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Music, the Sanctuary, and the Judgment

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • October 15, 2011
    4:00 PM
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for so what you did here because it's all I can give you the same time again I think thus far as we understand seminar number one history repeats itself amen therefore what we want to do is we want to be mindful that we repeat the positive side of history rather than the negative they met okay we learn a seminar to that they are also specific instructions and guidelines that God is as it relates to understanding the utilization of music we know that the trees with a one sometimes used in a very mighty way to lead out in song and so it is that has a priesthood in the context of how we study that we should be the leaders when it comes to song and to music and understanding sacred song and therefore we look at several different principles and we talked about everything from how a song is just like friend therefore the same principles that govern prayer on the same principle best to govern singing and then we look at several different points about the lifestyle of the individual descendent of the holy people is the same way we should be holy people we should not look at Christianity as some part-time things that we just go ahead and do some fun in the lives to be consecrated in life to be surrendered to Christ so that we were not singing about us all that we know nothing of his experience and an initiative that we also saw that is very very important that we may see that we understand the direction of the song will be putting together lyrics putting together these things that he said lead us to reef light image of God they should lead us to enter into a place where it is motivating me to want to be more like Jesus and all of the different ways that he worked and worked and manifested his hearing so now looking at this topic music in the most holy place and the principles as it relates to the most holy place and then you go ahead and go through the final steps of this presentation let's pause once again forward of prayer as we prepared father will thank you so much more to helping us to really understand your words better nor I know that this so much more that we could learn and that's what I'm praying more than anything else that our hearts and our minds would be motivated to study further to look deeper into dig deeper you go into your truth and to understand how music can even affect that even in these very last days of earth history and how we need to be ever so dear Liesel got our minds we play we ask all these things in Jesus name amen all right the book of Daniel seven a verse fourteen he coined Bible verse of the Seventh-day Adventist movement Daniel chapter eight and verse fourteen I remember we so do all by the way earlier today when I was doing Sabbath school I said above quotation that I said was from manuscript release book one page two ninety five is not manuscript please book one page two ninety five it is manuscript please book one page two twenty eight is two twenty eight not two ninety five and in manuscript please book one page two twenty eight it says very clearly that the whole purpose that God raised up Seventh-day Adventist schools sanitarium 's food factories hygienic restaurants and the list goes on was to prepare a people to stand true to God in the judgment that is manuscript please book one page two two eight so that is the reason why God even established our schools are sanitarium was of course in our hygienic restaurant in awful factories everything was to help a people stand true to God in the judgment now understanding that the Daniel eight fourteen now widowed and a fourteen very well at least we should and detonate verse fourteen the Bible clearly says and he said unto me what I did to thousand three hundred days then sell the sanctuary be claims now the sanctuaries of the claims about right when a network start eighteen forty four beautiful so the sanctuaries started that the work of the sites where it started in eighteen forty four Christ the move from the holy place to the most holy Place is doing the first work in the plan of salvation or the final work is doing the final work in the plan of salvation that final work is to block out sin or to cleanse the sanctuary that right now the Leviticus the sixteenth chapter is look at something question why hasn't the sanctuary been crazy talk to me why having the sites Oregon crazy it all right what is the Leviticus sixteen now a Leviticus sixteen is that in verse sixteen able to get number sixteen verse nineteen Leviticus sixteen verse sixteen verse nineteen the Bible says any so make an atonement for the holy place because of the uncleanness of the children of Israel this is a work that was done in the day of atonement it says and because of their transgressions and all their sins and so shall we do for the tabernacle of the congregation that remains among them in the midst of their uncleanness and there shall be no man of the tabernacle of the congregation we go again to make atonement in the holy place until he come out and made an atonement for himself and for his household and for all the congregation of Israel and he shall go out unto the altar that is before the Lord and make an atonement for it and shall take of the blood in the bulletin of the blood of the goat and put it upon the horns of the altar round