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Part 3: Afflict Our Souls

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 3, 2011
    4:00 PM
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to him as I mentioned as I mentioned earlier in we are coming together to study specifically talk to about four study as we had our position and all were and we saw that bill for things that conduct the life of God 's women people in these last day for things sauce with what holy convocation what cannot the holy convocation is out but nobody knows all right if you forget to remember is Leviticus twenty three verses twenty seven to thirty two and processes as you want to make sure that you understand your work want to make sure that you understand what you and I supposed to be doing right now so that we can really make sure that we are people prepared to meet our God remember we are not doing any of these things in order scenarios any special favor with God amen we are doing these things because of the relationship you have with Christ it is our desire we do these things based on a love for Jesus amen all right so therefore we want to make sure that we rightly understand this study now this study is going to be afflicted also unified than it is to be the most important study because affecting our souls has much meaning to look in the word of God and that the word of God be our guide to help us rightly understand how to afflict ourselves and I wanted to do something this week they are going to this letter the first thing I want to do is combine was the book of Leviticus chapter twenty three in Leviticus the twenty third chapter in Leviticus chapter twenty three remember that the Bible was thinking something very clear to you and I is God 's people that want to make sure that we understand in verse twenty seven on Leviticus twenty three the Bible says something very important and before we going to let us does have a report of prayer as we approach the Lord 's throne a medical ongoing in a Neil and if you are able to and would like to you can join otherwise you can reverently bow your heads where you are and let us kneel and pray together a loving father we are grateful once again for the opportunity to come to gather depressed and to study to show ourselves approved and the God that we can be workman as well as where women need not be seen we rightly dividing the words of truth previously released first to give us of our sin and that he would abide with us in a very special way and as we once again look at this very special topic dealing with our position in our work that we deal with this topic of the affliction of one soldier that you will truly open our eyes and help us to behold wondrous things out of blessed as we ask your God and we give ourselves even the usually be glorified in all that is said and done in this setting together we pray for we asking in Jesus name amen in Leviticus the twenty third chapter you'll find in the Bible tells us in verse twenty seven and twenty eight what God should be doing while the high priest was in the most holy place the Bible says in verse twenty seven also on the tenth day of this seventh month there shall be a native atonement it should be an holy convocation unto you you shall afflict your souls and offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord is up to work in that same day for it is a day of atonement to make an atonement for you before the Lord your God not want to look carefully at verse twenty nine the Bible says in verse twenty nine for whatsoever so that be the you shall not be up for it in that same day what will happen to him he shall be cut off from among his people the word of God is making it clear to you in either this is very serious and therefore within a really tickled look at the topic of afflicting one soul seeking to understand what does it mean how do we apply even in two thousand eleven bordering on two thousand twelve how do we make us think practical in my day to day life now as we prepare to go into the study to some very key things I need to make you aware of the many things in this world that are needed many things if you read in the book ministry of healing page one forty three you would see that one of the great things that the world needs right now is the revelation of Jesus Christ that's what it says a ministry healing phase one forty three says that great need in the world right now is that they need a revelation of Jesus Christ and I want to make clear that it is not sainted in the summer to talk about Jesus is saying that it needs a revelation of Jesus Christ people need to see what I say in their minds and hearts when I see you I see Jesus but is that the know as a husband and as a father that that's the greatest goal of my life uncertain even before I meet the brethren as much as I love the brethren the most important thing to me is that when I'm the father of four children and I'm also the husband of one wife payment and him and and you will find that when I commune with my wife it isn't hard to me that when she looks at her husband that she selected diseases and it's imperative to meeting over the sister that I would throw away PTH ministries I would like this ministry down that God has given unto me and my wife said I will see Jesus in you and my children were to say I don't see Jesus in you daddy brothers and sisters it began to point B and administers get so caught up into preaching and teaching doctrine that all these things but it will these rules in their day to day life greatest need of the world right now is a revelation of Jesus Christ people need to be able to see you and see me and when I say I see you precisely Jesus is the sweetest thing that someone could ever say no made May twenty fifth at this past this year my wife and I celebrated fourteen years of marriage and run this is been a wonderful high and holy time you know when my wife and I did with what we had a anniversary brothers and sisters I'm telling you we are in a mercy when we went out I did not go out and spend all this money on a whole bunch of empty materialistic stuff or any of those things my wife and I we went out somewhere we found a nice quiet place and that my bride in the item is a funny is now fourteen years of marriage and my question to use this have I been more of a man of God and a husband of God to you than I was when we celebrated thirteen years of age I wanted to assess and make sure that the goal is being hit the only talked so much about investigators estimate for this is what I'm telling you what it things that we must apply in the investigative judgment is to make sure that we do not assume that we're great husbands when were not to assume that we agree fathers when we're not so great children when were not endorsed to the great wise woman this investigative judgment principal brother says this should take place even in the home where I can investigate my wife can investigate and we can all ask ourselves as they are we truly representing that which we profess on a daily basis because nobody on planet Earth knows me like my wife nobody on planet knows me like my children and when my wife and my children can say that in husband I see Jesus in you I convince a praise God I'm often had people call me a manner I think that I preach the word of God from gospel that with conviction but this is devils can do that I want to get clarity on Sirius Devils can please powerful sermons because all you want is for people to hear anything I threw that may well not have been their daily lives figure seven does not matter I gone anyhow but when somebody preaches the truth based on conviction of that which they are living but this is it is a power that comes with that truth that has the ability to convert the most hardest parts that's my prayer is not teach me how to be a minister like that teach me how to minister and give the gospel in such a way that I will never forget you that I myself am not practicing what I will preach that what you've given me the first practice in my heart in my hall and then I can safely give it to the people businesses there has to be a determination amen so the greatest man of the