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Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

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  • October 15, 2011
    3:00 PM
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horror and once again a because we realize better than we had a very serious choice to make PCs going to be repeated we simply want to make sure that we working the right side of history self-taught in the house of us in the guidance you instruct us to go through these next couple of moments is studied however created by blessings be upon us as we study are we ask all these things in Jesus name amen you got a fine that the things that were getting ready to to study the you know what a great struggle that I had because of the timelines I'll given for the seminars was really going to the depth of music as I wanted to I want to do with the drums then I wanted to deal with no harmony melody and rhythm and ingredients all the intricacies of all these different things but I knew the time would not necessarily allow considering the other principles that I have to share so therefore what I did was I in a little and let me to put together some very important principles that within a look at bank can guide is when it comes to the choice of music lives in addition to that on barristers when I say this I need to come see me at my book it is a gift that I brought for you all I hope I have enough but nevertheless this guest is going to help you go to some of those deeper aspects that I myself would not have been able to do in these particular seminar shifts and simple present was on it but you see yes my brother the booth is to be in the main gymnasium where the meetings were being held as he watched the meetings are being held in the immediately after sunset once those booths open in all and you can come on back and it is very first-come first-served basis so you know and and I just about as many as I could so that without God 's grace to be a blessing to you now when I look at very important things with this because music has something that is definitely affected us as a movement music is very very powerful and music with design the survey holy purpose when God made it but what happened is like anything else that God is made of course he gets his hand into it and think it perverted so we understand that so vividly because of visit very important ritual that I want us to look at the first date accepted to again and this was something I was very pleading with God as a logbook what's a way to get some very important points across to your people and this is one area that God is brought to my attention in first Peter chapter two either find it within a repeat and expand repeater next man but I want to look at his first Peter chapter two in first Peter chapter two you'll inevitably read a very important texts of Scripture it said in first Peter two nine it said but ye are a chosen generation anyone else what we refer to as a royal of priesthood now this is the only time that God is actually talking about these people in the general sense functioning as priests the priesthood came to an end at that wonderful cross experience and when Christ ascended into the holy place of the heavenly things work best when he was inaugurated as high priest in the sanctuary and the cinema that was when the Holy Spirit poured down to the early rain and you are similarly talk about this the Holy Spirit in the sanctuary I can't wait for an you'll find that Jesus is their high priest Aslan Hebrews four where it talks about we have not been tested the food there is not one who has been sent to the feeling of our infirmities but within all points tempted like as we are yet without sin any thoughts about Jesus being that high priest for us so Jesus is off I've reason there is one mediator between God and man the man Christ Jesus therefore when God called us a royal priesthood is not that we actually instituting a priesthood are you following God is simply saying that the same way that a priest was supposed to do something very important the purpose of a priest was to give guests and sacrifices you be that Hebrew thought he was supposed to give gifts and sacrifices so it is that the reason why God can refer to us as a priesthood is because when we reach people in the world that know not God we are presenting the gift of salvation Christ to the individuals we are making them aware of the great sacrifice on the cross that was done on their behalf it is only in that context are we a quote on quote priesthood are you following so therefore we're not talking about a literal establishment of a priesthood but I believe this because God didn't look at us as a royal priesthood I think they are some very powerful lessons we can learn from the priesthood allergy season the Bible says and what about the book of Exodus chapter four Exodus chapter four as find this to be very powerful because I think that some things we do see that we can learn some lessons from considering we are a royal priesthood we are the ones when God has chosen to bring the message of salvation to present the gift of salvation to tell them about the sacrifice of Christ to the world that they may accept him now notice what the Bible says in Exodus chapter four Exodus for that is what it says in verse fourteen giving up Lee say that the Bible says in Exodus four fourteen talking about Erin it says and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses and he said is not area and the Levite thy brother he says I know you speak well and also behold he cometh forth to meet the NBC agreed he will be glad in his heart now area and was referred to as a way whatever cards were met a Levite very good now go to Exodus twenty eight Aron was referred to as a Levite now in Exodus twenty eight we want to learn something about these Levites the Bible says in Exodus twenty eight Limited versus one and three Exodus twenty eight versus one and three the Bible says and take thou unto the errand by brother and his sons with him from among the children of Israel that he made minister unto me in the priest 's office very interesting it says even Harry made up in a Bible Eleazar and if the mock parents sons first three and thou shalt speak unto all that are wise hearted whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom that they may make Aaron 's garments to consecrate him that he may minister unto me in day freeze office so here it is that Erin was referred to as a movie but then we see that area and the Levites also would function in the office of a priest and when you function in the office of a priest he was ministering unto God and he also ministered unto the people are you following so far all right you simple now the book of numbers chapter sixteen numbers chapter sixteen the sea something else of the Bible brings out to our attention numbers the sixteenth chapter ember that I look