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Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • April 26, 2006
    12:00 PM
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him going on in the last couple days we talk to God about God who are first time together how we discovered that God is there no matter how despicable and unruly we are perhaps like Sam the man we docked about you and it's about there is this desire to do what's right and it's it is knowledge of what is right and wrong and maybe even a gap to eight is walking down the street and one is one of them out the only one that got in the mouth and I think that's wrong so he has instilled in us this this right and wrong and in preferring the right over against the wrong and then suddenly learned that the fact that he cares for us and he knows what's happening and then our second time together we look at friends or rather we looked at what we look at the same time parents how can we talked about how significant these relationships are with our present with but I have a relationship with God where word trouble with labyrinth at a healthy relationship with our parents we can be in trouble Joe and sometimes parents are just unhealthy toxic individuals you never can get along whatever but from your side of the equation you can forget you can you can move through bitterness and the relays I got a shared my testimony you may have to set up some boundaries in different things afterword but you don't need to be ruled by what they do in Texas and my life in the Ezekiel considering and considering saying considering but not doing likewise very frank text out anywhere here all week I'm gorgeous here the first time today all manner guys and have to go to what is it audio verse .org you want to know if anything minimal ten Geo or perhaps even schizophrenic today so please get government this all right so today with my friendships who and he already given Kristin I started to change my friendships started started again and I a Christian now but I would say still the company grossed I think this person is a process it's a relationship we have the drawing and is and is not anything is a dynamic thing the orthogonal and so for me I'm always learning more things about why I'm not like Christ and how I could help you a lot I try you like oh man I'm a disaster but I'm glad he loves me you know to me I'm not saying the on-time at the end of the road but when I became a Christian my whole idea about friendships begin the changes started Jenna before because I was that more and more I'm made aware of what Christ likeness even before I became a Christian this happened are ever working out like I said before as I shared my testimony night I went through school as as a nurse and I got through and I was working there in the hospital and taking care of different people and I was I was basically and sometimes better person I was like quinoa spiritually and Obama I was I was unhappy I told a lot of jokes I all kinds of friends but I really did were all acerbic and the punchline was always telling me and so I remember one day this lady came in and she was a lady of the night came to the emergency department nurse he was she had the smell of alcohol on her breath when I went into talk with her and she had children with their couple children with her that had different light Spain is always already know having this feeling that no I could say something mean or like gossamer menu juice that will my watch out as of and this and that the other than I said to her sarcastically well of had it considered Tylenol in the way I said it was someone is already slightly inebriated and compromise it just set the lady should is when both served new pendants are you can fill in the blanks it is with the drowned man and said it is just that Wolcott 's awareness is that I mean it was so below in the room I I I don't think any of the other primary Vodafone by meeting with this book and then fancy takes me all the head nurse comes in is is not I think you may have compromised the location nurse relationship here and I thought I think you're probably right so I would like to put you on something else so that is definitely okay to okay with me but now the hauling out and of course all the nurses alike out a lady in this and then they're all telling me that when seated in those sees this and then the other and by the way season prostitute and all that they were all talking about and everybody was like confirming that what I've done I've behave was okay they rather happen but I was discounted convicted that this is China was not right now so I go home now yet a Christian but this is just before I know the lady that you heard about the first day died in the snow is still current time I go to think about this and that night I go home and I just I'm just kind of it just comes back and I go man and I saw that lady again if it was possible I saw the lady again I probably have tolerable sorry but I don't want to but I probably wouldn't have this idea I went back the next day don't went on to say the first place at all to my friend my special friend and see looks right at me and see stars swearing again and I said zero one a really lousy mazes and wine see this happen I wasn't willing to admit the gathering of a similar overly glad I ran into him because I just wanted to tell you when someone else can give you the penicillin shot but I just wanted to tell you but I'm sorry about what happened at she looked at me as a startled cry she started crying I said when he cried about it in the very few people in my whole life and never told me I'm sorry in a publisher work on these I was seeing that I have these problems I was working with another doctor 's name was Doctor C Ellis and I think he went to hear to the school to medical school