world needs right now is a revelation of Jesus Christ what do you know what I want to comment that quotation with his another little quotation from the book education page fifty seven notice of education fifty seven this is the greatest wants of the world is the want of men she is one thing that there revelation of Jesus but I like it when the Bible can always bracing can now give us a picture of what Jesus looks like when he walks on this earth and what a picture that as bracing as it is the greatest one of the world is the one of men men who will not be bought or sold manual and the inmost souls are true and honest medicine duel not fear to call sin by frightening man as children duties as the needle to uphold manageable will stand for the right building have a phone don't have an number this is the sometimes you can get so dangerous that it were not careful we can start as ministers of the gospel that we can be more concerned about our ministries and the success they are often given to people the plane thus saith the Lord you'll find it often is hard to find straight truth because individuals in many choices but not all cases but in many cases that too many individuals that are word about their ministries and depositions and all these other things and will not tell the people that it is in the name of Jesus Christ may God shut down my ministry if I ever get to that point brothers and sisters we are living in the very final over sixty and when I read about that like the John the Baptist vessel John the Baptist go before kings and leaders and individuals in the laity and he would call sent by frightening and you notice braces that is racist said that Seventh-day Adventists are to get a more pointed message that even John the Baptist this is not a time to get more watered-down is the time to give a straight testimony expert testimony is not to condemn and faculty John chapter three easy when we talk about the Straits testimony a lot of times people think that that means the more you slap people up with the word of God is to be among the Bible when you show them how how ugly and wicked they are and make them feel helpless no businesses know no thank God Jesus didn't do that Jesus Golson by frightening the no mistake about it but I want to understand something the purpose of pointing out sin is not to come down is not the goal to individuals in China condemned them first of all I have no heaven or hell to put you enforceable journal have an eloquent man that's what I'm afraid he'll use them differently amen but what we should be doing is I am sharpening iron we should be sharpening and strengthening one another pressing together by the grace of God when you make a together because of some final things is getting ready to take place in this world is to take the majority of the people in this world and the church as an over whelming surprise and God desires that you and I don't want to that is so when you hear it shows understanding even sometimes when we hear cutting through anything I'll know my sense of municipal want to understand the guy doesn't condemn you not immediately one ally the Bible says in John three John the third chapter notice what the Bible says in verse eighteen the Bible says in John three eighteen eighteen that believe on him is not condemned but he that believe not is condemned already because you because if not believe in the name of the only begotten son of God now look at verse nineteen carefully and asked him is the condemnation that the light is come into the world and what happened and men who love the darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil for everyone to do evil hates the light neither cometh to the light that Disney should be regrouped but he that do it shows coming to the life that is these may be made manifest that they are wrought in God there is going to be sunlight shines in this study Britain's insistence that when we shed the light you want I hope you have an opportunity when that life comes to us we can either do one of two things we can either hate the light and turn away from it and if we do that the Bible says van condemnation comes a week about the love and appreciated and accepted Jesus says there will never be condemnation to any such person and so brothers and sisters as we prepared to study some light on when I have you prepared to study some light I want to understand the purpose of the life that we might come to Jesus we live in a world of darkness and we need alike to help us see where crisis is that we can walk in a straight and narrow path and meet him I want to see something in the Bible brings out to you and I as we deal with this topic of the affliction of one soul now the first thing you need to do is understand what does it mean to what does affliction even mean how can we help understand the purpose of affecting one so what does that mean how do we make that practically the same so that will open a new announcement about the book of Ezra chapter eight meeting to find out what does it mean to afflict one soul the Bible makes it very clear that we must do this it is one of the works that God they were supposedly doing while the high priest was in the most holy place and the Bible says in the book of Ezra chapter eight of his two parts to this point one environment of you would today be a part of the deal with tomorrow on Minnesota tomorrow how health reform and the affliction of one soul in the express of righteousness by faith all go hand in hand with a touch on that tomorrow but today I was of the assets at eight and personally wanted to every statement the Bible says that as of the eighth chapter in the twenty first verse of the Bible since then I proclaimed a fast there at the rate of a Hamas that we might do it all clicked ourselves onto flipping themselves yes now according to the birth why are benefiting themselves the diversity they said that we might affect ourselves before God to do what to see him and right way is that right so that all brothers and sisters the purpose of one of selecting himself is that he can see a right way of his make perfect sense because of this is when the high priest and dozens of the most holy place what is taking place what is taking place in China Smith assessment is taking place at final decisions are being made on behalf of those who are on the outside of the most holy place so it would make natural sentiment when a high breeze went in to do that final work in the plan of salvation that all of the outside would be searching there hard to see God 's way and make sure that their lives are in line with God 's wings are you following it is a wonderful little book on gospel workers gospel workers page one hundred thousand workers page one hundred eight to coincide with second Corinthians chapter thirteen second Corinthians thirteen in any show you what it says a second Corinthian 's thirteenth anniversary I would type in exactly with gospel workers these one hundred Seattle have a problem putting other like one of the biggest reason why because I learned that Ellen White's writings the spirit of prophecy I have learned that they are like a magnifying glass when I was on another play with magnifying glasses in that the writings of social life are like a magnifying glass when you take a magnifying glass doesn't put something there that wasn't there no when you take a magnifying glass and put it on something that doesn't take away something that was there no when you use a magnifying glass the magnifying find life only makes clearer that which was already there like sizzle out of Iraq Lebanon he had not brought any additional analysis by the sisters she simply magnified that was the Bible was already saying God gave us the glasses of his word so that we can understand Bible truth but because of the loud that the effect of blindness and you and I need bifocals we need the Bible and the spirit of prophecy we need both of them so now that we can see clearly what inspiration is saying a man and so is what the Bible says in second Corinthians thirteen second Corinthians seven thirteen a verse five brings respond how we can only coincide with the principle of afflicting oneself is the