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The Quarantine Guarantee: The Rest of the Story

Ron du Preez



  • February 24, 2006
    6:45 PM
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welcome again happy you are here to spend these moments in God 's presence sharing in looking at his word I know you will be blessed this evening I have a lot to share so right to begin with I'm going to let you know you need to put your seat belts on this evening according to go very fast enough in a break the speed limit because women have the Angels fly with us as we go through the word of God and I share things with you the last few meetings of the together there were two main concepts of I can just remind your before going further the first one was something we talk about before let Christ in and he'll cleanse you from sin doing repeated with me last Christ in Avenue claims you from since the stupid forgiveness that Jesus offers us some bridges the big word justification what God does investment and is also our part of this is God 's grace besides the grace of God we need to grow in the Lord and another message we talk about says grow in the Lord by the light of his word he was fitted with me home in the Lord by the light of his word and a Sprite holy father as we open your holy Word right now may we catch a fresh glimpse of Jesus Christ open our eyes Lord so that we may see him in his precious name amen unbelievable story I came across less than three months ago it happened on in New York Brooklyn teenager 's name Richie Molina nineteen years of age was there with his friend is the word friend according to the newspaper article eighty Edison Guzman twenty two -year-old they started as friends we don't always agree to and he disagreed with his friend him with the intent he punched his friend and he kicked him on to nothing to the ground they have to be right there by the railway line and as the train approached Richie rolled his friend Edison onto the tracks his friend I said and the train killed actually Richie killed Edison nineteen -year-old pacing and what is happening certificates is the problem monks teenagers let me share with you something else that I saw last year the middle of the year listen to this Helena Driscoll was dating a man by the name of Herman Winslow Atlanta Georgia well Herman got interested in another lady Lina came along with a gun while Carmen was sitting reading the newspaper she put the gun to his temple and fired twice Herman was eighty five and Lena was seventy eight years of age yes it is unbelievable it is so starting to have people who could be almost great-grandparents involved in this Bible with the best word immoral conduct it was interesting writer on September eleventh when that happened Americans unanimously the students unanimously denounced the September eleven terrorist attacks and as a textbook example of evil suggesting that there is something clearly absolutely wrong at FV Iran after the Reich as a few months after that in February two thousand every two thousand and two the Barna research group Ventura California they said that statistically valid analysis in the quiz 's people and you're the summit despite this denouncing of the terrorist attacks when asked Americans are there moral absolutes guess what him four percent of adults and eighty three percent of teenagers said no truth is always relative to you and your situation there are no absolutes interesting when it comes to what people do to you you want to believe in absolutes when it comes to your choices everything goes interesting conclusions what's more is that Americans in general so somebody must acquire five questions okay let me tell you what courses are more interesting amongst the questions who were interviewed only thirty two percent of adults thirty two percent less than one third of adult Christians said they believe in absolutes and what about teenagers less than ten percent of Christian teenagers believed in absolute theory very interested in August he sometimes we find all kinds of excuses I wanted to show you something I found recently in a cartoon that long ago or sometime ago it's a damned if you do damned if you don't you condemn them I wanted to come on come on it's either one or the other it's a picture of the devil obviously and is called the less self to what lesser of two evils are trying to contact one of the exotic share with you when we talk on that meeting I would talk about the two hour discussion I'd like to share with you some of the things in the area of making good choices in life moral choices another one I found recently that the statement some years ago she and I use it recently is this one time magazine front cover infidelity a letter as you can see it from wherever you are at a third it may be in our genes on the problems they misspelled the word genes okay they spelled it GEN E S it's actually JE ANS all kinds of excuses all kinds of things that people have come up with to get around these of second each of the three was one two five Finley interesting the way he uses phrases like this because when we look at this letter that poll under inspiration wrote to Timothy you read it carefully and you reflect a moment on the newspaper and what you've been reading and listening to perhaps recently as the what's happening to share those two stories with you one of the teenagers and one about how the lady almost eighty years of age when you listen to second Timothy chapter three verses one to five you will say wait a minute this is true second twenty three versus one two three four and five reading for the new King James version but noticed that in the last days perilous times will for men will be lovers of themselves lovers of money boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy unloving unforgiving slanderous without self-control brutal despisers of good traders headstrong hottie lovers of prey pleasure rather than lovers of God not that he was at holdouts all the world hold on hold on always keep thinking that got everybody look at the last burst out having this can apply to us if we call ourselves Christians even having a form of godliness but denying its power that can happen right within a church setting and then pauses and from such people turn away you know because of this moral decline because of the problems we're having in society maybe many leaders are concerned and so the groups of Christian leaders are now getting together and they have set aside a certain day I found this on the website ten Commandments days if you haven't heard of it it was scheduled for February is now been postponed important announcement regarding ten Commandments a new date May seven two thousand six we are excited about the move we have made for the date of the first annual that is what means this is that hopes to have this every year this is the first annual