about and he shall sprinkle the blood upon it with his finger seven times and cleanse what it and hollow it from the uncleanness of the children of Israel what is that it that's being cleansed what is it on the express thanks wearing is the sanctuary it is the structure the structure is being cleansed what is being usability rising blood all right now go to verse thirty inverse authorities say in chapter personality it says this for on that day shall the priest make an atonement for you to cleanse what you that ye may be clean from how many all your sins before the Lord so now here's my question and the cleansing of the cipher is and one thing is being cleansed oh two we see that the structure does have to go through a cleansing but what has to be cleansed first time the people because when was that you can't begin to be very is that right so therefore when the Bible says of the two thousand three at a fish of the sanctuary the claims the only way the century can be cleansed is when God can establish such a relationship with the people that they do not so much that they would prefer to die they said anything into the sanctuary that would make it dirty and was the only thing to make the sites were dirty soon so God must develop a people that will get to a point and a long walk with him that we would prefer to die in sin against his he went on about music and all these other things above this is something right now no one will give up anything for realist they love God intellectual stimulation only last for a few moments so all we do is leave it at intellect and to save lives eventually I can see why this is wrong I can promise you I've never seen an individual to victory over anything based on just simply an intellectual understanding of why it's wrong and the reason why is because God was get rid of sin outside of the action as well as in the heart so while we may not do the action of the the seminar Hargeisa and I still have an untrustworthy person them into the kingdom got to cleanse the heart I got to get you and I to a point that we can overcome said yes but at the same time is not just to be from the externals with any Jesus to come into our hearts and women need Christ and his righteousness he must live out his life within it he must become first last and best in our life that's the only way you will never stop doing anything that the Bible calls sin the only risk I happen you and I cannot think that just an intellectual assent the truth constitutes righteousness that was the great mistake of the Pharisees accorded the desire of ages page three oh nine she says they thought that an intellectual assent to truth constituted righteousness while they hated Christ in their hearts the made SIGs as the many items as you know it is said that thou shall not kill but Jesus looked many eye this is but if you hate your brother without a cause he was trying to get across to them I is that even though you may not put the knife in my back yet the very fact that you applauding you already violated the command God was the cleanse our hearts amen as well as I external behaviors now understanding of this great work that God wants to do now that the book of Leviticus twenty three the biggest twenty three and verse twenty eight you'll find that God gave a very important principle as it related to the day of atonement you know there was a if any of you been listening to audio verse you know that is a six part series that was just recently put out there that that the Lord allowed me to do with the Southwest youth conference and we deal with the things that Israel were supposed to be doing while the high priest was in the most holy place that's a very very important topic we need to understand our position our work we need to know what Weise will be doing while the high priest in the most holy enabled for instructions and it all in Leviticus twenty three in Leviticus twenty three you'll find that in verse forty seven this is also on the tenth day of this seventh month this should be a day of atonement it should be a holy convocation unto you you shall afflict your souls and offer an offering made by fire unto the Lord and you shall do no work in that same date for it is a day of atonement to make an atonement for you before the Lord your God the Bible is very clear that therefore structures that describe the life of Israel when the high priest entered the most holy place before structures are simply this holy convocation afflict your souls offer an offering made by fire and do no work below the best video for full discretion of the lifestyle of the seventy Adventists before full description of the lifestyle of the seventy at this debate is to have a holy convocation to afflict your souls to offer an offering made by fire and were not supposed to be working now of course yet the anti- type that is that right you have to still do how do we apply that to date how to apply that since eighteen forty four affidavits on the last one day become impossible to do any manual labor since eighteen forty four hungry for God that's the answer is no FL eleven but is deeply met is deeply met now one of the things you'll find when it comes to do no work you mean obviously people didn't work because it was the Sabbath at Liber thirty two Leviticus twenty three it says that the daily totals also a Sabbath day therefore it was natural for them to say don't work because of the seventy dollars now the reason why we don't wax is because we are not to do anything