second twenty thirteen five business examine yourselves whether he be in the faith and to prove your own selves no Enoch always out of that Jesus Christ is in you except he be reprobates the Bible says that we should examine ourselves to make sure that were in the vague reason why because in Romans seven nine in verse six the Bible says not all who say they are Israel or Israel but this is I can promise you not having Biden says the Seventh-day Adventists are Seventh-day Adventists seventy after this function by certain type of behavior you're not a fan in our self-esteem is my life in line with the FDA behavior because of the behavior that tells on the character et al. who were connected to and so it is I want to see something out we see this but Paul calls us to examine ourselves now gospel workers these one hundred is gone jealously your time for prayer the sizing of the Scriptures and the examination of your heart guarded jealously ever been jealous about something determine how you behave when he was jealous about something you are protective over he was unpredictable but I think that you would tell us about it sometimes you are prepared to get an appointment if necessary if someone got too close to the thing that surprised but this is racist Asgard shower listening your time for an massaging of the Scriptures the examination of your examining all hearts brothers and sisters is part of our daily work why because as inspiration said it should examine yourself whether you'd be in the faith it why will your name on the date is a whole different thing to have your name in the book of life there are many individuals who have their names on the alternates are both here and heaven knows nothing about their names this is not instructed not been part of this movement now for nineteen years as far as I'm concerned that's a long time ago this is not just I I I I will I fear the thought that could have been part of a movement for nineteen years and have made all of these policy changes and adjustments in all these different excursions in my life just to be lost anyhow some of you within this movement even longer than that even brothers and sisters this is not a time to say that we got we've come too far to turn back now so therefore God said to yourself make sure that this thing is real make sure that as long as professing this religion in this movement I don't want to make sure it humming itself check yourself and ask SLR camera frame real or have I just been occupying space and this is why businesses afflicting the one soul was so important once you come to that holy convocation everybody is comfortable of every individual to maintain their focus and get your focus right and keep everything on the straight and narrow path that makes that was all right let's start examining our hearts let's find out if there be any wicked way in me and if there is police leave me in the way of the last night were to examine ourselves brothers and sisters we have to understand that what am I examining myself what am I comparing my life to becoming you examine yourself that needed to have a standard of some kind standard that you and I have is what was supposed to examine ourselves and he is my life in line with that standard are you following so that when the Bible says that we ought to examine ourselves to make sure that we are in the face about me that I must understand somehow I was in fairness that is this morning particularly as relates to the judgment I'm being dishonest so what not make sense that I need to find out from the Bible isn't that God is angry that God is using to judge me by accident I can examine myself and they saw that my life is in line with that except represents but before I sell you what we are to examine filled with me so you what not to compare yourselves with the book of second Corinthians chapter ten in second Corinthians chapter ten this is imperative is make sure that we understand that we do not compare ourselves with this Bible says in second Corinthians chapter ten when you get there please say amen the Bible says in second Corinthians chapter ten it says in verse twelve is the greatest ever twelve for we dare not make ourselves out the number or come ourselves with some recommend themselves but say nothing themselves by themselves and comparing themselves among themselves are wireless are not wise brothers and sisters while we issue that we must examine ourselves and we must look for the right comparisons the one thing God says is that you're not my standard and are not yours you and I will be doing nothing but wasting our time if we are comparing ourselves among myself and so many of us that do this on so many different levels they are ministers will compare themselves are the ministers of epigenetic and sound like an increase identities like them who has been some center is worthy to be compared to business center comparison to buy the baby got individuals we talk about dress reform and because they were the passes were addressed his weight he was about to compare yourself to the passageway I have already to practice healthier vomiting to change our guy followed I saw the past eating fish will go toward the window visible to compare yourself to fail and affect were losing our young people to compare ourselves to the first page is about bringing young people is that God was about using Prime Minister compare ourselves to Babylon God make the guys and dolls and felt among themselves they testified that they are not wise there's a lot we are examining ourselves God was a clear don't waste your time comparing yourself to other people don't waste your time because until you read this is so many times before God standards low because of what somebody else is doing what they are doing this in their having success in doing this in here doing okay sorry it must be right God says lack of wisdom brothers and sisters guys is not the result among yourselves so therefore if we are not to examine ourselves comparing us with other people then what exactly is it that we should compare ourselves to notice what the Bible says in James chapter two James chapter two in the judgment our brothers and sisters upon which we are in right now and towards the very end of it God tells us exactly what we should be examining myself and comparing our lives to the Bible says in James the second chapter when you get there please say men and the Bible says in James chapter two notice what the Bible says in verse eight the Bible says in James sent it to adversely eighteen fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture down some of our neighbor as thyself you do well but if you have respected persons to commit sin and are convicted of the law what is it says for whosoever sake of the whole law and yet of fan and how many points in one point he is guilty of all for you that said Dumont do not commit adultery said also do not kill outbound commitment would help to get enough you are becoming transgressor of the law now what about being discussed here is the ten Commandments even now watch how James is speaking spent and contacts on that law now that we go to verse twelve so speak ye in it and so do at the apex shall be what should I set up by the law of liberty so that when the high priest went into the most holy Place is what the inside of the most holy place if they are inside the arc the ten Commandments what's going on in the most holy place it at the time on judgments about all this that God is using that you are not to examine and compare our lives to his holiday in God 's holy law that in Commandments are you falling Minnesota Ecclesiastes twelve and is the one from the Old Testament knows what the Bible says he is really asking the twelfth chapter missing the Bible says you one from the old one from the new Ecclesiastes chapter twelve we see that the Bible brings itself more and more and more and more and more the Bible says in Ecclesiastes seven twelve of you there is a net down Ecclesiastes chapter twelve look at verse thirteen and fourteen is almost as to clear it is no reason for the missing the Bible says in Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen and fourteen it says