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Part 5: Offering Made By Fire

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 4, 2011
    6:45 PM
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are you learning a lot over these past few days have spent blessing is an absolute blessing and praise God for all the opportunities that we've been able to come together and together learned us to this coast will be doing right now so it is that we realize how great more not only that Jesus is doing and also replaced the heavenly sanctuary but we realized is a great work that was as you cooperate nothing in that's why looking at those four instructions we saw that God is most holy convocation to afflict our souls the next step that we were to offer an offering made by fire and so it is that tonight we're going to go ahead and review what does it mean to offer an offering made by fire how do we apply that today and by God receive a contract so it is that as we prepare to go into the study women and once again have a word of prayer and then we will officially begin on the healing is certainly welcome to join you like and if you cannot certainly value heads reverently where you are as we bring our heavenly father we praise you and thank you dear God wonderful time we had absolutely amazing how time flies no one am grateful that we have not have been having fun doing it for the error father were grateful that we can have the privilege to having that kind of fun and enjoyment not I'm just praying that as we come together now been once again they are hearts and our minds better understand your words of two and what I pray that the message tonight is something special in our hearts that you may truly crosses come to Jesus and to behold him and his lovely face meetings that pray that by the holding me we've become a so father we ask you to please forgive us of our sin and the social moment right to open our eyes and once again help us to behold wondrous things out of Bible I prayed to make plain to us tonight on how we can offer an offering made by speech was now we pray I give myself to a fresh take my life that I consecrated to the we ask these things to God and Jesus and want to join him I was in the book of Leviticus chapter four Leviticus chapter four or and as it turns in Leviticus chapter for you remember and I want to see that everything we've been setting you see that everything was in households doing it it had an order because the first thing God 's people were supposed to do with temple the convocation at home and then that would better prepare them for the public meeting where they would have a holy convocation with the family with the bread and then through that holy convocation they were supposed to afflict themselves to begin the search and examine their hearts so that way they can make sure that there would be no wicked way within and what's interesting that when they would begin to examine their hearts naturally they would start to see sins that would come about they would realize perhaps I didn't even realize that I was committing this sin against you Lord and as a result of that they would now have to go to the next step in the next step we find in Leviticus chapter four everything flows perfectly in the biggest for those with the Bible says not to consider verse thirty they had to present an offering and I want to see how the Bible verses in Leviticus for the first thirty inches and the priest shall take of the blood thereof with his finger and put it upon the horns of the altar of burnt offering and shall pour out all the blood thereof at the bottom of the altar and he shall take away all the way the facts of the fact have to be removed even if you than he shall take away all the fat thereof as the fact is to get away from all the sacrifice of peace offerings visit and the priest shall burn it and what is a breeze burning that fact isn't that the priest shall learn it upon the altar for sweet savor unto the Lord and the preshow make an atonement for him and his Shaula be forgiving him so here it is that you know when we study how the offerings were done we see that when the offering had to be presented to remember that there had to be an investigation and it had to go through a process but eventually when the offering was to be late on that altar except that all the fat had to be removed and all this fact when it was removed it had to be burnt up now the question is what exactly would this fact represent what is it that the Bible would help us understand this fact even to be and I believe that we can find out if we just simply search the word of God to find out out truth about you so that's all to the book of Psalms the thirty seventh division let's see if the word of God can give us some guidance to help us understand some things about this fact that had to be separated from the offering and then alternate be it would be burnt that the Bible says in Psalm 's the thirty seventh division and when you get there please say amen in Psalm thirty seven in verse twenty dollars with what the Bible says the Bible says in Psalm thirty seven in verse twenty eight days but the wicked shall perish it says and being enemies of the Lord shall be as white the fact of man's that shall consume into smoke shall they consume away so that way we want to look at what does this fact represent based on what we read thus far what was in fact represent it would represent the enemies of the Bible says that the enemies of the Lord shall be at the back of lands now let's see if we can investigate is a little bit further and see if God can help us see some more about these portable enemies of the Lord so here it is the Bible says that the enemies of the more I like the fact of lands now or the book of Romans Romans chapter five in Romans chapter five I believe that God is that help us to even understand even deeper this fact and the enemies of the Lord being synonymous one to another notice what the Bible says now in Romans chapter five when you get there please say amen this is interesting because we're about to see something where would I see how God refers to people but I wanted a notice to terms that he uses the Bible says in Romans the fifth chapter will never