but like so many people even in health professions you lost his vision of Adventism of Christianity and he basically was you know not believe it got all these other different things I was taking care one day of this other guy this guy was a sickle cell patient records give taking care of sickle cell patient should only be a lot of clothes of any pain medication and this guy came what do that altogether I was relatively new figure of sickle cell patients and so I thought he was malingering perhaps one of the neural narcotics and different thing than that and so he asked me for a drink and I was like a language is to drink and I give you this in any other than the sky heard the enemy and he goes don't you know the Bible says that if anyone asking for a drink you should give it to him now this guy was the most unsavory clinician you never worked with King was just grilled fruit always I have never heard it ever meant anything about the Bible but Harry was very indefinable Wellesley a identity manager shall these try Hatley even MIB nonstate but there's another reason my friendships Jason this is why high I began to see as I look at my friends what was happening the lies that a good friend name Lance and the like the smoke on things that were grown and he always said this was part of his vegetarian lifestyle you know the early Israelites out of the twisted interviews individual although that time I thought he was quite profound and his name was Lance in any a lance overdose of the guide Wellesley with hat will command my friend and several other people the same thing was happening of them and then I went to Chicago is working with a bunch of my friends to godlike was dodging in and out I went there I was talking all these resumes president they were at we all have something in common we were all ministers sons actually Seventh-day Adventist minister we all didn't believe in God anymore we are all miserable angry and just didn't want to act like we were well in front of ourselves and it was amazing I love us some more about my couple younger and then the guy that was our crew manager he was in his sixties and all of them were that we we we would go to the clubs we would be about animals saying we were doing this and we were just you know in our actin like we were really who when I got alone with these guys in the two things that would number one they would talk about why they didn't believe in God but then they would talk about how they were angry at their dad guess what I saw I didn't realize that they would doubtless plan my mind if you continue in this way in your relationships are going this way your friends are all that are like you and you're getting better at twenty five eight at thirty five at Blarney and sixty five years and together they are your all live and I could tell you stories they were developing a result I was planting the a now than when he is no more personal with you at the same time I have tried a lot of relationships in Academy well for this one when I went to Academy does not some of the evidence or crystals that have a parochial schools sometimes they try and make kids date each other like this particular school I was like a wave fourteen or fifteen and I decided we needed to go out with the girls so they are these belongs come down from above and the balloons impossible loan and inside the balloon there was the name of the girl you're going to join our in this it may sound funny video but it was the beginning of a very traumatic experience for me because the boiling pop and the lady who got my below I made my to work about as big as they are now I was considerably smaller I weighed eighty six pounds and eighty of those were my mouth and I my mandible and maxilla I look somewhat like it on some type of dinosaur I'm not sure what an insult not to see I started out as a ghost I miss him all as he hands it to the next girl next finally the data was someone who is blind deaf and dumb they take it under her that her old then after that I I took some testosterone tablets no not really via I really tried to develop to aggressively enhanced my royal presence and ice as as I as I began to buff out and in I became appealing to some unsuspecting and wary on where you e-mail and so I got a girlfriend amazingly and I just fell head over heels in the last as a symbol of this song I'm I'm with this girl may see forever anyway and company they wasn't very long either was right after I gave her this she knows I will perfume in the cafeteria in front of everybody some reasons to doubt when an right then and my small underdeveloped frontal lobe I began to recognize that this was very painful and that my limbic system was not a chillingly and I decided that I wouldn't ever get a relationship with a girl again and what was completely in control and got her and I didn't get agreement like this guy heard to government policy just do that this got worse for me because I started to do this I dated three girls in a row that all Monday's release of which worked out well for me if it's only Thursday so but each one of them like jumping the lives of over one thousand eight Lisa number two you think and what do they do I can tell you what I did than anyone laugh but it's always painful and then I will I didn't assault Academy and I went to college in the again I met another Lisa are that all of these people were sucked up into this dating thing and to all those things unforced lab wasn't converted either so it was like the drinking of the drug scene and all these different things diving and that was the cultural and the invisibles sour cream and envision you know in advance something and I didn't want to go that my friends were contacting the whole area the whole idea was thing about this was just wrong I remember when this I really became open to looking