at verse five and able to look at number seventeen versus five to ten number sixteen five twenty one put your finger on number seventeen versus I to ten notice of the Bible says in sixteen verse five are we there it says in verse five and he spake unto Cora Bennett on his company sank even tomorrow the Lord will show who are his and who is what folly now there was a contention corrugated in a Byron and the contention was based on who was the one that was asked to call the doctor function in a certain capacity therefore got so necessary now in verse five to go ahead and respond to this argument that was being presented and he said and he spake of the court and to all his companies think even tomorrow the Lord will show warheads and who is holy and will cause them to come near unto him even him whom he had chosen was because the company onto him whom you have chosen we called to come near unto him amen now go to chapters seventeen and is look at verses five to ten number seventeen versus five to ten cool is this one that ultimately God was to present and to make known to the people that he is holy those of the Bible says another seventeen and look at verses five to ten the Bible says and it shall come to pass that the man's rod I shall choose shall blossom and I will make to cease from the murmurings of the children of Israel whereby they murmur against you so God said the one of Minnesota's holy as well as wrought it is that begins to bite now watch verse six and Moses spake unto the children of Israel and every one of their princes gave him a ride apiece for each print one according to their fathers houses and even twelve rods and Iran Aron was among the arrived and Moses Lake of the rods before the Lord in the tabernacle of witness and it came to pass that on the morrow Moses went into the tabernacle of witness and behold the rod of who married for the house of Levi was body and brought forth but end means blossoms and yielded on almonds and Moses brought out all the roster before the Lord intended all the children of Israel and into every man his rod and the Lord said unto Moses bringing Harry is wrong again before the testimony to be kept for a token against the rebels in the house out quite take away their murmurings from the Back Bay guy not so here is that thus far we learned a few things in Exodus for we learn that Karen was also referred to as the Levi then later on we went Exodus twenty eight and we saw that the Levites also function in the priest 's office then we also now find number sixty five the number seventy five pretend that Karen believed by all those who are Levites were also declared to be holy people are you following hold onto these points now let's go to the book of Deuteronomy chapter ten Deuteronomy chapter ten in Deuteronomy chapter ten let's noticed something that I think is very very interesting in Deuteronomy chapter ten notice what the Bible says in verse eight the Bible says in Deuteronomy ten and verse eight it says at that time the Lord separated the tribe of Levi to bear the ark of the covenant of the Lord to stand before the Lord to minister unto him and sublets his name on to this day so the function of Levi was to minister unto God and to bless his name is outright now here's what I found to be very interesting we take on this package that we put together so far Barry Levi Levi functions of the police office freeze or those who minister to God ministered to God 's people these same priests were those whom God also called to be holy people is that right I wonder did the priests had anything hello with Israel and music is notable to first Chronicles chapter nine first Chronicles chapter nine because God has referred to his people in these last days as a ROI of all recent first Chronicles chapter nine this was in the Bible says in verse thirty three in first Chronicles chapter nine in verse thirty three this is what the Bible says it says and these are the singers see all the fathers of the Levites who were remaining in the chambers were freed for they were employed in that work day and night Levites who function in the priest 's office who were a holy people in the Bible even said they wore holy garments the Bible said that even will holy garments the Bible said that the even more holy garments everything that the priests was to represent and how they dressed as well as how they site and what they testified to holiness you are a royal priesthood even your garments are to testify the holiness and they were singers and they were inch hard it's understanding the no that it was the priest that were to leave the rest of Israel on how this singular for the no cigar they believe this is what I thought that was very powerful is because we talk about how to utilize music I thought about this web think about Israeli citizen the vivacious four forty eight it says with sacred song is said and Thanksgiving the worshipers celebrating this occasion this is a little for the feast was the name of Thomas this is talking about the feet the Tabernacles because I had before defeated Tabernacles was the day of atonement all right it says being a little before the fees for the day of atonement when the confession of this sooner the people were declared to be at peace would have been so evident with a time to rejoice it was then conversely the Tabernacles was the season that followed the day of atonement out these the Tabernacles will not be celebrated on this earth with a dominant element Christ is able to say that him was that they be filthy still that Hamlet holding a wholly self when Jesus comes for a phony righteous people hated as he gathers them and everyone is on the way out there to be enjoying the feast of Tabernacles and we will be singing but it will be sacred soil it says that with segments on the banks giving the worshipers celebrated this occasion and that before the feast with the day of atonement when after confession of his sins the people were declared to be at peace with having it says thoughts the way was prepared for the rejoicing of the feast all give thanks unto the Lord for he is good for his mercy endures forever Psalm one oh six one rose triumphantly it says while all kinds of music mingled with shouts of those that accompanied the United singing the Temple was the center of the universal joy here was the pump of the sacrificial ceremonies because he arranged on either side of the white marble steps of the sacred building the choir of Levites led the service of song it says the multitude of worshipers waving a branch of the Tommy Myrtle took up astray in an act of the court and again the Melanie was caught up by voices near and afar off to the encircling hills were vocal with grace and so we see that inspiration helps us to understand that a great role of the Levites was that they were pretty fun to the priest office and in the function of the priest off as they were in charge of music that was part of