here the conclusion of the whole matter if this man God and do what she and his commandments for this is the whole duty of man her sporting a sense for God shall bring how many words everywhere marketing talking about we're going seeming madness contest celebrated everywhere into what shots means whatever you would net leasing agreement whether it be gone whether it be evil and so therefore brothers and sisters we need to understand that we are living in a time right now but God says we are living in the anti- typical day of atonement in the same way that the children of Israel were to affect their souls not to seek the right way they had to examine themselves and make sure that they live in harmony with God going the right way and what they were supposed to use as a standard and to know that going in the content of the bad paths with none other than the law of God now notice what the Bible says in John the fifteenth chapter nationalities the obvious to try and together over the Bible says in John fifteen John the fifteenth chapter I wanted to see what the Bible says because they are so many individuals today that was a while in online I got a go ahead and compare my life to the long time ago to see if my life is in harmony with the law of God because remember the great work in the most holy Place is not just to forget since not just the conversations but the completely blot them out is that right and the completely black to send out mean that God 's people have entered into an experience where they had very overseen a net of that victory over sin will be manifested in their lives by walking on earth just like Jesus one Jesus walked on the earth the Bible says in Hebrews four fifteen that he was tempted in all points but was without sin that is the highest manifestation the highest revelation that you can give of Jesus Christ on the circuit you know that the greatest revelation that you can get on Jesus Christ is that no matter how many points you and I are tempted by we will not soon because we love Jesus and Allah still people love makes it easy by all right I think how can I stop doing the things that Brad Stevens is not this is love makes easy for words Jesus and you will be keep my commandments love is what will enable you to do that we'll talk more about that and offer an offering made by fire but here is that the Bible says that something David and on fifty knows what it says in John fifteen John fifteenth chapter the Bible says in verse ten talk about Davis now if it in John fifteen in person it's as easy to my commandments you shall abide in my love even if I've done what I have my father 's Commandments and what outline any of the dance events keep his father 's commandments and are we being jealous by the law of God yet they are so the best way that I didn't know is that my life is in line with God and his law is that my life must perfectly reflect the lovely image of Jesus because Jesus is I kept my father 's command so therefore as he walked on this submission is that we may walk as he walked first on Tuesdays so as we can walk as Jesus walked and we can keep Gotham and his brothers and sisters than the mission has been accomplished in Christ and Satan Nowlin I see myself among the volatility with a Jesus is coming back for bunch of mirrors and he's not coming back but dirty mirrors is coming back for the visitors from there is where he can see a perfect reflection of himself Jesus is coming October this is not about to Iowa to reflect that love you you know how long I've been reflecting the image of Satan majority of my life I service and not I was was I was showing the advantage and I praise God every day that he's even given me an opportunity to reflect the love the image of Jesus Ellington everything in every opportunity amen and so it has been we find that the graph standard business judgment in the law God has meant to the life of Jesus Christ knowing that understanding brothers and sisters we must understand something very very important as in the law God know what command a number one thousand have no other gods before me were commanded him to do not make unto thee any graven images on the outbound amend the worst and infinitely nested not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain our commitment to the floor and immense amount of five on a fundamental component of his thoughts and I joke an item is added command number eight amendment number nine and commanding of Virginia now someone may say by the limit why would you even spend time with us going over a study about the ten commands will be glad to show you we know it when the line but Isaiah forty two in Isaiah the forty second General C one that was something necessary that Jesus and his mission had to do so that he could let individuals not be deceived by their own hearts remember the Jarrett Jeremiah seventeen verse nine the Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things that they would know it so so God wants us to understand the parts of the sea you know that we can honestly think with something that were not how do we know that how do we know that relationship very Augustinian because thou say is that I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing what do you think you are right when in fact all well these are now saying that you think you are rich increasing that I mean nothing when the truth is we are wretched we ought miserable we are poor we are dying and we are naked as the truth the sooner you and I can accept that through his sooner we can be healed them on the weekends and I'm all right than what wikis are really are not that bad processes is not that it would I'm not that I'm wicked if I'm left to my own heart this is that I desperately wicked there is nothing about my feelings there's nothing about my natural rationale that is trustworthy God says your heart and my heart is DC phone of all things are one of us in what could consent to be included in those things could my heart be morbid disabilities and that even Satan himself the Bible says all the deceitful above all things and desperately if God 's description of a genuine setback that the great problems of the Adventist is many of us are struggling to accept there was a renowned Mercedes-Benz would you talking about it I don't know what I was in my bank account I see six or seven figures which are talking about this and I'm not when I went when I sent unfolded factories people listen to me what you mean that I am wretched goddesses yes that's exactly what you and those positions are in many cases they got not all that Roma have these type vehicles of different things as they are many individuals who think more of themselves as a result of owning these things as we formed the backdrop uses you are most rich molests miserable desperately blind as solid as that while we are professing to be a bunch of commandment she is overseas and that you had to do with even the Pharisees of his day that I believe by the grace of up-to-date on that have to do with you and I today Bible says in Isaiah for in verse twenty one is here is a man the Bible says Isaiah forty two twenty one it says Lamarre is well please will like his righteousness sake and he says he will magnify the law and make it honorable so that when Jesus came on his mission he understood that it was going to be a need to go the whole it's a fast read Mark Cuban brothers and magnify the law and help them really see how beautiful and sweet it is an help them to see how Muscovites were not in harmony with it as they thought and when Jesus Bennett he did not go to condemn you did it so that their eyes to be opened in date to which either need to accept the Savior and so it is not the physical assault one nineteen and the missing something here there's something we need to understand about God 's commandments installed a hundred and ninety division I want to see what the Bible says about God 's commandment because this is the great standard in the judgment right now this is what God is comparing life suit he wants to make sure that I live in harmony with his long because if I live in harmony with the law as we now have victory over sin and because that