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History Repeats Itself

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • October 15, 2011
    2:00 PM
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horror so without any further delaying one of the leading instead decided into our study crime is so Christmas is able to wealth kind of thing that is on the menu you just go ahead and revenue value estimate it also started in our study a father in heaven we are grateful for the privilege and the opportunity to come together to press together decided to show ourselves approved unto God the workmen that need not be ashamed we rightly divided Word of truth pray Lord that you please bless us at this time and that you first forgive us of our sin that you also cleanse us from all unrighteousness Mister Senator Holy Spirit and become intentions are helpless to truly understand that right now history is being reviewed we simply want to choose which side of history Michelle 's apprentice wisdom in the open our eyes and help us to behold wondrous things out of your work we ask all these blessings in Jesus name amen her are now possible for all class is been a deal with the topic of music and its role in our state events now I'm then let you know in advance there is no way that wouldn't be able to cover it all within these three seminars that we have so while this could be deeper things that within a half to cover you find that it is going to require us to number one study to show ourselves approved but also I have some resources so I want you all to make sure that this evening you visit me at the booth that I'm going to be at because I have something very special that I want to give to each person would come to our class as it relates to dealing with music will be Google much much much deeper into many things able to discuss at this time but I believe with to get a good enough foundation for the things that would the study they did get us on the right track of knowing how we go further as it relates to understanding music and his role in last day events you believe that this is a trivial topic now is definitely not this is something that is very large and therefore it requires very diligent study now something within a covered in this class that I want us to repeat ever been repeated at the beginning of every class is I wanted to look at this quotation which is from life get life sketches one ninety six Nebraska we can all repeat this together on the count of three one two three we have nothing to fear for the future access as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history and that's a promise we have absolutely nothing to fear nothing as long as we do not forget the way God has led us and therefore would look a little bit of history because this study that within a goal right now is talking about history being repeated a unit of find it this becomes very relevant to you and I because there's many things we do need to look at to really find out number one is history being repeated in the number two if it is what's side of history and my repeating CFI that this is the require a lot of heart searching so what should pay very close attention to the things were about the study or to grab your swords and turn your Bible to the book of Ecclesiastes chapter one Ecclesiastes chapter one unified in Ecclesiastes chapter one a look at verse nine and let us see what Solomon the wise man has to say to all of us and I like this point that he makes here because unit of find that it pertains even to history the Bible says in Ecclesiastes chapter one of you there please let me know by saying amen RIAA Ecclesiastes one verse nine this is what it says that I find this person be there interesting this process dominate from the King James this is the thing that have been it is that which shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is how many things no new thing under the sun so let's look at what Solomon just said he said the thing that has been best the past is that which shall be that's what future benefits and that which is done that's presidents is that which shall be done that's what future and he said there is no new thing under the sun and Solomon is kind of one of those guys that can honestly say been there done that we do agree sound those little guys when a lot of experiences that he can truly say I can truly say under the authority of God that history has a tendency to repeat itself there's nothing new under the sun things that have been is that we shall be that which is done is that which shall be done is no new thing under the sun now the reason why this becomes important to you and I is because I want to turn your Bibles to the book of first Corinthians chapter ten in first Corinthians chapter ten now you go ahead and go little farther to see some points of history and then see if God has given us a clue as to whether some point in history will be repeated the Bible says in first Corinthians the ten chapter if you there please let me know by saying a man the Bible says a first-rate instead now looking at versus just one to four very quickly I went to see this it says moreover brethren I would not that you should be ignorant how that all our fathers were under the cloud all passed through the sea roar baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea and it always the same spiritual meat and they all drink the same spirit of drink for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was to that rock was Christ so this is talking about what is the worst prison the passage is talking about this is the exit is this is when the going through the Red Sea experience right all right good now with interesting is as Paul is rehearsing what took place as the children of Israel left Egypt and wetland on the way to they want it where it came to let all that promised land right so Paul is rehearsing what the children of Israel went through as they left Egypt on their way to K-9 is often what we write so the good news it does talk about how Christ was leading them and guiding them and so on as they were going through the Red Sea but now notice how Paul transitions and thought processes to this point of history once again diversify it says in verse five but with many of them what happened God was not well pleased for they were