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Marijuana: "Herb for the Service of Man"?

Tim Arnott
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  • October 29, 2010
    4:30 PM
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the bottoms of the four thirty breakout session on mountain that they are not in Paradise California I see some friends from paradise there so while I'm in private practice family medicine and you spend a few moments this afternoon talking about marijuana I must say that is quite a shock when I was asked to present on marijuana is not exactly topic that I would've expected that to the amen leadership with one someone to talk about and in fact when I first got word that this was something they wanted me to do I was quite taken back wondered if I was in the right organization but I learned quite a bit since then and one of things that I've learned is that the leadership of a man are very spiritual people and deeply devoted to God and very much in tune with him so little journey but I've come to that conclusion and I want to start out this afternoon by telling a story it's a story that only an infinite God put together a story about a patient named love to drive both marijuana children who want very much to have their own dog and a physician who wants very much to get back into lifestyle 's power God of love to put all that together the one package is the story of the story starts probably about nine months ago I had a patient by the name of love who came to me quite frankly because you want to get her drivers license she had a chronic pain condition she had been treating at with whatever marijuana medical both she and her husband Vicki haddock chronic pain that but they were both involved in medical marijuana and in the process of using marijuana she had had a complication but I never heard about she had a seizure and so she went to a neurologist in town one that is noted for taking people 's license away and maybe that was a good thing actually and so her license was taken away she came to me I learned later that license back but in the process of talking with her we came to the conclusion that probably it was under best interests if she gave up her favorite new medication marijuana and just before I arrived to support came and left the the offices we have to tire she just got her license back and no longer using medical marijuana I didn't think much of that visit but it was interesting at that visit her husband table and that he brought the family dog to the office in the census family medicine practice is so you happen to have a Portuguese water dog of some fame I guess and my children just happened to be in the office when he can he and his wife and they fell in love with this dog and so they were playing with his dog enjoying this dog deepening their interest in getting their own dog while I was trying to take care of this patient well some days past time to back up and tell you that ever since I left the lifestyle Center of America I've been wanting to do something what do you think that might get back in July so Madison so we had been praying about it actually thought I was going to paradise to do that very thing started a lifestyle center and old Frederick hospital sanitary which was an actual sanitarium completely organic gardening and hydrotherapy and no drug medications many years ago and so my dream was to take it right back to work started the rural health clinic was leaving about to move out we arrived and they have moved out but it never quite transpired away I had expected they were the direction of outpatient lifestyle medicine and are doing a good job with that but my heart was was in inpatient lifestyle medicine and so had been praying about that because it is done lifestyle medicine in your back and allopathic medicine well you are what you frustrated and so several days after these individuals that presented to the office we got a call and the call was from the lady Mrs. love who was calling to tell us that she thought she knew where we could get a family dog and so was he told us about this place up in regalia just above paradise and so that afternoon my wife and I will set out on a journey to find some dogs pets for my children now bend in the galley areas it's kind little backward community is a lot of rough people up there and I was expecting out of old dilapidated trailer and maybe scary situation bus as we found our way off the main road and wound up the the the dirt road near we suddenly found ourselves in front of a most incredible facility the first thing I saw our thought when I saw this was why this would make a perfect whatever my seltzer I it was just made to order and so we got out we went up to the door and sure enough there were some dogs and year-round front door and apparently what happened was the lady who lived there about two dogs that stray dogs and wandered up and presented themselves at her front porch and so she made a very fine lady Mona sent the pound after them and so she told her friend is love the church where they both were members that you have these dogs and so is his love when she heard that thought of my children our office and said there's an opportunity here to take advantage of while have to tell you that we didn't move forward with the dogs but we did move for first with touring this facility because we decided that something bigger than the dogs was at I will say that the children did their dog so don't be too concerned about and how to do the whole lot more expensive than it would've been to take those two dollars home but anyway that's neither here or there but it does illustrate the point though God is interested