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James Kyle



  • February 25, 2006
    9:30 AM
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foreheads Lord we thank you forgotten we have been time you were today the Holy Spirit be in this place teach us what you want to know the name of Jesus we pray amen it's good to be with you this morning I'll be the restoration group is a group that I really appreciate your willingness to stand for truth of the eye I have an unusual view my come on along when the campus I recognize that I'm probably a in many ways this on at least a religious conservative and up any political liberal and I'm an environment that is politically conservative and religiously liberal thank you for me that I'm in conflict on Sabbath and uncomfortable week in August I deliver what I favorably know where I fit but I'm glad in this in the household of faith there's room for the virgins in his room for diversity and his room for diversity of thinking and thought this morning I want to spend some time talking to you about the wildness of God the wildness of God who many of us postmodern followers of Jesus we decided to offer Christ what we deem to be reasonable service we restrain ourselves from any radical or ill logical or potentially harmful adherence to our spirituality and we as a group of generally opted for a safe no risk kind of religion we choose the safe God who would never place us at risk we want smooth sailing cons sees and Placid Harbor 's wife I will let you know this morning that you cannot play it safe and get to heaven the work of salvation is fraught with perils challenges and battles to save us sometimes God needs to use the vernacular in our chest he needs to oppose us he needs to shake us up out of our complacency in order to get us into the kingdom the work of perfecting our characters will require each of us to walk through some difficult pathways and finally to make up our minds to God even the wild God of Scripture can indeed be trusted while God I said yes I do you see the God of revelation is wild to the extent that he is indeed sovereign that he is old this blog is unconventional is brutally honest with us and he is passionately devoted to our salvation at any cost any cost to him at any cost to you while never violating our free will be providentially will lead us from her glory God is while and then he cannot be confined to the narrow expenses of our mental constructs in a God that you can figure out box and package in place on the shelf is not of God were worshiping in a Gothic are feeble minds and wrap around an understanding thoroughness will become so predictable and so obtain that we can rest assured that he will never get in our way not serving the same garden Arthur you need to know that God interposes in the lives of his people the guide and read the Bible to be set up team and takes him down and there are countless examples of the word of God will God interpose in the lives of his believers and leads and directs and guides frequently in places and directions it was not their intention to go so just what does this type of God expects from I wish I could bring you good news but he expects every depths that really is what makes us fearful to stop and really listen to his demands we are fearful that he may ask for months some unspeakable demand that we are not now or ever prepared to get my roommate in college and I'm used to joke about the fact I switch my major my freshman year from medicine physiology and saliva go off to my religion class and my roommate when often in science classes at a comeback in evening out telling things about I what I learned in class today is a manageable size also and he finally wonders that a visit would you be quiet as it was the problem is every time you come in and tell me what you learn it's something I don't want to do I want to hear it just keep it to yourself God frequently come into our lives in ways and keep in the displaces that we never intended to go my wife made a decision as a young woman looking at her sisters and being the daughter of a minister visited to types of people I will never marry I will never marry a minister and I will never marry a doctor in one bad decision to go God I believe you have a sense of humor because sovereign believe that the way he wants to lead a field while you can ask him up and say this is what he is you'll follow him a lesson although you is no genie in a box to run and then he Pops up in answers and gives you your three wishes more likely where you want me to pop up and give him his wishes about three mins one Romans chapter twelve verse one says therefore I urge you brothers in view of God 's mercy to offer your bodies as living sacrifices holy and pleasing unto God this is your spiritual act of worship we have been asked to give our bodies as living sacrifices Jesus does not need you did but online is looking for living sacrifices sacrifices is committed even unto death but that is willing to die to sell every day we demand the willingness to be martyred what is more concerned about our new living there I'm living sacrifice that will culminate one day and eternal life for us in on unknown writer once penned these words he said there's nothing they wouldn't do for the Lord that nothing is too good for the Lord that there is nothing in their lives that they cannot have the document hat and nothing is about what God gets so just how far is God prepared to go the saver 's and just how much are we prepared to give up was more than what is the briefly take a look at the story of sacrifice in the Bible story of Abraham we discover and looking at his