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Griping Over God's Gifts: A Prophet or a Loss

Ron du Preez



  • February 27, 2006
    6:45 PM
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welcome to our final week as we get back into the word would like to hear this is the last week will be together in the word as you can see I've got quite a few of the evidence with me today I just want to quickly review a phrase that captures what we covered a few days ago we talked about the sanctuary the wonderful message of what Jesus is doing right now for us and this is the phrase Christ died for sin and now serves as our priests the one short phrases I kept to that message with a living Christ die for sin and now serves as our priests that's right thank you Lord we can spend a few moments to today in your work digging further to understand more so that we will know how we can live to your glory in Jesus name we pray amen a quick question how many of you can remember who this person is someone ask you is a picture of a lady on the cover of people magazine and the subtitle is some hostage to hero how Ashley Smith with faith smarts and courage will come back to what smarts talk her way out of the hands of an alleged killing anybody remember the story I see hands are going up yes it happened about a year ago March two thousand and five when Brian Nichols the men up there was it was being taken he was on trial he grabbed a gun from a deputy he ran for the gun into the courthouse shot and killed the judge shall until the court reporter shot another deputy selected the courthouse in Atlanta Fulton County courthouse and then came across a federal agent who was working at home all duties he shot and killed and stole his truck and stole his gun and then he should one one two o'clock March twelfth to looking the morning Saturday morning at Ashley Smith's place and what happened here is the story of the briefly tell you what she did she sat down with him and Ashley calmly began to talk to him told him told Brian about her late husband who was killed in a knife fight she told Nichols that if he killed her third child would be an orphan she had one daughter she went to Nichols on inspiration book and talk to him about her faith in God interesting here he was a hostage and she was brave to do the document for the purpose Ashley Smith told Brian Nichols that his life still had a purpose she went further she said this by you should go to prison because you can minister to the inmates and according out you can go to jail as she solicit to the multiple murder you can go to jail and save many more people than UPL interesting she's challenging this man was particularly short upright on television while when he came into the house he said or turn on the television and she started off at various picture was where hunting for this killer and that he was in her home and she said to him goes to prison where you can minister to the inmates fascinating coverage more than courage I believe she was interviewed by the Spirit of God to challenge this multiple murder to do something that when we talk about the gifts of the spirit what do we mean lastly we talked about stewardship we said we are all CFOs but as a CFO said for chief financial officer stewardship we are business manages of God 's gifts have become you know what it was time and treasure and I said that they were going to talk about it thirteenth felt about the methods of twenty five we dealt with include these before what were they time and treasure with both of their job third one now Matthew seven twenty four twenty five twenty five when you look back twenty five years this is the story opportunities in the context of the end of the world twenty five verses fourteen and fifteen will spend time in the third key is done with time treasure and now notice the thirteen Matthew twenty five euros forty for the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them to one he gave five watt that's the thirteenth five talents to another to another one from each according to his own ability any music he went on a journey and when you look at the context folks it's very clear that this is a parable that Jesus established really do something about itself he is the man who's going on the long journey going back to heaven and when you use off course the Holy Spirit is going to give islands gifts to his people those who are followers of Jesus and he goes away and hold us who are here accountable for the proper use of these talents but what is the purpose why do we have these gifts turn with me now to Ephesians the letter to the Ephesians by the apostle Paul because Paul states very clearly though why and the reason the purpose why did God give these gifts to his people Ephesians chapter four verses eleven twelve thirteen will look at the reasons writer and forty very clear why these excluded why these talents and he himself gave some to be a fossil the problem with Tommy was in some half of the teachers Ephesians four verse twelve now four years the purpose for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the cooking of the faith of the workmen 's extent of the first month of the same stuff people can be called to minister reason number one and reason number two for the edifying of the body of Christ but here are two important reasons so that we can reach out to others number one and number two so that we ourselves can grow in the Lord till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ by which we talk about going at these we go together in unity we drove to maturity unity maturity and it says that we should no longer be children with because limits are no longer children one of children they are tossed to and fro carried about by every wind of doctrine by the trickery of men in the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting for the purpose of the gifts essentially two major functions one so we adopt God 's people can be to share reasonable one reason number two so that we can grow in unity in maturity the solid growth unity maturity and we won't be shifted by all kinds of strange doctrines so there we have two fundamental reasons for that two main reasons that the gifts are