him just days celebration and the last line of this holding says the following and if you listen carefully you can hear rumblings of the danger of the connecting of church and state listen to the ten Commandments days May seven two thousand six will offer us an opportunity to make a bold declaration that America is still quote one nation under God interesting things are happening and incidentally just last night or rather early this morning some adobe that she was watching three AVN and she saw their discussion of these things related to the tenth amendment states that is being promoted and announced the question is what can we do what should we do as we want to get serious about our relationship with God think about there for four moment if you realize it's all over whenever we turn there is the breaking down of society 's moral collapse fascinating and scary as we look at where we hope to be within that because it can affect us badly Gore lust perversion all kinds of things let's go to the Bible and see were the wisest man who ever lived says Wentworth Ecclesiastes now the last book of his writings wisemen Solomon we have at there we know that he apparently wasn't always very wise is a book off after this that the song of Solomon but apparently the song this song of Solomon was within early on in his life from the study that some of us and some of scholars of done song of Solomon was about even with the eighties earlier life when he was monogamous B married then he kept marrying more and more women and moralists in the second half of his arraignment and then he apparently realized his folly and he began to change the evidence is there yes to read carefully and never does what he says that he comes to the end of Ecclesiastes chapter twelve the last two verses these chapter twelve verse thirteen and fourteen that is hear the conclusion of the whole matter what is the conclusion here is the wise men Solomon dear God we minute you may be afraid of God that's the old English word that means respect honor in simple terms take God seriously don't be afraid of God God was to be your friend fear God take God seriously and keep his commandments for this is man's all or the King James for this is the whole duty of man and they remind you he says in verse forty four God will bring every work into judgment with every secret thing whether good or evil the last of the Bible we find that same concert on the call to be faithful to God 's commandments right here in Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve Revelation forty Bristol degrees the context is clearly of this chapter forty was twelve pictures a time after April the persecution of those who been faithful procedures that lasts for more than twelve centuries in fact we know the union of time how do I know book of Revelation fourteen fourteen Revelation fourteen fourteen says and then I looked and behold a white cloud and all the clouds at one of the Son of Man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle all was that the picture off Jesus coming second coming that's right if you read the Scriptures supposed to horses before that just backup to verses that go to roost twelve twenty three the context the statement revelation fourteen Bristol is in the context close to the second coming here is that patients of the saints remember the Saints need to be patient yes persevering holding on here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus they can see we have a call this is a call right here at the end of time now the question is which commandments they are many in the Bible and we know if you count coming commandments and laws and regulations and statutes that human beings have written over time you don't the total is something like forty five million laws and all of them that they do not meet all those okay don't try that let's go to what we call the ten that God gave us I wanted to tax because we need to spend a few reflective moments in the book of Exodus go to the book of Exodus the well-known passage here where God has redeemed rescued the Israelites from bondage in Egypt they had gone down there centuries before they had become enslaved over time God sent Moses alone to be his servant with Erin and they were they were brought up and then here is what God is going to give them be careful don't start in verse three yard when I grew up I praise God 's book brought up in a Christian family but I memorize the ten Commandments starting with verse three I K don't start with verse three very dangerous to do that why do I say that if you start with this verse three there is the danger of the L word you know the L word is legalism legalism because you focusing on law don't focus on law start with verse two and if you start with verse two you focus on the Lord every important to listen to her students the solid starts Exodus chapter twenty Numbers one Susan God 's people would think is God 's words I am the Lord your God who brought you out on the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage okay so that's what we start first identifying this is the God whom he deemed him rescued you it's interesting that God first three teams then he requires to get noticed that he saves you so that you can serve him fascinating when you read the Bible in its context it makes a lot of sense God saves us by grace then he calls upon us to grow in his will if it is so here are the ten commands incidentally Egypt by the rink is used as a symbol for sin especially later on in the Bible Egypt is a symbol for sent SMEs think of but here the first time God gives the command of any given to the Israelites although a very interesting twenty years ago or so when I was studying at Emory University I came across a book by a Lutheran theologian Old Testament scholar think of the word the name of the book toward old testament ethics by Walter Kaiser published by Zondervan press nineteen eighty three in Italy he says he's if you read Genesis the book of Genesis you will find every one of the ten Commandments before they were even given in Exodus you do Doctor Kaiser poll yes don't forget the Reverend Joseph Dennis thirty nine how can I do this great wickedness committed adultery and sin against God don't forget that right you have idolatry can take a family before he went to death else the house of God he took all the idols they hid them and they buried them at the tree member Abraham who relied and even the heathen kings is why did you like to meet line was wrong to have obtained will kill his brother Abel Genesis chapter four as you read the book of Genesis every one of the ten Commandments were already there in fact before you get Exodus twenty you might even make a note to your Bible Exodus sixteen before they get to Mount Sinai Exodus sixteen God says to Moses tell the people why have you forgot the Exodus sixteen the twentieth and twenty ninth