what they did they were in charge of the music they were the ones to make sure that the music would fit and work right they would make sure that music would do what is supposed to do which was the survey holy purpose because everything about the place everything about Israel was supposed to be holiness of the book of first Peter chapter one first aid chapter one notice what the Bible says in first Peter chapter one desire always has been and always will be this is why stayed in the present tense but it's also set up assets because it was always not desire first Peter chapter one in verses fifteen to sixteen if you have peace amen the Bible says in first Peter one versus fifteen and sixteen it says but as he which hath called you is what holy this is so being what holy in all manner of conversation because it is written be holy for I am holy the great purpose and the great focus of God is that we are to be holy but remember it said in all manner of conversation not if we read that will facilitate us to talk about how I speak as we look at the work conversation is talking about lifestyle will inevitably get back to talk about myself in every dynamics of human lifestyle God says I expect you to be holy whether you hang out with your friends by yourself or with you standing before the masses whether you are sitting down doing a Bible study what are you sitting down watching a televised program what ever it is you and I to do holiness was designed to be the focus and nothing else in reason why bread this is abysmal applicable today than ever it is because we are living in the anti- typical day of atonement final decisions are being made at the cross Christ began in the work of plan of the plan of salvation but he's going to complete it in the most holy place you be that great controversy page four eighty nine you can see that throughout the sanctuary even when you look at the cross on it some people believe all it all ended up across from this if anybody says that nothing in the Bible 's right the Bible says that the way sin is forgiven is that the atonement is made is that right I see the blood spilled in the outer court or at the cross but I'll see how that blood was carried to make an atonement at the cross input about that suitably will get home and everything was done at the cost but even when you set in the St. George is said that when they were going to be in the biggest ever for giving them right there Leviticus four biggest four versus twenty seven to thirty one it says that after they would slay the animal this is the nice thing about it it would take the blood and it would have to go somewhere and he said that they may make an atonement for it bad enough that the cross the blood was spilt but it had to be taken and that had to be presented so that it will be found acceptable so that the people can surely be forgiven so therefore there has to be another step in the plan of salvation and that's why the cross the plan of salvation began and what is going to be completed in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary now understanding this is the next session of the do 's than the music and the most holy place we need to understand then that hearing is that thus far with seeing that okay there is as a royal priesthood that God has a you and I we ought to represent Christ to the world and in our representation of Christ the Bible says be holy in all manner of conversation and every dynamic of your lifestyle and that means even in my singing it is to promote what holiness that could be very very key now if we would ask the question what is holiness anyhow what would your answer be Samantha what is the what what is holy holiness what was that was that what about all about without doing anything what what would you how would you define it there's got to define is what they forgot to say you're ever going to do is holy but it's another thing to say okay well how I do that you don't think so therefore question what is holiness oh how do you define holiness how do you explain that to someone is in a can understand something that is separated for God 's purpose okay good any other thing being in the presence of God nice yes being sanctified day by day now messy when zooming to be sanctified it am saying is like this was naturally was to come out if on the inquiring mind if I'm trying to understand it so that you can make it practical for me then I need to do that remember a gospel that is not practical as a worthless gospel so you don't want to give theological terms necessarily and leave it there it's okay to give a theological time I thought to be breaking down and make a practical unit of saying you should be able to explain holiness to a point but it's out to walk away as they are not that there helping with his right God said being wholly as I am holy when a holiness is to be like God holiness is to be like a whenever you read about in the Bible that tells us of I thought it was continuity when you go to Exodus thirty four eleven Exodus thirty three when Moses came about is a law seminar glory Exodus thirty three eighteen he said some glory birth nineteen got been a problem I say my goodness and I'll proclaim on a bedside needs in a Edwards show me a copies of the problem I see my Cadillac were talking about the same thing I think our music I like but would talk about the same thing most essential new glory got philosophy my goodness of replay my name is indifferent to talk about the same thing in Exodus thirty four or they got so don't what is home he said the Lord Lord God merciful and gracious long-suffering abundant in goodness and truth forgiving iniquity transgression and sin and so he revealed his character he was the other stargazing when a liable to my character unmerciful ungracious long-suffering and the list goes on and on and on unholy so therefore when we talk about being holy for the home you could be like God just to make it simple silly at times singing it must encourage people to become more like God are you following no music no singing should enter in your cares if it does not motivate you to be more like God to reflect his character is not using the check marks me know how I know good music and bad music I know that any of its women and music in a most holy place the next session will get a little bit more into music right now what a deal with lyrics I want to do with the kind of words that will not enter into our heads through headphones you see God wanted to make it clear as priests is that I've called you to be holy and everything that you do from your garments are you singing everything what his Holiness Holiness is to be like to reflect his character so when I listen to a song if I was implemented by the name of Jay-Z Beyoncé however they may maybe the new think and help them reflect more the entities you know it ought to be that simple enough that we would brutally it ought to be that simple that was