overthrown where in the wilderness so while they were on a journey everywhere heading from agent automatically the Bible says unfortunately they began to displease God and he says they were overthrown in the wilderness that was on the things that took them over the school Edinburgh six now Mister Gluck is says in verse six now these things were our way make samples very good to the intent we should not lost at the evil things as they also what left is a what was one of the things that overthrew them in the wilderness it was obvious the last thing and what it says in verse seven neither the idolaters as were some of them as it is written the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up the plate so again what was another issue that overtook them in the wilderness idolatry very good verse eight is sent neither let us commit what fornication as some of them committed and fell in one day three and twenty thousand source another thing to add to the list fornication then burst nine neither let us do what tempts Christ as some of them also tempted and were destroyed on serpents in verse ten five oh memory D as some of them also murmured and were destroyed by the destroyer so therefore we swing just thinking a little bit of a snapshot of history where seeing that the children of Israel back in the days as they left Egypt on that way again while Christ was meeting them they unfortunately entered into an experience where in God was not displeased with them and we just saw that they did everything from commit fornication they were complaining and murdering they were tempting God they were doing also at the things they committed idolatry and the list goes on now thus far we just look at history but I want to the notice now verse eleven what does verse eleven say now how many of these things this is all these things happen unto them who's within its Israel this is now all these things happened unto them for what for and samples and they are written photos admonition upon our admonition upon whom the way and is the world are come now question is a very interesting word in verse eleven that I think you and I need to pay attention to because this is what verse eleven V takes everything Paul just said and transitioning from being passed through the pet to present truth he says in verse eleven now all these things happened unto them for and samples now what does the word and sample mean we would say example right they were not there for example women look at verse six Denver secular example but if you look at their verse eleven it uses it up to the worked example uses the word and sound poll is a whole different word what does that word mean anything else like John Southern University I'm sure this database and theology majors here's an Scout is a whenever I think we would see if we look in the Greek at the word example and person and an sample and birth eleven he was the two totally different words don't mean the same thing to me that the word and sample has to be something deeper than example now if any of you have a good Bible with cross references you perhaps might see what the word and sample means right there by looking in your cross-reference of anybody have a cross reference in the Bible that tells Woodward and simple means what does it mean my brother isn't that beautiful my brother said the word types comes up the word ties is a great word to polls it needs patterns like the same time we read in Hebrews five and Hebrews eight which talked about the sanctuary that was made and how was made after the pattern of things that were in heaven so therefore when the Bible uses the word and sample is talking about types or patterns so watch this Paul says in first Corinthians ten starting from verses one to four about the children of Israel as they left Egypt and I will under which a then he starts to walk through all these different areas that the children of Israel fell then in verse eleven he says now all of these things that happen were and samples types or patterns patterns that will it says for our admonition upon whom the ad news of the world are come so that means that the people all in the last days who named the name of Christ who are God 's people who are God 's church that the experience is that the children of Israel went through as they let the agent on their way to Canaan land were like times or patterns of events that God 's people in the last days are also going to experience amazing gentleman that takes those quotations from Paul to no longer simply be passed through but now it's very much present truth is something that affects us here in our day can you say that about now with understanding that this is what I'm go ahead a little deeper and is in correlation to the book of Exodus chapter twenty in Exodus chapter twenty we want to really put the nail in the coffin on this one this whole study would get widgets for this section is meant to be on history repeating itself Exodus chapter twenty says watch this now access the twentieth chapter and is garlic in verses one and two and is look at what happened in Israel and see how we can experience that today what would we see the application thereof today I exodus of the twenty versus wanting to why we read together the Bible says and God spake all these words saying I am the Lord thy God which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage so what does Egypt represent according to the text it represents a house of bondage now what would we understand bondage to represent today because remember what they went through in times past is also experience for you and I today if they were in a house of bondage a literal agent the question is what would bondage represent for you and I today all right so if we save the world or if we say soon should we not have scripted also supported yes we should not as though John VHF John chapter he would possibly go back and forth to see how to plot is rentable how does it apply to you and I today knows what the Bible says John the eighth chapter we'll go ahead and look at verses thirty two to thirty four John eight thirty two to thirty four notice the Bible says in John eight thirty two Jesus tells these wonderful words he's living you shall know the truth was that happen as for making freedom they set you free if is not up make you free if