things I got way that was after my girlfriend came back the next morning from a party with my best friend after spent in your doing a little more than talking to my best friend I've slept with my girlfriend implements that hurts I guess what I was willing to start to look at things in a different way where you want to continue are you willing to look at things a different way by your relationships are not asking for an appeal in a couple of what I'm saying is there's going to be a point when you're willing to look at that sometimes is one year younger sometimes it's when you're older sometimes people never look at it and I have miserable license on is God say about these relationships are right then but I set a look at it and I began to find out that God 's word says that why people hate people that make these mistakes and he called on his best friend is like Abraham he messed up a bunch of relationship they did things Rob God calls in the front good friends don't gossip good friends don't go around angry the Bible says or not driven by scorn Proverbs sixteen choices they don't gossip they think and good friends I began to learn not just those that agree with you how do you know someone is a very good friend Liza Gray with your friends are people that are willing to disagree with you but I still love you I had one other than a conference pregnant because I was so narrow about it I superficial frostbite is one printer name is Denise Anthony's was a nursing student with many set right next to me and I remember she will look at me as it would seem to go on about something as it was say you know that is the whatever the that was Iraq and was sent in such a nice way to me was like I just was like how could she say that to me I would've killed her if she wasn't her this was first dosage you know why she gets sent to me in a terminal illness this wanted to be a nurse for a few years because she knew this illness would take her out he was a good friend there was a Muslim West are working in the hospital I was unconverted and therefore very unhelpful to patients as I mentioned earlier there was a satellite Internet with Arlene Harling was like only about four foot twenty she was four foot tall but seeing was very following terms of out of being a good nurse and see a guy nurse my definitionally good nurses like somebody that you never see in the nurse 's station they are always with the patient that was the opposite of me I was at the nurses station with the nurses allow me out and out how are things going in Arlene saw that and I could tell he was upset she does the community and the fire in her eyes the one day I went into the dirty utility room because in those your hospital and dirty utility room to take back the platter of love whatever and as I go in there are liens in there I leaned down to pick up a new band plan to replace the one I had and the Charlene saw her moment I was now as short as she was singularly around the neck and have a lot had earned them the event website remember who was completely healthy and send him down and I know how all that is if you're not as I can be read as he got so I not only physically what is wrong with you you just want to let these all have to do is when I is him and I is about that time one of the nurses a lot had designs on Watson availability disintegrating as a general are leaning one number was at the station sheep in the room rubbing their back rubbing their feet and she would go around and the people loved her she brought healing to people and help the people and I realize that the end of the day the patients were glad to see me go but they were happy to see our lady in my concept begins to train you seek Arlene that was very helpful to me she spoke the truth in love and backed it up with a deadpan to see that I still remember together through my small use only people that are good friends are those that have been revealed and received counsel themselves to find this is true and the apostle Paul he said I'm chief of sinners and he talked about how he was rebuilt and how it generally will look for different look for somebody who's been revealed himself and asked her over is this way one favorite people come in to talk to Jesus and it was his mother and brother through the story was granted up to twelve is forty six of fifty and can withstand their document is a lot we got to see a lot of facsimiles stop was at the lives my mother of this was rude 's mother was right up there I was en route high priest is by the way once on Mother's Day I would not recommend that you know everybody's there is a mother and maybe shouldn't be a mother and is not good for you do not talk favorably about month is but a Wes Austin coalition my mother frequently don't say what happened that day so Jesus is very close with my Lou my mother and the looks of his disciples this is not the one since my mother my brother and basically my friends want to do the will of the father of a good definition a friends if they take it away from the purpose God has for your life this is assuming no God but one that will take a long way that people will take you where they look like friends but they're not prisoners like the prodigal son he goes away and spends his money and rise slightly and they recognizes that these friends are just generally kind of friends and the key thing about this story is that he comes back and exacerbate again a person with Gimli people around the globe make me burst make me want to answer though no friends with RRR was it wanted to the will of God they believe in Christ but they want all you and your people to sell I believe it is an important test of the land and Jason I was admitted but belief in the Bible not just the kind of this intellectual assent to I believe in God I believe in Jesus and Jesus talk as for the