports by all right now you know all outside the the fact that I'm outside of them in another one a lot opened the door so just same recognition that God exists is not enough that a lot of people who believe that as long as you know as we learned last night there is a ninety five percent of Americans believe that there is not but is not enough this is not a business if I'm going to get into the door what must you do with it nor capital is now watching over them so they can walk through again but a disaster if you're one of those aberrant walk-through and when not on a pendulum politeness card but also because you have not yet and by the man so that a lot of people hold within doors as well symbolically speaking the people who have a desire to not only believe there is a lot of evidence thing I wish I could know God I wish I wish I wish I wish that but having desires again is not that enough okay so you must always recognize that I'm there you must not only open the door what must you do if I'm going to come in you must invite story is a question Randy if Jesus is actually going to living a life what must you do not environment so what am doing well it has is walking them through the process of understanding what is loneliness in relationship to having a relationship I know you think you know is a golf is a figure that out to the doctor I can tell you I'm dealt with presidents of countries about things that were altered to people that does a lot of the level of intelligence of a half when it comes to spiritual matters they don't understand what aromas does is up to us to walk them through the process so that they understand what they need to do this when doing wanted in on the practice anyway when dealing with somebody who has the problem it along to the possibility of the vision under that correct okay so if Renesas yet the management the question is there anything Randy that would keep you from going in the long joy inside the I'm not telling you to do it right up I am explaining to you what you need to do and then giving you the opportunity to choose but I believe that choice is there anything that would keep you from accepting now I was there with a lady who was seven lose years old is a Baptist and she was usually Sunday school in the Baptist Church she was opposing my meetings okay so I go to visit her because it was all happening of one of my former students had stayed with her and they had started together so I after I sent out and join the meetings on love the new audio so I said that when you think about the Sabbath within inches of it is gone today as it will be keeping Jason well yes wonderful so when charging going to visit her on going to church on time to did not get on juvenile on going to church to my church on Sunday so I said the wonderful end of RU demons out of matches as well not really but well try to do is I want to teach my kids the truth will set so I send on sorry to hear that she's a two I said the realize would you doing kitchen down to join them so I said no I understand you try to do that but have you thought about this the Jesus only lead by teaching by example which one she sent my example I said so if you are going to church on Sunday that he is teaching is just about the sample and unit D- seven what are you teaching these kids that it's all right to know but not too away you think Jesus would want to the vendor that and also the salty eyes as I realize I said so how the parents responded to all the thing that gets on myself my Sunday school class sizes and sister I said that those the Lord wants you to obey his command she said yes so can you do it in the Sunday church or must you do it in the South even churches that seventy one which even then when they do so under I'm finding the objects and the only objection and then come back to the decision is a excessive or will know that you are okay and so when it was important to not sound he wanted on us now you want to to come to the conclusion is what is truth and ninety percent of the opportunity that excessive the healthy thirty seconds pressure and him and I was small and that the alive I can share with you my thoughts I was up by the way we do have a truly course at Mission College 's photos positions in the right of July Rod Endres is Gracie aware that Clinton was in college with the religious was a very lucid and once again there is turn on it turned out that they are one of moving my gentlemen the same Shia Nazis but you also so you want to come all right questions in the and the database yes as a questionnaire I know the no is okay they are the question now is this a person moves in my church in Nigeria responded my call I visited with him and he doesn't feel like it is a good assignment because of not to do that is charged it is okay and that's the objection how do you do with them objection if I would be with him I would first want to find out from him what is she as she is how he feels about the Scriptures because many times people believe more in feeling and believing the Scriptures and I love this person is a person that he was want of feeling than Philadelphia alarm so how does it relate to the Scriptures so I was I mom or John learned name is and I understand the desire to stay in the church etc. how do you feel about the Bible and you believe that it's really one of blog and I'm listening to him to see what is just now if you're smart enough East Asia he recognizes on trust I'm trying on okay so they may try to squeeze out I believe the word of God so then I have to ask unless question what does Jesus say about following the light that God reveals to you to show you in the Scriptures arrived John jumped well within safe walk in the light while you have the light lest darkness on so I turned to the Scriptures and I asked him a question what was once saying to hear the lesson of this as well saying that I should walk than one wife is gone it was is the Sabbath actually something that is still present in the now try to find out how sincere his is the result is even then then we would have a different song that the party has that song it means that there's something that's juvenile back whether they his position something else is given back would you have to do is get down to the bottom of the quorum of the situation so you have to ask enough questions to ascertain where he is an excellent try to find out they confront in front of the Royal collection because it is on the connection he wishes of the cinema point is not of the collection then it is just intellectually accepting that the South is a great day is a different address on Wednesdays and sell sending a memo given God 's commandment or so I save themselves a just saying yeah I I understand Saturday's ride that will in this media was used by audio verse four amen Adventist medical annulus in order to learn more about Nina please visit www. Irene and I will like him more free online www. on universe or


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