that would distract us or take away the sacredness of the Sabbath is that right okay so is that God was saying to you and I today that we are not to do anything that removed the solemnity of the time that were in bondage assault involving different things that will cause the mind to form yet when we said we have nothing to fear for the future except as we yes we had gone our minds that whatever aspects of life the dynamics of life that I participated that it should not remove from my mind the sublimity of the times that I made on living in the anti- typical day of atonement and I must never forget that and I must keep before my children before my spouse before my brethren now understanding this we are not done by any distraction distracting forces to come in our lives this is one of the great focus is that God wanted us to do during the day of atonement because Jesus was declared that sanctuary he wants to give us power to stop doing the things that cause them to turn his face from us but now want to see a nice of the promise that God sodas and Hebrews nine will dynamically like this odious Hebrews nine in Hebrews the ninth chapter notice what the Bible says no Hebrews chapter nine and we're going to look at verses twenty six and twenty eight nothing should distract us from the great task that has been set up by God what is that task to cleanse the sanctuary but the only waiting for the sanctuary if you must first cleanse the people so therefore nothing should distract us from the task what is the past Hebrews nine he was not averse forty six the Bible says for then must he often has suffered since the foundation of the world but now once in the end of the world happy appeared to do what put away sin by the sacrifice of him self so you can get victory over sin but God can in you and through you amen alright good verse twenty eight and the promises so Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many and unto them that look for him so he appear the second time without what without sin unto salvation it seems that ever has it on him DeJesus committed any sins no you cannot so that what when Christ comes back without sin is in him without sin or is it going to be honest without sin your family is your Bibles with me was when he was tempted in all point to get with out think these diesel already without sin therefore when he comes back and it is going to be this without sin is not talking about himself he thought about you and me without sin unto salvation next we go back to refocus and this is the example if he's coming back to a people without Cincinnati that victory over sin must take place before he comes anybody who tells you that you sitting until Jesus comes from trying to learn from at the graduate savings kind they are sadly mistaken the Lloyd's policy anyone tells you keep sending until Jesus comes they can't believe the Bible is no way you can believe the Bible read the Bible and believe what you sitting all the way up until Jesus Christ can leave a times that come with the expensive and was filthy be filthy still revelation fifteen eight says that it is right right around the time when Jesus said that he was to be filthy still isn't it assigned to her will be filled with smoke there be no mediation going on at the crisis that not it there is no mediation going on and yet when Jesus said that he was to be filthy still that he was holding the holy stealth and then got people go through a time of Jacob 's trouble Jeremiah thirty versus five to seven if Godzilla now going to this great time of Jacob 's trouble brothers and sister that means that when they go to the time of trouble if we got a few setting until Jesus comes to me at by the time of the trouble is going to send you the problem is that no mediator that means that the Bible is telling a lie C the Jesus we shall save his people from sin I guess when Jesus comes back is the same a lot of people in sin but is that what the Bible teaches thank God no thank God figure brother the lopsided righteousness by faith we understand where it comes from but but nevertheless we have to understand that Isabel was enough I would describe righteousness by faith and one person would be Hebrews eleven said he was the medicine by faith Noah being one of God of things not seen as yet moved with fear prepared an ark to the saving of his household upon which he peaked with upon which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith is cooperation between humanity and divinity that brings about the experience ultimately of righteousness by faith not just to justification about what justification and sanctification which leads to qualification will be the second lopsided gospel brothers and sisters we discover help them get down statement well the great work of crisis to do this but watch this Jesus wants to come back to a world when you have a people that are with out sin but the question is what is said that after the know at this question and give me the good old administers what to say first John three four all right so Sandy is a transgression of the law now instead of the transgression of the law then that means that if God is doing a work of judgment upon which he is going to definitely have to cleanse the sanctuary within the standard of that judgment to know who makes it worth it to does it will be based on who is keeping my law seems to to the same seven two days up until injuring soon as the Bible says in verse twelve popular text that will know that