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The Power of Prayer

Paul Ratsara


Paul Ratsara

President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of Seventh-day Adventists



  • April 9, 2011
    9:30 AM
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then you this morning using the nineteen one must not take this for granted but to be listened to and to accept to be transformed and changed Lord we know that you already here but what we are asking for now is that you have questions feel your holy presence among us that this meeting is not just one of the meetings but it would be in life transforming experience for every one of us speak father said the name of Jesus amen for about two years now of decided not to go into a meeting want to speak one I know it would be just a meeting I would like a free meeting will be any event that caused me to change my life I would like a meeting to be used by God to republish a nice my entire existence and for me to be closer to God on this is one of them I'm here today on creating to God I never pray for this meeting one legal out of these meetings we will not be the same again we don't want us to call for a meeting son legal in I'm going out missing doctors it is a kind of entertaining ourselves spiritually there is no change I don't want to continue that I warrant meeting the being income to content deleted I won you mean gone person on one your self you will feel a sense that on questions changed you changed me so I would like these meeting to be that way a number twenty .net hoping that we all waiting to study to date will outlast to reach that goal because they've all used to meet cost and quality so be changed Google is to be ready for heaven under quality Scooby instrumental in changing life 's but not for this life only but for eternity so all my topic today is key to on said Chris this is a kind of a prayer seminar we are praying a lot I'm just starting to be one of God 's only kind of specializing in prayer here so the question is one sticky to onset prayers I have been wrestling would be stopping when I started the Bible I tried to build from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation I'm responding to prayers in the Bible I never realized that most they were uncertain by going positively optional to stop call list or if Reyes in the Bible from the book of Genesis the biblical revelation what it was she is a report of items that the prayers on the and symptoms are in it what does someone on in the New Testament dancing for example all the odd one obvious one one he played for the child not to die thought was and I none set I write was not on said positively incorrect also for him to be killed of being the Temple I bought said no you won't be popped off the but you are you just go about it much of an forty month your son would be that and then you go to bed all New Testament you see the whole you are an God said no for their phone in their flesh stopped asking that one I will not answer so that other few feel negative arms is what you people also rule the Bible you won't see that most of the upgrade is what I said by both positive I was puzzled by her I said Lord the that must be the impact of because when we think of the reality I don't know about you but that generally speaking it is kind of the apostate man named Nolan since it is like prey these one know these one know is what these is yes many know as then feel yeses and then we will not use the half many essays you dropped us feel that we keep on repeating that said brought us don't be starting each goat but it should be that all pleasant that is to go on since I was although I pray is an bit unsaid positively I think these is amazing ingredient in our personal spiritual life as a church I don't know how many prayers are being often find not being on said we have not only God knows all many prayers but I I can't just solve many pray is what kinds don't constant positive music that God has changed his mind to say that income lasting goodbye but I used one since I lost positively by these this change my mind I I don't like to give the guy make it hot for you twenty first century people but for the Bible into water sediment and the New Testament it was easier to get to a yes onset is actual I think you'll be wondering with me these not to Saul my topic this morning is to share with you my humble findings I been wrestling with these both users and starting the Bible I'm starting to spread all prophecy on my knees starting trying to understand because I I I said to myself you find no these of the any key if I know that most of my prayers would be onset then I will be just the chess would be different find their work would be done soon and Jesus will come soon so this is still me it's a vital player on the Sopranos is vital so what is the key to unsaid friends in some I say Psalm sixty five residue all you will you and all flesh will come you don't blog in the Bible God chooses names I have free choice phase and message of God calls himself a God we he is pretty once I still know that we've got gone either items you'd like to concept our prayers and thoughts that's okay you know you comments we adhere we know that we really want to onset the request to grow and be replaced a boy children and what we say on this telephone it is also logical that in his heart he wants to consent our said well you would year prior to all flesh will call and Jesus is a set in John's update eleven and verse forty one and forty two ounces also to stop his eyes and said father I thank you that we offer