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Interview with Marge Jetton

Ron du Preez



  • February 28, 2006
    6:45 PM
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evening and I'm going to like my special guest here where figuring to introduce you to one of the secrets of centenarian the secret is now no longer a secret market for Palm is coming up here with the Doctor Gary Frazier I've invited both of them to come this evening to spend a few moments with us here a minute passes viewed me as I am on Mike's okay just a few moments together firstly welcome March were so happy you've taken time out of your busy life to come here that we we are aware that you are quite you do the things you ask your involved in volunteer work from what I read and that we are so happy to have you with us I see we want to welcome you and say how glad we are that you can come and give us at least two of your secrets firstly if I'm correct you've already reached one hundred one if it were something him to access God willing as a will you share with us I is the mark he was so gracious when I stopped by this evening to pick her up in Normandy I thought you said it is the designing this is the man from South Africa and I realized she has a good memory still praise the Lord for that tell us a little bit just to one question first the one with you in a nutshell fellas are the best things you can share with us for how to live a long healthy life that they have failed a lie or how that is a man delegate to a happy and love the Lord very simple concise now would be more specific tell us in concrete terms what happened you believe has helped besides the most important happiness and loving the Lord what are the things that are most important that you practical things you have done in him you will not have to know they summarize the main lab on the right offhand I don't know how to summarize a mild volunteered doing good things for others one lot like this one and I need friendly in Israel and all the things you want me to tell you tell me how anything else let everybody know that he's right how long have you been eating right for you I would hate to be asked for sure but I think for about fifty years you have eventually led to eating right for you Bill yeah exercise pill tonight I found that I can morning I write the bicycle stationary bicycle for eight miles away then I left my new job by they are okay eight miles every morning well not much five we don't have been without you walk a mile before breakfast a lot of money for breakfast and I left my five pound weight and weight silicone I gave you a Lebanon enough well I have stolen the others that you enjoy it at all I believe I I'm I'm glad that you shared with us some nuggets here Martha told me her husband your husband Lukeville ninety one ninety six ninety six he also had a long and healthy life anything else you would especially young people get a lot of your nobleman who was well try not to drink Coca-Cola said nothing and I already kind of soda pop soda pop with the wrong line some of the problems behind this better not eat between meals him I will not an ice cream now how you mentioned something about the milkshake was a visit I don't remember much I have a little ice cream after you had your food is that once you have read all of all I was not by direct airflow in the times of year and I was right okay that is good root your phone a couple of times a year and then Golda called lactic that God now well yet it is you gave there listening and Martin blessed both ends he has been such a blessing to people and you still use and we just want to praise God for Walmart 's life her witness and with the effect of an infected user would medically speaking either cheerful spirit gives the unit right right friendly cheerful outgoing wanting to do things for other people God has blessed Martin I went to have a short blessing on this year that the phrase is going to share with us a couple things on from the evidence health studies that have been done in the end of course Martina sense is what can we use with example one of the examples that we have of living for God 's glory selects for the moment here just to pray for Martin to praise God for her witness thank you Lord for the way you bless March right now father as I lay my hand on my shoulder I want to say Lord continue to bless her she has lived these health principles she is being a witness for you has been for many years continue to bless and work through her so that others will continue to see the love of Jesus in her life and even with her witness and to her cheerful happy spirit and are trusting in you others will be attracted to Jesus Christ our Savior in his name I pray amen amen God bless you


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