that's a different between setting and making now Christ said that Charles makes people free that's why when God raised up the charts accorded the first Timothy chapter three in verses fifteen and sixteen it tells us that the church would be trying to be the pillar and ground of truth the trust was a bulimia place that people in bondage to find freedom you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free now handles even phone over the Jewish people who took a lot of pride in the fact that they were descendents of Abraham so I see this as speaking event and Taliban listening to know the truth the truth is that of making free time sure that he was hoping that somebody would respond to enjoy happiness yes Lord I want to accept that you can receive it in my heart but instead look at how they responded numbers thirty three they said it can't because I'd have allowed this evening as well it says in verse thirty three we these advances and leave the Abraham 's seed and were never in bondage to any man holidays value shall be made free of first of all there weren't bondage they were undead bonded under the Roman yoke but nevertheless because Ron did give them a little bit of autonomy you know let them run things that the government and so on they figured well at the end of the day we are children of Abraham and we are free so Jesus what you're talking about that's the kind of coming back at items are about us we made freaks were already three were children Abraham but then Jesus had to clarify what he meant in verse thirty four what is the same verse thirty four it says in verse thirty four it says Jesus answered them verily verily I say unto you whosoever commits sin is less than or bond men through sin so therefore do we biblical proof that bondage can also be synonymous to sin yes we do the Bible says that if you are a servant and ask another word for certain is bondsman all right I can be pretty scary goodness so that his comeback let us come back social and thus far we see the children of Israel as an agent on a wiki they were in a house of bondage which was a liberal Egypt UNI we were in bondage that bondage is none other than seeing so therefore when we look at this context of the children of Israel being delivered and coming out of bondage and therefore not within ourselves being delivered and coming out of bondage the same way that God is a man Moses to deliver the people from the Egyptian bondage in your family God is using the man Christ Jesus to deliver us from spiritual bondage which is sin are we following always advisable correlation must go on now I want to join a Bible to the book of Exodus chapter six Exodus chapter six in Exodus six we confirm where the children of Israel were headed in their journey they would deliver they were made free from bondage but it will go somewhere the Bible spelled out in Exodus chapter six and you'll see that what would Dylan is with starting real fundamental because I believe with all of my heart in fact I know because inspiration told us that while we taken these fundamental steps I guarantee is going to hire so I'm not worried about that but what it is is that even some of the fundamentals many a times people do not know how to truly substantiate will truly know how to provide evidence to say this is what we believe this is why we believe in and so on and rely no this is because I was one day reading a little book called by them five of the testimonies of the church page seven oh seven and on page seven oh seven is on the chapter called Ms. Street of the Bible it says on page seven oh seven is that they are many who profess to believe by the truth who really do not know what they believe and in the next sentence is what got me to set up in the next sentence he says they do not understand the evidence is obviously so many times what happens is we get so caught up in seventy ad that is lingo that we talk a lot a seven-day Adventist jargon and a lot of seventy admin 's language but at the end of the day we don't not a pic of the Bible and back it up and she said that very same chapter ceases when the time of trial 's outcome and we have dispensing only and alone and we are not able to provide proof for why we believe what we believe she says many will be surprised of how conceals art ideas of what they thought constituted truth and him and him to be honest with you when the time of testing intro also come to you and I and if we cannot truly know why we believe what we believe it's a lot easier to yield to the powers that be because with somebody's threatening your life with them I think it's out of your hand and said listen we will take your child from you unless you accept this mark the business as it is very few people not to stand on the promises of God like that and say I refuse to honor what you do as messages to young people says that before dis- honor of God and his law is the Christian 's motto is that your model the only way you and I could ever have a motto like that is personal we have to know the children together let that you have a real experience in our hearts that all women stand in these last days so therefore when I give you these fundamental steps I'm doing it because I'm not been to make the mistakes I've made in time past which was to assume that God 's people know what I'm talking about not doing it anymore God delivered me so therefore go step-by-step that are so in Exodus chapter six in Exodus chapter six now notice what the Bible says in Exodus six verse four I will tell the something wonderful it says that I also establish my covenant with them to give them what the land of Canaan the land of beer pilgrimage where in they were strangers so God made it clear that that was the goal on his journey from Egypt as they left Egypt they were now on a pilgrimage upon which they were going where the land of Canaan that of Exodus after three and is that what it says in verse eighteen Exodus three and verse eight Exodus three and verse eight the Bible says in Exodus three and verse eight speaking now he's gone come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large unto a land flowing with milk and honey onto the place of the Canaanites and Hittites and the MRIs of the parasites in a Evite and the Jebusites God made it clear I have a plan I'm preparing this for my people