to me I know that you always hear me but because of the people was standing by I said this but they may believe that you send to me so Jesus Christ said I know that you are lazy of me I'm praying today I'm saying is not because of me but because of these people around here so he needs a relationship with God we've would be father it is so clear that use prayers were on and have fun they want in gets the money you've John and Susan it was not in the knife because you knew that Doctor was a blonde MILF gone for you Ronald Kfar F William William to die okay and then in John chapter first John chapter five verse fourteen fourteen and all fifty watches Jenny Dickey the key is this one I read this is the confidence we have in approaching God if we ask anything according to his will easy as office I'm here for you no geeky ersatz what about we ask we know that we have what we asked over you so they want whatsoever is there if we know that he hears us what we ask we know that we have what we ask of him according to their will of a diabetes these user confidence with every that written up already shortly he is to know all there will of bought I will pray that must be according to their will of God way we will continue and Paul said these this is Vickie for this reason it seems that damn we heard about you we have not stopped praying for you I'm asking God see you with this knowledge on this when through all the spirit of wisdom and understanding Saul we can't get to this onset year follow-up and is according to the will of God saw Vickie East don't know the will of God on one when I lies hip has in the Bible they don't say on the end of the prayer praying and then we ask these garage these if it is your wheel hobby read the in the Bible we don't find the life and you know we would like to handle thought to be sure we pray and then is it may your will be done to ask something and then we put at the end of their may your will be done which is good it is a submissive all so rendering object to what the wife then my wife then in the Bible one diplomate one for example Jos Law asked his son you did the Rockies went up radio right when five I think that is the best example to put floss again if it is according to do with saw that obvious you are protected to say that yes I ask not what you did is not been according to the will of God it's okay let's did not help then you are safe but QUALCOMM then Jiles line did not say that all Mandy 's son stopped easy to use according to you will and I mean these are kind of minute it would be less personal and a presumption you could go that now people losing it what is going what is going wrong with you why are you praying that way I then many things in the Bible saw me challenging things that the people in the Bible asked for what they did not say if you do use your weight so why is rating according to the will of God you will did not apply than of course yes but what was the difference you see the difference is this what comes first it is like your hobby check idea goal island you ask for Cleveland's for the check so that according to the wheel of God DC could evening of the check for them Vicky did before the fall praying that you did good evening before but for us we wetly preface this music is the conclusion of the subject would be fine but they did not befall I will come to that saw been according to the will of God it was done before not often that's why what they pay that Wausau school because it should be good they did not need to say David Ezio will be brought to their relationship with God want to want them not to do so according to use with going ask for it I do will have think so what do they stand one jaw swap thread for this on those all the new business relationship and one blocked login to ask for that solute you didn't need to say if this is according to your solving he is going all that will of God but how long can we love God because artistically on said prayer all to know that we love God is one for these in the zone seems that day we heard about you we are not slow for a unique for you to know that we love God we need to me to know that we know of God asking God 's studio with the knowledge obvious whale through all spiritual screening knowledge of Israel through all spiritual wisdom and understanding okay now we need to know what to do to know that we logo idea about sex again I keep asking about the bond of all of Jesus Christ the glorious father Mejia view this theoretical wisdom and revelation so that you may know him better not be manual better to not get we love God you want to know your you have to know God it is just like my wife and I muddied for almost thirty years so I need a small role if I fly for example to ask something let's say nine times I'm I'm she's is no said my wife dubious for me know nine times and only once yes meaning I don't really know because you find all heart beautifully before I ask I should know if these is yes or no I didn't I know it would be a no I would say well let me stop him admit I don't need to ask because you know you I so I would say pop from say you know you not to send not too involved one it's so hot to say Jan Norman I can't really do that so you view Shabbat one to say no no no I I don't want it to say no sword that this book I'm not going to ask you going to be keep you not that you would say no but you keep on asking and shiatsu Ms. employees and any people Austin then the relationship is forty so now when it will cost is for local tone volume personality knowing the mind of God this experience again my wife and I you