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Maximizing the Silent Messengers in Your Office

David Otis
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  • October 29, 2010
    3:15 PM
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I was very sorry this song is on the data is there are so not as nonfamily magazine and now Collegeville Tennessee and nine thousand mile and half from the campus of Southern Methodist University one will in a you will want to Loma Linda University graduated in nineteen eighty five and will and will you and known room we were in Pennsylvania for twenty years after graduation from the middle school and then five five years ago I had a dentist from Tennessee Doctor sign senior if any of you know him made a phone call to me and invited me to come take over his college still practice and it even though it was about half the size of what I had in Pennsylvania that the Lord was so clear that we knew we had to move that the Lord has really blessed and we really never missed a beat in our and our practice from Pennsylvania Tennessee now I thought going to guide himself from the north living in a net net now the Lord is less than gone very well and all I have got to talk about that a little day is it wrong is will will will will okay well I'd like to welcome each one here so maybe I'm a dentist or dental students are in okay how many are dental student case is awesome what when what levels the Army the first right I think the awesome thing for the things they hear I wish they would have had a thing when I was at Loma Linda and now Internet within that anyway before repeatedly been denied again I like this hour has been enough hard to guide us today father heaven we come before you today beautiful day the father our current today is that we might catch your vision for us as your people it has helped providers in the neighborhoods that that we were or will work father we don't want to know what our world is that your wealth for our lives and I just pray that this time spent together might bring us closer to your vision open our hearts and minds that we might be into that plan thank you for your presence and your promise to never leave this oversight is to pray in Jesus name amen I just like to share a little bit about have to get a little bit of background life of that event is now for twenty five and a half years I guess I graduated from Loma Linda let me tell you guys goes fast I feel like I was just down school in November and would continue to be student resource to learn this a quick picture of my office and college selling like I said I've been here the last five years previous to that twenty years in Pennsylvania my picture of my lovely wife is back here since Anderson for me today and that our four children I have three kids in college and one is a senior in Academy in the next year college as far as we were in Florida we can know and enjoy they're very much but the lords they get to me wow is a very young person I became impressed with the value that a and contribution I got coworker at a medical evangelist that combination where they could be in the Lords work I actually had the privilege of being raised in a publishing ministry 's family my father worked in the Adventist book center at the time it was called the book in Bible health but you know as the little shed I guess with that my dad 's feet and is listened to him and converse with them and he just had the vision of our pioneers of my my uncles and my grandfather were all involved with the publishing works with it it's ingrained in me and now here I am in Adventist wouldn't let one card rethink this is in you may recognize it but the Rambler you got it well some of my earliest memories are world my dad there was five kids in my family in the middle of five and my dad this is in West Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh I got was the Bible house manager and ever almost every weekend especially during the fall and winter we would like that would pack the back of that member station wagon load of books we would travel up the hilly all the hills of that have the interface back in Pennsylvania that we would travel those backgrounds and and wife kids in there with my mom and dad my dad would go preach and three three churches and that I know the book sale and that would go late into the evening on Saturday night and in the winter months and nerve around Pittsburgh it got pretty called my dad after the bookselling talk to the back of the my dad had a bear around with our kids called barren and we would slow the own apparent ineffectiveness books in the back to Rambler station wagon and and this is where I come from okay but what I remember the most about my my dad was his devotion and that he had to see our gospel literature like the world of in fact I mean he very much knew and understood the commission of the Lord is giving us through Mrs. White about our literature being spread around the world in fact when I wasn't one hundred just a teenager I worked in this agreement of ABC and want one of my jobs was to put all the mass mailings of letters that would go out I would put into the postage meter in every letter they went through there there was stamped on its unlike the world of literature and so I mean this was very much ingrained in me was about our literature being spread like the leaves of autumn of that I also have to tell you that combined with my dad 's passing in our literature work I I was privileged to and moved to Reading Pennsylvania the other side of state and acting as nineteen sixty