how is it that you forgot to amendments interesting how can God think you have forgotten my command and you have given them yet all yes he had given them and they were already given all the way through they were there the Israelites had forgot God make forgotten his loss as they spent years decades centuries in Egypt when they got to mount Sinai God reminded that and kept it pretty just a Big Ten easy to remember ten fingers ten loss very simple RK and it's interesting that the Jews actually divided up five and five most Christians go to six four and six but it's fascinating some fear the ten Commandments God puts them back in a nutshell I want to go through them quickly a quick triplet with you through it if you have a pen or pencil I would suggest you write down just a word of two next and if you want to write it in your Bible find a piece of paper is used to its fascinating once you start with verse two and realized that this is the God who wants to have a personal relationship with God rescued the Israelites from slavery from bondage physical bondage just at the same way he has pulled us out of start a spiritual bondage to sin once you recognize Ms. Regina you have is a more forgiving my sins you have the right relationship with your Redeemer then you're willing to have this covenant commitment to your creator I can remember those two things so he will go and see what kind of relationship does God want first commandment thou shalt have no other gods before me that's a command that submission is we cannot have a relationship if you include others it's a little difficult polytheism it's a one to one relationship incidentally how many of you who are married I think your husband your wife says it's okay honey you can have as many other women as possible Oregon has many other men as possible in order find is that it doesn't work it's a covenant commitment one can't physically doing went to have anybody else if you and I personal relationship that's the first lots number two don't have any graven images in the cradles and incidentally one of both of those commandments we can easily break don't just think back then we hear in our contender society too many times we too have other gods we have our own idols is meant to and what yours is okay but I know with the temptations I struggled the things I allowed to get in the way before and ahead of God the things that I put a head of God what are the idols and the whole idea is a relationship and look at the bottle to delete verse five says Exodus twenty was unusual about of the demo so that is why the Lord your God what jealous jealous is a personal relationships is a relationship of love that's the whole point the Commandments are in the context of love that are diverse six but showing mercy to thousands of those who do what who know me interesting enough this looks funny I had read that text I never rise that and I never noticed that it says will love me and keep classic and I should keep a log about as I get the sequence right I show mercy to thousands who do what who love and key not somebody who keep the two must go together is more guilty estimators it's a loving loyalty to the Lord of this law it's a covenant commitment for seventh you shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain if you love somebody you not to take their name in vain in order to use it in a bad way and have different ways that they got they been with some the more obvious one is to use it as a cuss word the less obvious folks is when we claim to be Christians yet when with our friends we live in the him we sometimes use hypocrisy to talk about that for days at a YM one but really we take God 's name in vain in that sense of these laws are all given as a personal relation to help us to understand get to know God they are a reflection of his character commendable before remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days you shall labor and do all your work very interesting and that goes about the seventh day Sabbath relationship with people even with your animals first eleven two forty six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that in the music and rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath and hallowed in a few minutes elliptical tangent to come back to the fourth commandment because it's important you talk some of creation it's the seventh day is connected with creation but this is one special day that God says I am going to set aside one seventh of your time so that you can spend time with me to spend quality time with the creator by the recently times when you married if you do you know what I'm talking about ordinary for the twenty five years and life gets so busy you don't get to spend enough time with your beloved and he looked interesting when you were dating when you are according whatever the word is now is going together huge you spent a lot of time to think that it is natural if not in reality on the phone anybody around the huge phone bill any confessions are not gay if you know what I'm talking about especially long-distance lines lots we love to spend time together with your beloved you want to that's why God sent this one day inside a special day to go ahead and see men that relationship the ten Commandments are a special code you notice the title my message that evening quarantining can Karen T see Exodus fifteen was twenty six God says if you obey my commandments I will put none of these diseases on you as they were on the Egyptians God promises to protest and to look after us and there is tension in the sense when we are willing to be faithful to follow him as a quarantine guarantee in the spiritual sense this is what God wants for us because he needs and we need to have a personal mission to number five obviously this is a relational issue number six God wants to protect human life but you see the problem is sometimes we become the victim of the stick to let go to Jesus example you to keep your hands here in Exodus twenty four to come what does Jesus say I always like to go to some of his teachings in every message is important to reflect on Jesus example 's teachings while others look at Matthew chapter five that's famous sermon on the Mount by Jesus reminds us to always go at the deeper than just the surface because the word of God penetrates and intended in its fullness to deal with not just the action but also the motive Matthew chapter five verse twenty one you have heard that it was said to those of all of incident between Jesus as you have heard he is not quoting Scripture don't misunderstand that whenever Jesus he says it is lots is written here Jesus is actually going to challenge the restrictive view that was held by some of the teachers they took this narrowly restricted to only the three killing somebody and Jesus is not about going to restrict that is what you think you're hard that they limited