look at verse eight it says what God commanded to love toward us in that while we were yet what centers it says Christ it was a dive for us now look at verse nine and ten it says much more than being now justified by his blood we shall be saved from wrath through him verse ten for when we were what enemies the Bible says we were reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled we shall be saved by his life now here is that when we were offering we saw that when offering is presented the fact had to be removed amen and then we said what want to represent and that we look a little further in Psalms thirty seven and God says well I look at the facts as the enemies of the Lord is that right now we want to Romans five and in verse eight said that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us but then God is another time in verse ten he says but while we were enemies that God also reconciled us unto himself so to be a sin and to be an enemy on the same tar are you following now the only way in individual can be a center is that they obviously must have committed what so and so therefore that had that had to be burnt out and consumed represented nothing else but sin is very important as it relates to the offering that sat represented sin site necessary that while that was what was going to be an offering that was going to be presented he wanted to make sure that he got out of it all the fact is he removed all the fact he realized that that fact needs to be destroyed and therefore the only thing that the direction is that it had to be fire hold onto that don't knows that fire was necessary to consume all of the fact the reason why this becomes very significant is go to the book of Romans chapter twelve in Romans chapter twelve we find out something you learn from this is that if we carefully study the Bible we will start seeing that God is essentially language all throughout the Scriptures he really does he is a sanctuary with all throughout the script is also right here in Romans twelve and was the twelfth chapter notice what the Bible says when you get there please let me know by saying amen enrollment of twelve chapters the Bible says I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that he presents nobody they what a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service so the Bible tells us these that God wants us to present ourselves as a sacrifice amen now that sacrifice you must understand his sanctuary language Gonzales undecideds he knows that the family there were sacrifices done in the type in outcomes in your nineties as well I want you to go ahead and I want to present your self as a living sacrifice nothing is the thing if we are presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice something has to die that's the whole purpose of meeting using the term sacrifice something I so therefore my question is what is it that we were diving anything about it Jesus was the man of God that died for our sins amen now weekend I wasn't generally know but this is weekend essentials and honestly present itself as a living sacrifice what ever that happened I what is it that God is trying to explain to your that my mind is what the Bible says in Romans this extent Romans the six chapter now God begins to make things a little bit more plain to you and I enroll as the six chapter the Bible clearly says right here in verse eleven and if you're there please say a man the Bible says in Romans six in verse eleven likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be what dead indeed unto sin but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord has how we can be a pain sacrifice while your Internet something up inside the Bible basically cries definitely in the Lamb of God that died for our sins but God comes Elin and is it I'm not calling you to die for sin but I'm definitely going to die to sin you may think what is my expectation of you I want you to die to sin while you will have through Jesus Christ similar so that what we come to God now have a living sacrifice in Britain this is the know that if we carefully study the sanctuary you'll see that it's very consistent that even before an individual with experience baptism they already should've been a death that took place that's why the altar was here in the labor was over there that had to be a gap before there was that burial is that right now Barry living people doing the only married people so when you entered into the article there have to be a advent as a result of that it was obviously proper to be very entered in newness of life so therefore it makes perfect sense and this is why we should be very careful not to receive a question about baptism you know we would do well to baptism better deal in volume six of the testimonies of the church page ninety five we are told that the baptismal candidates should be CAD for the brothers and sisters investigated we often a site as Fraser says that when an individual is preparing for baptism they must make sure that they are not simply taking the name Seventh-day Adventist but that they had made a clear decision to bring the farewell to this world into the lifestyle of sin some people read this is come to the pool and all that is taking place is at one point they were dry center and they came up all wet one him him if you want to do that God always wanted us to understand that when we work with these individuals who are about to be baptized that we were supposed to teach them how they ought to bid farewell to the old life and day by day the odds of Biden Christ and live by that wonderful grace and selling is that God says that yes I want you to present yourself as an offering what of it unkind jokes I am dying to know seeing a man now what's interesting is the book of James chapter one in Jamestown the one we understand that the Bible even makes us aware of the very process of sin so that we can understand a little bit better how we can actually begin this is the experience of dying to it knows what the Bible says in James chapter one in Jamestown the one hit of the Bible says and if you there Lisa Eyman now James one the Bible says this it says in verse thirteen a man say when he is tempted I'm tempted of God for God cannot