think if she does not open her mouth I just got tops I know one was ninety percent want to spin how might she looked up to me why in the tar then I can't guess I'm presenting with your voice you see been cobbling it might work for about almost three weeks per month on the stay-at-home and office for a week or so saw been in talks Vioxx what you me and will forward one iPhone my wife I would not say hello this is for both him what to do knees please thought is the name of my wife know it is not like that we said hello how are you we start right away the conversation these non- deduction basin all these you selling so right away because just one word will be enough to know what he's speaking why because we know each other many times our prayers are not onset because you don't know a lot we need to say hello gaunt visas for rats on a donkey with do you remember me we have met sometime a goal I hate you remember other time in its intimate comic book to you now you also may need no yes we know God anointed us right away we speak and what do we know God God would not say the I am I am golfed do remember me nobody would speak right away no deduction because of this relationship I may is about the relationship about Norway Norway the mind of God causes all Oswego would pray in a kind of a database I like a grocery list said okay I need these one two three four it is about the relationship asking know when God is so not it nobody's from the spirit of prophecy Christ object lesson in forty two all ever before us Allah willing a lot launched Google out to friends giving I'm courageous on address for him wish I were filed on Cumulus freshness in our religious life a lot plan is willing to give formal conversation with God as we wouldn't talk with your friend and listen to this you will speak is Misha to reach the boss prose summary using it as I want a relationship if you hobbit he was ufologist will reveal things that you don't even need to ask is said that I understand that the vein something going on in your life I heard someone can you share that that is not friendship he was she will rust and tell you below you would be the first one you don't give an ask people don't yes you said you left something happened to me a steady you did not ask what the cause GE was she is your friend need for volunteers to seem pushy and go on to use our friend and he is he is now offering a venue for participants share things with us you think don't ask and one of them is use with them shall you not use the urinal this is why I'm going to do I am going to open in this country this is my plan and I want to play is sublime he reveals things to us I'd is a process on on the to you I thought is a key to our send print all we go will and you was called the friend of God we stopped at your friend of God you see you was called by people their friend of God yes there you are and stopped Doctor name into community is sit down I do not have run we set all know that one is signed on school and got Ozzy 's friend what a title I really like that I would like I would like to be known on this friend of God but in all Ugandan command to befriend other feminists a person but I do not present conference .eu why his friend people will not really believe I'm go on south on from you said I have around my friend so people say look at Avram is a friend of God and God confronted you said yes and brownies my friend my personal friend and ID CT unzip me why these people they called on said prayers almost all the time because they were friends like there was so close to God and God would reveal them why these we on that in everyday life it happens in Christ object lesson page one hundred and forty seven we must not only pray in Christ's name but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit these explains what this amendment wanted to say that is spinning to make up visitation for us we only which can't not be opted soft spray ons D lights on your livestock kayaking supply by thought is the meaning of our chapter eight I understood be spent about five years ago we would have to relocate a law office one of a country all I do know how all feces and international office by many people from different nationalities I work on the division represent twenty three countries saw fought us add to house to run it will relocate à la division offers one of the country we had to ask for walk permit for a less stop some of this off why not see the season all the big country where we are going so we decided tool for the quest involved one two thousand SCL current I decided no we cannot give you and Bob we have to apply the maximum we can accept these seven seven obligations so we need not we sent seven applications for permit somehow they denied this on we said no we need to stop this we don't know all many more that window do not I'm not talking about Stasi not talking about the key media we don't want even one to remain those we should go so I said to the gym are we need to pray about these pray more about this item we need to stop in addition to but we need to pray and locked up this enzyme world and pray and pray and work that is God 's formula so we would pray and we strategize the same time these is what we call are more nice and all got nice you are going to use another sometimes you all got nice many times we does organize and we don't double nice enough so I'd regret has given us the idea said no you shown to meet him on those signs that will permit we did not want to deal with the human Dem bus Abdul we went to the concert but we did not go there I don't because he