it I need to toss this stuff because I would say right now there's only one reason why there's only one reason why you can mean a lot especially young black men but as I see this amongst white red yellow green not a stupid that United I especially see a most black men figure out what is the watch brothers walk and I was even do this thing with a discount to think of myself as a commodity mothers will look like that when I hear young man and and and and he's talking to people older than him but he's calling him son you'll silently will have a son 's aggregate of such a child when she learned that when people begin to talk to each other and and and and and and is thought to say things like was shot was sucking how you don't hit first by my baby go at where all this essays was at censorship of what went on I come from what a lot of stuff came from your know it all came from again but by what they will be holding they want to rent video they became a rap video UCLA to the daisies Nyhan at the rainbow when you see her and she's wearing garments that that make her look like a prostitute in training for this this is when you see our dear sisters that are walking around representing themselves like this would allow them others will want to know they learned about what they were beholding to the Bible teaches a principal in second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen this the Bible holding from glory to glory we are changed and I white modernize the time by simply saying by the holding we become changed so when I see my dear sisters with their faces painted on this big care all difficult is that in all that tells me if you've been beholding some things you can't apparently like that give the holdings and things messy young men whether tensing up the backside and all that stuff that don't even know the story behind brothers who were depressed in prison and here is that many of them would take the belt all this stress and it would wrap it around the neck and hang themselves and kill themselves so what are the prisoners when the prison system started to visit you know what take the belt away from them so guess what by the sun walk around with pants hanging off the backside had no choice because they were not allowed to use belt to hold their pants up the problem is because the prison system today is only a prison system of holding enemy formation what happened was the brothers came out still dressing like that at all it took was one rapper to get locked up and then when he came out of Pennsylvania and although that's not a video nebula music video and he is doing this and doing that everybody is watching all the man asked financing off my backside and you got thousands red black yellow and green every color under the sun now they gathered panting on the backs of looking like a bunch of convicts if we understood that in all manner of conversation in everything that we are called to do brothers and sisters God said that he was supposed to even seeing it was only supposed to promote one thing holding this holiness to be like God to reflect his character sometimes it was a will brother them and wait a minute are you saying that that that I can't sing songs about history and in all these other things things that may not necessarily Taliban holiness no as a member of the systems unable to the Salvation Army Salvation Army now when you think of the Salvation Army I do a good work and probably they were good to try to help you do not inspiration said that we are not to do the work of the Salvation Army LOI says we are not to do the work of the Salvation Army and remember name of George Mueller how made or George Mueller you do a good work ethanol is one of offense would be crazy to say that's a bad work he held allotting the yellow I said that Jordan 's work is not our style work what saw worked our work is to prepare people to stand true in the judgment of that's all work and nothing is the causes this focus on that so another words point I'm making is this while there are many good things in great things that can be done by people let them do it our mission is a very focused mission and our mission is to give that third Angels message to the world to tell the people how to stand true to God in the time of judgment that's all work now I understand that I didn't understand the scope of fourth Avenue government early writings page fifty three LOI says they are many precious truths contained in the word of God but what the flock needs now is present truth so she did not deny on as many prices to contain the work with the people need right now is present on the third paragraph on a very think that she explains what present you this thanks for Re: in connection with the twenty three hundred days the commands of God and the faith of Jesus as a musical on that list that taught my brothers and sisters so while you may sell I will sing some songs about documentaries are listening to songs about certain point in history it is that the other reason that work for somebody else we had a specific work to do every song every Poland that is put together should be put under the acid test does this song help produce holiness and the people that help them become more like God does it help them reflect the image of God the number of this is that if you have anything written by GR Jay-Z Beyoncé play Debbie's hip-hop R&B artists that today if you hearing us what you should burn it tonight on cigarette as Southern University campus and take it all and just drop it in the FISA that's it I'm done with this stuff as if he had a voice of Jesus I told you in a class with it I said this is a class all of the people want the truth became it is a lot enough wrong class we are here because we try to understand that is a great revival and reformation that must take place amongst the people of God we need this experience is the greatest of all words in a most part of our needs so as a result of that we have to do what God says now I want to look at the start of the first Chronicles chapter fifteen first Chronicles chapter fifteen in first Chronicles fifteen I want to see something that that was very interesting in first Chronicles fifteen you'll see in verse sixteen that God once again establishes the fact that the Levites were the ones that were in charge even with the brethren I wanted to do this it says and David spake the first fifty sixty and a mistake to the chief of the Levites to appoint their brethren to be the singers with instruments of music psaltery and harp and symbols sounding by lifting up the boys with joy so therefore the Levites were the ones that were pointed even to be in charge not dissolve the marriage but even the music is outright now today let's say we want to equip that type of individual to the choir leader the number of this is that before we would ever bring acquire leader into our churches to be the people and song they must first bear