story that God is not interested in half way almost play it safe followers he is looking for radical theological sometimes don't know what will happen free those who would step out in trust of God in Genesis chapter twenty two and verse two we find these words Genesis twenty two and verse two you know the story where familiar then God said take your son your only son Isaac whom you love and go to the region of maria sacrifice him there sacrifice him there as they were offering on one of the mountains I will command what kind of law is what kind of test must this be the take your English the sun and sacrifice and as a bird off this is the same God who commands thou shalt not kill but the same God who promise your wife Sarah shall bear you a son and you will call his name Isaac and from him your descendents will be at the same wheeled through Abraham now a space with an awful dilemma if he obeys God he loses his only son by his own pain caught between the apparent contradiction between the promise of God and the command of God and suddenly there's no way out nowhere to run and hide the essays stained-glass one day a week gone suddenly becoming unpredictable dangerous and unreasonable it took three days for Abraham and Isaac to reach the mountain at Mariah and every day he and his nine about taking the life of his son can you imagine what Abraham was speaking on those nights you may have bought when I go back home and see sister Sarah as she asked me where guys what a Microtel he was sacrificed what will sacrifice him ID now I can I've been married for thirty one years I can well imagine what happens when in the conversation my wife if I forget to take out the trash let alone the kind of conversation we would have if I sacrifice her only son because the Lord said so Abraham was in a terrible terrible with this in the book redress and profits page fifty three you find these words Abraham did not seek to excuse himself from doing the will of God during the three days journey he had sufficient time to reason and to doubt God if he was disposed to adopt he might have reasons that slay his son would cause him to be looked upon as a murderer of second team that he would call this teaching to be rejected and the spine is not a great move for a seminary graduate and thus destroy his power to do good was probably he might have pleaded that age should excuse him for Moby 's but the patriarch did not take refuge in any of these excuse no thing that they attempt to give us many many excuses why we can disobey the playing command of God let's talk about some of these women a young woman seeking to be Mary says I know that my fiancé doesn't love the Lord but I can change him another excuse I hear God doesn't really expect me to be celibate as he about this is an emergency I'll pay my time next week I know I shouldn't gossip girl I really don't have time for daily worship today I didn't worship God right here at home why do I need to go to church but Abraham was too busy trying to do the will of God to make excuses and not be obedient I'm sure it is significant to make Abraham believe that he was somehow deceived or even deluded that God would not require him to do what was written in his work but experience had taught Abraham took Schloss in the voice of God he knew he was not deceived even if he was a my friends when God places his command on your life you don't need to understand God to obey God by the way may come as news to you God is not interested in my opinion regarding his will about Iraq I know you want me to go to his attempt to talk about this woman and an acid account that is no there's really nothing to say about this new Disney to go do what I've asked you to do I've raised two sons my youngest one son will turn twenty next month most one is when I will turn thirty and two months and I can tell you that the father of a son early in their lives I had to get my bluff in the boat bigoted I am now most honestly thought he always armed in with evil duties he's got no as the kid went we never bought him a toy gun now he's surrounded by heavy artillery he's got assault weapons it is in his car gets taken yellow police cars now have been than shotguns in the air carries a gun and he's got a ride home in the trunk and enemy comes holies in plainclothes not I would reject the hug him him hitting hard steel one is Belden 's okay I was the shake your hand that's okay in my blood in her so that they understood the meaning open begins early in their lives the now when I molded people and I say I need to do something I don't have to duck and word of it would hurt me early in the Christian experience God wants us to learn what it means to open because as life goals on when the heat of battle when the waters that come from heaven to you that are that I will end in significance and importance he does not need his people then trying to reason with him about what he wore there is nothing safe about Abraham 's gall but there was nothing safe about Abraham 's faith Abraham was called to a life defining decision for no logical dangerous moment in time he was living in the eye of the hurricane of God 's property but Abraham 's faith allow him to rise above doubt his faith took him where his site could not go quietly there was no logical explanation for God telling him to sacrifices what would Abraham depend on what he could depend on is that the boys that David be a logical and irrational command with the boys of call of course he had come to know and recognize the agonizing nights of prayer and study of what you learn to understand in times of peace and in times of insecurity he knew the voice of God because of