be tempted with evil neither ten fifty any man that her say God is tempting me verse fourteen it says but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lust and in times then when last half can see what happens to bring it forth certain is that Ensign when it is finished bring it for that now therefore is not understanding this we see a process of Houston becomes a reality amen it starts with temptations temptations and accomplished so questions and temptations saying no it is not the Bible is clear temptation comes first and depending on what we do with that temptation is whether sin is conceived or not so therefore now that we understand temptation comes not the Bible says in Matthew twenty six the Bible says we should be dead indeed unto sin and were understanding a little bit of house and even becomes a reality the people in the far right the Bible says that temptation comes to us when the temptation comes if we entertain it if we play if we can collectively dance on it we start the mass with it than by this visit has his house and can become a reality now notice what the Bible says in Matthew twenty six chapter in Matthew chapter twenty six when you're there please amen in Matthew twenty six now notice what the Bible says in verse forty one Matthew twenty six in verse forty one the Bible says watch and what else and frame it says that what you enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flash is weak so God says that one of the way that you and I can start to experience being dead indeed unto sin when you and I said Jesus I went having come into our hearts and in our lives and we determined by the grace of God to live a life that is within his honor and to his glory God brings it clear to us within temptation can come to you and I one of the protective barriers that he says his watch and pray how can you end up in an experience when you can become dentists and it's no longer entertainment practicing fall into and over and over and over again God says watch and pray this is why angry controversy page five nineteen is so Satan well know us better also he can get to neglect prayer and the Sergeant of the Scriptures while it did not say maybe it did not say might and says while being overcome by his attacks the mutant both elegant great controversy page five nineteenth this is safe and well knows also he didn't get to write a prayer is something on the Scripture is well be overcome by his attacks notice is that it is therefore he creates all sorts of the vices to try to get us the full butyl businesses is that even though there's nothing wrong with a PDA phone that in many respects these smart phones a lot of them Satan is the one that is direct enough as we press the buttons do you know that if I can get this device to become something that that young person will spend more time text messaging each other than spending time studying the word Satan all I can know whether this is a single suspect Leonidas from a good friend of mine an evangelist rent it above the sisters I don't even believe there's anything wrong with Facebook I believe that Facebook is necessary that I think Facebook is a tool that can be used for the glory of God predecessors when Facebook keeps your faith out of this mock him self I will him and his Iraq so God wants us to understand that within seconds and is busy creating all sorts of devices so that he can get you what I did neglect prayer and is administered is because he know if I can get them to do that five the Bible says you want to know how you can really express a situation when you can become dead indeed unto sin and have the indwelling of Christ abiding innocent we abiding in him this is if you know what the end result you have a number of the great region talking about abiding in Christ do you know what the end result is of abiding in Jesus the book of first John chapter three ounce of thinking that the Bible gives us the end result the Bible says in first John chapter three verse John the third chapter MSA and then the Bible says in first John chapter three notice what he says right here the Bible says in first John's reimbursed for very popular Adventist text the Bible says in first John three four aces whosoever commits sin transgressive also the wife the law and if the transgression of the law amen now burst five and he know that he was manifested to do what to take away our sins and in him is no sin verse six it says who still have outside of any hand what those next alerts that the end result of abiding in Christ that God will begin to create a love so deeply rooted within those processes is that as the result of abiding in Jesus we would prefer to dive into anything that would separate between myself and my Satan we abide in Christ the Bible says that end result is that we stop sinning against that we stopped doing the thing that breaks his heart and so it is that the Bible says you got to present yourself as how can you do this how can you and Ogden didn't even visit the bodices you watch and pray to God and they shortage is sending up instead and spending that time with God in prayer the surgeon of the Scriptures paying attention to the things around that can be distracted for all women to talk about that tomorrow brothers and sisters Christ wants us to understand that she knows how to keep us from falling if I go to first Corinthians chapter ten verse twenty seven can we see that the process of how Evenson becomes a reality is that that temptation comes to us after that temptation comes to what you and I have an opportunity to entertain it or not and this is why the Bible says so clearly don't have him make an excuse for sin Abhisit all I had to the dentist was on I know why you say that brothers and sisters are calling God a liar and God is not a man but he would lie the Bible says in first Corinthians the tenth chapter this e-mail was the first week of the tenth chapter and verse thirteen is that there have been no temptation taken you but such as is common to man number of the sisters that means don't go around saying nobody knows the troubles I've seen dogs are also all my temptation and my child is so unique that there is nobody else on earth who has gone through this before the Bible says