didn't know us so we said let's look for someone who knows him will act on the east front so we looked and fortunately we found a lawyer I will use this friend of the man will ground space so we said please help us to come and that leads for us he said yes sure so we went back to begin with him on was so cold but he said no already took a seven understand I'm I'm sure there Wayne talks with me I'm blessed all so to change no change their decision without heart but we pray and office sometimes you become so open and very helpful knowledge is almost like a hopeless it was indeed he said walking I'm going to have all of our right we elect and he almost expected to lead to right please want to be false like I music today you don't even need to do the right beside a hardcopy such just foxy to me on that one underlines one we left that place where well I sure sure enough we will get to walk them eat all the less I will foster what is the difference when you get all the man and now did you friends also you told us what to do what other things that we needed to write I know we didn't I wink on it won't print result everybody did you friends same obligations but the difference was a relationship and we did didn't know probably what to write and give on this page is just doing that is that we must not only praying Christ's name but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit these explains what these men when it is saved about this make this a destination for us and down the salt spray Gallic delights so one would become a friend of thought the Holy Spirit when he lasts what to ask you what is it it said this when you ask for these like a friend you like school sponsored projects idea came to me is it cool there's money for these going to ask for it and delegate one will grind in this do think that when it offs I will be denied nor does it want what is it going on for it this theme would be spent to dismantle and tell us what to ask I given the way we ask for it and that's why I gave said yet again disputed a prophecy I read full lots nation is that so great wool cause God soul night until then I has been logged out while God is in all things that we call upon him years later disorganized to Claude you would join Microsoft's IDs cannot anyone go before us you will invite our presentations teaching gospel Oslo the very things that ask alleged insults to bestow on us you will tell us what to ask and how to ask invite it is illegal to serve to say that he is going to arrange it in such a way is not that the items that would be yes so the fact is that's why you when we read in the Bible read in this spirit call it what you spin it would inspire not only do where we stayed but if anything that we ask and do you think that when the Holy Spirit ask ask ask for something doing things that would be a negative onset no it is said as we read God delights to onset those three so that is unscheduled this question what do we need to do to harm up Verizon said we need to we need to annoy his minds we need to be close to him so so much that you wouldn't even feel if anything that you once cost us anything a time is against us in and I wonder what FIU mosque in my name so that the son may bring glory to their father you may honestly for anything in my name on I will do it but to pray in the name of Jesus is something more than a mere mention of the name of the beginning and ending of the prayer is that sweet it is the bread in their minds I'm screening of Jesus when we believe these promises rely up on his greatest I were using works you should be seized in relationship to mind of God is doing on the mind of God the will of God so in ceremony softies the key is to know the mind of God to be befriended us on to remove God person or you just didn't know you do you house does your persona what you do is only devoid of the Seventh-day Adventist church what if God don't feel funding that God of the book what you use you'll bought that is a problem many times we would have won the goal and as symbolic of the church this is a glut of the church is a blog of these people but you must be your God personality I thought is the reason why we're here not only the obvious God as a blog of movement to movement but it gone of person spending with God to will mind and then we know use with I'm one way but we would pray according to his wife we don't need to say don't need to adopt if it is used with because we off process start before you can ask God also did is that VCs will of course we met me some we are not perfect yet like they did so well for me and my wife I made me some I may maybe I just need to wrongly I made this in the wrong the idea she missed him know I can't do that but if it is a popular thought to say every time you ask is that you know I can't do that every time then did something wrong when it meets next fall for example if you didn't know forty newsletters should not be removed you means not but it was such an exception noted after the Vioxx should be our prayer as well it should be an exception been all onset shall be an exception not the potter want to rethink kind to you much in if ten nine out of ten of your players would be content what do I think about that that's wonderful to sunrise your entire life your spiritual life your church youth digits for example all of us you doing just fine we pray according to that we don't want me namely processing already with God and then you and I pray I will write you all get them as that we are going to ask Oscar nine out of ten was seven will be grunted positively I believe my