this law can only killing Jesus is saying watch out okay on the go forward and show you whoever murders will do what it will be endangered by Bristol I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be danger the judgment and whoever says to his brother rock off we went what is Rocca MA for in the head okay yes whoever's as you would ever be headed to his brother shall be in danger of the council but whoever says you fooled shall be in danger of hell fire yet you never Jesus if he goes to the heart of the matter it's not just the next election good was twenty seven effect is not dealing with the restrictive view of the seventh commandment the seventh commandment in the Bible says you shall not commit adultery those people when some people are looking at just the physical act Jesus says no look at verse twenty seven you have that it was set up to those of you shall not commit adultery but I say to you whoever looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart Jesus goes to the heart of the matter Jesus is dealing here with a very very important issue folks going right to the heart of correct exit is not briefly finish of this section shall you that Exodus twenty really God is sharing with us heretofore concepts Commandments these are not then suggestions and these are not multiple choice either I think these are ten Commandments and we'll talk about it further because James talks about the two can you pick and choose will go to that in a few minutes so now you continue persisting you shall not steal again protecting that which God has blessed us what you shall not bear false witness folks let me warn you nothing destabilizes a relationship more than the lives you don't know what to believe relationships are shattered by that and finally fifteen hundred God gets to the heart of it for seventy you shall not covet your neighbor 's house I think in other words before you even steal it start what you shall come into neighbor 's wife before you commit adultery if it's in the heart God has these important vital ten principles for us so that we can know how to do in loving relationship with our Creator the reimported and his adults don't forget we've talked about in the past we are saved by grace through faith so that we can grow by grace in the Lord there's no legalism involved this is love to God when we love him we move keep his commandments I would move back I got to the fourth health tell you why the fourth for the last several meetings effect would halfway by yesterday were halfway with the series and the first seven meetings I've looked at biblical beliefs scriptural teachings that we as a community holding common with most other Bible believing Christians starting today I'm looking at what's unique beliefs is not totally unique to us because they are some people like the semis of Yahweh they are seven think Baptists and so forth who also keep and believe in the seventh day Sabbath but I would go back to and from today onwards I'm good to explore and I want you to keep an open mind remember X Chapter seventeen verse eleven they listened eagerly and then they went to search the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so that's a challenge on an acute dose of music Doctor Dupree says it I believe if no not it must be I believe because the Bible teaches sense psychic that's the key here so what is going on a trip now it into the seventh day Sabbath spend a few moments there just look at you with interesting as you look at that fascinating the very first thing you must recognize that everything is couched in this concept of love to God removal of Jesus in John chapter fourteen verse fifteen if you love me what him from the modern translations accusation if you love me you will keep my commandments automatically yes and that's through as it is the same Greek text but they actually printed this week if any competitive natural result you will keep my commands as we just read that Exodus at the twenty sixth showing mercy to thousands those who do what we left me and keep my commandments it's like that so it is all clearly based on that important love relationship love the heart of the law you would linguistically fascinating the fourth commandment makes up fifty five words in the Hebrew language and it's interesting how you have before it some and before it afterwards it is worth right in the middle is fifty five words and if you multiply this fifty five by three unit out and sixty five guess how many Hebrew words in the ten Commandments hundreds sixty three and if it's like they are as close to possible in the middle where if it forms a bridge between love to God and love to human beings fascinating when you study that fourth command more deeply as you study them will find many texts in the Bible if it was time tonight with the Deuteronomy seven nine system seven first night the fibrous dentist in November thirty took eleven was twenty four to chapter thirty first twenty three P six it talks about love the Lord and obey love the Lord and walked love the Lord and keep love comes first over and over again you must keep that sequence in its bright order please don't misunderstand remember this is based upon love and loyalty to our heavenly father no questions whatsoever yes we are saved by grace that would look at the Bible in the New Testament because this law we must look at a little more carefully James chapter two verse eight sometimes it appears very sadly so that those who keep God 's laws so in a way that brings disrepute upon the Decalogue why do I say that you see sometimes sadly you see people walking around with long faces and it's a matter of I can't do this they say I shouldn't do that don't do that and there are so many difference but when I read my Bible I get a different picture to look at what James has changed separate to verse eight James to oversight if you really fulfill the royal law what kind of laws it will be a little wiser broil all becomes additive method the King of Kings gave the royal law according to the Scripture you what is the oil you shall love your neighbor as yourself you do well usually he's capturing it in one sentence the second half of the ten Commandments year gone but if you show partiality you commit sin and unison is a transmission of the law and you are convicted by the lost addresses for whoever keeps the whole law yet stumble in one point he is guilty of lots AL at all so when God says no which will all of which logic to your government let's go on verse eleven for he was said to not commit adultery also said do not murder knife even if committed ultimately demoted you have become a transgression of the law interesting case is very clear you cannot keep nine commandments and break one you still guilty of breaking the whole law and then he goes further here's the good news so speak and do as those who will be judged by what the