there is no temptation that is come upon a man except that which is common somebody else went through it before and I guarantee you brothers and sisters there is no one who was tempted by Jesus Jesus brothers and sisters the devil conflict came to him to try to get him to act upon self and brothers and sisters it's one thing when an individual likelihood that the illustration of illness and opening gave one time he talked about how if an individual has a car that can only go sixty five miles an hour and another person have a car that can go two hundred miles per hour who had the greater temptation to go one hundred obviously the person who that's the reason why but this is no matter what temptation you and I go through Jesus went through at times infinity because Web visitors he could've done anything he wanted simply by a thought and at every point in his life he had to make sure that his wife was restrained and under and subject to the will of his father brothers and sisters there is no temptation that is come upon you up on me or anybody except that which is common the Bible says but no solid finishes it says there have no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but not like this but God is faithful somebody should say that the Bible says but God is faithful who will not suffer you what about that you are able but when the temptation also make a way to know as a vaccine may be able to know bearings don't make excuses for Sandberg when that temptation comes God is giving you're not the wherewithal that we should be able to want to pray and to resist the temptation so that by the grace of God we can have victory over it than being subject to it as white dots are the winter presented by living sacrifice holy acceptable unto me that you and I might be dead and even to sin but alive unto our Lord Jesus Christ but here's the thing is not just an offering that had to be presented and said that the offering had to be what made it by either the metal is not enough it doesn't recite all right I'm no longer there to do this I'm not long ago to do that we have to make sure this is just that whatever are no longer limited be all about we have to make sure that it is made by fire and I wonder what that fire represents the book of Hebrews chapter twelve Hebrews twelve chapter in Hebrews twelve chapter notice something the Bible tells us now I believe that this is very important I believe that by the grace of God somebody may experience victory tonight was in Hebrew the twelfth chapter want to see what the Bible says in verse twenty nine Bible says in Hebrews twelve in verse twenty nine talk about God the Bible says for our God is a what the ensuing fire so therefore the Bible makes it clear that God himself is a consuming what fire now go to the first onset before in first John chapter four this notice something here God is a consuming fire now this notice what the Bible says he the Bible says in first onto the floor notice what he says now in verse eight it's a scene that will not know what not God for God as well so in one verse we see God is higher and in another verse we see God is love never before this becomes interesting is because remember when the offering was made had to be remote what does this represent sin so therefore they had to take the fat layer on the altar and then hire to come out and completely consume all of it and the Bible says God is fire and the Bible says God is love go to the book of song of Solomon chapter eight and what song of Solomon chapter eight we find how God equates fire and love in the same vein I wanted to see how God brings us to go to my attention as you go to the book of song of Solomon chapter eight and a song of Solomon chapter eight verses six and seven I want to see what the Bible says it is a man the Bible says this on a solid chapter eight verse six is a set me as a seal upon thine heart as a seal upon thine arm for what the is strong as death jealousy is cruel as the grave the holes there are calls of fire which had a most the defendant slain many waters cannot quench love neither can the floods drown it is interesting how sometimes the word flood represents ungodly men many waters cannot quench love neither can the outsides drownings that a man would give all the sizes of his house it would moderately be content in the sense that the Bible is making it clear that you see when you when I begin to afflict ourselves what happens is a lot of times we begin to see things in our lives that are horrible we begin to see things we begin to see what you mean to tell me that I've been drinking along all this time when I thought I was keeping that they would be difficult sold I believe many of us was having a very convention amen we would looking at the long daughter we were the same height I thought that I was given the third commandment when I saw that I was breaking it's what I thought that I was given the seventh commandment when I saw that I was drinking it I thought that I was given the fault of ours and installs on and I realized I broke it and what happened this many times individuals say all right I'm going to change and they begin to reform the bread this is not a question for you how many times have you made reforms in your life and you found out later on that you went right back to your good old sinful ways how many times it is exactly on the changed my diet and whether this is this cool little while we go ahead and respond to eat all the things of the glory of God but Abdullah would like the children of Israel was a look at what the flesh pots of Egypt again traumatize their individual treatment ladies listen you know what it's true that a diet and practice just as long as I'm dressing like a saint of God but at the same time even though their dressing like I think they still desire the garments of a hornet how many times have we found ourselves making all these changes but at the same time there's no peace there's no joy there is no happy I wanted alive because many of the woods trying to get rid of the fact so I went by strange fire damage trying to make ourselves writing and signed and do a bunch of things wants to health and in many respects we do it because we're trying to earn some type of Matt both