two when they combine the two conferences and my dad became the manager of the whole state of Pennsylvania the input and writing I came across two very humble godly him positions that have made and played a very major role in my life of a combine with my rich background in of the publishing work now I had the introduction of what it was to be a true godly humble and his physician and I just I have the privilege and honor today to have Doctor Russell Youngberg who is one of the physicians that when I was just a young person I would fit I would I would listen to Doctor Youngberg and and my dad sit around and talk about the vision at the time there were trying to create with public better living center in Philadelphia Philadelphia is a very large city and very much it was very much unreached at the time and really probably still as it was a lot of work to do there but I can remember Doctor Youngberg and my dad taking way and throwing about ideas about how the combination of the literature work in the gospel of medical work could be NBA Street Philadelphia and I have to tell you later on when I was working in the shipping room I would fill the orders and actions amount that I would get I would get this that order from Doctor Youngberg he doesn't know this on the news right here by the way you meet him in a little bit but that orders from Doctor Youngberg and just handwritten all the names of these patients specify specific books to be shipped out on a certain topic or third patient and you know I want under the young kid doing this and I'm so impressed to hear we would have an adverse possession that would actually take the time to be that concerned about each and every patient know what they're need to spend his own money to pay for that but to be shipped shipped out at this him upon my life and in so well when I was nineteen years old my father died he was a young age of forty four and I was in at the time he was the manager of the evidence put center in Southern California and in Glendale California I can remember HMS Richards used to come into the ABC there he'd sit and talk to my dad for hours about developing pastors book club but my dad was also one of the originators I believe of the literature rack for doctors offices when the Vietnamese when Vietnam fell my dad actually hired the president of the Vietnam Vietnam commission to go around to all the doctors offices and Southern California in stock their literature directly with our godly literature he did at Dawson Mekong out great man I think you still like today but at nineteen my death I am trying to decide okay what am I to do with my life I had a rich heritage in publishing ministry people like Doctor Youngberg impressed me and and you know where your severe book published by the Southern pub machine Association called careers in whatever and there is a career in dentistry book and I think the above you know what maybe just maybe we can marry the publishing work with our gospel gospel medical work as well and thought I was after spending a few years last year and one year Tuesday I went to Loma Linda graduated in nineteen eighty five from school of dentistry I wanted to practice for five years in Reading Pennsylvania back home and I was in practice with you non-Christian dentists are not Evanston and things are going very well they really like me they want me to buy into the practice but no in the back of my mind I had fully met the vision that I felt like the Lord called me into into being a dental medical evangelist and so I was praying about it my wife can testify that we across town from where I was practicing law in the in the practice of music we play the local radio station Y one oh two over the intercom and and you know I just I didn't feel I want to pray with my patients I wanted to share literature with them it just wasn't in the right atmosphere for the Lord led me to this across in fact I was in Wyomissing which is kind of Beverly Hills and Reading nice place to have a practice well the fact that the Lord led me to his practice on the other side of the railroad tracks on the other side of town which was not the elite side of town but I thought in this practice came up for sale and we prayed about it with my wife and I relent and purchases practiced in this vicinity my missionary practice for one and a half days a week well affect the appetite after one year of practicing in my missionary practice my missionary practice grew so large that I have to make a decision husband has one officer or the other and I guess where I went missionary often but I have to go back in time the dance elements on our new practice my wife and I the first thing we did was we went into that way here in the office and we knelt down in the middle of that waiting room and we pray Sahuarita this is your office him down our first order of business and there was a set of the literature rack in the office of also play nice inspirational music if you don't happen to practice in that environment went whatever practice of your physician or dentist I guess I can tell your comment near your patience will love it and they will comment on all the time but the first-order business was to set up the literature rack filled with our archery film literature but I have to tell you oh and the Lord blessed immensely I called after their eye had to go to this office full-time but another huge impact on my life as the testify that is that I actually read some of those books that I used the land top of the back of that Rambler station wagon and I read I read statements from Mrs. White