victory over sin Christ can save us because his whole mission was to save us from sin not incident so noticed now what the Bible says in Psalm one nineteen ninety six something about the law that those very powerful song when nineteen in verse ninety six if you than statement now is Psalm one nineteen ninety six the Bible says this guy has seen an end of how much all perfection but thy commandment is exceeding what brought so therefore the Bible makes it very clear that God 's commandments are very broad they are very being now what's an example which uses showbiz broadness and magnify the law got wet when we find even an example like that is the message five Matthew chapter five in Matthew chapter you remember the disease dialogue with these brothers and your genetic finger all right they think it even got sloppy thinker keep the commandments and I want to see how Jesus had to magnify the mall to help them understand something it often we talk with seven administers a will God is called is to keep the Sabbath holy it is that you event and sometime about that one certain and I and I would ask benefit out of your remembering the Sabbath day and then they said you know several degrees and benefits how many of you remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy she got the difference between what wrong foot and what God put Rose said remember the Sabbath day got signal remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy to big differences most of all you don't want a decent bunch of words until much on services in different accolades and expressions in all these different things and you are but I said no I never call people to remember the Sabbath day God said not only call people to remember the Sabbath agency it holy and when I compare that with the diabetes page two eighty three it says in order for one to keep the Sabbath holy one must himself be holy perhaps that's one of the reasons why we struggle so much remember the Sabbath day to keep it moving and keep in our conversation straight thank you for action straight fatalities of the things is because this is a view and I think that we can have a holy expression with God one day a week exactly what we ought a week question God wants us to understand that immigrants are entered into holiness still chanting that one day a week without a weekly reminder that what you're not supposed to be at every single day processes holy people all the people as I wanted that Christ is not necessary to magnify the law so that he could help the people really see how you really alive are you not been assigned by woman's residence and finally sorry very very well I'm sure Matthew chapter in the Bible says in verse twenty seven the Bible says in Matthew five in verse twenty seven in fact I want to know that when you are want to go to that one yet the Bible says in Matthew five but I guess we can go than just a moment you're a member of this is that when Jesus came to the Pharisees he made it clear on two points of the Commandments you talk about the seventh inevitability but event talk about the six command was eleven what is it okay not so much if you are not always efficient now some activity told the news and listen I'm telling you don't fill the love the loss about so much Elizabeth you hate your brother without a cause is already a murder vastly magnified the laws that write now with that being understood that this is what I need to understand that this and things that God needs to magnify to help us research ourselves so that it goes with it it does take a few magnifying moments is that all right with you to magnify moments because the paragraph of the magnifying moment is independent nowhere this is not to condemn us of these magnifying moments that we might truly examine ourselves as the Lord is my life with your holy law now what is commanded on the street number three is now so not take the name of the Lord thy God in faith now is Rafael but what does that mean how do you help them understand is when you deleted over the fairy ability to make a practical design right now I want to say something it is prison helps us to see an asteroid with a limited command number three it in the words of passion should never be spoken for in the sight of God and holy angels and our faces these days while swearing .net before you start visiting burning words of past delegate in that people remember when I first got baptized into the church many years ago nineteen years ago and I remember that some of the brothers they would not use curse words of a made up their own that would express advertising for the missing emotion with the same and it would express all these different things and they honestly thought it was all right and the other wildly coming out of the world into the judgment for all the corruption and well even in my soul incredibly unscented by Mike I said to myself you know that just can't be right it just sounds too close to the real thing but it seems I got stable weight constantly like those cities around Sodom you know those cities were also animals that were done because the proximity they were too close to the real thing that many of us today that we outshine you think how close can I get to the sin without actually sending that testify that we need conversion when you and I actually converted when Jesus becomes the lover of our souls but this is as we will never feel how close can I get to the center we will always inquire how far away can I on it because when you love somebody you never want her to my remember somebody has resisted to the delay the wonder is the elder man I remember the dildo that was cheating on his wife and he came to me and Mister Hayes is noting you have never done that also brought absolutely not in addition to you you'll ever wonder what would be like to be with somebody else I should argue arguments if you know what I had in OSCE he was totally disconnected obviously it is mathematically solicited and undergone on the God loving glory about this is when you love somebody it's the last thing on your mind to try to do anything to hurt him to not miss anything this is telling you love makes it easy to work the past and should never be spoken in the sight of God holy Angels they are every species also every commandment not only prohibits false holes but it also said any common swearing but if a man got to use the name of God anyone light or careless manner without regard to its all significance do not many times people disabled by an example almost any reason under the sun they will use it when they playing sports they will use God 's name when talking with friends and in talking about some joke that we use in an almost any shape form or sides and in the art about God this is just as if you would've done the real thing when we begin to heal his dog names and titles in such a way is that it becomes common this is one way the dog begins to lose that special place in our minds and our hearts when we say Jesus 's name attached to every little activity of the life Brothers and sisters this becomes a form of using God 's name in vain hero member with the physical product even bookies repeating himself over and over and over and over and over again the cities wanted by the fondness school it says by the thoughtless mention of God in common conversation by appeals to him and surely all matters and lastly got Linda with a charm Lord help us we got there that time I think about people like Peter who was on the water and he knew that he was thinking as a result of the five overseas is any at any thing that was a sincere heart I for salvation from day was a very special things that that Peter was expressing because he was recognized as the only one who could deliver them from that dilemma do you know how many people will say Lord help us with this thing and the most common conversations today they will say things like Lord have mercy when these were the most solemn prayers of the most penitents in the Bible today individuals will say Lord have mercy for almost anything brothers and sisters be loaded onto the death of Bobby emphasis in the author 's act of sin and God wants us to understand this because he does not want