brothers and my sisters that species the key the niche you want to work because one you may for sounds disputed property says that in fact prayer God can't not resist you feel prayer for a zombie wedlock can cause God said wait a minute do you really need ten cause I you said I need to causes you said what wait a minute let me process that but you feel I close Saints I do pray and I'm going on all souls like John Knox gave me scored landlord die then God will onset me going ons at those kind of pray you see creating social thoughts should be our first which many times oh upgrades us out on ourselves has me help my wife have my children viz. nothing wrong waiting for funding but that should be exhausted one that should be just level one many times we remain at another one level on these praying for your sense brilliant Plato thought maybe praying for my job which is good we need to do what we should call to the next level of readying for all verse training for this salvation praying for all those who do not know Jesus Christ I got kind of prayer stew ponds is a I I have a brother on my young brother he left the church enough the chips off the few years and then one day one day I it was a big burden in my life I said look look up to me I'm preaching more leveled it they won't shelving the news but my own brother when these have thought was in August about three years ago then I said no instead golf just lamenting we don't need the writable complementation one is enough even if I have to only need to write a book on Fox it was a book off ox of days no companies another book on box so I could not not going to lament for the things that I've not done let me know I'm Jackson was great so I mean August I decided to pray instead Lord I come up and you are that will not because I'm just Dawson options box I on the outside I you know my floor to show because of my brother is no-fly from you you said why by the end of this year I say again that was the milk of August goodbye they handled each year I'm pleading look that my brother would be back I do love for about five years the church organist I create I cried a lot more to bring back my brown nosing August September October and then November that was a time when I need to go back to my a phone meeting because it is part of our division so I I said in my spray I asked this in time I send a message my brother I'm coming a car neocon to the public LCD wagon meeting will be I did not tell you what kind of calm we just want to spend some time that can't knew as I gave him the time I I I gave him also that no patient I sent that message all kinds I and one a London when they landed my hotspot pump because I think what waits for me they didn't all day he known authors of these fine so one I trust the author 's all thoughts of that union I didn't know you did not respond on eighth approached the gate I sold waking I said that on this is good news but I had to rush for admitting is that of illicit VCs Vicki we are going to show the room today you don't need to go find enough up the motivation we are going to share the room you know we need also I wanted him to be a captive audience I thought you said yes blind Waupun debuted the room I'm going for a meeting just south of a meeting I will I will come I got was a doctor would be in the evening then and I'll study meeting I went to the room I knew was there and I was just like to put to go so my speech was written I've been providing these full four months so I started my speech I do know what this something like the prodigal son I was interrupted you said you know what I'm boxy in the zip off some thing happened to me I don't know how to explain it that was his birds in my heart toolbar possible bought I I just went down my wife would be needed my children belong to be donated to children who duplicated and sent my problem item I did not finish my speech got is the unfinished speech I then remaining time would just rejoicing praising God I did give him some some keeps not the wedlock one of the ways of all life on right now I study off the few months of the year one souls for Christ and they went there to baptize these people and now use them my consultant we knows Christ he is leading the preaching big Dave Dave if I gently speak how come you got a mighty sword God do you like storms that is kind of prayer why we should never give up on our children on a lot of relatives could then it's you will thought bots you need to be close to God they spend more time to norm caught we are so busy doing many things I visit I don't have time to pray what when what it's like to say is that I don't have time for that brilliant I have time for many things not full we need to add sauce our priority God first him she's the key to unsaid prayer I'm saying one we pray that we we will have power to preach the gospel IV she's good people finish lunch work tool will have that kind of constant prayer I will conclude it is Umbria they can't live sound is one of the countries that they work is really growing up probably it can't be one of the largest union more than seven hundred thousand members Bob thanks man but in that country unknown but the northern part of that country is it it is so hard to pin it impossible because if they culminated the resist that you spend in a particular area that in a new place it is embossed area not even one Adventist because every time we send someone that they would suspect that someone on it would that pocket and an global bot net to the last iniquity VCs operating right now these is the company right now we send it rougher to