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Griping Over God's Gifts: A Prophet or a Loss

Ron du Preez



  • February 27, 2006
    12:00 PM
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him a welcome back to our final week is only correctly pointed out together all final weeks to gather in God 's word please note on the thing our final week in God 's word I'm hoping that this will continue for you to spend time in God 's word but the final time for this week for us to be together because I will be going back home and just under seven days six days and several hours on Monday this time next week I should be on the plane going back to see in this back to Michigan and my beloved our last message we talked about the fact they'll think of the sanctuary Christ died for sin and now serves as our priest you see this in the book of Hebrews and we talked about that in our final message and this is the reminder of the written word that I haven't really given you to memorize bits Christ died for sins and now serves as our priest after that message within a transition and go into a few other important messages this week so I won't have to do with this pause while I pray for God to open our minds as I opened his word thank you father for the privilege of continuing to dig into your word bless us now as we consider your gifts to us in Jesus precious name amen some of you might remember seeing a picture of this lady would benefit up on the screen not right now but for tonight I name was Ashley Smith and remember Ashley Smith who though I have gone up okay I'll remind you it happened March last year and it was March twelve will and they say that Ashley Smith's has clearly captured the public 's heart but we forget all too soon signed a reminder quickly about Ashley Smith is he doing this member name of Brian Nichols who attacked a deputy Sheriff 's Deputy injured paragon Rusty did Atlanta courthouse shot to death the Judge Rowland Barnes will order another deputy estate shot another and killed all four people and off-duty federal agents and around two o'clock on March twelve early Saturday morning he showed up there at the apartment of FB Smith took her hostage and she endured a seven hour hostage drama that eventually the United States remember now who of you now remembers Asif Smith handling a follower okay so that he's with his one one you shall not do here Ashley Ashley Smith shared with him told about her own husband would been stabbed to death and said he killed me my child will be an orphan and then she read the Nichols to Brian Nichols from an inspirational book and talk to him about her faith in God and what's interesting this is what she said to the economy you the words as she said Nichols hit your life still has the purpose how by ministering to other inmates you think you give yourself up go to prison so that you can become a minister how quarter actual words here here he was holding her hostage he had two guns Key said you can go to jail and save many more people than you killed courage indeed effect on the front cover of people magazine that talks about a woman of courage and of faith fascinating to talk to this multiple murder telling him that he could be a minister that he could save so many people in prison more than he had killed with a gun fascinating spent some time today reflecting on kids of the spirit that we talked about about six days ago about stewardship and I said we've will later on talk about the other tutees we talked about stewardship six days ago what tutees did we talk about time and treasures for the data will go to the third one and you don't know by what you are able to do that he hasn't used some of your still enjoying the physical food Matthew twenty five verse fourteen and fifteen parable told by Jesus in the context obviously is the end of the world Matthew chapter twenty five verse fourteen and fifteen many of your appointed with this parable the King of heaven is like a man Matthew twenty five verse fourteen traveling to a far country who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them and to one he gave five talents to another to do another one to each according to his own ability and immediately he went on a journey as you study the Bible it becomes clear that this is a parable opposite of Jesus himself he distributes gifts through the spirit to his children those who accept him and then he goes away while he is gone of course the people who are a follows are expected to utilize his talents this is the thirteenth the talents that God blessed us with we talked about time treasure and now talent incident it tomorrow with you to talk about Temple the body that we talk about secrets of centenarians but the day let's spend some time looking at the issue of talents the first question is why why did God send that special gifts with good-looking features one of the letters of Paul wrote Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians will go to chapter four Ephesians chapter four verses eleven through fourteen and here in this letter to the Ephesians is one of the places Paul speaks about the issue of spiritual gifts this is what he says Ephesians four eleven through fourteenth and he himself gave some to be apostles some profits some evangelists and some pastors and teachers at the freedom for risk eleven what's the purpose notice verse twelve so we know what God bless as you would and by which we can the rest of Paul's writings on this in a few moments what's the purpose was twelfth Keith for the equipping of the things for the work of ministry however the first thing God given gifts so that his children can minister to other SF I told the story as she smirked when he says which he says the Brian Nichols when you get the jail you can minister to others and save more people than you killed God provides so