to be deceived he got not one of them to go around following and believing that well all right but perhaps were all wrong visas by the thoughtless mention of God in common conversation by appeals to ensure legal matters in the end by the frequent and thoughtless repetition of his name we dishonor him Holly and Greg Ray and his name all genetically upon his Majesty 's purity and holiness that the heart may be impressed with a sense of his exalted character and his holiday should be ordered with reference and solemnity to be very careful brothers and sisters we call out the name of Jesus we should be very careful about how we call out to God and Lord and all these different things gossip was being mindful holy and reverend is my name as well we shouldn't call people reference holy and reverend is my name got says in brothers and sisters we would do well that when we approach God and when we are around others remember the purpose of holy convocation is to edify and build the most one another is called on the more safe for any old reason a manner warlock Mammon of us are not anonymous him as a golf so not commit adultery was noted Matthew chapter five now now we can take a look at it Matthew five Matthew five Matthew chapter five one fifty with a Bible says in Matthew five Jesus again I love Jesus Watts i.e. makes things going editing suite this is a getting out this is how to get over this thing I'm seriously no sometimes it seems like people are so afraid to call sent by frightening and purposes that that ought not be if we understood the plan of salvation right which essentially makes clear to us we should understand that the things were clearly teaches that God cannot say people insane he always has people from sin amen which means that he got a get into a point to stop doing the things that cause a fresh crucifixion of Jesus Christ amen now understanding that God therefore said on the all sin by its right name so that you can currently see what it is this is why I don't like it when people say to all you know there was a time the seven administers used to have a position on June the time we used to believe those things but now all of a sudden we got all these shades of green is all over what we already know and this is why nowadays brother Ivan Amitabha Eusebio the compass seven administers and as soon as I saw that Joey 's developers a lot of the familiar praise God no that one day he said the person hands in Estonia found on the deacon and am thus are not on the night what an excellent of the matter is that not become wiser number of the sisters another talk more about the church manual magnetometer Sandy's this much the Church manual in nineteen forty five a few when I read the church manual of nineteen forty five you know that over sixteen million seventy as we have the day we probably would only have a few hundred thousand when you read that nineteen forty five oh archers manually you'll see that God 's standards were so high but not any any and everybody cajoling and I was not an attempt to try to be some sectarian type of group is to make us feel special we misunderstood God standard and we understood what happens when you chop the standard just the when people doesn't convert them all regularly commented that I committed multitudinous meaning Israel into sin and so it is that you'll find that if we were to look at those standards with us in Manhattan seems like so many things have changed and people feel like you know what you want to call sin by threatening if we do that when I'm demonstrating the love of Jesus I've see evidence of dumbbells given this is unrepentant to repentance and about given the message that true repentance the message and immediately listen while you keep talking about sin and and and and calling people to repentance why can't you just talk about the love of Jesus Yossi Isis or I thought I was doing these are not on our guilty people at the repentance and younger what you call people to repentance as yet identify sensibility repenting for teasing out the rhetoric that they feel clonic people send in all these different things why can't you tell them about the love of Jesus I think I just told you that's already when I was seven is not to estimate your disclaimer of revelations at the regal relationship in Revelation chapter three giga single Matthew five as a minister you tell me this in Revelation chapter three I have to make a choice and I believe you I believe Jesus I sent you that you got to tell me I want your advice should I listen to it I fit in Revelation chapter in the Bible says in Revelation chapter three G he says in verse nineteen as many as I know they didn't have many of my visit as many as I love what you do not reveal and say Nintendo everything believes that law and remain as it are going to the Bible brother I said I was pretty beloved Jesus is in the my question to you is what you preach and have a dialogue within his office and we were talking about it and I believe in respecting our minister the Melinda wrong I didn't never place to be rude and crass and obnoxious and ungodly never never absolutely no reason to talk to maintain hot Christianity under all circumstances as we can be so overwhelmed us over concerned with all of that happened my ministry and what could happen to this was evident that he learned many the abstract learning living on recalls and by frightening when the grid is one of the world 's manual calls and by threatening to the issue is not calling sent by frightening the issue is when individuals call outstanding with the spirit of condemnation that the issue if a minister really loves people brothers and sisters he wants to show you the things you know where the Gregory of an earlier duty goody-goody talk about face-to-face communion with God that he thought about that now is there and I said face to face shall I be holding residences do you know that according to the Bible is only one thing that caused God to turn his things from us is in Isaiah fifty nine in pursuit this is your sins have caused me to turn my face from you that I will not hear some of this desert and God wants to have face-to-face with us and we want face-to-face with him then we must identify the thing of that cloth and it turned his face so that we can see we can confess and forsake an electronic by the indwelling presence of the the righteousness of Jesus Christ that's why sin has to be pointed out is noted that in Matthew chapter five when Doctor Matthew five Matthew five notice what the Bible says Matthew five eleven of the adverse twenty seven villages in the Bible says in Matthew chapter five inversely seven in their statement the Bible says in Matthew five twenty seven yet for that it was said by them of old time thou shalt not commit adultery but I say unto you that whosoever look about a woman to lust after working on the Bible says he has already committed adultery with her where in his heart is that right now predecessors what we need to understand is that she is a perfect example of what we're doing right now even if I belong to individuals today that says that as far as concerned they cannot and they cannot number the money to talk to you Jesus has made it clear to you and I as many he said that if we mock up on a woman after we had already committed adultery not rely this becomes very important is because sometimes ruthlessly will you know because she was dressed this is where because this argument I have to look no brothers and sisters you want to know why it is needed to Adobe go to Job thirty one in Job thirty one is what Joe did not say this message to our young men and digital the thirty first chapter note for the Bible this has been another company that we need to make that the covenant that we need to make I want to see what covenant the Bible talks about it this is especially for our brothers the Bible says in Job thirty first chapter and when you get to know my thing amen the Bible says until thirty one and verse one it says I made a covenant with what with my eyes him why then should I think upon in the South and I made a covenant with my eye and I'll paraphrase that I would not look upon the woman thus fully easy