presence wanted after he died and he said all you will have so far not to believe all the prophets of spoken belief is this is people who want it all to be one of my good friends my people do believe in God and people that want it all they were going out per Bowman was I got so burned by Lisa number one reason number two is in a metric that I had a hard time even looking at the model Lisa famous painting it was like an aromatic amino so I was like Mrs. and Mrs. Rob I came to the time finalized a look at my relationships especially with Palmolive females that I wouldn't I would not I would not be looking touching taste not handle Latin I think in our I said I'm been asked that God do I read in Genesis that the people he got in trouble the ones who chose their own wives and they look to God for that kind of thing that we got three major things like your hat here Matthew dispatched and when you have to have nothing to do about it usually when you dispatch to know you can make a mistake and bring them on suddenly but sometimes that have broken the middle the big decision you make is when you buy the latest we can talk about that so if you're thinking about that would sometimes people to the future this weekend but anyway so I came to the place where I am not going to try this with the girls anymore I mean I was busy bar you know when you come to that decision dies a good thinker but you know what happens to become an aphrodisiac you become very appealing to women when you make that decision I now consented that they come out will they come I will want more like Proverbs six ladies in the Lou's jujitsu serious as other study led and will I do it out of the development of how to live right so so it is so it this is nuts will be fun okay so anyway I can do that as soon as it is to look want to do it God 's way so I decided if people aren't friends are really the ones of the Levi practice of smoking and they wanted off the mother really what the Bible says it's hard to read the Bible I started to read the spirit of prophecy which those your advocates know about it integrated all I found this one book called the great controversy and run a great law (s) that Ringo Khomeini this is heavy stuff in it so I took it with me to my ball to go into my lad 's delivery to work in the Bible and the great conversation both go on there and I tell you what this phase you Hamas money I spent on Lisa times three thousands of dollars I could be driving a golf cart now I wish I look by three wide they are the same as they would happen I said I wanted either rule these ladies out which one was reversed about them and invite them to travel talks if they go to chapel talk to do religious meetings with me that means judging could be a chance but even before that that didn't work because sometimes they were sneaky and I would find little to chat with me it really wasn't into the whole thing you know so I kicked it up a notch when I first would meet them I would start to read a chapter from the great you sell I waited out a number of ladies is way about fifty fifth in a note I would bring the Scriptures is to safeguard this is a great thing him him just as he is and sometimes it would be instantaneous and other times in the couple paragraphs then I'm that illuminates the corneal on a constant who we want to learn a Mike's fiancée Wisner and I center is discussed to have no home run or something like that rounding out again which and I came back and I was playing baseball in the run-up I met by Greg Patterson a small addition to the degree when you know I pull it up sit down on the bench waiting for me to go out to the field right next is this delightful flower I've made a decision fall got it accepted in sitting next to her and I open it up and assert to read I noticed she looks at it I said have you are eligible better at this civilian part of this book is a really interested in it she goes what is that book I sent this book is the great controversy between price and cited as you said you read the great controversy I said yes I doesn't matter back and said that one of my favorite box I was like well I is well and I said what do I him I like that you know what I was thinking this could be our kids there would be why it always will but I saw that she wanted to do it all usually when the police that the world is really one of the world produces a set of Microsoft would do about this something that isn't it will get put together something like cold you guys know that's like when your icefishing hole in a close up as the whale is going under the wonder why the evidence of the issues users to whom it was me I was meeting with excitement so I engineered socially engineering and call me a stalker now but I figured out what sorry I've figured out how to meet her again you know and I got into a mannequin most regulatory month later make a long story short she then I figured out how to get to her house and made her dad and parents because she basically figured out I figured out that the way to her was of her dad said yes because I figured up one of her friends over and I was like this girl wants on the Genesis six and why about how your father and mother are involved in decisions and all that follows will okay so I go down there I did not hit it off with her day because I told her that I was very honest with her desert a look at health of the girlfriends I I don't recommend this announce don't do this awry by the time I got to Lisa number one two and three he had a visibly different look on his face as his knees smote one against the other and he knew that I was not the right one baby are and so he was until this is serious it was as a result he was protective of the lives of some of the given no Joomla! or want to be with her select at family Circle prayer that night he's crying this is why