his relationship with God God spoke to him even though he did not understand what God meant he knew he had to open when God pulled me out of a very comfortable civilian life is that I want to go to Loma Linda I look at my wife we prayed about it we simply have no idea what God wants us in Loma Linda for the wiki not me not for glory out of me I would remind this past week we're talking about a pastor John Nixon so you may note John and John just recently accepted a call from the pastor of Oakwood College Church the practice of the missionary college all of his colleagues looked at John as if he would somehow been smoking crack is a John when you think you're leaving the nest of black Adventist Oakwood College church pastor to be the pastor of Southern University culture this is like leaving if I can use a very crude analogy is like leaving the Black Panther party and becoming chairman of the John Birch society busywork recriminations and culturally these are two completely different culture to completely different ways of worshiping and John when we found out on Sundays and you know what I found out that some of the pastors and elders at that church have been watching my takes on the Internet and listen to my preaching I decided that it was a mess as they want to hear Pennsylvania the most unusual to want to think they call John B passive ventures and John came in response to their request and response to what he believed was the voice of God resisted and regret his colleagues told him what the right career move as it must follow Jesus how many of you are prepared to go where godchildren go in a respectable to your friends three was logical to go how many of you are prepared to do what God has commanded a view into what others say how could you even when you you don't understand what God is trying to calm when God answers prayer the answer is personal uniquely but he can answer to prayer five thousand people in the same act do not operate differently a wonderful example of God present in prayer as we look at what God did for I did was just a jerk litter also thank you Joshua prayed is a large without a fight this battle we can win this battle I need you to stop the sun in the sky that we can quite long enough in the day to win the battle God answers Josh was Brad in the opposite way he prayed because God knew he couldn't stop the sun the earth revolves around the sun the sun when will it will mirror that was moving and evolving on a substance so to answer his prayer to stop a song about how the Earth is a Mondays the new studies in physics you know when I will hold your so even when our prayers are misguided in terms of technical accuracy the Bible says of the Holy Spirit takes our prayers and interprets them to God that he understands what else silly people are trying to say what the government annoyed about science the German seminary we held your on its axis and would not revolve the battle could be more there is nothing see about God Hebrews eleven nineteen Abraham in the middle of this dilemma we now must sacrifice his son he's not quite sure what to do but he was eleven nineteen Paul the power the Holy Spirit reflects back on what was going on and Abraham mine and it says Abraham reasoned Hebrews eleven nineteen Abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead and figuratively speaking he did receive I think back from their letters of Abraham believed that if he killed Isaac that God would resurrect him in order to keep us all he had so much confidence and faith in the promise of God he was well into old band the command of God it would've seemed to have completely obliterated that promise and trusted God to raise them back from the what kind of faith that what kind of God we didn't require that of his feet Braden who wrote these words to when you have nothing left but God then you become aware that God is enough Corrie ten boom wrote these words uses never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God so Abraham raised the knife above his obedient son to take his life and when he was fully committed when the blade had reached the height of his apex and assent when he was prepared the plan is that knife into this the heart of his only son our called out to him Abraham desiccated inherent Abraham recalled quite do not lay a hand on that for you see Abraham had passed but just enough to sacrifice all that he had already treasured in order to obey God got provided another sacrifice around in the thicket a symbol of the work with Christ being our sacrifice Abraham was the one person got it done he renamed that place to hold Gyro which means the Lord will provide perhaps the most important lesson for our times is understand that God is indeed Jehovah Gyro and that he indeed does profile I think I told the story when I was off on military duty I can mobilize the reserves in operation joint Endeavor and I was in a sign in Germany and my wife at home by herself she went try to get some exercise and want to walk into a park near where our house wasn't I was a bit protector allows praying for her and as she was walking he saw a man who was stalking her and she looked around relaxing with nobody out there but her enough part of Mark and so she started trying to walk over faster in the massacre coming towards her trying to angle to meet her and she began to pray Lord help me and out of nowhere to German Shepherd dog 's appear to walks beside her one left one on the right the man saw her the dogs turned and walked away and after she agog to another part of the park she was safe the doctors rental now I don't know Range Rover Angel sent what I do know is Jehovah Jack the