when you and I see someone will apply even if in a properly dressed brothers we may see what God says remember the covenant with your eyes so immediately we see and what we turn away and we begin with we keep our eyes on Jesus amen not a problem at many of the brother today that they got the issue is that was somehow dwelt by the brothers because you using when you and I began doing the problem what was I doing I think this is what we crossed the path of temptation now we are lusting now awake talking and we do anything and we're fixing our eyes upon it and when we get to that point brothers and sisters you know in fact when his grace and delicacy about the when an individual begins to look upon a woman in such a lustful manner that the only thing that's stopping him is the opportunity in other words when a man gets to a point where he says if I could I would once thought settles in your mind you've just crossed the path from temptation now you just send you are an adult once you get the point that the only thing stopping you is man I just wish that there was a way that nobody could find once those thoughts that the settlement in the words of Christ and is now you must and he says and if you lust after that woman he says now you have committed sins but sisters we need to talk him to are you and God will damn the man who is up on a woman lustily make no mistake about it that I will condemn the woman who is in a manner that causes men to look at her lustily this is why did Abrams and sisters fashion is one of the greatest challenges for businesses below that fashion is such a possessing force that we typically think about problems in the church because I were asking what is it that causes the greatest separation between us and God if he went on all the apostasy of the other of the subscriptions and and and and and and all that contemplative prayer is just as evil force I agree I must be the apostasy with a faint ethnocentric yes I believe the best course of every separation would you want to know what the most powerful thing that's causing a separation between God and his people right now I quote volume for the testimonies of the church state six hundred and forty seven I am quoting old obedience to fashion is impersonating our seventh day Adventist churches and is doing more than any other power to separate our people from God as some people might say though that the opinion of a little old lady from the eighteen hundreds with a third grade education but you know I think I say that with the testimony of Jesus and if you love Jesus for this is as you want the attention what he says Jesus it will be against the fashion is pervading our Seventh-day Adventist churches and is doing more than any other power to separate our people from the young ladies we talk about the center is that right and I was say something I want to say something I want to think what does the Bible the Bible called the body of Temple was linked with another term for the things were example to be learned in the last session that at one it was a center within the build Solomons Temple is that right but it was still the sanctuary now watch this is the body of Temple yet not everyone in the body when we compare our body two as it relates to the things were adequately compared to the holy place but we seem local correlation with the most holy place no I believe I believe I can see the grass and more to the most holy Place cannot tell you why number one who was in the most holy Place in the most holy places it was called something glory that's exciting it was the very presence of God amen now they can't say that is very presence is convenient yet the Holy Ghost is that right now what is what was in the most holy place these are what was inside of your log what did God say he was the right one I thought it along is that right is on the right my love in your heart and the word heart means nine so that while bodies can be a very symbolic figure out even the most holy place now watch this this is when you disintegrate in making absolutely practical the common man was allowed to see any particular of the model of the most holy place what would happen to the common man if you were to see any particular the Mosley place he would die soon as you not know that the common run on the streets have no right to know what to mostly place looks like the comment that honesty soon I will donate five think leaders and all this other stuff that was a statement saying that only belong to the high priest this is a good deeper than that what's this will individual was allowed in the most holy place with an appraisal of the high priest was a high priestess of what happened at the Common Pleas is going to start himself angle of the most holy place anyone got sisters you need to understand at first Peter two nine says that every body in this holy competition right now is a Roy all priesthood theme and a very Seventh-day Adventist priesthood that has no right to see which are mostly plays with the same when we come to chart and in the park and that's hard and I haven't seen the secret in the most holy place you know the only prison on the most holy place now that I've read someone who I've recently is as you will note I recently posted on what you think is so precious as you are so incredibly precious to God if you can grasp this God is all you want to do is take you high do you know that when Common Pleas in the church begins to write me and biblically court you and then when he coaxially appoints that he's even apparently everyone seems that there are now ready for marriage when that comment please go ahead against the point that he asked your hand in marriage and when that comment please bring us out for a walk down that aisle together and go walking down that aisle and now the minister said that you can go ahead and give the plaintiff and you say I do and I do guess we just want to say I believe that I do that comment please is graduated and became a high priest five three five rewrites to see inside the most holy place this is not understand your bodies a very special God never won a common men in the church and in the world to know what the particulars of your body looks like you need to have a higher level was that for your self I'm sorry to say but I'm telling the truth it clearly testifies of one's respect for the own body when the whiskers already about their needs and then when they sit down at even higher in individuals can see right up them existed do not show respect I promise you men respond to advertisements and what you advertise is typically the response that you will get if you want a mental respect you for the wonderful mind that God gave you if you wanted to respect you for your godly character then you must do with the Board of Education says that he will stress reveal what character you have to you know that is racist is all very dressed as a possible character we had got to learn to love Jesus appointed to cover thy nakedness that's my glorify him why because this issue of adultery processes it is the sin of the day it is chilling Seventh-day Adventist and is affecting Seventh-day Adventist as we must understand that this is a gross sin that we must keep in check as noted I want to see his fifth commandment forbids not only of impurities but sensual thoughts and desires until your aspiration is that everything are just a simple thought dental thoughts and desires or any practice that tends to excitement guarantee is demanded not only in the outward life but in the secret intent and emotions of the heart now if it so long as lifestyle last there will be need of regarding the affections and the past is with a firm purpose is not one moment can we be secure except as we rely upon God the life hidden with Christ outside of their brothers and sisters would be a mini seven-day Adventist who are processing to keep before commendable to break in the seven and you know what the Bible is per process on the show is that we can bring the seventh commandment without ever action touching another person you are not violated by how we dress you and I can violated this is by the thoughts and entertainment on mine and God wants us to understand