that we can reach out to others that's the first thing and before the edifying of the body of Christ as a second think for the edifying of the body of Christ one so that you can reach out to others to so that we ourselves will be edified the Fed and continues till we all come to the unity of the faith taught as part of that how do we get edified we become unified we don't fragment we are willing to work together to the knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the things of Christ that we should no longer be children that's spiritually children why our children because children are tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the trickery of men in the coming craftiness of the SQL plotting in a simple way the gifts are for two brothers one to equip God 's people so they can reach out to others to so that you and I can grow and growth includes working together in unity as well as being careful of heresy as part of growth keeping away from her medical teachings things that will cause us to go to and fro as a phrase I'm going to share with you that captures in a nutshell the purpose of God 's gifts I put it this way God 's gifts are for growth in the living God 's gifts are for growth and to share his love and to share you will go to offer growth and to share his love saved with the police God gives us all for growth and to share his love to purposes that come right out of the Scriptures fascinating this is why God gives us gifts but the question is how are the gifts given and that's a very important question for the drug enforcement chapter twelve the very well-known passage where the apostle Paul under divine inspiration is writing to the people in the town of Lawrence in Greece and here is a group of people that obviously had some challenges because they were doing something that Paul wasn't very happy with and you can read an advertisement is at the fall is writing some people call it to the problem church in Corinth so when you reversed when does remember they had some see risk difficulties so in the context he's giving of counsel and sometimes review as well here at first Clintons twelve verse one my bottle has a subheading spiritual gifts unity in diverse city we already ready Ephesians four this is for the unity notice unity in diversity separate twelve verse one now concerning spiritual gift bread and also I do not want you to be ignorant and were not at results after the logistical and diverse for there are diverse that these of gifts but the thing spreads there are differences of ministries but the same Lord and there are divers cities of activities but it is the same God who works in who works all in all interesting is a diverse city of gifts please remember that it is not everyone is the danger we all face the vegan example I have been blessed with a spiritual gift while some might not consider that when we talk to much but scores of getting all of Sherry that some of us are sanguine and then the Lord blesses the sanguine nature and then he adds the spiritual gift when we are born again following a single major is a natural talent I wanted to printing between natural talent or or Jesus or things that you learn and go to school to become a medical doctor that does not mean your medical doctor could does not mean you have the spiritual gift of healing no okay don't get confused here just because I'm sanguine doesn't mean I have the gift of sharing the gospel it's only when we have the Lord change our hearts when we are converted that's when the spirit transforms us and those natural talents can be in duty with the spirit of God so that we can grow spiritually and share his love with others again please make a careful distinction because too many times it can be that we have these natural gifts that say somebody who has a beautiful voice with you an example is always at all is she talented right with only sings beautifully for our guy plays the violin with exquisite admissions at all he is so talented hold on those talents can all cause people to become proud I am the greatest singer however when you are convergent then you have a different attitude praise God how can I share these talents that have now become spiritual gifts were to draw the clear distinction yes they can sometimes be confused for talking here about storage get an notice there is a diversity of gifts when you would typically think that consumers twenty eight now the friends first produced twelve twenty eight to thirty and God has appointed these in the church first apostles second prophets third teachers after that miracles then gifts of healing health administration variety of pounds all profits and the rhetorical answer is what you know all apostles all profits all teachers all workers of miracles do all have gifts of healing to all speak with you all interpret the all we know know know know know the reason going to have all the same and we shouldn't be trying to a lot I have that no hold on why do I say that who decides what you usually have go back to verse eleven the key folks but one and the same spirit works all these things distributing to each one individually as he wills interesting it's up to the Holy Spirit play somebody says you should all go out there and let's give an example all should be out there preaching no that's not the biblical think it's the spirit who decides what gets you need a summary for all of you should be healers know if everything is all you should speak in tongues the answer is not according to the Bible the Bible says the spirit decides how that should be use to somebody about to be studied very fascinating is the Hebrew word of the great works for languages okay that's good with nineteenth same idea right there and if they were all one member where would the body being that the body of Christ must have a variety of gifts but noticeable