Lord provide hi and time and time in your lives you look back and watch the hand of God 's province identity when you are in in in God 's will there's no feeling like a longer being God 's child is more than a job it's an adventure you have no idea where God wants lead you to your open to his leaving he can do great things through you if you close enough in a box to keep as a nursing facility doesn't interfere with your precious plan those plans may or may not succeed but they will never be what God called him to be in its rising is from the life doing wonderful could be only hear God up in your life they both are great but we do and what I actually perhaps that lesson that God is Jehovah Jarvis a lesson that we need to take away from this place today you see in these final days Satan will do all he can to assert his authority and to cause us to doubt God he will threaten your job you will threaten your marriage he will threaten your health he will attempt to separate you in anyway he can from Jehovah John he wants to somehow to believe that you are isolated that you are on your own and you have been abandoned but that is a lot God never forsakes his people even when his commands not clearly understood by us even when they could use us he is in charge and we would just let go sometimes letting go about our higher-order functions long enough to hear and listen the global barriers of wisdom and knowledge and learning that it come into our minds it got what is it you're trying to say who recognizes plan is perfect for a while what does God want he wants everything we had any wants everything we all he wants to strip us of all pretend games fear unconfessed sin and excuses he wants living sacrifice and this according to our text is our spiritual act of worship singing psalms and lifting holding hands and singing praises are finding their place but in the quiet consistent surrender the white were dedicated service of God that is really what worship is over all goals on the same Romans twelve to do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind then you'll be able to test and approve what God 's will is his good pleasing and perfect will this mind renewal can only take place of the power of the Holy Spirit after the word of God you cannot remove me know your mind and Chaucer you cannot renew your mind and Shakespeare if you want your mind renewed it has to be through God 's word and by his Holy Spirit film it happens you can't be a desperate housewife and hope you have a renewed mind the truth as it is in Oprah Doctor Phil Doctor roof or any of the team he profits of prosperity will not renew your mind but when your mind is transformed by the power of God 's word all of this anything you will understand the purpose will of God if you are confused about what God is trying to tell you you find yourself alone in his word on your knees in prayer and ask his Holy Spirit to give you liked and you may have asked repeatedly if God is not a test to see just how badly do you want to know what I have you there is no human on earth this compares to being in the will of God in moment that will as we a lot for this morning the clothes you need to know there is a sovereign God that to the un- trusting souls may appear while but this God is seeking your service this daughter seeking your commitment this blog is seeking your trust are you living in conformity in conformity to the values of the world are you truly naked before God in total surrender of your ambitions of your rights of your entitlements of your ease and comfort Jesus said of any man would come after me let him deny himself take up his call and follow self-denial has nothing to do with the absence of prosperity the absence of prosperity means your Baroque being broke then maybe through self-denial self-denial is the willingness to abandon your right to your so your present your plans for your future and to walk in a will of God my wife said I'll never remarry a minister Doctor she got both we wants it we never want to live in the inland Empire we now reside here and read I thought if I said to God I never want to be rich but suddenly this but nowhere but you can't fool God so when I said I never wonder Rich got that e-mail no Abraham was not the first on the last person to confront the sovereign God is wild God Moses met him at a burning bush got to take off his shoes because the ground upon which you stay in school Sampson found the sovereign God in the dark captivity of his sinfulness we found himself now for crewcut instead of the long walks and without Daniel found this sovereign God we found that alliance then instead of being lions food use Lyons is a pillow and slipped quietly through the night check recognition in the Bendigo found the sovereign God of an air-conditioned conference in the middle of a fiery firm Nebuchadnezzar encountered the sovereign God after he was through grazing on grass in the field of the crazy man at the beast and God brought them back to write my novel is gone and Nebuchadnezzar worshiped the true God the spat in the eyes of a blind manzanita finally seek God for himself Saul met the sovereign God on the Damascus road he knocked them off with Ms. that same all once I was met in the midnight prayer meeting in jail one night in their genes from up on the board of the deal fell down because he is far because he is gone and this law this wild golf is still trying to get our attention because he wants to transform our lives he pursues us because he loves one oh preacher refer to Jesus as the hound of salvation once he has your sent will track you to be in the liquor were the saviors for smoking six nineteen