that he wants is ambiguous and not just an accident but even in thought casting down imaginations and I think that exalt itself against an out-of-the-box bringing it into captivity and even our house to be obedience of Christ second Corinthians ten one two five God says I didn't even collect your thoughts and make them obedient to my with brothers you don't have to to list even though there are many who don't handle practices report says that you must understand that dress reform is not a trivial matter anyone will tell you that is a liar dress reform is dead serious about this as God says Kolber by making studied the Bible find out what God calls nakedness you'd be surprised but sisters remember dress reform is something I gave you not to punish you not to punish you he gave it to you actually to preserve you Thaksin preserved within this one last one your member command of a visit in the masculine animated talk about also not steal a fifty demand strict integrity and the minutest details of the affairs of life if a bit overreaching in trade and require the payment of all wages all brothers and sisters do you know that when you're not cognitively and clearly in our minds create certain debts and we had the money in our bank account to pay them and we know suggests that and we don't you know that having says the in the records using evangelists are you an accident out of the product however there just because we save him on we all want it doesn't mean we can get it back we have earned and all that day and if we have to learn the past and we choose not to priority according to the Bible and spirit of prophecy we bought these just this and wages that also includes wages that meet your business owner or your manager useful to pay people to hold back that money is a will when I get enough money on time every time you have a job want to get paid on time every time that right as I says it can trap every attempt advantage oneself by the ignorance weakness on this fortune of another that's why gambling is wrong damn I know you and I can borrow make money from gambling if we must earn it all went at the misfortune of someone else gambling is a violation of the agreement it says in the graphic attempt advantages oneself by the ignorance weakness or misfortune of another is a registered as fraud in the books of the notice of brothers and sisters thou son us feel was written by the finger of God upon the tables of stone yet how much under hands feeling of affection is practice and excuse they got this thing called with a call that being with you when you mess around people at the job went someplace at school to be anywhere where flirting flirting Sephardic praise God without them I must party the other human fertilization why because when you join you and I are stealing the affections of somebody else when they can and think something is not sure which is funny we have to bring several commandments enacted and I will actually begin to think what God is trying to help us see is that role wrong when we think will write in the reason why we bring these things out again not to condemn criticism that the mission the mission is not to condemn the mission is to open our eyes and help us to behold wondrous things out of thy law because once we can see the you know it is not this causes us to say more have mercy upon me a scanner at the work of John the Baptist again the list is seen in all the so-called security was nothing but empty and pointless and there was no hope except in Jesus and you know was a beautiful brothers and sisters while assigned about most holy place that they are without law guiding what no one else was in there I believe that all my heart that many of us processing our sins on the screen today grasp him at the scene things about our life is a Lord of mercy I didn't know this I never looked at it like this and we do not condone because combination only comes when light comes like an Wheaton artist and away from its predecessors doesn't condemn Uganda's of items needed to make you see this so that you can come to me and me being that Lamb of God that can take away not just the sin of the world but I can take away your sins even your voice and that's why whether this is not just the law that within a mostly placed right above it was a mercy seat you are no associate the beginning to Bible verses local knowledge of the book of Genesis nineteen nineteen oh four activity Genesis nineteen ninety when we look at Genesis nineteen nineteen God wants to show something so beautiful right here right in Genesis nineteen in verse nineteen I want to see what the Bible says all yes we must affect ourselves we must examine ourselves see it went on the right way in the right and the only way we can do that is to look into that wonderful law about the life of Jesus Christ and find it is my life in harmony with that and I believe many of us on our lives are not in harmony with the regattas that's why there was a mercy seat she and Joseph nineteen nineteen notice what the Bible says it is a myth the Bible said as we all now by seven and found what grace in thy sight and that they now has magnified by what mercy it says which I showed them to me in saving my life and I cannot escape to the mountain was unable to me and I got so in this verse we see that grace and mercy are what synonymous grace and mercy are synonymous even now but Psalm one nineteen Psalm one nineteen notice what the Bible says in verse one four two song one ninety one forty two was a sabbatical was so sweet I remember one time I was talking with a brother and he tried to tell me about how we got the word about the law anymore because of race is a long rates don't go together at all after that ride that's a good business that analogy to see what I showed him the Bible says in Psalm one nineteen one forty two entertainment the Bible says in Psalm one nineteen one forty two thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness and by law is so selling Santa Fe's nineteen nineteen we see that grace and mercy are synonymous Avon and then we see a solid ninety one forty two that bylaw is something that now our last verse Psalms sixty one seven I forgot there was one more song sixty one seven in Psalm sixty one and verse seven how want to see what the Bible says in Psalm sixty one and verse seven the Bible says he shall abide before God for ever all prepare what you are seeing with this anonymous elect grace and instead and truth which is synonymous to what law someone watch what Internet law and grace to get back to that which may preserve him brothers and sisters right inside of the mold will replace you find laundries the logon in the art the mercy seat above the Ark and it is the combination of law and grace combined that is going to help God 's people and preserve them from going back into this sinful ways and sinful practices in this great work that Christ wants to accomplish in all of us and brothers and sisters this is why when Jesus and I've kept my father 's Commandments is not just tell you what he did when you try to tell you and I when you do through us he's saying that I have combined laundries and I'm going to let that laundry is so real in your live my life to show you how you can live up to my holy law because I'm good I live out my life within them that wonderful him to move out by life within so if this is if you see today as we have seen the law of God magnified right before I if we can see today is Lord have mercy upon me truly listening and I need my saving grace and show me how Grace preserve my life so that I will not go back into groupings it breaks your heart when invited as fancy as well as God was something special at these meetings God is doing something so special of these meetings he is changing our hearts and changing our lives he's showing us how our life can be as complete harmony with it this is his brother Gregory and others mentioned abiding in Christ because them this is how you can have agreed when we finish praying for this visit I want to understand your slate is clean slate is clean you might discover some stains on your record as we we


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