there is a journey visit destination that I'm sending them to now go to the book of Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three in Genesis chapter three that come back let's come back to the our religious history and the Galatians three for now Galatians three in Galatians chapter three want to see what the Bible says will look at verse twenty nine Galatians chapter three and verse twenty nine now that's far we've learned that God preserve the land of Canaan for the children of Israel Abrahams seed we also know that this was a pilgrimage process of the children of Israel going too so they were not settled there in where they were in the wilderness they knew that that was a passing journey that saw one of the most beautiful hymn that we have is him number four four four that says I'm a pilgrim I'm a stranger and I can tarry I can sorry but a night now here it is that we are pilgrims and I wanted to see how the Bible brings us thought out and delays in seven three verse twenty nine the Bible says in Galatians three and verse twenty nine ADV Christ then are ye Abraham 's seed and what are you heirs according to the promise that when someone is in error do they receive were Abraham 's children were supposed to receive yes because they are in and so they are to inherit the things that God has promised to Abraham and his children now what are the things God promised was that they were going to inherit Disneyland in what was a call chain in beautiful so now the Genesis chapter twelve in Genesis chapter twelve those were the Bible says he and they were going to an earthly king banality to see something genesis of the twelve widgets can look at verse one to season things as it relates to what God gave as a promise to his people in Genesis chapter twelve I like how the Bible puts this when we compare Genesis twelve and he was eleven somebody go to Hebrews eleven of the Genesis twelve is a sweet in Genesis twelve in verse one what was what he promise to Abraham and to see Bible says in Genesis twelve one now the Lord had said to Abram get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father 's house unto what a land that I will show the now we know that as it relates to this earth God wanted to take into Canaan land which was representative of a land flowing with milk and honey this was the promised land but now the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 because how to divide us Hebrews the eleventh chapter in Hebrews Chapter 11 when I look at verses thirteen to sixteen Hebrews the eleventh chapter and when looking at versus thirteen to sixteen note for the Bible says in Hebrews eleven versus thirteen to sixteen these all died as although all the heroes of faith but eventually now that the summarization than what it says in verse thirteen these all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen them afar off and were persuaded of them and embrace them and confess that they were what strangers and pilgrims on their so therefore even though we know that they will also killed rooms passing through the wilderness ultimately to get to another place on our feet ultimate or height of the promise had nothing to do with the earth everything that the accident realized that they were strangers and pilgrims not just between land and land but between this article and another place in general dollars go along with what it says it says verse fourteen for they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country and surely if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out they might have had opportunity to have returned but now they desire a better country so even though it was an actual country that they came into the land of Canaan that desire me actually a better country look out of my boards it is says but now they desire a better country that is adamant heavenly so therefore not talking about an earthly Canaan anymore but now talking about a heavenly Canaan so the same way that for the children of Israel as they let Egypt on their way to Canaan land that would looking for a physical land that they will go to go to is that right but we understand about height of that promise upon which you and I can ask it partake up is not to look for better countries simply here on this part what were looking for a better country JA heavenly country are you following so therefore there is a you have anything I want to see brothers and sisters that there is a correlation between Israel of old and Israel today as the key that would looking at right now synonymous go to Exodus chapter nineteen in Exodus of the nineteen we find out something else about Israel I think is very very interesting Exodus nineteen want to see something that God also showed exit is the nineteenth chapter and were now the go ahead and look at versus five and six Exodus nineteen verses five and six the Bible says now therefore if you will obey my voice indeed and keep my promise then you shall be what a peculiar treasure unto me above all people for all the earth is mine and ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and an holy nation these are the words which thou south speak unto the children of Israel this is how God with establishing Israel as his denominated people either they said I'm calling you out I'm cutting you out of all the other nations in the world and you are my establishment denominated people another reason what is so powerful to me is go to the book of first Peter chapter two in first Peter chapter two fingers up and also to find out in first Peter chapter two make something clear about his people even in our day first Peter chapter two notice what the Bible says in verse nine the same way God called them and cut them in carbon amount as his denominated people cared about in first Peter chapter two and verse nine the Bible says but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people that you should show forth the praises of him who called out of darkness and to his marvelous light while God look at all of Christendom those whom he was gathering together and called out of darkness on the mystery that there was something even higher and sweeter they got one of the ultimately established just like you did with Israel of old women to go than just a second but God says that I called another people to be a chosen people a