witness and their testimony that they are living a consecrated life a universal sign if you go to most churches today you can see sometimes before even talking to them that the light has not been surrendered to Christ might be ignorance might be rebellion but in either case not surrendered and I discounted it sometimes we try to employ people because we think that giving people offices in the church will keep them in the church number of this is that that's a dangerous position as a real dangerous position was a modest office in the church that neither leader for the first he wanted to make sure that you establish your leaders initiative leaders enough followers to get somebody position in the church and you can clearly state that they are following after the pattern of the world the wrong person to put in leadership is not the trained and instructed you can hold them by their sides they can be a choir leader in training while the person who is consecrated physical before the people brothers and sisters we ought to understand that number one if an individual is going to lead out in songs they must bear witness to the consecrated life you know how many quiet leaders would be fired based on that series do you know the of the remember that the Levites was supposed to bear the ark of the covenant the Levites will also command the keepers so I will do seventy administrators have music leaders were not even part of the rent can be understand holiness chances on anatomy and understanding of a falling uncertainty these are some challenges so that if we want to really start ascertaining and looking at its events the Levites were the ones were in charge of music when we literally like they were holy people they will represent a holiness they were in charge of the music that website and their little ones listen make sure that everything that they do also Barbara will regular our biggest four forty eight it said that they let out in a grid song not worldly music these were individuals who understood I had a connection with God and was able to lead the people to God so if we want to begin to simply looking at some of the activities that are taking place today in Helios help in this room right now maybe a quiet leader but you know your life is not surrendered runs insisted that means that you know what I would have to reevaluate some of the decisions that I made a map to start looking deeper and perhaps I may even have to for the sake of integrity and godly courtesy I may have to even step down because currently I am not qualified to do this great position of humility brothers and sisters we must understand that the Levites were the ones were in charge of the music they were in charge of the lyrics and they were the ones brothers and sisters whom God appointed to lead Israel and brothers and sisters if you know one series if you know that you are quietly are all choir member you know that you are part of some song group whatever the case may be but you know in the deep recesses of your own hearts when you're in your car when you're in your room and on your MP3 player you got Jay-Z Beyoncé and you got in the Iranian Jill Scott all these different hip-hop R&B neo- soul rock 'n roll the artist on your stuff God is think they need to yield you need to yield that you need to give that to me you need to surrender the gossip is no way that holiness will be produced in any mind or any heart if you listen to that kind of stuff if you want holiness is the one holding this those other representatives of cold got to deal with them because a cold they straight up missing that are allowing it I wanted if not I want you to step out of what do I want to do God says as travel as that if I can still reach because indices and I need to open your eyes and help you behold wondrous things out of my law but when we hold that sentencing all know not I'd like to listen to Beyoncé and even though I listen her I can still pull out some good out of as long as IBM Google Magog one one you try to hold onto the well to make excuses for holding onto a dotted nine hundred and eighty one ago there got busy to make it very difficult for me to help don't try to sanctify sin nestles up and he a lot today amongst many people so therefore the choir leaders those who are in leadership those are the ones who are to make sure that all that they say and do that the representation of their lives and in myself is that called holiness before you even begin singing but not as though the lyrics Ephesians five Ephesians five does God give us instruction even on lyrics if you debts Ephesians chapter five notice what the Bible says when you get this amen in Ephesians five the Bible says in verse nineteen Ephesians five in verse nineteen it says but rather the diverse eighteen and nineteen if the not with wine wherein is excess but be filled with the spirit so something happens when an individual is filled with the Spirit of God one of the things that will happen is worth nineteenth if it's speaking to yourself and Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord so when we talk about certain types of lyrics that are used were looking at three instructions that God gives he said songs he says spiritual songs and also advocates what dams so these are things that God himself if this is approved type music or singing not want to connect that with the losses typically become up a Colossians three was brought out a element that that was very powerful that wasn't necessarily brought out in Ephesians five and Colossians chapter three the Bible says something in verses sixteen and seventeen it would do well to consider colossus at the three verses sixteen and seventeen it says let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord but notice what he says in verse seventeen and whatsoever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God and the father by him so God again he gives government he says all right if you go ahead and produce different types of songs he says number one these are the three types or categories of them but to give you your Psalms your hands and your spiritual songs now one of the applications that we can use the Psalms is beginning to talk about script results under use as an example to the book of Psalms yes we do now sounds alternately with poetry but the book of Psalms was David's poetry which was introduced in but then I now presented to us as Scripture therefore it is appropriate to call Psalms Scripture songs ninety oh five the brother this is that if you want to start memorizing the word of God know what you think is important memorized word of God Psalm one nineteen eleven thy word have I hid in my mind heart that I might not sin against thee so that what is the benefit of hiding the word of God in our minds yes there is socially memorized Scripture yes we can do you know one of the best way that the children of Israel taught the children was the Scriptures all if