given for us if it is a line I'd like you to learn that the line is a simple one God 's gifts are for growth first part of the line says God 's gifts are for growth unit fitted with me and to share his love site again ready God 's gifts are will you share his love there is one simple line that's the purpose of the gift as you study the Scriptures very simple God gives all for growth and to share his love now we come to the question how are the gifts given very important questions directly now to the book of the letter to the Corinthians first Corinthians chapter twelve and I will admit right away you must be aware the incumbent insurance you can read this in the context test one two three four five these were clearly folks that were having serious problems sick Karen is unchecked the one problem is instructed to chapter three immorality chapter five suing each other chapter six problems in marriage chapter seven they were having all kinds of problems and Paula started to correct all kinds of issues in the church now we're going to first Corinthians chapter twelve so remember this is a problem church as you read as follows correcting issues and trying to help this church to grow properly first Corinthians chapter twelve verse one now concerning spiritual gifts brethren I do not want you to be ignorant so what if you think oh diverse for they are diverse cities updates but the same Spirit verse five there are differences of ministries but the same Lord through six they are diverse cities of activities but it is the same God who works all in all very clear policy remember folks we sub one write but we have all different kinds of gifts keep that clearing mines there is a diversity not everyone has the same gift go down to verse twenty eight quickly and here you will see twenty eight twenty nine and thirty fold repeats the same things within the chapter and has an God has appointed in these church these in the church first apostles second prophets third teachers at him will give the viewing health administration 's varieties of tongs I noticed the questions with a rhetorical question are all profits what's the answer no are all for it are all apostles in the first one all profits are all teachers are all workers of miracles do all have gifts of healing do all speak would come to all interpret what is the answer every time no different gifts for different people very clear so the question is simply different gifts for different people and how to stop yet please make sure that you understand the difference between what we call natural talents some people are born with it have you ever come across some infected with five years of age and was that the little singing voice and one of arts my churches in Michigan I was blessed to hear the daughter of one of my associates with a beautiful singing voice as a child and she did special music and then using her voice was still developing but she knew the vibrato and she sang so sincerely and as only a little child can think of with a sweet wonderful voice natural talent I think that's one thing without market secondly on the same side here on video displays a new vitamin but still over year there are some who argue who are here maybe who felt called to study medicine nursing public health whatever it may be that you hear learning how to use those things however that's not necessarily a spiritual gift notice spiritual gift is something when the Holy Spirit empowers your transforms your heart over here that little girl by the way it could become proud of our ability to sing and take the glory to herself that's not a special gift that's a natural talent the medical doctor who perhaps invents some new way to save people 's lives he can make millions of dollars him by lots of things for himself that's not misery is going to give you the difference of the talents and things you develop but over here on the site is radically different there's a crossover yes I hope that God will use all of these natural gifts and those acquired ones these dollars here and when we are converted or reconverted God will use this with the spirit so that everything we are blessed with we will use for his glory you see the difference over here once we have accepted the power of the Holy Spirit every every gift becomes something you can use only for God 's glory so please let's make sure we don't confuse the tubes with it all she is so talented but you know what that doesn't mean she has the gift of the Spirit for ministering in music not necessarily because some people while wonderfully talented they might use it the wrong way so we must make sure we have that clear now let's go a little further talk about this diet is the importance of just who decides how these gifts should be given first twenty seventh while still go to verse eleven and this is important as we reflect on this right here first of December twelve at eleven oh one and the same Spirit works all these things distributing to each one individually as who as he wills did you notice that it's up to the Holy Spirit to decide who to give what gift to we should incite all everybody should be able to do this I was just reading something about when it was the caution this is meant as an administrator what do that check for many years he said look I just don't know how I have no gift to working Pathfinders is what he said he said that I have other gifts spiritual gifts everybody should not be expected to have every gift it him by the answer it was nineteen and if they were all one body where all one member where would the body be enough of the body of Christ at different members different parts and cheese eyes the body is made up of a variety of parts and in the same way so it is with the gifts in the church please don't listen to people is that all you must have the ability to get Bible studies by doing every one of us can tell people what Jesus means to us right I think that the personal witness we can all do that but not everyone of us is called to be with your Bible studies see that these are different gifts but we can all tell people how much Jesus means that individually incidentally today after we finished our discussion about my sharing I had to go and did some