peculiar people and holy nation unto me beautiful now who would constitute Israel today is from Ottawa ask you constitute Israel today does not have in Israel today will address of the common essay yes by the refinance how many say no binary defense they say I have absolutely no idea alright good so we got a good mixture of everybody now is that whether we can know if God has in Israel today how would we know Bible is always about the Bible okay how would we go through the Bible to know if God has in Israel today but in aware when we go in the Bible to know that God has in Israel today is you know that's good that we say Donovan is rather they hobbled me know that what is it that would help us to know that Sega brother okay so my brother mentioned a delicious screen it talks about those who are Abraham 's seed is that right okay good so therefore one of the sign that we would have ventilation street where it talks about those who I've Abraham see okay is that that's pretty good is there anything else that we connected yes okay so my brother mentioned that Jesus talked about the children Abraham on those who have faith and not just simply the blood in the veins anything else yes my sister okay but but my sister talk about the judgment and the judgment starts in the house of the Lord so therefore that when I Seattle connection I guess you thought people in the last days the audit events is a very good round of the head and add to it is that all right with the Romans thirteen Romans thirteen on-site Romans three that was something very special that the children of Israel had in it was one of the definite dividing marks of them as a denominated people and you'll find that as we look at this this will help us narrow down because I'll be honest with you God definitely has people everywhere can be statement that are so we know that in Revelation eighteen even those who are in the church is that constitute Babylon people in their places come out of her my people so God has people in several places with them I got my people all throughout the arts through the ages what is the thing who is God do not does not have a denominated people today we look at the fact that God had a denominated people about what God has a denominated people in the last days now what Israel's mission is to simply focus on Israel know their mission was to strengthen each other as they go out and strengthen the world and witness to the world amen so therefore God should have a denominator of people in the last phase specimen to do the same thing strengthen each other that we might go out and do a great work to bring others into the same like the same truth amen how can we identify God denominated in Israel today because there's lots of people laughing that are instructed to constitute even Babylon saw they got been nominated as a victim how would we know Romans three and Romans to read it was something very special that God gave to Israel as his Dean nominated people the Bible says in verses one and two the Bible says in Romans three wanted to what advantage then the Jews of the focus is on the bedroom it says all what profit is there circumcision now look at verse two months every way chiefly because our primary could be as many reasons but here they save reason is this seriously because that unto them were committed not already calls of God one of the sheep identifying marks that made Israel's God the new nominating people was that they had the oracles of God what are the oracles of God where the oracles of God is true the work oracles deals with the things of God the things that God has spoken in many translations it talks about even though all laws of God so therefore the question is if we were to try to identify gods the nominated Israel today we would need to look at where is there a denominated group that professes to follow the one and only true God who also has the oracles the sayings or the laws of God United Wagner in early group like that is it a nominate a group of the last days is like that you see but this is carefully now let's go to the Bible says in Exodus twenty remember in Exodus twenty one into you already saw that in Exodus twenty wanted to remember the article deals with things that God has said or smoking Jewish people when you remembered Exodus twenty one until we decide it is and God spake all these words saying I am the Lord thy God with abruptly out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage thou so have no other gods before me and he began to display many wonderful teachings as it relates to his holy law if God shows that in the last days that he would have a denominated group upon which they would also uphold his law yes he did Revelation chapter twelve is the revelation flop is simple stuff simple stuff that happened to them while one revelation chapter twelve God revelation chapter twelve United States very well relation twelve seventeen Revelation fourteen twelve be the unit is a famous seven administered Bible verses is that right you know Revelation twelve seventeen whether the state and that Dragon was wrong with a woman went to make war with the remnant ever see which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and then in Revelation fourteen twelve we also know that it says here is the patience of the things here on payback keep the commands of God and have the faith of Jesus Christ so God is going to have a denominated people in the last days once again hold onto those wonderful oracles of God upon which they will be recognized as God Israel God 's chosen of the last days not so that we can go about it that we may understand we are the great work we are called to do now notice what you see this quote here we consider this is it a shot in the pillar of cloud Christ was the leader of his people this is somewhat would look page three fifty one he gave them statutes and laws that by obedience to his requirements they might be hence denominated people it says he bestowed upon them the bounties of heaven but he expected them and turned to share their blessings with others so remember I told you it's like when we get the bounties of seven five expectation was that in turn would be share the blessing was not that we harbor it is not that we gloat about it is not that we begin to think more Moscow than we should look at those