you and I began to embrace script results taking Scripture and providing none of the Jewett Brothers and sisters is one of the most incredible way that when aroused you know you you probably see me with my four children I tried so hard years ago to try to get in the memorized the ten Commandments now this guy okay do it this way and in a try and about how to get the command another five or sixty building this method and excitement in dog can animate its anonymous instrument of attack amounted to a unit is nothing it out right now what happened was a friend munching on December eleven once you send the ten Commandments assisting with reality not a thing to think about this I walk me through this ten Commandments on an icy sidewalk is that it's and Renaissance wife and I was that I would need to get the things we were learning recorded in Zionist practices so therefore every Friday evening for family worship would get the kids together we go ahead and start doing our script is on and brothers this is a DNR children were able to go from Exodus twenty one from seventeen and they were able to go verbatim word for word how because they learned the Commandments of God now saw and this is when they were as young as found about three much of the mess this up so that was young about three four five and they were learning these things a thousand men praise God this is phenomenal so what are the things that God says this is his number one Scripture song number two we definitely can go ahead a single wonderful hands because they has come out of an experience within the Bible also says that we can do spiritual songs now spiritual songs are not necessarily in business will begin now had modern Saltonstall of the day but they will be gone very by very important principles number one we understand that none of these always delete harmony is to be second rhythm is to be last so therefore when and how we formulate our spiritual songs with to go ahead and make sure that the melody is Billy would have to start looking at should I use the drum set gauge tracks that next seminar with him to talk about Riverside looking at all those different things to find out what constitutes a good spiritual song versus what does not but the thing that I like as a gloss and three seventeen this is doing it all in the name of Jesus what does that mean what does it mean to do it in the name of Jesus those notes it says but to pray in Christ name means much it means that we ought to accept his character manifests his spirit and work his works do you know that every song that is put together in him talking about the lyrics should be able to cause this to take place in five eighty six sixty eight says that when we do when we pray in Christ name not included to do anything in word or deed colossus that it should be in Christ name to this principle applies it says it means that we ought to accept his character manifests his spirit and work his works do you know about this this is the even the song that we listen to shoot motivate us to do evangelism I miss Ozzy when I listen to that unit do you know that's all that we listen to should motivate us to want to study our Bibles more not less multiple listen to music it becomes a replacement for Bible study and supporting a right to know that his acids the polls the call that to even work the works of Christ because our Bible study yet easy to spend often times in prayer yes the Jesus spent time helping the others were in the yesterday and know that every song but we do at every lyrical every type of thing that we write it should promote these type of works within us it should cause us to have the very same spirit of Christ a spirit of compassion love my irritability not anger not bitterness nor resentment it should cause us to manifest that same spirit of Christ that meet lowly lovely patient long-suffering symptom music with supposedly this is the safest promises given on condition if you love me he says keep my commandments he said his men nonincentive from sin and those who love him will show their love by obedience do you know brothers and sisters that the song that we listen to should cause us to have a hatred of sin and I love obedience on series eighty when I want to take these principles and put on music to the text do you know how much that we would have to save this doesn't cut it was a all the way they has questionnaire accident from the assisted-living images of the minibus ignored Lord Regulus a lot did this and I did that and I cry for same depart for me and I wish you said I don't know you could even even that's not bad but he said I never knew you never knew the status where they can overcome for the lips of Jesus of people can do stopped even with Christ name in it and he can still be offensive to Waterbury on a final point before we close on this I want to see some been I just thought was so incredible this quotation as a part of religious service singing is as much an act of worship as is prayer this message to young people two ninety two this is indeed many are song is prayer believe that think about a lot of the songs that we sing are we not asking God for something in the songs and vasopressin for its communities without asking would begin a request known to him right now watch this so that many a song is prayer is that if the child is thought to realize that he will think more of the meaning of the words he sayings and will be more susceptible to their power now the reason why I found this to be very powerful if many a song is prayer I wanted to look at some ways that God even taught us how to govern our prayer life the book of Matthew chapter six many a song is prayer you will find often that when David prayed many of them with songs poems songs a message of the sick is interesting what God says about prayer Matthew chapter six in person because many a song is perhaps so the rules that are to govern prayer can also govern the codicils listen to Bob says in Matthew chapter six verse seven aces but when you pray use not vain repetitions as the heathen do for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking never listen to songs were selected to saying the same thing over and over and over again all throughout the song I remember one time out to an evangelistic meeting as we do in evangelistic meetings the song leader got in there and and and I was on the Bible and the speaker I was one of the Bible workers but the evangelist when he saw that people were responding to the person songs he would tell the Center for writing the same thing over and over again and the second is to repeat them as they were looking at us I worked in a table design off on and get real emotional to get rid emotional so what he did as he was playing on the emotion in the garden of people not even in the church today and join because the emotionalism a lot of times in different songs inquire leaders and align all these different ties