Venice protects James two twelve Bible says so speaking and so do as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty now previous versus show them all liberty is none other than the ten Commandments and that right so God is doing a work of judgment and as he's investigating and looking at yours in my life is seeing who was letting Jesus into empowered them that they can choose this day whom it will serve and live a life above sin and be obedient to all of my commencement telling a message that it was golf now understanding this revelation fourteen in verse twelve another one of our calling text another Adventist proof text Revelation fourteen twelve this year the patients of the saints here are they that do what keep the commandments of God and of the faith of Jesus all right so will have a people doesn't live victorious over sin yes God is going to have a people that are not trying to bait will keep the commandment of God and the faith of Jesus amen our whole mission our whole focus is Lord how can I be counted amongst the number amen that's our mission Lord please show me how to cooperate with you so that I can become the most that number now I want to say something that spoke to the book of Exodus chapter twenty five index is twenty five likely this is a really interesting in Exodus twenty five you find that God says something here in Exodus twenty five I remember in verse eight one and to go ahead and establish something in the Bible says and let them make me a sanctuary that I may do what dwell among them and of course the word among means in God wanted to be in his people living out his life throughout his people and ultimately so that we can reflect his lovely image this is gospel the sanctuary was designed to teach is that that's what I told you when you started the sanctuary you want to be able to study it where you can see the ultimate goal how will understand the sanctuary help me reflect the lovely image of Jesus as I should that's a great work that we have to do right now is to reflect that lovely image of Jesus I always tell people Jesus when he is coming back is coming back for a bunch of mirrors whole bunch of people that he can see a perfect reflection of himself in the sanctuary was designed to teach us that a man beautiful as long as we understand it and when we study the sanctuary will be able to see it in such a way that we deserve praise God I can see how God is going to reflect his image in my life I can see how you do that now and when we will not be counted amongst that group that we read about in volume five of the testimonies page eighty one which is this all who assumed the ornaments of the sanctuary but were not clothing Christ's righteousness will appear in the shame of the own nakedness we commission were not in that class if we write and defend the sanctuary and enter into its experience and it all right good so therefore Mrs. twenty five eight he says let them make me a century now and the sanctuary in verses twenty one and twenty two and that sanctuary it says in Exodus twenty five twenty one and twenty two it says and thou shalt put the mercy seat above upon the art and end the art thou shall put the testimony that I shall give the and there I will meet with the where is that there were in it would have to be the most holy place because where it what is in their behind so that forgot that and there I will meet with the all right it says in there I will meet with these and I will commune with the Burma but the mercy seat from between the two Germans which are upon the ark of the testimony of all things which I give thee in the commandment unto the children of Israel so we see that God wanted to make his presence very known in this area called the most holy Place in Iraq got there to meet with the work unit 's concept of the quote unquote Shekinah glory were taught about the presence of God this is where they get this concept from all right when I was look at this first Corinthians six in first Corinthians chapter six is look at something in first Corinthians chapter six verse nineteen and twenty the Bible says what know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you would you have of God in you not your own for ye are bought with a price therefore glorify God where in your body and in your spirit which are God 's so here it is that God now says that I look at your body also the temple as a sanctuary and what I found to be very interesting about what God says about Temple centroid body is a notice of any bruising in Hebrews and I think it is a pretty interesting point that you and I can consider Hebrews the eighth chapter in Hebrews chapter eight the Bible says something very powerful and he was eight notice what he says in verse ten it says for this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord he said I will put my laws where into their mind and write them where in their hearts and I will be the demagogue is upbeat to meet a people is funny because when Elizabeth W the physical structure of the sanctuary you find that it was in the most holy place where the art was with the Commandments worked with God 's presence was that now it seems that God says okay that's not here but when I'm a digital body it's also where I want my practice to be and it's also what I put my law in your mind so some of it was in a coronation between principles and the most holy place and then looking at the Temple body structure upon which he puts the law got in the mind now why do