that a gospel medical missionary could reach people that if a minister in the pulpit never could another medical evangelist and reach people administer the public never could and I began to think about that I just have to tell you that this opened up a whole new vision now of that patient sitting in my go chair because you know I if the minister can't ration them I might be the only contact for Christ that patient might ever ever meet and so having that thought in mind I thought about Jesus sitting Louisville with his disciples remembered us during the Bible thinking that occurs in three of the four Gospels that Jesus is sitting with his disciples in front as we fill any after the question he says what do you see any said VAC though we that is still four months away from the harvest or PC we that is already ripe for harvest when weight with Jesus he did think it's all right we already my question today is what do we see in our patients when the patient is sitting in our dental chair there we see we still arrived or we might be right I think the one of the things that we do is we make assumptions about our patients about people we think the people of color offices the probably not to be interested in anything that has to do with religion we think that they might be turned off by we think that they're not ready to hear of well I think maybe they are ready the problem is we may not be ready right out of the dentist we are trained to technical perfection I can remember as a freshman and downslope working on my little died not our wax up close at the call to disarm morphology well when I first think about it when you first Latino to even see everything that is that you acted after taking it back to those instructors time after time and instructor began talking about I will know who's and custom tosses in all of those things finally you begin to think something in that visit you never saw before bed as if we are trained to technical perfection you know anybody that's not a dentist in his room what is the okay now everybody to have anything to do in dentistry we see lots of stuff in the picture we see all the line angles the customs losses the center conclusion is that the relation of this bruise failures canine guidance didn't okay we see all of these things well a casual observer doesn't pick up all of those things the point of this is new in this age of cosmetic dentistry and all of you that are still in dental school will find out about this years ago the practicing dentist can put in any blacks overfilling in the now and the patient's bidding they didn't care what we live in a different age in this age of five cosmetic dentistry guess what there's a lot of pressures and demands on a practicing dentist to provide quality industry like like never before the problem and the danger that his therapy our vision becomes so narrow and confined what were looking at here that sometimes we miss that right harvest that might be in our dental chair so what can we do about this those of you that might have had the privilege of hearing Louis Torres in the past I got this from him but you know Christ spent much of his time in the finest in the book desire ranges Christ that much of the start time doing what this is like those studying the people selling them patient referred maybe not that of the medical patient sitting in your chair for your room now we see them in the differently as as Christ studied the faces of people he watched for the movement of the Holy Spirit upon that person 's life and as soon as he saw the movement of the Holy Spirit honest persons like it then he had the permission to enter into that life Christ can enter into any life that they didn't have permission to enter into with professionals we have to watch for the movement of the Holy Spirit people are getting off signals all the time are we watching for this the signals and when we see those signals the question is where we do about we have two choices and let me tell you every day people are in your in your office that are giving off signals we have two options where we can we can either enter into that opportunity or we can say no you know what I'm running behind schedule I'm busy the patient doesn't care let me go on and we walk away from that opportunity of that's the point of this presentation today entitles entitled maximizing the silent messengers in your office and I think utilizing the silent messengers is a very effective means of entering into that very opportunity that the patient might be expressed that you might be wondering just what it is silent messengers will pay attention to this following statement by McManus is like public him multiply scattered like the leaves of autumn these silent messengers are enlightening and molding the minds of thousands in every country and every kind why are they silent while maybe you might be busy in your practice that day were united not perceiving that that patient has a need well if you have a literature rack in your office guess who's doing the work the silent messengers are working even if lawyer not so as a provider we have the privilege and the opportunity to make making these timely truth filled silent messengers available to our patients but what about think about it why is that patient in your office they're there because I have maybe a little confidence in years and maybe treat them right so that confident that they have placed in you as their provider and you as their provider has something like just another there waiting room what can happen their confidence in using add merit to the truth that