with this in the right context go to the end of chapter twelve very important folks end of chapter twelve this is the context but earnestly desire the best gift which is the best balls all if I show you a more excellent way verse one of chapter thirty though I speak with the tongues of men there is one of the gifts and a and of angels but I have not walked love I do not have charity I am become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal it is all useless I am just a noisemaker but it is going to verse thirteen to the end monogamy don't separate the chapters is saturated with this love issue and at the end he says and now up by now remain faith what Dorothy Orlov these three but the greatest of these is what love is with them that the word of God faith God 's love God self sacrificing love God 's unconditional love to save people to bring them to him and with good first step the fourteenth now you all goes back to give notice how he starts with the forty first one using the reminding you I talked about it in an entire chapter don't forget verse one pursue what love Priscilla he doesn't pursue prophecy he starts with number one pursue love and desire spiritual gifts but especially that you may watch prophesied about it would prophesy within the context would prophesy does not only mean rejecting the future we often think of it that the prophet is one who does two things in the Bible he speaks for God and he speaks for EC appropriate predict the future but he also talks about what God would have us to the prophet has these two major functions not just predicting the future fascinates the key folks is the issue of law Romans twelve verse four says the same first Peter chapter four verse eight effusion seven forty feet lift with Romans twelve verse four because you can find the something reiterated over and over again the importance of love not to go to the other verses for you to forsake Ephesians four sixteen but just one more year Romans chapter twelve verse four against virtual gifts for we as we have many members in one body same idea but all the members do not have the same function same thing you pointed out before that what was nine let our love be without what hypocrisy to be genuine in other words apt for what is evil cling to what good over and over again the content is love unless you have logged this bridge will give are just and always they just imitate whatever happened to come across people who believe that authority given by the Gujarat love and it's irritating I take it you don't talk enough that's dangerous still every spiritual duties must be saturated with luck and of course the question is are these given supposed to continue did they die up with the early church interesting when Paul writes the Corinthians first convince up to one percent for just a couple of pages of the beyond Romans seven twelve first convinced that the one verse seven he was writing to the early church yes the Corinthian church year for school and it's up to one hundred seven he said so that you come short in no gift eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ please visit the Lord Jesus Christ you come to the end of time yes but you will not come shortly any given until Jesus comes in and in a nutshell the church God 's people will be blessed with a variety of gifts every gifts needed for his church until Jesus comes the same confidence found in Ephesians chapter four so we should expect apostles and healers and prophets administrators all of the gifts should be expected till the close of time however as a warning go with me not the message of the twenty fourth again the words of Jesus Matthew twenty four that well-known all of this address it's called because Jesus was an amount of olives as he was telling people about the end of the world said in verse three he sat on the mount of olives and that's when his disciples came to him let's go now to verse twenty four easy to remember Matthew twenty four forty four for false crisis and false prophets will arrive soon great signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect I think a minute about this Jesus says I will come again he wants us there will be cut people will come and think they are the Christ ever heard of that I am the Christ believe me follow me unfortunately some people have done that to their own detriment one of the most recent was the Hale-Bopp group remember those people I believe it wasn't in California here when they committed suicide following somebody San Diego KS okay there was also the time when there was somebody good to go out to Guyana Jim Jones you remember that almost a thousand people drank Kool-Aid laced with cyanide don't forget doubting that was at Texas Waco Texas David Koresh against claiming to be the Messiah these are dangerous people that Jesus warned there will be false quite and false prophet values the question is he warns us against false prophets what does that imply we must be open if they would become a true prophet if they were to be no profits what would Jesus it never felt the profits will come after the end of the New Testament interesting that but because that clearly said but watch out for false prophets implying building through the ones which means we better be open to every gift opposite of the spirit and of course you will notice have you ever found as an eleven dollar bill counterfeiters never do that to counter with something that you wouldn't suspect twenty dollar bill fifty dollars of no eleven dollar bills okay the caliphate will always be so close to the genuine that it's hard to distinguish unless you know the genuine right so that the cost of every question be careful there could be all kinds of false manifestations the matter what it is false preachers false evangelists are all of us be careful any gift him counterfeited so here