further and I want to share this with you very briefly because I know that the issue of speaking in tongues has become quite a hot topic so I've gone back and I spent on it I read a book through the date quickly as this afternoon it's a small book I would recommend acute gold tongs by John Robertson very crisp clear has an excellent quick overview if you want to go real deep level I read some years ago decided that by doing this after speaking in tongues by the late dear hot hospital he was one of my professors an incredible book digs deeply into Scriptures and as I read I was look to the stuff I was reminded that you want is looked out the out half of the late Doctor Hoddle concludes he says this at the end the New Testament phenomenon of speaking in tongues in these three documents of the New Testament the book of Mark yes is there the book of acts and first good news is presented as one single spiritual gift of speaking I learned him food for the purpose of evangelizing the world fascinating research I would challenge anyone if you have to go and read the deeply and you will find very interesting information that can help in your own spiritual growth and hypertensive candidates to dig into that language interesting how asphalt ultimates or to give the almost physical unattended notice with me at the end of chapter twelve chapter twelve the last verse I just met with you that thirty or on chapter twelve of thirty go through thirty one but earnestly desire the death and yet I will show you a more excellent way and now he goes unattended attempted not attended a very crucial reminder verse one and step a thirteen dollars speak with the tongues of men and of angels but have not love I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal if you would again tongs fascinating that would Tom's is the same word used in Revelation seven fourteen was six the gospel must go to all people all thrives all tongs it's the same word close-up is the wood language would tongue means language film repeatedly this comes like it but it must be done with love adults at the deals allowed every gift must be practiced in the context of lots go to verse thirty and now abide faith hope love these three but the greatest of these is what drives charity old English love of God a folks we got to be cautious you sometimes we can find somebody God forbid it is us who has a wonderful talent a wonderful spiritual gifts let's take the gift of teaching unfortunately the teaching is not permeated not saturated with low price find somebody with broken windows and every nuance of every floor in the Hebrew and Greek and you set anything at all this man really knows the ancient languages but then you think boy but he is a is so unkind I can hardly stand to be around the uniform is I think the message that spiritual gift is not couched in that for a number of love so every one of us is challenged right now according to the Bible unless the gifts that we are blessed with by the Spirit is completely trounced in charity is all what noisy gong have you ever been in a place we are trying to sleep and funny bangs on a gong you don't like to say I take it disturbs you it imitates you a spiritual gift is an invitation unless it is permeated saturated with love the love of Christ very important don't miss the emphasis because it's like that the forty most likely goes independent nice comeback before the birth and what is the site 's ability to pursue love incest covered all of chapter notices upcoming back on the dotted person love desire spiritual gifts but especially that you may prophesy and folk you can find the same emphasis on month in Romans twelve right is not notified really good Romans twelve from burst forth with nine lives again in the context of spiritual gifts verse nine emphasized that also we find this in first Peter chapter spiritual gifts emphasizing love for beautiful oversight write that one down one more I want to give you Ephesians chapter four verse sixteen again the emphasis is on spiritual gifts in the framework of love some of you know what it says the foot of the skirt is what I love the spirit that gift of the Spirit and the fruit are both classified as will there is very important to me not first convinced chapter one resembling the human book because the question often comes up how long are these give is going to be in the church how long and what about these gifts we need to make a transition here and here we will find a very important state first Corinthians one seven Paul is writing to these people in Corinth and encouraging them and says first one does wonder seven so that you come short in no gift so that you come shortly no gift is very waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ interesting notice one of the translations for the foot so that you are not lacking in any spiritual gift that here's my question think about this the says the gifts will go on till the time of the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ correct so if that's the case think about this moment if we will come will not come short in any spiritual gift until Jesus comes we should expect in God 's judge to find every gift correct rights every gift and every getting properly used in the frame overlap and that includes pastors teachers evangelists administrative dealers miracle workers yes proper miracles can still be done I was there one day when I actually was present for a miracle that happened it's fascinating and it is incredible to God 's glory yes every gift including the proper use of the gift of tongues that is the use of language to share the gospel the wreck it was a given yes it still happens as well as one other gift that I wanted transition to talk about right here let's show you how I went to get into this because one of the words of Jesus right now Matthew chapter twenty four verse twenty four every gift should be expected every gift of the Spirit should be expected in God search him reiterate that thing called Matthew twenty four was twenty four here is Jesus on that in a famous sermon on the Mount and in the settlement amount he is talking about in the end of time and the fall of Jerusalem but the section here verse twenty four is