poor souls who do not know what we know what we would supposedly than all these wonderful truths upon which weekend shadowboxing with others who were less hampered so he deals with his chosen people today in fact it says here and this is from testimony to the church regarding the strengthening of our institutions and training centers the third Angels message is to be proclaimed to every nation kindred tongue and people the entire world is to be worn there are still many new feels the open there are many cities anywhere we stand before the world as gods denominated people and he says and we must do our appointed work we are not to obey the principle to the world we are not the conformed with customs we ought to be a picture of your people zealous of good works so therefore we can see very clearly that God equates UNI to his Israel up-to-date beyond the shadow of a doubt we can look at that first Corinthians ten eleven burst and we can say that is definitely us we can see that we are those people upon whom the ends of the world .com that we were told were going to repeat history now I need to show you something that was so imperative when Moses went up into the mount and when Moses went up into the mount to receive instruction from God to bring blessings down from the mountains of the people I wonder what happened to Israel of old that Israel today will repeat Exodus thirty two Exodus thirty two X is the thirty second chapter I will rebirth one you reversed to our reverse three and you reverse for and we will take this up to verse nineteen Exodus thirty two versus one to nineteen I will reimburse one you reversed to and will take it onward are you ready Saints the Bible says in Exodus thirty two and when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount the people gathered themselves together onto arid and said to him I make us gods which shall go before us for as for this Moses the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt we want not what is become of him and all the people break off the golden earrings which were in there is an brought them on to Arun and when Aaron saw it he built an altar before it in error and made proclamation and said tomorrow is a feast of the Lord and the Lord said unto Moses go get me down for thy people which thou brought us out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves in a the Lord said unto Moses I seen this people and behold it is a definite and people Moses besought the Lord his God and said Lord why did I wrap wax hot against my people which thou has brought forth out of the land of Egypt with great power and with a mighty hand remember Abraham Isaac and Israel by serviceable now swears by nine old self and set up then I will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven and all this land are spoken of what I give unto your seed and exam inherited forever and Moses turned and went down from the mountain the two tables of the testimony were in his hand the tables were written on both their sides on the one side and on the other were they written and when Joshua heard the noise of the people as they shouted he said unto Moses there is a noise of war in the camp verse nineteen together and it came to pass as soon as he came not unto the camp that he saw the calf and the dancing and Moses his anger waxed hot and he cast the tables out of his hands and break them beneath the mountains interesting title of our subject is history repeats itself that would have been is that which shall be that which is done is that which shall be done in brothers and sisters Seventh-day Adventists there really is no new thing under the sun the issues that we are dealing with today and God 's denominated church on the same old issues that God dealt with a monthly denominated people Israel while Moses was in the mouse hoping and desiring to give blessings to Israel instead of coming down in finding a people who will process the wood laying themselves on the ground fasting praying pleading look prepare me for what I'm about to receive from the instruction of your survey coming down that mountain they were found having celebration worship all these things happen unto them for examples patterns types it is not a wonder that in God 's church today while Christ is in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary upon which he desires to come down with blessings to his people gave the blessing of eternal life that Jesus instead of finding a people pray and pleading and crying out the gun instead they are enjoying pagan worship evening sanctuary evening God 's house you see brothers and sisters we are repeating history many seven they are the yesterday are doing this site is reveled repeating history criticism of Israel when they did their worship we readable paychecks and profit so I said that the things that they learned in Egypt she says they brought it in amongst the camp and it was Egyptian worship that they were doing swot analysis they give us a cab and it's funny how you always find dancing mix with the worship music when I read in my Bible where it says the Lord is in his holy temple let all of your key silence before him Israel missed that point altogether you know it's funny look at verse eighteen again when you look in verse eighteen I found this to be interesting is says and he said it is not the voice of them that shout for mastery neither is it the voice of them that cried for being overcome it says but the noise of them that saying do I hear you know what I thought was interesting about that the children of Israel were having were shipped and part of their worship experience was that they were singing could be that the same way Joshua Longe and he has thought about this in Israel they were singing in worship but brothers and sisters Joshua said it was noise clinic be that individuals could be singing at hearts out and searches today but heaven says it's noise you know when you look at that word in the Hebrew noise actually means is it to work on call Bob it actually means someone that is yelling out loud bleeding or a crackling cry these are the actual word that she was bleeding like when she when she looked at like that is bleeding the breeding of the sheep was like a crackling why some annoying cry best guess where this youth is an annoying cry can you imagine the individuals