in our children and he has structured this story in such a way that they are included in effect it wasn't their interest in the dog we would've never found its place or it would've been a whole lot different so we tour this facility and it all to say a few things about it but so no I have always wanted to play the pipe organ and never really got a chance don't learn out of nowhere your visit musical instrument in college you're definitely not been learned medicals or residency or practice wellness facility this house is home about ten thousand square feet and all was built around the pipe organ and the center of the home is actually a a beautiful mice they would lecture area with full screen but it has a big beautiful hand constructed pipework right there and the gentleman that built this place also builds the pipework and plays it by ear and the key play the higher order for us to play the doxology and then he played another song which is happened to be my favorite great is by us outside it was quite a moving experience to see God at work meeting many needs all of one's and so we have continued to pursue this dream it's not in the bag yes and I hope by this time next year we will be able to report to you that we're starting to begin in earnest in small rural lifestyle center in the facility that only God could put together and it would never have been him and now I have to tell you marijuana is not something it's been on my radar screen I'll think about it but God is thinking about and if you if you want to know what his thoughts are I believe we have a precedent or as a loss in the book ministry of healing in a chapter called what it is called liquor traffic and prohibition on another railroad the chapter liquor traffic and prohibition but there are some pretty strong statements and as I have talked to people who use marijuana as I treated this lady was using marijuana as I have studied about marijuana I discovered that most people are not using marijuana and probably never will but there are there are several groups several my minority group who are quite vulnerable to marijuana not the least of which are adolescents in our public high schools are college-age those who suffer from psychiatric and those who are already using alcohol and tobacco perhaps in excess and there are some other group of these groups are vulnerable as I've been looking at this whole subject is a upcoming the conclusion God is interested in protecting those individual that he sees how vulnerable they are and I believe that I'm standing before you today because we are are at a moment in time because on November two this state which has led to team other states to adopt medical marijuana laws is always to open why the floodgates and approve marijuana for public use just like uncle and if the state moves in that direction guess what other states will follow and again know before I read liquor traffic and prohibition and talk to some individuals who would use this substance Frank I didn't really know what the big deal but I'm beginning to discover that God sees how vulnerable people are in these minority groups and he's calling on his people to protect nights a little late to do frankly what the other side has been doing if you look at the other side they are they are to be very honest putting us to show because they have been working very hard putting huge money in this time effort talent research and their toys to succeed in fact the only thing that will keep them from succeeding is in church session prayer is not too late and so frankly I believe that's what were talking about marijuana to alert God 's people to their knees because God can defeat us in spite of our lack of doing much I certainly have been laboring against marijuana I have to will spend a few moments talking about this this verve and we know that certainly God has created verbs for the service of man he tells us that in Psalms and one has to wonder us as a agreeing and certainly God made the plant and so what about marijuana what are some of the truth about this particular substance but was we mentioned earlier a number of people are using the substance nearly half of high school seniors have used marijuana at least once so it is it's a syndrome that people use because it doesn't seem very dangerous things fairly mile fairly fairly benign which frankly is what makes it most dangerous is it's hard kick down some of it like caffeine it has there's an addiction there but it's so mild and subtle is difficult to argue against but it's that way by design substance that brings the hires Delta nine tetrahydro Canavan all this moves to the liver liver puts a hydroxyl group of the eleven physician and that substance is about three times more potent than the apparent chemical of this is the substance that produces the euphoria and the relaxation and the forget all your troubles in effect that is gripping so many and you cannot get that effect I taking Marinol prescription for bone marrow and all is not acceptable substitute if you're looking for a high currently the only way you're going to get this substance THC in it in a form that will give you that high is to the slogan and so the in the sciences look at this are very clear that the method of getting THC is dangerous it's dangerous to your health there's no question because of the smoking effects which are every bit as bad and worse than tobacco smoke as will discover but that's the only way you can get the high and will probably run out of time before any see slides and would like to say that the adversary knows how important are frontal lobe this it is our greatest weapon against him and it's our greatest weapon against the two primary