dealing with the end of the world and Jesus says for false Christ's and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to deceive if possible even the elect now let me quick reminder folks that humans not far from this very place down in San Diego I believe it was not too long ago there was a group called Heaven's Gate and relax when they watch this comment Hale-Bopp I think it was and the leaders said what we need to kill ourselves so that we can join the comments and the followers did what they kill themselves don't forget there was that Guyana were also thousands people drank cyanide laced Kool-Aid following their false Messiah by the name of Jim Jones and don't forget Waco Texas where David Koresh was also another false Messiah where another close to ninety people lost their lives following him crazy falseness sides be careful folks now there will be false twice but also Jesus says there will be false prophets obviously there can only be false Christ is going to get through one right they go to be false prophets if there is going to be at least one through one if they were to be no prophecies lucid what don't believe any profits after I die after that the apostles died there will be no more prophets Jesus didn't say that interesting to visit false prophets will arise because he knew that it would be at least one to like to come is important to remember that and by the way you know it's interesting have you ever seen a counterfeit eleven all around anybody seven hundred eleven Belleville nobody okay you know why the dog of the things that the photographer this book click on the ones that judgment it will go to a twenty dollar bill and if I can make it another bill look just like the twenty correct account of it is always close to the genuine as close as possible so that's what the devil does he didn't come up with something that is obviously wrong so the warning is here Jesus is be careful there will be false prophets implying there will be some at least one to profit and of course the Bible shows and the book of Joel you know that prophecy some of you write it down we don't have time to go to expect jolts at the two with twenty eight to thirty one said in the last days young men and young women will dream dreams and see visions Joel two twenty eight to thirty one but the apostle Paul does give the challenge I wanted to go enough for Thessalonians chapter five verses nineteen to twenty one first Thessalonians five nineteen to twenty one hundred three all three of the verses here because here is the challenge to use a challenge to me and this is the challenge we would child would giving you this evening to check things out carefully don't simply believe it in fact of delivery and then accept if the seventeen with eleven you're never going before they were more noble than the Thessalonica is because they listened eagerly and then they went on to daily and study the Scriptures to see whether these things are so for Thessalonians five nineteen do not quench the Spirit 's okay so sometimes it's that still small voice yes this Holy Spirit is remind you to do the right thing and here is a larger context you look at Bristol he do not despise prophecy is is the key verse twenty one test all things in other check it out carefully and then the apostle Paul says hold fast what is I think you don't despise the second out very very carefully as we go to the Bible God basically for major test of the profit and for simplicity think I would like to do remember these now what I call the ABCD okay ABCD format your tests you could just memorize them this evening the first one is called at the patient turning your Bible not the Matthew chapter seven again with the Jesus application Matthew seven and in the context Jesus is talking and warning us all of us be careful of false prophets Matthew chapter seven verse fifteen through seventeen obviously he is preaching the sermon on the Mount but the words of Christ apply to us as well here he was Jesus speaking to those people on the mound the Beatitudes Matthew chapter seven percent geek beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep 's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves you will know them by their fruits do men gather grapes upon which resulted from the film even so every good tree bears good fruit but a bad tree bears bad and now the key text verse twenty first twenty therefore what is the thing by their fruits you will know them very important document profits if they are to profit you will see that the fruits on using the word application because you see this is important at your cables for something and they live differently and what do they think creature is what you preach at the application do the profits when they claim to speak for God do they apply the messages to themselves do they live in harmony with what they talk about are their lives and living living representation of the truth of what they teach application and finally the application is on others to forget that him when the Prophet faith and will appropriately apply the methods does it show in their life that they become better at better in the sense of more loving more kind more compassionate more Christ centered series of the love of God FP please don't misunderstand unfortunately folks you are sometimes when people take prophetic messages and they missed a fly that I will never forget reading about a husband and wife I believe it was down south for the note in New Zealand and they had twisted distorted ideas of healthful living and they literally starve one of their children to death and they were taken to prison for child abuse and they claimed to be doing what they claim health reform but actually it wasn't health reform they added two legs to what was healthy form it was a deep with two legs on okay health D4 not health reform don't confuse the two sometimes people go to extremes defendant people six ha ha they are following their leader these are the people who are misinterpreting it we talk about the people will properly applying the messages the application is important the first death is application what's test number one application when you come back to me with these ABCs either the