is the cost of these careful what then is does Paul tell us to do that for the first Thessalonians quickly further the minus five years the Council that he wrote as he wrote to the group in Thessalonica Thessalonica also in the country of Greece first Thessalonians chapter five Paul sounds a serious cost in here D very careful in simple terms first of August five nineteen first caution don't do not quench the Spirit and you know that includes sometimes the Spirit speaks to our hearts to our minds and we try to push it aside that in that context don't quite suspect the open also to spiritual gifts listen before that do not despise prophecies and cakes and then he says here's the key test all things as TiVo test all things prove all things hold fast to what is what what is good so we are challenged to pull the plug to be serious very serious students of observing what's happening testing everything and that's the caution that the challenge to everybody that I've mentioned before last week I said for the first seven messages I was sharing with you many of the things that we as Seventh-day Adventists hold in common with other Christians many of those things there are some of the rest of the seventies of sharing with you that we hold common with one or two other Christian groups out there here is one I want to share with you because it's very important to go back to script and asked the question is a prophet arises in a church what do we have to test how different testing so I come up with what I call the ABCD easy to the ABCD will go the ABCD the first one application application that's one of the Matthew chapter seven how do we apply this rule applies an application crucial these are the words of Jesus again on the city the seven on the Mount Matthew seven very strong cost of biodiesel fuel ready one of the end of the world false Christ false prophets will arise trying to deceive you if it were possible Matthew seven verse fifteen the context Jesus is warning there again the mayor of false prophets who come to you in sheep 's clothing in disguise but inwardly they are ravenous wolves you will know them by their wasps by their fruits yet he says do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from fizzle even so every good tree bears good fruit but a bad tree bears what bad food go down to verse twenty year which was repeated Jesus repeats the pontiff he says therefore by their fruits you will watch you will know that site is an application that the profits that come do they apply the message of their own lives is applied so that you can seek to live according to what they speak have you ever see people sick the difference bed okay that's it do they practice what they preached on their lives evidence of of what they claim to be and an application their teachings to their teachings have a positive Christ centered on the people who apply and it is okay now please note sometimes people must supply prophetic messages I remember hearing about someone how I Wednesday which country it was but they had some crazy ideas and they literally starved their child to death under the guise of some kind of a health fund fanaticism and of course that church got the people of the truth that these people belong to got a bad name sometimes people misapply things that please don't look at everybody people sometimes air and the okay hey health reform then become L D form like the BYOB will be wary of that that the question is the people who properly apply with the prophets give in the Scripture for example you property of life how does that impact others do people see the love of Christ in you do they see that when you properly apply the prophetic messages of the word very important the application is number one number two Bible of the facility what is the eight application the facility Isaiah chapter eight verse twenty the defense for Bible that you don't get a member context this is Isaiah speaking he was writing you have about seven hundred years or so before Christ as we can calculate best left with Isaiah chapter eight and of course the some of the what we now call the Old Testament had been written by CA is what Isaiah says I noticed what he says Isaiah it was twenty what we now call the New Testament had come about because that had another seven eight hundred years that the left before that could happen and before Jesus would come with the Isaiah gives the cost of any stalking in the context began of people who claim to be speaking for the Lord Atlas says he warned that the capital of people who claim to speak for the Lord that he says was twenty two the law before I remember we talked about this before the five books of Moses the Torah to the law to the call Ron at the Hebrew word to the law and to the testimony and eventually I checked again today I went to check my humans the testimony is a term that is scanned used anonymously with the injunctions of the profits for the Isaiah says that the and due to the tall raw and to the testimony of the profits is they these other new profit do not speak according to this word is will there is no lots know will I in them even people who come along and claim to be prophets don't speak and teach what is in the Bible then they are from darkness be careful not to leave the capital is what application what is the be unable and what any person who claims to be a prophet must teach is biblically -based little to see the third one Jeremiah chapter twenty eight verse nine a first night is outdoors one this is the C and I believe it will be easier to remember these steps if you just remember the eighty B C D Jeremiah twenty eight verse nine yes several Texas talk about the same content with the well-known concept in Scripture Jeremiah twenty eight verse nine this passage captures its face clearly and positively as for the prophets who prophesied