most potent appetites and drives that we have as human beings one of those two food and sex that's exactly in a far frontal lobe is weekend are interested in those two things one should suck the devil knows this every drug of abuse shifts are followed alcohol is a major as we all know but I'm discovering that so is TAC so is marijuana is those who use this tell me that as soon as you smoke a joint fact part of the talk is the effect on society but this individual noticed a change in their significant other her boyfriend after smoking a joint both of them he would change his demeanor for duty at night for other women and he would he would suddenly become one flirtatious so much so that they began fighting and eventually broke up because when the man would take in this substance of frontal lobe would be suppressed and the interest in sexual activity would shoot up and of course marring the sanctity of the relationship furthermore the other interest we mentioned would also shoot up in fact as you know we give Marinol for what appetite enhancement which is I guess fine if you're on the death 's door as a cancer patient or frail elderly individual but if you're in adolescence or a college students or who knows who else was the last thing you would like weekend if you are striving for the King I don't value my appetite control is not one of my strengths I can tell you that I wouldn't need any help from marijuana to worsen things it's all I can do the follow spirits leading with all of the neurons that I have but the devil is about weakening our strongest and most powerful against two most potent appetites and drives it we fast with this is all about it's about an enemy seeking to take out even more people from an eternity so the other side has a discovered that if you can make a case for medical use you've got a answering latch and it's happening right in front of our very because quite frankly the medical benefits of marijuana are fairly meager they have we have better drugs to treat nausea than marijuana we have much errors of repaying the marijuana and we already have the drug to treat poor appetite we only to legalize marijuana to get Marinol we got married all I prescribed so that whole business frankly but it's work and it has thirteen states deceived and on board the past this initiative would legalize marijuana in California and allow local governments to tax and regulate the sale which brings in another pivotal argument that's being used and that is what money is anybody in need of money in California will only if you have the spirit of prophecy Ronald especially do you understand that drugs of abuse don't make anyone any money except of course those are selling as far as the state is concerned there in a pay big time they just don't know what but we do now there are agencies out there who think tanks you will not have the Spirit of prophecy we believe that legalizing drugs would save forty one billion or reader will call for a home before I move on I would just say that a report just came out showing that the use of tobacco costs are US economy three hundred and one billion every year by way the top three drugs of abuse are nicotine alcohol marijuana drug legalization would yield tax revenue just under fifty billion a year and overslept a certain lady has to say about such things speaking of alcohol she writes and ministry of healing for forty four considering only the financial aspect of the question what following it is to tolerate such a business and our own national Institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism 's most recent report estimated that the economic costs of alcohol abuse or a hundred and eighty four six billion every year that was in nineteen ninety this chapter on liquor traffic and probation points out that all of us should be concerned about the legalization of these drugs because we are all affected on the highway it's on and on and on and she said for that reason Jesus for the honor of God the stability of the nation the well-being of the community of the home of the individual G-man every possible effort be made in arousing the people evil of intense of you have a patient that has poor appetite there are a few out there there calls on the market THC provides only moderate control of nausea thirteen percent of patients compared to drugs that are already available for which achieves complete control of nausea almost fifty percent of patients so again not very effective in its medical uses not really needed not all that helpful feature learn more don't read the summaries that read the actual report you read the summaries you get the idea that the government is trying to encourage this experiment in marijuana Dallas check this out there might be something here but they're basically saying his marijuana has some interesting chemicals that could be we could add to our pharmaceutical armamentarium but they also are quick to say but don't smoked that is not in your best interest of the same we don't have these other chemicals at this time probably got a be okay to let people smoke it for now that's the just of this report but it doesn't detail a lot of important information and documents the damage that marijuana does to the one cognitive functions and motor coordination suppression of the immune system and damage to the reproductive system is really only two receptors or THC oneness fills the brain the other is primarily on the immune system so of one substance the adversary has attacked two of our most critical organs and brain and immune system not to mention the reproductive system and the receptors for stewardship THC binds are found all throughout the body much more prevalent