Plato and God this is on that and you know right now the Bible calls that streams fire we must understand the brothers and sisters there is a way that not only can we reform the life but we can love it but the only way that we can reform the life and love it is when we let God kindled the fire and got put out our strange virus you see I want to consider something here when we look at inspiration I want to look at this it says the Lord had sent the message to arouse his people to repent and do their first words of the eighteen eighty eight messages three seven sixty five it says and do their works but how has this message and received answers while some have hated it I got cast contempt and report on the message and the messenger spirituality deadened humanity and childlike simplicity Don it says a minute can I call formal process and update do you know anybody like that individuals who wanted to end it just mechanical gadgets formal bank is using the chemical was quite happy Sabbath they say all these different things but all are doing but this is a phase forming micro- robots they says mechanical formal profession of faith has taken the place of love and devotion it says is this mournful condition of things to continue is no lamb of God 's love to go out in darkness this is the same all the singular voice that means that with everything we confess our sins and you will be full again and he turned evil why will you die why will you tried to rekindle a mere old fire and walked in those spots of your own kindling many individuals are trying to be obedient to God many individual to try to do the things of God if the problem is is that we are part of ourselves as an offering but we forgot that the offering had to be made by fire and not the fires of our own kindling but the fire of God 's love and brothers and sisters that's the reason why there's so many people debate and seventy Adventism that indeed and truly I say not ingest but businesses this is why the church is filled with had dentists individuals who come to church but this is his and its they come to church they come to worship become individuals of various things that they don't but they know in their heart there is no joy there is no case there is no abiding love predecessors it is as if they are just simply following performance number of visitors is when you and I do good things about things first what we must understand something but above the drain several genes chapter four the Bible says in James the fourth chapter you see many individuals believe that the market these that I do obviously do the things that are hooking me up and they can be right with God in him individuals who think that way they think that the modern ideal is the better off I am as it relates to my walk to my relation to Jesus Christ that many individuals will believe that but whether this is that I want to see something it seems the fourth chapter get something tells us in verse one thousand Bible says and thinks for verse one visits from whence comes wars findings among you come they not hence even of your less than war in your members this is utilized and have not eaten and designer having cannot obtain you fight in war yet you have not because he asked not personally he asked and received not because you ask what on this that you may consume it upon your life God said that they are many things that individuals can do what he says also that I am not just paying attention to what people do but God said also paying attention to why you didn't God said I pay attention to my list and not simply just the deed so therefore it is possible that an individual can actually go out and preach the gospel to others and they might even baptize many as while we might think if the only reason they did it so that they can get to the next high position in the conference method with a bad motives and God will look at an individual like that and say weighed in the balances and wanting there are individuals that will go ahead and do call it worked again out to film literature but the only thing on their minds is how much money they're going to collect at the end of the day I had motives of this is that there can even be a husband I can come home to his wife and he can look at his life and he has a funny you know what you look so beautiful today and he can pay that wonderful nice competent and they go what if the only reason he said it is so that you know that he can get his special request fulfilled later on in the evening 's bathtub with a bad motives husbands your wives a beautiful regardless of what takes later on after you make that wonderful statement we need to affirm our wife's and we need to let our allies know how much we love them and adore them and are attracted to then living a very sinful world to David's insistence and we would do well to understand that outlines a worthy of these complements it regardless of what so-called rewards we may get in the you know that a child can come home to mother father and all of a sudden they can be sucking onto their feet because they and is that something about her wanting to be part of a sentence I was washing dishes when I found a site visit site this is what I'm seeing anything that's out washing dishes and all of a sudden that modify the mantis is wonderful and all of a sudden that Charles Watson does it but that's all the litter on the glands the mom and dad can you buy me something from that special source on that I've been wanted to get back bad motive young people you will understand that when you put the magnifying glass in that wonderful commandment that says honor thy father and thy mother you would see that if you put the magnifying glass on that that that honoring your father and your mother also includes enlightening their burden that means that if you love your mother and your father you want to our event that's why you come home and you watch those dishes that's why you clean up around the house that's why you do the things you do not to get some temporal reward in doing because you love your mother and your father is the weather when looking at the basic lifestyle dynamics will even look at the way in the church in retrospect it is obvious individuals doing more with Matt Melissa