of peace when the word of the prophet comes to pass when it comes to press the profit will be known as one whom the Lord has truly sent the C-SPAN 's for consequences see the sea consequently if you save could happen to the consequences thereof that's important and of course you can find other passages in Deuteronomy we noted the time to go there today Deuteronomy eighteen was twenty two it's a reverse his if he is a prophet prophesied the profit is a liar is not from God again so what is the season for consequences was a you a is application B is Bible study is consequences and the most important the foundation that will do for us John now talked before about who you can see as you read Scripture you can see some of these printable coming up in other places too we just kept doing them here for the remedy of time job first John chapter four close the book of Revelation first John chapter four I want you to briefly look with me at passes again in the context it's warning about false profits and this is in the context in which we see has four major tests of the true or false beloved do not believe every spirit but test the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone out into the world as the cause and false prophets have gone a person to buy this you know the Spirit of God and restore that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is awful is of God so the important one D stands for and I got this I went to Romans chapter eleven verse twenty six is refers to Jesus as the deliverer of the Dundee as delivering the person placing the prophet should point to the deliverer Romans eleven was twenty six the deliver Jesus Christ is the prophet talks about Jesus he believes claims and he says yes I know that Jesus became the incarnation I believe in that I believe he's putting the whole truth about Jesus Christ then we know and by the way all four tests the prophet must pass cannot be confused they all forgo together the ABCD but see if you remember those one is a application be Bible C content D deliver our that use the rest of the story seventh Avenue as the denomination have kept our minds open and we have concluded that in our history there have been please noticed people will come along and claimed to be prophets sometimes even more in modern times I've even heard of one more recently in Europe I would say which country what we give we go back and we just correct there is only one so far that we are aware of who has accepted this call to be a messenger of God and we have tested it and we have concluded that the evidence that we have seen right now shows that this person does pass the forecasts of the prophet years and she ministered one of the most talented writers ever in the history of the world you the most talented writer ever written the most and the most translated as the most talented woman writer and the most translated writer between male and female in the United States on religion education evangelism publishing management health etc. in fact this very situation of this year she was instrumental in starting her name is Ellen G White's and so I am aware that many people who challenge it in fact I brought along a few examples in the last five minutes fascinating her messages have been challenged from at least eighteen seventy four and I thought I would bring this and detractors have been around but the danger is that folks most times unfortunately he has been falsely accused and I believe unintentionally okay I say most than yes we can talk about that for the profits are not perfect you know that sometimes they made mistakes you think of Nathan the prophet he gave David wrong advice and said the Lord is with you and that night the Lord spoke to the nation euro hotel David you made a mistake except that I felt Nathan the prophet with so sometimes we are looking at false accusations I have your wish he was accused in a seventies I have one more recent one that came up in two thousand and four at Detroit news is recommended where these people get the stuff I was looking at the website and there are so many false accusations it just loses out everywhere be careful be accusations are simply accusations here's my question when Jesus was under the earth what do they call him I called them in today's language pastor that is that he is an illegitimate child at the visit they said he is a demon pickling bastards that Goldman deals about he is the devil himself that's what they call Jesus they were also note that Paul was using the simple point I make music they will be accusations our job my job your job is to do what test the spirits can't deceive it is true and only if it is true should you follow it don't believe the naysayers and detractors go back and check it out for yourself a friend of mine by the way and acquaintances with visible graffiti in the holy of holies of the Goldstein is a book I would recommend by ABC you check out the library and incredibly well balanced book studied carefully Clifford Goldstein in this book is done the reason I love the book he is summarized about ten huge volumes I give Hillary the technology wonders but cleverness to summarize it for busy people if you want to read the technology welcome to do that studies that an excellent job in doing that now these are detractors who are not part of our community you know what even within our community we had detractors here's one from somebody who claims to be a faithful seventh Avenue he is challenging and attacking Ellen G White's ministry interesting from outside from inside there have been no good biblically based historically valid responses and actually if you have the chance to come back tonight and I just got this book on Friday I haven't been able to read it through yet the author is going to be here this evening Doctor Leonard Brand a biologist and paleontologist