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Interview with Gary Frasier

Ron du Preez



  • February 28, 2006
    6:45 PM
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Gary Frazier think you would be willing to come I know you've been very busy trying to recruit people to get involved in at the self-study number two Doctor Fraser is even the missing confidence in promoting event all over trying to get tell us allude briefly about the first study and what you are doing now you could just capture an end differently what happened and what to do now quality of the study together nonsense in the six enrolled thirty four thousand people just from California all Adventists and we came up with the a lot of pretty interesting stuff reported findings that were the first often that it anywhere that's a study group to report from some slipknot consumption seem to reduce the risk of heart attack or about fifty percent of tomatoes and protective against prostate cancer all bunched up that I could form our poor childhood but interesting findings but it turns out that thirty four thousand was not enough because you see what drives the study like this is the number of individual cancels Ohio takes the development we really need about five hundred four thousand reach therefore what now were in the middle of a new study which reported about quarter pages to in this time is what across the country also including Canada are and were hoping to find at least a hundred thousand Adventists over the age of thirty are written to recognize that rules out a bunch Mozart but do that honestly that would probably fetch Margaret DuPont study and the Excel file with all just close on ninety thousand somewhere getting there and then we go to follow all of these people up and unfortunately we go to things like gavel the chances about the people of God and how effects which doesn't sound so good but nevertheless it really is a project which is going to be good for the people but him sure but most importantly fooled human time and I appreciate and give us a couple of things that you would recommend that we practically should do you mentioned not already and I know when my wife and I found out that that seem to be very effective one of the eighty fifth and eating healthy that's the one thing that seems to help you we not regularly drunk twenty or so not some kind not every day but besides eating of nuts on a regular basis what other basic health pencils would you recommend a compliment for the study while it is the shoulders and the just thinking about thoughts and the closer moldings the life and thought of the short version is the person victories and sweet pies hamburgers given the victory by the symbols that now but if you want to be more specific knots as I mentioned whole grains both seem to be protective against heart attack fruit seem to be protective against a number of chances soy products are probably protective against prostate cancer might reverse cancer is an interesting story and all that which hopefully will be to dig out which right went wrong legroom supportive helpful and on the other side of the coin on meet seems to be the bad guy for a number of cancers and will set a hot distance receiving a vegetarian does not mean the absence of meat it means that your daughter is different in the number of what some particulars more fruit veggies nuts beans and spinach let me ask that you need more people to be involved in effect it must be people over thirty right and in the state of corrective Matthew must be effective they have an offensive effort of Houston is and what elf what other criteria in case there funded by the honey of you are enrolled him one of them receiving finally low insulin please note that you have any twenty year how many of you over thirty could be enroll him that receive an little over thirty one rock 'n roll raise them up as many as are more than RNs are enrolled to get you and put into special plug how they can be both you yeah some very much so the whites become enrolled is to go as well we saw it just advances the dog walk to school one would have missiles that he thought all and you can enroll with that's probably the easiest way was a few local just come down the ravens will hear on the second floor and will be delighted to give your questionnaire and have your role we need ten to fifteen thousand more people to my Christmas study that we know it's going to be begun at the bit you could make it that much easier for us we appreciate it right a fun by the nationally physical yesterday and I united face actress Isabelle they recognize that there are things that the federal ravenous community has been blessed within your help until they are funding this and are you free to tell us how much money 's been putting or not how well those five years that would just about finishing it's been about seventeen million dollars the camera just put in for the second five years which will be roughly the same amount but you're quite right to me the reason that we get funded with these very large amounts of money on for long periods of time simply put there is a recognition that little something special to give out not just uncles is wonderful posted the question is is she a one-off or coverage of a type that hundreds and thousands of time and oddly we cannot believe that some extend along she's a bit of an outlier I think we really are doing that you live longer we have under that half the risk of heart attack we have juice rights of a large number of cancers so some really good things happen him you as you formally tell us what your official role here at Loma Linda is what your job title is what you do so they will know you are looking for you how do they find you well professor of medicine and professor with the theology of work out some electrons con in my research you just read about it somewhat paradoxically it's intense so you work that out okay for thank you and praise appreciate less than


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