can honestly and truly worship God debate and song but heaven says it's like the bleating of sheep it is like an annoying cry and brother this is as we would do well to understand is the reason why because just like Israel of old notice it was not the will of God that Israel should wander forty years in the wilderness he desired to leave them directly to the land of Canaan this is from special guest book for page two ninety two it says he designed an event directly to the land of Canaan the other significant for years but only about forty days the children of Israel in the wilderness for forty Sears portrait that only should take about forty days it says he desired to me than directly to the land of Canaan and establish that they are all holy happy people it says but they could not enter in because of unbelief it says because of their backsliding and apostasy they perished in the desert and others were raised up to enter the promised land is like manner now would be nodded it says in like manner it says it was not the will of God that the coming of Christ to be so long-delayed publicity of anything Jesus wanted to take a hundred and sixty seven years to finish the work in the most holy place you really I mean the day of atonement with a twenty four hour period using Jesus really wanted to take all hundred sixty seven years of existence it says it was not the will of God to the coming of Christ to be so long-delayed and his people should remain so many years in the world of sin and sorrow but on leaving separated them from God we are like his rentable we are repeating history it says as they refused to do the work which had appointed them all guys were raised up to proclaim the message in mercy to the world Jesus the latest is coming in mercy Jesus delays is coming that sinners may have an opportunity to hear the warning and find in him a shelter before the wrath of God shall be borne and brothers and sisters that time is right upon us we are right upon the time we arrived at the brink we soon and very soon with his son-in-law passed right here in America and when I test comes to you when I read this is as if our lives are not hitting Jesus Christ brothers and sisters I'm telling you for a fact if our lives are not heated completely and Jesus by time that son-in-law test comes to us brothers and sisters if we fail that test we fail and you know what great controversy six oh five says that it is the final test in other words when that Sunday lots has comes to you and I and if we fail that test there will be no rebounding they will be in although it my fault and coming back to God than to get the seal after all whoever receives the mark has the mark would receive the seal at the ceiling and you get one or the other when the test comes in brother this is not telling you the only reason why Sindelar is not passive in America right now one of the only reason why because God still has a whole bunch of idolatrous Israel that he's trying to reach our hearts anything please stop fighting against me please surrender as rehearsal wonderfully stated today that the mission that is calling us to but the problem is as many of us are getting caught up into false worship which is bringing out a fault experience will talk about that in our next session once you look at this now as in former ages the presentation of a truth that reproves the errors and sins of the times will call for a storm of opposition leaders and him and him telling you right now as we stand for truth it will call for the storm of opposition when you honestly say you see on our something the Pharisees never bothered Jesus until they saw how his message was affecting the people that order Jesus was his running his mouth nobody obeyed him I ever did anything everybody to stay comfortable and apostasy the fact is we just limit use of the wobbling was one painted you know whatever but when Jesus spoke people listen when Jesus spoke people embrace his troops and when Jesus help those individuals those individuals not only were revived they were reading for the release article it acquires a sign saying you know what as long as we sing like that I cannot be on the squire anymore they started to go around saying you know what all this form of music that we as a plan to Christian radio station we get latest music and more when the children would start saying mom and dad you know I know you enjoy this kind of music but I have to be honest with you I had a connection to Jesus and that music that I once loved is now offensive to me once children and adults and youth when everybody starts taking these type of spans from this is the best when it will call for a storm of opposition because now that it was a way to minute your disrupting status quo you messing around with the way we do things and therefore this is now issued we are told that it will call for based on amounts of the opposition is that everyone that do evil hate of the light neither cometh to the lightness as these should be reproved John three twenty it says those who cannot sustain that position by the Scriptures it was funny how we can thought we talk a lot about music lesson things in music today is a nice we can talk a lot about music but when the gloomy when we put every individual war for all the worldly secular music and all these things coming into the church you tell them pick up your Bible to show me any support that God gives on these things you're not a defendant can't find anything they can find anything to support why they do what they do the same thing when youth programs and all these other things you tell them this youth program though you may think it's good it doesn't really help our young people to enter into a sanctifying effect with Jesus so therefore we said we need to remove that and we give them Bibles prayer prophecy Bible spirit of prophecy would benefit all know we can do it I decided me a favor open up your Bibles Sally wonders to support why we should go ahead and do competitive sports with our young people shall be one parts that says that we should go ahead and do these different parts of different activities and all the things and they can show it and utility people typically do when they can't disprove things scripturally notice it says those who cannot sustain their position by the Scriptures are