be a pioneer his name is seed Gabrielle Charlie Swayze 's four-minute you went you went there and I didn't the community started to use their methods to frustrate any attempt to establish a tragedy first strategy is not in all human being and not a ragged on holiday in Malta you will run you value new country then you'll argue you when you go to the village of you are asked for the most retarded to these no guest house will want of your house that ended Townsend besieges so they went there I didn't decide to did not will come before me know to give to give you in the house it will need to state first night there hot to spend a night outside with entire family children but these men you know school Gabrielle I use a program being that you said you know I will not give up said one night dollhouse no accommodation spend a night outside that night seven think you refuse to give up finally the people in the village said no we got cruel book of these children are wiggling the Guzmán would not give up I have always going to treat them like these that give them accommodation but one thing don't ever allow you to talk to you about Jesus we can't talk about some of the things but not a buckle so they decided not to allow wind to ship saw you was there I then decided that every one of them will not give you an opportunity on you print is a pregnant diplomate asking gallant tool to give them the geeky I'm going inside the human to do something I have not read in the Bible I'm already you need a new book about to reaching out to be said while you spin normal people will refuse to talk to me about God there to meet talk to remind people to mentally disturbed people saw saw you one hopeful on that meant that if you study people are out and you found seven of them seven of them and decided to talk to them of course they do their community did in mind is that maybe dismantles us thought to be meant to be disturbed is talking to maintenance is that people thought they did that in mind so you talk to them lots you did not only talk to them on you prayed for them and so on all of them white healed I decided to Bible studies I get one of less converts seven and one of them was the chief bitch she's all the area Yi hobbles over sickness he was also mentally disturbed but one was you do realize that you are the chief place at all I am the chief of these which I did use my chips I have computer and land mobile digits you are recommended to Protestant is not chiefly respect you but they don't have I given until these people know that you said that Houston is my kitsch nonanonymous they said please don't ever saw it was a big dispute while there were disputing something happened in this with each call no called one eight delete the one they are more dangerous should we out more dangerous than the light units wonder how bit into one the net effect on toxic right away and finishing in less than a minute stall and then I think with its call the nuclear one more into the land I scheduled their first day during this socket validity UserLand they did not have been looking but they started to UserLand for some update the hobby saw about school and divine surveys and enough to know so the adolescent and we visited one established themselves that I understand you not see the tiny mouse not that they should not occupy this land why are you insisting given down in the usual do not give this land and then he said we would see no way are they going to spend to sop up this coming summer the elephant the elephants are they so there was a enjoying themselves a community CADC you know what our rights these people about the Connaught occupies but Sabbath morning the elephant and with each little one moved out all all that I'll get out of bed pulled a blind not to what other photos just for an off the watch so you know that I let it different hide herself to be a free security behind it for free all tops so the elephant decimal UC unified builds upon keep Sabbath Jesus the most out and watch them what you want to from morning to live on one of the collective desktop elephant would delete and one moved in a move to be dip me one you pray according to the wheel of caught in an effort can't be used by a clot to one's Ukraine I still have many things to share but may be little but let me conclude he say that there must be a Paladino shift in our prayer life we shall do not continuity away we pray someone honest defined insanity office keep repeating the same thing and expect to get different results if you lack away praying always not looking why I went containing doing the whistle don't I might say that these time don't wait for next week these find today today we must take this to St. Laurent I stopped with being your friend 's list bodies that idea being a friend don't worry about prey on these and that you have to the relationship with God Google still can't and pray would be the probe of that relationship because one you pray when you want a friend of God God wants to share these gifts to a friend you know what we are friends you when you don't ask if friend would give you something kind of deadbeats I give these I prepared this for you you are not awesome either that got on you Oscar said you know I'm in trouble right now I've come you had me would be sure I want discounted before you different is more done wheeling to give I'm here to change his mind you want I can't resist Bush yetis and give me death for thirty minutes decided yes you see I'm just summarizing what is you you see one you watch most a lot gone is your God-given is willing to change his