you think God put the law in the month one DC was the right the mind and the heart what we think is thoughts what what you think you know God said that Oprah what to do there second so you know that I want to do them I like there is nice yes okay so the mind is the control center okay good you know what insults about the outline to supplement intelligence and understanding of the stomach and of some work as I would agree to that point were not as well zero six on it talks about the mind equaling intelligence and understanding of a talked about the heartfelt emotions and feelings in October that was critical because this kind like the early running seventy two ill-fated thoughts exercise offers intimately understand it and I exercise faith and do it and then God calls me to actually have joyful feeling about the things I've done so on both intellectually and in my feelings on in harmony with God that ultimately what he wants followers now the reason why I found this to be very important is because the Romans seven twenty five it says we serve the law of God with our minds and I thought the muscle is the best interest of the start that love God with our minds never resort has become simple because one of the things we have to consider is that when we listen to music will also have to look at how does it affect my mind both from a thinking standpoint of actual function of my brain waves how does it affect my mind you following me for this becomes important is because I want to think about this and counseling health six sixteen it says the brain nerves which communicate with the entire system are the only medium through which heaven can communicate demand and affect his inmost life what ever understands the circulation of the electric currents in the nervous system lessens the strength of the vital powers and the result is a detonating of the sensibilities of the mind not at the because that means that whatever I'm inside my head I got to consider housing affect my mind and brings assistance always remember the brain is different from the mind in fact if you would consider this way you would look at the brain as hard drive and the mine as software that's how you do it the brain houses the mind with the brand another thing the same way that the hard drive has to be working right so that was as awkward as think about it if the hard drive is messed up with affected software it was at the performance of the software would so it is that if the brain nerves become damaged there is also been affect the software of my mind and I serve the law of God with my mind and the logon is the standard in the judgment upon which Christ is either going to blot out my sins or my name so therefore becomes imperative that I make sure that I pay attention to what's going on in my mind are you following on I know what has become so important to me is because processes as many people do not look at how the music affect them I thought I physiology now this little book writers and very helpful netted me a lot of in his man's last name and his last name is subtitled the CSI finally got it right so for us it was not emergency doing things to get it right but it's a nice little bow but I call this about a month this is drums rock and worship and I love this because this gets into the drums set and because I'm not privileged to go into and get things on relation it is a linker to get this book considers Armenia I wanted her to go ahead and get it to start doing some research in a life because I specify pages sixteen to twenty five number thirty one about with what it is about three to sixteen five in just a moment what's happening today is that many individuals who are using music as a means of evangelism to try to win people to the truth but a lot of times the incorporating where the music and wireless systems and worthy ideas to try to go ahead and win souls but you know what we were warned about this we were told that a new order of things has come into the ministry this is from Mexico selected messages page eighteen this is a new order of things has come into the ministry there is a desire to pattern after other churches and simplicity and humility almost unknown it says the young medicines seek to be original and to introduce a new idea the new plans labor it says some open revival meetings and by this means cause large numbers of villagers in your premises is on the table to go the time that I used to be impressed with large numbers ninety more money more is a large number of people who came with Israel called the mixed multitude and his version says that they were the ones who constantly led Israel into six is not enough to just bring in a whole bunch of people okay unfortunately there are many turned as many conferences that will be lead judge a man by how many people he brings into a church yellowed from this as it am so grateful that I have inspiration to tell me the success of a tremendous one of the success of the two ministers a lot of the reaction the apostles preached to twenty actually apostles I want to listen to this and pay three twenty three twenty over this if the videotaping of you are seeing theology majors I want to listen to this this is how you know when you are successful minister the gospel Jesus says the conversion of sinners and their sanctification through the truth is the strongest proof a minister can have that God has called them into the ministry strongest strongest group the conversion of sinners and their sanctification