loft what was that the law of liberty yes God 's law folks is a law of freedom God 's law frees us we aren't encumbered number one with guilt number two we don't have to worry about the results what's working for the same and him that I stole this where it was when they found that I wasn't faithful to my partner my wife when we don't have to worry about those is the world of the future it frees us called law is a law of liberty I've never thought of it and in the heart of God 's law of liberty the Bible says that in the heart of it is the special day of freedom the data freedom the Bible as she calls it the Dean life did you know that the only day is that is called the like is the seventh day you find it in in Isaiah fifty eight was there to the state as a special nickname if you please the seventh day Sabbath is called do you like because it is intended to be a wonderful lot going on at the Nehemiah chapter nine verse six I said the royal law yes I want to show you this this in the book of Nehemiah we will see how he refers to this law of God Ezra Nehemiah not a long book just a few chapters year Ezra Nehemiah Esther you know where that is before the book of two books before the book of Job and we go to Nehemiah chapter nine verse six he says you alone are the Lord and you have made the heavens and heavens of heavens and all their host the earth and everything in it the season all that in the news and you preserve them all the host of heaven worshiped you interesting he says God you are the creator who made the heavens and the earth and that reminds you of which commandment in the ten Commandments the fourth of October first go on a little further oncology to quickly go whenever we go the principle to researching the thirteenth you came down also on Mount Sinai and spoke with them from heaven and gave them just ordinances and laws good statutes and commandments yes if the ten Commandments and now he owns the non- one you made known to them your holy Sabbath and can him precepts sentence laws by the hand of your servant Moses God the computer of the universe he is the one the King of Kings who gave the royal law it's a law of liberty do apologize if there's someone here who's not a member of this denomination and if you have ever seen a person who keeps the Sabbath sadly sourly please forgive us we have totally missed represented this wonderful day of freedom this is a day that God wants us to be free from worry okay free from where I freed so that we could worship God free so they can get involved in worthwhile spiritual pursuits it's a date free from stress free from secular pursuits if the date that we can take into the Scriptures a day that we can commute together as Christians but David to go and show compassion for the community is the best day of the week it's a wonderful day yes this is the day that you must delight in and in so and so folks I'm talking about the seventh day Sabbath when the day comes I remember a friend of mine poses fascinating he took time in his life to teach his kids what this wonderful day lives and you know what happened when they got to Saturday evening the kids complained they should all go to stop the Sabbath hole oh no one thirty we go to stop celebrating this wonderful date these are kids they love the Sabbath so much that when the sunset on Saturday night they ask she complained noon to get around saying this is the day of the light God likes delighting in the Lord it's an incredible deck it's a wonderful day I thank God that he is brought this to our attention with the perfume of the life of Jesus one always look and him when he was on this Earth what you think I would challenge all of you that everyone here spend time when you have some free moment tomorrow afternoon on our hike or a few noncommittal and I read about Jesus go to look to afford a quick example in his own life yes this is the example of Jesus we know when Jesus came to visit you deserve any talk a challenge wrong beliefs you know he was not afraid to challenge his fellow Jews even the leaders he challenged them and as you read the Scriptures fascinating and here's a nifty performer sixty talks about his practice the former sixty one negative so he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as was his custom he went to the synagogue on the Sabbath it is to read Jesus clearly followed this custom a good customer regularly writes that he is the question that all he was just practicing the Jewish faith and he was being faithful to them if Jesus wanted get rid of the seventh day Sabbath he would murder but what he didn't do enough now to challenge it read the Gospels especially the Gospel of John what Jesus was doing he was challenging and going against all of the wrong concepts that unfortunately had grown up over centuries as to how to keep the Sabbath they become extremely legalistic you couldn't talk you couldn't pick a piece of fruit and eat it because you are harvesting and you shouldn't harvest on the Sabbath there were more than thirty laws of things you couldn't do and so when the disciples were walking to the playing field and they plucked it wasn't illegal you are allowed to do it and when you did that I sent your disciples are doing what is not permitted on the Sabbath it's not according to the ten Commandments but according to the additional extra laws that they paddled on and the baby came up Sunday with Jesus if he got rid of all those wrong concepts and he was saying no this is the wonderful that this is a delightful date this is the date on which to do good to others him believe that we need to point to practice after you found to find Jesus repeatedly doing good to others the Sabbath was made for humankind go to market the tube was twenty seven just the book before that and he will do what I wanted to noticed very clearly and it would for man is on the boss this is the man in general not for males only again Mark took her to Jesus says to twenty seven and he said to them the Sabbath was made for man for mankind not man for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath he was the Lord of the Sabbath he could show people how to enjoy this day of freedom and incidentally if you go back to Genesis were not legally are expected as a separate to write their God instituted the seventy seven lead before hundreds of years before there was even a Jew Adam and Eve were not Jews we know that God instituted the Sabbath right here in Genesis fascinating so poorly for the life of Jesus we find many things as you read the Gospels you will find this out and Jesus is calling upon us to act out of love for him this is the day of liberty a wonderful date of freedom I have to be just a short attention I would I called a ten minute tangent I'm going to have to make it shorter here because our time is moving to rapidly get out I have been fascinated by this whole concept of the