second month the Bible the bee is Bible well-known passage Isaiah chapter eight is the second test all profits and in these pics all in the proper context every one of them is talking about the difference between Sue and false prophets how do you know the difference between Switzerland and as you read these passages it is very clear this is directly within the context of checking out whether these people are speaking for God or not I've accepted papers twenty two the law that's the word for Clorox the five books of what will Rob and to the testimony canceled today I went and checked that would again need in the Hebrew dictionaries the testimony is the word that is the professor author of the prophetic injunctions not remember when Isaiah was written around here in the seventh thank you also when Isaiah spoke he said to the tall wrought to the five books of Moses and through the prophetic word in other words we would say to that by law okay to the law and to the testimony according to the Bible if they do not speak according to this word it is because there is lots no life in that that's a key test you always have to ask is this profit a person who speaks in accordance with the revealed will of God and incidentally I have worked in the last two three years of somebody who claim to be a prophet in your February this person some new claim to be a prophet in Europe and the question is does this person fit all four essential tests of a profit that's over doing a number a is what application with the second one being is vital that within the third one he stands for consequences consequences like the dark benefit of the very next book Jeremiah Jeremiah seven twenty eight right after the event disco a few chapters beyond that Jeremiah ten twenty and let's look at the consequences Jeremiah chapter twenty verse nine the third important test test number one was application definitely was Bible Testament three years consequences the C I Jeremiah seven twenty eight verse nine what does it say as for the prophet who prophesied of peace when the word of the prophet comes the past the profits will be known as one whom the Lord has sent consequences if the prophet says this is going to happen and it happens big no profit is from the Lord and contrary wise Deuteronomy seven eight with twenty two is a profit when he's what he or she says doesn't come to you never thought of the Lord Internet you must always think the count at being called additional prophecy in the Jonah Jonah prophesied that event within forty days it will be destroyed it wasn't destroyed why is that even you don't watch your events the book was not destroyed because it was a conditional prophecy so you must always take that into account see if these prophecies are conditional or not so that's the third test with the thickness of the fee is consequently slept with him again a man for application fees than four five oh feet down for consequences and the most important folks that stands for delivering our deliverer by the way I found the wording in the book of Romans Romans eleven twenty six by what is the first John that's where the package comes in first John chapter four verse one first John chapter four verse one and two first John chapter four verse one and two and I wanted to look at I quickly so methinks I went it would deliver yes Jesus is called the deliverer in Romans chapter eleven verse twenty six that's why coldest deliverer fits with this picture first John chapter four verse one fifth beloved do not believe every spirit but just the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets have gone it didn't work again the context was false into and how do you know whether the president of the first two 5-FU note the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flash is washed out God has dry if the profit believes in Jesus Christ as the deliverer is a profit for example doesn't that I am the Christ I am the Messiah some of them have done yes but the prophet must think Jesus he came in the flesh the same as the incarnate son of God he preexisted him into the bike even he died for our sins he was resurrected he is gone to heaven where he ever live at the regular session keys as with all model for morality when Elizabeth every truth about Jesus Christ the profit will be one who to prophet who are the things Jesus Christ and him crucified so we have to test the profits those four questions are critical one of a Michigan equipment the prophet is to give them like what VA application the be the Bible see consequences at the Louvre always pointing out to Jesus Christ do not committee Paul writing to Timothy says preach the word in season and out of season at the strong challenged all of us to share all the truth and the life we have ever been talking for six of us grew to be for the whole and as I shared with you the first half of our series here for this restoration two thousand and six dealt with the doctors that and that is holding common with many other Christian denominations since Friday we've been talking about things that are sometimes and somewhat unique and right here on the to make a transition because I want to share with you what we as seventh Avenue have concluded from all the available evidence when looked at carefully consistently and fairly another reason I say that I will make clear in a minute have we been challenged by the way just a few months ago the president all of a sudden that Mister said Adventists that's good that you preach other wonderful truth but don't you afraid Doctor John Paulson says to teach and to share with others some of the wonderful things that God has blessed this denomination with them if I can do that and so that's one of the reasons I need to share with you is wonderful to overtime we have thing God has indeed blessed the seventh evidence judge with the Ministry of the gift of prophecy when we look at it very carefully we find it is to seventy years Ellen G White has been has made a major impact on the church she is the most talented woman writer ever in the history of other by the way as you did know that she is the most translated US writer male or female for for all time on the United States in religion in education in