contain in the silent messengers right it will and let me tell you if you don't have others reckon your office yet and I pray that this presentation might inspire that the first day you set it up in your office yes you patients will be blessed against Houston the scouring that literature rack first your staff your staff they sure can take up almost everyone it is in the linear staff has concerns in their life to and believe me they are good people so I is this is often noticed this other thing I let the publications containing Bible truth we scatter like the leaves of autumn now here's the purpose of this gathering that the lift him up the savior of souls with him higher and still higher to this is the purpose of this gathering abilities if not to lift us up okay I said if I be lifted up I will draw all men to myself okay what was Christ lifted up on the cross so if the blood of Jesus that is the the drawing power is not if not us if the cross the blood of Jesus is your unlike the onion I asked this question to myself all the time and I hope you will meet the same challenge but is your office this dipped in the blood of Jesus if your office is dipped in the blood of Jesus guess what's going to happen Christ is maybe the drawing power we merely have the privilege of being his servants throughout the day as he works okay so the goal of any Christian physician or dentist is to be hidden so that Christ can be seen in a lot of us we might be fearful of making the boldest statement we might rethink my lives in patients perhaps will anybody has been involved with being a Christian physician medical evangelists will will know that it will do just they are this will multiply okay because this is doing the multiplying the Lords can multiply your efforts the Lord grows the practice last year I asked you earlier we talked about what what the physician what do they see in their patients what we could ask the converse is the opposite question what your patience in the provider when you are patient enough when they come through the front door what do they taste and see the Lord said take and see that the Lord is good what do they say in taste or feel and they had her front door in a practice management that people all the gurus and practice management will come and tell you that if you what you should do is go through the patient experience in your office you actually walk through the front door you sit down in the waiting room and you just look around the city with the patients these and any balance of the offertory or in the consultation room and then you was your patient looking at when you go to check out the checkout and you go through that and you'll get an idea of how the patient use you okay now the question I asked what do they say I would like to ask another question what should they see what should the patients the night I was thinking about Christ on the sermon of the mounts in the rooms going to the Beatitudes he talked about with the ideal Christian or believer should look like and you just you describe it this way you said we should okay send me on the hell I cannot begin to become a hard I lower that it is the kind of hard to hide that they would thought how the believer is how our Christian office should be right young in the same in the next verse to being a city on the hill if we do not choose to be a city on the hill guess what were you being there's only one all other alternative you know it member would assess never tasted salty salt what was the closest thing the unsalted salt that I think sand I thought you think we were my wife and I actually went to the lawyer yesterday with free time and I actually put some solid my mouth and entice a man has no taste it's on flavorful what flavor to our patients get when they come into our office really did a city that can't be hidden aridity unflavored salts well our purpose today is to maximize God appointed messengers which is our Christian literature in our office so that we can bring some flavor back into our office doesn't work I did a bunch of stories but I'm reserving efforts some friends and ninety continues to share some stories that yes it does work now this is the literature that we put in our offices you know from issues ranging from family matters to health concerns to very hello biblical discussions I felt my own interact you know we know that every patient that comes through our front door has a specific need and an concern and we have the privilege of making the literature available in our waiting rooms and an combined with the confidence that they are replacing you this literature did is to transform our and I can just type from a personal testimony that my most asked satisfying days of being a dentist are those days when I had a spiritual experience with the patient you know I love doing quality dentistry and affect it I don't know how you can be a a good Christian dentist and not have quality dentistry if they contradict one another so are our dentistry must be on the cutting edge we must be we must be up there because what is it do what is our work David testifies to all the other silent messengers in our office doesn't and I love Vena Holly benefit and if it pales in comparison to actually reaching so many that day in my office with with the spiritual idea of you I know that I don't fully know the effect of the literature the in my office and all the patients had been affected by an quite frankly I don't know that I'm supposed to know all that you know the Lord is the one that need to be glorified here I just I just think I'm thankful that I