mind I do want to text in you know it it is Vickie 's experience with Moses one day God was so obsessed with the children of Israel is it act called I have to finish this and saw the phrase review Moses was a suit brought that does not sound like you are you going to exterminate these people I'm what people would laugh I cast out your name it was a oil is gone he attempted to bring it by a people from man should not be failed are you going to do not go out all modes it's you again you use IE you want to change my mind now went to me to change my mind yes God don't do it don't do it away we would make these work bought we will continue it's hard but we will continue him just a making of the way in every day life gone Sid was okay Moses I was not doing I will not do it is you can use Google it because if I not see it it just like we province Mitchell didn't unchained don't mind but we design to change dolomite so God VC is not a kind over diminishing the power of God it is not valued it is out of these own choice to change his mind deadlock it seems you are my friend I I want to please you I will not delete I business I believe this is what you wanted to do with Adra when the one you pretty did Belmont Gomer but that Avram spoke better tools to enable usual Dolph continued probably not ten but maybe five oh three bought out spread without spread so Domingo Marais and give them more time because of Apra because all these friend you know God because like human being many times is that all my friend since you are asking for these I would I will do it so you see the arms of player you want a friend of God given if it is not the original we don't talk diplomats said we don't talk God God can't not just that just for you because he is your friend and the fact is the way that is the key to see need to half our prayers unsaid to be so close to go and becomes a friend of God and then mandate you become a prey awarding us youth you have your hot Dave demo by informal font and people of Comecon Nucor God I knew going gone to have these the question is yes I will call you know and in fact I'm not number is no voicemail I offended no voicemail on ways with open Reggie to onset all the time maybe loaned us and got à la prayer would be changed from today we want to decide now went to call meet a lot of nice that we would be indeed friends of court and what the title pulled right some friend of God I have had the thought is the title Deborah and Rob friend of God disc would you name the friend of God these your business card sign silk friend of God because you want to know not as a friend of God I thought these religion thought he is a relationship with God I do not you know what one called comments one Jesus comes you would only take his friends home because you once these the relationship to twenty man during eternity you want start sees it don't not like you to spend time with gone with this friend absconded these relationship yet God does not want this puppeteer God wants to continued for it and so we picked nor you know we better be used friends in Belmont I want we need to send a life I'm on such ones to be our friend you will still be illustrated this is what he wants are you ready gorgeous rating but all you rated to be the friend of God are you in practice because for you to be that friend you will have to renounce some friendship of the world on the things of the world we need to renounce those because darkness and light it can't not leave Gaza for the like still doctrine is possible I got these big commitment that we need we need to half out we need to house that commitment and the Lord with us one thing we need to do also we need to be she's pretty critical for unsaid prayer we need to half full do you think Sprint phone giving spirit by semi honey give me five minutes yes I know I respect time so I don't want to encroach I need to ask for permission before quenching yes is a friend of the this one by the way I have the sound icon she had the sound teleprinter with you on what have not finished many slides but those of you one for heartbeat you can't have it free of charge failed shot so don't want it you felt not I have just summarized it but I I want to share these views is very critical when it comes on a condo to need dystopic on said prayer without touching these as you find I really will not do justice these full giving spirit you know many times when we pray the prayer of Jesus the Lord 's prayer forgive me up to give our dead eyes can't we pray that pre- season-ending relationship for two things you so important gone city to city he was seen on the PowerPoint that today's a big relationship between onset prayers unfold giving spirit you know what DC 's I was very appropriate manual Fox we don't how forgiving spirit we hold crutches and we can't not expect to hobble our prayers onset Jesus said it he said you know what when you go to the altar I and you realize that you have something a brother has something against you what was advice what was instruction is it golf and dead through the offering and then you go to your friends know you said is not offering I'm glad back blow not to spend an first to know that this is very critical we need to how useful you think the commissioner you the story to have possible house and forgiving spirit in ninety four was the time of genocide in one digital types one five tried to extending a doll but try and then do people delve at five across the churches thinking that they were not and you in the church sure they they rushed to the stitch every object on and take since then then