publishing a management health etc. now I know there have been detractors for over a century you want to go yet it was one eighteen seventy four somebody said why do editors believe in the sanctuary they will tell you they got to the field to the writings of Ellen White and you via Smith was not very happy with this accusation he says hundreds of articles written on the subject but you know what of these are the visions of Ellen White ever referred to as any authority on the subject or the source from whence any do we hold has been derived the via peel for our doctors is invariably to the Bible when it is abundant evidence for the use we hold on this song texts and you are supposed to go regularly unfortunately the people over time in right after this date I came across this one hundred and thirty years after that accusation this was in the Detroit news and it says that why his seventh evidence hold to the sixth day of creation they don't say because the Bible teaches us in the Bible I think all was Ellen White targets is a crazy on me they look every for every excuse to attack Ellen White and then this is what happened for false accusations have been thrown Mike year after year after year by the way I have been the butt of false accusations to what both are accused when I was in college I was falsely accused my my character was dismissed I got back to school and I find that some visit Haiti understood you and you got your girlfriend pregnant and ran after another thirty thousand miles away I was a theology major folks I'm Isa I thought what this again you are wrong but is governed pregnant what'll my name is wrong you know I think people take part of the truth thankfully I had no girlfriend Hannah and I was the first is that there was secondly number two I had run away to Durban this is the city of São Paulo it's that easy people will concoct and come up with all kinds of accusations to be careful even Jesus you know the qualities of two things they called him a bastard at the time illegitimate child Nicole teases a bastard and they called in view of the above and that is his use filled with the scope of evil spirits second they called Jesus that I guess my question just because people called Caesar the bastard or Beelzebub are you going to listen to them are you going to find out the truth from the holy word of God what you do and what the Bible right so don't believe the challenges of the questions that people right go and check it out for yourself I had the privilege of teaching at Southern about ten years ago Natalia was quickly taken with interesting when nice when the students came to class I taught at this heritage twenty times 's classes at an average of a hundred students the times when you know that comes at the right side a lot of students of the five years I was there before I went with his missionaries Africa and what is interesting so many of the students of whom maybe ninety five percent ninety seven percent record with seven feminist many of them when they came to the class I would ask them to answer some questions they had a very negative view of Ellen White's and then I said to them you are you going to read about her recent readme and I required them to read about her life lot of information about her life fascinating stuff and then just one book that she wrote North more than ninety five percent of the students once they had read about her life and once they had read her writings more than ninety five percent and I think while this is a wonderful woman one point is that I look forward to meeting her in heaven I used to think alert as an old holder I remember that it is right now I see she was such a wonderful humankind loving lady who had such wonderful councils I can hardly wait to get to heaven to see her yes the problem is we got a goal and reader don't be afraid and one of my friends has written quite a bit of a deal on it I would highly recommend breast-feeding in the holy of holy secure the readable culpability has summarized seven to ten books huge volumes I had to read some when I was studying for doctoral studies you want to read he's been going to ask me about them afterwards regularly does one hope when you split altogether oldest scholarly stop into layman 's terms here is one of the best volumes I would recommend gold graffiti in the holy of always go to the library you don't buy the books I just show you things that you can reach that will enlighten you and in which you may have been people outside of folks there are people inside also worked challenging and bringing questions and undermining Ellen White's writings is very very fact that they are answers either answers to these challenges hear that others have provided wonderful Bible placed contextually sound answers don't be distracted by others who are throwing all these accusations when he read you one quick sentence you pulling this putting aside the ability to focus recently under topical object of truth an article published this year over fifth putting aside a million and one question about the Royal myth be made in presenting her work or two million and one questions about the exact nature of his role Mrs. White's role I still don't know how anyone rationally and logically looking at the all shifted evidence the bulk of the writings themselves placed against the background and what does all her life could conclude anything other than that she had a prophylactic gifts okay Africa which is one long Pauline type offenders the apostle Paul speaks the same way so in simple terms there is overwhelming evidence for the end of a very short story here very very briefly summarize nine months in three minutes for you today earlier on I get into an half so here it is in three minutes I wasn't involving my wife and not without we working as missionaries Linda was in the family emergency I was that some intrigues at home with my gardeners and the branch broke and I felt twenty feet onto my concrete driveway shut about my wrist badly my storm track whatever were compressed my back side of my right heel and a sprained my left foot T12 was sticking out into the spinal column ready to snap at any moment against the mile and a half away my dad hurried over