serve a God who can do all things in spite of me because I would say I have a lot of issues in my life that are or where they need to be yet that is what the Lord to to continue to work that you are are are lit sure in our offices and in and just are making ourselves available to the Lord I don't have the ability but it all Lord needs is my availability right now I'm why drive to my office in the morning oftentimes I is that by the time in prayer essay Lord bring somebody into my life today into my office it needs to know you and see you how excited you think the Lars ever failed to answer that prayer he has never failed at answer that prayer there is always why because now I have a new vision I'm looking for the work of the Holy Spirit and his people and guess what people are getting off signals the harvest is ripe the harvest is ripe of the micro areas and for myself you know Lord use my office today for your glory and the I had to stay awesome privilege today have Doctor Yung Berg and his granddaughter a leaf of common share low bit about me Doctor Youngberg played such an important role in my life and I have the privilege of knowing a leaf from southern Japan California but she can share with us a little bit more about the literature worked as her grandfather that I is just felt that I had was that I mean and is grand I have been meaning to how Doctor Harriet Sligh was interesting polite and use it if I can be at the last as you remember I was going mad on e-mail school as he sat down and then the leap to five and is waiting in it he is the way in them and I think anything that I have ever seen and recently seen on a while and did you read the Christian music scene on the literature ground that we maintain about you and I you and I I is feeling crazed is just being and down to the different first fare well a little story about a vampire leader badminton on Doctor Russell Youngberg and how he used literature as they lay in the fact that he graduated from online that and then he started running we rehabilitation Hospital in Reading Pennsylvania citizens of extent and from back in the day on Friday and is reading this book called the history of the United action on also known as the Murray the inspecting the event there on the followers of John Heinz and undelete is great controversy about this great revival that would mean during the Reformation in the area of western and central Europe explaining that where Moravia and Bohemia where well filled my name is reading this book about this on powerful revival is happening people are getting the Bible and in their own language incident and setting to your word SJ and him him so I was trying to fight back what was happening and and this is an example is reading them by the name of an nice bohemian and he didn't like what was happening he wanted to destroy always knew very related to golf and it destroyed all the literature that he was going to village and and burn but destroy them and eleven from the questions that by the end of his life he he branding it destroyed over sixty thousand but that delay program is reading this and you know that story and their the Ukraine that God would help him get elected and done by passing out at least fifty thousand but an invite and then we got to work and the value of few things more specifically but he started on eighty years distributing but here you have a little bad time and I think then delete it was so creative he led and write a prescription for a look at the ABC and then demonstrated they can remember the elite league and I like that serenity didn't fill them in billet Doctor Yung Berg are my second highest is sharing you would send care packages sent to prison found before the day then headed by and so he died in every day every week getting a couple look here and is trying to reach a patient well I will for forty plus years been said a lot of years later and this is an island in the length and my mom called me and she said to our advantage I think the my family tree and I decide things you tell me the story is I got them right column and I wanted to hear your story from South is like giving that I yet has there been gone for a long time I will be able to finish me at ABC anymore and how they estimate that they will have immediate five hundred and fifty five thousand and ten some way when heated you need a little help from the examination of an enlisted to be a tiny private story in getting the last five thousand books out and this is me we passed out on twenty five to one hundred fifty thousand have them as my grandpa 's home church in Jackson can see and we encourage the members of the present day and they started taking them to their and their business is and then we are so passed out a lot in the college yet Vincent sat and started helping and I can this number is disoriented that the tenancy can be and to the use and very few people there when in a pastor to meet him and he knew that I think the patent but the cc of the ripple effect and so it was still lying in the document and happened out on an island in the Bible are great if all the characters in about an hour north of here and my grandpa neither of the book as a gift to the father Kerry can only let those members take them out him how their friend we might think I just finished his price tag and then you tell an event beautiful story of a link then what is that term of imprisonment and you did capture our lives are like the leaves of the and just stared a couple of days have people that were in a very him to do there are new a note reunion farmers home in