do what they ended along the door after there was a bonbon of conditional open each end of faucet the key this came tool he'll everyone they say more easily dealt this group and any man called men said yes sale and you happen to be a law passed Noordin had been dismissed a young man across towards you with a much it I'm splitting he's had him to come on this spot in Tokyo and three by the Dutch and the left often one day was so people can to collect the dead bodies to bring them to a mosque growing in one collected the bodies analyze that one woman the heart was beating so she's not that necessary part so there are such of the hospital available closer to and she was treated after six months she was okay then she had to decide her name is Jim in French name decided how she is going to spend the rest of her life shot two choices to leave in P Dennis and had sent one oh cool silky and that cool I insist that humanities ADT she is going to apply what is reading the book of Roman to forgive and you couldn't take care of her aiming so she was told that it will dip reasons most people can't get so she went there and talk to the chief the money charge said you know I am a immense and description by the way these may be used to wife past the wife of the pasta said I am imagining I believe in the Bible I want to apply wacky sweetening the Bible to say that youth you Amy Lee's first key vacuum something to drink what to drink you can use and read give him something to eat so I want to have a problem for these present I want to be absent for the treasonous and the people entrusted no way they were thinking that Daisy Sinise demo to maybe you would put she would would poison and then finish but they investigated talk I feel a closeness that's just as young man was sincere and they grunted the grunted car that request said yes you may go ahead Sony regular basis his death is your man brought food to the present I'm not a seven-time preaching the gospel one day while they were preaching and singing a young month came and then down before sister Jimmy this is my too you would accompany me she's the Germans had no I don't so you don't could organize music to folk if you know that days one we killed people that church I lost one dispute had Bellevue Hospital but I feel sorry no default view for me I insist that Jim is your menu at him sits on IHOP for the funky for gnome time to call I decided in my heart that I will not take I will not spend my time with congenital grudges I just I just want to know and serve the moment I also given you after some time the government of Rwanda send inordinate of a misty so all these reasons I did was released but now they are what tribe also with three friends tried to exterminate all the time so Sean mole is the name of the young man was about twenty four years old you was unknown to the present is funny also the funny derivatives were also killed what he was in the present you was unknown and you went and walked the door of suspicion is Saint Monica Armando I don't know where to go on what to the Menzies Benjamin said Newson I'm also kind on come on bring what don't you I know we are going to wait for Jesus to come in to meet our loved ones and they were waiting and waiting for Jesus to come in for teasing pieces what we need all the long hours going to be unforgiving all along I'll bring to hold that those crutches hobbling to sacrifice out and said prayers because of grudges these is it time they all I have a sister I can't say just after me the husband neglected did not take care home when she was pregnant and I didn't know about this on the because of that my sister died with the child of a two months in help find to my shame I had a hot time for Keith my property my sister approach a note I'm that kept the note for real time then in my new dictation in my devotional life I came face to face with myself I didn't it was so clear that I should ED one I'm been decided for the connect call I'm piece came back to me if you want teleprinters to guns just that that goal you may be right but don't die in your practice just forgive and let cool avenues more important done what I was feeling desolate do half someone in your heart today that you when you when you posses you you try to avoid you in your church you know for me to be don't wait for more just for the cylindrical I know disease heart but we've got is possible that's why it won best of prey now let us to pray I knew the asking God 's Bogart you want us to to be hoppy and to be for field in our relationship with you but many times we would decide to be fall from you and we just want to get things from you not you record source seems we ask for for this knowledge you will with our sinfulness before seems on these cleanse us from one righteousness manual plus year we have cried using lots with healthy trait we have peeled Lord we don't want to continue to half those please destroy the keywords used for the crotches destroy the hated and replace them with off with disputed to forgive us test fee of these house no one off and made it holy speeded toward ethanol in the hearts of if I really saw smoke from that creep and help us to be free thank you father for helping us also to understand the key to unzip me hope us not to nor you we'll I'm pretty according to you we couldn't we will be copy walking with you I know all goal ultimate goal is to spend eternity with him help us and not least heaven and especially to lease up friendship cut into no friendship that we have you any of Jesus amen


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