us all that we do you find a lot of this vein repetition is the same lyrics over and over and over again people can make a whole song last five minutes and only consistently between words that's it it is just after the over and over and over again Christ said don't pray in vain repetition as he even does because they think that they will be heard by the much speech of many attack people think that the more the big repeat certain statements over and over and over again in a song is at a big gaining more and more of God 's attention no brothers and sisters thus I love that was when I learned that many a prayer is space on many a song is a prayer around us and while that means all the rules Christ gave about prayer can also be rules that can govern singing so that when I talk to get all formulates on my goal is not to just keep saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again I am not to try to put together lyrics in such a way that I'm imitating what they even doesn't work the pharmacy so that you know my mother is from the West Indies and no in West Indies they have this thing where if the men were thinking that this shooting a gun offer when to shoot a gun they will use a term like with that of the target they were you know they will try to imitate the sound of a gun going off we are hurting so bad is when a man by the name of Kirk Franklin and one of his videos literally put his head the mere name of Jesus answered we decided the same thing and she was happening I like that asset is that something is about how perverted the gospel working it we allow ourselves to look at what the heathen is doing and to try to imitate him that's what they've got a whole lot either worship taking place in dusters hip-hop gospel reggae gospel R&B Gospel Socha Gospel at all of these different forms of gospel music and brother this is as we don't even understand it but not in excess and you will love finite vector without fully thinking and bonuses as well telling you is that many of us have violated the very principles that got the we are looking to make even and we are leading them teach us how to conduct worship when we were the priests that were supposed to be the leaders is called in the final two two go to the Psalm sixty six what else can we learn about prayer Psalm sixty six Psalms sixty six in verse eighteen solstices September seeking another rule that God is given as a relates to pray what is godliness on specific servers eighteen he says if I regard iniquity in my heart to the Lord won't even hear me the know is possible that we can write out some of the best songs and while we preach to others we ourselves can become castaways you see when we get out of this idea that singing in church is a performance God was the wake us up from that deception because when we typically go to to to to to present and into saying we must understand that its worship is not performing an reason why I know that many of us get the Springfield is because nine times out of ten was a mighty things of interest what we do at the end of the you only do that for performances not for worship it would understand that when a person comes forward and they began to sing they are expressing their love and devotion to Jesus Christ and they are worshiping God when the congregation hears it the congregation is to join and wit that person singing so that now the person and the congregation are worshiping God together when we understand that right then when the singer is certain when the congregation is finished then the only appropriate thing to say at the end of the worst of experience and David if we can get out of the mindset of thinking that I'm performing inside the sleazy the final point John seventeen love his army was all built on a printable amino acid and anything is a prayer fossils apprentice that means that the rules that govern forever govern songs to the editor John seventeen John seventeen in verse nine the Bible says in verse nine in John seventeen verse nine the Bible says I pray for them are grateful for them is that I pray for them I pray not for the world but for them which thou has given each foot they are dying the know that Jesus spent more time in prayer praying for others and be a benefit than for himself no one has informed me when we sing it's about blessing others and not exulting my skill all my talent in singing when I say it is not about me you listen a multiple singer trying to do all the wrist the high citizen of falsettos and it's finally all these different sounds of it was okay go up and down the silent would be used in a sound like this latest artist of that latest artist and what a sound and make ourselves fit in some type of category image of everybody to visit a person to think we want to gorge myself it is not we should pray when we pray the glory is removed from self when we pray we are humbling I felt that why we even be no everything about Brad Pitt is about humbling oneself before God and by the sisters when we say we are humbling ourselves before God as we worshiping him and the rise and not ourselves it is an atrocity when Seventh-day Adventists can go to the competition 's and sing songs about Jesus when they are trying to beat other singers the is no way you can do that if you understood that every song is a prayer in the rules that God gave the government prayer he gave to govern singing brothers and sisters Satan constantly want to try to get us to exalt self and sin rather than exalt Christ Jesus of the five five he lifted up I will draw all men unto me it's over this is as we find that God is trying to make it plain to yours in my heart that he's saying listen I am calling you to understand that when you utilize music when he is getting involved in singing he says remember the Levite remember they were holy people you need to be holy remember that everything about the Levite everything about the priest was holiness therefore everything about you should be holding them in a few leading people remember the grade that the purpose of this song that is put together is to help the people reflect the image of Jesus you got a look at that enemy so I say this because by their fruit you shall know them when I see people who could listen also the gospel music but they still dressed like the world act like the world be like the world shrink like the world and everything else like the world that tells me that that music has no power because God 's music was assigned to bring revival and Reformation even music was designed to bring it would so that we can have a viable defamation without first getting back into a deep spirit of prayer but every song is a prayer so that if within express true revival and reclamation processes that means we need to once again look at this issue of music and we have to find out if we're bringing God 's file was strange fire into the sanctuary would have to start looking at him I taken the things of the