issue of evolution and an unbroken minimize they are major questions that arise on the issue of the seventy seventh yes in fact I have spent some fascinating times I've mentioned to some of you before he a fifty four page paper looking at this the word Sabbath the specifically related to one text fascinating you can dig deep in the Bible as for hidden treasures and the deeper you dig you the more beauties you see someone a challenging dig deep but as I look at this whole issue what evolution and today we've been privileged to have a specialist talk on that I would agree with him I found this was the science repeatedly reverses its use of the science they will sign disabled in your form for millions of years the Earth is the need for billions of years but science keeps changing its views and when you read the Bible the Bible says God created the heavens and the earth and God created us within six days they want to three four five six created all of these things ended on the seventh day he rested his actual well folks I wanted challenges there are books out there I am not finished with this one yet by a biochemist right close by your doctor George of war and I'm busy reading it not that I understand everything you know I probably would estimate is ten times before I can begin to grow some of these things that visits outside of my league but it's fascinating as I read as I find more fascinating things listen to what Doctor Gilmore says in his book called evidences for creation of hypothetical primordial Earth scenarios which purport to suggest how life may have sprung into existence are bankrupt very strong word that he goes for the twenty fifth it is not possible to have a living cell emerged by itself from any environment under any circumstances and he's taught for thirty five years here's somebody who's dug very deep and as I've been reading I found that they are actually hundreds of scientists from agnostics to two evangelicals who are serious and as they reflected they have concluded was the as as Irving Kristol a prominent brainy Jewish social critic said talking about Darwin 's theory how men and animals came about you said it is usually taught as an established scientific fact and yet it is nothing start he has five homers it has too many left to me all luck you need and what is that just too many gaps too many missing parts and here is an interesting delivery hundreds of geneticists biologists and paleontologists chemists mathematicians and other scientists from the agnostic Limited Jellico for an evolutionary biologist at the Smithsonian Institute Princeton MIT Cornell all of them are recognizing hundreds of them are recognizing that this whole concert of evolution just doesn't make sense it is not a flawless the original all kinds of problems with it as I mentioned once before in leading atheist okay Doctor Anthony flew as I pointed out he now has lifted and he says a super intelligence after more than fifty years more than half a century of promoting philosophical atheism says God cannot exist as more than fifty years now at age of eighty one stuck and it was at a super intelligence is the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature interests and he has accepted the God of the Bible is beginning to recognize it's impossible some people it takes a few years I pray to God if one takes some of us that all again let's listen to the evidence be open-minded I have so many things here that exciting and you know what listen to this in case you weren't aware Christianity and evolution are diametrically opposed and did you notice as early as eighteen sixty it was recognized agency schedules and ninety two thousand and sixty thirtieth eighteen sixty when Darwin the day of the year after his origin of species was published okay it was recognized that carried to their logical conclusion evolution appeared to undercut the very basis of Christianity if all believing any cock if you believe in evolution bottom line is incredible for the minor diesel dissertation on the whole concert of death before sin as you read what people are saying skeptics agnostics Christians well-known people is that you cannot believe in the Bible if you going to begin to accept evolution the well-known medical doctor pediatric surgeon recognized out the world you know his name Doctor Ben who Carson he was interviewed that he is not obviously in in these signs displays medical scientists have asked the question is a specialist is one of the consequential of accepting evolutionary views of human origins and you know he says by believing we are the product of random acts we eliminate morality rights we eliminate morality and the basis of ethical behavior for if there is no such thing as moral authority God who created us you can do anything you want and what's interesting and very sad and I don't want to minimize that I remember reading and seeing this magazine I believe it was Newsweek and it was the time magazine the monster is next-door columbine remember Columbine these two young men who went in there and cold-blooded he killed all so many of their friends including a teacher unbelievable that was in this time magazine and of course where were the parents that article what about guns but in the same magazine was a major article on evolution and in that the title of that article was the first chair and I thought the will be very magazine that they complaining about what these young men had done the same magazine they saying you know this is where we come from anyway all they don't say those words but that's what amounts do we come from the first pictures and of course as you put the two together you can edit and the invisible subtitle a bit of yonder fall in all in us all is there a bit of caveman maturing a thought and as you read that they didn't but the dude to get about I thought was the ultimate irony complaining about the maturity of these young men didn't think we come from this any way unbelievable I got up early on here I said a quick tangent you know it is interesting folks here are some people that they all but you see Dr. Dre listen that's first those first two chapters of Genesis that just poetry God was not giving us actual historical fact guess what folks that is not too easy read the Bible even in your Bibles they never put it in poetic form this call is the Bible translators never go to put the book of Psalms and you get this poetry have you noticed that in Genesis wanted to know poetry nobody who is serious about the Bible seems about Scripture can see this as potent at all in fact with the value James Barr professor of Hebrew at the University of Oxford Word of Oxford yes he was professor there many came to the United States as part of the brain drain coming across here James Barr says this so far as I know there is no professor of Hebrew Old Testament at any world-class university who does