stubbornly determined that it shall be sustained at all hazards and with a malicious spirit they attack the character and motives of those who stand in defense of unpopular truth as the saucer through the guestbook for page two ninety two that exactly was such that we can sustained by the word is also well you know what I think this person is trying to call division is chattering the motive even Jesus and I come not to bring these are so hard to achieve this when he said that was I say I'm tried to destroy families is a message under restore families but the only way families can be restored is when they get things in order God first and then the family that's why Matthew ten in verse thirty seven Jesus said if you along father or mother more than me you are not worthy of me busy this was ahead of her heaven forbid Jesus wants us to love our parents but he says that you got to love me first because there will be many a youth that will be lost while they were following mother and father on their way to the lake of fire you know that song am a pilgrim and I'm a stranger you don't if you looking at him though you only have three versus but do you know that in the original handled this six you will note personal forces fog of the and since there were other if you will not journey with me I must goal now since your bane holds you will bus chairs should I to being barracks and with you as a raise I am up to grand and I'm a stranger I can tire EDI Ken Tyree but you can imagine that young people that Woody was a father mother sister brother if you will not journey with me I must go that's the kind of people Christ developing a people disrespect their parents not people show up partiality to was a brother and assistant opens assistant Jesus is trying to get people who put Christ first last and best in their lives and so you'll find the individuals will try to oppose all these different things because withstanding for the unpopular truth but these things need to be set up for it so it is that I'm that close to want to just consider this quote from Romans the thirteenth chapter to take ourselves a break and then when I come back and go into part two how to utilize music in these last days Romans the thirteenth chapter WinRunner seven thirteen if you daresay men all right the Bible says in Romans thirteen in verse eleven you see now that we can see the Israel history is being repeated we can see it destiny is most definitely being repeated we have to make a choice white side of history salary repeats what all is well in a positive North America thank the Lord know you get to be part of that group was the majority of Israel worshiping the cat gets you need to avoid that group we are told that the great majority will forsake us via five the testimonies page one thirty six he says the majority will Fazekas with the great controversy six oh eight it will be a large class who literally join ranks with Babylon and become the most bitterest enemies of the former brethren it's going to be a large number of instances a lot wish I could think that prophecy answers I wish I could but I can't you can either the only thing you have control over is make sure your name is not part of that large class you make sure that your name is not part of that majority of brothers and sisters you need to make sure which side of history might repeat because they know what that thing is every single one of us are going to repeat one of two sites you have no choice but to repeat one of the two sides by God 's grace choose the right one so Romans thirteen verse eleven says very clearly it says in that knowing the time that now it is high time to awake out of sleep for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed the night is far spent the day is at hand let us therefore cast off the works of darkness and let us put on the armor of light let us walk honestly as in the day not in rioting and drunkenness not in chambering and wantonness not in strife and envying but put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ and may not Shannon for the flesh to fulfill him unless they are of no repeat the negative side of history and so it on next class will start to get a little bit of a closer you look on the issue of music how to utilize music what role does it play my life what are some of the warning signs and Councilman God has given so that way I can know how to choose that which is right and cling to it and to shun and avoid that which is bad and leave it alone so with that being said let us close with prayer and I'm been asked one question before we pray just by the simple reason hands how many of us are saying and determining a processor Lord by your grace by your power I want to be I will repeat don't want to set the price paid for it says many will be lost while helping and desiring to be Christian though seldom knows he said next she says many will be lost while hoping and desiring the questions she says but they do have options are somehow lived in the end it's right on the money but how many of us are choosing today to see what I choose to repeat the positive side of history though it might make me different though it might make me look funny in front of other high ceilings to repeat the positive side is that his father in heaven we thank you God for helping us to understand that history is being the Lord unit shown as clear as day to me are you denominated is in these last days no as his wholesale even while Moses was in the amount they got caught up in idolatrous worship style music and ungodly dancing Lord I pray please help us realize that quality is within that most holy place seeking to finish the work in a lease for one or more so God is not a side of history two of the things of God that we already know in our heart is wrong give us the wherewithal the love and all the things we would then he will speak NBA's say we ought to obey God rather than what I pray that as my dear brothers raced ahead keep them in the commitments that they had me thinking that you are doing that which is begun may you bring it to its complete software we ask in Jesus name amen I will this media was allotted by Nautilus is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse of his life is more so than is www. audio verse .org


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