world and is combining Christian I start them and that's all I'm going on no different than made up in a bind let fire come out of the system and burned them upright in the second so therefore brothers and sisters if you are determining a hard to say listen in on series on on on making an appeal on this if you have been listening to worldly artists okay Leon on using names from the Lebanon of it as so many out there is as if I'm up after Mangalore as it augmented on don't you think you don't understand is that you sleep including hip-hop R&B and oldest on the meal sold beneath me to drink this I thought I could live without that is only understood by without drugs or something when Jesus comes and you hardly give you satisfaction and even surprise you I actually like this song as you exit on the island to certain hymns and scripts on the town lately I is all right it will undoubtedly add again and it is unsound is it my God I've got the opening I would listen to this stuff and you and I know that what is this only God can do anything to me that the burden that you need Connie falling two thousand eight with a new believer 's prosthetic but the greater proof for me was seeing Christ in you was when I when I look in thing things at once not vaccinating the things I once hated I actually live actually landed on I think it like all I'm enjoying his music and enjoy my heart and he was there it is his punishment it's July Julie Nixon enjoy them as crystallized on actually enjoy visiting that is Disney divas abandoning Masonic and of the elements implement the art no I'm not available to it hoping on so therefore this is not for the respond to twenty because I'll have anything off the example one December the one telling you is is that I do understand the bondage of the world I do understand the bondage of of the entertainment industry I do understand the bondage of webby second those things I do understand so therefore I make in this appeal to you talking real thing to talk the really did you know that all your MP3 player get CD stack of collection or someone on your laptop computer or somewhere if you know you got artists of the world on their you know that you got that stuff you can understand better today to say you know what I know the dustup is not to do anything else but help me reflect Bodleian is seeking another low density if you know to this Internet site is a you say and you know what I don't feel it but on the Jews go ahead and let it going now on the sadists he has influence that rational his message was very problem today is one little piece that I'd like to add he talked about letting go of things in choosing and healing in all these things but I want to give you just one little addition to that statement to those boys and is a quotable early writing eight seventy two or a little early writings of a seventy two Senator Chuck Grassley one notices a piece is saying is ours to exercise by a joyful feeling and the blessing is God to give her a suite of what because what is it that hinders us nine times out of ten from jewels and was right we say I don't feel like that right God says in my understanding goddesses right under my sleeve I have some joyful feeling and all I want to do is exercise they can choose and do what I say and then once you're not choose to do what God says and we so you know what that music in OS with a lot of money on that you know what I like listening to that which Miller gospel to my heart he made it plain to me all right more ongoing exercise think I'm going to do it God says in I will download high speed from the most holy Place joyful feeling I output joyful feeling in your heart and all of a sudden he was surprised recently when I actually feel good about the decision are made for the God never asked you to develop a feeling gusset to because he says because I'm the one so therefore don't think that when you exercise faith in you let's stuff will that you won't be at peace with it at first even after you may not feel nothing initially but God promises listen faith is exercised with joyful feeling and the blessing 's minds to God that will be sold to be anyone at the sound of my voice and you know you're listening to things that well you know you know that what is on MP3 play on the recording on computers whatever it may be deceased ask whatever you got on if you know I'm listening to stop it I know I have no business listening to and got in my debate and by his grace by his power to take even on right now but today I'm going to heal I'm going to the Doctor Joyce messages sent to you know who you are you know we want our balloon imagine that nobody in this room had a heaven and hell would you know you saying today I'm letting it go on cutting it off I'm going to get rid of it any reason why I make this point to say today is because the Psalm one nineteen brothers and sisters in verse forty eight tells us I made haste to keep God 's commandments when God tells you to do something you don't want to delay if you donated to keep looking at it he so up you know what tomorrow will happen is you start to lose some of that effect and that decision you make and I notified him about Christmas are dying down and before you know if you don't do it was that happened three to four days that he is a you know what I hold onto this woman will sometimes in a worse condition than you in before he see being honest with yourselves and as he is adding a want to know Christ as when he's really not helping this process because his mission is to see a guess anyway San Jose and running and not be able to see and say look I know that I'm listening to someone out of business listening to I need to get rid of this is a distraction from the ones who know that Jesus is standing right next to the one with you always even to the end I will be a source of strength of the recovery room father in heaven we think all the precious souls forgot to call this this world what God we many stand up for Jesus or I believe that there are businesses her father I know that you love in your mercy enlightenment and great is continue to present on the heart of those should a student who did not but I'd trade you continue to guide our minds and our thoughts help us understand these fundamental principles at all I know we can the more I pray we could at least get some of these points five five three bless my dear brothers and sisters help them keep searching to keep digging to go deeper there pray that in the end the heart fully and completely converted entity we thank you so much for hearing this railroad linking for bringing deliverance into his room to room and making people free in Jesus name amen this media was not as hot as the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me send an audio and much more and he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than is www. audio verse .org


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