and we must understand the reason why is because we signed a new life on our all as a result of the tingling only fire when God says that the only way you can truly do this work where it is X alternator is when you do it when it's made by my fire God makes it clear that the only reason we should do any of the good things that we do brother citizens because of love in fact you know that God even give us a position of humility in even the good works that we don't know so often in the church today we do things because they want to be recognized we do things because they want somebody to our method of outputting the office by the fifth of these off how well it can be done in the work of the gospel you know that Jesus was so meticulous that he even told us what to say when we do a good work on the book of Luke the seventeen seventy three when Jesus told us to think the next time you and I do a good work someone come to you and I want to go ahead and applaud us and tell us how great and wonderful yarn the sisters this is what the master told us to say what you see the Bible says in the seventeenth chapter and if you dare say amen in the seventeenth chapter gives what the Bible says the Bible says in Luke seventeen notice what he says now in person it has but which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle will say unto him by and by when he is come from the field goal and sit down to meet and will not rather say I didn't make ready wherewith I may stop and go myself and start me that I have eaten and drunk in an afterword thou so eat and drink the diverse nine he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him I try not now look at verse ten so likewise he when you shall have done all those things which are commanded use a we are on profitable servants we have done that which was our duty to do God said that when you and I do even a truly good work on that we ought to consider is that you know what I'm on profitable service done that with God is omitted another reason why we should understand this go to the book of first Chronicles twenty nine the reason why we should understand is so simple go to first Chronicles twenty nine to see why we should understand it knows what the Bible says in first Chronicles chapter twenty nine in first Chronicles twenty nine the reason why the servant can say I'm an unprofitable servant I've only done that was Alice told me to do with God is limited to the reason why we can make that statement is the Bible says in first Chronicles twenty nine and verse fourteen the Bible says but I and what is my people that we should be able to offer so willingly after this sort read that sentence with me for all things be and nine all have we given the backlog were unprofitable that's why we are unprofitable the reason why you and I are unprofitable brothers and sisters is because whatever possessions you have it came from God and when you give it to the concept that you have no reasonable because all things me and only undying own have we given the way I went and we have even the motor skills to open our hands and calls them so that we can live somebody up when they ball this is a national point squealing on a bracket affixed the great work I didn't know because all things even your mongers guilt came from God and of thine own have I simply given back to you God wants us to understand it a bragging point and lumbar angle and change that you and I do and the only reason why we brag about what we do is because brothers and sisters we are still filled with strange fire rather than the fire of God we need not been psychologically quotation you remember first Corinthians in the thirteenth chapter that's called about three men and one of the lunch afterwards all that we can do all sorts of things but if it's not for love of a proper thoughts nothing now I want to listen what inspiration says he it says to go on it says no matter how high the profession he holds heart is not filled with love for God and his fellow man is not a true disciple of Christ are to be apostles creating it says all he should possess great faith and have power even to work miracles yet without loud his face would be worthless to display great liberality but certainly from some other motive than genuine love be so all his goods to feed the poor the act would not commend into the favor of God in his seal team I even made a martyr 's death yet is not actuated by love he would be regarded by God as a deluded enthusiast or an ambitious hypocrite God wants us understand what this is is that while we want to do the good work while we want to do all these great things we need the love of Jesus in our hearts this is the only thing that has the ability to actually consume all sin why do you think what is sin what is sin the breaking of God 's law is that right whatever back and keep us from sin John fourteen fifteen if you know that I mean what we say keep my commandments using the only way you and I can get the appointment we will truly be dead indeed unto sin not for a moment before the remainder about I is for that wonderful moment God is so deeply rooted within our hearts purposes you see when you let Jesus you will not do anything to hurt the Bible says in Hebrews six six that every time we send we crucify Christ afresh every single time the only thing that can get people to stop sending the only thing that can get individuals to finally stop doing the thing that caused on the turn is a service is when we begin to love God and when we begin to have that love so deeply rooted within our hearts because that's the only thing Jesus said if you love me he says you'll keep my commandments so keep but as long as we don't not God from this visit will get so pathetic that will get to the point will stop making excuses for things you see the issue is a lot issue and this is why Christ wanted us to understand this principle because you know that the offering had to be made by fire and I want to think about it where the fire always come from the decrease can know the far change down it came from God that was God Trinity just that I am the one that needs to put my love within you this is why but this is one of the greatest prayer that we need to pray everyday is Lord please