Nebraska and Leviathan 's husband watch out this isn't Lutheran and better stay away from it but he did buy the book and there is a Norwegian seismic times a day and the life and all five children join the church he didn't really pay time and he would come to church sons might be home pretty but four of the family when his missionaries to different places and the other was the only white man on the campus of Oakwood colleges of business manager there any work for the administrative end of our hospitals the minister work with centimeters single authority at all call fire starting I work really and sold seventy five cents with a thirty seven cents was profit I said something must be wrong with this territory oh and this book would be perfect so I say the most and nine changes thank you either thousand members that you getting a scholarship I never did shine in the literature were like my older brother who is a ranking season in the United States and he used literature his practice many of his family faxes on his mission in life is tired of no accident I had nice having him in his office one time had a hot day hundred percent humidity higher degree temperature working on this on the cotton bales and value creating he is are you going to get ready that the people of God he still and while MoveOn and unconscious in the office is office and South Texas and had a temperature hundred and eight and we used to study hydrotherapy though they either thought that you should put the patient like that table I or martyr a sponge fend late on in the intravenous him the things that thank the Lord 's temperature eventually came down and fifty days later where it was discharged home visit illegal Mexican management is another list that has stayed within the Egeland and my brother had bought hundreds of copies of a book called among Philadelphia to overall errors below the future the book on prophecies full truth will and so these agencies these men were given a book is there anything laid and has been cut in the door the one man thought this calls a little speech so he said we cannot read but when we go back to Mexico will again these books reveal asked our friends to read these books to us I will tell them there again on this by the doctors that took us from death to life and the mud will help us these that do that well I find it's easier to give away books than it was to sell I went off the Korean War I sent an allotment and iPads and instead they didn't have surplus money that they bought up the steps to Christ though the thing like that and sent to me and I was stationed in Japan and so under my desk in this crawler at office and had three yes three physicians for physicians assistants and three pages should I listen there a small space that under the table I had the sponsor steps to Christ and agencies of these people who has been a sad time in England unique to this line you can resume the loss and give them the book and vision care you get in I had been training some capable young people young soldiers medics to be physicians assistants because the video phone number of patients and this one Jewish life in Brooklyn right by he worked with the amount in the cinema screen people and on the hall and that he thought we knew this even a thing of the faith wish to see us and come on in and I've never he was resolute officer anything I saw somebody that is where your book is a very curious this is assisted that recognizes that he accepted Christ about thirty years ago in the AMA news newspaper format data center spread articles a interviewing doctors suburban Boston internist that was able to conduct a successful cholesterol-lowering program faces in his office so they asked him questions and then he answered these questions as when on food and hold two pages of newspapers and then the last they said doctors anything else that you want to stress the say yes for every patient that wants to lower his cholesterol these are the people that billions of dollars of the time that Dorothy life that is as though everyone is him if he wants a piece of my and so table on these pages of peace selling thing is that there unmarried people there and they need the help that is available to the Christian literature in prayer and things like that as you look into history it's interesting that even before printing there were people so long as these of them that mountain fast when it has ruled that schools had a chance to visit their by they were copying the Bible and hiding it in their closer in my mail at honest merchants eliminate any if they saw somebody to seem receptive they would take us and is listed in my it might cost them their lives the things of that off the coast of stop is an island on the last that jets are little into the Gulfstream and act as very good whether the beneficiaries croft and have palm trees like that there was a missionary name column the that went there about the year five hundred and he was a genius to have the royal blood and diligent man is head of the best college in the British Isles and made in Western Europe the changes in their sons to go to school about three thousand students to raise their own crops of things and Columba as busy as he was there personally wrote on three him copies of some of the condition of his literature and me is a fortunate that the sizes and for us students is known in literature says Alisa said and get other people involved on this I bought a number of bags and carrying bags at if I fifth stops and thinks that lift kits please see the Nevada church people so they can take just what that you