pray softly what critical dear Lord please protect our family I I don't normally open my eyes in prayer but I open it up is looking right at me him to Lord protect our family from the attacks from without he says and also look at the outset from within it certainly five years to win his bet and three minute of it and three minute was worth that my potential way to another continent in her away from me but she wanted it all and I wanted someone on it at all one oh five minutes and it's a little story relationships uncovered getting into the week and stuff but sorry but relationships to hear that they don't gossip they don't get angry they come to trust God they had they speak that you the love they listen to godly counsel my wife listen to her perhaps they wanted to the whole will of God even in mate selection more than that willing to lay down the line and you for them in terms of what lay down their life for you I would say my best friend I made over five minutes to type one of my best friends was not my eighth at sixteen years old I was I remember in moving in with me I was my grandfather and I went to pick him up and he came and moved in with me and I was now going to seminary was taking a degree in theology but I still undecided the inhabitants that was working through all that and when I would come back he would always I'd say he's a what happened today in the cement it was the most loving person I work at nights and I went to the mastery during the day when I came home he would have the cereal boxes all-out oatmeal and a listener did my grandmother of progress is dead and all of these two things all set up and he would just give it to me and he would just had to make a house like his wife and grandfather would go to my basketball games we call ourselves afternoon we named our team the patriarchs use of patriarchy would just together Hollywood prey for us it was a large check in the stupid young man from running up and down according shelling themselves they don't understand that this is not a good use of their challenge at you see a pleasant environment within the law was speaking the truth alone and he was sixteen years old and I want I remember one grandfather died before he died the week before two weeks before he wanted to the hospital was a communion service anyone know the communion service I said I present doing this I'm doing now doing the other things that I really want to go to and I held lots of friends over that I had a more portly revels in a really long ago finally after assistance I didn't waited and I didn't know it was a communion service he does best recited in the nose the community is he says look I really want to go house I let him have it when we arrived at the church and I saw that it was a Friday night Communion service I did not like that we walked down the aisle my grandfather saw that it was a communion service or person releases nothing else in life I have the love for access for God and you boys I want to tell you that I'm sorry for making you come tonight would you forgive me a sister is that what since said what I said grandfather had forgotten his hearing aids in but he was so insistent and finally sure the service was over or at the little house and went on to wash one another's feet grandpa looked me right in the face of you said you know I think the Lord let me live to be able to live with you boys I do anything for you I never want her I watched his feet washed my feet under the day he died the credit taken to the hospital again they didn't want to go back and assist grandfather way want me to do this is great it was getting labor has said it can take you and I just know I want to die I'm ready to go I signify that what is it or like you have never been with someone who died before this was someone I knew loved me to someone who exemplify Christ enable to get my handbook would notice him but they said I've been thinking a lot about heaven both his Bible in this handbook it marked all the text about heaven this is same to me the songs about heaven a throughout the day as grandfather slipped further and further away I sang songs about heaven I cried a text about heaven grandfather died at five o'clock when I sent down the hall is a guy whatever you want me to do I'll do it with my father was one of my best friends friends it doesn't have anything to do with a has to do with the commitment Christ in one grandfather died it was Halloween night and we were there on the bed looming and so was there should come over we were having a worship now wrong grandfather still warm body as it came in from openings his dad the one who for five years and said no I walked up right their wrong grandfathers bed he came in and took my hand eliminates as a put our hands together and grandfather wanted all and he lives in all the end of his life I want to be like that I want to have relationships like that you want a relationship like that you want all I want to see grandfather again I want to be in heaven October second day notice a heaven of illness and for the world the alumni relationships my peers in had us pray together father in heaven today was thankful for the lessons we can learn effectively special annoyances that come alive for the people that you sent to test their character with negative bedpans and hit us over the head and let us know that were had on the wrong direction but thanks for those to speak the truth in love with for those that have returned and are willing to share their experiences with us I don't know where each person in this room is in their journey with their friendships I asked that you would bring them to that point where they're willing not to do it their way to do it your way and I thank you and I praise you for coming Jesus all-powerful day


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