than the mu receptors of your opioid system Billy really understands why those receptors of their that they believe that their and modulating system are linked to G proteins they affect cyclic cAMP and their there everywhere and sellers that are in there and invertebrates as well as vertebrates so it's a very important system for modulating different processes in the body has all drugs of the use marijuana raises dopamine raises it in the nucleus who men's area and these identities these type one receptors are densely found in the frontal lobe so the adversary found a you found a way to put in a plant chemicals that would fit us in our strongest area of defense before alone follows for these receptors now one of the most important things that happens when you smoke a joint is you lose your short-term memory in fact marijuana users in this case adolescent demonstrated poor verbal learning or verbal working memory or attention accuracy compared to controls you cannot maintain attention on a task after use marijuana you are distractible in a major way and in fact from what they're telling me as I read this material people who soon just smoked a joint cannot even carry on an intelligent conversation because they can't remember what they just said a few moments before it's almost like a a hit to the memory systems of the body marijuana disrupted they and transient attention processes resulting in impaired memory task so someone asked you to do something you just can't do it because your your ability to hear directions and follow them are significantly impaired out other areas affected as we mention is the immune system and individuals who smoke marijuana have a sick chickens get to some of their white blood cells the ability of the alveolar macro phage to deal with such a organisms is fungus Candida bacteria staff and even tumor cells is significantly impaired in fact what they discovered is after people who smoke marijuana habitually evident appearance in the ability of these alveolar macro phages to fight these infectious agents and to release the the inflammatory cytokines the via immune suppressant side is not affected but the inflammatory side of immune system is affected and so you have a general depression in the immune function the precise T cells are inhibited from proliferating by THC and B cells produce antibodies are often inhibited from being active by the THC another area where there are lots and lots of the these the receptors are in the cerebellum so after smoking joints you have difficulty coordinating your movement you have the sway can't really maintain your your postural muscles adequately and properly psychomotor functions shown to be disrupted body 's way hand steadiness rotary pursuit driving and flying simulation divided attention sustained attention all of these things are adversely affected by the use of marijuana when it comes to just the smoking issues the amount of tar that comes in from a marijuana cigarette is up to four times the amount of tar that comes in through a regular tobacco cigarette so you don't have the filters and the is a difference in the material itself there is a lot of cellular and molecular studies it did show that this substance marijuana smoke is carcinogenic and damages the cells reports indicate an unexpectedly large proportion marijuana users among people with cancers of several different areas before the age of forty five and as well it cites the reproductive function reduces the the LH you have a lower levels of testosterone and estrogen so it affects the reproductive system adversely as well one of the things they send point-blank in the report that no one under the influence of marijuana she has THC should drive vehicle or operate potentially dangerous equipment is not something you want your pilot using before he took off and study of experienced airline pipe show that even twenty four hours after smoking a single marijuana cigarette the performance on flights emulator test repair they think they would be the testing showed otherwise and again here's the statement this is right out of the report the influence of marijuana is such that even cheering on a intelligible conversation is difficult because you just can't remember what you said a few minutes before there'll is a lot of information about apathy decreased interest in succeeding working hard studying some of that is is indeed the case frankly a lot of the research is sketchy and but certainly your motivation is going to change it's not going to improve out this point we want to talk just briefly about some of the alternatives is when it comes to paying hello Lori has a whole different way of doing things simple simple enough thing that brings anyone any prestige simple hydrotherapy massage ice paraffin treatment hot foot baths hot and cold flow limitations Whirlpool cold compresses contrast showers aerobic exercise there are some herbs that modulator approved pain to some degree white willow bark sage Xhosa mean supplement evening Primrose oil liver oil elimination diets vitamin D 2-D three creaking water things that could help with nausea Ginger activated charcoal and of course prayer so there are divinely ordained alternatives for people suffering chronic pain and we don't know a lot about it because frankly we don't do it anymore but there are textbooks this thick out of places Battle Creek that are just full of water therapies that with the Lord 's blessing and bring supernatural reason results related to pay so there are alternatives and probably we as before closer to those that most others so we have a privilege and opportunity to delve into this the more deeply help individuals who are suffering