not believe if all the Old Testament phrases and even proposes at University world-class universities to believe what that Genesis one to eleven is intended to convey to their readers the ideas that creation took place in a series of six days which were the same as the days of twenty four hours we now it's been this professors of the sky something to beef up a question basic I'm studying the Bible I know my Hebrew number to the figures contained in the Genesis genealogies provide by some addition a chronology from the beginning of the world after the later stage of the biblical story is about the visit if you know your Hebrew and you belong to a world-class university you will know six days was little number two you will know that you add up the genie genial chronologies it comes to around six thousand years and number three theater is finishing up and that no was flawed was understood to be worldwide and extinguished all human and land animal life except those in the art if you see it was about the Bible you cannot concoct with all that just poetry see the scholars see how you might try to find another way around it but if you see as you know why because the moment you don't believe in creation is the beginning of this world you will have to throw what they need many biblical beliefs because if you don't believe that God created Adam and Eve if you don't believe in creation then how can you believe in sin how can you believe in the fall into sin because that's what the Bible says Genesis chapter three Jerry God because God created Adam and Eve they been sending Genesis three don't believe in the creation you won't believe in sin then you don't need a Savior is very important you believe in any aspect of this evolutionary concepts that would talk about you have to thought sin salvation judgment and obviously the seventh day Sabbath because the fourth commend the fifth forty six days the Lord made heaven and earth right at its right there is an attempt in the ten Commandments so you you serious about the Bible you have absolutely no choices if this is the reality let's be serious about it I would challenge you my brother my sister I'm not saying there are no problems they are serious challenges but let's be serious about the wood of the him he would've got left committed and so we cannot go this direction I want to share some good news with you and that is they are people who are recognizing this the faith of Seventh-day Adventist summer you might've heard of some rumblings yes for a few years we been having discussions in evolution and creation of scholars and theologians and scientists administrators have gotten together I was privileged to be one of those was invited when I was working groups they invited me to come to this meeting eighty scholars and I was privileged to be there at the first faith and science conference when we talk together we listen to each other good news praise God there is more and more evidence that the biblical record is clear and corrects the bad news unfortunately some some even amongst us have begun to slip and to follow others in fact one person even said publicly and this man claimed to be a theologian but he said publicly when push comes to shove I have to go with the scientists and when I sat there I began to wonder and think I've come up with a new word I have not concocted a word I have decided that people who do that are not theologians they are and through the low gins and anthropologist studies human beings okay and and simple origin listens to the words of human beings and believes what they say rather than what God fails status theologian or anthropology but the good news is this as a community of Bible believers the seventh Avenue strip has chosen under the read once that we reaffirmed the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the historicity of Genesis one to eleven that this him as a creation of documents with 24-hour days forming a week identical in contrast to what we now excuse is that the flood was globally nature is a sport although we have finished that was voted in two thousand and four so I just went of frontier to know what the conclusion was from that study and in addition they also challenge of mistakes we call on all members all boards and educators and reading them before accepting them as institutions at all levels to continue upholding and advocating the church 's position on origins if you wanted to say yes this is their second record all both educators we along with some that his parents expect students to receive a federal balance and scientifically rigorous exposure to an affirmation of our historic belief in a literal reason six the creation even as they are educated to understand and assess competing philosophies of origins that dominate scientific discussion in the contemporary world try this is the site by challenging us to be faithful and to be firmed we call on all members of the worldwide commitments them to proclaim and I'm doing that right now to proclaim and teach the church 's understanding of the biblical doctrine of creation living in it's like rejoicing in our status as sons and daughters of God and praising our Lord Jesus Christ our Creator and 3-D and that that's what we are called to tell folks I know it's fascinating and sad while this is happening which are losing people it is it it's fascinating and exciting it's sad to see some of folk drifting away teaching teaching things that are contrary to the clear written word of God but it's exciting to see that they are others even knocked off the seventh avenues family who are making significantly Cubist to see today I like to make sure Mike current and correct so I got in the fund made long-distance calls a day down to Michigan and I doubt the one zero seven nine four three three zero one and when I doubt that I doubted intentionally to find out whether this really was correct residue you haven't little paper that your church etc. but what is that Saint Catherine's yes this is an Catholic Catholics where are you located over Europe in order she told me when I'll do next I said that Sinclair Bullock yes what number I can't let you a check to make sure I actually asked the street address and all that and I said did you put them little thing called the Sentinel yes we used to put it on before we don't have any more all you have a priest there by the name of father Leo Broderick because he wrote this as far as the Seth he said oh yeah father Leo Broderick he retired ten years ago approximately and I listed this nineteen ninety five I suggest this is authentic delete you from this prison by the priests listen carefully one one perhaps the boldest think the most revolutionary change the church Roman Catholic Church ever did happen in the first century I'm really a result of operating a word on the holy day the Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday the day of the Lord brackets DS Dominica Latin was chosen not from elite directions noted in the Scriptures but from the church 's sense of its own power the day of resurrection the day of Pentecost fifty days later came on the first of the week so this would be the new seven one more sentence listen carefully now from this retired priest he says the people who think that the Scriptures should be the sole authority you believe that and you stop the use of a medicine to repeat people who think that the Scripture should be the sole authority shouldn't logical the become Seventh-day Adventists and keep Saturday holy did I read that correctly literally that sentence again people who think that the Scriptures should be the sole authority shouldn't logically be a urological business if you believe the Scriptures are just that audiological Ohlone people that site regularly go back if Al Qaeda camp is the authority love you believe the scratches of the sole authority okay are you logical good marriage I said people who think that the Scripture should be the sole authority shouldn't logically becomes Seventh-day Adventists and keep Saturday holy okay and the authenticity I checked you want a company after that give you the phone number I didn't want unsafe slowly they don't know what the people calling we want to be nice we just appreciate that statement made so clearly for the retired priest the relentlessly interrogate from a commentary Bible commentary book of Colossians by HK Ironside published in New Jersey nineteen ninety seven he says that there is no commandment this letter is a Sunday keeping Christian there is no commandment in the New Testament inculcating the thickness of the first of the week and demanding the Christian subs of this computer speaks for holy purpose of check the consensus on judgment of spiritually minded believers at the catchphrase for what tradition are repeated the consensus of you are spiritually minded believers there's nothing in the Bible but the people all through the centuries has led to the honoring of this day Sunday as a time of worship meditation and Christian testimony isn't that interesting folks here we have other people who think is not in the Bible what is in the Bible if you believe in the Bible is and you are multicore then you have only one choice if you are logical and Loyola and it is the key ideological and loyal to have one choice fascinating my challenge to you is very simple don't go with the customs of Christians go with the Commandments of the creator that's the key I would leave you with a phrase that I want you to try to memorize is not alone one is a simple one because I was always reminded that the stock that he was saved by grace and after things saved by grace the woods are we not of two new gods law notice that saved by grace we love to live God 's law saved with nucleus saved by grace we love to live God 's law and I phrased that way intentionally because it is moving it out of love I had to would keep your on today I cannot would keep because keeping flies holding on now let's move it let's share it with this show and tell others with compassion with joy and anger never again I mentioned this before let's be tough on ourselves and tender towards others I used were tolerant I threw that out because it would tolerance has a not a good connotation as a Christian nowadays okay because for no cells and tender towards others some of us also have a ways to grow us encourage one another and present tough and ourselves and tender I was constantly using to Jesus him is what it is just not suited to encourage one another some of us would find it difficult to process some of the things that you know lets people to collect encourage one another the short story was of year several years ago preacher moved to Houston Texas some weeks after he arrived in a patient to write a bus from his home down to the downtown area we sat down in the exchange he discovered that somehow he had a quarter just twenty five cents more change they should've gotten he thought about what to do he thought to himself he piggybacked a quarter it would be wrong to keep it and then he thought of as just a quarter of one who would worry about that little amount anyway the bus company gets too much fear anyway you know they overcharge accepted as a gift from God and praise him when he has stopped paying the godly walk to the front of the bus and he turned to the bus driver is it skews the driver you gave me at too much change the driver sodium and smile and he said aren't you the new preacher in town I have been thinking lately about going to worship somewhere I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change policy you at church when the preacher stepped off the bus industry grab the nearest light pole held on and said O God I almost sold your son for a quarter friend my challenge to each one of you if we been saved by grace as we saw there do you want to live God 's law by love a challenge for you that's a challenge for me growing sometimes painful but you know what's exciting is that we well we can by God 's power grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I want to make an appeal receiving but I would like us to sing a human doing now him I want us to reflect the Mexican producing this beautiful him open my eyes that I may see number three hundred and twenty six it's a beautiful and reflect on those words and to date on the net have you think there might be some here who has been like the older brother in in-depth article Sonia went up about the legalistic guy who stayed home she didn't go out and literally sleep with prostitutes but he was not converted he was a legalistic okay there might be some he would not enjoy the delights of the state of all living in God 's love and of sharing it positive I want you to be thinking very carefully because I'm going to make it appeal to you to there might be some who never seeing the beauties of God 's law out of one group is those who have been legalistic going inclined the second want those of breast been ignorant of this beautiful law and if the second group I want to be calling upon to make a commitment to reflect on that as we sing the scene would ask you to stand right now as we sing this beautiful hymn thank you holy father for helping us to see the beauties in your word this wonderful law of love that you have given us lord I don't know who might still be struggling if anyone is here for continue to work on their hearts I thank you that it appears as a see you this evening we have folk will love you would've understood your law school seen these beauties I pray to bless us to live out your life within us to help us to see your beautiful law your love liberty in all of its fullness so that others may see Jesus to us in his name we pray amen


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