prove the truth is the strongest proof the minister can have that God has called them into the ministry runs as this is not enough to bring numbers anyone know why but what is it they says some hope of revival meetings and by this means call large numbers into the church but when the excitement is over where are the converted once what all the excitement is about where RV converted one's brothers and sisters it says repentance and confession of sin are not seen this at the center is intriguing to believe in Christ and acceptance without regard to his past life of sin and rebellion is that the heart is not broken there is no concise result is a positive converter wife have not called upon the rock Christ Jesus not about numbers not limited number though I believe it when I think I know the day of numbers is coming when that lettering power begins the fall among God 's people we haven't see Pentecost part two brothers and sisters but I'm telling you is not enough to call my sympathy and individuals are taking all these forms of music and all these things and if bringing people into and what a chief on the music that they are using today is this thing right here call Jack's number you have jazz music it says as with many this is actually from Wikipedia if it is with many words that began in slang there is no definite etymology for just however the similarity in meaning of the earliest jazz citations to two disaster jazz visit Jasmine a now obsolete slang term meaning spirit energy vigor and dated to eighteen sixty and the historical dictionary of American slang suggest that Chatham should be considered the leading candidate for the source of Jess Palestine there is nothing about his words as it says a link between the two words is particularly supported by the Billy California February eighteenth nineteen sixteen article which use the spelling of jazz and although the contents and articles in the daily California California and from this period show that jazz was intended now watch this I got a move quick my time is not Jasmine is thought to derive from or be a variant of slaying Judaism or Judaism with the G which the historical dictionary of American slang days eighteen forty two and defined as spirit energy and spunk but look Judaism also means semen or sperm it says the meaning that predominates today causing gives in to be considered a taboo word you see for many years people use little words that they would always see that the origin of jazz and the word sex were always going hand-in-hand this is just explaining how it got to that point riveted from the word coming here coming to thought and bring this ultimate point here and ultimately it went from a turn music live some of the people can commit some of the greatest things today in the name of fornication and sexual sensitivity due to Jess now this is some of the origin of where the sun came from but nothing on this rock 'n roll rock 'n roll often written as rock and roll rock 'n roll is a genre of popular music that originated and developed and evolved in the United States during the late nineteen forties and early nineteen fifties primarily from a combination of the blues country music jazz and gospel music though elements of rock 'n roll can be heard in country records of the nineteen thirties and in those records in the nineteen twenties rock 'n roll did not acquire his name until the nineteen fifties and early form of rock 'n roll was rockabilly which combined country and jazz with influences from traditional Appalachian folk music and gospel interesting I wonder gospel music Thomas a Dorsey composed of such standards as there will be peace in the Valley is considered by many possibilities to be the father of Gospel music the son of a minister Dorothy was a consummate musician and as a young man accompany some of the most famous blues singers of all time specifically Bessie Smith and not raining he also arranged and composed those zones dance pension for bouncy tunes and bawdy lyrics could not keep him from attending the annual meetings of the national Baptist convention it was at one of these meetings in Philadelphia that Dorothy first heard the compositions of child a tingling and this is the gentleman who wrote will understand better bye-bye these are the spiritual songs watch this in his essay rock Church rock Audubon Ted says that it was then that Dorothy began to write religious music abandoning his brash lyrics but not the jazz rhythms and grills flavor and rhythmic style so attend attending the own naturally the old guard conservatives consider this blending of the sacred spiritual hymns and the secular losing jacks into the setting is untied the people in the world a wise up and the children of light for the welding for describing it is set as the devil 's music and send it by its actions the church declared Dorothy 's brand of music gospel music unworthy of a hearing within the centroid of the date of story quite simply echoed by churches respond to the rock 'n roll Jesus movement that swept the country in the early seventies gospel music brothers and sisters is a combination of chats and rhythm and blues and even rock 'n roll now the also debugger seven administered within a whole bunch of principles on music and they concluded by saying the above principles will serve as effect of guidelines in the choice and use of music for the varied needs of the church search and musical forms such as jazz rock and their related hybrid forms are considered