he had been in and in its driver when he was younger fortunately Tennessee rushed me to hospital quickly my mom was with the others that my wife was in the found another family emergency and Sylvia I got to the hospital unfortunately and I did know it the orthopedic surgeon there had been fired from a government institution for malpractice and he was the man who supposedly treated me I passed out before I even met Doctor and he came anything x-rayed me and did no straightening the bones no surgeries have a something covered me up in tax second bone to gnaw all and observe the full floor of as the bone marrow seemed out of them up with multiple broken bones went through a chemical date into the bloodstream as you well know it then came to fill up my lungs with what is called a RDS acute respiratory distress syndrome began to drown in my own fluids and I saw the x-ray report later on that said I Wednesday I had what they called the pneumonia bronchial pneumonia what do they do they sent me home on Thursday apparently to die and so I was at home on Thursday Friday by Saturday I was in such bad condition I was going delirious my folks and rushed me back they tried to the Golden and within three hours to find our place right then rushed me slowly to the hospital where I turned up the three blue they took my blood count of ninety five hundred is normal fifty percent because of family because there's no hope for you they found that my blood oxygen level agency to another hospital it was below twenty percent and the doctors concluded that I was the level of a corpse miraculously is that about a week after I had the accident would have spread and I thank God through his miracle working power he decided to answer the many prayers of many people both Seventh-day Adventist and many other courses God answered that prayer with a resounding yes which is one I thought it was a minimize the effectiveness of fervent prayer and God answering within his will however interestingly the medical doctors you know if this is the lifeblood of space and Linda and her husband Ron was not so healthy he'd be dead telling the story line is folks I've been blessed for the last twenty to thirty years to begin to take these writings of Ellen White more and more seriously yes I've struggled with something I just managed to overcome one of my biggest problems last year December three on my birthday I was the day before my birthday December to the last day I had one of my biggest downfalls and super big note sent from McDonald's I love I didn't know nothing I believe will happen I know my weakness and I know that is one of my father took me a long time to overcome it and I'm slow-growing figures you need help not to be on the way please I gay drama ahead of me I so together that my best buddy had TDD CIN W Y what if that's what please be patient what God is not finished with me yet either when he is at his miscues but if you see that I need help please come and help me by Frank God that I been taking these wonderful messages more more fuses as a result I believe cardiovascular exercise I was in my mid- forties already and my lungs were so strong according to the medical books I read after they fit a RDF kills you within twelve to thirty six hours I lasted for five to seven days my lungs were strong a lot of people worked right I thank God for these wonderful messages from the writings of Ellen White we do not want to elevate them are about the Bible no never the Bible is the foundation this is the word of God we have been blessed with more information more like that we now know is incredible in fact seventy years more than seventy years ahead of the American heart Association and American Cancer Society they can ironically nineteen fifty seven and said tobacco causes cancer but seventy one years before then guess what there was one little lady in eighteen eighty six who said tobacco is a malignant poison at a time when doctors were saying smoking is good for you emphysema is okay where does it come from where the incredible medical health moments come from only from one source from God himself yes limitless list of minimize the blessings we receive no we will not we should not ever please don't ever do that never elevate about what what is the word of God with an always pointed to Jesus Christ but we must neither on the other hand despite any gift that God is putting the tracts within the profits within the teachers within the administrators within the doctors within the teachers or whether the nurses thank God for everything is blessed us with that use these to build up God 's church on it with one quick verse twenty seven twenty verse twenty the very well-known passage this is the challenge he was jealous to meet as the end this evening I want you to seriously take this into account as you keep your mind open as you take as you look at the evidence here is a challenge given by the great came to his people before they were going into a major battle this is the King Joss effect who challenge these people the last part of the verse going to the middle there he said low jitter second Chronicles twenty twenty is talking to these people of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem is the message delete in the Lord your God and use job D Watt established the previous prophets and you shall watch you shall prosper holy father thank you for Jesus Christ's thank you for your holy Word that points us to him but the Lord this evening especially want to thank you for the Holy Spirit that has tasted your church with different gifts apostles teachers administrators dealers all kinds of gifts including the gift of prophecy thank you for this wonderful gift you blessed the seventh that Mister through the writings of Ellen 's viewpoint we indeed have been blessed help us to going share the multiple things have gotten through this wonderful messenger that you bless us with maybe keep everything in the proper context always uplifting Jesus Christ and him crucified yet thankful for the gift he has blessed us with so that we can witness and we can grow in the unity of the faith in Jesus precious name we pray on that


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