of this is an important statement because one might ask well the natural plan the big problem but through our knowledge of the spirit of prophecy we learned that everyone noxious herb is of Satan so that by his ingenious methods of amalgamation he has one corrupted most people they don't know they have no idea that God 's green herbs of been touched and tainted by a master chemist who knows who is has an intimate knowledge of human physiology and knows exactly where the receptors are that he needs to hit any knows whether they hit them weekly like caffeine creasing your adenosine earned every affecting your adenosine receptors it's interesting that after you smoke a joint your time is loosed and you start chattering away the same thing happens according to spur proxy abuse Kathy because both put a break from all for the right gone our real self pours out have mercy this is exactly what the devil that so this is the Connor information that needs to get out one final slide he who's the Jesus refused it when he refused a substance to get his sense of pain he refused it because he wanted nothing that would live that would hit the frontal lobe adverse why because they needed a wide of fast hold upon God this was his only strength to be cloud his frontal lobe would give who Satan and it made we are poised in the state to give Satan a huge advantage over the most vulnerable the weakest among us as so I believe that the only reason I'm standing before you are here so we could take a few moments para another one or two individuals and intercede to our father so that he can do what he wants to do on November two before we knew that we have any questions Byron 's or anything we can give patients who are trying to come off of marijuana unless a very important question of me I would say that as a people we need places where these individuals can go to detox and perhaps not all of them are that that bad that they need that level of care but the need is out of all be honest I I don't have enough experience with marijuana and individuals using it but I would really know what their level of need is someone else may have some thoughts but I know that if there is a need God will be able to supply the promises that so I would hope that individuals could come to a small lifestyle center such as the one that you were trying to open in the back to be part of their their therapy because we know that nutrition exercise water sunlight and steamy is this fresh air rest trust in divine power those are gone stock handling an issue so any other questions request is whether taking it in a chewable for news has any relationship to the smoke for my understanding is your marketing you might might expose yourself to some effect but it's more like liquor and candy I suppose it's a taste but it's not the experience of all the young I will see you on the web you and us and you is a way less intense lifelong children enjoy that you get a level of high as I understand it but the full experience but you get a lower level euphoria or relaxation sort of a some of us are phlegmatic 's and it just goes your life everything is A-OK apparently this medicine got a leave everybody down at that same track as desirable right there is an attraction here we have to be honest but it comes at a heavy price so what he's saying it has a ineffective evidence is weaker but it lasts long as one of the marijuana visit in of the effects last for a long time it's not in a one euro annually is welfare for doing their to really get the full experience it's not likely to smoke a pack or two cigarettes in yes and okay I so leave the suggestion is that give your your patient's information and move into that were mentioned were the health magazine put out my amazing facts and also the book is reviewing it I haven't read liquor trafficking prohibition a while institution readers who really will help you understand where God is at on these issues and of course it's hard to be worries that we don't know what you have said experiences thoughts that I don't think you would feel any different about marijuana when he is about alcohol so even the world this is waking up to the problems with marijuana of course not everyone but there are people concerned I had a patient as they came to the office just recently just volunteered concern about her family Christian amount has just marijuana was moving into her home and she did not like the results and in fact it was it was such a and in a moving encounter it we agreed that we would start praying together not not together going she and her home in the file of the Lord would be just so there are any other questions one one yes all I will will certainly I think a there's a lot of money at stake and there are powers in this world and the sea business booming this one is going to be a domino effect and there for the money and the visual is doing great work is the wrong work the Brown are the silicon is the problem with this representative is on allergy sufferers might be adversely affected there was quite inspired between the use of marijuana and psychiatric conditions of both directions so it's not been a home office in that area were already were already suffering from a known apostasy of providers in the area of psychiatry and the flawed in that area already difficult to care for people in rural areas will establish the same time is just a few moments and join us on is how seems when I visited Lavinia was using my audio verse four amen this Pentagon analyst him I learned more about me then please visit www. nine and I will like there was more free online service please visit www. online universe


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