by the church as incompatible with these principles do you know it's funny this so much that I want to share with you after this this thing really gets me know the time that if we talk present truth in certain churches and pulpits and things of that nature people would say they would maybe we ever learn these messages from some of our mainstream there is that it will go ahead and start to look at people funny azalea is out of harmony with what the church is doing right now and all these other things but ever since God said that man by the name of Ted Wilson I repeat got to them and all human beings voted him an angel told him it Angels voted in ages as with many humans is a bulkhead was that they just you know you from this this is what I meant about the deposition and therefore now he started to once again make the pulpit the seventy adventures in the place would present children's choir welcomed like never before I praise God for that it was there before but it was a fight but now the door that opened finality for NBA opens assistant and while we've seen all these things take place it's funny the other kind of people would accuse of individuals of the insubordinate of what the church stands for the noninvasive and Adventist churches and how many seventy Adventist schools and how many seventy have been as quiet as you can listen to today and then doing all sorts of gospel music video and also subprogram songs in different things with it take the combination of jazz music and rock 'n roll Hall one of the genres and are trying to bring in all of this Christ likeness brothers and sisters and it seems like all of a sudden many people are saying nothing that's insubordination we just read clear as day that it is the position of the charts and answers become part of a conference by this incident I know not everybody my conference is wicked I believe that they are seven thousand seven about the need to bail I know that for a fact that people in his movement and who are employed by churches and our confidence was standing for the right though the heavens may fall from this is that with so much that I could talk to more about these things but I close with this many many give his last piece in and out under on questions to ask yourself going forward as you listen to music going forward as you choose songs you some questions ask yourself number one does this music help me appreciate God and his law based on the things that we studied you want to ask yourself does this music help me appreciate God and his law number two does this music caused my body to maintain the laws that govern it another one words and music on this exhibit recalls my heartbeat go to rapid race than the cause my mind to be in a state of confusion doesn't raise my blood pressure to unnatural level we have laws of health as well don't we amen number three does this music is finding to be more obedient to God 's word and to live by every word of it you ask yourself answer I pray that you righties now you want to ask yourself these questions the next time you hit play on the MP3 player CD player whatever else it may be does this music help me to be determined to be prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ and I would add into that the final crisis because that final crisis comes before Jesus comes fine does this music caused my mind to dwell on having the holy things under the administrative man I remember that from back in the days if this music increased my desire for Bible study and deep heart searching prayer is a qualifying questions you can ask those this healed music help me to be more helpful in evangelism remember we say that the music we listen to should cause us to work the works of Christ Christ was an evangelist these are the things that you want to consider as you go forward and listening to your music May God help us but as we make a decision to see Lord I went on even glorified in all that I can do by your grace in my car as I continue to assess music in all these different things there is another life that I will make sure that by your grace and a power that my life will be in cooperation I know this is what is utterly good music don't think that you will write a be grateful to reflect on what the point of darkness in my life and in humility be an instrument of blessing to those with her head tend to play within help them and lift them up out of the darkness even though I even let us father in heaven would grateful for the time that we spent for this so much more fun I pray that just it will bridge the gaps and bring all the pieces of the puzzle that we were not successful in covering throughout these three seminars and later God that the foundation that has been lately we build upon and I pray that ultimately may we find our selves a people prepared to me help us ever to remember that even before the image of the settlement Daniel three that the first thing they did was play music confronting the mind Lord I pray help us to realize that while the image of the beast is getting ready to be set up in these last days Lord help us understand of the music that is infiltrated first is to drop in and confused mind that we will not opposition in our Lord help us to realize that time is almost a and in all that we say do sing and listen to me it really be to the glory of God in Jesus amen to a of this media was not as an iPod the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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