give me more of thy love put your love within my heart yoga this is the only way that I fell in love with my wife and I spent time with her it is impossible to follow love with somebody you don't spend time with them we see Satan will know that those of you can get to a good friend assertiveness purchased will be overcome by the tax life because they don't love God but when we no longer neglect prayer we no longer neglect is good just when we span it time would Jesus do you know but this is the Bible gave the example of the manner that would fall to the ground it would always fall before sunrise and that was God 's way of trying to let us know that she was giving us an example before we begin our work and you and I should be having morning I met young people you need to make sure you have morning on you know what nanosecond you know what the word meant a means where is it every morning reminiscences you and I are to get up and before we start all the other things to get ourselves what we ought to get up and we have to go on these we ought to open the word of God is able and what is it that you need to teach me today but what is it that is a new word that I need so that I could best know how I can stay close to you and abiding you when the devil goes ahead and introduces his trusted you and I ought to inquire about what has ignore how can I connect with you how can I say Coliseum and if you had begin to do this brothers sisters do you know that something that happened a lot of will be developed in fact I want to think about this this is a quotation from Christ object lessons in class object lessons I wanted to see what it says on page one fifty nine you see this is a prayer that I pray that we will save you see this is the great battle of what's going on inside of us it says no outward observances can take the place of simple faith and entire renunciation of self it says but no man can empty himself self is in every issue we know we need to die to self but the issue is that we can't make that happen but watch this it says we can only consent for Christ to accomplish the work it says then the language of the salt will be our take my heart for I cannot give it to hear that to be real with .net many people in the seven administrative who absolutely outstanding and the problem of the sisters is that we will need to overcome sin we know we sent and called on but we keep finding myself using the emphatic and why because these is that you can give it to me you cannot give me our technologies is that he said that you and I ought to pray Lord my heart for I cannot give it isn't it is by property she did if your form I cannot keep it for the saves me in spite of myself my week on the Christlike self mold me fast and we raise me onto a pure and holy atmosphere where the rates currently not allowed can flow through my soul is not only at the beginning of the Christian right that this renunciation of self is to be made at every advance that heavenward it is the Renault all our good works are dependent upon a power outside of ourselves therefore there needs to be a continual reaching out of the heart after God a continues to earn his heartbreaking confession of sin and humbling of the soul before him only by constant renunciation of self and dependence on Christ can we walk safely the nearer we come to Jesus and the more clearly we discerned the purity of his character the more clearly we shall discern the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the less we shall feel like exulting ourselves brothers and sisters God says listen you think that you come this far to let you be lost Godzilla love you so much because listened you you committed or rather you have holy convocation with Goss is when I saw you have a holy convocation the Lord was saying as it were you gave me help I can see that you working in China come to me as I'm sitting to come to you and Daniel affected ourselves and out and offering yourself to me but the problem is trying to do it by my love crisis that will never work guys as you read Milo and the only way we can get is when the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost Romans five seven brothers and sisters Jesus says that I have the love I have the fire that has the ability to burn out every single ready of sending your life is not that men cannot have victory over sin the issue is is what's the motive behind it if you and I try to do this in and of ourselves as strange fire it is not going to work but when we have when we allow God 's fire of love to burn within arts but this is something you will be filled so much with the love of Jesus that you prefer to diamonds and against the known I was thinking about how much God loves us and as I think about how must God loves us I remember something about my father and my father brothers and sisters did not live the majority of his life as a godly man my father was one who did everything that he wanted to doing what he thought he felt was right but brothers and sisters I got to a point that after my mother died in two thousand seven death life released on the go downhill real fast dance I get very sick and very debilitating week and laid out on the ground he couldn't even get out of bed anymore for two years that had to stay totally bedridden and I remember always always pleading with God and I asked God to do something for me as a father before my mother dies these help her to accept the starting this message I said this is wholly alive long enough as you would do nobody to God and that the earnings must pass a log is one more aside and realize a method that is dying my sister was taken care of and in the most she was saying that it looks like he's not to be around much longer and I remember that just a few weeks ago just a few weeks ago the less of the less than a month a little less than a month I remember that I went to go visit day and I went to go visit she was so weak and debilitated that he couldn't even feed himself so therefore he sits on we defeat me I said that a been a pleasure feature that was suffering with dementia so you know sometimes my was here and he wasn't I'm glad not see dad and I remember there looking many societies have it die I apologize so sorry that you