within the half and I encourage you to have a variety if you have somebody that is a nurse serving daughter is a nurse is natural to get ministry healing and you say there to chapter through the back to tell you how to get along with people who are hard to get along with Jillian is that automatically they say that his chapter on Alpine daily living and in contact with others out Marcos is a the book and getting a sense of crisis most who witnesses license prayer is there a comment on the beginning of the controversy the dimension that in the last chapter that wonderful description of the earth made new in anything plantation of mine has three locations Sony took the boxes of a hundred steps supervised one thirty five is the size mouse Lady one five I trained top of the most good be accomplished and I got a vision and distribution of that surprise I went to church the next day and then back locked up and put a fifty dollar bill and I said I do that myself and those the start and buying Kansas also specifies that went on others will join in this work and that we can be like bears reflecting God 's great love for people and just off the television I will have to hit his drive a very frantic Monday nine Garth said check engine so I got off the road for news efficiency and parking lot engine was okay some nice beaded official Manas Creek and the lists are not as nice as uniting humanity will so I went back and I said say I'm not both year of stories told by the one who really put some fishermen on the map and this is a nice that you have enough and I felt leaving the rock player so the Lord bless you with a wonderful opportunity and the so I went for the sole and see and we wasted as a method they he says this type good nozzles give you many happy that him to know next next and my dad but Youngberg is way up here and then and has been done the thinking you know a lot of you might be wanting to do this you don't know where to start well either there are regularly have people that can help us some resources find your local address book center on the net near to my heart and I grew up a network that today we have it over in the exhibit hall we have with the review and Herald Howard raise your hand Howard Scoggins and we have Scott Katie writer from the Pacific crest but I know that I know it's a great of the review and Herald and Harold R Howard you are thinking about some of the program the okay I know you're really crunch for time here I know that Scott was right here beside me you'd be saying the same thing on the Hawaii okay all right and that we need to hear from you it's not nice to go to the dentist in your province here is drilling over here right S Scott a bad thing right are the same thing with us we don't want to be up there thinking what you need when in fact you're eating something else so please communicate with either publishing house and tell us what you want read the review I have a lot of samples that I will show you how GBC can I is with your help we can do it right without your help or just guessing right Scott city from the press I just want to affirm what the Doctor Otis is already said that the gospel travels best of a relational bridges people can't deal your relationship with Jesus never relationship with your patient they're going to have an interest in what is in your office display release Sega signs of the times is a full message magazine has articles on parenting our relationships on health and of course the message that we do we hold dear if you take a look at it maybe it's been a while I believe it's a magazine that you can probably do without apology place in your office knowing that God can work to these words so if you if you can't stop my take a look at the magazine that I think to be related last yes I know I know there's some a effective ways that celebrate your hand felt was a classmate of mine yet had the booth over here as well he is doing literature evangelism work through his through his office and I wouldn't I would invite you to stop by his booth as well and find out more large really using him will will will sleep in my eye as he will use as you it's an exciting life of a death this is exciting like to be a medical evangelist missionary I is the true joy of Jesus know the joy of Jesus was coming to see people be saved and that can be our joy to and it will be but anyway I just I just pray that this little time together will create a new vision for us and where we where we work the people we work with and don't I just regularly this time together and I I thank you all and I would just like to close with prayer so that your daughter has father in heaven oh Lord what a blessing we have seen how you you have worked in the past and Lord we believe that unity working with even greater power and future we just want to be those people that are willing to be available to be used by you Lord we have carried for so long in you want to do that any longer so large and light enough that your Holy Spirit and just bless us now as we continue on with these meetings and and more especially with the students that are here largest create within them at Thurston 's desire to two to be your servants and in all that they do and be a witness and blessing to her classmate and practice sword thank you for hearing our prayers now Jesus will be here with my audio overload or a man but it will tomorrow you would like to learn more on e-mail please visit www. amen I thought you would like more free online service please visit www. online universe


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