and twenty says you are not your own you were bought at a price therefore honor God with your body how truly valuable we are we have been purchased by the blood of the line Jesus went on across and die just have a right to reclaim that which was lost we have been ransomed from debt ransomed from sin we were held hostage and captive and Jesus paid the price bring us out we think of God would ransom everything for you will then abandon you to your own devising that he would not have a plan for your life a plan for your future calling the direction because he wants to use you and the great controversy to reach out to others or themselves still in bondage and cap how long will we spend between two God be God in certain and if God is not God 's will and do what you want I'm amazing how many Christians remain in the church miserable they want to do just enough to keep out Rachel but not a morning they need to the BFA happy in Jesus presently live these kind of marginal spiritual lives asking Lord how little must I do to be saved anyone who asked that question doesn't understand the joy of salvation salvation is not about doing work in order to be saved is about rejoicing in our salvation and our gratitude we serve God I don't serve him to be Satan I serve it because I am sick I don't do righteousness and ordinary God 's favor I can't not I cannot merit his favorite effect greatest in it by definition is on narrative and you can't be good enough about the love you while you were yet sinners Paul says Christ died for you and me as with any couple the fact that we are saying we are sinners we make mistakes were not perfect your brother got on the list of the ninety one and insulted we are not perfect without law we are in the solvable and I'm amazed above amazement that God takes valuable people messed up hope my guts people whose problems got problems pulls us and says I now have moreover you do want to Gardner put into whether somebody else you can affect the leisure I chose you know Joe probably want to ask another question Satan comes in that you know what on the Job interview except all the lessons you have that you consider myself joke and Joseph I think I like the financial list of alternate told me he wished the block it's somebody else the prophet of Nineveh but can you send somebody else not want to go to what I really wanted a backboard angle that you is a dangerous thing the mess with the sovereign you're not going well I hope you don't upset I have yet is understanding the ownership of him who were got one of the manifesto pastorate is not shipped until storm overthrows the fullbore the time roadrunner both arguments together suddenly the Holy Spirit let the note you know what this is not an ordinary store this storm looks like the wrath of God they all start praying to them God 's check for bulk lot but we were interjecting is a haven all right made us all I is based on John John of estimate it's me you are in our exact unethical act in a little board the Jackson memorial one could call this comes along specially prepared Ms. God had anticipated John is this week perhaps months years before have prepared a fish what is my mission in life Lord you swallow Jonah what Jonah this one's emotions he never belonged away getting bigger and bigger until Providence leads into that point would join the splashes of water this will cause a jump swallows that need just contain the Jonah goal for the E ticket ride of his life each ticket of disobedience until finally the fish is commanded to spit Jonah up on to the beach donors don't taste the fish sticks and the differently letting them out and speaking about assessing Jonah came out with fish innocence all around him boat to fish with the Cologne he was wearing when he hit the beach when he got to the beach of what direction do you think of a way now God interposed in Jones Lang is gone the he recognized that the pathway of disobedience once acknowledged and once allowed the want with potentially be Jonas ultimate destruction and because he loved John and love the people in them they got in Jonas just interrupted his his comfort and put them in a belly of the fish to protect them in the water and given time for prayer meeting and when John had a one-to-one conversation with God and he vomited up on a beach upon shower I understand what new unit from God when John a hit that town visit what if it in the list from a distance as he was going with this and it says that the town than a book and at which object how long will be span between two opinions that equals the story below once wrote wrote a letter to a mail-order house in his letter written like this please send me the engine new show on page eight seventy eight of your catalog it is any good I'll send you a check by week later he got a response from the catwalk company please send us your check if it's any good will send you are and I raise the question as we closed how long will we continue to buy our internal future when your faith account is marked insufficient what can we with the bounced check what troubles the wildness of God require the replace our wisdom and humbly trust in the bottom paper on father teaches this morning what it means to really trust in your work we recognize we are so prone to want to do our own thing we have darling plan cherished ambition some of them had been given to us by you some of them have been substituted by the devil will help us to hear your voice to walk in Europe the say yes even when our hearts cry out no until we learn that you are of God who can be trusted the name of Jesus we pray amen


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