have to feed me like this I said that you fed me when I couldn't feed myself as it is my purpose to feed that you can feed yourself aside to see that his food not wipe his face and everything in that all of a sudden just know went to sleep and I remember I was sitting by his bed and I laid my head on his leg and I pray a prayer my mind I said father I don't want my father die outside diverting dismiss said Lord I wish so much that I have a Bible study with him right now and thirty seconds after I prayed that prayer my mind I heard a voice a point and I said yesterday he said would you teach me the Bible and him and so would you teach me the Bible the data will be my privilege to teach them to my Bible up this is not a study in righteousness by faith which is the essence of burning this message I share that message would that brothers and sisters I asked benefit that what I just tell you and he repeated back to meet every verse that I said God literally intervene and kept his mind clear because God knew it was decision time brothers and sisters do you know that I made an appeal to that app according to sources method that should are you willing to be counted amongst the patients things who keep the commandments of God vacancies and that's it yes to the ceiling with prayer we prayed right there two weeks later he died and I remember I got that news and brother this is as when I got that news I found that my father was dead I remember that I was thinking to myself is that my Father's Day at any starting is dying but I didn't expect the data click the edit my surprise and I remember I was thinking about my first thing I did I went to my knees and as a father you are righteous you're just and you will is perfect I affirm God in my mind because I knew Satan was an excited whisper things in my ear and I knew that I had to do my Jesus and rebuke in which it is written by firm doesn't God your righteous you adjusting your holy it was perfect even allowing a father sleep I started to think about this great time trouble getting ready to come and all of a sudden I saw to think of myself as a wellness temperature was getting ready to come and God did tell us that he's been allowed me to sleep before the spring breaks loose as that is a you know what praise God and as I started to think the Lord that God has done it sweeter than that God reminded me says do you remember your breath at that time am I wasn't clear and I like no note you can have a conversation with the Lord businesses and got reminded me you asked me to preserve his life until he accepted the third Angels message and God said I did and he said I did it because I love you and I love him and brothers and sisters my heart was so want brothers and sisters God has a low that the human language can not speak it or express and Christ is a victory over sin preparation for the final crisis all of these things the synchronous as God says I'm simply trying to let you know that I want to put my loving you because God says that when I put my loving you I've even seen John I got to do it no longer will young people say I die to keep the Sabbath they say praise God no longer will people say I got again this week is a great guy getting his way no longer will not stress his daughter think I got addressed this week they say I address this letter what makes the difference the love makes you a so it is tonight rent assistance you realize that you've been in the majority of your life by the kindling of your own five you know in your heart from his visit to my number this is listening on I can really relate to him as I understand sometimes you go to church and there is nothing in your heart tell nothing is modeling the most is going through the gods is this a I know how to help not only make an offering to see how to do it me or I thought since I oh my removing you if you sent me ask in the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost as you spend time and he will not voice the to the point that one day her newbie so settled and I love both intellectually that you cannot and it does not matter what stones and what winds may blow and come your way not even reflects a so it is tonight realized I had been living by the kindling of my own but I confess I've been doing anything I've been doing things with my motives are not enjoy what I realize that I need in the major love in my heart I need you to show me how to offer myself as offering and I needed to be made by others assisted that's your desire and advises them a neoprene father in heaven thank you so much that tonight is the power of your voice that we let you light a fire that has the power is consumed more fantasy Lord we know that we are trying to sin out of our lives our sales and we have failed time and time turned away but we came back but Lord I believe with all of my heart that if we simply that you like the fire and father that that love may be put in our hearts that you will show us how the fattest in confinement and completely consumed and we can love you so much that we prefer to dine than ever ever again I will make this I help with your doctor no longer simply do about the formula but shows how this book to be put within our hearts and the actuating force every word every good action even every holy may we ever remember that we are under a profitable service for all things have come in the nose I don't have the glorified in all that we say and do thank you for the file I love even tonight may cause a grade burning flame that will never be quenched not even by the others in Jesus name amen and all this message is produced by PTH this is our mission is to strengthen really Angels messages to preaching and teaching the Saturday after this message and integrated healing through medical missionary work in declaring the gospel more information on our ministry and the resources we provide these log onto our website at www. PTH ministries .com next www. PTH ministries .com or you can call us at seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven seven seven zero two seven four nine five three seven mainly due apart to meet the needs of humanity in the everlasting gospel Jesus Christ's return mariner


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