here for more for thirty five years I was visiting him of blasphemy Kenny said have you seen my new book know why I heard about it I walked over to JVC and I bought a copy I've read half of it so far that little late last night but fascinating disability he asked to share with us a little bit this evening about what he has studied in the recent weeks he said Ron for the first time we have scientific corroboration that Ellen White was the best when everything did indeed bring him come from human source what is of course that motivated me I walked all the weight of the babies become but a copy of the book got some exercise in the meantime to give you one quick statement yet before we close this is what the author begins as Mike pointed out I've known you for years this is putting the site and everyone questions about the Royal myth we accept that is noticed that they direct a royal mess we have made presenting her work Ellen White's record two million and one questions about the exact nature of this is why throw I still don't know how anyone rationally and logically looking at the object of evidence again looking at the objective evidence the bulk of the writings themselves placed against the background and witness all her life could conclude anything other than she had a profanity gift interest over Goldstein as state and he made recently what am I trying to do I'm trying to challenge you folks if I had time I could share with you a story could you wait three minutes others quickly again went back five silhouettes of that happened to me I was involved with an American compressed nine months into three minutes year I wasn't I was in a tree fell down broke both my wrists broken my right heel a sprained my left my coat my sternum cracked open I felt twenty feet of the concrete driving treatment of a compress the back key twelve was sticking out into the spinal column I almost became paralyzed miraculously I I didn't and I was rushed to the hospital they didn't treat the Zimbabwe medical student was in the best they covered nothing cast and sent me home without straightening the bones or anything bone marrow see that the bloodstream of the chemical changes I developed a RDF adult or acute respiratory distress syndrome my lungs filled up with fluid after five days of observation mission home apparently to die seven days had passed before I was the hospital again to different learning does not wear at a Catholic hospital they intubated me and save my life my oxygen level went down to eighteen percent which the doctors both in the Volvo and United States filming I was the level of a corpse and when I then began to recover and lots of people were praying around the world my praise God for God 's people praying when a thick obstacle but Seventh-day Adventist and don't let people who were not part of our immediate community and I was so touched I went to visit with the nondenominational prayer group and thank them in person for their prayers on my behalf I praise God for his global church praying for me and I I I know it is the power of the spirit that take the opportunity to come back but the doctors said on the medical side the doctors said this to my wife is in Linda's if your husband wouldn't also hesitate to get dead man why well here's my personal testimony and I've been a faculty negative six I have not always been faithful I've not always been the best with this expecting time over years as I've read the writings of Ellen White by doing my primary book as you vote so far I've never mentioned that because my faith is based on the word of God that's what my fate is nice but as I read the writings that she shared with Mister especially the health message which is why the moment is here I googled and as I grew one of my weaknesses with ice cream I only overcame it just last year that the thirty years that due to do about that okay I guess that is lost on you someone is unique but it's a long journey fortunately I was exercising my lungs were strong I was involving cardiovascular exercise because my lungs are strong that's why the doctor said if your husband was at Windsor healthy he would be dead now yes why I didn't follow and grow in these wonderful health Methodist night what Ron about the health and how we can all be healthy and live a long north of the begin have a world record for when we die but rather we can belong to God 's glory okay that's my short just like you I managed to nap minutes I thank God for these wonderful messages that we have been blessed with we need to apply them properly one last verse listen to this second Chronicles twenty first twenty second Chronicle twenty twenty Summit might no even by heart here was this king who was challenging his people to be open to God 's leading in their lives and this is the challenge I would love to beat you with today as you leave here he simply says in the last part of the birth chapter twenty verse twenty second Chronicles twenty twenty believe in the Lord your God and you shall be what established believe his prophets and you shall prosper holy father thank you for blessing us with your holy Word of processes the messages from Scripture and father as we have seen in the Adventist church you blessed us with Ellen points writing some of us may be challenged by this Lord some of us in our fight are challenging and questioning it helpless to approach this with an open mind whether we're in part of the Adventist church or not helpless to look carefully and Lord if the evidence is clear if the weight of evidence is persuasive maybe be willing to follow where you lead thank you for this gift you blessed us with couples to apply everything properly to be firmly based upon the Bible to share with others the love of Jesus Christ in his name we pray on that


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